calvert county, md

These are the Calvert Cliffs, in Calvert County, MD on the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River, for which bluff erosion is a serious problem (up to 2 feet a year are lost). Given that Hannibal is set in the DC metro area, and the discussion of bluff erosion, these are the most likely (and only real viable) setting for the final scenes of 3x13. At maximum, the height of these cliffs above the waterline is 25m (82ft). (These are the highest waterfront cliffs within a several hundred mile range)

Cliff diving generally takes place at heights between 18m-45m, though with the wrong angle and/or too shallow water, a height of 6m (20ft) is enough to break bones.  Most often deaths from heights of 50ft and above are attributed to panicking upon hitting water, gasping for air and inhaling water, and the length of time it takes to surface from depths of up to 30ft. Hannibal makes a point of mentioning the erosion and depth of the water, so it is not at all unlikely that they would survive the fall, even with poor entry, though likely sustaining some damage from the impact. Also, neither Hannibal nor Will are likely to panic, and Hannibal is shown to be a strong swimmer. So. Yeah. They survived (and didn’t even need murder wizardry)!