I saw this quote on tumblr that’s Taylor talking about how she has 100s of dresses because she can’t wear the same ones because paparazzi. SO I thought we could help her organize a dress donation kind of thing, because she probably doesn’t want to keep all of the dresses and has nothing else to do with them.
I think we can divide them up into some that she sends to random fans because you know that that would make them so happy, and then a second part that can be a bunch of dresses that we send to homeless family shelters and then these underprivileged girls can know Taylor cares and and they get something very high quality to wear. 

I can’t make this happen without Taylor noticing so please help me!!!!!


Here’s the quote: http://coffeeatmidnightxo.tumblr.com/post/125272550478/like-im-paralyzed-by-time

Debunking Tayvin Fauxmance II

As promised, this is the second part of debunking the alleged fauxmance between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. Read the first part here.

1. Feminism 

i. Taylor No Longer Supports Feminism

Apparently, by dating Calvin, Taylor is ruining the feminist message she has been promoting of late. Supporters of the fauxmance are claiming Taylor was all about girl power/feminism after moving to NYC and before Calvin came along. Now, she’s just another lovestruck fool.

Eh. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself or change your values, namely ideas about feminism here. Taylor has not ditched her ideas nor her girl pals. Has she?

Noticed the date of the tweet in support about Ariana Grande’s feminist proclamation

8 June 2015

That’s after Calvin appeared in Taylor’s life in February. Did she send out anti-feminism messages here?

ii. Was Taylor Ever A Hopeless Lovefool?

Here’s Taylor in an interview with Lesley Stahl, for 60 Minutes:

Note: This interview was conducted in 2011 during the Speak Now tour, and before Red was released. Also, before she went out with Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles.

Listen closely to the interview. Taylor said that she does want to be in love, but she’s good being alone, and she’s not the kind of person who needs a boyfriend all the time. She just happened to have found love (albeit short-lived ones with Conor and Harry) after that particular interview with Lesley was conducted. 

She’s always been an independent girl, way before she moved to NYC and decided to take a dating sabbatical so the media wouldn’t have anything to write about her love life. 


If you are a Swiftie, you should know that Taylor has said in interviews while promoting Blank Space, that the media has made fun of her in cruel ways and speculated untruths about her failed relationships, when nothing they have written about them were true. The media has unfairly portrayed her as this desperate and scornful girl because of her confessional heartbreak songs. 

Just like Lesley said, everyone craves love in their lives at some point. It’s human and perfectly normal. Why shame Taylor for being human? Because she found love with someone you don’t approve of? How does that make you different from the media?

iii. Calvin Is Misogynistic

What concrete proof do you have to say he treats women with utter disregard? I’ve never came across an interview of Calvin speaking about women in a negative light. If you find one, please, forward them. 

This Kaylor blog went as far to state how Calvin is “one of the most sexist guys in the industry that made a contest out of how many girls he could fit in his SUV to take home with him.”

First, that is libellous. Second, this is the video in question: 

Calvin never once said in the video he made it a contest how many girls he could fit in the car. Nor did he say he was going home with them.

It was the TMZ team that suggested that. They asked him about Rita and he deflected the topic. It was then speculated by the commentators in the video he was randomly picking girls up from the streets. But he was seen walking out with them from a club at the beginning of the video. Again, understand the difference between speculation and fact. 

Sure, he was just seen getting into the car with the girls. But his manager, Mark Gillespie and music director friend, Emil Nava also got into the car! Are you saying he went home and shagged those two men as well? Dude, maybe they all went for pizza? 

Get your dirty little mind out of the gutter!

(Edit: As for the no pants comment allegedly made by the girl when she got into the car, I don’t think she said that. The sound was cut off. Even if she did, she was speaking with Emil, not Calvin. Calvin was talking to others outside the car.)

If you think he’s misogynistic because his music videos contain female nudity. it’s been revealed he gives his music directors full creative control for his videos.

In this interview with Steve Annis, the cinematographer for some of Calvin’s music videos:

That said with Vince Haycock and Calvin Harris there was a unique relationship. Calvin gave Vince complete creative control with much much larger budgets of over 100k.

Vincent Haycock was the person who directed a number of Calvin’s music videos before Calvin got to know Emil Nava. Here’s a paragraph from Guardian, with Vincent sharing his thoughts on Calvin’s Thinking About You music video:

Haycock, however, adds that the brief nudity in the Calvin Harris video was not in his original treatment (so presumably wasn’t encouraged or green-lighted by the label) and the suggestion came on set from the model herself, who reasoned it would make more sense in the context of the story the video was trying to tell. “It’s just context,” he says. “You watch Nicole Kidman get naked in Eyes Wide Shut and nobody goes around saying it’s misogynistic, because it’s Kubrick.”

It’s clarified here that the model herself, suggested the nudity. If being nude means you are being objectified, Calvin also stripped down to his undies for Armani. 

Originally posted by mtvstyle

So does that mean he is now a misandrist if he subjects himself to objectification? Where is your logic?

Why is it when a man is being paid when he strips, he’s a savvy businessman? But when a girl makes a business decision to strip, she’s being victimised and sexualised? Karlie Kloss has posed topless for fashion shoots too. Are you saying Karlie supports misogyny? Are Taylor’s VS model friends also supporters of misogyny, since they make a living posing in underwear?

As a feminist, I find it highly disturbing people are still portraying women as brainless victims, who don’t know better, when they are perfectly in control of their own career choices here. Your double standards highly reek of sexism

Which brings me to this:

2. Who Is Against Feminism Here?

To even suggest that Taylor is a puppet manipulated by her PR team?
That is the single, dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If you dare make such ludicrous statements, I question how big of a Swiftie you are: 

If you have been following Taylor’s career, you know SHE RUNS THE SHOW.

This is the same woman, who famously walked out of a development deal with a major records label, RCA Records, to sign on with her current record label, Big Machine, which wasn’t even in existence then. She was only 14 then, and she was gutsy enough to know she could not stay with RCA because they might never want her to sing her own songs. Taylor has said she wouldn’t be a singer if she wasn’t a songwriter

It is no secret that Taylor is very hands-on with her own career. There are plenty of articles about her running her own management meetings, and journalists wondering why she controls so many details of her own career, to the extent of having her own management company to run herself:

Source: CBS <http://www.cbsnews.com/news/taylor-swift-a-young-singers-meteoric-rise-21-11-2011/>

With that in mind, do you honestly think she needs a PR team to craft a fauxmance with Calvin Harris just to cover up the fact that she is allegedly in a lesbian relationship with Karlie? 

Originally posted by fiercegifs

Sure, it’s no secret Taylor supports LGBT rights, but what has that got to to do with her being lesbian? I’m attracted to men; I support LGBT rights too because I believe in equal rights. Does that make me lesbian? It’s one thing to discriminate, but it’s another to spread malicious and untrue rumours about one’s sexual orientation.

Also, Taylor has always said she wants to be honest in her songwriting and with her fans. If you are suggesting she is a fraud, using Calvin as a beard because she is a puppet of her management team, you are supporting the fact that women do not have the capability to manage their own careers, because they are mere sexual objects who are brainless. Are you suggesting Taylor is not intelligent or business savvy?

It’s one thing that you are not for women succeeding on their own merit. What pains me here is that people, who claim to be Swifties, are saying Taylor – the one woman who influenced Apple to change the way they do business, is nothing more than a mere PR creation from a team of execs who control every aspect of her life, right down to who she must date to be relevant and progress in her career. Or that she will have new fake material to write about for her next album, and a high-profile relationship and breakup with Calvin will give her that much needed publicity for her next album. 

How are you not being sexist here? How dare you call yourself a Swiftie when you don’t even support what Taylor has been speaking out about – that popular culture is still largely sexist, and that has to change.

Don’t claim to support feminism, then get upset with Taylor for apparently turning her back on it. She did not do that by dating Calvin. He has no history of having an abusive attitude or blatant disregard towards women.

If there’s anyone that’s sexist, it is these crazy shippers who promote rumours that hurt Taylor. YOU GUYS are the biggest supporter of misogyny