calvin please


“ can you write a fic with lots of little kisses and cuddling and flustered calvin pretty please <3 “

I loved this request so much! I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for it being so short, and it kind of got a little smutty? Oops. (: 

Cuddling with Calvin was my absolute favourite thing to do. The way his arms would tighten around my waist as he would fall into a deep sleep. Or, the way he would place little kisses in the crook of my neck as I’m telling him about my day. I loved Calvin more than anything, and he was one great cuddler.

I’m cuddled up against him, watching some old horror movie. His arm is slung over my waist and his head is resting on top of mine. I feel his chest rumble every time he laughs at something in the movie. At least someone was paying attention to it. “(Y/n), are you even watching the movie?” he asks me, chuckling because he already knows the answer. I giggle, turning around in his arms.

“Totally am, such a good movie, I rate it ten stars,” I smile up at him.

He laughs, leaning down and placing a kiss on the end of my nose. I scrunch my face up, smiling because he knows how much I hate that. It tickles, okay? I scoot closer to him, his arm tightening slightly holding me close to his chest. I rest my head against his hoodie, nuzzling my way into it, trying to get as much warmth as possible. I tilt my head up slightly, kissing the underside of his neck near his adam’s apple.

I hear Calvin groan slightly, so I place an opened mouthed kiss to his adam’s apple before kissing my way up to his ear. I run my tongue along the side of his neck very lightly, smiling at the effect it has on him. He tilts his head a little, giving me more access. I reach his ear, gently taking his earlobe between my teeth and biting at it with an incredibly light touch. His groan is louder this time, making me smile wider.

“Stop teasing me, fuck, this isn’t fair (Y/n),” he states, whining a little.

I just giggle and looking into his dark brown eyes. I run my hand up his arm, to the side of his neck before I move my head up a little bit, planting my lips against his. His lips are working slowly against mine, and I can’t help but let out a little moan at the intimacy of the kiss. His hand slowly moves from my waist to my ass, grabbing it and squeezing softly. I bite his bottom lip gently, pulling back with a mischievous smirk. Looking at him, I notice how flustered I’ve gotten him. A rosy tint to his cheeks, nothing but lust in his eyes.

Before I know what’s happening, I’m being lifted up from the couch. I’m in Calvin’s arms and he’s walking us towards the bedroom. His lips are leaving little kisses along my neck, accompanied by a few hickeys here and there. I’m moaning out softly, knowing exactly what’s to come.

Calvin works really hard

& the fact that ricegum heard from calvin that he literally just makes videos everyday just makes me kinda sad…he deserves a break. go to a party, travel with a friend or alone, just something to get him out of his apartment and just have fun and think. idk i just love him and i really want him to be ok.