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What if Matsukawa's a smoother operator than Hanamaki?

oh, babe, there is no doubt in my mind that matsukawa is 100% smoother than hanamaki. makki can be smooth up to a point, and then he reaches his limit and starts blushing to hell and back

It’s a quiet night in. 

Hanamaki had been watching TV when he got home, so Matuskawa dropped his stuff and flopped down on the couch with his feet over his boyfriend’s lap. Hanamaki had smiled but let out a dramatic oooff because he couldn’t just let Matsukawa get away with it, even if he was fond of him. 

Now Hanamaki is still focused on the show, but at some point his hands had started tracing up and down his calves. Matsukawa isn’t sure whether or may not he’s doing it on purpose; either way it feels comforting. 

With Hanamaki’s attention on the TV, Matsukawa takes the chance to study his boyfriend without being observed in return. As he looks over the familar face and hair, his thoughts turn to them and everything they are, to everything they’ve been through, and to everything they’ll hopefully continue to be. 

Matsukawa grins lazily. It could be considered a smirk if he put more effort into it. 

“Hey, babe.”

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alec crawls under the covers alongside magnus with a satisfied sigh, happy to be in a cozy bed with not just anybody but a warm magnus beside him and he turns onto his side, tangling their legs together when, all of a sudden, he feels it. “..magnus?” his boyfriend opens his eyes sleepily and smiles at him, “mhm?” alec swallows a bit and shifts closer. “your legs. they’re…” magnus’ eyes open completely, watching alec intently, “different. not in a bad way! i like it, but what did you do?” magnus can’t help but press a gentle kiss to alec’s mouth, letting himself grin, as he feels alec start to rub his feet up and down magnus’ calves. “i shaved them.” alec’s brow furrows and his gaze flickers down to magnus’ lips for a brief moment. “oh.” there’s a pause and magnus lets alec think about it, rubbing his thumb over alec’s hipbone. “could you do it for me?” magnus’ face breaks out into a full blown smile and he nods. “of course alexander.”

Be chubby:

More room for tattoos

Lovely cuddly bits

Sitting rolls (seriously they are so cute)

Lovely happy cheeks

Stretch marks like beautiful graphs of your growth and dynamics


If you get sick you’ve got reserves

Little bits of squishy hip showing when you lift your arm and your tshirt moves

Legs can hold snacks

Legs can hold puppies

Sit on your enemies


Muscly calves


Summer and festive Shringar of Shri Dwarkadhish of Dwarka.

1st pic shows us how the murti is carved in high relief with the stele providing support for the arms and head. There are plenty of gaps all around the murti for clothes and jewels to be placed on the murti. 
The arms on the right have gada and ‘varad’ mudra (offering protection to those who seek his refuge). There is lotus design on the palm facing towards his feet.
The left arms have the chakra and conch. 
Male and female attendants are on either side of the deity’s calves.

2nd pic is of a festive darshan, when various clothes and jewels are used to adorn the Lord. The attendants are covered up and disappear behind the ‘thada-vastra’ used to cover the stele. Gold and gen encrusted ‘ayudhas’ cover the sankha, chakra, gada and the circular padma. The arched stele is hidden behind the thada-vastra and the golden-gate that is placed just in front of it. Jewels and a colourful garland cascade from his shoulders to his toes.

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A few easy miles tonight while coaching practice. I needed the recovery effort pretty badly after doing fly 30s followed by a 2-mile tempo run yesterday. My calves and hamstrings were barking at me today after that session as one might expect. Tomorrow I am on standby at my consulting job, so hopefully I can log some decent miles before an intense weekend kicks off…meet on Friday in Arlington; meet Saturday 3 hours away in Newport News; then if I have any energy left in me Sunday morning I have a half marathon race to run. I think it will be a near race time decision on whether I make the start line of that one. It’s not an A or even a B race, so time will tell.

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Mmm, I see wish and concept posts on here, meant to be positive and dream goals and shit, and it’s like, “in our tiny apartment we eat noodles together and I make you laugh” and like, that’s nice, I wish you the best, but like, not to be a bitch, you guys, but my fantasy life is like, 

“concept: in my big ass yet energy efficient mansion, you are massaging my muscular and shapely calves with a variety of lightly scented oils. you are wearing that shirt i really like. i have bought you tickets to see your favorite show as it plays on another continent. we leave tomorrow. our suitcases are already packed because we are organized and efficient people. i am madly in love with you and you are madly in love with me. the dog is well behaved and sleeps through the night. my hair is flawless. my wardrobe is impeccably tailored. my plants are vibrant and healthy. we are vibrant and healthy. my animal sanctuary is successful and self sustaining. i check my messages. my agent tells me the movie deal went through. you kiss me to celebrate. i make you laugh and you are so beautiful when you laugh that it is exquisitely painful. i am still the prettiest, though. my calves feel better; good job.”

Drifting Valley - When it calved from the Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000, the iceberg known as B-15 was the largest iceberg in the world. At more than 4,000 square miles, it was the size of the island nation of Jamaica at its largest. It has been breaking into smaller fragments that float around Antarctica since 2005. Several of them come together in this image by Your Shot photographer Emily Walter, creating a blue valley in the Weddell Sea. 

Photogragh by Emily Walter / National Geographic

Psalm 106

Funny how we are quick to judge the Israelites for turning their back on God so many times in the Bible and yet… we do the same thing. Sure, not by making golden calves or refusing bread from heaven, but when you really think about it, is there really a different between our disobedience than theirs? Doesn’t the Bible say that all sin is equal? No greater sin (except for the Unpardonable Sin)? Our disobedience is just as bad as theirs, even if ours seems much smaller in our eyes.

Don’t really understand me? I’ll give you some examples:

1. The Israelites moaned and complained at the Red Sea when it seemed like there was no way around their problem. Sound familiar? Ever thought that you can’t get through something, so you yell at God?

2. As soon as they were delivered from their main struggle, they went back to what they were used to (having lived in Egypt for so long with God silent, they really only knew of the Egyptian gods) with making a cow a god. Sound familiar? When things smoothed out and your struggles eased, did you forget God’s love and aid?

3. When they weren’t satisfied with the bread from heaven God had given them, they complained that they wanted better. Sound familiar? When you weren’t happy with how your life was, the food you ate, clothes you wore, possessions you had, did you complain that you wanted nicer, better?

At some point in your life, I’m sure you have done at least one of these. That’s just the time from the Red Sea crossing to the manna! So much more of the Bible can relate to us, if we’re open to accepting that we’re not perfect and need God’s help just as much now as they did all those years ago.

“Many times He delivered them; but they rebelled in their counsel, and were brought low for their iniquity. Nevertheless He regarded their affliction, when He heard their cry; and for their sake He remembered His covenant, and relented according to the multitude of His mercies.” Psalm 106:43-45

Thank You, Lord, for Your awesome grace!