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curious anon: do you have any oc? (own characters)

Oh yes I have plenty. I love to write and I used to role play online. I have a Wattpad and I’ve managed to write stories about two of my OC characters. One is about Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix’s daughter named Leah and the other is about Draco’s sister named Calypos who gets bit by her somewhat abusive boyfriend who ends up being a werewolf. Neither story is complete yet. I’ve also got a couple more ideas floating around in my head about a story for Sirius Black’s youngest brother named Atlas and Barty Crouch’s sister, Belladonna, who is mentally unstable and ends up being Voldemort’s secret mistress. All of these are based off of role play characters I’ve had. I THOUGHT about doing a fan fiction where Harry has a twin sister and she falls in love with Draco, but there’s a lot of those kind of stories so I gave up on that one.

I’m bored. Send me some curious anons!!!