calum fanfic

vex c.h. 

word count: 3.8k+

warnings: mentions of pregnancy, swearing, drugs refs, but it’s actaully not bad at all

summary: the one where calum’s the mostannoying but it’s cus he’s in looooove (is tht enough??)

a/n: HI yeah i know i haven’t posted in years because um (: i’ve been the most busy ever. i have so many things i wanna post i have like million half written things and ideas i just don’t have the energy to finish or start i know its bad i miss writing. anyways i hope ya like it i know i suck at writing the good ending parts where the stuff happens but i’m trying. send me requests pls it might take a while but ill defo get to them! love yall the most!

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Camp Counselor!Calum x Mermaid!Reader Au

AU in which Calum is a summer camp counselor at Lake Moonbright and the reader is a mermaid that inhabits Lake Moonbright.

Calum chucked loudly, the crinkles around his eyes appearing as he smiled wide at the sight in front of him. He watched as Robbie, one of the kids in his group, plucked at the strings of the acoustic guitar that Calum had previously handed to him. The guitar was easily twice his size, which just made the scene before his eyes even funnier. The boys around him contributed to the music that was produced by Calum’s guitar by banging on makeshift instruments. They tapped their pencils on the cabin’s wooden floor and shook their hand made maracas that Calum had helped them make just yesterday.

“Alright, alright, guys. It’s past your bedtime. Lets go to sleep,” Calum said, although he wouldn’t mind spending the night teaching the boys how to actually play music that didn’t sound like hyenas in a blender. The boys let out a protesting groan as Calum took back his guitar from Robbie’s small hands. Nevertheless, they all huddled around Calum for a group hug before dispersing and climbing into their assigned bunk beds. The boys created the tradition of hugging Calum every night before bed after the first day of camp, when they realized how much they loved him. Once he took a headcount and made sure each and every boy wasn’t missing, he made his way out of the boy’s cabin and made his way to his own cabin.

His cabin was situated halfway across the huge lake, but he enjoyed the lengthy walk because it allowed him to take in the view of the beautiful lake before him. The lake looked the most breathtaking when the full moon reflected off the water, just like how it was today. As his feet carried him closer to his cabin, he saw something move in the corner of his eyes. His head snapped to the lake, being on high alert due to the fact that everyone should already be asleep by now. He took cautious steps closer to the lake, his grip on his guitar tightening. It was his job to protect the kids, and he’d be damned if he didn’t try to find the source of the movement to ensure everyone’s safety. He stood right by the edge of the lake, peering into the deep water when he saw a slither of something blue-green moving about in the water. His eyebrows furrowed together as he stared in bewilderment.

Thats when you peaked your head out of the water slightly, only letting your eyes rise above the water while the rest of your face was still covered. You observed the man standing in front of you. You recognized those brown eyes and unruly messy curls that sat on top of his head. He was the guy that spent his nights strumming his guitar and singing quiet tunes on the bench that overlooked the lake. You loved the sound of his soft voice, and found yourself being pulled to him everytime he sang. You wanted to hear more from him, know more about him, and see more of him. Talking to humans was a big taboo in your family, but you couldn’t help the attraction you felt to this particular man. As you made eye contact with him and you were finally able to come near enough to him to see all his features up close, you had no regrets about sneaking away from your community to see him. You’ve spent countless nights this summer watching him from the distance, listening to his songs that had you humming the rythm to even when he wasn’t there.

His widened eyes stared back at you as his mouth formed a gaping ‘O’. You giggled quietly at his shocked expression, finally lifting your head fully above the water for him to get a good look at you. “Hi,” you breathed out, excited to talk to the guy you’ve been fawning over for the past few weeks.

“I-Uh, Hi,” he stuttered out nervously. His mind was racing with thoughts as he pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. There had been several mermaid sightings that have been reported throughout the year, but Calum never paid attention to any of it. Mermaids aren’t real, thats bullshit, Calum always thought.

“I like your songs,” you said as you inched closer to him slowly. He was frozen in shock, not sure what he should do in the moment. A million questions popped up in his brain: How did she know about his songs? Did she listen to him ever night? How long has that been going on? Why was her voice so damn smooth and why was her face so beautiful? You took his silence as a cue to continue talking, “Can you play me a song?”

He snapped out of his haze of thoughts as he processed her request. “Oh, yeah. Yeah,” he rushed the words out of his mouth when he realized that he probably looked crazy just standing there and gawking at her speechlessly. He sat by the bench that he found himself on every night since the summer camp program started. He pulled his guitar up and on to his lap before asking, “Which song?”

“I like the one that goes like…” you said before humming to the tune that Calum knew as Wherever You Are. He had been working on that song for awhile now, which brought him back to the question about how long she had been listening to him and how she found him.

“That ones been on my mind for weeks now, how long have you been listening to me play?” Calum asked, fidgeting on the strings of his guitar to ease his nerves. Your face flushed as you realized how creepy it was for you to listen to him every night, and how freaked out he probably was. “I- I should go. I’m sorry,” you said, turning around to cover your blushing face before you heard his voice again.

“Wait! Don’t go. I’ll play you the song,” he said, already beginning to strum the intro of the song. You turned around to see his small pleading smile that tugged on his lips. You couldn’t help but smile back at how adorable he looked under the lighting of the pale moonlight and yellow stringlights that the camp counselors set up. You swam to the edge of the lake, wanting to be as close to him as possible to hear your favorite song.

As Calum submerged himself into his music and played his heart out, he found himself less nervous and bewildered at the woman in front of him. He found himself wanting to know more about her, and maybe even taking a liking to her because of the way she looked up at him with sparkling eyes that were framed by long, thick eyelashes. Your arms were crossed and planted on the land as your bottom half was twirling in the water to keep you afloat. As Calum finished his song, you let out an endearing laugh before clapping happily. He blushed, not used to having an audience to hear his music.

“What’s your name?” you asked, intrigued by his tan skin that was littered with black tattoos. “Calum,” he stated, “What’s yours?”

“Y/N.” you said with a smile. You were glad to have finally worked up the nerve to come talk to the boy with the beautiful voice. “So, Y/N,” he started, “What brings you to camp moonbright?”

“You,” you let out a giggle as you watched his face turn red, “…and seeing all the little kids reminds me of when I was a kid. I went to a camp like this once too.” Calum was evidently confused at her words because of the way his face scrunched up. “Mermaids have summer camps too?”

You laughed at his innocent confusion and lack of knowlege that created the hilarious mental image of a underground sea summer camp. “No, god no,” you began, “I wasn’t always a mermaid, ya know.” Calum became increasingly more interested in you the more you talked and maybe it was because he couldn’t help but notice how pretty your wavy hair looked as it cascaded down your bare back.

“What? When did you become a mermaid? How did you become a mermaid?” he asked, completely flabbergasted at her words. He had always assumed that mermaids were born mermaids, not turned into mermaids. She smirked evilly, knowing that her next words were going to leave him wanting more.

“Thats a story for another time,” she said casually as she pushed herself up and onto the land, sitting alongside Calum. His eyes lit up in hope, “Theres going to be another time?” He was undoubtedly infatuated with you already and desperately wanted to see you again.

“If you continue playing those charming melodies, then yeah,” you stated simply and shrugged. You watched his face break out in a heartwarming smile at your words. You smiled back at him, and in that moment, you forgot about everything else. You forgot about the life style barrier between you and him, you forgot about your father who would scold you for sneaking out to talk to a human, you forgot that this kind of love was forbidden. All you knew was that you really liked this Calum guy, and he seemed to really like you too.

This night led to many other nights where you two would meet up and talk. You both got to know each other better through the countless stories you guys have told each other. Over the course of the summer, you opened up to him more, and learned that the stereotype that your parents set on humans was wrong afterall. Calum wasn’t aggressive and didn’t run to the authorities to get you captured. You explained how and when you became a mermaid and the pressure your parents put on you to stay away from humans to avoid getting caught. He explained his hopes and dreams and how he wanted to become a music teacher and work with kids. You told him about your lust for adventure, wanting to travel around the world. You two even discussed possible places you could visit, ranging from Milan to Greece.You were falling for him and you were falling for him fast, but you knew your parents would never approve of this.


Calum sighed as he placed his last pair of pants into his suitcase and zipped it up. Tonight was the last night of summer camp and he was going to deeply miss his group of troublemaking boys, but most importantly, he was going to miss you. The clock that hung above his bed read 10:05pm, which meant it was past the time of your usual meet up time. He exited his cabin in a rush to go see you and walked toward the bench with his guitar in hand. As he neared the bench that became a symbol of your guys love, he noticed a girl in a flowy yellow dress perched on top of it.

“Y/N?” he asked uncertainly.

At the sound of your name being called, you whipped your head around to see Calum. You stood up from your seat on and opened your arms wide for him. “Cal!” you screamed in between uncontrollable giggles. He ran towards you, swooping you up in is arms and twirling you around.

“Holy shit, Y/N, you- you have legs?” he stuttered out confused.

“Yeah! I only have a tail when I come in contact with water,” you explained to him while trying to hold in your laughter because of the amazed look on his face.

“And you wait til now to tell me that?” Calum asked, shaking his head as he chuckled lowly. “I thought it’d make a more special surprise if I did it on your last day here,” you said with a bright grin on your face. Your words caused a slight sting in his heart. For a second, he had forgotten that it was his last day and he was supposed to go back to his house in the suburbs, miles and miles away from you. Your reminder only hurt him more. He shook his head as if that would erase the memory from his mind as he took in the sight of your full body in front of him.

“You look beautiful in this dress,” he whispered, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. His hand lingered by the side of your head after he released your hair and your hand flew up to grasp his warm hand in yours. You gazed into his brown eyes that were illuminated by the lanterns lit up all around you. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips before biting down on his bottom lip. His free hand travelled up to rest on your waist, pulling you closer to him and bringing your lips to his. His plump lips moved in sync with yours as you felt sparks fly throughout your body and you could envision stars blooming beneath your closed eyelids. Your hand snaked up to link behind his neck and closed the gap between your bodies. He kissed you with such a fiery passion that was somehow still soft and sweet. You didn’t want the moment to end, you craved more and more of his warm touch. Your hand made its way into his thick black hair, lightly tugging on his curls, which earned a small grunt from him. You smiled into the kiss at his reaction, your ego inflating as you realized the effect you had on him. He pulled apart from the kiss and rested his forehead against yours. He gave you a quick peck on the lips, and then another one, and another one before pulling away from you completely.

“Run away with me.”

A/N: i rlly liked this prompt so i wrote it for cal but idk where im going with it so if u guys wanna part 2 plsss lmk!! this was based off of the tv show h2o just add water loool so i hope this wasnt weird. i got this prompt from @dailyau

Stay a Little Longer - m.c. - Preface

Summary: When Michael’s life is compromised, he seeks safety in the arms of the unfamiliar

Warnings: swearing and gun violence

Tag List: @babylonshoodwrites @pumpkincalum @pumpkinsmashton @plainwhiteluke @irwinkitten @irrevocablylukes @astroashtonio @catchinqcalum @qualitylu @wrappedaroundcal @blameiuke @calumhampton @hotmessmichael @calum-hood @cashton-queen @calumh-excess @lurhemmings @truthorclifford @calumthomcs

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Ashton Irwin Imagine (request)

This is a request from @emma1998sblog (I’m sorry it took so long hun but I hope you like it ☺️)

👀 if you want a request, HMU 👀

You and your boyfriend Ashton we’re finally reunited after he flew you out to join him on tour. The distance put strain on your relationship and everyday you were apart from each other, you craved the silly little things more and more. Silly little things like him being goofy, his laugh, the way his eyes creased up as he smiled, the way your fingers intertwined with his when you held hands. You loved nothing more than just to feel his presence as you were right now, watching him run around an empty field with his three best friends in the dark and you could not be happier.

‘Calum! Pass it, pass it to me! Cal- never mind.’ He shouted across the empty space to Calum, who attempted to kick a football to Ash, but instead it ended up going in the opposite direction, causing you to giggle at his look of disappointment.

‘I thought you were supposed to be good at this guys!’ You laughed from your spot on the grass, wrapping a blanket around you for warmth. The boys, including Ash, look over at you all smiling shaking their heads and shrugging.

The mousy-brown haired man starts to walk over to you with a sparkle in his eye and a cheeky grin on his face that you loved unconditionally. When he reaches you he reaches out his arms and picks you up off the ground, making you squeal and laugh. “I’d like to see you do better Y/N’’ he chuckles, finally setting you down on the floor.

You stand as close to him as you could possibly be, your arms wrapped around his neck. Giving him a peck on the nose your mouth curves into a grin, “Game on Mr Irwin!” You challenge, immediately running after the ball, mainly in the direction of Michael.

Ash quickly becomes confused as you look as if you are about to tackle the poor boy to the ground just to prove him wrong- which in time you do, both you and Michael falling on the floor in fits of laughter, but once you see him running over you quickly get up once again and start running with the ball, heading towards the net.

Ash runs towards you with the same cheeky grin in his face, mixed with a look of determination, which makes you kick the ball into the net, and surprisingly last Calum, in a panic. Being dramatic you start cheering, mocking Ash. ‘She shoots and she scores!!! Oh yeah!! Commiserations to Ashton Fletcher Irwin, you tried babe’. You laugh, seeing Ash trying his very best to act mad at you, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t help but smile at how adorably goofy you were being, he could never be mad at you.

“I guess you could do better then baby” he pulls you into his arms and kisses you,making you instantly melt. God, you loved his kisses.

“I told you Ash, I’m basically Ronaldo” you laugh, burying your head into his neck. You were so glad that you were back together again, you just wanted things to stay like his forever, or at least as long as it possibly could, but for now you just focused on the moment you were in and how good it felt to be back in his arms again.

“I love you babe” you mutter quietly. He lifts up your head with a finger and looks you in the eyes intensely. “I love you too”




Shawn Mendes


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6(coming soon)

Calum Hood

-Camp counselor!Cal x Mermaid!Reader

Let Me Show You (C.H)

Hi guys! I’m finally here with an update - this isn’t Smitten, or my first request - I’m so sorry, I’ve been struggling with writer’s block, and I just decided to try another request. I hope this will help me get back into the game, and I’ll try and stick to the request order’s as much as possible. 

This was a wild ride from start to finish, and I ended up making it a ‘first time’ smut - I hope that’s okay! Please, please let me know what you think. 

Request: i don’t know if it’s request-worthy but i’ll share it with you anyway and you’re free to decide if it’s worthy or not. i honestly think you are one of the best writers on this platform - like you really make me feel all the things you write about - pain, happiness etc - and i love the way you write smut, too, it’s very sensual. could you write something about cal being very attentive boyfriend with an inexperienced reader, them taking it nice and slow, getting to know each other physically? for Anon


Warnings: Smut. This is 7k of pure smut. That is all. Bye. (Please be mindful of this if you’re under 18!) 

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Best Friend
Best Friend

you’re welcome

Coffee (C.H)

Hi guys! I’m so glad I’m getting on with the requests - I know they’re still taking super long! Thank you so much for all the support and patience! I hope this is okay!! Please let me know what you think! (Please let me know if I made a mistake on my taglist!)

Request: Hey so I had a dream last night that I was the assistant to the head of 5SOSs record label and walked in on one of their meetings and calum and I couldn’t stop looking at each other but then I woke up lol I think it would make a really cute fic however you take it

Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 


Warnings: Slight swearing? 

“Ma’am! Ma’am!” The voice called from somewhere behind me, and I glanced up from the desk I was bent over, eyes skimming the room. When I didn’t see anyone, I glanced at my watch.

Okay, I still have some time left.

“I won’t be able to make it Friday,” A voice sighed on the other end, dragging my attention away, and I glanced back down at the small pocket calendar in front of me.


“Are you sure, Rachel?” I asked, ignoring the shouting voice for a second. “You guys have rescheduled twice. Mr. White really wants to know how the new tracks are sounding and-“

“Y/n,” Her voice was low, slightly wavering, and I sighed. “Please? Just another week – the girls have been having a really hard time this last week. You know the pressure this industry places on them.”

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