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Do you ever just forget what language you are trying to spell with?

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It had been months worth of pend up frustration and other feelings that finally fueled the strength needed in Cali to push Sleipnir against a nearby wall, kissing him deeply and almost needy. ((Let's do the thing))


Cali didn’t feel the same way he did. This was a fact that Sleipnir had come to terms with, that he had accepted and become almost comfortable with. And especially with everything that had been going on in Cali’s life he didn’t think it was right to tell him about his feelings, especially since it was just once sided. 

Which was why he was so surprised when Cali shoved him, pinning him to the nearby the wall and kissing him - hard. Without even thinking Sleipnir wrapped his arms around Cali’s waist, holding him close and kissing him deeply and slightly needy back. 

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Also some guy in Cali already made a new Cali bullet button thing that circumvents the recent law changes there. The mad genius.


But honestly that state has reached the point where massive non-compliance in protest is needed

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I sent in something a while ago about a Scorpio in Cali and Cancer in Texas. THINGS HAVE BEEN GOING GREAT !! we recently began dating and although the distance is hard, thank god for the Internet, without it I wouldn't have met him. 💓 he's so sweet !! when he sees me dancing around/being silly he just hyped me up and makes me laugh all the time. we have such a silly relationship and I hope this long distance thing will last because I truly love him. 💖 I'm just really happy :))) - happy cancer

ahhh i think i answered this one?? maybe not but i remember it! anyways that makes me so happy i wish you two the best of luck!! 💝

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I find it hararious that I am a little sister, mother, and stranger to you. ~Ukraine/cape cod/ maine/ hogwarts-mun

// I know, right? It’s the same with Cali’s mun. They’re my dad, brother, and helpful friend-thing. :D

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Don't understand anons who asked about Gillian being on Cali set and demanding to not say things which are not certain. I thought Evan Handler made it very clear. She visits the set. What is not understood with his message? And he is an actor who plays there so he definitely wasn't lying. Moreover, he wrote it in Present Simple, not Past. Which means it was a usual thing and she was there at least few times and this was happening at the time he wrote that tweet.

That’s also what I thought in the first place, but the grammar anon confused me, and now I don’t know what to think anymore. But actually, she did visit the set, at least once, probably in 2012, so isn’t it all that matters? :)

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Hey there! :) i want to thank you for being you and staying alive. You are an amazing person and i believe you can and will do wonderful things in your lifetime!! Live your life to the fullest and appreciate the little things :) ^-^ ~Cali

thank you!! this is vvv appreciated and it means a lot that you said this!❤️

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