calvin king

I Told You So

A/N: So I have been lacking on ideas for fanfictions but thankfully a lovely person gave me an idea to work with so thank you so much! If you have any requests or ideas send them my way. :)


“Babeee come on. I want all my fans to see you,” Calvin begged. He was once again trying to convince you to appear in one of his video. You turned to look at him. “Calvin no. How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t want to deal with the negativity from your fanbase,” you said. Not only did you not want to deal with the backlash but you were also a bit shy. You weren’t comfortable having everyone know what you look like. “Come Y/N pleeeeeeeaaaasssseeee,” Calvin said tugging on your sleeve. You were fed up and annoyed with the many times he asked you. You sighed. “Ugh! Ok fine. Just stop annoying me about it,” you said. “Yay!” Calvin said throwing his arms around you. Later while making a facecam video, you sat next to Calvin. You didn’t talk much during the video. You sat there awkwardly with the sleeve of your hoodie covering your face. You really didn’t want to do this. When he was done he spent the rest of the night editing the video while you went to go work on your essay for school. 

By the next morning Calvin had the video uploaded. You went to his youtube and immediately went through the comments section.

“She’s so ugly!”

“Why does she keep covering her face?”

“She’s so weird what the fuck?”

“You can do better Leafy!”

So many mean comments. Tears filled your eyes and you began to cry. “Babe what’s wrong?” Calvin said rushing over to you embracing you in his arms. You handed him your phone as he scrolled through the comments. He let out a long sigh and put your phone down. “I should’ve listened to you Y/N. I’m so sorry,” he said holding you closer and kissing your forehead. “I’m not mad at you Cal. I’m just hurt by the comments,” you said wiping away your tears. He cupped your face with both of his hands. They felt cool against your tear stained cheeks. He looked you in your Y/E/C eyes. “Y/N, please don’t listen to them. They are obviously just jealous 11 year old girls. You’re beyond beautiful and the only girl for me. I want you and only you. And they are just going to have to deal with it,” he said wiping away another one of your tears with his thumb. Your mouth formed a small mouth and you leaned in to kiss him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and could feel his smile through the kiss. You both pulled away and looked at each other once more. “How about we go to IHOP,” Calvin said. You nodded your head and you both decided to go wearing hoodies and pajama pants. 

I just hope Jordan makes him happy and treats him right. I’m going to be very displeased if she pulls some bullshit on him so I just want Jordan to not hurt Calvin. I’m currently preparing for WW3 in the Leafy fandom right now.

And please don’t pull that “They better not be dating” shit with me because they are. She confirmed it like 5 times on one of her recent Instagram posts in the comments section. And please don’t suggest that she’s lying about dating Calvin, I highly doubt that she is.


Art from the “Episode 3: An Ode to the 90′s” gallery exhibition by @6887.


IG/SC: WhoIsAndreJones