You can be sure

That anyone attacking Adam Driver for joining the military after 9/11 wasn’t alive or wasn’t nearly old enough to be aware at the time and thus has not the slightest clue what it was like.

Seeing thousands slain just because they showed up for work that day changed everything. People forced to choose between falling 100 stories or burning by their desks. Killed by strangers who hated them and hated life. Everyone, Democrat and Republican, young and old, wanted to strike back at Al-Qaeda and the country that gave refuge to Osama Bin Laden. That impulse had nothing to do with race or religion.

More importantly, Driver, rather than playing into a simplistic narrative of being a selfless, patriotic poster boy, has been critical of his rush to serve and the ultimate wisdom and efficacy of his desire for vengeance. It’s important that a prominent former marine acknowledges that mindset, as it might encourage others to talk about their experiences. It might even dissuade other young men from joining for reasons they might eventually regret.

Shaming Driver’s honesty over his entirely commonplace and understandable anger doesn’t help. Lying about and twisting his words to calumniate his character is inexcusable and transparent. Driver has helped raise awareness about problematic issues in the US military. Attacking him in such a dishonest and merciless fashion is actively encouraging those who have served, those who may regret joining and are struggling to find an outlet for their feelings, to stay silent and not speak out, lest they face similar public shaming from ignorant, immature and antipathetic voices.  

So please, Star Wars fans attacking Adam, grow up, learn about history, get some empathy and stop attacking a man who shared the anger of 300 million other Americans and is now helping service members find their voices.  


❝In private life, she was not in the least what her calumniators would have wished her to be. She was very quiet, had a great natural dignity, and was extremely intelligent. She was also exceedingly sensitive.❞  - Dame Edith Sitwell

There was no such person as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was an invention of hers. A genius invention that she created, like an author creates a character. She understood photography, and she also understood what makes a great photograph. She related to it as if she were giving a performance. She gave more to the still camera than any actress- any woman- I’ve ever photographed.❞  - Richard Avedon

❝ She went right down into her own persosnal experience for everything, reached down and pulled something out of herself that was unique and extraordinary. She had no techniques. It was all the truth, it was only Marilyn.❞  - John Huston

I found myself in the privileged position of photographing somebody who I had first thought had a gift for the camera, but who turned out had a genius for it. She had a naive quality, but she also had a great sense of showmanship and self-promotion. She was very clever. She was able to assess each photographer. Even if it was only an amateur with a box camera, she worked with the same diligence that she would have if she were working with a top professional. She would photograph ten pounds lighter which is against every rule in the book. The smile was brilliant. Her skin was translucent; white luminous. She was always sort of golden-looking, and because she had a down of just very fine golden hairs on her face, it trapped the light and caused an aureole to form, giving her a faint glow. It was extraordinary. I’ve never seen it before. It was nimbus, so that she looked almost angelic.❞  - Eve Arnold

Marilyn would have been 91 today. I want to wish her all of the love in the world. Happy Birthday, Norma Jeane. You are so special. I love you. ♡ 

Another year, I’m reminded to keep Marilyn’s legacy alive in the truest way I can; sharing truthful statements, tidbits of knowledge and accurate quotes. It was important to Marilyn to be remembered as she was, to be quoted correctly.

❝Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe. I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one. I want to be an artist, an actress with integrity.❞ - Marilyn Monroe

1ˢᵗ of June, ¹⁹²⁶ - 5ᵗʰ of August, ¹⁹⁶²

RHIANNON: She played a number of roles familiar to Celtic mythology: the Otherworld Mistress, the Calumniated Wife and finally the Sovereign Queen. Earlier prototypes of this Rhiannon, whose mythology is expounded in First and Third branches, can be found in the pagan goddesses Matrona ‘Great Mother’, and Epona, the Gaulish horse goddess found throughout Europe, as far apart as Rome and Hadrien’s Wall. The myth of Rhiannon represents the transitional point from the pagan rituals of the Horse Goddess cult, into its sublimated form: the chivalric mysteries of courtly love.

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Psalms 1: For removal of the ungodly from a group; for a safe pregnancy.
Psalms 2: To aid in disbanding and breaking up enemy conspiracies.
Psalms 3: For relief from a severe headache or from back pain.
Psalms 4: For restful and peaceful sleep; to change one’s luck from bad to good.
Psalms 5: For finding favor with authorities or superiors in business.
Psalms 6: For healing diseases of the eye; for protection in the dark.
Psalms 7: To stop conspiracies, enemy pursuit, for court cases.
Psalms 8: Business success through the good will of associates; blessing of oils.
Psalms 9: To punish enemies; to restore health to male children; for court cases.
Psalms 10: To cleanse off an unclean, restless, or intranquil spirit.
Psalms 11: To cast off fear; for righteous retribution against your foes.
Psalms 12: For protection against severe persecution or oppression.
Psalms 13: For safety from unnatural death; for curing painful eye diseases.
Psalms 14: To stop libel and slander from tarnishing the trust others have in you.
Psalms 15: To exorcise evil spirits and devils from a person; for mental peace.
Psalms 16: To identify a thief; to change sorrow to joy and heal to pain.
Psalms 17: For safe travel abroad and to help bring a loved one safely home.
Psalms 18: To drive off approaching robbers; for anointing the sick to cure them.
Psalms 19: For help in childbirth, for release from jail, to remove evil spirits.
Psalms 20: Protection from danger for a day; to be justified in a court case.
Psalms 21: To both calm a storm and to offer protection for seafarers and sailors.
Psalms 22: For travel protection from dangerous storms, pirates, beasts, and men.
Psalms 23: For prosperity, love, protection, wisdom, and guidance.
Psalms 24: For protection from floods and escape from rising waters.
Psalms 25: Forgiveness of the sins of youth; protection from capture.
Psalms 26: For the release of someone from confinement or from jail.
Psalms 27: For protection and hospitality while one is travelling abroad.
Psalms 28: To bring back estranged friends who have become hostile to you.
Psalms 29: To drive out devils and restore peace and tranquility to the home.
Psalms 30: For protection from enemies; for recovery from severe illnesses.
Psalms 31: For protection from conspiracies, back-biting, and gossip.
Psalms 32: To gain respect, love, grace, and blessings from Heaven.
Psalms 33: To protect, unite, and bless all of the members of a family.
Psalms 34: To destroy and reverse back evil; for protection while travelling.
Psalms 35: For justice to prevail in court cases and legal matters.
Psalms 36: For protection from slander and gossip and to expose liars.
Psalms 37: For protection against slander, gossip, lies, and evil-doers.
Psalms 38: To help in court cases where slander fouled up the proceedings.
Psalms 39: To turn around a court case when false testimony has been given.
Psalms 40: For protection against evil spirits and to cast them out.
Psalms 41: To restore a good name if slander and gossip have ruined a reputation.
Psalms 42: For spiritual guidance; for answers in dreams; for love reconciliation.
Psalms 43: To work against slander and wicked people; to turn back evil.
Psalms 44: To guard and protect against enemies, invading armies, or war.
Psalms 45: For peace between husband and wife; to calm an angry spouse.
Psalms 46: To help a struggling marriage; to soothe marital tensions.
Psalms 47: To gain favour from those in power; for mastery over people.
Psalms 48: To destroy hateful and envious enemies; to seize them with terror.
Psalms 49: To help heal and ease serious illnesses, diseases, and fevers.
Psalms 50: For healing; to overcome fevers and other forms of sickness.
Psalms 51: For cleansing and removing sin, especially after acts of revenge.
Psalms 52: To end all manner of gossip and calumny by poison-tongued people.
Psalms 53: To protect from enemies whose names are known or unknown.
Psalms 54: To give protection by reversing works of evil and malice.
Psalms 55: To call upon the Lord to bring down retribution against attackers.
Psalms 56: For intercession by the Almighty to remove temptation and bad habits.
Psalms 57: To turn around one’s luck, changing bad luck into good luck.
Psalms 58: For warding off snakes and wild beasts; to reverse evil unto enemies.
Psalms 59: To bring down the vengeance of the Lord against one’s enemies.
Psalms 60: For the Lord to march into battle and protect His soldiers.
Psalms 61: For a new home to be fixed with good fortune, happiness, and peace.
Psalms 62: For forgiveness of sins and to gain the blessing of the Lord.
Psalms 63: To protect from being victimized by business partners and investors.
Psalms 64: For protection, especially while at sea, and for a safe return.
Psalms 65: For road opening that breaks through barriers and leads to success.
Psalms 66: To remove evil spirits; to heal those possessed; for wishes to come true.
Psalms 67: Against illness and fever; to free one who has been imprisoned or bound.
Psalms 68: Recited while preparing baths that are used to exorcise evil spirits.
Psalms 69: To free one from slavery to addictions and unhealthy habits.
Psalms 70: To cast down and reverse the wickedness wrought by enemies.
Psalms 71: To release clients from prison, for acquittals in court cases.
Psalms 72: To craft charms and talismans that bring a client favour and grace.
Psalms 73: To protect travellers against religious persecution in foreign lands.
Psalms 74: For an end to persecution and to destroy oppressors and persecutors.
Psalms 75: Used along with specially prepared baths for the cleansing of sins.
Psalms 76: For the Lord’s intercession, to provide protection from all attacks.
Psalms 77: Used against danger, poverty, chronic illness, drought, and famine.
Psalms 78: To gain favors from kings, princes, and other government officials.
Psalms 79: To utterly destroy the wicked and also to cast fatal curses.
Psalms 80: To end spiritual doubts and to prevent people falling into unbelief.
Psalms 81: To save people from error and mistakes, for safety from accidents.
Psalms 82: To facilitate business deals and assist those making investments.
Psalms 83: To keep clients safe during times of war, persecution, and captivity.
Psalms 84: For healing, especially when the body has contracted unusual odors.
Psalms 85: To soften hearts and restore peace to friends who have become enemies.
Psalms 86: To bring goodness, spiritual peace, and happiness to the community.
Psalms 87: To cleanse the community before starting healing and blessing work.
Psalms 88: To remove evil and bring blessings; used with baths and talismans.
Psalms 89: To anoint the sick, to secure a release from prison, for psychic vision.
Psalms 90: Used with Psalms 91 for protection; also to bless the work of the hands.
Psalms 91: For protection from distress and harm; to exorcize evil spirits.
Psalms 92: Prayed over herbal baths used to bring good fortune and high honors.
Psalms 93: Against prosecution by unjust and oppressive men; to win in court.
Psalms 94: For protection and to turn all evil back onto your enemies.
Psalms 95: To cleanse sins; to pray for guidance and forgiveness for enemies.
Psalms 96: To bless a family and bring happiness, peace, and joy to them.
Psalms 97: Used with Psalms 96 for healing, blessing, and cleansing a family.
Psalms 98: To restore peace between two hostile families; to bless a home.
Psalms 99: For praise and devotion to God; to gain conversation with God.
Psalms 100: To bring victory against enemies by uplifting the client.
Psalms 101: For protection against enemies and to be rid of evil spirits.
Psalms 102: For assistance in matters of fertility and to be granted grace.
Psalms 103: For help in conceiving of a child and for the forgiveness of sins.
Psalms 104: To cleanse away evil; to bless natural curios and spiritual supplies.
Psalms 105: For healing illnesses, especially recurrent or periodic fevers.
Psalms 106: For healing and to restore one to health, especially from fevers.
Psalms 107: For remission or healing from periodic or recurrent fevers.
Psalms 108: Utilized in a spell for financial success in your place of business.
Psalms 109: Used in a powerful curse against oppressive, slanderous enemies.
Psalms 110: For victory; to cause enemies to bow before you and beg for mercy.
Psalms 111: Recited to acquire many friends, as well as respect, and admiration.
Psalms 112: To increase in might and power, for success, abundance, and blessings.
Psalms 113: Prayers and blessings for those in need; to stop infidelity and heresy.
Psalms 114: Used in a spell for success in matters of finance, business, and money.
Psalms 115: To foster truth-telling, for victory in debate over scoffers and mockers.
Psalms 116: Recited daily for protection from violent or sudden death or injury.
Psalms 117: For forgiveness of a failure to keep a vow or promise that you made.
Psalms 118: For protection against those who try to misguide or lead you astray.
Psalms 119: The longest Psalm, its 22 alphabetic divisions cover all human problems.
Psalms 120: For success in court and for protection against snakes and scorpions.
Psalms 121: For safety at night, both during sleep and while travelling in darkness.
Psalms 122: For peace within a city, and to gain the favour of those in high station.
Psalms 123: Employed in a spell to cause a servant, trainee, or employee to return.
Psalms 124: Cleansing of the soul, protection at sea and from being wronged.
Psalms 125: For protection in foreign lands and against those who work iniquity.
Psalms 126: After miscarriage or the death of a child; for the next child to live.
Psalms 127: Placed in a mojo for the protection and blessing of a newborn baby.
Psalms 128: For a fortunate, accident-free pregnancy; for uncomplicated childbirth.
Psalms 129: Recited daily to prepare one for a long life of virtue and good works.
Psalms 130: Recited to the four quarters when passing by sentries in a war zone.
Psalms 131: Recited three times a day to reduce one’s sin of pride and scornfulness.
Psalms 132: To remediate one’s unpunctuality and failure to perform duties on time.
Psalms 133: To retain the love and respect of friends and to gain many more friends.
Psalms 134: For altar work in matters of higher education and for success in school.
Psalms 135: For repentance, spirituality, and rededication of one’s life to God.
Psalms 136: Recited on behalf of those who wish to confess and be cleansed of sins.
Psalms 137: For cleansing of the heart and soul from hate, envy, evil, and vice.
Psalms 138: Recited daily to bring love and friendship from the Lord.
Psalms 139: To nurture and maintain love, especially within the context of marriage.
Psalms 140: To restore tranquility and to preserve and maintain relationships.
Psalms 141: To ward against terror and fear and against looming oppression.
Psalms 142: To heal the body, restore health, and alleviate pain and suffering.
Psalms 143: To heal bodily limbs, especially the arms and to alleviate pain.
Psalms 144: To speed up healing and to ensure the perfect mend of a broken arm.
Psalms 145: To cleanse and purify clients who are beset by ghosts or evil spirits.
Psalms 146: Used with altar work for healing and recovery after being wounded.
Psalms 147: For healing wounds and bites from snakes, insects, and other animals.
Psalms 148: Used with Psalms 149 to keep clients safe from accidents by fire.
Psalms 149: Used with altar work to protect against fire-related accidents.
Psalms 150: For the glory of the Lord and to give thanks for His intervention.

cassie-steps  asked:

Can I have a scenario of kisuke with his family please? (Noididntreadyourtags)

This was supposed to be fluffy but somehow it ended up being a whole range of things. In this universe, all you need to know is that Kisuke is married, has one bio kid as well as the two crazy murder pre-teens, and there is no war. Shhh. It’s fine. No bad things happen.

“Boss!” Tessai had dropped to his knees, and Kisuke suppressed a sigh.

“Yes, Tessai?” He asked, prepared for some strange apology for a sin only Tessai would worry about.

“The young miss has hidden herself somewhere in a fit of sadness, and I cannot find her. I am sorry. My penitence will never be enough.”

“Hidden herself?” he asked. A frown made its way onto his face.

“She’s crying,” Jinta explained, looking more ill-at-ease than he was comfortable with. “It’s weird.”

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Abigail Adams: interracial relationships and immigration.

Everyone loves Abigail Adams, it is not difficult to conclude, and I do as well, however, I am a little concerned by the growing amount of people who seem to believe Abigail never did a single thing wrong in her life. She may of almost not done anything horrid but her views on certain aspects primarily concerning interracial relationships and immigrants are far from it. I have seen quite often historical women not being held accountable for their actions mainly, it seems, because they were women and facing injustices already for their sex. These women still held the same racist, xenophobic or sexist views we point to men of the time. It is a failure to recognize these regards especially those towards Abigail Adams. 

While Abigail never owned a slave in her life and was far ahead of her time when it came to the institution–she still was racist. On the 18th of September 1785 penned from her current residence in London while her husband, John Adams served in diplomatic missions, Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her son-in-law William Stephens Smith. Having recently attended a London performance of Othello, Abigail Adams admitted her “disgust and horrour” at seeing the “Sooty” title character “touch the Gentle Desdemona.”

“I was last Evening however at Drury Lane and Saw for the first time Mrs. Siddons… She appeard in the tradegy of Othello, and acted the part of Desdemona. Othello was represented blacker than any affrican… I saw the sooty… [man] touch the fair Desdemona”

After the sentence above, she crossed out this text:

“but I So powerfull was prejudice that I could not seperate the coulour from the Man and by which means”


“That most incomparable Speach of Othellos lost half its force and Beauty, because I could not Seperate the coulour from the Man…”

To her sister, Elizabeth she wrote of the event:

“I lost much of the pleasure of the play from the Sooty appearance of the Moor… I could not separate the affrican colour from the man, nor prevent the disgust and hourror while filld my mind every time I saw him touch Gentle Desmodona.”

As you can see, even Abigail Adams who held a famous abhorrence for enslavement of slavery, still could not find in her self acceptance toward interracial relationships or discover a way she could put the races of these persons aside. Above she goes as far as to admit she could not separate the race from the character and held such a “powerfull” distaste at the performance that it ruined the entire night for her. It filled her with “disgust and hourror” to even witness a black touching a white. 

After the Alien and Sedition Acts were striding through Congress during her husband’s presidency, she grew embittered over the published public scorn against him and the Acts. She wrote fervent letters in support of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Until Congress passed a sedition ill, she warned her sister-in-law that nothing would halt the “wicked and base violent and calumniating abuse” of the Republican papers.” She added that in “any other country, Bache [in reference to Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson of the founder Benjamin Franklin who authored a famous Republican paper titled the Aurora before dying of yellow fever in 1798] and all of his papers would have been seized long ago.” 

She hoped the Alien Act would be invoked to out the Swiss-born Republican Albert Gallatin, a leader in the House of Representatives after James Madison’s departure. She considered the immigrant Gallatin a traitor to his country. Abigail also distrusted immigrants, averting that “a more careful and attentive watch ought to be kept over foreigners.”

It is beliefs such as these that I frequently observe being swept under the rug. Abigail Adams was in no way pure and could not locate in herself a way to overlook race nor was she for immigrants, the very thing her country was founded upon. 

So y’all may have noticed I’m way more vocally critical of the Left than the Right. 

…I used to be conservative. Like, hardcore, ‘read transcripts of Rush Limbaugh and National Review daily, anti-gay, pro-life’ cultural conservative. Past!me proooobably would have voted for Trump, with varying degrees of guilt the farther forward you go. 

When I see conservatives doing garbage things, I roll my eyes, because typical, ugh. Then I do what I can to fight back, whether it’s ‘call my senators’ or ‘sign a petition’ or ‘volunteer at the local lefty caucus’ or what have you. It’s just the way that things are- as long as conservatives exist in America the way they do right now, they’re going to be trying to pull this kind of garbage. I’m so desensitized to it that it barely even makes me angry anymore unless it’s right in my face. Frustrated, heartbroken, depressed? Sure. But not angry.

I get madder when people on the left try to do garbage things, because goddammit we’re supposed to be the good guys. Or at least trying. We’re not supposed to be curtailing people’s rights and advocating violence and being pointlessly cruel. 

So it pisses me off more and I rant about it more. It’s not indicative of my Opinions. 

Botticelli, Calumny of Apelles, 1494, Tempera on Panel. 

An innocent man is dragged before the king’s throne by the personifications of Calumny, Malice, Fraud and Envy. They are followed to one side by Remorse, depicted as an old woman,  who turns her face to Truth, who is pointing towards heaven. Truth’s nudity is not sexual but is intended to connect her to the innocence of infantile youth. 

Words that I forget I love:

paucity (n) - smallness of quantity; scarcity

egregious (adj) - extraordinary in some bad way

calumny (n) - making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone’s reputation

mellifluous (adj) - smooth and flowing with sweetness

Some Fight Left In Me

For liberaldisaster, who requested a fic about Enjolras and his service dog. Written on my phone since my computer is still dead, so please forgive any weird autocorrects I didn’t catch.

Developing E/R, modern AU. Warnings for brief mentions of violence/injury and injury recovery.

Both Enjolras and the labradoodle at his feet lifted their heads as Grantaire clattered into the room, but as soon as the dog saw who it was, he set his head back down on his paws. “Enjolras,” Grantaire panted, out of breath. “A bunch of us are getting coffee and I–” He broke off, wheezing. “Christ, I’m out of shape.”

Enjolras hid a smile. “You’re getting coffee and wanted to invite me?” he guessed. “You know, you own this thing called a cellphone that allows you to text or call me instead running all the way over here.”

Grantaire shrugged, still breathing heavily. “Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” he asked. “Besides, I’m better at guilting you in person than over the phone.”

“Fair enough,” Enjolras said after he rolled his eyes goodnaturedly. “So where are you planning on going, anyway?”

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Shema Yisrael, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echad, Our hearts will never accept any G-d other than the Creator of the Universe. I do not think that even the angels in Heaven believed that, after all the  calumnies against Am Yisrael during the Holocaust and after all the bloodshed and the agonizing deaths of millions - that after all this, the Jewish People would still stand forth as the torchbearers of faith in G-d, declaring, ‘Despite it all, we have not forgotten Your Name!’ With perfect faith we still shout forth from the depths of our hearts, ‘Shema Yisrael.’
—  The Kaliver Rebbe