calum photo

mornings with calum

waking up with the left side of your bed empty and cold, always made your heart speed up. what if calum had left you alone? but as soon as you heard the clinging noises from the kitchen or the small grumbles from calum as he tried to make breakfast you smirked to yourself, knowing that in any minute he would walk in with coffee and pancakes. you pretended to sleep, even though you both know that you had woken up from his loud attempts on making food. he would just kinda hand you the black coffee and pour the milk in without saying a word. whenever he had time off he would always make sure to spoil you in the cheesiest ways. he would turn on the tv, still not saying anything  to you but as soon as the tiny noises from the television appeared in the bedroom, he would pull you close to his chest, whispering “good morning princess” in your ear.