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Love Buffet Review

In the beginning, it was really cute. It helps that Arron and Calvin are my 2 faves from Fahrenheit too. >3> Such sessy creatures they are unf unf unf. And while we are talking about looks… upon seeing a lot of people’s comments regarding the actors, I feel I must bring this up. I feel bad for the actors/actresses who try hard at playing their role only to be discriminated by viewers for not looking good enough. Yu Hong Yuan, who played Xiao Feng in the drama, took the most blows. As I read comments, most of them pointed out, ‘why does everyone like her? She's not even that pretty. The senior is prettier, I wish she played lead.’ =___= 

I think she’s quite adorable. And liking someone is not 100% based on looks. From the drama, Ah Yi stated that he started liking Xiao Feng due to her persistence and determination. Da Ye began to like her the second time around as well. He didn’t like to see her hurt. If Da Ye and Ah Yi were after looks, they would have immediately chased after the senior, wouldn’t they?

Also some thoughts on the cousins. A lot of the Ah Yi x Xiao Feng shippers didn’t see Da Ye as fitting because he rejected her once. In my opinion, Ah Yi was incredibly douche-y when his first love came strutting along. He lost his chance as well. I feel that if the casting was reversed, the Ah Yi supporters would have been Da Ye supporters. I didn’t particularly shipped anyone right around the end, because they both had their ups and downs, and frankly, I wouldn’t mind her with either of them, neither of them(they did hurt her multiple times after all), or with them both… juss sayin; ;D 

The acting could have been better, as well as the story. While I was watching the last episode, it didn’t even feel like the last. I was surprised that it ended like that. They could have answered more questions, instead of rushing everything into conclusion. It makes me want to read the manga, they might have ended it differently (and maybe even better). 

The love triangle was good, the intensity of their competition, and the occasional show downs…but…then it got very exhausting. She quickly bounced back and forth between them that it didn’t feel like she liked the person whole-heartedly until the very…very….very end. And their jealousy was to the point of immaturity. xD;;

It was a good drama to flail with though. :) But don’t think it would be the drama of the year for me.

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