calvin and hobbes classical music

sichore  asked:

Favorite curry and/or tea? And is there any work of fiction where you invoke death of the author?

uhhh i tend to eat chicken tikka masala a lot because it’s generally a good combo easy to find + hard to fuck up but i’m in LOVE with good saag paneer and also like vindaloo (especially saag paneer because i really appreciate the irony of it being one of the LEAST visually attractive foods i’ve ever seen but so delicious. SO delicious).

TEA earl grey is like a default favorite but i am also a big fan of peach sweetened ice teas and generally like white teas and also i still miss this fucking iced jasmine milk tea i could get in okinawa/japanese groceries afterwards when i didn’t live in the land god forgot so

and i’m of mixed minds regarding death of the author in general but tbh i think the situation where i’m most willing to apply it is calvin and hobbes, of all things. (also some classical music but not sure how much that’d qualify for death-of-the-author stuff like. on a functional level)