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Notorious | pt.12

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Gun Violence, Fluffish, Death, Emotional stuff, PLOT TWIST. 


Word Count: 6,487

A/N: Well… It’s here. I’m sorry in advance. (Also, sorry it rambles a bit) 

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Part Nine // Part Ten // Part Eleven 

You sat on the edge of the bed with your knees brought up to your chest, sinking your teeth into the skin around your chipped polished nails. You had been staring at the carpet for too long that your vision had become blurry and out of focus, all while you remained lost somewhere in your own thoughts. 

Calum sat quietly beside you, his left leg jumping up and down out of nervousness, he had his right hand placed on his other knee as he picked at the loose fray that stuck out from his trousers and stared at the wall in front of him. He was trying to stay quiet, but inside he was dying to speak up and apologise to you. But his pride always got the better of him. 

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things like this should never be forgotten


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#84: Pregnancy Series | You're Horny


Some anon requested me to add this to the series, and I laughed for ten minutes straight before I was like, hell yeah, it has to be included. 

Pregnancy Schedule: 30,5 Weeks // A little over 7 months

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes


Luke held his hands in front of his lips as he tiptoed down the hallway of his apartment, trying to be as quiet as possible, his mind dazed as he almost tripped over his own long legs every third minute. He opened the door to the bedroom, walking inside the dark and turning on the light, his eyes going wide and a yelp coming from his lips as he watched you by the window, a small smile on your lips as you watched him. ”Good party?” You asked, watching him as he tumbled towards you, stopping right in front of you when the belly prevented him from coming any closer. ”Not as good as if you had been there.” He smiled, toying a strand of hair away from your eyes. ”How’s my babyyy.” He slurred, smacking himself down on his knees and instantly smashing his lips against your belly, his eyes closing as he leaned his head against your stomach. ”My little baby.” He cooed, a warm smile on his face as he peppered it with kisses. You let out a sigh by the smaller gesture, grabbing Luke’s upper arm and pulling him up. ”You know, you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever known. Probably the prettiest one.” He slurred, smiling down at you, your cheeks starting to burn. ”And I don’t think I could find a better person to share a kid with.” His hand rubbed up and down your belly as he admired your form, silence starting to fall over you, your cheeks burning even more now, and whether it was Luke’s love confession or the fact that your arousal was getting worse, you couldn’t point out which. ”Luke, I have to admit something.” Luke’s whole face expression changed, his face starting to soften and look more serious one, staring down at you waiting for you to tell him. ”I’m horny.” His eyes went wide by your confession; a weird feeling going through his veins by the fact that he had believed you would say something else, a lump starting to form in his throat. ”And I can’t make myself – not that I would get the chance to hook up with some dude now with this massive watermelon anyways - find some other dude to like uhm satisfy me. So I’m uhm, asking you.” His mouth felt open now as well, staring down at you in pure confuse and shock. ”Please? It’s not like we’re going to have sex, I just need some arousal..” You mumbled, taking his hand and placing it in front of your lips, placing a few kisses here and there and biting down on his skin. Luke’s breathe quickened by the actions and his mind fuzzed. ”And besides, you already know how my body works.” You commented with a flirtatious smile, his mouth shutting as he looked down at you. ”Fine.” He stammered, leaning down and placing his lips on yours, a feeling he hadn’t felt in almost 7 months, his hands starting to roam your body against as he backed you towards his bed, making you smile through the kiss by getting the satisfaction.


A puddle of arousal made your eyes open fast, look around in confuse by the sudden change of light in the room. Or more likely, the fact that you had woken up from sleeping, having a dream that clearly left it’s marks in your underwear, Calum’s arm loosely wrapped around your belly on protection, his breathings hitting your neck making goose bumps appear on your skin. Wiggling in your seat, you turned around so you could face him, his eyes starting to stir by the sudden movement. ”What’s going on?” He questioned with eyes closed, moving his arm to the right so he could press the on bottom on his night lamp, the lamp lighting up your room and you squeezing your eyes. ”Calum. I’m horny.” Your statement made him instantly snort with a chuckle, eyes fully open now. ”Okay, and what can I do to fix that?” He teased, sitting up so his back was pressed against the headboard. ”I just need you to fix it.” You pouted, just wanting him inside you as fast as possible. ”You know I won’t fuck you, I can’t make myself do that in a fear of hurting him.” He reminded, you crossing your arms over your chest, looking up at him. He knew that if you wouldn’t get satisfied, he would get the chance to take the trip down to the living room and sleep by his own, your fuse not being long and hormones from the pregnancy effecting you even more than what you could control. And he couldn’t really complain about your request. ”But I can do something else.” He winked, placing his lips on yours and trying to pull you closer even though it was difficult. At first, his hand were placed on your cheek, caressing down to your neck, leaving a small squeeze on your breast before diving further down, making sure that every place had been touched. His hand glided down to your stomach, his hand stopping right above your abdomen, tracing patterns around your skin with his finger tips to arousal you, your breath starting to quicken by the smaller gesture. After what felt like years, he nibbled shortly on your earlobe as he stuck his hand inside your panties, but as soon as he did, that was when the kicking started. ”You cannot be serious!” You exclaimed in almost rage, Calum starting to laugh out loud as the kicking wouldn’t stop, he could feel it as his arm were half resting on your belly, the skin moving around by the kicks that you received. ”He hasn’t kicked all day and now he decides to do it!” Calum placed his palm on your stomach in amaze, never ever not enjoying feeling the life that was inside of you. ”At least we know he’s still full of energy and in life in there.” He chuckled, placing a kiss to your temple as you let out a huff, pouting your lips and looking up at him as he admired your stomach while adding warm caress with his hands against your skin.


”Are we even allowed to be here?” You questioned, looking around in confuse as Michael took his t shirt you were wearing over your head, smiling down at you and placing a kiss to your forehead. ”No. But that doesn’t matter. It’s freaking hot up in our room and I needed to cool down. If we get caught, I will take charge of the blame.” He chucked, hooking his fingers around the waistband of your loose shorts, pulling them down your legs and letting you trip out of them. The pool behind him looked so inviting, so blue, and so romantic at this point of night, making you instantly want to jump in. ”Come on.” He winked, linking your hands together and walking towards the stairs, helping you down into the water, it being cold at first but after waiting a few seconds until the body temperature was used to it, it was pure gold. ”See, this is ten times better than being up at the hotel room, bored.” He smiled, leaning on his back and looking up at the sky. You swam towards him and backing him up against the end of the pool, his eyes wide by the sudden action. ”Someone seems needy huh?” Michael questioned, starting to place kisses along your neck. ”I haven’t gotten anything in almost 7 months, what do you expect Michael?” You purred, smashing your lips against his and letting him wrap his arms around your body as good as he could, rotating you so the belly weren’t pressing into his. Before you could put two of two together, Michael had turned hard as a rock, his crotch pressing into yours making you instantly moan. ”If we’re quiet,” He panted, looking at you, ”We won’t get caught.” You nodded your head fast as he pulled out his throbbing member, placing a kiss to your cheek. He moved the side of your panties to allow him to enter you, but he barely pushed in before he moved completely away, his eyes wide as he looked at you. ”But.. What if I hurt her or something?” He asked softly in fear, putting his length back in his pants. ”You’ve got to be kidding me Michael Clifford! That will forever be the biggest mood killer, ever!” Michael leaned his head back on his neck as he laughed out loud, looking back admiring at you. ”I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can’t do this even though I’m having a hard time resisting you.” He smiled, and took a piece of wet hair away from your sticky forehead. ”Mood killer.” You pouted, folding your hand and sending a wave of splash towards him, his eyes wide by your sudden move. ”Kitten I think that was a bad idea.” He stated, starting to splash water towards you, the two of you swimming around on the easy end of the pool to make sure there wouldn’t happen anything to you or the babygirl, water everywhere as the splashing fight had now started.


”Ashton would you mind come here for a second?” You yelled, lying sprawled on the bed in just a pair of black lingerie, your hair loose as you looked over towards the open bathroom door, the sound of Ashton brushing his teeth inside. ”I’ll be out in second.” His voice was faint, making yourself look down to make sure that everything was perfect, and when he came out of the bathroom, his face expression was pure priceless. ”Babe uh- What are you uh-” Ashton stammered, watching you as you rose from the bed, walking slowly towards him. He let out a nervous giggle, ”Y/N, what are you uhm- doing?” You cocked your head as you stood in front of him now, not even getting the slightest chance of being close to him with the big belly preventing you. ”I’m trying to seduce you. It is that weird?” You asked as if nothing was wrong. ”To me it seems like you tried to squeeze yourself down into some tiny lingerie you.” He commented, his fingers tracing over the skin that was bulged out from your bra cup. You rolled your eyes by his comment, your hand reaching up to caress his cheek and down to his next, watching his puzzled reaction. ”Y/N, we cannot uhm.. Do this.” Ashton tried to explain, trying to avoid your intoxicating touches. ”But Ashton for god sake, it has been 7 months without us being the slightest sexual at all. I’m horny for god sake! Your voice went wide by your sudden rage statement, Ashton’s eyes doing the same exact same. ”Can you please just kiss me without making a gag sound, I feel unloved and repellent here.” Your soft tone made Ashton let out a sigh, his hands coming to your cheeks taking a step to the side so he could give you a proper kiss without having the belly in the way, letting the kiss be intimate and long as he pressed more and more into yours. But when your tongue traced his bottom lip, that was when he had to pull back before it went too far. ”I can’t Y/N, I’m sorry madly sorry, but I can’t stick my dick in you without having the fear of crushing one of the babies.” He stated, you crossing your arms and letting out a huff. ”How forceful do you think your dick is huh?” Ashton rolled his eyes by your behavior and placed a kiss to your forehead. ”I just won’t find it comfortable okay? I hope you understand.” He looked down at you, watching you as you pouted. He let out a sigh when you didn’t look satisfied, trying to find a solution and running his fingers through his hair. ”Go lay on the bed. I’ll be back in a few seconds okay, and then let me eat out that pussy of yours; you think you can do that for me?” Ashton didn’t even recieve any answer before you had sprinted over to the bed in excitement, a giggle coming from his lips as he shook his head at you.

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you would not be able to write about 5Сос as daddies kink

“You fucking embarrassed me in front of all my friends, what the hell?” Calum raged, slamming the door as you entered your shared apartment. He was mad, no doubt about it. All you had done was tease him a little about crying at a kids’ movie as you left the theater. You didn’t see an issue with this, but it had obviously struck a nerve with him.
“I didn’t think you would care.” You shrugged, making your way into the kitchen for a glass of water. His footsteps pounded against the floor as he followed you.
“Why wouldn’t I care? You emasculated me!” He slammed his hands onto the counter, making you jump. You were almost afraid to turn to him; he was never like this.
“Calum, maybe we can-”
“No, I’m so fucking sick of this bullshit.” He lowered his volume, but the anger remained.
“I didn’t even do anyth-”
“Bedroom. Now.” He cut off your protests. You looked at him with wide eyes, nearly choking on your own spit. His dominant side rarely came out, but tonight it was apparent that it would. “Don’t just stand there. I want you naked in the bedroom; face down, ass up. Do you hear me?”
“Yes, Calum.” You swallowed the swig of water you managed to take from the bottle
“Calum?” He raised an eyebrow testingly. You decided that you were already in for it, so why not go further?
“Sorry, I meant Daddy.” You bit your lip, feigning innocence. His fists clenched.
“Don’t push it, Y/N.” He demanded “Go get undressed. I want you ready for me in five minutes. No touching yourself.”
“Yes, Daddy.” You nodded, watching his deep brown eyes rake over your body before meeting yours. They went soft for a moment before he spoke.
“Go.” His voice was rough. This was enough to finally herd you in the direction of the bedroom. You knew Calum would never hurt you, so you found it amusing to push the boundaries when he was in his moods.
Making sure not to make any unnecessary noise, you closed the bedroom door behind you. You made your way over to the bed, discarding your shirt and pants on the way. No, you weren’t going to get fully naked like he’d asked, but you figured just underwear was enough. You sat down on the bed and awaited your angry boyfriend.
“Why is it so hard for you to follow instructions?” Calum slammed the door behind him as he entered, clad in nothing but his pants and boxers. You took this as your cue to stand up. “Huh, Y/N? Do you think this is funny?”
“It’s hilarious.” You sauntered over to where he stood “Don’t you think so, Daddy?”
“Fuck,” He mumbled, gripping your hips tightly as he pulled you towards him. You smirked at the reaction you were able to get out of him. “Don’t tease, baby girl.”
“What’s the fun in doing what you’re told?” You ran a finger down his jawline, watching it tense under your touch. He swallowed.
“What did I tell you about teasing me?” His hands moved to cup your ass, squeezing slightly. You let out a quiet moan to frustrate him further. His cock hardened against you. “Are you going to be a good girl and listen to me or do I have to do everything for you?”
“I can manage,” You pulled away, making your way back to the bed. His hungry eyes followed you the whole way. You slowly slid off your panties, glancing over and watching as he palmed himself.
“You deserve to be punished for what you’re doing to me.” Calum growled, effortlessly removing his belt. He made his way over to you, hands moving to the front clasp of your bra. “How would you like me, princess? Would you like my cock in your ass, down your throat, or pounding out that pretty little pussy of yours?”
“Cal,” You moaned quietly as his fingers ghosted over your now-exposed breasts. His crotch pressed against your backside.
“Answer me, sweetheart, or I decide for you.” He warned, taking a breast in each hand. You threw your head back, colliding with his shoulder. “Would you like to get on your knees for me, darling? Suck Daddy off like a good girl.”
“Yes, Daddy.” You managed to stutter, turning to face him. Without his belt, his pants were easy enough to slide off. You removed them and his boxers before getting on your knees. He kicked the discarded clothing items aside, grunting when he felt your hand take hold of his cock.
“In your mouth, sweetheart,” He coaxed, bucking his hips slightly. You wasted no time in taking his length in your mouth. His hands tangled in your hair, moving you forward so his tip hit the back of your throat. Luckily, you were able to take it without gagging. He began to thrust his hips, sliding his cock in and out of your mouth. You let out a hardly audible moan at this. He gathered your hair in one hand, giving him full control of you. His hips moved at a steady pace as he continued to fuck your mouth. You hollowed your cheeks, hoping to increase the pleasure he felt.
“Good girl,” He sighed in content “That’s it, sweetheart. Take care of Daddy’s cock.” He put a hand on your shoulder, pulling you in even closer to his body. You could feel his length continually hitting the back of your throat as he thrusted. Precum slid down your throat, letting you know he was near his breaking point. Suddenly he pulled out, using your hair to guide you to a standing position.
“My mouth not good enough for you anymore?” You pushed your chest against his, making sure to grind your hips against him. He let out a low moan, squeezing your ass.
“Tonight I’m cumming in you.” He growled “Bend over, princess. Show me that beautiful ass of yours.”
You happily obliged, turning your back to him and bending over the side of the bed. His hands immediately went to your ass. He brought a hand down to your skin, a soft slapping noise filling the room. His hand rubbed over the place where it had just made contact.
“Remember our safe word, okay? If I’m hurting you, you tell me.” He mumbled, taking hold of his cock and pumping slightly. You hummed in response, grinding against him. A throaty moan passed his lips at this. “God, princess, you’re soaked. Is that all for me?”
“Yes,” You breathed. He squeezed your ass tightly once more, hands slowly roaming up to your lower back. You could hear the smirk in his voice as he continued.
“All mine,” He ran a hand down your slit, causing a wave of pleasure to rack your body. You struggled to hold yourself back from touching your own body. His teasing made you so eager for release that you could hardly stand it. “Who owns your pussy, baby girl?”
“You, Daddy.” You clenched your fists as he continued to tease your opening. The head of his cock ran over the sensitive area, almost slipping into you a few times.
“You’re mine, sweetheart. Never forget that.” He murmured, running a hand down the length of your back. Goosebumps appeared on your skin in the wake of his touch.
“Please,” You mumbled, burying your face in the sheets. He loosely grabbed your hair into a ponytail, pulling you up until your back hit his chest.
“What was that?” He asked, his hot breath wafting over your ear. You whimpered under his grasp.
“Fuck me,” You begged, already out of breath at the hand of your arousal. Calum pulled you even closer to his body. “Please, Daddy. Fuck me.”
“You’re always so eager.” He chuckled to himself, bending you back over the edge of the bed. You felt his tip swirl around the perimeter of your entrance before he slipped into you completely. Strangled moans slipped past your lips at the familiar sensation. You could tease Calum all you want, but at the end of the day, he had you in the palm of his hand. He would always have a hold on you, whether you liked it or not.
“Fuck, this is nice,” You breathed, loving how his hand was pressed to your upper back. He groaned in agreement, maintaining his relatively fast pace.
“You like this?” He asked before lightly slapping your ass again. You could only imagine the smirk on his face when you moaned in response. “Princess, you feel so good. So tight and wet, just how I like you.”
“I am to please you, Daddy.” You gasped out the words, overpowered by stimulation. His cock rammed into you over and over, hitting your sweet spot every time. If it was one thing Calum knew how to do, it was please a woman. He knew exactly what to do to get the best reaction from you. His balls slapped against your skin, adding to the slight noise made every time he thrusted. Your moans mixed with his in a perfect euphoric harmony. You circled your hips, earning a loud groan from him.
“Fuck,” He hissed, slapping your ass again “Keep that up, baby girl. You feel so good wrapped around my cock.”
His encouragement was enough for you to continue your movements, feeling his cock harden inside you. This only amplified your own arousal. You knew you were right where he wanted you, right on the edge of your orgasm. His movements became less frequent, but his cock buried deeper inside you with each one. You could tell he, much like you, was close to his breaking point.
“Daddy, please,” You whined, fisting the sheets tightly “Oh, Daddy, I’m so close. Please.”
“You wanna cum for me, princess?” He rasped, to which you let out a strangled cry in agreement “Wait for Daddy. You can cum when I tell you, baby girl.”
“Oh, please,” You begged. Your eagerness for a release was more than obvious. Calum often enjoyed making you wait to orgasm, which was agonizing. The pleasure in the pit of your stomach was building and you weren’t sure how much longer you could last.
“Come on, sweetheart.” He encouraged “Work on me. Earn your orgasm.”
“I can’t-“ You cut yourself off with a loud moan. Despite the torture, you still continued to move against his cock. “Daddy, I can’t hold back anymore. Please.”
“Cum with me, baby girl.” He demanded “Right now. Cum all over my cock while I cum inside you.”
“Oh, fuck,” You threw your head back, feeling his load shoot inside of you. Your own juices mixed with his shortly after. Both of you were a panting mess of moans and groans, riding out your highs. His hands continued to guide your hips against him.
“Feel good, sweetheart?” He breathed, voice thick with exhaustion “Because you made Daddy feel so good. So fucking good.”
“Mm, yeah.” You felt the cum slowly drip out of you as he pulled out. Another light slap was pressed against your ass.
“Filled you good, didn’t I?” He was undoubtedly smirking to himself, watching as his own seed dripped from your raw pussy. You managed a nod before he flipped you over. His hands lightly held down your shoulders. “You know I love you, right, baby girl?”
“Of course,” You nodded. He smiled softly, eyes trailing down your naked body before meeting yours again.
“I’m lucky.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, causing you to blush. “You’re my absolute everything, Y/N. Never forget that.”

y'all idk if this is good or not but bitch i tried

#165: Angry


“All I’m saying is you don’t spend time with me anymore,” you conclude softly and keep your eyes on his annoyed ones.

“God dammit, Y/N, I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know how many times you want me to tell you this shit.”

“You say sorry all the time and then you fucking go out and drink with your friends! You can’t keep saying sorry and not trying to fix things between us because truly-” his hand slams against the table to get your attention. You stop talking and watch him as he intakes a sharp breath of air.

“I think i can spend my free time how ever I want.” He says coldly with venom laced in his tongue and you squint challengingly.

“Alright, fine then, we’re done. I’m sick of arguing with you.”

“Fine,” he says as he stands from his seat.


You never thought you could see or hear a boy growl until you saw Calum, blinded by rage and aggravation. His chest heaved and you could do nothing but watch as you sat on his bed.

“She cheated on me, his/gf/name fucking cheated on me, with my best friend! It’s not that I like care that she screwed Luke, okay whatever, but I loved her is the problem,” you open your mouth to interject but he continues his monologue. “No, no, I still do and there’s no one else I can see myself with.” Your heart sinks into your chest with this information, bubbling up past times when you and Calum kissed before he liked that girl. You look at his messy floor and allow the silence to fill the air between the two of you.

The sound of something hitting the wall brings you out of your thoughts and you look at the now-broken trophy he just threw. He reaches for something else and you murmur, “Stop it, Calum. I know it hurts when you find out that someone doesn’t love you the same, but you can’t let it take control of you like this.”

“Fuck off,” he rolls his eyes and you shrug weakly, standing from your spot on his bed and leaving him to himself because you didn’t want him taking his anger out on you.


You didn’t text him or call him to notify him that you wouldn’t be coming home and yelling at you was not his solution. From the moment you walked in the house to dinner, the silence and snarky attitude from him let you know that he was pissed off for some reason.

“Alright, Luke, what are you mad at me for?” You ask while watching him play on his playstation. He gives you a quick glance before returning his eyes back to the game.

“Oh, I don’t know um, well let’s see, first,” he pauses the game and runs his fingers over his stubble, keeping his blue eyes on the screen. “You go out when I go out but you don’t at least tell me. I mean that’s all I ask, Y/N…we’re a couple, right? So you should tell me these things and text me back at least.”

“But you left too, Luke I didn’t think-

"That’s not the point!” He shouts and sighs, pulling at the ends of his hair. “I was worried sick about you…Y/N, you can’t just scare me like that.”


Was he upset that you had taken overtime shifts when he returned home from tour? Yes, of course he was because all Michael does is want to spend with you. Though when you come home later than usual, the Chinese takeout he had purchased for the two of you was cold and as was he.

“Hey Mikey, you’re still up?”

“It’s only like 1AM,” he shrugs as he texts on the phone, not bothering to peer up at you.

“Oh, well,” you twiddle with the keys in your hands. “Did you have dinner?”

“Yea, just bought some Chinese, yours is in the microwave,” he signals with a tilt of his head and you walk up and kneel down beside the sofa.

“You okay? You don’t seem happy to see me.”

“Oh, I am. I mean I was,” he locks his phone and sits up. “But you know, I come home to spend time with you and all you’ve been doing is working. I get that you have a job Y/N but hello, you’re boyfriend’s home and you’re treating me like I don’t exist.”

“I’m sorry, Michael. I’m not rich and I can’t just take off-Y/N, one day won’t hurt you. Don’t you think it fucking sucks not seeing you when I’m on tour? I just…” He sighs before he can raise his voice. “I miss you, Y/N, okay?”

Puddin’ Pt. 4- Michael Clifford

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Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

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♢ Alphabet ♢ Calum Hood Smut Fic ♢

Within no time, you had entirely blocked out your surroundings. Calum’s enormous body flying back and forward on the tiny swing set was being ignored by your mind and the twirps of birds in nearby trees and rustling of bushes against one another in the wind was absent from your thoughts. The text in front of you had you entranced. It was a critical scene. The main characters were in love, you knew it. But, oh God, the dramatic irony. Neither of them knew it themselves. And here they were, the two of them, about to do the do. And they probably still won’t realise. The boy was pushing her softly over to the bed, their fingers intertwined

“and her heart beating a mile a minute. There was nothing that he could think about except for getting her clothes off. Are you reading a sex scene?”

Your mind snapped into reality at the question. A broad figure had somehow slumped down right next to you on the seat, his shoulders almost touching your own, without you realising. With his eyes focused on the open white pages in your hand, he’d begun reading the text out loud and you must’ve passed it off as you reading it in your own head.


Earlier, it had been somebody’s niece’s, uncle’s, step-brother’s, grandmother’s birthday, and despite the array of coloured balloons floated up to the roof, strewn streamers dangling from lights and booming laughter bouncing off walls, you and Calum had sat still and emotionless.  Swarms of adults buzzed and flew around the two of you, some sitting down on nearby seats because their legs couldn’t carry them any further, and others scattering between bodies to reach and engulf someone they hadn’t seen in months. But you were both idle icebergs in the raging sea.

Calum, sitting opposite you at the table, lifted his head in a snap movement, gaining your attention.
“Wanna go?” he’d asked loudly above the noisy room, tilting his neck quickly to the side and raising his eyebrows so they pointed towards the front door of the house. 

“Thought you’d never ask,” you laughed, using your legs to push back your chair as you grabbed your bag and stood up.

It wasn’t the first time that the two of you had needed to escape such a scenario. More often than not, you were both dragged and dumped in the same scene where you were the only people under the age of 30. Believe it or not, Calum was not even a relative of yours. Your immediate families had somehow just managed to conglomerate after years of being neighbours, and then the rest was history. ‘Oh, we’re having a gathering? May as well invite the neighbours over!’ ‘Oh, we’re having roast for dinner? May as well invite the neighbours over!’ ‘Oh, it’s 4pm? May as well invite the neighbours over!’ Luckily, God planted Calum in your next door house so that you weren’t alone when your mother forced you to go to the neighbouring house for coffee and a biscuit.

Being trapped in so many boring circumstances with him inevitably led to both of you being quite close friends. 

Of course, it wasn’t just these neighbour/family bonding times when you saw each other. In your suburban area, there was only one reasonable high school in near proximity, and, yes, you guessed it, you both attended there. Although you didn’t spend your entire school days attached to the hip, you were both happy to walk to school together, partner up in the lab, and snigger when one another did something stupid in class. Everyone knew you were friends. Good friends. But people considered it a brother/sister relationship. You stuck out for one another, relied on each other, could have free flowing conversation, knew everything about one another. Yet, there was no attraction. It wasn’t a situation of being best friends with intense crushes.  Just mutual appreciation of having each other’s presence.

“Where are we going?” you inquired, stepping outside onto the porch, Calum closing the door shut behind you.

Cool air brushed across your skin, welcoming you to the spacious world outside the crowded house. Manoeuvring around you so that he could direct the way along the path on the side of the street, he sighed, “anywhere but in there.”

Side by side, you wandered in nice silence down the road. All that could be heard was the clip clop of your shoes on the cement and the chug of sole cars that drove past. Calum was one step ahead of you, and though he could be taking you anywhere, you had a feeling that the finish location would be the small, and always empty, parkland at the end of the street.

Turned out that you weren’t wrong. Like had happened before, Calum immediately went straight to the playground and jumped onto one of the swings. Pulling his phone from his back pocket, he tapped on the screen with one thumb and used his feet to kick off the ground. You went directly to the green park bench, dumping your bag next to you and slipping out the novel you were near to completing. But as you got lost in the scene, you’d missed him waltz over and peer at your book.


After a moment’s delay, you slammed the book shut, stammering, “what, no.”

“Pfft,” he smiled, “yeah right. That’s what it looked like.”

Blinking twice, you sought high and low for a response, your cheeks turning red, “well. There’s nothing wrong if I was.”

“I didn’t say there was something wrong with it,” Calum was now grinning, finding your dumbfounded expression humorous, “Trying to get some tips ‘cause you’re shit in bed?”

“Calum!” you screeched, hitting his bicep with your elbow, laughter now evident in your words, “shut up!”

There was no denying that you’d had sex before. Once. And a whole year ago.

It had been at an end-of-term party and although neither of you can use being munted as an excuse, you can’t ignore that you were both somewhat intoxicated. Originally, you were in the backyard with a group of at least 10 friends, but slowly they were losing interest in the discussions occurring and drifted away from the gathering, going back into the house to let loose on the dance floor. In no time, it was just you and Calum who had been ditched by everyone else. And neither of you can ever recall how, but the topic of virginity came alive, and somewhere between the alcohol levels increasing in your blood systems and the general ecstasy of having completed another term of schooling, the decision was made that it would be better to get rid of your virginities to each other and get it over and done with, instead of accidentally handing it to someone that may not treat it with respect.

Was it uncoordinated? Yes. Was it full of giggles and laughter rather than moans and kisses? Yes. Was it something that tore apart your friendship? No.

The event was barely even regretted by either of you. Despite the awkward question the morning after of, ‘did we really do that?’ there was no time when you had honestly felt awful about the ordeal. It was just something that happened in a fuzzy blur, and thankfully, the reasonably carefree attitude that you both held in the presence of one another helped it to become something that could be joked over, rather than being a stabbing knife of shame whenever it was mentioned.

“You know I was reading some article-“

“Excuse me!” you bellowed, “Calum Hood reading? This mustn’t be a real story you’re about to tell me.”

“Piss offfff,” he droned, pushing himself back onto the bench so that his spine was against the arm rest, and kicking his legs onto your lap, “I was reading an article thing and it was about, like, weird shit that people do in bed. And then there was this massive list, and for every letter of the alphabet, it had a different sex kink.”

“Mmmm,” you urged for him to get to the point of his story.

“And yeah,” he uttered, “some of them actually seemed kind of hot.”

There was a fragment of silence, before you stated, “so go get a girlfriend and try them all out.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend”

“Hence me saying ‘go get’ one”

“Harder than it seems,” he groaned before joking, “You’d think someone as brilliant as me would be able to find a girl at the snap of a finger.”

Rolling your eyes, you began to comeback, but he was too quick, “Anyway, I was thinking you could be my test dummy.”

“Um,” you retorted, surprised he’d even think of that, “can I just remind you that the last time we tried anything sexual, the most pleasure either of us got was laughing at how gawky we both are.”

“C’monnn,” he persuaded, “it’ll be good for both of us.”

Calum’s argument was strong. He used good reasons, such as getting sexual practice before both of you get into a relationship, and learning what you do and don’t like. His main tactic of convincing you was reiterating that whether this worked out horribly or not, it wasn’t like either of you had anything to lose. You already knew that trying out something different had no affect on your friendship.

“Okay,” you concluded, “how are we going to do this then?”

“Right,” he started, a grin now causing his eyes to squint, “well, since it’s in like alphabetical order, we should just do, like, a kink a day. And I think there was, like, some days missing, so we should have every kink done in under a month.”

“Shit,” you mumbled, “we’re actually going to do this?”

He laughed, “fuck yeah. If you want to, we can start tonight.”

A few heavy breaths later, you replied, “okay. Tonight we start.”


The two of you didn’t know it, but this was the start of more than just some friendly fun and games.

By the time you made it home, the birthday celebration had ended. Splitting off into your separate houses, you waved goodbye and dashed up to your room where you literally spent the next few hours biting your nails and playing out different situations in your mind. You were unable to pinpoint exactly why you were so nervous. It was only Calum. The boy you’d known for years. Nothing bad would come from this, but you were still fretting that something would go wrong. In your mind, a whirlwind of thoughts started giving you a headache.

7:33pm (1) Calum:
Come over now?

7:34 (1) Outgoing:
Kk one sec

7:40 (1) Calum:
Hurry up loser.

7:42 (1) Outgoing:
Unlock your front door

With a smirk encompassing his face, Calum twisted the door knob and revealed the interior of his house, gesturing for you to head upstairs.

“Hi, Y/N,” his mum’s voice chirped from the kitchen on the right, halting you in reaching the staircase. After you’d greeted her back she looked at Calum who was rocking back on his heels impatiently, “I’m going out for dinner with your father in 5 minutes, so the house is yours. Don’t be reckless.”

Without further ado, he nodded and started making his way to his bedroom, lunging up the stairs, skipping two steps in each stride.

“Have a good night,” you called out to his mum politely as you jogged to keep up with Calum who was half way to his room before you could even start moving. Holding the door open for you, he clenched his jaw as his eyes followed you meandering into his small carpeted room. Gently closing and then locking the door behind your back, he moved over and slumped onto the mattress, his feet planted firmly on the floor, patting the section of the quilt next to him. While you placed your bum down, he snatched his phone from the bedside table, and, after three attempts of trying to unlock the screen with fumbly fingers, he finally entered the code correctly. A white screen appeared; an internet browser. But you were sitting a centimetre too far away to read the small font.

“Okay,” Calum beamed, “A. Our options are…. Ab-aboo-abaloo. Aboolootobena?”

You snorted, watching his face crease up as he tried to pronounce the name.

“Abulutofella? Albulu-al-“

“Give it here, idiot,” you laughed, opening your palm for him to place the phone into. Squinting at the screen, you read the word more fluidly than you expected you’d be able to, “Ablutophilia. Having sex in baths or showers.”

Calum’s tongue subconsciously escaped his mouth and ran slowly over his bottom lip before he spoke, “sounds good. What are the other options?”

“Agoraphilia,” you read, “having sex in public places. Or Anasteemaphilia, which is having sex with significantly taller or shorter partners.”

Calum exhaled quickly, “well that one’s a given isn’t it, shortie?”

Exaggerating a gasp, you caught his eye contact, and the two of you held still a moment as you took in the fact of what was really happening. You were going to have sex, again. And this time, you were both entirely aware of what was happening. If either of you were going to get out of the mud puddle you’d just been dumped in, now was the time to do it. Now was the time to speak up and say, ‘no, this is weird.’ But

“I think I’m keen on the first one,“ he stated in a monotone, still staring deep into your eyes, “The shower one.”

“Same,” you affirmed quickly, feeling the tension beginning to suffocate at your throat. The only way you could describe the mood now would be to depict it as a chess game. It was Calum’s turn to make his move, and while you both waited for him to make up his mind on what to do next, the apprehension and tautness in the air was merely exacerbating.

“Okay,” he started, standing up and pushing the palms of his hands downward on his thighs, “I’ll go downstairs and make sure mum’s gone, and I’ll meet you in the bathroom.”

“Right,” you responded, following him out the room and then turning left to hurry down the corridor and enter the white tiled room.

Rushing to the sink, you grabbed onto the basin with both hands, glaring into the mirror in front of you. You looked fine-ish. Well. Just normal really. But it was only Calum. He’d seen you look good and bad and never really made a comment on it, so he can get over it if you’re not looking fabulous enough for him tonight. But wait. What if he couldn’t get hard. Fuck. Why the fuck were you even about to have sex with your best friend. This is completely and utterly-

“We’re alone,” Calum sighed, his body popping up behind you so you could see him in the mirror.

Twisting on the balls of your feet to face him, you leaned back onto the sink and nodded. C’mon Calum, you thought, you’re the man, you make the first move and then I’ll follow.

“Well,” he piped up as if hearing your thoughts, “let’s fucking do this.”

With a rosy blush now seeping slowly up his neck and onto his cheeks, Calum bent over and began pulling off his shoes. Without looking up at you, he threw them into a corner of the small bathroom, and then continued on to peel off his socks and ditch them in the same direction. As he hastily gripped the bottom of his shirt and tugged it over his head, there wasn’t much you could force yourself to do but stare at his body.

There was only one window on the walls of the room, and because it was now dark outside, the main source of light was from the moon shining down through the glass and then smashing into the tiled floor. But the direction of the light didn’t stop there. Bouncing off the ground, it shone up onto the man in front of you, revealing his white complexion as he slipped off his jeans and underwear. Yes, man. Not a boy anymore. This was not the same Calum that you last saw naked. This Calum had bulging muscles, curved and defined in all the right places.

Your gaze drifted gradually down his body, watching as he placed his hands on his hips, his lips forming a straight line. But your travelling eyes paused instantly as soon as they met Calum’s crotch. Damn. He’d definitely developed over the past year. Before you could stop it, a shaky breath left your mouth, and you quickly inhaled a sharp gasp as if it were possible to suck up the shaky noise you just emitted.

Noticing your reaction and not wanting you to feel embarrassed, Calum spoke up, “your turn then.”

With a few blinks, you snapped into action. Turning around again to face the mirror, you focused your eye sight onto yourself as you repeated all of Calum’s prior movements. Shoes. Socks. Top. Jeans. Looking at your reflection, you realised that you honestly should’ve thought underwear choice through earlier. So, yes your bra and panties were matching. But they were just plain black. How exciting. Rolling your eyes at your own boringness, you ducked down and slipped your panties from your ass, letting them fall to your ankles so you could step out of them. As you stood up straight again to look into the mirror, the feeling of a finger on your spine caused you to jump.

You almost forgot Calum was there. Watching in the mirror, you saw him creep incredibly close to the back of your body, his head peeking over your shoulder to look downward on your front. While trailing the one finger up your spine to your bra clasp, he breathed deep and heavy enough for the air he was releasing to be felt pushing down between your cleavage. Using help from his other free hand, he tore open the back of your bra, and then daintily tugged the straps over your shoulders and down your arms.

As soon as the material dropped from your body and hit the floor with your other underwear, he almost groaned into your ear, “I don’t remember your tits being this fucking huge.”

“I don’t remember your cock being that fucking huge,” you spat back quickly.

Making eye contact with you in the mirror, Calum’s lips twirled up into a smirk as he whispered teasingly, “are you scared, Y/N?”

“Shut up,” you laughed, doing a 180 turn so his nose was now attached to your own, “I’ll make you scared in a minute.”

As Calum took a step backward, you felt obliged to follow, keeping the tip of your noses attached.

“Oh yeah?” he asked, biting his bottom lip as he moved further backward to the shower behind him, “how are you ever gonna manage to do that?”

Without warning, Calum halted in his step, and with no time to stop yourself, you crashed into his body. Not only did your breasts squish into his hard chest, but his boner made contact with your lower abdomen, and your dry lips brushed against his. Not daring to miss the perfect opportunity, Calum pushed his face more so into yours, fitting his bottom lip in the small gap between your lips. In a swift motion, he grabbed onto your hip with one tense hand, and leant into the shower behind him to reach and twist a silver tap, igniting a rush of water to spill angrily from the shower head.

It was safe to say that after seeing each other’s bodies, you had both gotten quite horny. The kiss wasn’t fast, but there was definite underlying hunger. And you had no choice but to be dragged wherever Calum took you, as you didn’t want to remove your lips from his. So, as he sauntered back to get under the pounding warm water, you could only follow suit. And once you were both underneath the shower head and having not only the stream massaging your scalp, but the steam clouding the air around you, it was definite that there was no way out. The chess game had not only begun, but was completely in action.

Calum’s large hand seemed to be at one with the water. As the clear liquid streamed down every limb of your body, so did his hand. Gently, he felt around, casually kneading parts of your skin, and bringing one of his hands to cup underneath your ass.  You couldn’t help but moan into his mouth and part from his head slightly to get some oxygen in the humid space you were trapped into. Opening your eyes slightly, you noticed him staring directly back at you, lust present in his face. His hair was completely flat now, and had made a fringe over his forehead, water dripping from the ends of his locks and falling down to the floor.

“You look kinda hot,” he breathed, his words making more mist in the air. Still with one hand snuck under your ass cheek, he used the other to comb back some of your hair which was stuck to your face. Once it was tucked behind your ear, he held onto your skull and gently pushed you back into the shower screen behind you. With your own hands, you wrapped your elbows around his neck and watched him as his eyes fell down to stare at your hard nipples. Taking his hand away from your head, he took a quick grasp on your breast, his mouth falling slightly ajar while he squeezed the wet skin in between his fingers.

“So fucking big they don’t fit in my hands anymore,” he spoke to himself in a hushed tone.

Between the general pleasure of the foggy room and the feeling of a warm body exploring your own, a pang of proudness stung your stomach. It was a nice thought that someone liked your body, and it was even better that someone who saw you every day was now randomly so obsessed with your boobs.

After too long of him gaping at your breasts and doing nothing but working them in his hand, and rubbing your ass at the same time, you became impatient, “Calum, we don’t have all night, gotta be up early for school tomorrow, you know.”

“Damn, someone’s impatient,” he gritted, widening his eyes for a brief moment and removing his hands, putting one now on your waist, and the other grabbing onto his cock. “You ready?”

“What?” you stammered, unaware that he was going to get right into it, “okay-shit-um- be careful, please?”

“Yeah,” he started, tilting your chin up to be looking at him, “chill out. Just stay stop if you want me to stop.”

Nodding your head quickly, you shut your eyes and gulped, mentally preparing yourself for potential pain. Thankfully, he was slow. He took his time. With the tip of his dick, he felt to make sure you were wet enough for him enter, and then millimetre by millimetre, he pushed himself into you. Although you had your eyelids clenched over your eyes, there was no doubt that you could tell he was staring right at you. Every time he recognised your jaw tighten even in the slightest, he held still, asking quickly, “you right?” And only when you nodded back, he would continue to inch in.

It wasn’t as painful as you expected. Just slightly uncomfortable. But once he was in deep enough, and his length was pressing against your walls, you were feeling nothing but rising satisfaction. Whether it because of your own juices that had lubricated you well, or the support of the running water, Calum had no problem in sliding in and out of you at a regular pace. It seemed slightly like he was trying to contain how much he was really enjoying it. The whole time, his lips were clasped together, his eyebrows furrowed, and I guess you would never know if it was shower water or sweat dripping down his chest. With him keeping his expression of pleasure to a minimum, you felt slightly pressured to do the same, so to avoid letting out huge moans, you just breathed heavily.

The pattering of water merely increased the ecstasy of the situation, and helped trigger both of your oncoming orgasms.

“Shit,” Calum grunted, “I’m gonna come.”

“Same, Calum,” you squeaked back to him. Being between him and the glass meant that, luckily, you were being held up quite well without having to work hard to stand yourself. So when you started to become numb in your legs, and your knees jerked vaguely, you didn’t completely fall. In a moment, you felt a gush of thick textured liquid inside of you and Calum threw his head back, raising his hands to rest on the fogged screen above your head. With a lack of energy, he fell partially on top of you, your face being pressed into the crook of his neck.

After a while of being still in that position, he mustered up the momentum to slowly step backward, his chest heaving up and down as he looked at you. Your arms were still draped lazily around his neck as he pulled his cock away from your heat. But you released the embrace when he tried to turn around to turn off the shower. Once you were both away from the heat box and back into the slightly more open bathroom, he threw you a towel.

Then, leaning over, as if completely exhausted, he placed his hands on his knees to buttress his body up and sighed, “I really didn’t last very long, did I?”

Chuckling at his tired state, you replied, “neither did I, to be honest.”

Calum had no option but to crash down and slothfully relax on the top of the toilet seat while you scattered around, putting your clothes back on so you could stay warm. The whole time that he gazed at you, with his arms outstretched and planted on the cabinets around him, he had to fight falling asleep. He really did look bushed.

When your body was covered up again, you looked at him with a smile on your face, and laughed softly, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning for school then, yeah?”

“Mmm,” he hummed, staying idle as you walked out the door and pranced down his stairs, your wet hair flicking against your back. 


That night, once you were back in your own room, and your own house, you started to replay the events in your mind. It didn’t seem real. It was almost as though you were making up the scene in your head for your own enjoyment, and it wasn’t really something that had occurred. Although the ordeal had been rather intimate, he did have his dick inside of you after all, it didn’t really feel it.  It was good, though. Fun. And the more you pictured the image of him straining his dripping wet face while he slapped his cock into you, the more you realised how sexy it was. Later that night, while you were in bed, and still thinking about the shower scene, you got a text from Calum.

10:58pm (1) Calum:
You awake?

10:58pm (1) Outgoing:

10:59pm (1) Calum:
I looked it up and apparently it’s like how water makes u pee, it makes you orgasm quicker too.

11:00pm (1) Outgoing:
Interesting lolol, it was kinda fun

11:02pm (1) Calum:
I’m keen for tomorrow

11:03pm (1) Outgoing:
Same I love school

11:03pm (1) Calum:
That’s not what I was referring to idiot
11:04pm (1) Calum:
11:06pm (1) Calum:
:p :p :p :p :p :p

11:06pm (1) Outgoing:


As you walked side by side on the path to school the next day, not a word was spoken. But that wasn’t abnormal for a Monday morning. In fact, that was quite in tune with how it normally went. Every lesson during the day was as per usual. At lunch, you and Calum sat away from each other, with your separate groups of friends. It was all standard. You just hoped it wasn’t too standard. You pleaded and pleaded and pleaded with the Gods in your mind, asking them, with all your heart, please let Calum’s mind be totally plastered with the same thoughts as yours. Although you felt dumb for being so eager for what you were in store for tonight, you couldn’t get it out of your mind. And the only thing that helped you feel less guilty about thinking of your best friend in such a way was the idea that maybe he was thinking of you like that too.


After you’d met him at the school gates and started leisurely on your normal route home, you couldn’t avoid asking the question that had been pounding in your brain all day, “We still on for letter B?”

Calum snorted, “thank God you asked, I didn’t want to sound like a creep.”

“You calling me a creep for asking?”


You opened your mouth wide to jokingly emphasise that you were offended.

“Kidding,” he laughed, keeping his eyes on the pavement below, “but yeah. Whatever time you want to come over.”

“Well, when will the house be empty?”

“Probably now until just before dinner.”

“Well, then we should get onto it asap.”

The increased speed of his walk after that comment was undeniable. You wanted to make a joke about how excited he clearly was, but you decided against it. You were, after all, just as enthusiastic as him, if not more. Upon entering his house, Calum dumped his bag near the door, taking his phone from his pocket and unlocking the screen. While his fingers fumbled madly over the screen, you waltzed around his body and skipped into the lounge room, falling down on his couch. Aimlessly, he tracked your steps into the room and brought his phone up to his face, beginning to read out loud as you lay relaxed on the cushions.

“Creamy sassy topa,” Calum confidently exclaimed.

After a moment of frozen still silence, you cracked the ice with your laughter, trying to talk through your giggles, “Calum- I-I’m pretty sure- that that doesn’t even- even start with B, and that wouldn’t be how you say it anyway.”

Seeing you in hysterics made him smile as he answered back, “I don’t think there is anything for B. And fuck you, it’s like a 20 letter word.”

“Give it here,” you droned, your teeth visible as you grinned.

There was a second of uncertainty as you caught a glimpse of the word on the screen. Yet you were unsure how to accurately pronounce it, you attempted anyway, “Chremastistophilia; getting robbed or held up.”

Calum raised one eyebrow, expecting you to say more, but realising when you looked blankly back at him that there was nothing else to say.

“Okay,” he begun wearily, “so, like role playing I guess.”

A second was needed for the both of you to accept the concept in your mind. You sat up on the couch, staring up to Calum above you.

“So who’s gonna be the robber and who’s gonna get robbed?”

“I think the robber would have to be-“

“Me,” you both declared in unison.

“Um,” you hollered, but Calum was already speaking over the top of you.

“Excuse me, as if you would ever be able to rob me.”

“Calum! I always steal your phone for selfies!”

“And I always steal your pens in class, what sort of robbing are we talking about here?”

Biting your lip to stop from laughing at the stupidity of the both of you, you raised your hands in a defensive manner, “Okay. Okay. Rock paper scissors?”

“Fine,” he barked, pushing his balled fist out in your direction.

Standing up, you stuck up your own fist and glared at him, who was looking incredibly determined.

Calum won.

The whole neighbourhood would’ve become aware of that as he screeched from the top of his lungs, bouncing like a kangaroo around various rooms in the house. You stood like an ashamed mother with their uncontrollable son, simply shaking your head as he roared loudly, raping his fists across his chest like a baboon.

“Okay!” you cried above his voice, “okay. Okay you-“

You were interrupted as Calum took the air from your lungs, wrapping his arms around your waist speedily and turning you around so your back was tightly against his chest. Holding you securely to him, he breathed hot air onto your neck while he spoke gravelly into your skin, “Give me your money.”

The mood has changed in a split second. If it weren’t for the seriousness in his voice you would’ve giggled again. But with the firm grasp he had of you, you could barely breathe, let alone make a comment on the situation. All you could manage to do was let out a whimper while he opened his mouth and sucked up a section of your skin between his lips. His teeth nibbled lightly on the tender spot as he waited for you to respond to his demand. But you couldn’t.

“Are you going to give me what I want?” he growled. Was he an animal or a robber? You couldn’t really tell. “No? Okay. I guess you can give me something else then.”

One of his hands ducked down and cupped underneath your dress and onto your underwear. Even you hadn’t realised how hot and wet you’d gotten down there until you focused your attention to it. When had that even happened?

“Very wet, already,” Calum mentioned through a grin, “interesting.”

For a second, you felt his torso move away from behind you, and you thought you were free. But you were wrong. Instead, a moment later, you felt an object being pushed solidly against your back. Your sharp intake of breath didn’t go unnoticed by Calum, and he suddenly regretted his action when you automatically flailed your hands behind yourself, automatically  attempting to defend yourself and push away from his hold.

“Y/N, calm down,” he stated quickly, in a normal tone, “I’m not actually gonna hurt you.”

Right, you thought. Duh. Role play. He doesn’t actually have a knife or a gun against your back. And he’s not really going to rob you. Your stomach stung slightly of embarrassment when you realised how pathetic that probably looked. It was easy to get strung up in the scenario. Hey, that’s a good excuse.

“I was just getting into the role, Calum,” you said.

With that, Calum was instantaneously encouraged to continue.

“Alright then,” he bellowed, speaking loud to try and regain his authority, “you do as I say from now on.”

Thrusting the object harder into your back, he caused you to stumble forward, almost tripping over your own feet. Without his arms wrapped around you anymore, you could turn around to face him. It was an unlit candle, a piece of the room’s décor, which he’d been holding to your spine. So nothing actually dangerous.

“Give me a strip show,” he requested with a certain confidence and childish excitement about his voice.

“What,” you stuttered, “that has nothing to do with the whole robbing sce-“

“Oi,” he yelled, clicking his fingers as if trying to impatiently get your attention, “you do as I say or I steal everything you own.”

“Ugh,” you grunted, not sure if you were genuinely annoyed he was making you do this or still putting on an act.

As you thought about the idea though, you realised that he would’ve only demanded you do so because that’s what he actually wanted. That gave you a bit of self-confidence to continue. And hey, if he was so keen on this, you may as well make it somewhat exciting. Gently, you pushed him back with one hand to plop down onto the sofa. He didn’t resist. Then, allowing your growing arousal to completely take over, you gave him the show that he desired.

You were slow with your movements. Unbuttoning each button on your dress from its hole with total ease, watching as Calum undid his own button and zip on his pants simultaneously. While you pushed the sleeves of the dress down off your shoulders and then let them fall to the ground, he put his hand under his underwear, tugging up and down on his clearly hard cock. Knowing after yesterday that he was a fan of your breasts, you took your panties off first, dragging them ever so slowly down your thighs and over your knees. Just to increase the time before you would take off your bra, you hooked your panties, which were red today, around your finger and swung them around in circles a few times.

The expression on Calum’s face was of absolute concentration as you then let the red material drop to the floor and your hands snap around to your back. Once the bra was off, and also on the ground, you noticed Calum squint and then blink a few times at the sight of you in front of him. With your hands dangling by your side, you persisted in being frustrated with your robber.

“What now, criminal?” you pondered, trying to play down your smirk as he stood to your question, his loose pants falling completely down as he did.

“Come here,” he choked out, but then cleared his throat, “you’re becoming a very confident victim, aren’t you?”

Walking up closer to him you spoke under your breath, “Not my fault you become incredibly weak at the sight of me naked.”

Calum’s face immediately turned red. “Did I just hear you call me weak?” he questioned angrily.

Chewing at your gum, you quickly shrugged your shoulders.

“Bend over the coffee table.”

You did as you were asked, putting the palms of your hands on the opposite side of the piece of furniture, and leaning over so that your ass was stuck into the air. He liked that position. You knew, because he stood staring you bent over for a solid minute before snapping back into action and quickly tearing of his shirt and underwear. Part of you wondered if he was going to go into more foreplay before he’d fuck you, and he wondered the same thing himself. But it seemed like he was potentially unsure if either of you were ready for that. When you thought about it as well, having him finger you or eat you out was honestly a whole other ball game.

This time, he didn’t ask if you were ready before he slammed his dick deep inside of you. But when he initially felt how tight you were in the new sex position, he was quick to be concerned about you.

“Holy crap, you’re so fucking tight today, Y/N,” he yelled, grabbing onto your hips, “am I hurting you?”

“No, no, Calum, I’m sorry,” you slurred, feeling immediately self conscious after him seemingly angry outburst. Maybe you were hurting him.

“Fuck,” he boomed behind you, “don’t be sorry, you feel amazing.”

Relief washed over you and despite the additional energy that Calum had to put into sliding in and out of you, it was well worth it for both of your pleasures that afternoon.

Afterwards, Calum had plopped down on the sofa, similar to the last night. His arms and legs stretched out, chest rising and falling aggressively with exhaustion. His cheeks rose up as a grin fluttered over his face while he looked at you, carelessly relaxing out on the coffee table he had just fucked you on.

“You okay?” he laughed.

“Yeah,” you sighed in response, your eyes gradually slipping shut, “sex is tiring, even when I’m on the bottom.”

“Well, we’ve only done two letters,” he stated, lifting his bare foot up to your face and using his big toe to poke at your cheek.

Not bothered with the disgustingness of his foot on your skin, you barely shifted from your sleepy position and mumbled inaudibly at him. He was the first to get up after a while and get changed. But it was his house, so he only left you to go to the kitchen and make himself food.


“Calum! Forgot my keys, can you let me in?” the cry of Calum’s mother outside shook you from your exposed and motionless state in the middle of the lounge.

“Fuck,” you heard him screech from the kitchen before calling out to her, “wait a second mum!”

You were already up and grappling at your uniform, which had been dropped and tossed in multiple locations around the room, when Calum barged through and started whispering aggressively for you to hurry up and get to his bedroom.


During maths class the following day, you were so focused on completing the questions that you didn’t realise Calum had asked the teacher if he could leave the room. But when you received a text message from him, and took a snap glance around the room to see his seat empty, you recognised his absence.

11:01am (1) Calum:  
Meet me in hallway. Asap.

Although questions blared through your mind, you didn’t bother to reply, and instead hastily queried your teacher as to whether you could go to the bathroom for a moment. You could just find out for yourself what Calum wanted. Once you’d stepped out into the school corridor, however, and looked left and right down the entirely empty passage, you became confused. With a second of thought, you contemplated what was going on, and decided that, knowing him, it was probably just a prank so that you’d spend an hour or so fretting about him and genuinely searching for him, when in reality he probably was just in the head office, having a jolly laugh at you on the hallway CCTV cameras.

Deciding that you may as well take a trip to the bathroom anyway, you turned right and headed along the spacious walkway bordered on each side with shut lockers. After a few steps forward, however, an arm, extending out from an open door beside you, caused you a miniature heart attack. Without time for you to scream or run, the hand clutched onto your wrist, and in one vicious tug, heaved you into the dark room that it came from. As you staggered into the room, your arm getting knocked on something on the way, the door was pulled quickly shut behind you.

Unlike you would’ve expected, a solemn eerie silence encompassed the pitch black space you’d been dragged in. For a moment, you stood, sensing the presence of another being, but not hearing them make a single move. It was somewhat like this ‘kidnapping’ had not been planned out well enough and the person didn’t know what to do.

Feeling uncomfortable in the quiet and darkness, you quietly and fearfully asked, “who are you?”

“It’s just me,” Calum’s voice pierced through the black air, instantly calming you down.

“Why-“ you began to ask another question, but stopped when you heard a crunch when he stepped forward, and fingers clasp around one of your breasts.

“Claustrophilia. Being in a small or confined space,” he breathed, his actions making more sense to you now, “wait, am I touching your shoulder or your boob right now?”

“It’s my boob, Calum,” you laughed.

“Whoops, that was a legitimate mistake. But I guess I’m just getting ahead of the game, hey?”

Despite not being able to see, you knew that Calum winked.

“I thought we already did something for the letter C?”

“We did,” he confirmed, “But we skipped B. So that means we have to do two C’s.”

“Since when was that a rule?”

“Well,” he hummed, “I guess it’s not. But I came up with whole cleaner’s cupboard idea and needed an excuse to use it.”

It was in the absolute dark of that metre squared space that you gave Calum a blowjob. No, neither of you had expected oral from the situation. But there wasn’t really much choice, as you found that legitimate sex was impossible in the tiny area. So, pulling down his pants and putting your bony knees onto the pelting cold floor, you gave him your all.

At first, you were glad that after a minute or so of the two of you feeling between mops and brooms and up and down the walls for a light switch, there was none. Because what Calum probably didn’t realise initially was that this was your first blowjob ever, and to be honest, you hadn’t the slightly clue what you were doing. So when you got down in front of him, and lightly wrapped your small hand around his wide cock, you were grateful he couldn’t see how red your cheeks were.

Eventually he did understand the concept that you were nervous, though. You were barely even gripping his length as you pumped it up and down and it didn’t seem you had any intention of actually sucking him off. Thankfully, he was kind about you clearly being out of your depth in the situation, and gave simple and comforting instructions.

“You can rub harder, Y/N.
That’s it.
How about you put your lips around me as well?
Good, good.
Fuck. Okay.
Now suck me into your mouth in your own ti-Jesus.
Hollow out your cheeks.
Shit, yes, that’s good.
Wrap your tongue around too.”

At that point, you got frustrated with the darkness. Now, all you wanted to do was look up and see his face while he grunted the directions to you. This had been the most vocal he’d been during your sexual encounters.

His dick was salty and tender, and you could feel the pulsating of the veins against your gums. When you couldn’t completely fit the full length into your mouth, Calum bent down and, due to not being able to see, had to feel down from your neck to your shoulder to eventually reach your hand.  Taking a hold of it, he placed it on the far end of his cock that you couldn’t get your lips around, and helped you to tug it up and down. With his hand doing majority of the work, and your hand merely being captured underneath it, it meant that you could still focus mainly on what was happening in your throat.

Getting more and more confident in the deed, you applied your own initiative to employ your other hand to creep up his thigh and fondle with his balls. The action had been unanticipated by Calum, and was inevitably what led him to his orgasm. As soon as your fingers begun brushing over and in between his two sacks, Calum’s hips started to buck forward and try to make contact with your face. Unprepared for such a thrust from him, you didn’t retreat your head back, and his throbbing cock pushed deeper into your mouth, penetrating a far point in your throat.

Without warning, hot creamy liquid ran down your oesophagus, almost burning the sides. You whined at the feeling, but it was unlikely that it could be heard over Calum’s groan while he grabbed your skull with both of his hands.


Back in the classroom, you couldn’t pass off the wet itching inside your panties. When you thought about it, it was kind of sexy, the way that Calum had reacted to you giving him head. You wanted to do it again. But at the same time, you wanted your own pussy to get some treatment. All you needed to know was what was going to be on the list for D, so you could think about whether you’d be able to fit more sucking of Calum’s cock in there.

“Y/N, are you okay?” your teacher’s inquisitive tone split a hole in your bubble of imagination.

Cracking up your head, you glanced around the room to realise everybody else had already packed up their things and left. You must’ve missed the ring of the bell.

At lunchtime, neither your mind nor eyes were keeping attention with the conversation that your girlfriends were having nearby you. Every time your vision landed itself onto Calum’s face on the opposite section of the cafeteria, it seemed that he was the same. His head was either facing explicitly towards yours or down at his phone, probably already finding the next kink that you two were going to try out.

That’s not fair. You wanted to see as well. Before you could stand up and walk over to him, a high pitched voice of your friend and a hand with five pink nails wavering over your eyes brought you back to actuality.

“Helllooooooo? I’m trying to ask you a question.”


A detour dictated by Calum on the way home led you to be awkward weaving amongst racks of bright red and pink bras in a lingerie shop. Doraphilia , Calum had described on your walk to the shopping centre.

“And no,” he’d said before you could even start to question further, “it’s not pretending to be Dora the Explorer, it’ s wearing leather. Hence why we are going shopping.”

The first item of leather material that Calum saw, he ensured to grab straight off the rack and thrust at your chest. Not even needing to read the size of it, you knew immediately that it was too big. But when you went to place it back gently on the hanger, Calum was instantly angered.

“What are you doing?” he stammered, irritation in his tone.

“Putting it back?” you questioned, taken aback by his unusual fury, “it’s the wrong size…”

“Oh,” he spluttered, then lowering his volume and crouching slightly to breathe into your ear, “but you’re definitely getting it because I think it’s sexy as fuck.”

Once he’d payed for the black bra, and matching leather panties for you, he began zooming promptly from the building and heading home. Unable to keep up with his fast pace for very long, you started complaining that his legs were a whole extra metre longer than yours and for every one step he took, you had to take two, and it’s not fair because if he were in your situation then he would have stopped by now and if you didn’t rest soon then you would be too exhausted and die and then you wouldn’t be able to have sex with him later and-

That stopped him. And as a result of that final remark, he kindly put on a professional smile and gestured for you to place your hand in his saying, “Well then, your highness, would you like to take a trip on my piggyback riding service.”

It was fortunate he had offered, because the events that followed, when you arrived at his house and discovered that you’d made it home before his mum finished work, required a decent sum of energy.


For days following, you and Calum continued to persist with the alphabetical kinks.

E was Endytophilia. Which was partners who were clothed. And so, by Calum’s  appeal, you’d gotten dressed up in an outfit consisting of a mini dress and the highest pair of flaming red heels  that you could find in the house. His aim was for you to be clothed in something that he could easily fuck you under, that’s why he’d requested the dress. But he didn’t foresee that you would wear something quite as attractive, and so revealing in the chest and leg regions.

Alas, it was a good thing. Once he caught a glimpse of you outside his window, walking out your front door and to his, the boner had been instant. And Calum stuck to the kink as well, by keeping his shirt on, and only bringing his pants down to a point where his hardened cock could fling out.

Wanting you to feel more involved in the sex this time, he sat down on a chair, his dick stand tall and almost waving ‘hello’ to you. He then continued to grab the hem of your dress, yanking your body to get on top of him.

As you were bouncing up and down on his dick, squealing as you did so, his face seemed to be twisted in a more enraged way than any other time. It wasn’t furrowed in concentration, it was definite frustration. But you were in too much pleasure to stop sinking down on his length and ask what was wrong. Later, as you came on top of him, he had had to embrace you tightly while your entire figure trembled and juddered above him. Not quite finished himself, he maintained the rhythm by holding you still and plunging his crotch upward into you.

When it was all over, he sighed, sounding exhausted and still annoyed, “well that was crap.”

Noticing your cheeks fall and eyes blink a few times, he was quick to elaborate, “just because I didn’t get to see your body, I mean. It wasn’t actually bad. You’re amazing. I mean, you were amazing. You did amazing. It was good. I just like to see your whole beautiful figure. Sexy figure, I mean. Or beautiful, I guess. I can say that can’t I? Yeah. That’s not too weird.”


One of the options underneath F was Feedorism; erotic eating. While you’d simply cracked into a mode of laughter, Calum had dunked into deep thought.

“Wait,” he avowed, “we can definitely do this. I’ll order pizza and then we can fuck afterwards.”

You were surprised when the delivery man dropped off a veggie pizza, your favourite. Normally Calum would have ordered a meatlovers, his personal first option, and said, “if you don’t like it don’t eat it.” But this night must’ve just been different.


The only plausible choice under G was Gymnophilia, which was simply defined as nudity. Although you were keen to pass this one off and get started on a better kink, as it seemed ridiculously blatant to you that being naked is a part of sex, Calum thought otherwise.

It wasn’t long before the two of you were laying naked in his bed, watching the TV opposite the mattress. As a movie played, Calum gradually snuck behind you, becoming your pillow. Your head rested on his chest, and his arm draped around your waist. Sometimes his hand came up to your head and softly stroked through your hair. The position was actually so comforting that if it weren’t for his stiffness digging into your ribs, you would’ve fallen asleep.

When the credits rolled, Calum spoke for the first time in two hours, his voice sounded strained, like the oppression of arousal after having you naked and in his arms for so long had caused him pain. He also seemed kind of dazed. Like he was so horny that his brain was now situated in his cock and it was beyond caring about what was being said. As long as it got you.

“How about we take care of my ridiculously hard cock now, baby?”


H stood for Hamartophilia. Breaking laws. The two of you had been at another family gathering at Calum’s house with his phone underneath the table as you read from the list. 

“Calum, I am seriously not going to jail,” you notified him, “I am too young to die.”

Ignoring your warning, he brought his fingers to his chin, rubbing at his non-existent beard and humming.

“Excuse me,” you shrieked, “no thinking. No being creative about it. I’m not going to court because you wanted to have insane sex.”

“I’ve got it,” he declared, putting a hand on your knee, oblivious to the fact you’d just been saying no prior, “we don’t have to break the actual law. We can just break, like, someone’s rules or expectations.”

You stared at him with a cocked eyebrow and mouth ajar, perplexed with where he was heading. But the light bulb inside his head had been switched on and wasn’t going to turn off until he’d gotten what he wanted. So you simply let him grab your hand and heave you out the door of his house. Not that it matter because none of your parents were bothering to keep an eye on the two of you anyway. When he’d pulled you all the way inside your home, he continued to take you up to the door of your guest bedroom.

“Tell me,” he demanded, “would your parents be angry if you had sex in the guest bedroom of their house?”

“Calum,” you sighed, “they’d be angry if I had sex at all.”


The following day, Sunday, you let yourself into Calum’s house and room, finding him still asleep although it was late morning. Once you saw him, you took it upon yourself to slide down on the mattress next to him and push the fallen brown locks from his eyes. Between his snores, you spoke softly, not sure if you actually wanted to wake him up because watching him while he was so peaceful was calming for you too.

“Calum. Calumy. Halum Cood. Cal. Callummm, I’ve got chocolate.”

With his eyes still shut, he brought his hand up from underneath the covers and lazily dropped it onto of your face, moaning, “Babyy, why did you bring me chocolate?”

Words muffled by his huge hand clothed over your face, you laughed, “I didn’t, but it managed to wake you up at least.”

After he’d risen and had a quick shower, he readily pulled out his phone to read what was next on the kink list. Nothing at all was listed for I or J, and Calum was angry about it. You tried to calm him down, rubbing his arm and saying faintly, “it doesn’t matter, we can just skip to K.”

But he was expeditious in his reply, “yeah, and that means we’re gonna finish this whole thing sooner which means less time togeth- never mind. What’s K?”

“Knismolagnia,” you read, and then a smile crept over your face as your eyes glanced across the definition, “tickling to gain arousal!”

Calum’s mood was instantly lifted as you jumped on top of him, fingers working like hundreds of spiders, scattering and skirmishing over all regions of his skin. Roaring up from underneath you, he flipped the two of you over on his bed, your head being thrown back as his hands danced in the most sensitive places, underneath your armpits, over your stomach and behind your knees.

Suddenly between his chuckling and your screeching, his lips planted onto yours and pushed you down into the fluff of his bed. Wrapping your legs securely around his torso, you moaned as he ground his pelvis into yours slowly.


L couldn’t have come at a better time. You were almost half way through the alphabet, and the consistent slamming of each day was becoming somewhat tiresome. The more that you had sex, and the more that you tried new positions or acts, the more intense each scenario became. But also, the more comfortable the two of you became, and the more fun the sex was.

Liquidophilia, immersing genitals in liquids, was precisely what you needed to tone it back down for one night though.

8:21pm (1) Calum:
My place in 10 mins for a bath then

8:21pm (1) Outgoing:
Okay :’) Put bubbles in the water  :p :p :p

8:22pm (1) Calum:
Sure thing doll

The entire night was perfect. Calum had been in an incredibly sensual, yet very controlling mood. And you hadn’t minded. With the various forms of sex day and night, you’d had opportunities to be in charge as well, and remarkably, you actually preferred him being the leader.

He’d lifted you into the bubbly bathtub with his pure strength, and then slipped into the other side across from you. For a while, you were just looking at each other and smiling, blowing bubbles, flicking drops of water. And then Calum grabbed your feet which were on either side of him, raising them to rest on his lap. As if the general soothing warmth of the water around you wasn’t enough, but he commenced rubbing and massaging the soles of your feet, pushing out the wrinkles that were being developed from the water.

You felt slightly guilty that he was being so nice, so you bit your lip and mumbled, “you don’t have to give my feet a massage, you know.”

Nonetheless, he continued on, responding without making eye contact, “you deserve it, love, I’ve worked you hard the past few days.”

Before you could let yourself drift into a slumber with the serenity of his massaging, you kicked yourself into movement. Crawling in the water over to his side of the bath, you sat on his lap, and gently rested the palm of your hand on his cheek, leaning down to kiss him.

There was a large amount of sucking and lapping at each other’s mouths until he started taking his lips for a wander down your cheek and neck, speaking between each peck or lick.

“Your skin. Looks so nice. When it’s wet. You know that, sweetheart? So nice. And you can always manage. To make my cock so hard. Because you’re so hot. You’re a hot little darling. My. Hot. Little. Darling.”



You thought that you and Calum had honestly reached a point of absolute consolation with one another. A couple of weeks ago you were plain best friends. And just from increasing your sexual activity, you’d realised how much more comfortable the two of you could come between one another. But, to be honest, it was the letter M that brought you closer and more contented with each other than anything else.

“Two choices for later,” he’d declared as you were walking to school, “Merinthophilia, which is being bound. Or Masochism, which is being dominated/humiliated.”

You took in a deep breath as you thought about them both. Calum’s shaky voice intruded your imagination though.

“Actually, Y/N, I have something to run by you. And you’ll probably say no and think I’m crazy, but that’s okay.”

“I won’t think you’re nuts, tell me.”

“Okay,” he paused, as if deliberating how to phrase it, “I do have, like, a fantasy that I kinda would like to try out.”

You had to urge him to keep explaining, “go on…”

“It uses both of the M options, but it’s slightly weird though,” he begun, digging his hands into his pockets and frowning at the pavement in front of his feet, “I just, I have this thought that, like, you would almost be my pet for the night. And I would treat you like my pet. And you would have to obey my commands. And I could have you tied up, and I don’t know, I just dreamt about it the other night when we were doing the naked thing, and you were just all little and cute and curled up in my lap and, fuck, I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“We’re doing it,” you confirmed.

He stopped walking and lifted his head to look at you, “wait, really?”

“Yeah,” you sung, “it sounds fun.”

“Hell yes,” you heard him mutter under his breath as he jogged a few metres to catch up with you.

For the end of the trek, neither of you spoke, as both of your heads were already heavy with the contemplation of how the night would turn out.

Then you found that focusing during classes was near impossible. You were too excited. Just like how Calum had gotten excited earlier when he was speaking about the concept. Sure, it did seem a little unusual. But while he described it, images had been sprinting circles around your brain. The idea of him having total authority over you. But also looking after you. Or maybe he wasn’t going to even look after you. Maybe he’d spank you. Treat you like a bad girl. Either way, all you wanted was for the home bell to ring so you could rush home with him and get started. Before your final period, you learnt just how keen Calum was as well.

While you were retrieving a folder from your locker, you saw the slightly out of breath boy lean leisurely onto your neighbouring locker, clicking his tongue before asking, “how intensely kinky am I allowed to go tonight?”

Pressing your lips together and inhaling deeply, you affirmed, “as kinky as you can.”

Running his tongue pensively over his top row of teeth, he straightened up posture and whispered into your ear, “alright. I told mum not to come home til late because we’re ‘studying’ so the night is ours.”

You smiled softly, feeling tingly from his breath on your face. Just before he walked off, he murmured one more thing near your ear and tapped his hand lightly on your ass, “you got that, puppy?”

Instead of immediately dashing off, Calum stopped for a moment, intensely glaring at your face and waiting for any expression or movement that would indicate he was going too far. But you remained perfectly inanimate except for a tiny whimper which you couldn’t contain after hearing the pet name. Literal pet name.

He didn’t walk home with you in the afternoon and instead sent a text message.

3:30pm (1) Calum:
I’ll meet you at mine soon pup

Although you wouldn’t lie that you were excited to walk home with him and possibly hear dirty talk on the way, you assumed he must have gotten a mate to take him home so he could already be prepared for when you arrived.

Such an assumption was correct, you discovered, as you knocked on his front door, with a significant red blush covering your cheeks after the speedy and excited walk home. As soon as your knuckles made the tiniest amount of contact with the wood, he twisted and pulled the handle, beaming at you.

“Hey baby,” he cooed, holding one of your shoulders to direct you in, “come inside. Let’s get this bag off your back, hey? My poor pup looks so tired from that walk.”

You gulped as he pushed the straps of your backpack down off your shoulders and arms, taking the weight of it himself and dumping it on the floor next to the door.

“Good,” he stated, turning on his heels and waltzing into the kitchen area. You automatically followed him, not immediately realising how puppy-like that already was of you.

“Up on here,” Calum called, patting at the bar stool next to the bench, “sit on here for me, baby.”

Placing your hands on the kitchen counter for support, you pushed upward to heave your ass high enough so that it could plunk down onto the cushion of the stool. It was reasonably tall, and once you were sat down, you kicked your calves up and down, as your legs weren’t long enough for your feet to touch the floor. Calum stared at your for a moment in the seated position, taking in your rosy skin underneath your eyes, the fly-aways sticking out from your hair, your wide innocent eyes and your teeth biting at your bottom lip. The groan deep inside his throat didn’t go unnoticed by you whilst he gazed at your appearance. But it didn’t seem like he was trying to hide it anyway.

“Puppy,” he grumbled lowly, “you look very very good today. How about we get these clothes off of you so you’re not so hot?”

Nodding you replied softly, “okay.”

Calum stepped close to you and touched your knees, pushing them open and apart so that he could slot his body between them. While he slowly and gently ran the palms of his hands up your thighs and underneath your school dress so that he could eventually pull it up and over your head, he spoke calmly, “now, I’m not going to tell you off yet, baby. But pets don’t speak, do they? So we don’t want any talking from you, missy. You just stay quiet and be a good girl and do as I say. Then I’m not going to have to punish you for being naughty.”

This time, you swallowed your reply and nodded as your dress was slipped over your head and folded by Calum before he draped it over another stool.

“Now, girl, we need to take this annoying underwear off as well.”

Stepping around behind you, he pressed one finger into the curve of your spine, suggesting for you to push your shoulder blades back and bust your chest out forward. In doing so, you assisted him in unclasping and taking off your bra.

“That’s a girl, sweetie,” he purred into the back of your skull as he shimmied the straps off your arms, “very good.”

The only material remaining on your body was your white panties as Calum skipped out of the room and left you sitting impatiently upright on the seat, your arousal growing as time passed. Thankfully, it was only a few moments before he returned, now stark naked, his cock desperately reaching to his belly button, and a roll of thick duct tape in his hands.

As he unwound a long piece of the black tape, and came over to stand in front of you, he spoke firmly, “put your hands out for me, pup. Make your wrists touch together so I can tie them up. Good, good.”

You glared aimlessly at his stiff cock as he wrapped the strip around your wrists so they were bound together. There was no obvious pre-cum quite yet, but the tip of it was red and on one side near the slit you could see a small glistening smudge. It made you think that maybe there had been pre cum oozing, but not wanting to seem overly wound up or unable to control his horniness, he might have wiped the liquid off before he came back into the room to see you. Or maybe you just wished that was the truth. After tearing off the end of the tape with his teeth, he threw the roll away, and it fell with a clunk into the sink.

“I thought about taping up your mouth too, but I decided I quite like hearing your little whimpers and whines. You can hop up now. ”

Unable to use your hands for support, and because your feet couldn’t even reach the floor, you had to wiggle your ass from side to side in an attempt to squirm off the seat. No effort was made by the brunette boy to help you.

“Aw, no,” he cried once you were standing, “look at that mess you’ve left.”

Sure enough, as you directed your attention to the stool you’d just been sitting at, a clear line of wetness had been drawn. As you looked down between your legs, you could acknowledge that in the centre, the thin white material had been soaked through and was now a grey colour. When you were fumbling around to get off the seat, you must’ve rubbed your heat across the surface and your arousal must have seeped through. Uncertain of what Calum was going to ask you to do, you turned your body to him and waited for his words. It seemed for a moment, however, that he was waiting for you to make a move.

“Well,” he urged, “c’mon, baby, clean it up.”

You brought your tied hands up and let your chin rest on them. Furrowing your eyebrows, you pouted slightly to get across the point that you didn’t know how he wanted you to do it.

Understanding, he replied to your plea, “lick it up, girl.”

Knowing that if you thought too deeply about this for too long, you would chicken out of the entire scenario and fall into a ball of embarrassment, you forced yourself to immediately get to work. Shutting your eyes, and bending over, you stuck out your tongue and took a long lap of the dampness you’d left on the stool. It wasn’t necessary to try and intently mimic how an animal licks up liquids, as the movement just came naturally. And Calum seemed to be loving it, tilting his head and letting his mouth fall open while he viewed you greedily slurping up your own leakage from the stool.

“Very nice, pup, very nice,“ he cooed as you stood back up proudly, “are you still thirsty?”

Knowing exactly where he was headed with this one, you dropped onto your knees and hastily crawled over to his legs, opening your mouth as wide as it could go and angling your face up to his.

“Someone’s very eager today,” he laughed, “off you go. Suck me off, darling.”

Not wasting any time, you copied your prior actions on the seat and licked ferociously at his cock. When Calum remembered that your wrist were tied and practically unusable, he helped by angling his red tip towards your mouth, and slotted it between your lips.

“Ahhh,” he growled in relief once you begun sucking on his length.

When you were this horny, absolutely anything at all set you off. So listening to Calum’s grunting and manly sighs above you only made you bop your head up and down on his cock faster than before. Grabbing onto your hair, he supported your movements by manoeuvring your skull back and forth as he thrust into you at the same time.

“Okay, okay, okay,” he mumbled after a while, “we need to stop or I won’t be able to stop myself from coming down your throat, baby. And we don’t want that because then I can’t fuck you. Mmmm?”

Helping by holding onto your elbows, Calum raised your body up from the ground and held you so that your chests were only centimetres away from touching.

“I think you deserve a kiss, don’t you sweetie?” he hummed, “for being such a good puppy for me.”

Bringing one sweaty hand up to your cheekbone, he brought his lips to barely brush over yours. When he started to slowly pull back away, you couldn’t help but whine loudly and practically stamp your foot onto the ground, desperately desiring more. Enjoying your neediness, he smiled, calming you down with a “shhhh,” and then replanting his lips back onto yours.

The kiss got heated very quickly, and you needed to break it for a second so that you could throw your tied wrists around his neck. While you did so, Calum clawed his fingers into your ass, commanding, “jump up.” As you wrapped your legs solidly around his waist, he continued the kiss, biting down on your lip and tongue, and carrying you gradually up the stairs towards his bedroom. Once you were in, he dropped you backward onto the bed, and your hands were taken off from behind his head. When you laid down, the most comfortable place for your wrists to go was on top of your stomach, and beneficially as you did that, your biceps squeezed in around your breasts, making them look bigger for Calum’s eye.

“Would you like me to make you feel nice?” he questioned, tugging at your ankles so that your heat was on the edge of the bed.

“Ye-“ you begun to reply, but upon remembering you weren’t allowed to speak, you turned it more into a moan, “aaahhh.”

Calum recognised your error, but let it go, and without a single fragment of warning, he tore off your panties and slithered three fingers into your centre. The extent of your wetness meant that despite the quick action, no pain was felt. It was just instant pleasure. Pulling the fingers out and then in and then out and then in and out and in sent you absolutely mad with ecstasy. At one point, he kept his fingers inside of you and scissored them apart, and then curled them up as if he was trying to make a fist. You swore you could feel every inch of skin and every knuckle as he did that and you uncontrollably clenched your walls around him. When you started to arch your spine and throw your head back, Calum thought you might cum, and decided to entirely pull the fingers out and give you something larger to have an orgasm over.

“Ready, puppy?” he croaked, lining his cock to your entrance, enjoying you being helpless and so close to losing all sanity in front of him. You whimpered loudly as a reply, and he took that as permission to persist.

 The rest you could barely even recall. His length slamming inside of you caused so much pleasure that the world around turned into a crazy blur. For some seconds it was like the two of you were swimming in between clouds, and then directly after everything would become so dizzy it would feel like spinning around on a show ride. All you properly remember was Calum’s final growl and thrust into you, sweat dripping from his face onto yours.

While you were both winding down, he pushed your limp body up to the top of his bed and scooped a pillow underneath your skull. Wrapping his muscles around your ribs, he closed the gap between your bodies so that his torso was attached completely to your back. Although at first you were too focused on getting your breathing to a normal pace, it eventually got to a point where you wanted to say something to him. Tell him how good that all felt. But your hands were still bound together, and Calum didn’t seem to be about to make any efforts to untie you. You weren’t positive, but you thought that maybe you were still his pet, and the games hadn’t yet ended.

You chose to wait until he spoke first and you could decide from there whether it was appropriate to ask him to take the tape off or not.

“I’m hungry,” he slurred after a while, “come and get something to eat with me, pup.”

Yes. You were still his pet.

So, with the both of you still undressed, you sat in your earlier position on the kitchen stool, while Calum fished his way through the fridge for something suitable to eat.

“Ham and cheese toastie?” he asked, but you couldn’t reply. And he wasn’t looking at you, so nodding would have been useless.

So you just sat and watched as he pulled out the bread and ham and cheese and butter and toaster machine and dumped them onto the bench. He put the ingredients inside the bread slices neatly and then placed the sandwiches between the grills of the machine, shoving the plug into the wall, but forgetting to switch the power point on. When he turned back around to grab plates from a cupboard, you leaned over and raised the two of your wrists, flicking on the button with one finger to turn the machine on. Calum saw the retreating of your arms as he swivelled back around, but instead of being mad that you’d moved without permission, he smiled and reached over the counter to grab the back of your head and pull it towards him.

“Thanks, baby,” he smiles as he pecked his lips onto your forehead.

As soon as the food was ready, Calum was keen to feed some into your mouth and then also eat himself. Doing as he requested, and opening your mouth for him to place the sandwich into, however, ended up in you being burnt. The cheese hadn’t had time to cool down from being grilled, and once it made contact with your tongue, there was an instant hot sting. Cowering away, you gasped and snivelled, squeezing your eyes shut. Calum quickly felt bad, putting the toastie down and grabbing your hand.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I forgot it would be hot. I’m sorry, baby, don’t be mad at me.”

Although you weren’t angry at all, you played it up that you were scared, keeping your eyes shut and turning your head away from him.

“No, no, sweetie,” he protested, “I won’t hurt you again. It was an accident. Don’t be frightened.”

Fluttering your eyes open naively, you poked your tongue out and waggled it side to side, hoping Calum would catch on to what you wanted.

“You want me to kiss it better?” he queried and you nodded, “okay, just for you.”

After that, you could say you’d officially had someone kiss your tongue. It felt stupid, and surely would’ve looked stupid as well, so you ended up giggling, but so did Calum. After a few minutes of small kisses and him rambling on that he won’t hurt you again, and complaining that you’re just too precious and cute and funny and sexy, he tried to feed you again. This time, taking a bite himself first to make sure it had lessened in temperature.

“Open up, it’s not hot anymore. Good girl. Eat up. You must be so hungry now. That’s it.”

When the food was no longer on your plates and had made its way into both of your stomachs, Calum tutted his tongue, “you’re so bad with making a mess, aren’t you? Look at this now!”

You followed the direction of his finger which was pointing at your breasts. An array of bread crumbs, that obviously didn’t quite make it into your mouth, had landed on them. Fighting the urge to retort back at Calum and explain that that wasn’t your fault, because he was the one who clearly did a shit job of feeding you, you sat sit and prepared yourself for probably being asked to somehow crane your neck enough to lick it off.

Calum planted himself on the stool across from you, using one finger and curling it towards himself to signal for you to come closer to him. You bounded from your seat and stood as close as you could to him. Holding his two hands on either of your hips, he pushed his head between your breasts, using his teeth to nibble and gnaw softly at the skin and lick up some of the crumbs. As he chewed up the loose bits, not worrying that most of them fell on the floor, his chin swiped over the top of your nipple, making you release a shaky breath.

For the rest of the afternoon and long into the night, Calum kept you bound and naked, and acted as your owner. The two of you watched a movie, with him demanding that you cuddle up in his lap the entire time; made out relentlessly, his hand often slipping between your folds to play teasingly with your clit; laid more in bed; ate more; and most importantly, had a lot more sex. By midnight, you were both exhausted, and Calum’s parents still weren’t home. If you weren’t so tired, you would’ve continued to use the quality alone time more. But as you relaxed in his arms underneath the fluffy blankets of his bed, there was no way you could remain awake.


When you rose the next day it was a pupil-free day from school. Thank goodness. Because you’d slept the whole way until noon, and even though your eyes were open and suddenly aware of the warm sun shining through the blinds, Calum was still in slumber. With your head on his chest, you could hear each of his snores dramatically amplified, and now that you were awake, it was beginning to give you a headache. If you were to slither away from him and try and escape the house, you would unlikely succeed as your hands were still bound.

“Calum,” you whispered, “Calum, wake up. Calum. Calum.”

“Mmmm,” he groused, still dazy and half asleep, “what’s wrong?”

“Can you untie me, please?”

“Oh,” his eyes snapped open, “yeah, yeah, sorry.”

As he scattered to rip off the tape, you replied, “it’s okay.”

“I probably should’ve taken this off before we fell asleep.”

“No, honestly, I actually lik-“

“Did you still rest alright with it on? I feel bad.”

“Yeah, no, it was good. I liked it. I liked being tied up, Calum. And I liked last night. A lot.”

“Me too. Me too.”


You both agreed on taking the rest of the day off for a break. There was a classmate’s party at night that you had both been invited to, and you didn’t want to be tired beforehand. So, you went back over to your own place and did homework for a few hours before getting ready for the night.

At the party, Calum seemed to be acting incredibly uptight. He wasn’t highly into the conversation with his friends, and continuously kept looking over in your direction. When another male asked you to dance, he was efficient in taking over his position on the dance floor and dancing with you instead.

He leant down into your ear and tried to speak over the music, “wanna get out of here?”

But it was only a couple of hours into the event, and you didn’t want to leave to be honest. You shook your head and continued dancing, to which Calum seemed to get angry at and eventually wander off in a huff.


It was a stupid idea, really, for there to be a party in the middle of the week just because you had had a pupil free day. Clearly your entire cohort had forgotten that there was still school the next day. Everyone was exhausted in lessons and the teachers were honestly concerned that you were all high on weed. Really, you were just all tired and still a bit drunk.

N was for Nyctophilia, which referred to sex at night time. Calum read this out when you were sleepily trudging home after your last lesson. His arm was lazily stretched out over your shoulders, and you were leaning into him, trying to fight off the sleepiness in order to make it home.

“I’m not going to be able to stay up until late unless I have a nap,” you yawned.

“Neither,” he agreed, “why don’t we both nap and then and we can do something later tonight.”

You sighed, quite frankly wanting to skip this day and continue on tomorrow, “Calum, I’m tired. Can we not just do this tomorrow night instead of tonight?”

“No,” he replied back stubbornly, “we took yesterday off and then some dick at that party almost stole you from me. We’re doing it tonight.”

Later, when he texted you, you were reasonably frustrated with him and his behaviour.

9:00pm (1) Calum:
So you ready to get freaky in the moonlight lol ;)
9:20pm (1) Calum:
9:40pm (1) Calum:
I can see your bedroom light is on.

9:41pm (1) Outgoing:
Why were you acting weird at the party last night?

9:41pm (1) Calum:
I wasn’t? The guy u were gonna dance with is an asshole

9:42pm (1) Outgoing:
You don’t even know him. And why are you being all protective anyway. You’re an asshole.

9:43pm (1) Calum:
You’re an asshole.

9:43pm (1) Outgoing:
No you’re an asshole

9:44pm (1) Calum:
Look out your window, asshole.

The first thing you saw when you glared out your bedroom window, was Calum’s head in the window of the house next door, his middle finger stuck up and pressed against the glass and his face taken over by stupid grin. Unable to stop yourself from laughing, you mouthed the words, ‘fuck you,’ with your lips. How could you ever be frustrated at a face like that? Another text popped up on your phone.

9:47pm (1) Calum:
I will fuck you in a minute. Hang on 2 mins, I’ll help you sneak out.

Calum was soon standing at the bottom of your window, arms wide, waiting for you to jump out and fall down the small height into him. Once you’d done so and landed awkwardly in a pile on top of him, you ran in a race down to the park at the end of the road together.

Out in the open air and underneath the moonlight was a new experience that you enjoyed. Each time that you accidentally moaned too loudly, Calum had to put his hand gently over your mouth, though, as there were some houses close by. And it would have been slightly awkward if they heard.

“Uh, Calum, please, please, harder”

“Shhh, quiet, or I stop”

“No, please, don’t stop, please, it’s so good”

“I won’t, just contain yourself. Your sexy and all that, but the neighbourhood children have school in seven hours, you know”

 “Hurry up, or I will actually scream”

“Okay, okay”


For O, it was Olfactophilia and Ozolagnia . Calum read it out to you on the way to school again. Except both of you were dumbfounded as to what you would do for that. It was supposed to be about smells and powerful scents.

“Okay,” Calum said clicking his fingers as though it could potentially spark a fire in either of our brains, “are there any smells that turn you on?”

“Not really,” you sighed.

He thought for a moment and then agreed, “yeah, me either. Maybe we should just go somewhere where it does smell.”

“Yeah, but where’s that?”

“I dunno. Last night was nice when we were out in the open. Maybe after school we could go find a nice flower garden or some crap.”

During English lesson that day, everyone was supposed to be silently reading a chapter of the class novel. You, actually being interested in book, were doing that. But Calum, on the other hand, had his phone up behind the novel, trying to make it seem like he was reading, when really he was on Google. It wasn’t long before the teacher noticed, and tore the phone from him, however. For further embarrassment, she decided to real aloud to the whole class what he had been searching.

“Google Maps. Nearby flower gardens.”

The entire class erupted into laughter and Calum sunk slowly into his chair, trying to hold in his own chuckling. When you turned in your seat to look at him, he was already looking back at you, and the two of you just blushed and smiled.

Instead of going out anywhere later, Calum plainly told you to put perfume on and come over to his place.

Everything ran normally then. You were lying down on his bed, and he was hovering over the top of you, his head dug deeply into your neck as he thrashed himself into you with all the force he could manage. To get you off, he ran his hand down to centre and started pushing his thumb on and around your clit. It was like it was the little switch on a cigarette lighter he was trying to flick on. And after not long, he did manage to flick it in just the right spot and you were set off into absolute flames. Everything became a fuzz of emotion and pure bliss immediately.

Calum, who was yet to reach his high, but was already in a dazey state of complete paradise, continued to pound into you, and rub your clit at the same time. At first it just heightened the extent of your orgasm and let it run for longer, but soon, as he failed to remove his fingers, the feeling changed from pleasuring flames to the sensation of dry ice on skin. It was like a needle piercing you, and the burn in your organs was beyond a warm fire and was now burning you alive. He was over stimulating you, and it was painful. But he was in his own world, caught up in the pleasure of it all, and you, struggling to even breathe, couldn’t get a word out to tell him to stop. The only noise emitting from your mouth was strangled moans, which, from Calum’s point of view, just sounded like you were in pleasure.

Gratefully, Calum quickly hit his stop sign and gave one final grunt and push into you, his mouth open as cream shot from his cock inside of you, soothing the burns he didn’t even know he’d created. He took his hand away from your heat while sliding his cock out, but as he gazed down at your face, he saw your jaw and eyes clenched too tight, and what seemed to be a tiny tear spilling from behind your eyelashes.

“Fuck,” he gasped, “are you okay?”

You took in a few deep breaths, but before you could speak up, he talked again, “Y/N, what happened? Fuck, did I hurt you? I’m sorry. I didn’t know, I swear to God, I was just so-

“I know,” you spat hastily, putting your hands up like paws on his chest, “It’s okay. It was just a bit much.”

Calum’s face had gone from red and flushed with exertion to pale white, like he was a ghost. Or like he’d seen a ghost. When you opened your eyes and saw him, you felt bad, and reiterated you were fine, “Calum, I’m fine. Just give me a cuddle.”

He was stiff, like a bucket of guilt had washed over his whole body and then a cool breeze had snapped it frozen on him. You had to put your hands on his shoulders and push him down to lay beside you. As you wriggled into his armpit, he protectively swaddled you in his arms.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “Was I just going too hard or did I, like, hit you by accident or something? I’m so sorry.”

“No,” you shook your head, burying into the side of his ribcage, “If you keep touching my clit, aka. The most sensitive spot in the entire world, straight after I’ve already come, then it’s just a bit much and it starts to hurt, silly.”

He sighed, “I didn’t realise, I’m sorry.”

“I know you’re sorry,” you mumbled, “stop saying that. It’s okay.”

There was a break in conversation until he spoke up again, concerned, “are you still in pain?”

“No, I’ll probably be sore when I try to walk later though.”

“I’ll carry you home, baby. And anywhere else you need to go. And I’ll carry you to school tomorrow if you want. I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll be your slave to make it up to you.”

By dinner, you couldn’t feel any more soreness. But, nevertheless, you got Calum to bring you ice cream so you could watch a movie together before bed.


The kink underneath P was Pictophilia, and you saw Calum’s face light up as he read the definition. The two of you were waiting to head into a class the next day, standing a significant distance away from everybody else and whispering to one another.

“Pornographic pictures.”

You immediately shook your head.

“No. No way. I’m not sending you nudes.”

“Oh c’mon, I don’t see why you wouldn’t if I’m gonna be sending them back.”

“Knowing you, you wouldn’t send one back.”

“I would! I’ll have to convince you about this later then.”

At lunchtime, you were waiting in line at the cafeteria and happened to slot in behind Calum and his group of mates. They were in a circle, hovering their heads over something, and when you tried to listen, their booming voices could easily be heard.

“Dude, she’s hot”
“Yeah, good body”
“How’d you get her nudes, bro?”
“Just stole her phone and send it to myself”
“Fuck dude, does she know?”

Although Calum hadn’t said anything, and you saw him end up turning away from the huddle, witnessing that event turned you off of doing the kink that night.

Once the bell had gone saying that you could go home, you didn’t wait for Calum at the gates like usual, and instead pounced off home yourself.

He caught up at one point though, and you heard his feet slapping on the pavement behind you as his deep voiced called, “Y/N! Y/N. Why didn’t you wait for me?”

You didn’t bother to stop walking, and just shrugged your shoulders at him.

“Okay,” he started uneasily, and then quickly rambled on, spitting out what he needed to say, “well when we get home you can tell me why you’re upset. But first of all, I just want to quickly say, I think we should skip the picture thing tonight and just do whatever we want. Something happened at school, and I just, I dunno, sending pictures is dumb and risky and I don’t want anybody else ever accidentally getting a hold of the shots and seeing your body which should only be seen by me.”

By the time he finished his rant, the two of you were out the front of his house, and you stopped your stride, smiling at him. He was about to say something else to cover up the over-protective comment he’d just given, but you jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck, almost suffocating him so he couldn’t reply.

“Woah,” he choked, “are you alright?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” you garbled, “I was behind your friends at lunch and I heard them talking about that picture and I was angry about it but now I’m just happy that you didn’t think it was the right thing either and, ugh, Calum.”

Within twenty minutes, you’d locked yourselves in your bedroom and Calum was putting butterfly kisses over every inch of your stomach, slowly getting closer and closer to your heat.


There was nothing for Q. Calum even went online and searched for other articles to find something. But there was nothing at all.

So you moved onto R and decided upon Retifism. Shoes.

“We’ve kind of already done that,” you stated to Calum, “when we did the whole clothing thing.”

“Yeah, but we don’t need to be in clothes this time. Just shoes. And I have an idea.”

As soon as school was over, he dragged you in the opposite direction of home and to a bus stop. It was only once you were on the bus that you asked where he was taking you. But, honestly, you didn’t mind. Anywhere with him would be fine. Turned out it was only a shopping centre in town anyway.

Calum took a hold of your hand and intertwined your fingers as he led you into the store you’d always spoken about, but never been into. Jeffery Campbell’s.

“Wait,” you grabbed onto Calum’s arm, “You’re joking, right? I can’t afford shoes from here.”

“My shout,” he smiled, continuing to tug you into the store, “you’ve earnt it.”

There was no explanation that could be made in your mind that would tell you why he was doing this. You thought maybe he was feeling ill and after you tried on a few of the shoes and stuttered when reading out the price tag, that he would float back into reality and flee straight out the store. But he didn’t.

With every single pair that you placed on your feet, he smiled and asked, “do you like them?”

Each time, you bit your bottom lip and nodded your head so that it almost fell off. After trying on multiple, he posed, “so which are your fav?”

As soon as you pointed at one of the boxes, he picked it up and bounded off to the counter.

On the bus trip home, the two of you sat in a double seat, your legs hitched up on top of his and your head leaning on his shoulder. An arm was snug around your back, and for the whole trip Calum was fiddling with your hair and staring at you.

At home, with the chosen heels on, you were essentially the same height as Calum, which he ended up not liking, and you soon took them off to just have normal sex.

You eventually asked him why he’d purchased the shoes for you, when in reality; you could’ve just worn shoes that you already own.

He sighed before responding, “I dunno. This whole alphabet thing has made me realise of lot of things. And one of those things is that I’m definitely okay with spending money on you if it’ll make you happy. I guess I’m actually quite fine with doing anything to make you happy, really.”


Your mum had invited Calum’s family over for dinner for the night of S. And the families being joined wasn’t going to adhere at all with you and Calum’s plans. The kink was Scopophilia; being stared at.  And although neither of you really understood how that could specifically be a turn on for anybody, you chose to run with it.

All day, at school and the entire walk home, and then through each other’s windows, and now at the dinner table besides both sets of your parents, you were having an ongoing staring contest. The difficulty was less of the problem of needing to blink, and more of the issue that one of you would start smiling and pop open into laughter, being unable to keep your eyes wide whilst cackling. It really hadn’t been sexually stimulating at all, and your friends and family definitely hadn’t viewed it as sexual, asking, ‘why are you both staring at each other like that?’ and then saying ‘you two really are crazy’ and ‘I remember when I was younger and there was no technology and the only game that we could play was a staring competition.’

Excusing both of you from the meal, Calum took you up to your bedroom, where he shut the door and pushed you up against it, “I’ve got something funny to try.”


“Let’s try and make out with our eyes open and then the first person to shut their eyes has to give oral.”


You won.

Calum’s brown eyes had become watery almost straight away because your bedroom light was reflection off of a mirror and into his pupils. As soon as he blinked, you squealed, and made a victory dance, ending with a jump onto your bed.

There was no sign of disappointment in Calum’s eyes, though, except he was quick to warn you, “You really do need to be quiet, Y/N, because our parent’s are in the same house, okay?”

With your hands grappling at his hair as his tongue flicked in your folds and sparked lightning inside your stomach, you had to apply a pillow over your face to stop from screaming too loudly. When he sucked and cleaned up all of your wetness so that your centre was entirely dry, you became even more sensitive to his touch, and came almost instantly when he blew cool air onto the heat. While you were orgasming, he crawled on top of you, pulling you in for a tight hug while you shook and whimpered.

“I’ve got you, I’ve got you,” he mumbled in your hair while you whimpered in pleasure.


“Can I read today’s?” you asked Calum excitedly before school the next day.

“No,” he replied firmly.

“Oh,” you reacted to his unyielding answer, “is it any good?”

“Yeah,” he lightened his tone, taking his phone out his pocket and reading from the screen, “Telephone-scatologia. Phone sex.”

You noticed on the list in front of him that there was something else listed under T.

“What’s the other option on there?”


“What do you mean nothing, I just saw-“

“Nothing worth doing”

“Well maybe I might think it’s worth doing if you tell me”

“We’re not doing it, Y/N”

“Why can’t you just tell me anyway?”

“It’s triolism. Sex with three people. And no, I’m not sharing you. End of.”

For the rest of the day, you waited for a phone call from Calum. It wouldn’t surprise you if he did something ridiculous, like calling you in the middle of a lesson so you’d have to rush off to the bathroom. The anticipation was actually hurting. Part of you was simply nervous because you hadn’t done dirty on the phone before, and part of you was worried because you’d probably have to masturbate whilst talking to him, and as embarrassing as it was, you hadn’t don’t that before either.

Regardless of your belief that he might call you at an awkward time, he didn’t. Maybe he knew that this kink was totally absorbing all of your thoughts, and he wanted to keep the wait up for longer. On the walk home in the afternoon, he kept up small talk, talking to you about general things like your day and assignments. He didn’t mention the kink, and you wondered if he was angry from earlier when you pressured him into telling the other T option. When you were almost home, though, he changed the topic out of nowhere.

“So, you haven’t had phone sex before, have you?”

 “No,” you replied, slightly stunned that he knew that.

“And you haven’t masturbated either?”

“How did you know that?”

“Well,” he laughed softly, “I think if you’d fingered yourself before, you may not have been so overwhelmed with pleasure when I first did it to you. And you’re fairly tight as well. But then again, I’ve been fucking you for a couple of weeks and you’re still tight as hell so maybe even if you were into fingering yourself, you would be the same.”

Once you’d reached your street, he told you to go have a drink and something to eat and he would call in 30 minutes. It was likely he could sense your nervousness. Not that it was entirely reeking from you, but he knew you well enough to instantly distinguish your significantly lesser-than-usual open chatter and gauche fiddling.

Incoming Call: Calum

“Hey,” his deep words rumbled through the phone, “you ready?”

“Yep,“ you breathed into the microphone.

“Okay, don’t be scared,” he purred, “I’ll take control and you just do what I say, okay?”

You let out a sigh, starting to relax from the sound of his voice, “Okay.”

“Good,” he stated before asking, “Are you in your bedroom?”

“Mmhmm,” you hummed.


“Wait,” you interrupted him, “Can I ask you something first?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

Inhaling deeply you questioned him, “Would you be able to use pet names like you do sometimes?”

There was a pause in the line which pushed you to vindicate what you were saying, but you ended up blathering uselessly, “I’m sorry if that’s weird, I just really- I like- When you call me babe and stuff, I like that, so I was thinking- I mean you don’t have to-“

“Hey, hey, hey,” he shushed you, “I’m totally down for that. In fact, yes. I’m so fucking glad you said that because I was scared that I was using those names too much.”

“God no,” you spat, “I love them.”

“Alright, this should be good. Go lay down on your bed for me, darling,” he cooed, “Rest your head on some pillows and get comfortable, okay?”

Calum was pleased to hear rustling as you stretched out on your bed, lying so your stomach faced the roof. He began speaking again as soon as he heard that the movement had stopped, “Now tell me what you’re wearing at the moment, babe.”

Looking down at your comfortable home-wear attire that you changed into from your school uniform, you laughed at your childishness, “my cookie monster pyjama top.”

Instantly, he snorted back, “cutie.”

A moment of silence built tension in the conversation and soon enough, he returned, taking a more serious tone, “how about you take that top off for me then.”

“Okay, one sec,” you replied quickly before sitting upward and taking off the shirt. Grabbing the phone again and pressing it to your ear to let Calum know you’d completed the request, “done.”

Before his replies, he left small pauses. You didn’t know if it was because he had to deliberate what he was about to say next, or if he was actually intending on drawing out this scene and increasing irritation.

“Good girl,” he purred, slowly but roughly, “are you wearing any pants, babe?”


You could hear him breathe heavily as a crackled noise pushed through the phone.

“Perfect,” he whispered, “underwear?”

Being honest and still managing to rev him up came as a two-in-one when you replied naively, “just my panties.”

He hummed lowly through the speakers before persisting with his pursuit, “would you like to describe them for me, sweet heart?”

“Ummm, they’re red,” you started, talking in an innocently high tone to contrast from his growling comments, “and they’re lace. And there’s a bow on the front.”

A wet lapping sound could be recognised while he licked his lips. His voice only became more and more grave, “is that so, love? They sound very, very pretty. How about you put your hand down there and feel the material for me.”

You did as he said, daintily running your fingers over the underwear.

“Are your legs nice and wide?” he posed, making your thighs automatically spread a part so you were taking up the entire bed.  There was a brief five second gap as you continued to float the pads of your fingers over the lace. “I need you to speak up, honey, have you got your legs open?”

“Yes, Calum,” you quickly hissed, making him smile at how quickly you were becoming vulnerable.

“That’s what I like to hear, baby.”

You were so glad that Calum had taken authority of the situation.

“Okay, babe, I want you to shut your eyes for me,” he asked, his words beginning with a growl but becoming softer as he tried to sound melodic for your sake, “Are you nice and relaxed, sweets?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, and you were, but your heart was beating a hundred miles a minute.

“Nice,” his voice slurred, “how about you slip those fingers down into your panties, baby, let them brush over your clit, and pretend it’s my hand.”

Following orders, you sunk your fingers underneath the material, gasping loudly as soon as they came into contact with your most sensitive area.

Calum hastily mumbled, “okay, baby, that’s it now, take your hand away for me.”

Whining stridently, you stubbornly kept your finger where it was, digging it slightly between your folds before Calum spoke sternly over the top of you, “no, Y/N, be a good girl for me. Take. Your. Hand. Away.”

Gritting your teeth, you forcibly moved the hand away from between your legs, pressing it in to the mattress on your side. With the moaning stopped, Calum knew that you had done as he asked.

“You can get a little bit naughty, can’t you, baby? Unable to control yourself…” his voice trailed off before he quickly regained focus, “play with your tits now, babe. I want you to grab and squeeze them nice and hard, like I would.”

Reaching up, you clasped one of your breasts in your hand, letting your fingers clutch into the fat. Listening intently to the noises on the phone, you could hear scratches as Calum re-positioned himself slightly. Clearing his throat, he strained his voice whilst still scuffling around, “Are your nipples hard?”

“Yep,” you squeaked back.

After he’d settled down, he continued to speak, his breathing quite heavier than before, “use two of your fingers to squeeze your nipples, babe, make yourself feel good.”

Immediately, you did so, and a small, almost in-audible whimper fell from your mouth. Calum picked up on the tiny sound instantly and groaned, “fuck.”

Your centre had speedily become hot and damp. Just your panties covering your folds wasn’t enough friction, and you were already impatient.

“Calum,” you droned quietly, “I’m getting really wet.”

“I know you are, babe,” he chuckled hoarsely, “just bear with me.”

Letting out a huff, you waited for his next step. After a while of letting you remain unattended to, he carried on.

“Now, let’s take that hand of yours for a wander, shall we? Nice and slow for me, sweet heart, nice and slow. Take it down your stomach, love, not too fast. That’s a girl. Keep it steady. Now I want you to send it over to your left side, okay? Just on your hip bone. Good. You can keep going now. Down onto the top of your thigh.”

Hearing you gulp, he was swift and sharp in warning, “Don’t even think about going to your pussy yet, darling. Not now. Very very soon. But not yet.”

An aggressive groan gnarled through your locked jaws. This was, in essence, like the other day. You’d turned into his annoying and desperate little pet. He started to reminisce on the same event. Great minds think alike.

Tutting his tongue to the roof of his mouth, he patronised, “You’re basically becoming my little puppy again, aren’t you, bub.”

“Calummm,” you groused, whimpering, again, as you complained, “please, I think I’m dripping.”

“God, I love hearing you so helpless, babe,” he almost yelled, his words husky, “If I was with you right now, I would give you such a good fucking like you deserve. Maybe I should just come over there and deal with you myself.”

A shaky and staggered breath was solicited as you listened to him, your hips raising as you imagined that he was hovering over your heat whilst speaking.

“Take your panties off,” he grumbled, and waited as you did so without hesitation, “does it feel nice to get some air on your wet little heat, babe?”

“Yes,” you shrilled. By now it was clear that Calum was getting himself off. Every time he spoke, you could hear the little beats and breaths that were emitted with each pump. The thought of him masturbating was sending you into a fury. You imagined him lying on his bed, the same as you, but his neck thrown completely back, head pushing into the pillow, and sweat running from his hairline. If he wasn’t allowing of you to properly pleasure yourself next, then you would have to break his rules and do it anyway. Thankfully, his words were what you wanted.

“Go down and slip two fingers between your folds now, baby, I want you to collect up all your wetness and spread it all over your pussy for me. I need you to be glistening under the light, my horny little girl. ”

Sudden relief rushed through your veins as you made contact with the developing pool in your crotch. As much as you tried to not sound even weaker than you were, nothing could avoid the whining from spilling off your tongue.

“Calum, oh, it, it-feels, s-so, so, go-od, yes.”

Calum howled in reaction to your defenceless whimpers, “Fuck, you sound like heaven, baby, I just want to pound my cock inside of you so badly right now. Can you finger yourself now babe? Don’t warm yourself up. Just slam three fingers in, honey, you can take it. I know you can. I’ve done it with you before.”

As you forced your fingers as deep as they could go in one swift push, you let out a high pitched squeal.

“Yes, Y/N, fuck yourself now, babe, go,” he grunted, the pace of his own hand on his throbbing dick increasing, “imagine that I’m inside of you, yeah? Think about my big thick cock going deeper and deeper through your tightness. You’d be so wet and warm around me, and you’d look all sexy with your tits bouncing around. Damn, you’re so fucking gorgeous.”

All you could do was release any type of sound from your mouth while you took in his dirty talk, and gradually rose in levels of euphoria until you were very close to running into the peak. When Calum’s voice cracked, however, you came faster that you thought was ever possible.

“Shit, darling, oh, oh, I’m-“ his throaty words switched to a high pitched yelp, “I’m coming.”


The following day in the middle of a History lesson, Calum messaged you.

1:50pm (1) Calum:
I know u said wait til after to school to look. But I looked. And wtf, there’s nothing listed for U.

1:52pm (1) Outgoing:
Seriously!? This list ain’t all that it’s cranked out to be

1:53pm (1) Calum:
I looked ahead, and for V there’s voyeurism. Watching others have sex ;)

1:56pm (1) Outgoing:
Ew, who will we watch?

1:57pm (1) Calum:
It’s not ew. We’ll just watch porn together.


Calum was keen, keen, kEEN, all until you actually got to his room and he flicked open his laptop to search for some porn. You were both sitting cross legged on his bed, staring at the video he brought up to look at. His initial eagerness crumpled and then faded like dust into the air the longer that you watched the sex taking place on the screen.

“You know what, fuck this” he declared after a minute and half in, slamming the lid of the laptop down, chucking into onto the carpet and pushing you down backwards onto his mattress. His hand cupped your face as his chest made contact with your breasts, “The only naked girl that can get me horny is you.”



It didn’t occur to either of you that you were nearing the end. The final few letters were dodgy and as you looked on you realised that there was nothing for W or Y. And the kink for X was Xenophilia; strangers. But you and Calum weren’t strangers at all. Actually, you the complete opposite. So that wouldn’t work.

“Is there anything for Z at least,” you wondered, crossing your fingers in your mind and wishing that would be something so that this didn’t have to end.

“Yeah, actually,” Calum responded, “there is.”

“Well,” you insisted, “read it then.”

“It’s long,” he said, “it looks… really weird.”

“I don’t care.”

“Okay. Okay,” he begun, “Z. Zeal. Earnestness or fervour in advancing a cause. A hearty and persistent endeavour; passion, devotion, fondness, fervour. Go and pursue it.”

Calum’s mouth hung slightly open, gaping at the screen. For some reason the words made your heart start beating inside your head, and each pound made you think deeper and deeper upon the words.

You thought back to the beginning of this list, and why you and Calum begun. It was just for fun, really. Two best friends going a bit further and getting a little adventurous. But amongst it, you’d done all of those things associated with zeal.

Yes, there had been passion. You’d felt it clawing inside of you every time the two of you touched. Yes, there’d been devotion. Each day you’d been giving up hours to do this. Yes, there was fondness. The more time that you were spending with Calum, the more affectionate and tender you’d gradually become to one another. And yes, there was fervour. You felt everything positive when you were around him.

Why hadn’t you ever noticed this before? Not a lot had changed in your relationship, except you were now more intimate with each other.

There wasn’t exactly obvious ‘love’ between you two. It wasn’t a moment of first glance and you decided that he was the one. And there were no fireworks every time you kissed. Everyone knew that you were just best friends, so nobody ever brought up that maybe you should be more. There’d been no clear signs in your life that Calum was the one, and that you should be together for eternity.

But why couldn’t you be?

Maybe it’s not necessary to be the cliché cupids-in-love couple. Maybe it was alright to be dating, and still poking fun at each other. Making jokes constantly. Ditching insults at one another. Maybe for you two it wasn’t about being suckers in love.

It might just be about getting along, and having fun.

There is no textbook that directly defines what love is. So there was no reason why, for both of you, love couldn’t be a mixture of joy and lust, and just being able to be comfortable with one another.

“Hey,” Calum took your attention, his expression was philosophical, like he’d been thinking the same stuff as you just had, “Do you reckon we should actually be girlfriend and boyfriend?”

“Yeah,” you responded, “yeah, I actually think we should.”

the one where you make him sleep on the couch

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“I can’t believe you, Luke,” you shouted.

“Please babe, I said I was sorry,” Luke slurred slightly.

“No Luke, sorry isn’t going to fix it this time! I’m sick of you coming home drunk off your ass when you’re after telling me you were at the studio all day,” you screamed.

You were so done with Luke’s shit. He always told you he was at the stuff but the boys convinced him to go out clubbing. You didn’t mind him going out and having a laugh with his friends, you weren’t some super controlling girlfriend, but this was the 4th time it had happened this week.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry, please just calm down. C’mon let’s go to bed. We can sort this in the morning,” Luke smiled, trying to smooth everything over.

“No, I’ll go to bed. You can sleep on the couch tonight,” you hissed and stormed upstairs in to your bedroom.

You got in to your side of the bed and tried to sleep. You tossed and turned but just couldn’t get to sleep. No matter how angry you were at Luke, you had to admit you missed cuddling with him while you slept.

You took your blanket and pillow and crept quietly down the stairs,

“Luke?” You whispered.

“Are you okay, babe?” Luke asked, sitting up from the couch.

“I missed you,” you admitted.

“I missed you too,” he said, opening his arms wide for you.

He put you pillow behind his head and you laid on his chest, the blanket covering you both.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you,” you whispered.

“I’m sorry for coming home drunk…again. I promise that it won’t happen again. I hate seeing you upset like that,” Luke apologised, rubbing your hair gently.

“I love you,” you said.

“I love you too,” Luke kissed your hair and you both fell in to a peaceful sleep.


“Calum? Are you home?” You called, walking in the front door of your house.

Calum was meant to pick you up from a meeting you had but he never showed and you ended up walking home in the rain. You should have been mad at Calum for not picking you up but you couldn’t help but worry that something had happened to him.

“Yeah, (Y/N), I’m in the living room,” he called and you followed his voice to the living room where him and the rest of the 5SOS boys were sprawled out on the couches, watching a movie.

“Hi (Y/N),” the boys waved at you.

You glared at them, now fuming with rage that Calum had forgotten to pick you up because he was watching a movie with his mates.

“Why are your clothes all wet, babe?” Calum asked.

This made you even more angry. “Does my meeting and you picking me up ring a bell?” You shouted.

“Oh shit,” Calum muttered, putting his head in his hands. 

“We’re going to go,” Luke said, sensing a fight was about to happen. He stood up and Ashton and Michael followed him. 

“See you in the studio tomorrow, Cal,” Ashton said and closed the door behind him.

You turned around to go and change in to dry clothes. 

“(Y/N), where are you going?” Calum asked.

“I’m putting on dry clothes, I’ll be down in a couple of minutes,” you hissed before storming up the stairs.

You changed in to clean pajamas and tied your hair up on the top of your head. You then headed back downstairs where Calum was waiting anxiously in the living room.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Calum sighed.

“Calum, this was honestly the only time I asked you to pick me up, my car is in the garage, I texted you to remind me and you drove past the building on the way home from the studio. How did you forget?” You asked, trying to stay calm.

“I dunno,” Calum mumbled. “Can we just forget about it?”

“I know why you forgot because you were too busy deciding what movie to watch with the boys!” You yelled. You turned on your heel and stormed upstairs. 

You grabbed a pillow and blanket from the airing cupboard and threw them down the stairs. “You can sleep on the couch tonight!”

You spent the night in your room, doing work stuff, chatting on the phone and you even ordered pizza for yourself. Calum’s face was priceless when you opened the door, paid for the pizza and then walked straight upstairs without even offering him a slice.

You laid down to go asleep but you couldn’t sleep. The bed was too cold and empty without Calum. It felt like when he was away on tour and you didn’t like it.

You probably wouldn’t even be this mad about what Calum did on an ordinary day but you were on your period, had a really long and bad meeting and then had to walk home, it just wasn’t a good day.

At about 2am you gave in and went downstairs with your pillow to Calum.

“Cal?” You whispered. 

Calum was laying down on the couch half asleep, watching reruns of some sitcom from the 90’s.

“What is it, honey?” He asked sleepily.

“I can’t sleep, will you come to bed?” You asked.

“Lay down with me, I’m too tired to go upstairs,” Calum said, opening his arms for you.

“Thanks,” you whispered. “I’m sorry about earlier, I overreacted.”

“It’s okay. I would be pretty mad too if I had to walk home in the rain,” Calum admitted. “Did you have a nightmare? Why couldn’t you sleep?”

“The bed felt empty and cold without you. It felt like when you’re away on tour, I didn’t like it,” you explained. “And I felt kinda bad for making you sleep on the couch.”

“Well I’m here now and I forgive you for earlier,” Calum said. “Now go asleep, it’s like 2am. Love you.”

“Night, Cal. Love you too.”


“I can’t believe you,” you sighed when you and Michael got in to your car.

You moved to Sydney for uni but your parents lived in Melbourne. You and Michael had been together for about 9 months and he had never met your parents before. Your parents had made the trip to Sydney for your aunt’s birthday -she also lived in Sydney- so it was the first time Michael had ever met your parents and, of course, Michael had to go and get drunk. 

“What? Your parents didn’t even care,” Michael shrugged. “Besides I’m only a bit tipsy.”

“I care Michael! It was your first time meeting my parents, if I’m going to stay in Sydney when I’m finished uni I want my parents to think I’m living with someone who’s nice not some drunk dickhead,” you explained with your voice raised slightly. 

“Who cares what your parents think?” Michael shrugged.

He really knew how to push your buttons. “I do! I care what my parents think about us!”

“(Y/N), it doesn’t matter. We’re not going to break up because of what your parents think of us so what’s the big deal?” Michael brushed you off as you slammed the car door shut.

“You don’t get it, Michael and you’re too drunk to understand,” you sighed, shrugging your coat off at the front door.

You began walking upstairs to your room and Michael followed you. “You can stay down here until you sober up. I’ll bring down your blanket in a couple of minutes,” you hissed.

Michael’s face fell as you turned and strutted up the stairs. You sighed as you closed your bedroom door and put on your pajamas and quickly tied up your hair. You grabbed a spare blanket and pillow for Michael and went back downstairs.

“Are you really making me sleep on the couch?” Michael said in disbelief.

“Yes. You’re not even sorry over what happened,” you said. 

“Fine, I’m sorry. There I said it, can I come to bed now?” Michael said.

“Just stay down here. We can talk in the morning,” you scoffed and headed up to bed.

You sprawled out in bed taking advantage of all the room but it just wasn’t the same without Michael. You tossed and turned for a couple of hours before giving in and going downstairs. 

You went in to the kitchen to get a drink and Michael called out to you.

“(Y/N), is everything okay?” Michael said.

“Yeah, just getting a drink,” you said coming through to the living room.

“Oh okay, good night,” Michael said, laying down again.

“Can I lay with you for a little while?” You asked, setting your glass down on the coffee table.

“Yeah, of course,” Michael said, making room for you and covering you in the blanket.

“I really am sorry about earlier,” Michael whispered.

“I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I was just worried about what my parents would think of you. You’re right about what you said earlier. It doesn’t really matter what my parents think. I’ll still love you and I’m still living here after uni,” you apologize.

“I still shouldn’t have got drunk the first time I met them,” Michael admitted. 

“It’s okay, they were drunk too. I don’t think they’ll remember much anyway,” you giggled.

“Yeah, I guess. Night, I love you,” Michael said.

“Na-night, love you,” you said before drifting off to sleep.

A/N okay so i have a confession I wrote this a couple of days ago and went to post it just now and i’ve only realized i didnt write one for Ashton :( but the next blurb i’m posting is going to be just ashton so i hope that kinda evens it up. i hope you all like it anyway x 

#62: He's Your Teacher | Part 5







“Hey Adam, can I speak to you for a second?” Y/BF/N asked as he saw him on the hallway. ”So I heard you and Y/N have been chatting?“ Her sudden question made his smile fade and a curious expression with a raised eyebrow appeared on his face. “Sorry, what?” He asked shaking himself out of thought with his head. “What?” She asked, raising an eyebrow as well. “You didn’t talk to her?” Y/BF/N crossed her arms as she spoke, titling her head to the side. “I haven’t shared eye contact with her for months?” He confessed, a smirk starting to play on his lips.

“You’re serious? She spoke quietly, looking at him daring. "Of course I am. Seems like she’s been lying and playing you like a fool.” He snickered shutting his locker. “She would never do that!” Y/BF/N defended building up an anger. “Then why did she say she was with me when she clearly weren’t?” He said quietly crossing his arms and eyeing her up and down. Y/BF/N stood still looking at him with no emotion, his words echoing in her brain as she tried to register what the possible reason could be then. “It was nice talking to you Y/BF/N.” He gave her a smirk before he shoved his gym bag over his shoulder and heading towards the gym leaving her speechless at the hallway.

His thoughts were running around in curiosity as he asked by himself on the hallway but a faint sound of a male moan made his body stop in track, his eyes going wide but with knitted eyebrows afterwards. The faint sound appeared again and his ears registered it came from the classroom across from him.

Adam hesitated but walked towards the door and opening it quietly and slightly afraid of scaring whoever was in there. His jaw hung down to his knees as he noticed you sitting on Mr. Hemmings’ lap, one hand inside his flannel and the other one going around his hair as his was on your breast, a small groan leaving his lips as you pulled into the back of his hair in the neck. Adam stood frozen, didn’t bugging to move but he panic as you pulled back, hiding from the door and leaning against the wall in the hallway.

 "I have to go now.“ You laughed making a pout form on Luke’s lips, his desire for more kisses burning in his veins. "Fine. Get up early I wanna see you before class again tomorrow.” He smiled standing up from the chair and taking his bag. “We’ll see.” You teased sticking your tongue out at him and grabbing your stuff. “I’ll see you, ”, you grabbed the base of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss, “Tomorrow.” You whispered as you pulled back brushing your lips against his. A smile appeared on his lips as he watched you walking out of class.

Dragging your feet down the hallway, the echoing sound of footsteps that weren’t yours made you stop in track to look back, a jolt running through your body as Adam stood closer than you expected, your heart starting to pound faster than usual. “Jesus you scared the grab out of me.” You breathed turning around fully to watch him better, his statement quiet but a smirk was playing on his lips.

”I see you and Mr. Hemmings share a few more things than just math examples.“

He cocked his head as he spoke, enjoying watching you as you started to stammer not knowing what to answer or do. "You saw us?” You managed to get out. “Oh I did. That was the reason why you lied to Y/BF/N and used me as a cover up.” “Please don’t tell anyone.” You pleaded, looking at him guilty as your bottom lip was trembling.

“I won’t. On one condition. We’ll get back together.”

He took you aback by the mention, an anger building in your body. “I- I can’t do that.” “Fine. Hey Mr. Flour I need to talk to you for a second.” He suddenly yelled towards a teacher walking towards her and a panic spread through your body, your feet dragging yourself towards him and grabbing his hand pulling him back, intertwining your fingers. “What?” He asked looking over at you and Adam. “I just wanted to wish you a pleasant day.” Adam expressed and walked past him with you.

Back in the classroom Luke had noticed your jacket still being placed on your desk so his movements were fast as he grabbed it, ready to run out and give it to you. But as he came out on the hallway, sadness took over him and toying with his heart as he watched you walking further down the hallway with your hands intertwined with Adam’s. Luke grabbed his tie harshly feeling choked as his thoughts were running around, the feeling of being used and his heart broken into pieces as he tried to find a conclusion to why you were with him. Everything didn’t seem to give sense, making a sudden rage build through Luke and he marched back to the classroom in frustration, hurt and anger building in his veins as he tried to figure out what to do.


The day had been utter shit to be honest. When you had woken up this morning, pure ratty pulsing from your veins as you walked down the hallway towards your locker as just had finished 4th Period. You didn’t even know why you were this mad; everyone has a bad day at times. Your hand was barely allowed to touch the locker knob, the sound of a girl clearing his throat next to you made your hand fall back to your side, turning your head to see Miranda.   

“Hey Y/N.” She smiled making you take a look at her, your eyes scanning her body as she gave you a smirk. “What do you want?” You asked turning around fully to look at her. “I’m not in a mood for a lovely chit chat if you haven’t noticed.” You growled, crossing your legs, the tiredness in your eyes never disappearing. “I just wanted to talk, no rage please.” She cocked her head as she looked at you. “Fine. Speak.” You raised your arms in the air defeated, crossing your arms afterwards and looking at her questionably. “You know Mr. Hood right?” She asked like it wasn’t an obvious. “What about him?” You asked, a gutted rush running through your spine by the mention of him. “You seem to be very close with him.” She smiled grabbing out her phone. “He’s a great teacher.” You nodded your head, your eyes burning onto her phone. “You know what I’m considering?” She asked, locking her phone. “What?” You fake cheered, loosening your arms. “I’m going to ask him to go out with me.” “Why would he go date a student?” You blurted, a rage starting to build in your veins. “When I said close, I didn’t mean it in the innocent way. I can see it in the way he looks at you. There’s more to come.”

“Miranda, you’re pushing my nerves, and you fucking know it.” You said more quietly, now, looking at her deadly. Since it was the last period, all the other students had headed home by now. “We both know that if Mr. Hood had to date one of us, it would be me.” She hissed making fire built up in your veins, dead in your eyes when you suddenly grabbed her, pushing her against the floor as you sat on top of her. The both of you were rolling around switching positions in rage, trying to hurt each other in every possible way.

It was like time stopped when you and Miranda was tore apart, a pair of arms sneaking around your furious form to pull you away. “Let me go!” You screeched, wiggling uncontrollably in the grip. “Calm down Y/N.” Calum whispered in your ear repeatedly, backing you away from Miranda. “I’ll take her to another class room, make sure she doesn’t do something she’ll regret in rage.” Calum yelled towards the other teacher who was holding Miranda, him nodding his head. Calum opened a classroom with his foot and closing it with it afterwards. He still had a grip on you has he backed over to the teacher’s desk, slightly sitting there with you in his arms. “Let go off me.” You mentioned once again with no emotion in your voice making him knit his eyebrows yet letting go of his grip. “What happened?” He questioned as you stood in front of him now.

“Nothing.” You mumbled quietly, removing some hair away from your forehead. Calum gave you an unconvinced expression, “You’re lying to me.” “I just don’t wanna talk about it okay.” You hissed your arms falling from your hair and down to your waist dangling. “You know you can talk to me right.” He mumbled, grabbing your hands and intertwining your fingers. The sudden feeling of his touch made an uncomfortable feeling run down your spine, your body wanting to get as far away from his as possible. “Tell me.” He pressed on, trying to get any eye contact with you. When you wouldn’t bug, he let out a small sigh, looking up at the ceiling and biting his lip before he spoke up.

“I’m really sorry to say this babe but I have to give you detention.” “What?!” You yelled furiously turning around to look at him, Calum winching by your now harsh tone. “You can’t be serious about this.” You stated looking wide eyed at him in disbelief. “You know it’s a part of my job. I have to.” Calum started to walk over to you making you back away slightly your back almost hitting the wall. “You think I was the one starting the fight?” “I don’t care who started it, it’s against the school rules.” “But walking in on your student changing or having sex with her in the changing room isn’t?” Your blood was boiling as you asked the question, your eyes staring at him waiting for an answer. “I suggest you leave now.” Calum said in a monotone grabbing the door handle next to him opening the door.

“Gladly.” You said, the sarcasm lingering in the air as you pushed through Calum to leave, letting him stay alone in the classroom to his thoughts.


“Hey Y/N, I can give you a ride today if you want?” Your brother asked as he watched you leaning against the counter in the kitchen, your phone in your hand as you were typing endlessly on the screen, your eyes focused. “No thanks.” You mumbled sounding occupied, not removing your eyes. “Fine..” He mumbled walking out of the kitchen and towards his room to grab his bag. The sound of a horn from a car appeared outside and a smile came upon your lips as you grabbed your bag and swung it over your shoulder. “Bye Y/B/N.” You yelled without waiting for an answer, opening the door and running towards Michael’s car. When he heard the door smack, he ran towards one of the windows and looked outside, seeing you give Mr. Clifford a kiss on the cheek inside the car. There was no doubt now in his mind, the colored hair and tattoos said it all in the daylight, it was Mr. Clifford.

A knock from the door made Michael look up from his papers, his eyebrows knitting in irritation as he was just in the middle of correcting a Society assignment. “Come in.” He groaned before throwing the pencil to the table, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms, watching as Y/B/N came into the room. “Ahh, Y/B/N, nice to see you, I was just correcting your assignment.” Michael smiled, leaning forward again and grabbing his pencil. “Ohh.. Nice I guess.” He mumbled, eyeing Michael skeptical as he walked forward, taking a seat on the table in front of Michael’s desk. “What can I do for you?” Michael asked, looking up at him with the pencil pressing into his chin. “How well did I do on my assignment?” Y/B/N asked, this wasn’t actually what he was going to ask, but by the mention of his assignment, a new idea popped into his head. “I uhm.. I am not really allowed to tell you that before all of them is corrected and handed together.” Michael explained, placing the pencil next to him to fiddle with his fingers.

“Please?” He asked, looking with a plead into Michael’s eyes as he started to chew on his bottom lip. Michael hesitated but grabbed the assignment he had thrown towards the other end of the table, the most of it corrected, but not with nice checkmarks. “It could have been better to be honest.” Michael admitted going through it. “How bad?” Your brother asked, wanting to know answers. “D+.” Michael tried to make the + a cheer but your brother’s eyes told everything. “Fucking shit.” He mumbled shaking his head and running his hands through his matt hair.

“Change it.” He demanded, taking Michael aback completely.

“Sorry?” Michael asked, wanting to make sure that he heard correct. “Change it. Or give me the chance to correct and change it.” Your brother said sternly, crossing his arms. “You know I can’t do that.” Michael said in a more stern tone now, clearly now amused by Y/B/N.

“I suggest you do it.”

“But  I won’t.” Michael answered, standing up in his chair. “Oh you will.” Y/B/N smirked, taking his phone out from his pocket. Michael suddenly came into a fear, his mouth opening when he watched Y/B/N started to go the app with pictures, him opening the first. “I think we both know that girl don’t we?” He asked, showing Michael the phone. A lump started to form in Michael’s throat, his mind going blank and his mouth dry. “I have..” “Nothing to do with this? Please don’t give me that shit.” Y/B/N interrupted Michael, his dominant side increasing by Michael’s vulnerable state.

“This is my baby sister, kissing her own teacher. My teacher. My sister.” You fucking see this?!” He asked more furiously, Michael trying to find a mature explanation for this. “Are you a pedophile?” He yelled, making Michael run a hand through his hair. “You don’t understand-“ “I don’t want to understand. You’re having an intimidating relationship with my little sister and you’re her fucking teacher! You don’t see how wrong this is?” Y/B/N was yelling at this point, anger building up in his veins.

“I can’t explain this. But I won’t change your grade.” Michael admitted trying to swallow the lump in his throat. Y/B/N was breathing heavily as he watched Michael, a small growl leaving his lips before he pressed his phone back into his pocket. “If I ever see you with her again, I’ll make sure not only to tell the school but also our parents.” He warned Michael’s eyebrows starting to knit. “You wouldn’t do that, not towards Y/N.” He said in disbelief. Anger and hurt was filing his stomach at the moment. “I know that if would be the best for her.” He said in monotone, watching Michael as he headed towards the door. “Nice having a chat with you mate.” Y/B/N said with a fake smile before he grabbed the door handle and walking out, leaving Michael to get eaten up by his guilty thoughts.


“Hey, you alright?” Matty asked as he approached you, eyeing your skeptical state as your head was resting against the locker, not far away stood Ashton and a few other teachers. “Hm?” You tore your eyes to look at him with knitted eyebrows. “Oh. Yeah fine.” You answered realizing what he said before looking back at the group. “What are they celebrating?” He questioned seeing one of the other teachers fighting the urge to open a bottle of champagne. “No idea.” You mumbled, your eyebrows furrowing when Ashton sneaked his arm around a female blond haired teacher, holding empty glasses for the teacher with the champagne to fill up. “Oh oh.” Matty commented standing next to you now. “They’re probably just… Close?” He tried to reassure but the look on your face told otherwise. “I guess.” You said quietly turned your back towards them not wanting to spy any longer. “Come on. I’ll give you my pudding at lunch.” He tried to pull a smile on your face and it worked, you shaking your head at him with a giggle afterwards. “You know I hate pudding.” You said as you shook your head at him, grabbing his waiting hand. “At least I know how to make you smile.” He smiled pulling you into his side.

After lunch the both of you walked together to the English class, happiness filing your veins but it changed as you noticed Ashton’s presence in the chair, his curls going in front of his eyes as he was writing down something on a paper. You let out a small sigh but concluded with yourself that it would be better to just ignore him. It wasn’t like you were mad at him, the jealous feeling approaching your spine was the only thing hinting you that something was not right at all.

“Okay guys so today you’re gonna prepare for your assignment. Have you found out your groups?” Ashton asked as he stood up in his chair, looking around the classroom, people either nodding their head or shrugging. “Good. Get to work then.” He smiled and continued on writing whatever was on his paper.

“So I was thinking we could do something along like this, it’s like the assignment we did once in January.” Matty suggested showing you off some old work and your mind accepted it without even reading it, your head nodding. “Great, let’s get to work then, starting out with a brainstorm.” He smiled, already taking control over the task. Not that you didn’t mind, you were not concentrated at all to even mask to control even find out a subject. At time like this you were so happy to actually have a friend like Matty.

“You tired?” He asked looking over at you with a small smile. “Just a bit exhausted that’s all.” You mumbled and he patted his arm, indicating and inviting you to rest your head on it. You formed a small smile by the invitation, moving your chair closer to his so you could rest. You watched Matty as he kept on writing sentences down on the paper, you mentioning a few notes at times when he forgot something.

Ashton’s eyes kept on looking up between his paper and the student. He was never a fan of last period but of course this class had to be there at the exact point. He had a hard time concentrating with you in class so he figured out it would be easier to just not look at you and not think about you. But of course he could hold that for too long.

Ashton’s eyebrows knitted as he noticed you leaning more against Matty, your eyes resting on the paper he was writing on as you were talking about something he couldn’t make out. An amount of insecurities ran through Ashton’s veins and he felt gutted as he leaned back in his seat, trying to form out what was going on with you. He didn’t even have the chance to make any sort of eye contact since your eyes were glued to either Matty or the paper in front of you guys. He hesitated for a moment, thinking if the thing he was going to do would be a bad choice, but when Matty patted your cheek, he knew he had to take action. “Y/N, Matty, I’m sorry I have to say this but I’m gonna separate you guys apart, find a new partner.” Ashton said sternly making your Matty’s jaw fall to his chin, your eyebrows furrowing in anger as you watched him.

“Why?” You asked, Matty starting to grab his stuff but you stayed frozen in your seat. “Because I say so.” Ashton responded in monotone, no emotion on his face as he watched you. The two of you had an intense stare as he waited for you to stand up and move, a small growl leaving past your lips and you stood up from your chair, grabbing your stuff and heading towards another table.  To say it this way, both of you were now pissed off at each other, for no reasonable way. 

Don't Worry So Much (Part Four - Calum Hood)

Don’t Worry So Much (All Parts)

SEEE! I wouldn’t let you guys down! 

Part Four, as promised! HUGS AND KISSES! ENJOY

“Calum you can’t be serious about this,” Luke whispered under his breath as he followed Calum up the driveway. “It’s only been two weeks since Trent skipped town. Some of her bruises are only now healing, and you think Ashton will let you ask out his little sister?! You’ve gone mad!” Luke grabbed Calum’s arm and tried to pull him back down the driveway.

Calum sighed and turned around to face Luke. “If you’ve forgotten I’m the one who put Trent in the hospital for her, not Ashton… I saved her from that asshole. I don’t see why that should be a count against me!” Calum shrugged out of Luke’s grip and jogged up to Ashton’s door, pulling the spare key from the eaves under the door and stepping inside. “Hey Ash! Me and Luke are here!” Calum yelled at the top of his lungs, waving Luke inside. Luke rolled his eyes and jogged inside the house, closing the door behind him

“Well Ashton’s not,” Calum looked up and saw you walking down the stairs, swallowed by one of Ashton’s long-sleeved band tees and clutching the ends of the sleeves in your hands, fiddling with the holes there. Calum’s eyes trailed over you, and he couldn’t help a smile spreading across his lips at the sight. You were always gorgeous, but he especially loved how innocent you looked in that moment.

“I’m just gonna go then.” Luke rolled his eyes and held back a smirk, backing out of the room and leaving Calum alone with you.

Calum ignored his friend and took a step closer to you with a hesitant expression, “Do you mind if I wait with you till he gets back?” He watched your face flicker through different emotions: confusion, concern, hesitation, and finally acceptance when you nodded. “Great,” he smiled widely and turned toward the couch, “movie?”

“Sure,” you smiled back at him, walking over and sitting on the end of the couch.

Calum watched for a brief moment from behind you and noted the changes. You’d gotten quiet, more distant since the incident with Trent. You seemed so closed off, but occasionally you’d slip around him, like with that smile. It’d been two weeks, and he’d not seen you smile once at anyone but him. It worried him, but he was also happy that he could make you feel so at ease.

He walked over and joined you on the couch, sitting on the seat next to you and picking up the remote to the tv. “How are you feeling today?” Calum tried to sound nonchalant about the question and just managed to keep his eyes focused on the tv instead of you and deciding on a random action movie.

“The bruises are pretty much gone; so that’s good…”you tugged at the hem of Ashton’s shirt, pulling it further down your bare legs.

Calum looked over at you and chewed on his bottom lip. You looked so fragile, and he just had this overwhelming urge to protect you from the world. “Come here.” He reached a hand out to you across the couch, setting the remote down on the floor.

You looked up at him in confusion, but took his hand none the less. Calum was the only person besides your brother that you’d really felt comfortable with these last few weeks. He saved you from it all, and he’d been there for you afterwards even when your brother couldn’t be.

Calum took your hand and pulled you up onto his lap. He leaned back against the arm of the couch and spread his legs out across it, letting you lay curled up on top of him with his arms around you. “Better?” He asked, looking down at your head on his shoulder with a smile.

You blushed and nodded, barely able to meet his gaze before
you hid your face in his shirt. You could feel his chest shaking as he chuckled, but you didn’t look up. Calum’s hands wandered over your back in a soothing manor, and you felt your eyelids getting heavier. You fought to keep the open and focused on the tv, but it was too hard.

“You can sleep now, (Y/n),” Calum murmured, smiling down at your expression. It reminded him of a kitten, the way you curled up against him and fought to stay awake. Calum started humming, and the noise vibrating in his chest lulled you to sleep.

You woke up alone an hour later, curled up on the couch with a blanket tucked in around you and the same movie on the tv. You slowly sat up in your confusion and clutched the blanket to yourself as you looked around the room, wondering where Calum had gone. You held the blanket close as you got to your feet and followed your nose to the kitchen where you could smell food cooking.

“Calum?” You asked, walking into the kitchen. Calum stood over the stove stirring something around in a pan. It smelled like Italian, and you chewed on your bottom lip, hearing your stomach rumble at the amazing smell.

Calum looked back over his shoulder and smiled at you. “Ashton called; he’s staying with Michael at Luke’s for the night. I guess Luke’s parents are out of town, so they’re bringing out the alcohol.” Calum pulled the pan off the stove and turned off the heat. “We can go by later if you like, but I thought you could do with some food first.”

“Thanks,” you blushed, watching from the doorway as he pulled out two plates from the cupboard and dipped out a serving of pasta onto each. Calum picked up the plates and carried them over to the table.

He stood at the table and waved you over, “Come on. The food’s not going to stay warm forever.” Calum came walking over, taking your hands in his and gently tugging you to the table, and you let him. He smiled at you, and you felt your tension ease a bit.

Calum pulled out your chair for you and sat you down before taking the seat across from you. “Thank you,” you told him in a quiet voice, picking up the fork and twirling a piece of pasta around it. You didn’t really know what to make of this. Was this just two friends hanging out? Or was it a date? You couldn’t be sure.

“You’re welcome,” Calum smiled, munching on his pasta. The two of you ate in a comfortable silence, and your mind was reeling, wondering what this is and why he did it.

You finished before Calum and got up on a pair of shaky legs, walking over to the sink and running some dishwater. You kept your back to Calum and your eyes on the dishes. You didn’t really know how to act at the moment around Calum… at least not till you heard the chair legs scrapping against the floor, and you knew he’d gotten up.

Calum carried his plate over to the sink and reached his arms around your waist, setting his plate in the water and leaving his arms there, locking them around you. This was his one chance, and he wasn’t about to waste it. “(Y/n),” he whispered under his breath, resting his chin on your shoulder and turning his face into the side of your neck.

“C-Calum,” Your head lulled to the side on instinct, giving him an unimpeded access to your neck.

Calum smirked and attached his lips to the side of your neck, kissing his way up to your ear. “I love the way you say my name,” he whispered, sending a shiver down your spine. “Say it again… please.”

“Calum,” it came out as a quiet moan, and you instantly bit your bottom lip. His arms moved from around your waist, making you turn around to face him, and he pressed his forehead to yours. No words left his mouth, but his lips moved, and you found yourself staring at them. He really did have gorgeous lips, and he mouthed the word ‘again’. “Calum,” he pulled you closer, as you said it again, your breath ghosting across his lips you were so close. “Calum,” You whispered his name like you were talking to God, and he loved you for it… He loved you.

“I love you,” Calum whispered, leaning in so close you could feel his lips moving against yours as he spoke. “I love you,” he said it again, louder, more sure of himself.

You couldn’t take the tension anymore, and finally you let yourself go. You leaned up and pressed your lips to his in a searing kiss.

Calum reacted instantly. He’d been waiting for this for so long, and he was so ready. His hands around your waist lifted you up on the counter next to the sink, and he leaned over you, dominating the kiss, not that you would complain. His tongue trailed across your lip, and you immediately let him in, allowing him every opportunity to explore your mouth, and vice versa.

You only pulled away several minutes later, both of you gasping for oxygen you desperately lacked. Calum took several deep breaths to catch himself and said very breathlessly, “Be my girlfriend, (Y/n)?”

You blushed, still a little breathless, but you nodded your head vigorously and that was enough for him to lean in again, pressing his forehead to yours with a wide grin on his face. He couldn’t be happier; he finally had exactly what he wanted.

“What. The. Fuck. Is. This.” You glanced over Calum’s shoulder and there, in the doorway of the kitchen, stood your brother, Ashton, turning absolutely red with rage. “Calum,” his tone spoke volumes about how he felt right now, “I suggest you run.”


October 31, 2015: 5SOS reveal their “Most Favourite Video & Band Ever” on RAGE!

Cake-smut : Hate-sex

SUBMISSION: Guys! A user submitted this cute Cake fic! Please read it & leave some of your thoughts. She’s a new writer & feedback is always nice :) 

Edit: Guys, her tumblr is up & running now :) It’s parfumdeluke . Please check it out.

“I fucking hate you!” the words of spite rolled from Calum’s tongue faster than his lips got to Luke’s, crashing down on them with a forceful kiss. It caught the blond by surprise, yet his response didn’t take long to happen, letting his mouth open slightly so Calum could take the lead.

Things had escalated quickly since Michael decided to exit the room with an unfortunate comment, leaving Calum alone with the boy who held the first place on his “list of abominations”. The way the bassist felt about him was corresponded, and the anger that pulsed through his tanned body and made his head throb would also run down Luke’s muscled arms, making his finger curl uneasily. Yelling would follow suit, and before anything could take a turn for the worst, of them would usually end up leaving the scene with an ugly scowl and rage swimming through their eyes.

Not this time, though.

Luke had always expected that, the first time things got out of control, there would be pieces of shattered glass on the floor, or maybe a chair thrown against the wall. The image of having Calum pressed between the wall and his own body, while the raven-haired’s teeth bit down on his lip, almost hard enough to draw blood, had never really crossed Luke’s mind.

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Rage - Calum

Requested: No

Summary: Calum likes you, but when you kiss your ex, he rages.

Word count: 748

The hatred boiled up in your blood when Calum fussed about you and your ex. Backing up a little awhile ago, you were at the club, but you never knew Calum was there. You were slightly drunk, but not FULLY. You were dragged here by Y/F/N, you tried to not come. She knew Calum was there, but oh, she didn’t tell you. You scanned through the crowd, and saw a tall figure walking to you. Too bad your vision was blurry, but then rubbing your eyes got the vision normal. 

You saw your ex-boyfriend. 

“H-Hey Y/N! How’s it going?” he smiled, as his nose crinkled. 

“I’m good. Great to see you here.” you giggled like an idiot. You guys dated for about five months. Until he cheated.  "So… where’s your new girl at?“

"We broke up months ago, she was a real bitch honestly..” you chuckled at his comment. “But when I saw you, my heart raced. I honestly missed you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you days or weeks. I still love you…” your heart pumped rapidly. You were like, paralyzed of what he said. You body moved and end up attaching your lips on his. It was kinda stupid of you to do that, but you were drunk. You didn’t really like him that much. You grabbed a fistful of hair of that blonde messy hair. 

“Hey bud, mind if I steal her away quickly?” your ears chirped up and that voice sounded familiar. Your ex nodded and someone grabbed you. Tall, muscular, tattooed, man. That would be Calum.

“Calummmm!” you whined. He looked angry as ever. Once you two were out the club, he turned around. “What the fuck was that?!” he shouted. “It was just a simple little kiss… Calum what are you buggin’ about?” you groaned. He scoffed. “There you go again, falling for him. He’s not GOOD FOR YOU! He cheated on you, and I comforted you! You told me how bad he was! And here you go acting like a little s-” “Shut up..” you knew what was going to say. 

“You’re going home with me,” he called a cab.

“No..” as the cab pulled up, the man played on his phone while waiting for you guys.

“Yes we are. I’m not letting you stay home and get hurt.” he gripped on your wrist and you winced at the pain, seemed like he didn’t even care.

“NO!” you finally let a scream.


He sighed, and inhaled the air, and exhaling it out. You were astonished by his words. You got in the cab, and it was a very silent way home. You just looked out the window, and Calum kept his eyes on you. How beautiful the moonlight shined on your face, and your eyes twinkled.  You exited out when you guys arrived and Calum payed and exited out as well. You waited as Calum struggled with his keys and opened the door. You entered and cursed ‘fuck’. You laid down on the couch. 

Calum walked to you and got on top of you, his arms holding himself up. You ignored him and kept your eyes on the television.

"Y/N look at me..” ignoring again.

You started to feel light kisses on your neck. Realizing Calum was doing it. “C-Calum… stop.” you pushed him off and you sat up. He stared at your eyes and you couldn’t resist those brown eyes. 

“What has been up with you?” you questioned him, and he sighed. 

“I just… like you. I’ve liked you since we met, but you always fell for other guys and it made me jealous and burst out of anger. Like I did awhile ago…”

“You could’ve told me… I liked you too Calum… But you shouldn’t have yelled at me. You know how I hate when you yell at me. You’re a fucking idiot you know?” you grabbed his collar and crashed into his lips. He put his hands on your hips. 

“I love you so damn much. So will you finally…. be my girlfriend?” you nodded and giggled. “I’m taking you to dinner. And I’m sorry for yelling baby..” he kissed your nose and pecked your face. 

“Yell at me Hood, then you’ll regret it.”

-Kelly :] x

anonymous asked:

Can you do a 4/4 blurb about dating one of the guys and you go to the club and dance with one of the other guys ( like kinda-ish grinding ) and your bf reaction ? Sorry it's long xx

Oh gOD anon I’m sweatin’ holy bALLs wOwee

Luke would try to pretend like it didn’t bother him when clearly it did, a lot more than you’d ever know and it all would’ve started because begged him to come to this new club – he only refused the idea because he wanted to spend the night in but when the other three chimed in and said they’d go with you and then Luke finally caved and said he would come with and so when you’d gotten there, Luke was kinda being a grump; you’d all had at least one or two drinks before you tugged on Luke’s arm and asked him to come dance with you but he refused and you huffed and Calum just so happened to be seated beside Luke at the bar when you said it because shortly after Luke said he didn’t want to, Cal chimed in with ‘I’ll dance with you then, y/n.’ and you were pretty close with Calum so you didn’t mind the idea all that much but Luke shot Calum a glare of warning and Calum whispered something along the lines of ‘you should’ve just said yes to her’ to Luke before he walked off with you but like to start off with you and Calum were just being dorks but after a few shots and another three drinks later, Calum started to get a little handsy and to be honest, you were a little more than too far gone to really care now so Calum would eventually pull you close by your waist, his fingertips digging into your hips as you swayed your hips against his, basically grinding on him and at the time, Luke wouldn’t be looking at the time because he was annoyed that Calum decided to dance with you but even more because you were his girlfriend, not anyone else’s but when he did turn around on the bar stool to see where the two of you were at, his jaw would clench a little and he’d exhale heavily because he had a clear line of view of the two of you and Calum’s hand were very visible on the tight and short black dress you were wearing and efore you knew it, Luke was on the scene and would’ve shoved Calum back and you’d be startled because wow Luke just shoved his best friend very angrily but Luke would then try to calm himself down and Calum would take the hint that the shove was his cue to ‘fuck off’ as Luke would put it and you’d just be really quiet because you’d realise that Luke was actually v pissed now because you were grinding on his best friend and you were his girlfriend, not Calum’s so you’d just quietly say ‘lukey..’ to grab his attention and his eyes would snap up to meet yours and they’d be so dark and wow you could tell you were in for some serious punishing thAT NIGht

Calum though, wow shit, he’d be so fucking jealous and he would let the entire world know how pissed he was that you were grinding against none other than Ashton. Usually Calum would be all over you and he’d never let you out of his sight but he got a call from someone and needed to urgently take it so he stepped outside the club for a minute or two and told the boys to keep on eye on you but Luke and Michael were too busy picking up chicks that they didn’t even hear what Calum had said properly and Ashton was already off his face as it was so like because Michael and Luke were off somewhere else, you stayed close to Ashton and he just kept offering you drinks as he was downing shots himself and before long you were pretty drunk as a real cock tease so you would’ve placed your hand on Ashton’s arm suggestively and told him he had to come dance with you right now and he’d agree immediately and tug you onto the dancefloor, instinctively grabbing your hips and grinding against your ass and out of mere response you’d grind back against him and that’s when Calum had stepped back into the club, looking around for Michael and Luke who were meant to be watching you but of course weren’t and then he spotted Ashton’s curls and assumed the worst, in which he assumed right and by that time, Calum would be pushing his way through the crowd on the dancefloor and his voice would be all low and dark, laced with jealously as he told Ashton to back off of his girl and Ashton would just groan and call Calum a party pooper for ruining the fun and he’d stumble away but you’d whine at Calum and say you were dancing with Ashton but Calum could honestly care less because he’d be fuming wow and he knew that you got suggestive when you got drunk so he was more mad at Ashton for giving you shots but if anything, you weren’t scared at the fact that Calum was raging right now because you always thought he looked really hOT when he was mad and you’d probably get real close to him and you’d feel his muscles relax a little and you’d just press these messy kisses to his neck and nip at the skin there and mumble about how sexy he was when he was angry and his hands would immediately be on your waist and his eyes would be clouded with lust but anger as well still and let’s just say you two left the club a lot earlier than the others.

Michael would be ready to drop Luke off a cliff when he saw him press up against you and we all know Mikey wouldn’t think before he did anything either so like when he disappeared from your side saying he was going to the bathroom for a bit, you only nodded and were left alone with Luke and Luke would already be shitfaced because Calum had been giving him really really really strong alcohol to drink and you’d all be taking shots and Luke was just really confident when he was drunk so somehow he’d managed to get his hands on your waist and press himself against you and even though you weren’t as drunk as him and could still think properly, you’d often wondered what Michael would do if he saw so you just let Luke guide your hips with his hands and gradually built up a rhythm against him and Michael would come back only to look towards and bar and see you weren’t there and nor was Luke, so he’d scan the room before he spotted Luke’s tall self before making a beeline over to him to ask where you were but then he saw that you were in fact there with Luke’s hands all over you and he’d practically rip Luke away from you by his shirt and almost ready to punch him before you yanked Michael back and said it was your fault for not stopping him and that he should be mad at you not Luke but Michael being stubborn wouldn’t have it and insisted that it was Luke’s fault even though you’d fessed up but you assured Michael again and he’d sigh and let Luke go, giving him a warning about touching his girl and then Michael would be pissed at you now because he’d then realise what you actually admitted to and he’d wanna leave before you ‘tried to have dry sex with another guy in the club’ as he put it and you’d get all grumpy because the night was still young and you still wanted to stay longer so when he finally pulled you through the corridor that lead out to the main entrance, you passed the bathrooms and tugged back on his hand, offering to blow him if he’d let you stay an extra half and hoUR or so

Ashton would be like Michael in a sense but he’d be more into making sure that both you and Michael knew that you were his and his only so like you and Michael were seeing who could drink the most shots and while Ashton was beside you the entire time he wasn’t really paying all that much attention to the two of you because he was talking to Calum and Luke about something and unfortunately for Ashton, he didn’t hear Michael mention that loser chooses their prize and of course in the end, Michael won and all he wanted was to dance with you but in his case, he wanted to grind on you and that was exactly what you two did and Michael’s hands were literally all over you and he was pressing against your ass a lot and surprisingly Ashton didn’t notice that two of you had slipped away earlier until Calum mentioned that you weren’t sitting at the bar anymore and then Ashton would kinda go into protective mode, thinking that someone snatched you until Luke informed you that Michael wasn’t there either and that you were probably just with Michael but then Ashton’s jaw would clench because he’s knows what Michael’s like when he’s drunk and he’d slip off the bar stool and slip into the crowd of people who occupied the dancefloor in search of you and Michael and when he spotted the two of you grinding away, he’d forcefully pull you out of Michael’s grasp and before shooting Michael this look and Michael knew his fun was over and Ashton would just growl something along the lines of ‘how many times do I need to show you that you’re mine and mine only?’ and you’d swallow hard because his eyes were so dark now and his voice was low and so deep now and you knew he meant business and when you said nothing and just bit down on your lower lip, he’d back you up against this dark part at the back of the club full on pull the daddy card out and whisper in your ear ‘daddy doesn’t like to share.’ and then his lips would be on your neck and oH GoD he’d sucking on the tender skin at the base of your neck, making sure to leave extra noticeable hickey’s there and you’d be whimpering and would murmur our a small ‘daddy, please’ and he’d be so far goNE, and he’d tug you out of the club right then and you’d barely make it to the car and he’d just take you right there and then because neither of you could wAIT GOD I NEED AN ASHTON SO BAD RN HOLY SHIT 

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Hidden Fail - Requested (Calum/Ashton)

This was requested by Anon (hey please can i have an imagine where im Calums Twin and im dating Ashton, and i get pregnant with his baby, and i try to hide it from calum, but fail and he gets really angry and that please?) ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

‘Ashton I don’t think we should tell him yet, babe please just listen to me, if he finds out before the tour he will do crazy, he needs to be calm, I can’t have him hating you’ you explain

‘Babe he won’t hate me’ Ashton argues

‘Okay maybe he won’t hate you but we both know he will be pissed with you and we both know how stubborn he can be, you guys don’t need tension when you starting your tour’ you example, he huffs and drops onto the bed. You move over and sit on the edge of it; you place your hand on his thigh and move it up and down.

‘Are you mad at me?’ you ask

‘No’ he grumbles back and you sigh, you knew it was the wrong time, the wrong time for him.

‘Ashton I’m sorry’ he whispers, not being strong enough to be any louder. ‘I know you don’t want this’ he sits up quickly, his sudden action taking you by surprise and you turn to look at him, his eyes wide.

‘You think I’m pissed because you’re pregnant?’ he asks

‘Ash, it’s the wrong time I get it, I won’t hate you if you don’t want to do this. We can say I slept with someone else, I dunno Ash. I can do this on my own, I know I can. I love you too much to fuck you over with this’ the words are falling from your mouth, you don’t even realise what you’re saying until it’s all out.

‘No, what, no. Are serious, I’m not angry about you being pregnant, I’m not angry because we are having a baby. I can’t even believe that shit that came out of your mouth. Babe, (Y/N) I would never leave you, never and especially now. This is everything I ever wanted, yeah, okay maybe, ideally I wanted to wait a couple more years but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy, I’m not excited because I am. I love you and I will love our baby. The only reason I was huffing was thinking about keeping it from everyone when all I want to do is shout it from the roof tops’ he explain, holding one of your hands and the side of your face as his thumb strokes your skin.

‘Good because everything I just said was bollocks, I wouldn’t cope without you, I love you Ash’

5 Months Later

You threw on a top, over your leggings and hopped it didn’t show your bump, you had been stupid you know it, you only wanted to wait to tell Calum for a couple of weeks but it never seemed like the right time so now here you are 5 months down the line, and a huge bump to hide from your twin brother. You head out of your hotel room and down to the lobby to meet the boys; you arrived late last night and had gone straight to your room so you haven’t yet seen the boys. You saw Ashton a month ago but you haven’t seen Calum in 3 months, you talk on the phone and Skype but nothing so he could see your size. You see the boys with some fans and you stay away waiting for them to come to you, Luke spots your first and waves, his eyes looking like they were about to pop out of his head and then Calum looked over, he frowned but turned back to the fans after waving to you.

Your heart was beating hard in your chest as he walked over, he knew, it was clear, how could you have hidden this huge fucking belly. He reaches you and you smile ‘Hey’ you say opening your arms but he doesn’t hug you, he don’t smile, he doesn’t greet you at all he grabs your wrist and pulls you into the lift. Its silent you know not to talk to him, when the lift stops he storm out and you follow behind, and into his hotel room, you close the door behind you but he still doesn’t speak he starts to pace the room, his head down.


‘DON’T’ he yells spinning to look at you. ‘I can’t even look at you right now. What have you done. Are you fucking stupid your 18, fucking 18you have no house, any money and what you’re having…. This’ he shouts, gesturing towards your belly.

‘Calum, don’t’ you beg, feeling the tears coming.

‘How long?’ he asks sitting on the edge of his double bed.

‘Five months’ you whisper

‘What?’ he asks

‘Five months’ you tell him a little louder, he jumps from the bed.

‘FIVE MONTHS, you fucking hide that from me for five months, I’m meant to be your brother, your twin fucking brother and you didn’t tell me you were stupid enough to get pregnant?’ he yells.

‘Calum when we found out it wasn’t the right time to tell you, we th…’ again you’re cut off.

‘Jesus Christ of course he would have known about it, and he’s been hiding it from me, I can’t believe this, what the hell has been done. Yes Ashton you can date my sister. Yes Ashton you can ask her to be your girlfriend. NO ASHTON YOU CANT GET HER FUCKING PREGNANT. He fucking missed that question.’ Calum rages

‘Calum, for Christ sake stop’ you tell him.

‘FUCK YOU’ he shouts, it’s angry but he drops on the bed, his head in his hands and you hear him sniff, he’s crying be always does cry when he’s mad. You over to sit next to him.

‘Calum, I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I thought I would leave it a couple of weeks, I didn’t want you to be distracted when you were starting your tour but then a couple of weeks become a couple of month and I couldn’t find the right time and the courage to tell you. Calum please don’t be mad at me’ you beg him, moving your hand to the back of his neck to play with the bottom of his hair, something you always do when he’s sad.

‘I’m more disappointed that anything else’ he mumbles.

‘I know Cal, I’m 18, I have no money, no house, and I know this isn’t ideal. And I’m sorry if I’m not the sister you wanted me to be, expected me to be. Please just don’t hate me Cal, don’t leave me, I need my big brother’ you beg, the tears running down your face now.

‘Hey, stop, (Y/N) I didn’t mean you had disappointed me; I meant that I was disappointed you didn’t trust me enough to tell me. God I love you (Y/N) your my sister my twin sister, I would just like to acknowledge the fact you finally agreed I am your big brother’ he comments making your narrow your eyes at him slightly.

‘Twenty minutes okay, older by twenty minutes and I was just trying to make you feel better so shhh’ you nudge his shoulder.

‘Okay well, I love you. And I am going to love him or her, my little niece or nephew. And I am always going to be her to support you because I know you will be the best mum in the world.’ He tells you, wrapping one arm around your shoulders and pulling you into him while he places his other hand on your bump.

‘Want to know a secret? Ashton doesn’t know this yet’ you whisper as your twin holds you in his arms. He pulls out and looks at you wiggling his eyebrows in excitement.

‘Spill’ he eggs you on.

‘Its twins, boy and girl’ you tell him, he grabs you again and hold you close.

‘I mini me and you, fucking amazing’ he laughs into your ear. 

From Chesea