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Body Language

“That’s really great baby.” Calum lazily and sleepily said, letting out little praises and mumbled under his breath while you massage dhis sore back.

“Love you.” Calum finally said, being contented with what you did and pulled the sheets closer to his figure, not bothering to put his shirt back on.

“Love you too, Cal.” You sighed tiredly under your breath, more than ready to go to sleep.

“I want to watch 50 Shades of Grey!”

“No fair! I want Bad Moms!”

“More like This Is The End!”

The bantering and the bickering of the boys continued, making you and Luke sink further more deeper into the couch and roll your eyes.

“Everything okay?” Luke asked, crawling on the couch towards you, imitating you by shoving his hands on the pocket of his hoodie.


“No it’s not.” He snickered, smirking knowingly.

“Gonna answer your own question, huh Luke?” You chuckled, looking over to the boys.

“If you were okay, you would be in there and fighting for Up to be played.”

“Well played.” I said in defeat.

“Awe c'mon! Tell Daddy Luke what’s wrong!” Luke sarcastically cooed, making his arms wide open and pouting.

“No, you fucker. I won’t.” You laughed hysterically, making Luke to do the same.

Both you and Luke finally calmed down from laughing, light smiles plastered afterwards.

“But really, what is it?” Luke whispered, looking around and lowering his head.

You motioned over quickly to the three boys, partaining to one specific member.

“It’s Calum, isn’t it?”

You nodded.

“What did he do now?” He sighed heavily.

You looked at the boys one last time to re-assure yourself none of them are looking at you before coming back to Luke and your converstaion.

“Something that has to do with body language.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, to think for just awhile. “Wait what?”

You sighed heavily, toying around with the ends of your shirt.

“Don’t take me wrong Luke, okay? It’s just that Calum wouldn’t show his affection towards me with his actions. He would barely hug me! And well, that’s what I kind of want. I’m not being demanding or anything, it’s just that I do so many things for Calum when he wouldn’t even return half of it to me.”

Luke’s gaze hardened, pondering on how stupid his best friend is.

“What are you waiting for then?”

“What?” You questioned out of confusion when Luke suddenly spoke.

He grinned, spreading his right arm wide, as if he’s going to take someone under his wing.

“Oh come on. I know you want this too.”

Calum’s thoughts were filled of how much he’ve made a complete utter fool out of himself.

For the whole duration of the movie, Bad Moms is what they’ve agreed to, Y/N was under Luke’s grasp, laughing along with him everytime one of them cracks a joke.

“Perhaps maybe you were a little too close with Luke?” Calum sharply suggested, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Perhaps maybe he’s given me what you didn’t?” You simply answered, dusting off the blanket that consisted of bits of chips and chicken nuggets.

“Oh. Is it the famewhore attention you clearly deserve?” Calum retorted back a little too sharply.

Your jaw nearly dropped open, the neatly folded blanket in your hands almost ready to fall over. But nonetheless, you still remained quiet.

Even Calum was shocked of the words that tumbled off from his mouth. He discreetly swallowed the lump on his throat, not wanting to give up his strong facade he’ve built right then and there.

“I’ll take the couch.” You lightly said after considering your options once you saw the pillows and the blanket on the couch.

“What?” Calum hoarsely questioned, his voice getting thick.

For all he knew, he’s the one supposed to sleep on the couch. Clearly not Y/N.

“I said, I’ll be sleeping on the couch. You sleep upstairs.” You said, maintaining your cold persona while tidying the little mess made both on the coffee table and the couch.

Calum rushed up the stairs, the pang on his chest growing heavier.

You’ve finally let yourself collapse on the couch once you heard the door of your shared bedroom opening and closing.

This is going to be an awfully long night for Calum.

Calum tapped his slender fingers along to the seconds ticking on the digital clock beside him on the comforter he was wrapped around in, hundreds of thoughts rushing to his head.

What was it that Luke gave Y/N which he didn’t?

Calum gives Y/N numerous gifts, what was wrong?

He finally decided he couldn’t take it in anymore and rushed down the stairs, his heart dropping when he saw your figure shivering under the blanket that didn’t help you under the cold airconditioning.

“Shit.” He mumbled under his breath, carrying your figure that was too tired to even contest with him.

His heart warmed up once he saw you instantly curl up comfortably under the sheets, the slight tint of pink in your cheeks that you were still cold, catching Calum’s attention.

He rushed by your side, going under the covers and tightly hugging you.

“I know, I’m a real asshole. But I’m just really sorry. I really couldn’t take it when you were sleeping on the couch when it should’ve been me.” He bugged, resting his head on your shoulder.

“I get it that you’re mad at me and shouldn’t be doing this. I also get the fact that you’re about to drift into sleep but I’ll just make the most out of this, okay?” Calum added, feeling as if he was talking to air.

He sighed, “I’m still trying to figure out what you were saying awhi-…”

“Body language.” You cut him off.

“Did I ever lack body language?” Calum asked to no one in particular.

You slightly groaned, burying your head deeper into the fluffy pillow.

Calum sensed it, making him think for all the times he didn’t showcase body language.

And for just a brief moment, everything that happened flashed through Calum’s head, making his heart sink of how he could be so stupid.

“I’m sorry.”

You barely flinched when the word rolled off from his tongue.

You’ve heard it many times before.

“I said I’m sorry.” Calum repeated, nuzzling his head on your neck.

“I’m sorry if I haven’t been doing this.” He started off, snaking his arm on your waist, letting his leg fall over to your torso.

“Or hell, even this.” He hugged yout ighter closer to his chest, letting himself inhale the scent of your hair, the one he got used to smelling when cuddling.

“This too.” He added, leaving a light kiss or two on your neck.

“And this.” He finished off, kissing your cheek gently.

“Slap me if I didn’t do that to you on a daily basis, okay?” He said, making you roll your eyes on his dorkiness and slap his arm slightly.

“Okay. I do deserve that.” He laughed, his laugh clearly making you happy.

“But even I forget sometimes,” He trailed off, his lips inching near your ear.

“Just know that I do love you.”

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show you - body worship calum smut

pairing: calum + y/n

rated: R

word count: 5,496

request: can you do a Calum body worship one (where he’s into worshiping you and maybe helps you discover just how much you like it) maybe some face sitting included? a little rough but also sweet and fluffy if possible but not necessary! you write the most incredible stuff!

a/n: i’m not going to lie when i got this request i was super excited to write it…like this is so calum tbh. hope you like it :-) (also i didn’t proof read because i’m tired it’s so long and i’m lazy ok bye)

- - -

It was the night of an award show, and quite honestly, you had never felt more beautiful. Since you were dating the bassist of one of the most popular bands in the world, you weren’t entirely surprised when a flock of hair and makeup stylists showed up at your apartment and told you that you needed to look the part.

The dress they helped you to pick out clung to your body rather perfectly. It was fitting in all of the right places, shimmering and sparkling against your skin, hitting the floor with a length that made your legs look longer than they really were. Your skin was flawlessly smoothed over with makeup, eyes wide and bold, framed by long lashes. Your heels clicked against the wooden floors quietly after you were finished getting primped and prepared, and when you peeked into Calum’s bedroom, the look on his face made your entire body heat up.

His eyes traced down every inch of your figure, drinking in your appearance for a few sparing moments before he gazed back up, stare locking on yours. He had been sitting at the edge of the bed pulling on some shoes when you walked in, and you couldn’t help but smile when he stilled completely after seeing you.

“Holy shit,” Calum breathed out, lips parting. “Maybe we should just stay in tonight.”

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Me last night checking to make sure no one sees me stealing ice cream from my freezer at 3AM

Michael’s hair is getting thicker and healthier meanwhile my breathing is getting heavier and far between

Bless whoever took this photo. Ashton is so breathtaking and so over looked, but how could someone not love a smile like this. Or those dimples. Or the way his voice gets higher when he is trying not to laugh. How can someone like this be over looked. He is the most beautiful person to me with a personality to match. If you don’t like Ashton then I don’t like you.

Rolling Stone: How 5 Seconds of Summer Enlisted Pop-Punk Heroes to Create Heartfelt New LP

Australian heartthrobs are back with a Top 40 vengeance — and a slew of big-name collaborators — on ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’

Luke Hemmings, frontman of Aussie emo-gone-pop sensations 5 Seconds of Summer, is embarrassed by all of the songs he produced when he first started writing music. However, he has a happier recollection of one of his initial collaborations with 5SOS bassist Calum Hood. “We were really good friends at school,” he recalls. “Michael [Clifford, 5SOS guitarist] never went to school that much, and I didn’t have that many friends, so I’d be waiting for Calum to get to school and get off his bus.”

One day, Hood didn’t show up. “I went to my first class, and I was like, 'Alright, fuck this — I’m gonna go to Calum’s house.’ When I got there, he had our song 'Out of My Limits’ half written, and I remember finishing the second verse with him. That was a cool moment.”

Four years after Hemmings, Hood and Clifford began posting acoustic covers of songs by Mike Posner, Chris Brown and Blink-182 on YouTube and added drummer Ashton Irwin to their line-up, they no longer have to skip school to write songs together. Instead, the Australian quartet posted up in a Los Angeles home for a few months, hunkering down to write a follow-up to their self-titled 2014 debut, which hit Number One in the U.S., Australia and 11 other countries worldwide. “I think it was an awakening of a higher sense of making music,” Irwin says. “We hadn’t done it that way before as a band. It was kind of old school. You don’t get a chance to do that much anymore.”

Hood describes the upcoming album — Sounds Good Feel Good, due on October 23rd — as a more “mature” statement. The band was signed before any of the members turned 18, and growing pains and budding fame have inspired a natural progression in 5SOS’s songwriting. “The first thing we realized as a band when we started writing songs at 15, 16,” recalls Irwin, “is that you can write a song, but to write a real song that’s from your heart, and that really connects with you emotionally and spiritually, that takes time.”

“I remember writing the stupidest song I’ve written. It had, like, three chords, and it was about the moon and a girl.” —Michael Clifford

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Jet Black Heart | SGFG | 5sos

A special Holiday gift.
  • Writer: Makayla.

  • Rated: M.

  • Warning/s: Explicit language and sexual content.

  • Pairing: Ashton Irwin x Reader.

  • Summary: It’s your first Christmas with your boyfriend, Ashton, and he wants to make it memorable.

  • Requested by: {No one}.

  • Word count: 999.


“Merry Christmas, babe.” Ashton whispered against your neck, which was now grazed with hair raising goosebumps.

Rolling over in your King sized bed, you locked your [eye colour] eyes with Ashton’s hazel ones. Yet, his eyes were not the same soft, light colour they normally were. Instead, they were a dark brown. Blinking, you replied in a hoarse voice. “Merry Christmas, Ash.” Sneaking a quick glance at your window, you watched as the pure white snowflakes drifted down from the grey sky and landed effortlessly on the cold ground; your mouth made a small ‘o’ shape in awe. No matter how many times you’ve woken up to the frozen liquid falling on your windowsill, it still shocks you in a way words can’t describe.

Placing a firm hand under your chin, Ashton turned your head in order for you to lock your gaze with his. “There are five gifts under the tree for you. But one up here, which is me,” Wrapping a hand around your waist, he held you close and flipped over so you were on top of him. “Why don’t you unwrap me?” He muttered, never breaking eye contact with you.

It didn’t take long for you to process this all. A smile pulled at the corners of your lips as you tilted your head. “Hm, Santa was generous this Christmas.” You purred, snaking out your tongue and running it along Ashton’s left earlobe.

He shivered.

Smirking, you placed soft, feather like kisses along his jaw- his stubble tickled your nose. Making your way down his body, you nuzzled the bottom hem of his shirt and ordered. “Take it off.”

Nodding, Ashton curled his long fingers around the fabric and moved his body in a way where the clothing came off flawlessly.

Scanning his bare upper half, you trailed your fingers on your right hand lightly over his chest. Every movement you made painted your eyes a darker colour. Every movement you made, made you heat up. Your core flipped in expectation. Bringing your hand down to his pajama bottoms, you slowly clutched the last remaining clothes and pulled them down. Your eyes hungrily watched as Ashton’s erection bounced against his hard stomach. Licking your lower lip, you gently grabbed his member and stroked it.

Groaning, Ashton caged his bottom lip between his teeth and threw his head back a bit. His silent plea drove you insane.

Starting near the bottom, you licked all the way up to the tip of his shaft before taking some of it in your mouth. You teased him by flicking your tongue against his slit and humming- causing you to vibrate the sensitive member. Your thumb pressed against a bulging vein.

“F-Fuck [Y/N], please. You’re killing me.” Ashton stuttered, looking at you through the strands of his curly hair. His feet kicked impatiently next to you.

Bobbing your head up and down, you tried to take as much of Ashton as you could, but if you gaged a bit, he wouldn’t mind. That would just send more vibrations through him- extra pleasure. Hearing his shortness of breath, you could tell he was close, which made you work extra slow to enjoy the moment. Pulling back, you lapped at his tip and tickled the bottom of his shaft, gazing at him with a twinkle of amusement in your [eye colour] eyes.

Panting like he’s just ran a marathon, Ashton growled and clutched the thick blankets under him. His forehead wrinkled when he squeezed his eyes shut. Tongue flicking out every so often, he let out a grunt as he climaxed all over your face. His mouth dropped and he let out long, ragged, deep pants. His fingers uncurled and became a light red.

Using your two fingers, you wiped all the warm cream off your skin and sucked all of it off- not wasting a single bit. Once finished, you slipped over to the drawer near the washroom and pulled out a condom. Turning to watch Ashton, you tore off the wrapper and threw it in the trash.

Sitting up, Ashton took the condom from your hand and adjusted it before putting it on. In the meantime, you were making yourself comfortable on the bed. Putting both of his hands next to your head, he stared at you seriously before asking. “Ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” You replied, grabbing his member and placing the tip in your wet, hot womanhood.

Biting the inside of his left cheek, Ashton gently and cautiously pushed himself into you- stopping whenever you made a face or a noise. Soon enough, he was tirelessly thrusting in and out of you. His eyes never broke contact with yours.

Clawing at Ashton’s shoulders, you whimpered out his name at least eight times and gyrated your hips to the tune of a slow song in your head, which just improved the experience even more. You could feel the tight knot in the base of your stomach grow, and you knew what that meant. Snaking a hand down to your lower parts, you stimulated the tip of your clit with your middle finger. In no time flat, you climaxed all over Ashton’s covered shaft; you cried out his name and dug your nails in his tan skin.

He soon followed. Letting out a tired sigh, Ashton pulled out of you- threw the condom in the trash- and flopped over beside you. It was silent for four minutes before he spoke up. “Want to open your other presents?”

Laughing, you glanced at your lover and kissed his nose. “Maybe in an hour or so.” You responded, snuggling close to him. “And correction, I have two gifts up here.”

Raising a brow, Ashton whispered. “What?”

“You and a good rest after what happened.” You chuckled, closing your eyes.

“Oh… but I was still the better gift.” Ashton pointed out, closing his eyes as well.

With that, the both of you fell asleep as a tangle of idiotic smiles and messy hair.



Exhausted, was the word to describe Calum. He had been working non stop and getting a maximum of 4 hours of sleep a night. His stress levels were through the roof and he might as well have been on the other side of the world cause he never got to see you. All he wanted go do was cuddle with you and sleep, you were his stress reliver, like a human Xanax. And he needed you the most. It made him energetic and happy, and that’s the only way you ever wanted to see Cal. But for now, you helped him pull off his shoes and strip him down to his boxers for the start of his break. You cuddled him and stroked his hair putting him to sleep, watching the stress leave his body to fully relax knowing that his alarm wouldn’t go off in a few hours. It wasn’t all glory dating a rockstar, but Calum made every second worth it.