mazing iceberg

While uncommon, these stripey icebergs have a fairly simple formation process. The layers represent the original layers of snow that turned into ice to form the glacier from which this berg calved. They were of course originally horizontal. The calving happened in such a manner that there was a weight imbalance between the two halves of the berg, one being thicker than the other and the heavier half dragged the whole formation vertical as it broke off into the sea. The top layer is due to gentle erosion by the elements of the surface part, which makes the layered lower half gradually emerge until it erodes too.


Image credit: Jeff McNaill

Alice In Chains filming Man in the Box. Malibu State Park, 1990.

“I started writing about censorship. Around the same time, we went out for dinner with some Columbia Records people who were vegetarians. They told me how veal was made from calves raised in these small boxes, and that image stuck in my head. So i went home and wrote about government censorship and eating meat as seen through the eyes of a doomed calf.”
- Layne Staley about Man in the Box