Hanson tour is my favorite time of the year.  It’s a time when I can just forget about all the little things that are bothering me in my everyday life, take a time out, and just get in my car and drive to places where I wouldn’t normally go, with some of my best friends who I don’t always get to spend time with.  Everything doesn’t always turn out as planned, but I always leave with great memories. This band has directly and indirectly changed my life in so many ways, and watching them perform just feels like home to me.  There is literally nowhere in the world I would rather be than a Hanson show.


YouTube Comment of the Day: “So… WOOOOOOO.. then…. WOOOOOOOOOOAAAHH…I…. EKEDKWOOOOOOOOO fuk”

Video: 9/22 Tegan & Sara - Don’t Yell at Sara! @ Calvin Theater, Northampton, MA 2/12/10