Striking Death

Last Friday, more than 300 reindeer were struck by lightning during heavy thunderstorms in Hardangervidda between Mosvatn and Kalhovd in Telemark, Norway. Reportedly, 70 were calves and 5 of the animals had to be put down humanely due to their injuries. The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate went to the national park Sunday to analyze the situation and retrieve samples for testing.

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Part 3: Bad Luck Felix

There comes a point in every person’s life where they must look past the gold tinged lenses of their own pride and admit to themselves that some of the shittier things to happen are at least partly their fault.

Marinette has had lots of practice. For all her bad luck, she will accept blame where it’s due. So it comes as a surprise to her that forgiveness comes so easily in her direction after a disastrous Sunday brunch.

The morning starts with some frantic pacing, her bare feet treading a groove on the already scratched wood floor of her bedroom. Her gauzy peach skirt floats lazily around her calves, about as delicately smooth as Marinette is clumsily frazzled.

Her hands wave in the air as she hysterically bounces ideas off of the ever silent Tikki.

“No…see Tikki, I can’t afford something that nice. Oh crap. I’m going to be roasted alive. Gabriel Agreste will look at me like the destitute peon I am and probably be so insulted by whatever I can afford that I’ll never be able to work in the fashion industry again.”

A pink petal shifts slightly under Tikki and her languid progress.

Marinette thinks she’s mocking her. She gives an exasperated sigh, nervously tying off her shoulder length hair into a pretty fishtail braid. She smooths down any stray hairs on her forehead, and then gives her ladybug a hard look.

“You need to take this seriously, Tikki. Because if I can’t find a job as a designer, I’m going to have to move back in with Maman and Pere…and the windows there aren’t as open to the air as the one here. And oh god, I’m going to be a failure, and they’ll find out that I lied and that jerk, Adrien is probably going to have a good laugh and I’ll never be able to show my face in Paris aga-”

It is at this point that a soft buzzing of wings resounds and Marinette grows cross-eyed looking at the ladybug that has chosen to perch squarely on her freckled nose.


Tikki merely flits off again, startling Marinette enough that she follows the bug’s path across her room until she perches on a discarded golden chocolate wrapper.

Her tiny body patters all over the foil, antennae waving in seeming agitation.

“Oh…I guess you can never go wrong with chocolates.” Marinette says quietly, still a little bit in disbelief at this turn of events. She gives a shaky laugh, tucking in her white sleeveless blouse into the band of her skirt.

Tikki merely returns to her flowers, stepping cheerfully over leaves as she searches for aphids to eat.

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323 reindeer are dead after a lightning strike in Norway
This could be the deadliest strike in history.
By Mic

Over 300 reindeer were killed by a lightning strike Friday in southern Norway, officials from the Norwegian Environment Agency reported. The pack of 323 reindeer, including 70 calves, was found bunched together by an official from the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate after a heavy storm passed through the Hardangervidda National Park area, according to the Norwegian News Agency, known as NTB.

A NNI agent told NTB that he believed the reason so many reindeer were found dead was because they were afraid of the storm and huddled close together for protection. The animals were in a private hunting area in Telemark, away from the national park’s mountain trails, according to NTB. The park is the country’s largest wild reindeer range, holding about 10,000 reindeer.

Thor - Wikipedia

In Norse mythology, Thor (/θɔːr/; from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing and fertility. The cognate deity in wider Germanic mythology and paganism was known in Old English as Þunor and in Old High German as Donar (runic þonar ᚦᛟᚾᚨᚱ), stemming from a Common Germanic *Þunraz (meaning “thunder”).

Chapter Forty Four

Walking upstairs to her room. We were running late. It was James’ special day. He was getting married to the woman of his dreams: Johanna. She meant the world to him. Stepping into a new chapter of life for each other. I was happy for them.

Maybe one day. Maybe Zhuri.

Knocking on her closed door. Waiting for her to allow me in. Shortly, I walked in on her struggle. Getting into a beautiful cream dress. Well, struggling into it.

Second nature. I zipped it up easily. Her body forced the dress to accentuate her figure. It wasn’t tight strange enough. My eyes glued to her smooth back down to her ass then stopping at her calves. Stepping back with a deep admiration of her body.

Her thoughts were elsewhere. Her back was still to me. Her fingers physically checking for the wedding essentials. “Thank you.”

“What would you do without me?”

Stopping in her tracks. Turning to look at me. “I’ve done a lot without you.”

Walking closer to her. “You didn’t do it right.”

Stepping up to me. Inches away. Her brown skin was glistening. “I wasn’t focused on doing it right. I was just getting the job done.”

A low chuckle against her ear. Pushing me away. Serious eyes. “I’m not entertaining you tonight.”

“It’s fun for the both of us–”

“Mommy…” Ezinma slowly walked in. Dragging her teddy bear behind her. Rubbing her eyes for a nap.

Zhuri picked her up along with her things. “Nap time?”

A quiet nod as she rested her head on her mom’s chest. It was clockwork. She always took her nap around two every afternoon. Glaring eyes fell on me. They lead the way to the Mercedes. Opting to take my car instead of her. Driving in silence. Her eyes on her phone. Glancing to see texts from Odell, Harvey and Eva. Holding my tongue until after.

Carrying Ezi in. Greeting family that was supposed to be mine. The stubbornness of their beloved girl created a gap. Familiar faces with names from Bria’s wedding. Drooling over my sleeping baby. Sitting beside Zhuri. Sitting in the front alongside siblings and their kids.

Watching Johanna beautifully escorted by her father down the aisle. Tears in both eyes. I saw something special. Something I wanted to replicate. Feeling Zhuri’s fingers lay on my leg like old times. Little things she did to piss me off. I hated her bad habits. I hated the things she did subconsciously. I could only admire that she did it for herself and not for everyone else.

Ezinma woke up during the vows. Confused and wanting to cry. Glossy eyes and quivering lips. It was a new place. Looking around to find the two important people. Soothing her together before resting her head on my chest. Holding her mom’s hand. Attachment was a serious thing.

The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was calming. Socializing with Maya and other cousins. Zhuri and Ezi were around. Everyone was falling in love with Ezinma. Wanting to play with her. She spoke the little words she knew. Walked around carelessly in search for her cousins.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosedale. A beautiful couple. Both happy beyond words. Smiling endlessly. It was refreshing. I wished them the best. They were in it for all the right reasons. Invested forever.

My words didn’t top the words of Zhuri. Her speech was beautiful. Touching the sweetest memories. Bringing out the strongest moments. Laughter and tears. Tying it together. A perfect knot of words left for the newlyweds.

More speeches. More toasts. More laughs. Less tears. More drinking. More dancing. More photos. More videos.

Time had a funny way of moving. Ezinma was asleep in Bailey’s arms. It was adorable how much they loved each other. It seemed like a good time to leave. Zhuri had our baby girl in her arms. Leading the way with farewells. Wishing the couple one last good luck. Their honeymoon awaited. Our honeymoon was over.

Driving in silence. Putting Ezi down quietly. Not much said between us. Thoughts of her text messages popped up in my head. Stopping me from leaving, I went to her room. Setting up her space. The tv was set for Netflix and her gelato sat on the nightstand. Her eyes set on her dimly lit phone.

“Are you seeing Odell?” Blank eyes stared at me. “I noticed your face with his texts.”

“Why would I chose him over you?”

She saw value in us. Her tone touched me. It was sexy. It was rhetorical. Strength in not second guessing.

“At the same time, I think you should move on. I’m holding you back from what you want. You’re only patient for so long before you want to leave.”

My eyebrows raised. This was a shock. “Are you okay with that?”

A cautious nod. It wasn’t believable. “I am. I understand that it’s selfish to wait for me when you could be doing what you want with someone else that’s willing to give it to you right now. I think I’ll be okay with someone else being more than your best friend.”

Her soft smile was there. Trying to make this better for herself. It wasn’t convincing.

“I’m not ready for someone else to be yours. I’ll always love you….maybe love you too much.”

“I’ll always love you too. You make it seem like we’re going to be disconnected? We have Ezinma. We’re stuck together forever.” A low scoff. Her eyes traced our feet against her rug.

There was no more convincing left. We were stuck in whatever way. I was okay with that. I know that I’ll want more. It’s selfish of me. It’s ironic how some things went to waste.

I left her alone in her room. Locking the doors as I left. It was a climatic moment. Realizing what I actually have and what I don’t. Somehow, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. Going back to her because I wanted her. Ignoring her confusion and silence. She watched me. No hesitation or refrain. Making love to her like it was our last time. It was probably going to be our last night. Make it good.

Giving her my all like I wanted. Giving her what I wanted from the first time we met. Giving pure pleasure and perfection that she sought for in other men. Screaming my name with a sense of longing yet feeling complete.Giving her joy that made her toes curl. Giving her pain that made her cry in happiness and sadness. There was something beautiful in the tear that she shed; kissing it away only brought more pain. Giving my love in the purest form.

It wasn’t a moment this time. There was no fire or flames. Just coldness in a dark time. Holding our bodies together with urgency. Caressing skins to remember how this felt. Tasting skins with marks. Kissing skins with temporary bruises.

It wasn’t going to get better. There was a rift. We had to build a bridge. Solid connection without hesitation of love underneath.

I left in the morning. She was asleep peacefully. I loved seeing her this way. Innocent and sweet. Her brown skin under her beige sheets. Her hair messy yet beautiful against her skin.

Kissing my baby girl’s forehead before leaving. So precious. Resembling her mom but with her own personality.

Freshening up just to hit the studio again. Party and I had ideas flowing. Playing music with ideas. Back and forth choosing potential lines and sounds. Laying back and giving advice. Talking about life. What it was for him. What it was for me.

Future and 40 went over things as well. Pushing the label further. Oliver, Niko and Baka joined later. Hearing a new sound buzzing from our city. Listening to it for the rest of the today.

Going home to silence. It was weird to come home. It was the new normal. It was my normal. Taking a warm shower with a leftover shower. Calling to see my baby girl. Being silly with her little diaper and OVO shirt. Singing her favorite song: the alphabet. Playing among her toys in her mom’s bed. Papers next to her, belonging to her mom.

“Mommy, juice…juice, mommy.” Reaching to tap her preoccupied mom. Determined to get what she wants.

“What do you say?”

“Juice.” Sneaky little smile to be funny.

“Juice…please?” Holding the cup in her hand. Motherly eyes to define her stance.

“Pwease…” Raising her eyebrows. A big smile on her face. Receiving her cup, happily. “Ank you..”

Kissing her mom’s cheek. “Juice, daddy. Juice!”

Offering it to me through the screen. “No thank you, baby. Drink your water.”

Listening to my words. I watched her for a little longer. Enjoying her toys and her cup. Nine rolled in with her yawns. Rubbing her eyes gently.


“No, slweepy.” Her whiny voice as forced herself to play more.

“It’s bedtime. You’re sleepy.” My eyes glanced over at her mom. Wrapping things up. Stress on her face. Silence from her lips.

“No, daddy.” Her lip curled perfectly. Ready to cry. Fighting herself.

“Tell daddy goodnight.”

Tears rolled down her little cheeks. Wiping one side of her face. “Pay.”

“We can play tomorrow. It’s time for bed, Ezi.” The soft spot in my heart weakened. “You have to go to bed.”

Crying more. Her mom watched. Exhaustion in her eyes. “Tell daddy goodnight. We’re going to bed.”

Ignoring the words from her mouth. Crying even more. Loud cries through the phone. Zhuri lost her patience. Cradling her on the bed. Soothing her with back rubs.

“Say night night daddy.” Her lips against her little ears.

Ezi’s eyes fell on the screen. A low sigh left my lips. Ezinma kept crying into her mom’s chest.

“Are you okay?”

Shocked to see me address her. “I’m fine. She’ll be out in no time.”

“Alright. Good night, Zeema. I love you.”

“Wuv u daddy.” Mumbling the words. Sniffling with puffy eyes. Staring at the screen in sadness. Laying her head on her mom’s chest.

I ended the call. Calling it a night myself. Getting up early to hit the studio. Making calls to artists that I wanted apart of my next and final production. I wanted a few greats. Combining a sound that evolved over the years. Something different. Content wise, I had a lot of my chest. I had a story to tell. It wasn’t a beautiful one or a sad one or even aggressive.

40 and I spent a few days working. Tracks sent to Andre 3000 and Jay. I wanted them there. Wayne was going to be on here definitely. I set up a flight to be in Miami. I wanted to definitely create that vibe.

A temporary break emerged. I had to see my baby girl. It’s been a full four days. FaceTime was my least favorite thing. I missed her. I couldn’t miss out on her growing up.

Going to Mama Smith’s house. Coco had to handle business. Walking into the smell of a home cooked meal. I could hear Ezi’s laugh. Walking to the living room. Colin was tickling Ezi. Mama Smith was doing crossword puzzles. Bailey was asleep on the rug next to Cash.

Ezinma noticed me instantly. Running fast to me. A big smile and wild curls. Running on her little tippy toes. Picking her up and devouring her in kisses.

“Hi.” Giggling with her little cheeks on my cheeks. “Daddy!”

“Hi baby girl.” Sitting down with on the couch. “How was your day?”

“Mm,” Swaying in my lap. Playing with my watch.

“How are you Aubrey?” Mama Smith smiled brightly.

“I’m well. How are you?”

“Just a little tired from that little princess over there. I’m getting old or she’s just energetic.” Her eyes fell on innocent Ezi.

A low chuckle. She was off my lap. Playing with Cash. “She is something else.”

“Help yourself to some food.” Colin raised his beer. “Jackie made salmon.”

Small talk erupted. Colin, Mama Smith and me. Talking about little things. Watching tv simultaneously. I sent texts in between conversation. Confirming studio sessions with Future. Enjoying the homemade meal.

Zhuri walked in on the phone. Dressed in neutral colors. Hair was tightly pulled into a ponytail. Talking to her boss for a few minutes. Ezinma went running to see her mommy. Reaching for her to be picked up. Zhuri dressed her in kisses. Talking with her as she made a plate for herself. Ezinma stayed by her side; waiting for food. She could eat forever.

Joining everyone after eating. We said a few words. I watched her exchange with her parents. Talking about work and stress. Talks about being New York for a few days. Simultaneously, I’ll be in Miami. We were left alone ironically.

“I’m going to Miami to work. I think I should have Ezi while you work in New York.”

“How long do you plan on being out there?”

“Four days. It’s the same exact time that you’ll be in New York. I know when you’re out there, you’re busy and Ezi is going to be a handful.”

“Where is she gonna be when you’re recording? I know you’re gonna be drinking and smoking–”

“She’ll be taken care of. Ms. Diane is coming and I want to do fun things with Zeema.”

Careful but hesitant eyes. “Fine. You can bring her home tonight as well. I have an early meeting and Coco–”

“I don’t need an explanation for something I should be doing. I’m not a babysitter.”

“Any other updates?” Looking away. Playing with her fingers.

“No. I’m gonna head out then. Her bedtime is coming up. I’m leaving on Thursday.”

“I’ll drop in Wednesday evening. Just let me know if you’re going to be home. I leave that night.”

“That’s fine.” Getting up to get Ezi ready. She was busy playing with her sleeping aunt. Bailey had to be exhausted. She was practicing for hours today; she was doing a special project for her senior year.

Thanking both Colin and Mama Smith for the hospitality. Ezinma and I went back to my place. A warm bottle of milk and bath put her to sleep. Things were peaceful for the night.

Working day in and out. Making time for Ezi. Bonding for hours. Watching her learn was so refreshing. It was fascinating. She was smart and alert.

Zhuri stopped by. Dressed in workout attire to see our baby. She was busy playing with her toys and Diamond. Zhuri scooped her up. Showing affection and care. We didn’t say much besides hello or what concerned Ezi.

Staying until Ezi went to bed. Leaving after with little words. “Be safe.”

Grabbing her things and leaving in silence. Never looking back once.

The flight to Miami went smooth. Checking into the hotel. Ezinma took a nap. The guys and I relaxed a little. Ordering food and laying low. Ezinma played with her uncles and munched around. She spoke to her mom via FaceTime. Zhuri missed her like crazy. She watched Ezi sleep before ending the call.

In the morning, the crew and I did a little workout. Ezi and Ms. Diane had breakfast in the suite. She was focused on her tv show. Wayne and I were supposed to hit the studio in a few hours. I took Zeema out to the pool.

“Daddy, poo!” Pointing to the pool. Dressed in her floaties and bathing suit. Squealing around in excitement.

My heart warmed from her excitement. We got in the pool. No paparazzi bothered us. I helped her swim around. We had the time of our lives. Her more than me.

Zhuri called while we were at the pool. Zeema wrapped in her towel. Holding the iPad tightly.

“Mommy, poo!” She pointed at pool. Zhuri’s eyes lit up. “Wata!!”

“Having fun with daddy?” A soft gasp. She received a big nod in response. “Having fun with your uncles?” Another nod and laugh. Giving her uncles trouble because she loved them. “How’s everything, Aubrey?”

I missed her oddly. “Things are good.” Glancing to see her at a table. Having lunch in a restaurant. Her brown skin was beautiful.

“Good.” A low sigh. “Well, call me if anything comes up.”

A quiet nod. Ending the call from the iPad. “Daddy, gray.” A light tap on my lap.

Focusing on what she wanted. Grapes. She wanted fruit. Chubbs handed me some fruit for her. She enjoyed it with a big smile. Giggling in happiness.

Giving her a little bath and lunch. She was set for a nap. She would be out for an hour or two. I used this time to head to the studio. It was about that time. Ms. Diane had a little peace for a few hours.

Hitting the studio to see Wayne. He was in the studio with beats playing. Double styrofoam cups in his hand. Standing over the table. Dapping him up. Taking a few minutes to catch up. Talks about life. Gaining insight from him; vice versa. The studio was slightly empty.

We just jumped right in recording. Freestyling loosely just to get a feel. Vibing to the beat. Creating a new moment. I kept track of time. I had to see my baby girl.

Around 8:30, I got a call. Ms. Diane gave an update. Ezi was asleep early; being fussy and crying put her out for the night. Zhuri called but that was neither here nor there. Ending the call to get back to work.

Going all night. I left around three in the morning. I was definitely excited by what we had. It was crazy. Wayne still had all these crazy verse in him. Sleeping until nine since Ezinma couldn’t stop playing with my face. Poking my cheeks, rubbing my earlobes and pulling my nose.

Tickling her to signal that I was awake. Brushing our teeth; she needed more help than me. Room service awaited us in the living room. Ms. Diane was up. Watching her morning talk show: The View. Half of the crew was still asleep.

I took the day off. Taking Ezinma to Zoo Miami. Letting her explore the wild animals up close. Scared to let me go at times. She enjoyed it. Mimicking sounds of the lion, monkeys and birds. She loved the flamingos and tigers the most. We ended the trip early for lunch and a movie. Zootopia seemed fitting with chicken tenders and fries. She didn’t understand the movie but it was the cartoons that fascinated her.

A full day that made her sleep early. I had a full night to waste. Going to dinner to have a business talk. We ran into potential legal trouble for songs that we want to use. Oliver, Future and I sat across a beautiful woman.

Intense eyes. Soft lips. Curly hair. Thick and curvy in all the right places. A dress that accentuated it all. She had to be a master at that. She was here for business. Straight to the point with no jokes on the side. She reminded of Zhuri. Confident and sexy.

“My client believes that your intentions for their song is solely to steal and flip it for your own benefits. My client will not allow you to use those songs for personal reasons that they do not wish to disclose.”

“What if we provide all of the rights and legal technicalities to them and use a little bit of that song? We’re using it to share similar moments. It’s simply just a background track. Nothing more is needed out of it.” 40 and I had envisioned the perfection of the song.

“By a little, the instrumental is fine. None of the content can be sampled or used in any way shape or form per my client’s request.”

“Done. As for the fine print, we would like a copy of it before signing. We want to make sure we’re not being looped into anything.”

“That’s fine. I have three copies. I’ll give you twenty four to forty eight hours to read it and sign it. I know we both want business to be done quickly so we can enjoy the real work.” A cocky smirk as she slide the paperwork across the table.

We skimmed through it briefly. Focusing more on her sipping her drink. Checking her phone briefly.

“We’ll contact you in that timeframe.”

“Great.” Gathering her things. “It was a pleasure.”

Shaking our hands and leaving her business card on the table. She left the restaurant through the front. Her ass did look great but she had a beauty to her.

I realized the beauty in the studio. Dressed a little more business casual. I didn’t realize she was somewhat tall. Standing at 5’7 with grace. She carried herself like a woman. She came straight for business. Double checking our signatures and agreement.

“If anything else changes or if anything comes up, we’ll be in contact.” A cocky wink and smile. “Anything left to ask? Also your lawyer has copies of everything.”

“It’s safe to say the deal is done.” A smooth shrug. “Unless you want some Dom chilled on ice?”

A cute laugh. “No thank you. Business is business.”

“Virginia Black might be what you’re looking for?”

“I’ll keep that in mind for the next time. Have a good one.” Grabbing her things and exiting.

She seemed interesting. Very attractive physically to say the least. I thought little of it. My focus was more on the music.

Leaving the studio early. Thanking Wayne and Mack for a good time. Dropping into a club for a little. A brief guest appearance before going home. Baby girl was asleep and I wanted to enjoy myself.

In the morning. We were back. Home Sweet Home. Going to visit Mama for a little. We both missed her. Ezi had tons of things to show her. Little things to show she was growing up. Mama loved every moment. Gasping with joy. Holding her heart with happiness.

Conversing over fruit that we shared with Ezinma. Talking about what I was doing. It was getting a little tiresome. Zhuri and I weren’t together. She called the decision. She wasn’t ready. Her excuses were endless and tiresome. I caught onto her. My love was still there for her. Co-parenting was smoother than I expected. It kept things calm.

Spending most of the day with Mama. A nice quiet dinner at her favorite restaurant. Going to see Zhuri. She was back home. Filled with excitement to see Ezinma. Small giggles as Ezi held hugged her mom. Giving back kisses on her mom’s cheek. It was a perfect moment.

My eyes fell on her. Beautifully dressed in work attire. Her hair pulled back into a bun. Showing features I loved the most. Her eyes were tired yet masked in happiness to avoid Ezi from sensing anything.

I left. I didn’t feel the need to be there. I didn’t feel the need to force conversation. She didn’t feel a way. Instead, we were back to same schedule. Weekends devoted to her. Weekdays were mine if studio time wasn’t happening.

Zhuri came to me. Picking up Ezinma. Dressed in work attire. Her body was more curvy than I remember noticing.

“So, I’m gonna have Ezi for until Tuesday. I hope that’s okay with you.” She stood in the kitchen. Her mind was preoccupied. It read all over her face.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Why?”

“My birthday is this weekend. I’m going to Anguilla.” Her voice was low. Talking in manner in which I should’ve known.

I didn’t realize how much time had passed. I’ve been busy that I didn’t pay attention. “Oh yeah, I forgot. Have a great time. Should I still call at the same time?”

“Yeah….if not, I’ll let you know.” She walked out to bump into Ezi. She had her shoes in her hands. “Ready to go home?”

“Yay!” A low yell from Ezi. Quick to plop down to put on her shoes.

Zhuri helped her get ready. “Give daddy some love.”

Ezi ran to me joyfully. A big hug and kiss for her. I was gonna miss my little sunshine. She was going to be surrounded by friends and loved ones. She was going to have fun at the beach.

Handing her over to her mom. I looked at her. Her eyes were on Ezinma. We didn’t make eye contact once. I felt bad for losing track. She was going to be twenty nine.

Fring’s was full tonight. Mark, Hush, P.Reign and Chubbs joined me tonight. Drinks and food filled the table. Vibing to a random playlist. Thoughts of Zhuri ran on my mind. Feeling slightly guilty about forgetting something special. Realizing that I don’t owe her much. Yet, my mind fell on the familiar curvy woman sitting a few tables over.

Her smile was beautiful. Her eyes were soft and inviting. Her curls were playful against her light skin. Her lipstick was bright and fun. She sat with two other women. Enjoying the drinks sent to them.

“Who’s that?” Hush glanced in the direction I was staring.

“That lawyer we met in Miami.” A cocky smirk. It was ironic to see her. Here especially.

Calling over our waitress. “I’m going to cover that table with those three women. Also give this to her when you get a chance.” I wrote a note on a napkin. Simply grabbing her attention. A wink to the waitress for gratitude.

Wrapping up dinner to see her receive the note. Catching her attention with a smile. Passing the note to her friends. Leaving before she could see me.

“Are you really moving on?” Hush asked. We sat in the Phantom.

“Yeah. I don’t want to but we’re not progressing in a relationship aspect. It’s just about Ezinma. It’s kinda like a brick wall talking to her.”

“Her birthday is coming up.” Chubbs raised his eyebrow.

A small shrug. “It’s crazy that I forgot about it. She has Ezi until Tuesday and I didn’t remember why. I’ll let her enjoy it.”

Sitting with 40 for the next few days. Working with 1Da on some songs too. Getting a text message from an unknown number.

2125562211: thanks for the other night. Next time, it would be better if you stopped by instead of disappearing.

A soft smile on my lips. I knew who this was.

Me: I didn’t want to ruin anything. You were enjoying yourself

2125562211: thought your pickup lines would be better.

Me: I don’t do those.

2125562211: had me fooled. Your restaurant was lovely. I left a good review.

Me: thank you. Glad you have a place to enjoy in Toronto

Focusing back on the music. 40 put a pause to it. He felt something being off. It turned into a mini catch up session. Again, unfolding how I felt about Zhuri. Rather, forgetting her birthday and my nonchalant attitude.

“Fly out for her birthday. It’s the least you could do. I know that you’re gonna have it on your mind if you don’t. Plus you still love her. She’ll appreciate it.”

“I’m not going to push something on her.” Fear of her backing away.

“It’s just support.” His smirk read other intentions.

I laughed to brush him off. “It won’t ever be just that.”

I took his advice. Flying to Anguilla. It was just Gelo, CJ, Future and Chubbs with me. Keeping it low key. Catching everyone for a surprise at dinner. Making my way beside Zhuri. A small hug and kiss on her cheek. I realized how much I missed her in that very moment.

“What are you doing here?” Her words mumbled into my ear.

An honest stare between us. Something clicked strangely. Grabbing my glass, I made a toast. My eyes fell on her briefly. An embarrassed laugh from her.

“It’s a beautiful evening tonight. I’m glad to be here. I want to wish Zhuri a happy birthday. You’re twenty nine in a few hours. It’s a blessing to watch you continue to evolve into one of the most amazing women I know. From your smile, your laugh, to just how much you love, I admire everything you do. Your passion for whatever you want is so strong and inspiring. You’re an impeccable woman and mother. Ezinma doesn’t fully know how much of an amazing mother she has. For all these beautiful faces here to celebrate with you, I can attest on their behalf that you’re a blessing. A striking, charismatic, loving and stubborn woman that will always keep pushing to be the best and give the best to everyone and everything she touches. I’m honored to be here celebrating with you. I love you and here’s to many more.”

She raised her glass along with everyone else. A kiss on her cheek. Her fingers rested on the back of my neck; caressing my skin. A smile that I missed entirely too much.

“Thank you, baby.” Words mumbled into my ear. Drinking her red wine with class.

Listening to other friends toast. Enjoying the privacy of the moment. The waters were calm from here. We had a perfect view. Laughs were constant. Photos were spontaneous by the second. Personal photos on our phones. I waited for the right time to post. If there was a right time.

Kissing skins in between laughs and giggles. Joking endlessly. Singing songs of Shay’s favorite classic playlist. Mimicking iconic dances with personal dramatics added.

Going back to her room. No hidden agendas. We laid in her bed. Cuddled in her sheets. Playfully kissing her cheeks. Only to see her smile and dodge them in embarrassment. She was so shy; unlike her. Her hands rubbed against my arms. Giggling into my neck.

“We’re gonna be in big trouble in the morning.”

“Why?” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I couldn’t possibly think.

“Zeema isn’t gonna know how to react.” A soft smile on our lips.

“She’s waking you up first. It’s your birthday. Mommy is gonna be so happy.” Nuzzling into her neck.

“Still, what are you doing here? You didn’t remember my birthday nor did you seem to care? Now you’re here like it’s nothing.”

“That conversation we had didn’t sit well with me. I would’ve sent you something but someone told me otherwise is the better option.” A peck on her lips. “I wanted to be here.”

“I’m happy you’re here.” A light kiss on my cheek. Resting her face in the crook of my neck. Falling asleep in seconds.

In the morning. I fell in love. Brown skin glistening against the Caribbean sun. White hotel sheets made her look pure. Her features were relaxed. A soft smile made me wonder what she dreamt about. Her fingers were interlocked with mine.

Capturing this moment on my phone. It was breathtaking. She was twenty nine today.

I missed these days. We are different people now. I shouldn’t miss these days at all.

Glancing at the beautiful view. Finding her deep brown eyes staring at me. A glint of light in her eyes. A soft smile on her bright natural skin.

“Happy birthday.” I couldn’t resist a smile.

Her fingers rested against my cheek. Her hand holding a side of my face. “Thank you.”

Her soft voice. Staring into each other’s eyes. Saying so much without speaking. Her lips were gentle. Emotions that shouldn’t be here. Wanting to do so much more. Not sure who should take the first step. Should we even be doing this? A mutual question. Our eyes asked quietly. Staring into the soul of someone, we fell in love with.


Fashion conveys complex messages. The recreation of an outfit taken from one of an extraordinary series of Renaissance portraits reveals how one man made his mark on society.

The outfit was designed to lift the spirit, make people marvel at novelty, and show off advanced civilization

In 1530 Matthäus Schwarz, an accountant in the German city of Augsburg, was a man in his prime: slim, smart and successful. In a portrait that shows him in an outfit made for the occasion of the Imperial Diet of Augsburg, he is every inch the fashionable man about town, ready to step out of his door and join the party.

In the painting Schwarz wears a doublet made in panes of brilliant red and yellow silk over a shirt cut from fine linen. His slender calves are shown off in yellow leather hose and his knees are cross-gartered. On his feet are slim shoes and on his head is a flat black beret made in felted wool. At his waist are belts carrying the sword and red purse that complete the picture.

Now an experimental project undertaken by Dr Ulinka Rublack, Reader in Early Modern History at the University of Cambridge, has brought this portrait alive in a historically accurate reconstruction of the outfit it depicts. The project reveals the role of dress in conveying complex social and political messages and the way in which fashion had a profound effect on mood and behaviour. [MORE]

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Could you please do Amon with lust and gluttony for the sin thing? Sorry for bothering you, I will go now!

Again, you are never a bother, please don’t ever think you are! Without you guys we would be horribly bored and I know I wouldn’t have anything to write! I don’t come up with ideas on my own very often, so I appreciate you all very much! Now on to Amon! (Thank you for requesting him…this boy needs more love. Seriously. Someone get him a proper fan club because let’s face it, those eyebrows are on point!)

Mod Haiku


Koutarou Amon


  • How they carry themselves. He looks for a calm confidence in a potential’s posture. He’s secretly a leg man. Loves himself some defined calves in tight pants/tights.
  • Surprisingly high sex-drive considering his easily flustered air. He tends to deal with his ‘issues’ in private, or he trains himself limp.(We all remember his push-ups till morning routine.) Even with an S/O he’ll be very hesitant, not wanting to come off as aggressive or pushy.
  • Hopeless romantic, yet not very good at it. Amon is our resident clutz when it comes to romance. He’s the one who’ll spend hours staring at flowers trying to think of the proper ones to buy, what they could mean, if he needs to pick up a vase as well, if they’re allergic to flowers or even enjoy them…etc. Stumbles to open doors and will stutter when trying to smooth talk. Basically this poor boy needs all the help he can get, but that’s why we love him.
  • He wants to be dominated in the bedroom. He loves the feel of leather against his flesh and wants his S/O to take control. The thought alone makes him bright as a tomato, so if it comes up its most likely the S/O to suggest it.
  • Amon’s idea of a perfect date is either a long, long walk around town/park, followed by dinner at nice place, a movie if time permits, and ending with him escorting them home. Vanilla af, but honestly, with Amon it’d be precious.


  • As far as guilty pleasures go, Amon is the one who, after a rough day, throws his favorite blanket in the dryer for a few minutes and bundles up in it on the couch to binge some TV. (If you haven’t done this before go do it right now. Fresh out of the Dryer blankets are amazing.)
  • Amon feels starved for Validation. He craves someone to assure him he’s needed, that he’s doing the best he can and that’s all he can do.
  • Various Sweets are a favorite of this Investigator.
  • Considering his training regimen, Amon is one to eat frequently and in smaller portions.

◤ ✝ ☾ ✝ ◢   He stands a brooding six foot, his tawny flesh TAUGHT && lean, yet he carries his assets WELL. Tanaka’s edges are ROUGH, but soft where they need be. For where slim ankles meet knee, his calves are shaped in a PERFECT sliver-a half moon, which rests elegantly in the heel of his worn boot. && he walks with JUST enough pressure applied, carrying his plight with a DIVINE glory; his posture is immaculate. && thus ELDRITCH spine is forced straight- neck stretched towards heaven’s vault, as if wishing to adorn a halo ‘pon his HALLOWED head. 

BELOW THE CUT: Some random footnotes on my headcanons for Gundam ( physical appearance mostly)! By the way, if you’re squeamish about veins && arteries, or anything of the sort, I don’t suggest scrolling all the way to the bottom of this post. JUST A WARNING. 

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No..jb has developed a thigh gap :( although he has bow legs (which really bolt separates the calves), his thighs would still touch before but now his thighs aren't even touching

i think its bc his legs are just spread apart bb