Blurb: What kind of girl they'd date

request: Can you do a preference about what kind of girl they would each date? thanks. Xx.

A/N: these things are easier as a blurb but i realized that too late whoops

also i’m not doing looks bc looks isn’t the most important factor in a relationship and tbh i don’t think they’d care that much what you looked like if they really liked you

ok so i see michael with someone who isn't too full of energy like sure he could date someone like that but i think he’d want someone who’s more laid back and isn’t looking for something to do all the time, someone who can stay indoors all day and have a tv show marathon and stuff or video games idk

calum would fit with someone more upbeat i think, someone who’s always up for adventures just like him but maybe a bit less than him and i have this headcanon that calum’s a bit sassy when he’s in a relationship so he’d need someone who could sass back at him it’d be adorable

wow luke’s girlfriend would be less shy than him, i think it’d make him relax more and be himself in keeks and stuff where he’s mostly quiet but with her around he’d be more loud and his mouth would open more

ashton’s girl needs a good sense of humor, or just laugh a lot in general. ashton would adore her laugh so much and do anything to hear it and she’d be pretty laid back and with her head in the clouds i think and not in a bad way more like very thoughtful and easy to float into her own mind palace and ashton would love it