calvin and hobbes quotes

Sherlock: Do you love me, Molly?

Molly: Of course I do, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Would you still love me if I did something bad?

Molly: Well, of course… I… would…

Sherlock: I mean, something really, really-

Molly: Sherlock, what did you do?!

  • Nursey: Bitty, can I have some money to buy a Satan-worshiping, suicide-advocating heavy metal album?
  • Bitty: Derek, the fact that these bands haven't killed themselves in ritual self-sacrifice shows that they're just in it for the money like everyone else. It's all for effect. If you want to shock and provoke, be sincere about it.
  • Nursey: Mainstream commercial nihilism can't be trusted?!
  • Bitty: 'Fraid not, kiddo.
  • Nursey: School is so disillusioning.