Hold Me Down

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Summary: Beer tastes like metallic, but his lips taste like cigarettes and she can’t get enough of it as she rides his thigh with his hands pressed firmly against her ass and hips.

Word Count: 2,244

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Calum Imagine

Hey! I’m so sorry if this isn’t how you imagined it to be, but I tried my best. Sorry for the suckish quality as it is my first ever imagine. However, I really hope that you’ll enjoy reading it (: - Felinsha xx

  As you walked down the dark alleyway, you started to hear voices and footsteps coming closer to you by the second. With every single step you took, your heart pounded against your rib cage and every single cell in your body told you to run and call for help. Without thinking, you hand reached inside your bag, reached for your phone and dialled the first number that came into your head, praying to God that he would answer.


“Hello Y/N?” his groggy voice filled your ears, not fully paying attention.


“Cal, I need you to come and help me. There’s a guy following me home and I don’t know what to do.” you said, whispering into your phone hurriedly. You heard him getting out of bed, now fully aware of what’s going on.


“Where are you? I’m coming to pick you up right now.” his voice evident with panic. Just as you were about to tell him where you are, a boy shoved you on to the wall. Instinctively, you called Calum’s name out in horror.


“Y/N! Y/N! What happened? Where are you?!” Calum’s alarmed voice rung out. You tried to answer but one of the boys had his palms covering your mouth tightly. You could hear Calum cussing repeatedly when you didn’t answer him.


“Your boyfriend isn’t going to save you, princess.” he whispered smugly into your ear. Mustering up all your courage, you bit his hand.


“You bitch!” he shrieked as he pulled his hand away from your mouth. You ran as fast as you can away from them, but they were too fast.


 Within a matter of seconds, you were on the ground, flailing helplessly as he held you down. You gasped as a hand came in contact with you cheek, surely leaving a red mark.


“You. Will. Not. Do. That. Again.” he stated, kicking your sides in between every single word and when you didn’t answer him, he continued kicking you until you were numb. When he was satisfied with his work, he looked down at your paralyzed body in disgust and with a final shove, he left.


 With the little energy you have left, you miraculously managed to get to your phone and dialled Calum’s number once again.


“Y/N! Where are you?!” he shrieked the second he answered the phone.


“I-I’m in alleyway between (insert 2 street names). Please Cal, hurry up.” you begged, knowing that you weren’t going to stay awake for long.


 The darkness seemed to reach out to you, pulling you in - into its alluring big, black hole. You could faintly hear a voice calling out your name, hurried footsteps getting closer by the second, a hand reaching out for your lifeless body.


“Shit Y/N, stay with me, okay? I promise you, you’ll be okay. Just please, stay awake baby. For me.” you hear Calum’s frightened voice trying to soothe you as he carried you in his toned arms.   




 “Yeah mate, the doctor said that once she gains consciousness, she’ll be allowed to come back home.” you heard an all-too-familiar voice talking to someone on the phone excitedly. You decided to stay quiet and listen to their conversation for a while until you got bored and wanted to actually do something.


 As you tried to sit up, an overwhelming pain took over your body, causing you to plop back down on to the bed and groan out in frustration. You noticed a look of surprise on his face once he realized that you were finally awake. He quickly ended his call and rushed over to your side.


“You’re awake! You’re finally awake!” Calum squealed, smothering you with kisses.


 You chuckled at his childishness but stopped when you felt a throbbing pain in your sides, causing you to wince. His face that was once plastered with a smile immediately disappeared when he noticed your expression change.


“Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Do you need me to call the doctor?” he gushed a mouthful of questions at you, worry written all over his face.


“I’m fine, I’m fine. Just a little bruising and all.” you said reassuring him that you were fine. He visibly relaxed and that’s when you noticed - his eyes that were usually filled with happiness are now red and bloodshot.


“Babe.. Did you cry?” you asked him teasingly.


“What? Pfft, me? Crying? No way!” he said swatting his hands back and forth, trying to deny the obvious truth.


“Calum, I’m being serious. Why?” you said, seriously.


 He looked you right into your eyes and said, “Why? Are you serious, Y/N? Someone tried something on you. Physically abused you until you were left on the ground like a pulp. Do you know what it feels like to see someone you love almost die right in front of your eyes? Do you know how much pain it caused me to see you like that?” his voice cracking towards the end.


 The facade he had of trying to be strong instantly went out the window as he explained. Tears streaming freely down his beautiful face. You reached out to wipe the tears away, but he turned his head around, refusing to let you see him so vulnerable.


“Gosh, I must look so ugly right now?” Calum said chuckling lightly. Without second thoughts, you gave him an are-you-kidding-me-look. He simply laughed at your reaction and climbed into the hospital bed, hugging the life out of you.


“To me, you always look beautiful, princess. You are perfect, did you know that?” he said, kissing the top of your forehead.

 Struggling to keep your eyes open, you fell asleep to the sound of his melodic voice whispering sweet nothings to you.


Requested: Yes

Summary: She was rich beyond belief, and Calum was well- scraping by. He’s wanted to bruise her lips with his ever since they first met, and now he finally does it.

Word Count: 3424

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IMAGINE going on vacation to Paris; one morning you decided to go to a cafe a few streets away from your hotel. The minute you walked inside, someone walked up to you. His brown eyes were humble, and his smile so sweet. “Hi- I’m Calum….I know we’ve just met but would you mind if you sat with me? You’re awfully gorgeous.” And that was the beginning of it all.

Going Crazy // Calum Hood

 As the teacher kept on giving you and your classmates a useless lecture, Calum would stare at you constantly.

He was making you nervous- made you go crazy. He was so darn cute, and at times you just wanted to pull him in for a kiss.

You’ve had this crush on him for a while now, and he was finally beginning to feel the same. He was beginning to talk to you a lot more now, and whenever he approached you in the hallway you heart would race.

 Watching the piece of paper slide slowly on his desk, and fall to the floor, you quickly picked it up pretending you dropped something.

i think ur beautiful Y/N…do you have a boyfriend? - cal

Staring at the words on the paper, you couldn’t help but turn red. Quickly glancing at Calum, he turned away and grinned widely.

Your hands were shaking as you wrote your response.

no…im not taken…and thanks….- y/n

Sighing with your awkward pauses, you let the paper fall to his side. You were new to all of this, and in this moment you just wanted to go outside and breathe.

As Calum was about to pass his paper back to me, the teacher caught our note passing, and snatched the paper.

“Well- well what is this? Let’s see what you said Calum shall we?”, she shook her head with disappointment.

Calum just chuckled- “Read it..”, his teeth sinked into his bottom lip when he turned to you.

‘I want you to be mine.“, your teacher read out loud and the class went crazy.

Within seconds of nothing but whispers, the bell ringed, and you were out the door.

’'Hey hold on!”, you heard Calum’s voice from behind you. Gently taking your hand as you were walking, you smiled.

“So what do you say?”, he asked you, looking into your eyes.

Slowly nodding, you saw your next class beside you. Pressing your lips on Calum’s without control, you couldn’t believe you just did that.

Your eyes widened, and your breath hitched. Believing you were doing the wrong thing, Calum instead wrapped his arms around your middle, and brought you closer.

His soft, wet lips would passionately slowly press against yours, as your heart fluttered. Realizing you were in the middle of the hallway kissing, you let go before the bell ringed. 

Letting go of your hand, Calum couldn’t stop smiling and laughing- “Bye beautiful.”

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5sos preference: how he/you wake(s) you/him up on the weekend
  • Calum: Cal usually wakes up a few hours before you, because he absolutely loves watching the sun rise from your house. He knows exactly when you'll wake up, and he climbs in bed, watching you until you realize he's there. Then he cuddles you and tells you how much he loves you until he carries you downstairs to breakfast.
  • Ashton: Ash is a violent sleeper, so he usually wakes you up first with his kicking. When he does, you hit him in the head with your pillow, and he wakes up laughing, hugging you until you go back to sleep. When you wake up again, he whispers song lyrics in your ear, before you force him to go brush his teeth, because he has awful morning breath.
  • Michael: Mikey hates mornings, and you always wake up before him. When he gets up, hes usually grumpy, but always hugs you. He kisses your nose and tells you how lucky he is to have you, and how much he loves you, even with an awful bed head.
  • Luke: Luke can never sleep for more than 8 hours, so he's always up before you. He makes breakfast, setting the table and picking flowers from your back yard. Then he goes to you, rubbing your back to wake you up. He holds your hand as he walks you down to the dining room, and telling you how much he loves you all the way down.

Someone from another band post about you in their account and tag your boyfriend

Prince Calum Pt. 3

Requested: Yes

Summary: The last ball of the year in Calum’s kingdom. Everything fell apart in between you two over the past month, but one dance can bring back all of those beautiful memories. A red rose can symbolize love, but for you two it was such a deeper meaning.

Word Count:


[i think this is the last part btw]

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