Hold Me Down

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Summary: Beer tastes like metallic, but his lips taste like cigarettes and she can’t get enough of it as she rides his thigh with his hands pressed firmly against her ass and hips.

Word Count: 2,244

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Imagine taking care of Calum when he’s sick...

“I’m too hot!” Calum whined, kicking the blanket you’d wrapped around him onto the floor, his head pushing back against the couch as he coughed. “And I can’t breathe.” 
“I know Cal,” You replied, stirring the cup of tea you had in your hand. 
You made your way over to him, passing him the mug as you sat down. Calum looked at it for a second before placing it onto the coffee table. 
“I don’t want tea.” 
He pouted miserably as you chuckled, his expression reminiscent of a small child. 
“You have to keep your fluids up.” 
“I just want to be comfortable.” 

With a small smile you scooted to the far end of the couch, motioning him towards you when you stretched one of your legs up over the cushions. With a cough Calum laid down between your legs, his arms winding around your waist as he buried his face into your stomach, his sniffling muffled by the fabric. Your fingers threaded up through his messy curls as you hummed under your breath, smiling widely when his breathing started evening out. 
“Thank you,” He mumbled quietly. 
“Get some sleep alright?” 
One of your hands moved from his hair to run lazily up along his spine, lulling you to sleep along with him. 

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Going Crazy // Calum Hood

 As the teacher kept on giving you and your classmates a useless lecture, Calum would stare at you constantly.

He was making you nervous- made you go crazy. He was so darn cute, and at times you just wanted to pull him in for a kiss.

You’ve had this crush on him for a while now, and he was finally beginning to feel the same. He was beginning to talk to you a lot more now, and whenever he approached you in the hallway you heart would race.

 Watching the piece of paper slide slowly on his desk, and fall to the floor, you quickly picked it up pretending you dropped something.

i think ur beautiful Y/N…do you have a boyfriend? - cal

Staring at the words on the paper, you couldn’t help but turn red. Quickly glancing at Calum, he turned away and grinned widely.

Your hands were shaking as you wrote your response.

no…im not taken…and thanks….- y/n

Sighing with your awkward pauses, you let the paper fall to his side. You were new to all of this, and in this moment you just wanted to go outside and breathe.

As Calum was about to pass his paper back to me, the teacher caught our note passing, and snatched the paper.

“Well- well what is this? Let’s see what you said Calum shall we?”, she shook her head with disappointment.

Calum just chuckled- “Read it..”, his teeth sinked into his bottom lip when he turned to you.

‘I want you to be mine.“, your teacher read out loud and the class went crazy.

Within seconds of nothing but whispers, the bell ringed, and you were out the door.

’'Hey hold on!”, you heard Calum’s voice from behind you. Gently taking your hand as you were walking, you smiled.

“So what do you say?”, he asked you, looking into your eyes.

Slowly nodding, you saw your next class beside you. Pressing your lips on Calum’s without control, you couldn’t believe you just did that.

Your eyes widened, and your breath hitched. Believing you were doing the wrong thing, Calum instead wrapped his arms around your middle, and brought you closer.

His soft, wet lips would passionately slowly press against yours, as your heart fluttered. Realizing you were in the middle of the hallway kissing, you let go before the bell ringed. 

Letting go of your hand, Calum couldn’t stop smiling and laughing- “Bye beautiful.”

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It Can’t Be You // Superhero!AU

You Are In Love // Soulmate!AU // tsinspired!5sos

Princess // roommate!5sos in which Calum isn’t who he appears to be

Apocalypse // Calum saves you from 2 armed men NEW

Dangerous // in which Calum has offended your gang


domestic!calum // halloween NEW

Imagine Cal as an Uber Driver



snowball fight

-Prompt Blurbs:

firewhiskey ft. gryffindor cal (hogwarts!5sos)


Somebody Else - The 1975* // in which Luke cheats on you

Gasoline^ // demon!Luke isn’t able to take your soul

Temporary // in which you are CEO!Luke’s personal assistant


Catch 22 // with a last kiss, you leave me wanting more

luke appreciation //  ← what that said

sculptures // ft. camp counselor!luke

-Prompt Blurbs:

“kissing me’s not going to change anything”

“if you hate me so much, then why are you here” + “tell me you don’t still think about us”


Do You Trust Me? | Part 2 // magician!michael is also a con artist

Space | Part 2 // where you’re pregnant and michael’s never home // breakup!5sos




Pretty Lights // childhood friends // tsinspired!5sos

With Me // Ashton leaves for tour // short imagine

Brothers Best Friend Pt 4

Days had went by and you and Calum hadn’t spoken a word. He hadn’t been over to your house, always giving Mikey an excuse as to why he couldn’t come over.

You sat on the kitchen barstool and drank your tea, flipping through an old Cosmo magazine. As you were reading another dumbass Kardashian story the back door bursted open. You heard laughter and then the laughter stopped.

“Oh hey y/n.” Calum said. You could tell that he had not planned on you being there.

“I thought you said you had the house to yourself today.” He sharply said to Mikey.

Mikey shrugged. “I guess not. What’s up sis?”

You stared at Calum and then shook your head to get your eyes off of him. His eyes were so sad, so cold.

“Yeah sorry about that. My class got cancelled. I can go if you want me to?” You said to your brother.

“Nah you’re fine. Right Cal?” Mikey said smiling to his best friend.

Calum shrugged and looked at the ground.

“You haven’t been here in a while..” You said to the brown haired boy.

He sighed. “Been busy.”

“I see.” You said, looking back down at your magazine.

“Actually I’m glad you’re here sis, we are trying to pick out prom ties but we are kind of lost.” Mikey said bringing a book over to you.

“Oh okay, what color are your tuxes?” You asked as you flipped through the book.

“Black and white. But the girls demanded we match their dresses. You know how girls are.” Mikey said nudging you and smiling.

“Oh! Dates.” You said, feeling a tingle of jealousy in your body.

“Well yeah. Didn’t expect two handsome stallions like us to go stag now did ya?” Mikey laughed.

“No, no. Of course not. Who are you going with?” You said, flipping through the pages and trying to act uninterested.

“I’m going with Tamilia and Cal’s going with his girlfriend Shane.” He said smiling at Calum.

“I see.” You said giving a fake smile.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Calum said.

“Yet. The way y'all have been acting at school it won’t be long.” Mikey said winking at him.

You looked at Calum and scoffed. “That’s cute.” You said, biting your tongue and flipping through the pages.

“So what color are their dresses?” You asked as you looked at them. You could feel the annoyance on your face.

“Blue. Like a bright turquoise blue.” Mikey shrugged.

“Oh that’ll be so pretty with her dark skin and black hair. She’s a gorgeous girl. If she’s wearing turquoise then there’s your answer-a turquoise tie. Like this one.” You said pointing to a beautiful blue silk tie.

“Nice.” He said smiling.

“And you?” You asked Calum.

“Red.” He answered.

“Figures.” You said turning the pages.

“Huh?” Calum asked confused.

“Oh nothing. It’ll be pretty with her skankish blonde hair.” You scoffed.

“Skankish? Why would you say that?” Calum asked, anger filling his voice.

“Just some things I’ve heard. Perfect for you, right?” You said looking into his eyes.

His eyes burned a hole into your soul. You looked down and went back to flipping through the pages. “This one.” You said as you pointed to a bright red silk tie.

“I don’t need your help. Shane can help me. I’ve always heard that skanks have great taste.” He said glaring at you.

“Okay let your girlfriend help you then.” You said annoyed.

“Is there something I’m missing here? Y/n you don’t even know Shane do you?” Mikey said, confusion all across his face.

“Mikey can you excuse us for a moment? I’d like to talk to your sister for a minute.” Calum said, cheeks turning red.

“About?” Mikey asked confused even more.

“About the facts about my DATE and the way she talks to me.” He said glaring at you.

“Yeah… You guys settle this. I don’t know what made you hate each other so much but I’m sick of it. I’m going to go show Tamilia the tie. I’m not going to be around either one of you if you’re going to act like 5 year olds. Calum I’ll be back and we can go to your house and finish this.” Mikey said yanking the book from you and storming out of the house.

You picked up your phone and got on Twitter.

“What the hell is your problem!” Calum asked angrily as he snatched your phone from your hands.

“Hey!” You yelled as you tried to snatch it back.

“You’re going to listen to me! Why the hell did you act like a jealous 5 year old who got her toy stolen just now?” He asked with flaming eyes.

“Give me back my phone!” You yelled as you jumped up to get it.

He held it above his head and you gave up.

“You don’t even know Shane and you’re so quick to judge her. Why is that?” He asked with intrigued eyes.

“Just drop it. I don’t give two shits about who you go to your little prom with.” You said rolling your eyes.

“You’re jealous aren’t you.” He said as it finally clicked.

“No.” You lied.

“Bullshit! You are so jealous. You don’t want me, but it pisses you off thinking that anyone else could have me.” He said smugly.

“Whatever.” You said walking away from him.

“What the fuck do you expect me to do y/n? Wait on you forever? I don’t even know what we are!” He said, throwing his hands up into the air.

“I just want you to leave.” You said turning back to him.

“No you don’t.” He said.

“Yeah I really do. You go to your prom with your date and do whatever you want to. It doesn’t bother me. I’m over you. What we had wasn’t real, it wasn’t anything. It was a mistake and I don’t care anymore.” You lied through your teeth.

“Then why do you look like you’re about to cry?” He said quietly as he walked toward you.

“I’m not.” You lied again.

“Y/n, tell me what you want.” He said moving a piece of hair from your face.

You looked into his eyes and then at his lips. You wanted to kiss him so badly, but you couldn’t. He was right, you had no reason to be mad. You didn’t want him so there was no reason he shouldn’t be with someone else.

“I want you to forget about me. I want you to go to your prom tomorrow and be with that girl. Just that girl. I want you to forget that we ever did anything, that anything ever happened. I want you to live your life and me live mine.” You said as you bit your lip.

“I’m telling you this right now; if you tell me that you don’t want me, I’m going to go to prom with her tomorrow and I’m going to have sex with her. It’s the only way I’m going to get you off of my mind. If you want me, you better say it.” He said as he brushed your lip with his thumb. His eyes burned a hole into you and it took all of the restraint that you had not to take him down.

You caressed his hair and looked him into the eyes. You gulped and started to speak.

“I don’t want you.” You said as unconvincing as you had ever said any sentence before, lip trembling at the filthy lie.

He removed your hand and nodded.

“You’re a horrible liar.” He said with hurt filled eyes. “Tell Mikey I’ll be at my house. I can’t stand to look at your face anymore.”

You nodded and held your arms.

He walked out of the house and slammed the door, causing you to tremble.

You touched your lips and sat down on the couch. Your lip was quivering and you wanted to hurt yourself for not telling him how you really felt.

You wiped your eyes and texted Mikey.
“Go to Calum’s. He’s not here anymore.”

Before you could send the text Mikey walked in with a smiling Luke by his side. You hurried up and tried to dry your eyes.

“Man those chicks aren’t gonna know what hit them when we roll up looking so dope.” Luke said as cocky as ever.

Mikey rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Hey sis. Wheres Calum?” Mikey said to you, noticing his friend was no longer there.

“I was just texting you, he left and went to his house.” You said.

“Did you guys make up?” He asked.

“Yeah it’s fine Mikey.” You said, hoping he’d buy it.

“What happened?” Luke asked “concerned”.

“Ah they were fighting before I left. Acting like 5 year olds. It was stupid. I don’t know why they get at each other’s throats like that.” Mikey said shaking his head.

“Because they’re fucking.” Luke said casually.

Your eyes practically bugged out of your head. “Excuse me?” You said.

Luke laughed.

“You’ve got to stop with those jokes. You aren’t funny man.” Mikey said annoyed.

“I’m just kidding dude.” Luke said smiling.

“I’m about tired of you saying that about them. That’s my best friend and my sister, that’s disgusting and would never happen.” Mikey said giving Luke an angry glare.

“I was just kidding man. You’re right, that would never happen. I’m sorry.” Luke said looking at you.

“I don’t even want to think about it. If I found out any of you fuckers tried anything with my sister I’d kill you.” Mikey warned.

He really was mad at even the thought of you and Calum together. You felt so guilty for keeping this from him, and for doing it in the first place. You knew he’d be angry if he ever found out, but you didn’t know he’d be this angry.

“She’s your sister Mikey, we wouldn’t do that. Besides, neither one of us is even remotely interested.” Luke said, covering your and Calum’s tracks.

“Yeah. Let’s just drop this, I’m getting mad just at the thought.” Mikey said shaking his head.

You watched him as guilt poured through your veins. He was so protective of you and you had betrayed him.

“I’m going to go get some fresh air. I’ll see you guys later.” You said as you grabbed your coat and keys.

“Okay. We’re going to go to Calum’s I guess. See you later sis.” Mikey said walking toward you to give you a hug.

“See you.” You said walking out of the door before he could get close.

You couldn’t hug him right now, you had just broke his best friends heart and betrayed him.

You drove to the beach and walked on the sand. You listened to the waves rush against the shore as your heart beat fast in your chest. You couldn’t stop thinking about Calum; about how his brown eyes were so full of hurt- hurt that you caused. You knew tomorrow he would be laying his date down somewhere and the thought made you sick.

“Why do I even care?” You asked yourself out loud.

You looked at your phone and sighed. You wanted to text him so bad, to tell him that you had lied. You did want him, you didn’t want to, but that was the reality. You had fallen for him but you couldn’t say it out loud.

You clicked on his contact information and pressed the delete button. You had to be done, it wasn’t fair to either one of you.

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Requested: Yes

Summary: She was rich beyond belief, and Calum was well- scraping by. He’s wanted to bruise her lips with his ever since they first met, and now he finally does it.

Word Count: 3424

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Prince Calum Pt. 3

Requested: Yes

Summary: The last ball of the year in Calum’s kingdom. Everything fell apart in between you two over the past month, but one dance can bring back all of those beautiful memories. A red rose can symbolize love, but for you two it was such a deeper meaning.

Word Count:


[i think this is the last part btw]

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Prince Calum Pt. 2

Requested: Yes

Summary: Your doubts in your love lasting between Calum and you has done nothing but weaken the bond between you two. No matter how many times Calum has told you that he loves you more than any jewel or thing in the world, all you can think about is the acceptance of society due to the fact that the eldest must be married first; and your sister still has yet to be loved.

Word Count: 754

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Someone from another band post about you in their account and tag your boyfriend

Demon Luke Imagine

Request: Yes

Summary: You were a demon hunter, and your next assignment was just like the others. Track them down and kill them, but you find yourself in extreme difficulty and confusion.

Word Count: 646


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Demon Luke Pt. 6

Requested: Yes

Summary: It’s your birthday, and Luke decides to pay you a little visit. Things get a little hazy after you’ve had one of the bar’s strongest drinks, but that doesn’t mean you’re not fully aware of the fact that your back is pressed up against a wall with Luke’s lips attacking yours.

Word Count: 1378

One || Two || Three || Four || Five ||

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