IMAGINE going on vacation to Paris; one morning you decided to go to a cafe a few streets away from your hotel. The minute you walked inside, someone walked up to you. His brown eyes were humble, and his smile so sweet. “Hi- I’m Calum….I know we’ve just met but would you mind if you sat with me? You’re awfully gorgeous.” And that was the beginning of it all.

Calum - “You lied to me.”

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Sighing to yourself, you ran your fingers through your hair as you grabbed your phone and sent Calum a quick text.

just finished work, had a long day. be home

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in half an hour xx

alright babe, can’t wait, love you

You tossed your phone into your purse as you made your way over to your car before unlocking it and stepping inside. Groaning mentally from your hard day, you closed the door behind you, strapping your seat belt on before turning your car on and driving away.

You came home

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ten minutes earlier as you grabbed your things and stepped out of the car, and slowly making your way up to the front door, forgetting to text Calum that you’re home. Fumbling with your keys, you placed them inside the key slot and opened the door quietly. You made your way into the living room with a small smile on your face as your thoughts were settled on seeing Calum.

“Hey babe, I’m home-”

You stopped mid-sentence as your eyes widen and you stared at the sight in front of you in shock. Calum’s lips were locked with another girls as they were caught in a heated make-out session on the couch. Water began to cloud

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your eyes as tears streamed down your face and you let out a sniffle which caught their attention.

Calum pulled away from the girl as he turned his body to you with wide eyes. The girl looked at the both of you in confusion before she laid back on the couch in silence.

“Y/n, I can explain..” Calum’s voice was soft and desperate as he looked at you with pleading eyes.

You could barely mutter anything as your words were choked on sobs.

“You lied to me.”

“Please y/n.”

You shook your head furiously as you grabbed your keys.

“Y-you said you loved me.”

You ran up the stairs and into your room as you grabbed a suitcase from out of the closet and began to pack your things, him chasing after you in the process.

“I do love you, please, just let me explain.”

Ignoring him and his pleads, you zipped up your packed suitcase and stood up, grabbing it and looking at him.

“You can’t leave me, please, I need you.” Tears began to stream down his face as he stared at you.

You gulped before pushing your way past him and trudging down the stairs, suitcase in hand.

He raced after you as you made your way to the door.

“Please, please, please, she didn’t mean anything, you can’t leave me, y/n, I love you, please.”

You opened the door as you sighed and stepped out.

“Watch me.”

Going Crazy // Calum Hood

 As the teacher kept on giving you and your classmates a useless lecture, Calum would stare at you constantly.

He was making you nervous- made you go crazy. He was so darn cute, and at times you just wanted to pull him in for a kiss.

You’ve had this crush on him for a while now, and he was finally beginning to feel the same. He was beginning to talk to you a lot more now, and whenever he approached you in the hallway you heart would race.

 Watching the piece of paper slide slowly on his desk, and fall to the floor, you quickly picked it up pretending you dropped something.

i think ur beautiful Y/N…do you have a boyfriend? - cal

Staring at the words on the paper, you couldn’t help but turn red. Quickly glancing at Calum, he turned away and grinned widely.

Your hands were shaking as you wrote your response.

no…im not taken…and thanks….- y/n

Sighing with your awkward pauses, you let the paper fall to his side. You were new to all of this, and in this moment you just wanted to go outside and breathe.

As Calum was about to pass his paper back to me, the teacher caught our note passing, and snatched the paper.

“Well- well what is this? Let’s see what you said Calum shall we?”, she shook her head with disappointment.

Calum just chuckled- “Read it..”, his teeth sinked into his bottom lip when he turned to you.

‘I want you to be mine.“, your teacher read out loud and the class went crazy.

Within seconds of nothing but whispers, the bell ringed, and you were out the door.

’'Hey hold on!”, you heard Calum’s voice from behind you. Gently taking your hand as you were walking, you smiled.

“So what do you say?”, he asked you, looking into your eyes.

Slowly nodding, you saw your next class beside you. Pressing your lips on Calum’s without control, you couldn’t believe you just did that.

Your eyes widened, and your breath hitched. Believing you were doing the wrong thing, Calum instead wrapped his arms around your middle, and brought you closer.

His soft, wet lips would passionately slowly press against yours, as your heart fluttered. Realizing you were in the middle of the hallway kissing, you let go before the bell ringed. 

Letting go of your hand, Calum couldn’t stop smiling and laughing- “Bye beautiful.”

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I'll Never Forget You
  • I'll Never Forget You
  • Birdy

I love this song, and I LOVE BIRDY :) I hope you like this little Calum imagine of mine, and I hope your week is going well! Good Morning by the way (:  -D.I.♥

Waking up in a mess of sheets, Calum’s arms were wrapped around you. You smile at how soft his skin is whenever it brushed against yours.

He’d breathe out on your chest where he was sleeping, and you’d brush through his hair admiring his features.

The room was lightly lit by the sunlight shining through the window behind you. Sighing, you slowly moved his arms to his side, and crawled out of bed.

The room held nothing in it, but yours and Calum’s bed. All of the boxes were shipped to your new place. The sight made you bereaved, but you somehow dealt with it. Hearing someone moving, you turned back around to see him.

Calum would turn from side to side; arms reaching out for you. You turned red when he started mumbling your name.

Watching him slowly stop, tears ran down his cheeks- “Y/n..”

Running back on the bed, you held his hand- “Calum- I’m here.”, you smiled.

Waking up, Calum’s brown eyes looked into yours- “Good morning.”, he smirked pecking your cheek.

“Good morning..”, you wrapped the blanket around you both, cuddling closer to him.

“Is it the day?”, Calum turned to you, becoming upset.

Your eyes closed, and you held back the tears not wanting to say it- “Yes.”

Calum’s fingers intertwined with yours, and moved closer to you- “Don’t cry.”, he wiped your tears away.

“I don’t want to leave…I miss it when we were young teenagers; didn’t have any fears or worries…”, you smiled a little as you stared into Calum’s eyes.

“We’re growing up now.”, Calum tucked some of your hair behind your ear- “So you’re going to go live your dream, and I’ll go live mine. No matter how far apart we are, I’ll never forget you.

Nodding, Calum gave you a warm hopeful smile; it made things a little better…

Lying in Calum’s arms in the silent, empty room; you both decided to get something to eat.

This was officially the last time you were going to be in this house. Once you walked out and locked the door; this was it. Moving on to the future, and a new chapter.

The drive to the cafe was quiet as well, but at least the radio was on. The warm breeze would hit against your face, as you watched the sun shine brightly in the blue sky. 

Getting out of the car, Calum held his hands over your eyes- “Surprise…Guess where we are?”

Giggling, you followed Calum’s steps- “I don’t know…The place we usually go to?”

Holding out the chair for you, you took a seat infront of Calum.

“Open…”, he shook his head when you opened your eyes.

Tears ran down your cheeks again, when you realized this was the place where you first met Calum. It was a warm day like this one but in November; where the leaves were dead, and the skies were grey.

Laughing with Calum, you couldn’t believe it. The same old chairs and tables sat outside the charming, sweet bistro.

“You came here?”, you grinned facing Calum. His brown eyes were beginning to water as he smiled.

“I love you so much Y/n…This place is special to us, and I can still remember every little detail about that day.”, he glanced around the familiar street- “The way you walked past me in that thick black coat…How your hair would flow out of your beanie; and your beautiful smile when you saw me. I felt like I couldn’t move in that moment..I was speechless.”, Calum held your hand.

“Running to me; you begged me to sit with you because you couldn’t let me go. We talked for hours beyond hours with our cups of coffee as the sun went down. Our lips trembled when it quickly dropped down to forty degrees. I fell in love with you in that moment; and you had no idea how fast my heart was racing.”, you smiled remembering everything that happened.

“Having to leave; I remember your reaction when you realized it was past ten. Your cheeks were rosy red, and you slowly got out of your seat. Wanting to hug me; our eyes caught each other. We both couldn’t look away..Then our lips collided and we knew this was like fate..This was suppose to happen…”, Calum finished before you both ordered and talked about old memories together.

This was nice; nothing but laughter and joy surrounded you, and you were happy, but it was going to go away once it turned one.

Your eyes would look over at the clock hanged upon the tall brick buildings. Tick tock, tick tock; the loud sounds would echo in your mind. It was killing you.

Finishing your drink, and meal- Calum walked with you on the cracked pavement. Getting closer and closer to the train, you both knew it was time.

Reaching the bridge to the station, Calum stopped walking and stood infront of you. Hesitating to say something; you already knew.

“I know…”, you looked out at the sparkling waves crashing into another. Smiling, you turned to Calum and felt your heart break into two.

Calum wasn’t smiling this time; instead his hands hid his face as he bawled into tears.

“I can’t do this- this is so hard.”, he lowly mumbled turning his back on you.

“Calum…You’re going to have to stay strong for me okay?”, the words shook out of your mouth.

Shaking his head, Calum heavily sighed looking at you- “I need you Y/n..I need you.”

“Listen to me..”, you embraced him in your arms- “You’re going to go live your dream, and I’ll go live mine. No matter how far apart we are, I’ll never forget you.”, you told him his own words.

All of a sudden your body jumped when you heard the trains arriving at the tracks.

“I have everything I need..All I need to know is- will you be okay?”, your hands went on Calum’s cheeks.

Slowly nodding, Calum placed his hands ontop of yours- “Yes-”, he smiled- “I will try to be okay.”

“Well..”, you saw that people were getting on the train- “Give me a hug?”

“No-”, Calum shook his head quickly responding. 

Pressing his lips against yours, your arms locked around his neck. Tears ran in between your locked lips; and every emotion poured within. 

Your heart was officially shattered itno tiny pieces, and you felt like you couldn’t feel anymore.

As the passionate kiss lasted for what felt like another second, Calum let go- “The train’s leaving!”

Grabbing your bag, you quickly ran out of Calum’s arms- “I love you.”, you shouted as you ran away.

“I love you Y/n!”, his voice cracked from a distance.

The train stopped, and let you in. As the train passed Calum, he waved at you from afar. Leaving the town you’ve lived in your whole life; you hoped for brighter things to come your way.


.College was fun; and you have been meeting new people, including your boyfriend Ashton.

You were very happy with with him; but sometimes you’d think about the past with Calum. You missed him like crazy; and you wondered where he was in this big world.

Going on holiday, you met Ashton’s parents. Wanting him to meet yours; he joined you on your trip back to your old town.

Stopping at a restaurant to eat, Ashton left you at the table to use the restroom.

Looking around the room, you felt your heart stop beating.

Calum was sitting across of you with a wide grin as he talked to a girl. Catching your eyes, his smile faded away, and waved at you a little.

Waving back you couldn’t help but smile. Talking to the girl, he walked towards you, taking a seat in Ashton’s chair.

“Hey..”, Calum chuckled underneath his breath- “Long time no see..”

Nodding, you turned red by just hearing his voice again- “How are you?”

“I’m good..I’m good…My buddies Luke, and Michael are finally making some songs…We just need a drummer.”, he told you.

“Oh-”, your eyes glanced over at the girl sitting by herself.

Catching on to what you were thinking; Calum smiled- “That’s Vanessa…She’s my girlfriend…now.”

Smirking a little, you hated how quickly it fell- “I’m happy you’re happy.”

Grinning, Calum thanked you- “So- what are you doing back in town?” Looking back into his warm brown eyes you told him- “Oh my boyfriend Ashton wants to meet my parents..”

Before Calum could say anything, Ashton walked up to the table- “Hello..”, Ashton looked into your eyes with question, then shook Calum’s hand.

“Hi..Ashton..Haha I’m sorry I just came to say hi to Y/n..”, Calum got out of Ashton’s seat.

Ashton laughed a little- “You both know each other?”

“Yeah we used to-…”, Calum paused catching his words- “We’re friends..”

Nodding, you held Ashton’s hand- “Ashton don’t you play the drums?”

Ashton’s face lightened with happiness- “Yeah…I love playing it.”

Calum grinned, and talked Ashton into playing with his friends. Ashton agreed and they both set up a date together.

Giving you a hug before Calum left, Calum whispered into your ear- “I’m happy you’re happy.”, he told you your words.

Smiling when he let go, you watched him walk out the cafe with Vanessa. Ashton then talked to you, and made you laugh with his funny jokes. But you were happy to know Calum was okay, and you both were going to be fine.


Oh my gosh I spent 5 hours writing this; I want to thank you if you read all of this! You’re awesome! - DI ♥

Dear No One
  • Dear No One
  • Tori Kelly

Ugh this song is just so special to me for some reason haha! I just would hug it tightly if I could- it just describes me as a person so much. I don’t really think 24/7 about finding a boyfriend haha- its not really important to me right now- but anyways I hope you all like this Calum imagine! TORI KELLY IS LOVELY ♥ - Dreaming Imagines

With the sound of the bell, you were off to your last class. Finally- you sighed with the thought of going home soon. School wasn’t your favorite place to spend hours and hours of everyday. You didn’t really share the same interests with most of the people here, and you were a little shy and awkward. 

As you were walking down the halls, students would walk slowly infront of you, or pause and block you. Rolling your eyes quickly, you politely squeezed in between them and turned the corner. 

Seeing Calum Hood across of you, his hands were hid in his hoodie, and he looked a little tired. Wanting to talk to him, your slow moves failed when his friends gathered around him. Messily brushing his hair and beanie off, Calum chuckled telling them to stop, before his brown eyes turned to yours.

This small, fast glance was so simple yet powerful. It felt like everything suddenly was slow motion, and you and Calum couldn’t stop looking at each other. Seeing his girlfriend walking up to him from the corner of your eyes, you turned back around and focused.

Entering the room, and taking your seat in the middle front, Calum then entered with a little smirk when he saw you. Instead of sitting in his usual seat, he took the one behind you.

Your heart immediately started to race, and when you tried to pick your pencil up your hands started to shake a little. Why did he make you so nervous?

As the time passed by and your teacher’s talking and talking made you sleepy, you counted down the last seconds before you dashed out of that door. Just him sitting behind you made you die inside.

Before the bell ringed everyone was already out the door. Within a second it echoed through the hallways and you quickly got of your seat.

Hearing papers falling to the floor, you hoped they weren’t yours and you were now in the hallway. Hearing your name being called from his voice melted your heart. Turning around, your teeth sinked into your bottom lip; trying your hardest of not blushing.

“You dropped these..”, Calum held out your songs you wrote with a grin.

Taking them, your eyes widened- “Thank you! I’ve got to go now-”, you told him before he placed his hand on your arm to gently stop you.

“So you have a show tonight?”, he asked.

“It’s not really much of a show…”, you laughed a little underneath your breath, when your smile fell- “I don’t even think anyone will come to watch me.”

Leaning closer to you, Calum’s eyes caught yours again- “Well Y/’ll see me there at the very front.”, he shot you a smile, then walked away- “See you tonight.”

The walk outside the building, the walk home, the way to your room, and the way to your bed- you couldn’t breathe. In Between you couldn’t help but smile.

Staring at your ceiling, you kicked your boots off, and grabbed your guitar. Strumming it, you practiced ‘Dear No One.’ As you were singing the lyrics you thought of Calum.

Setting your guitar down, your hands tugged onto your hair- “I can’t do this.”


Looking down at your outfit for the night, you looked outside the curtains and saw a few people- no Calum though!

Sighing with relief, you walked out to the stage when the owner told you it was show time.

Hearing your parents clapping for you, Calum walked in cheering himself.

Giggling, you stood infront of the microphone- “Thank you, everyone for coming tonight…The first song I’m going to be singing is Dear No One…”

Beginning the first strings and lines, your vocals were a little shaky, but when you checked on Calum he was turning red!

You were shocked with his reaction, and it gave you nothing but confidence. Letting every little insecurity, flaw, thought, and opinion out you were rocking the song- and you were proud of yourself.

On the last few lines, you noticed Calum was staring at you deeply the entire time.

Strumming the last string, Calum embraced you in his arms telling you how great you were.

After the show was over, Calum and you took a walk outside, underneath the starry night sky together.

Laughing at his little jokes, Calum then stopped and looked at you again- “Who was that song about?”

Hesitating to answer, you shrugged giggling- “No one…”

Playfully pushing you, Calum chuckled- “Seriously! I want to know.”

Walking away from him, you couldn’t handle him.

'It was about…you…“, you admitted to him lowly. Hearing what you said, Calum took your hand and turned you around- back to face him.

Your lips pressed together, and sparks ignited within the kiss. Your heart would flutter with every second, and you called this moment magically special. Having your arms around his neck, his hands would bring you closer on your cheeks. 

With a few sweet pecks, Calum let go- slowly opening his eyes.

It was about you...“, you whispered to him, being speechless.

Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)
  • Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)
  • Rudimental
  • Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare) - Single

Hello everyone- I’m sorry just last night I couldn’t- I was so tired from a busy week of school, and I kept on falling asleep on my keyboard. But going to bed and waking up I feel better- Here’s a calum imagine!

I hope you all like this! AND I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG. Its awesome  - Dreaming Imagines

UGH THE PICTURE IS SUPPOSE TO BE A GIF. But im going out to get dinner for my brother- so I’ll edit a different picture.

Following Calum to the changing rooms, he stopped and looked in the mirror. Fixing his hair, you rolled your eyes- “Calum listen to me! Please- don’t do this.”

Seeing his brown eyes glance over to yours, you started to cry a little when you realized he wasn’t going to back down.

Sighing, Calum turned to you, and placed his hands on your cheeks- “Y/N I-”, he closed his eyes- “I’m doing this- for you…”, his lips pressed against yours- “I love you, and he”, Calum pointed to the door- “Is not going to destroy us- he tried to hurt you Y/N!”

“I know…but-”, your heart was racing so fast that you couldn’t speak. You were afraid of Calum getting injured- badly.

“…Y/N this time I’m going to be stronger, and I am going to win.”, Calum then walked past you and reached for his boxing gloves. Tieing them on, Calum punched his fists together- “I’m ready…”

Watching Calum walk out that door, you stood there in the silent room. Leaning on the side of a grey locker, you fell to the ground and started crying. 

Praying that he wouldn’t get hurt, you knew you just had to stay strong, and hope for the best.

As you got off the ground, you heard the crowds cheers and applauds. Walking out the door, and into the boxing match, you took your seat infront.

Calum smirked as the yellow lights flashed on him, and not only the people but the cameras were going crazy for him. Blinding flashes from the paparazzi followed Calum before he walked up the steps to the stage.

Putting on his mouth guard, Calum’s eyes caught yours. He could see how scared you were, so he just looked away to his component.

The game started quickly and whenever Calum got punched in the face your heart started to break- it was killing you, but he was still standing strong.

His bottom lip was bleeding, and was sweating a lot. His component didn’t look that good as well- his right eye was bruised.

You tried hiding in the sleeves of your sweater. With every “OH” from the crowd you knew someone got hit.

Sitting in the room made your insides hurt, and you couldn’t handle it.

Calum would move from side to side as he swinged punches to the guy’s sides. He would bawl into his middle, and his face would tighten with pain.

Calum smiled with victory, until he slowly straightened up.

Everything was now in slow motion. Everyone stood wanting to get a better look of what was going to happen. Calum stared at you smiling, but your face fell when you saw him behind Calum.

Having his fist in the air, Calum’s smile faded as he turned around. It hit him- hard, and Calum’s eyes closed shut, and he collapsed to the floor.

Running to him, your heart was officially broken, and you were devastated. Reaching out to hold his hand as he looked dead on the floor…Your eyes were irritated, red- from all of the tears leaving your eyes.

Seeing his eyes peak open a little, the loud room of gasps, and cheers suddenly became muted. The only thing you could hear was Calum breathing as he looked up at you.

As strange as it sounds- it was like you healed him, and you gave him strength. Smiling, you wiped your tears away and grabbed his hand. Holding it for minute before you were taken away to sit back down, Calum turned and looked at his component.

Sliding his leg, the guy tripped over on the floor. Calum jumped on his feet and started pouring all of his feelings with every hard punch.

His hits made you worried- he was almost going to kill the guy. The referee pulled Calum off of him, and he dropped to the ground. He lost the entire match, and Calum won.

Leaning off the ropes, Calum was out of breath but smiled at you. Moving his gloves a little, you walked towards him. Giving him a hug, he whispered into your ear- “I won…for you..”

Letting go, you giggled- “I didn’t know you were that strong Calum!”

Chuckling Calum’s lips went on yours. His soft lips deeply and slowly synced with yours. His lips slipped off of yours when he told you-

“You made me this strong.”


Back with a cute, sweet Calum imagine haha! I hope you like it-DI

~ the question | Calum Hood 5SOS | dreaming imagines ~

Blogging, tweeting, and dying every day and night because of your favorite band- Five Seconds Of Summer, you always felt something special for Calum Hood. 

He was cute, funny, and you just loved his personality and voice. You were in love with him; so that night a few months ago when you met him, you were shocked when he gave you his number.

You both were alike in soo many ways; and with every conversation, you both couldn’t stop laughing with another.

When Calum left to return to the bus, you found him staring right at you from the window.

You giggled at him, and he’d just smile at you. Staying outside for hours, Calum sneaked you inside without anyone seeing.

Spending hours and hours with the boys, Calum and you couldn’t stop glancing at each other. So when Michael, Luke, and Ashton went to bed- Calum stayed up to talk to you.

The short, silly conversations made you turn red.. Who would’ve ever known you were going to be spending your night with Calum?

Having to leave to go to your hotel, Calum kissed you before you left. 

And that’s how it all started; you were dating Calum Hood!


Today you were going to a 5SOS concert, and you were excited to see Calum. 

You haven’t seen him since that night; but you both kept in touch by texting, calling, tweeting, and skyping each other.

It all didn’t seem enough though, you wanted to feel and hear him in person again.

Walking down the street to the boy’s hotel, you found crowds of people infront of the lobby.

Entering the doors, a few girl’s recognized you by being Calum’s girlfriend - Y/N. 

You were confused and surprised when they wanted to take pictures with you.

Walking out of the crowd, you found the elevator. Hitting the floor number, you were starting to become nervous.

Knocking on room ‘409’, the door opened to Ashton. Smiling, he turned to Michael- “Pause the game, and get Calum? Y/N’s here!”

Facing you again, Ashton let you in- “Cal’s been dying to see you Y/N. You should’ve heard him last ni-”

Interrupting Ashton, Calum walked in- “Yeah, don’t say it Ashton.”, he laughed.

You felt yourself burning red, and your heart racing when you saw Calum.

Running into his arms, Calum wrapped his arms tightly around you- “I’ve missed you soo much.”

“I’ve missed you too.”, you smiled, hugging Calum for a long time.

“Wow, you both have beat the record for longest hug.”, Ashton smirked passing you both into a room.

Giggling, Calum let go- “Hey I’ve got to ask you som-”

“Hey Y/N!”, Luke grinned then wrapped his arm around your shoulder for a minute - “Okay guys, we have to get going to the arena.”

Sighing a little, Calum looked like he really wanted to ask you his question. Ignoring it, Calum smiled- “Do you need a ride?”

“Yes, that’d be nice.”, you intertwined your hand with his.


Arriving to the arena, you watched the boys practice, and joke around by spraying you with silly string. Laughing, Calum and Michael helped you by taking it all out of your hair.

Thanking them, you instantly turned red when Calum pecked your cheek.

Having to go to your seat to watch the concert, you had the best time of your life dancing with some of the 5SOS family.

After the awesome concert was over, you went backstage to hold Calum’s hand again.

Calum rested his head on your shoulder while you both were going back to the hotel. You couldn’t help but smile. 

This all felt like a dream to you; dating your favorite band member? Calum Hood was perfect, and you felt lucky to call him yours.


It was 7:15pm and it the skies outside were beginning to become humid and grey.

Deciding to take a walk with Calum, you both didn’t care if it was about to rain.

Admiring all of the old beautiful buildings with Calum, you noticed he stopped infront of the movie theater.

“Y/N..all day I’ve been wanting to ask you this…”, Calum’s brown eyes looked into yours.

Waiting for him to ask, you started to swing your hands from side to side.

“We’ve never been on one before, so I thought tonight would be perfect!”, Calum paused laughing- “Y/N, can I take you out..on a date?”

Smirking, your eyes left Calum’s then returned when you answered- “Nah..”, you shook your head, walking away.

Turning around to see Calum’s expression, his bottom lip pushed out a little, looking a little upset; but he knew you were playing.

Running back to your boyfriend, you were laughing- “Yes, I’d love to.”, your arms wrapped around his neck.

Leaning in for a kiss, you were melting inside, when his lips touched yours.

This moment was special; you and Calum have never shared a kiss like this before.

Your lips slowly synced a beautiful, lovely way; and you wanted it to last forever.

Locking his arms around your waist, you felt Calum grinning while you both shared the kiss.

Feeling hard rain pour over you and Calum, you both pulled away with surprise. 

Running inside of the theater, Calum and you cuddled beside each other, while you both enjoyed the movie.

Hi everyone! Here’s a Calum & Ashton Imagine. I hope you all like it ♥DI

TELL ME IF YOU CAN FIND THE 5SOS LYRIC IN HERE haha! I hid one in this imagine!

oh and by the way most of this is told from Calums point of view! It is a shorter imagine…but still hope you like it- thanks for reading.

I was alone, and I hated this feeling. She was beside me the entire day, but all she’d talk about was Ashton.

I regretted bringing Y/N to the party last night. As soon as we entered the door, Ashton and Y/N clicked.

Everyone was drinking, dancing..having fun; and all that I could do was sit there and smile. Smile even though I wanted to cry because my heart was being torn into shreds.

Laughing, Y/N moved closer to Ashton on the sofa “You’re soo cute.”, she smiled.

Sighing I looked away from them, but I couldn’t help but listen.

“You’re beautiful Y/N..”, Ashton’s words slurred.

I realized they both were a little drunk; I should’ve watched Y/N when she was drinking…I’ve never seen her like this, and I cared about her.

Listening to their long passionate kiss beside me, I left the room. 

Locking myself in the bathroom, my hands tugged onto my hair with frustration. That should’ve been me out there, I should’ve been the person kissing Y/N.

I’ve known her for years, and she was my closest friend. I could tell her anything, and I was in love with her.

With every move I tried to make, Y/N would push it off. Why didn’t she love me?

Wanting to forget that night, I put on my hoodie and walked out of the front door. Taking a long walk down the streets, it felt like there was nothing to worry about. All of my negative thoughts flew away with the cool breeze.

The sound of leaves crunching with every step I made, the sound of birds chirping as the sun rised. It all seemed to make everything a little brighter.

Coming to Y/N’s house, I noticed my steps moving a little slower. Looking at the windows, I realized she was already staring at me. Smiling, I watched her run to her door to catch me.

Closing my eyes, I walked away not wanting to think about Ashton when I saw her.

“Hey Cal.”, she laughed wrapping her arms around me.

She was always positive and that was one of the things I loved about her. “Hey Y/N..”, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

“So, I’ve got something to ask you..”, she turned to me wanting to ask a question.

Looking into her eyes I waited for her to tell me. 

“Ashton…last night..well we…”, she was pausing in between her words.

Thinking of the worse, I walked away from Y/N; not wanting her to see the tears that were racing down my cheeks.

“Hey!”, Y/N ran beside me looking worried- “What’s wrong?”

“Y/N…”, I stopped walking to look deeply into her eyes “Did you-”

Catching on with my thoughts, Y/N frowned- “No, Calum no I would never do that…I was just going to ask you if it was okay if Ashton and I could start datin-”

My heart was officially gone, and I didn’t care if Y/N could see the burning tears now. “You can’t.”, I shook my head, and closed my eyes.

Just imagining Ashton and Y/N everywhere was going to hurt me. If I was going over to Ashton’s house, I’d see Y/N. If I went over to Y/N’s house I’d catch them cuddling or something.

It couldn’t happen, and I wouldn’t let it.

“Calum- w-why?! Why are you acting like this?!”, Y/N pulled on my arm to face her.

“Can’t you see? Can’t you see that I’ve been in love with you for the past years? I love you Y/N.”, I pushed her arms off, and placed my hands on her cheeks.

Walking backwards, Y/N gently hit against a tree- “Calum…”, she lost her words, not knowing what to say.

“Y/N…”, I softly leaned my head against her’s.

I could see the confusion in her eyes, when was she going to realize?

“I love you Calum, but not in that wa-”, while she was saying this, tears slowly ran down her skin.

Pressing my lips against hers, sparks traveled through our mouths, and Y/N was kissing me back.

I knew it…I knew she felt the same way for me. Pulling me in closer, Y/N put the kiss in a deeper, passionate place. This was perfect, and all I wanted was this to last forever.

Pulling back, Y/N gasped crying even more “I’m soo confused Calum.”, she turned away from me.

“Y/N.”, I held her hand but she let it go.

“I need to go home, and just think about all of this.”, Y/N shook her head and walked away.

I didn’t know if I did anything wrong or right. Sitting on the curb, I hid my face on my knees, and wrapped my arms around my legs.

I’m just a lonely boy that’s in love with a girl that’s already taken.


I feel like this was okay haha! Thanks for reading though- hope your day is going well! - DI

  • Rosyln
  • Bon Iver & St. Vincent
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon


I came back in see you. The sweet scent of your pure angelic existence is the grandest thing to ever be alive. Every part of you, I want and breathe for every single day. You’re the piece that completed me; made me whole…I hope nothing ever takes that away from me, takes away the memories of you and I.

The sound of the car door slamming shut, and the engine roaring told me there was no turning back. Today is going to be the day; the day that I go back that old town of mines, and see the girl I spent my entire childhood with. 

We call each other, but the last I talked to her was weeks ago, and her signal was horrible. This time though, I’ll get to feel her words hit against my skin as she speaks to me. I’ll get to see that she’s okay, and that she’s still breathing. 

Y/N is something different, so beautiful in many ways but her pretty little mind is a world you’d never want to enter. She never told me, but whenever I was beside her she seemed to be happier than how she was without me. During our last conversation, I could feel the pain in her aching heart as she told me she was fine. Lies and lies were all that I could hear though.

So it hit me, like the rushing spring waters of a waterfall, hitting against pieces of earth, without stopping it pushes through, and never leaves- no matter where it’s heading.

The roads were pieces of cracked pavement, and the rain beating against my front window, brought the question if I was blind or not. My vision became blurry, but with windshields swiping them away, I had to keep warning no matter if Y/N was all that I could think about.

Time slipped out of my fingers, and I finally made it- to Y/N’s house. The front lawn brought many younger days to life as I walked up to the front door. My fingers trembled as my bawled fists knocked on the door. 

Hearing a few noises from the inside, my hand hooked on the back of my neck wanting to turn back time, and leave. This was so difficult, but I needed to stop being nervous. Seconds passed with my uneven breaths, before her parents opened the door. With surprise their eyes brightened, but their smiles fell a little- “Hey! What are you doing here?”, her dad asked, then took his wife’s hand tightly trying to comfort her. She looked like she was trying to hold back impossible tears, that desperately wanted to burst out.

With the cold gust of wind, I hesitated to shake my head- “Uh…Nothing, you know I can came back another time if you’d-”, I was beginning to say when Y/N’s mother failed, and ran away up the stairs.

“No, no come in.”, her father sighed closing the door after I stepped in. The cozy warm air hit against my flesh, and it felt good, I could feel Y/N around me.

Y/N’s father sat me down infront of the fireplace, the silence was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. He’d talk to me about the football game last week, how his wife was just very emotional, then ask me questions of how I was doing. But we both knew what we really wanted to talk about. “Where’s Y/N?”, I finally interrupted him, and asked wanting to know immediately.

He then paused, and his lips slowly closed shut without a word. His eyes began to water, and he laid back in his chair- “She’s missing…it’s been a few months now…and-”, he was about to continue but I was speechless.

“What the hell do you mean missing?! You say your wife is just emotional, but she just lost her daughter! She’s lost out there, in that big dangerous world!”, I pointed outside the window, voice beginning to crack, and heart becoming heavy- “I came here for her, all that I’ve been dreaming, thinking about was her! And now I’ve lost her too?”, I said questioningly.

Her father sat there not knowing what to say; and I couldn’t help but make my way up the stairs to go to her room. As I approached the door, Y/N’s mother’s cries screeched louder and louder feel of grief and pain. I stood there infront of Y/N’s door wondering how all of this happened. With my hand falling onto the cold door knob, I slowly opened the door.

Everything wasn’t touched. The window of when she escaped was still open, and the rained on curtains blew in the air above her messy bed full of letters, and pictures.

Walking around her room, I realized the more tears left my eyes. Her hand writing, clothes, scent, everything broke me into pieces. Taking a seat on her bed, I cried and cried. My hands frustratingly tugged onto my hair, as my hand hit against my skull with anger and confusion.

“Stop it…stop it…”, her whispered voice entered my ear, and I looked to see nothing, and nobody. Was I going crazy all of a sudden?

My hands slowly moved along her soft duvets, and hit against pictures of us together. Smiling, and laughing at everyone, I picked up the last one of Y/N and I sitting on the railing of the boardwalk on the lake, surrounded by trees. It was summer, and Y/N and I would ride over there and she’s push me in the water. Her laughter flashed and my mind, and the sudden saying was played in my mind over again, of what she said…

“I’d hide here forever if I could…but I have you.”, her soft voice said.

It suddenly hit me like thunder, and as I rushed down the stairs and grabbed my keys I think I knew where she was this entire time.


After the Storm
  • After the Storm
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Sigh No More

Locking your face into your knees, the sounds of waves crashing into houses, the screams of children, and the cries of death caused you to break. 

Your parents weren’t home, so you were all you had left. All you wanted was to be with  Calum. Just seeing his face right now; seeing that he wasn’t hit would make everything better. Squeezing your hands tighter and tighter together, you hoped and prayed everyone was okay. 

Heavy strong winds shattered the window nearest to you, a palm tree hit through the roof and ceiling after. Your heart was fastly pounding against your chest; You’ve never been this scared in your entire life.

Hearing footsteps from outside the room, you were relieved to see an officer. Quickly standing up, you followed him outside. Mourning, a feeling of grief and sadness poured over you. The streets were all flooding while cars tried to escape but sinked to the bottom. 

Houses all torn to the ground, furniture scattered along the rodes. Walking towards one of the rescue boats, you turned around to glance at Calum’s house. 

Feeling the officer push you on, you still stared to see if you could see him. Seeing his mother carrying some luggage, Calum peaked from behind her. 

Needing to see Calum, you jumped off of the boat; the man pulled you- “What the hell’s wrong with you! You’ll die!”

“Then I’ll die.”, you pushed his hand off of your arm. Having a long, hard, tiring time of walking through the rough water, you made it to the beach.

You noticed the waves were starting to become calmer, and the storm had just ended. 

Running into Calum’s arms, your hands moved through his hair. Feeling your shoulders becoming wet, Calum was shedding tears - “I was worried about you Y/N..”

Facing Calum his brown eyes were red and puffy. “I was worried about you Cal, I just- I needed to see you.”, you smiled a little wiping away his tears.

“Y/N where are your parents? Aren’t you suppose to be evacuating right now?”, Calum’s tone was a little serious.

“I- I don’t know where they are, they never came home…”, you answered his first question. Sighing, Calum became worried and waited for your other answer.

“And I ran away from the officers…I saw you and I just needed to see you.”, you told Calum.

Laughing a little, Calum was shocked- “Y/N, you can’t do that, you need to be safe.”

Hearing his laugh made you smile- “I am safe..with you.”

Pushing his cold lips against yours, that fuzzy feeling traveled through your body. Shivering by the cold breeze, your mouths shared warmth, while your lips synced passionately together.

Gasping for air, Calum’s body started shaking- “Y/N, I need to tell you something…”

Lifting his chin, to stare into his eyes, you became scared of what Calum was going to say.

“I’m leaving…and I’m not coming back…”, his words slowly came out of his mouth. Hearing his words, it felt like you wanted to die. Holding onto Calum’s body, your voice was starting to break- “I want you to hold me until you have to leave…”, you told him.

The both of you bursted into tears; “I love you Calum, every memory here will never fade, because you were my only bit of happiness.”, you felt your heart being tugged as you cried.

“Y/N, promise me…you’ll be happy even when I leave…I need you to be happy.”, Calum placed his head against your chest after he said this. Staring at the destroyed town full of the good and bad times, you closed your eyes - “I’ll try.”


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Here’s a random short one shot in the middle of requesting  I hope you all like it. - Dreaming Imagines ♥

Your dresser holds nothing but pictures of him and you instead of clothes. Each and every day you miss him like crazy and you pray every night that he’s happy and safe.

Before touring, Calum broke up with you for some reasons only. You understood but for a few months-  a box of tissues was your best friend.

He’d text you though every morning and night, sometimes you’d hesitate to say:

‘I miss your hugs and kisses’

But you knew it was the wrong thing to send, so you’d say cheesy things and tell him jokes.

A part of you hoped he missed you as well though- even if it was secretly. 

Taking off your boots, you walked into your kitchen and prepared a mug of hot chocolate. Running to your closet you slipped on a cream sweater, and sipped on your drink as you took out a map.

Looking around the world, your heart became heavy when you realized he was thousands of miles away. He was on the other side of the world while you were still here.

Setting your hand on where he was, you drew a heart and wrote 'Calum is here!’.

Drawing a line to where you were, you pouted holding back all of your tears.

This feeling of loneliness was killing you- you needed Calum now, and it was tearing your heart apart everyday.

He was never going to love you again though.

As your tears bled through the map, you became angry and bawled the paper into a ball and threw it in the trash.

“We’re not as close as we used to be…”, you held a photo to your chest.

Crawling into your bed, you remembered all of the nights of cuddling here with him. Smiling with his warm embrace, and delicate pecks filled your heart with happiness.

Drifting to sleep, the next morning you awoke to get the mail. Looking through ADS, and bills you found a letter to you from Calum.

Quickly ripping it open and reading it, you read that Calum was living his dreams and he was so beamed about it all.

Catching his little note on the back of the paper you read it also, and quickly turned red as you reached for your phone-

I regret breaking up with you Y/N, you’re the best thing that’s ever been in my life and I love you more than anything. I want to get back together if thats okay with you. I miss the taste of your lips, and how close we used to be. I love you beautiful. - Cal xx