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Summer revision vibes 🍡🍡🍡
I wish I was at the beach (T ^ T) but the pastel highlighters make everything better… by the way there’s a really good TedEd video on the Calvin cycle if anyone needs to revise it, it’s on YouTube


This is Tommy, and though she’s not on Calvin’s level she is aspiring.

TOMMY. Tommy, you have the face of a young Maggie Smith and the delicate feet of a dancer.

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Ok not to start a rant about CH but can we talk about how NICELY Tom talks about Taylor even after she left him for Joe?!?!?! Like wow Tom, that's a really mature and nice reaction wow @ Calvin get on Tom's level

I could pull some random stranger off the street and even they would probably be more mature than ch lets leave it at that

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Calvin clearly keeps up with the gossip, he wasn't even with Taylor when the KP shit happened. I don't think he knows the full context of it. It's just sad to see how disrespectful he is towards her, they were today for almost a year and a half!. Taylor is petty but Calvin's level of pettiness stems with so much revenge and anger. Taylor ain't like that.

i am sure that Taylor told Calvin all the behind the scenes stuff that really went on with KP that we don’t know about, and trusted him with that info, i mean he made that clear with his tweet, so yeah, him doing a song with her, even if it is “purely business” .. even if the song has nothing to do with exes or betrayals or former friends or former lovers…. CH/KP are both 100% aware of the headlines and buzz that a collab would create. or how it can become twisted to be another flame in the fire. I mean look at Ole, the media went off and ran with how that was about one thing when it totally was not, just to dig on Taylor more. Anyway, it’s been like 30 minutes now and im tired of talking about him. we’ll just have to wait n see what the collab is about. 

More importantly when is TS6 coming again?


Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris | The Greatest

Happy 13 months, you adorable fools. 

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Could you please write one where Calvin throws a party for you for your birthday and showers you with gifts? I know it's kinda lame but my birthday was last week. Thanks love and keep on writing💗

Happy Belated Birthday! 🐍💕 HISSS Thank you for the motivation! I’m sorry this took a while. I wrote it and then my internet crashed for real and I had to re-type everything I spent the last hour and a half writing, kill me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, let me know what you guys think!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Birthday Surprises

Arriving back at your house later in the afternoon, you couldn’t deny you were both excited and a tiny bit nervous. Your friend had taken you out to lunch and out to the mall to hang out for the day. What was the occasion? Well it was your birthday today!

Just the day before Calvin and you had been hanging out, playing some video games, when he casually says, “Oh yeah, I just remembered. You can’t be at home tomorrow.” A little shocked you say, “What? Why? Continuing from where  he left off, he says, “I have a few surprises for your birthday and am planning a party, so you can’t be back until around 5 or 6.” Laughing at how ridiculous this all sounds to you, you say, “I guess I can call someone, way to ruin a surprise.” “Why lie about it? So yeah, just be back by 5:30 tomorrow.” 

Now arriving at today, you were walking up to your front door. It was about twenty minutes later than you promised you would be back. You can hear the music bumping throughout the house from the outside. Knocking on the door, you are surprised when it is immediately opened to reveal a gleeful Calvin. “Finally! You’re back! I’m so excited, everyone has been asking about you!” He says while grabbing your hand and pulling you into the house. Just after walking through the door, he immediately stops and turns back to face you. He says, “I almost forgot!” He quickly turns and kisses you sweetly on your lips. Pulling away, he smiles at you and says, “Happy Birthday, Y/N!”

Guiding you throughout the house, he announces to everyone at the party of your arrival, saying, “Hey everyone! Y/N’s here!” Suddenly, an enormous amount of cheering and hollering of ‘Happy Birthday’ fills the home. You are a bit taken back by the amount of people that showed up to the party. There are a lot of your friends and some of mutual friends you have from Calvin. Even some of your friends from out-of-state and out of the country were able to come. Finally stopping in the kitchen, you pull Calvin down to your level. In a tone above a whisper you ask, “Did you really coordinate all of this? I find that a little hard to believe..” Chuckling a little, he says, “Actually, your friend gave me the idea and helped me a bit. I didn’t want to have your birthday turn out to be complete shit.” 

The night continues and you are having a great time. Eventually the last couple of your friends leave and you two are able to take a break. Sighing as you sit on the couch, you lean your head on his shoulder and say, “Thanks, Cal. This was great. But now I’m exhausted.” Whining like a small child Calvin says, “Noooooo, you still have presents!!” He quickly pulls you to your feet and leads you to your shared bedroom. You reply saying, “Calvin, what? You already did all of this, why would you get me anything?” As soon as you walk in, your eyes go wide. “Calvin, what the hell?” 

There are probably close to twenty or thirty small bags laid out on your bed. A bit embarrassed by the sheer amount of gifts he got you, he rubs his neck slightly, his other hand in yours, and looks away. He only replies to your question by saying, “Well, I’ve been trying to think of what to get you for the longest. Anytime I went somewhere, I would see something and think, ‘Y/N would probably like this.’ I never could figure out when to give them to you and before I knew it, I had accumulated all these gifts… So what better way to give them to you than for your birthday! I hope you like them.” You turn to Calvin and hug him, pulling his face down to your level and showering him with kisses. 

You open each of the gifts and you can tell he bought some things on a whim, while others you genuinely liked and could tell they were thoughtful. They ranged from a small stuffed animal to a new computer accessory. He included some things you had been talking about getting for a couple months. You loved each of the gifts simply because you knew he had you in mind when he got them. You definitely had the energy to show him your appreciation after everything he did for you on your birthday. You had your work cut out for you with his birthday in a couple months. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what you think! Have some pleasant dreams tonight ^-^ 100 Notes and I’ll surprise you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Taylor fans get mad at Kanye for taking credit for her fame because Taylor had sold 4x as many albums as him when the MTV incident happened and she was a teenager at the time so everyone empathize with her. Calvin wasn't known in America before Taylor. People still associate WFL with Rihanna, not Calvin. EDM is pretty much exclusive to LV.

So Taylor basically was doing very well “before” Kanye, she just wasn’t that famous in America yet … Which is exactly the same thing that people are using to mock Calvin and you just said about Calvin yourself…  
The level of hypocrisy and the fact that you seem to still not get it is really something.

I’m in no way excusing Kanye. What I want to say that some Swifties are kind of Kanye’s themselves.
By the way, it’s not Calvin only that some Swifties are using “Taylor made them famous”. Say hello to all the fans of Karlie Kloss! 

And one more “by the way”:
So since Calvin  is “known” in America now… and????? What  exactly changed now, what did she give to him exactly? People started buying Calvin’s songs more? - don’t see those results, sorry… Does he gets more money for gigs? More gigs? Better gigs? Some endorsements? Something else that I haven’t noticed? Maybe Edm finally broke out of Las Vegas and now is exclusive in whole US?
The thing what he gained are paps waiting for him everyday next to his gym. I think Calvin could live just fine without that….