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dirty water pt. 2 // fratboy!luke

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    Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t have left the game early. Maybe you shouldn’t have practically run the entire way back to Phi Psi on a heavily intoxicated system. And maybe you shouldn’t have grabbed Luke’s hand and pulled him along with you while you did so. But you did.
Oh god you did. And now that tiny bit of regret was creeping up on you, the alcohol’s affect fading.

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Night Gone Wrong

It was your last concert of the tour. You were exhausted but excited to finally go back home and have a few months off. You were in the dressing room finishing off some self reflective time when your manager stepped in. 

“20 minutes until you’re on dear” she said. 

 You sighed and looked at your phone. You decided to go on and see some of the tweets. Some saying they loved you, some saying they wanted to meet you… This is what you worked hard for. To please them and make them happy. 

You played your show, letting some tears slide. You finally did it. After the show you decided to go to a bar and have a drink with a friend. Security was always near by, keeping look at what you were all doing 

“Hey Callum!” Luke shouted at you as he motioned for you to come and see him at the bar. You rolled your eyes, knowing he just wanted you there to talk to some girls. 

You walked on over and smiled. “Hey ladies” you said with your devilish grin. Luke, Michael, Ashton and you stood talking to fans and others at the bar, signing autographs and taking pictures with them. You could feel your phone blowing up with notifications. It’s all worth it in the end you thought. 

As the night wrapped up, you said goodbye to everyone and got in an uber to your hotel. Luke had a girl with him, Michael was too drunk to know what was going on and Ashton was passed out. You laughed, god we are a bunch you thought. As you arrived at the hotel, you woke Ashton up and carried Michael in on one arm. You all went your seperate ways and said goodnight. 

Your hotel room was amazing. Huge king size bed with the best sheets in town. A view of the city, the nightlife still going strong. It was 4am, but you could still see clubs with their lights on and people stumbling home. You had a flat screen in front of your bed which you switched on with low volume, for background noise. You took off your clothes and chucked them into the wash box and got in the shower. 

You started thinking about her, the girl who you’d seen tweet thousands of messages a day to you. You always replied, but it took a few days before you could see any responses or reply. You were staying in her home town, which made you think of her more.

As you washed yourself off and hopped out the shower, something was unusual. You could smell a scent that wasn’t yours and you quickly chucked a towel around you. You walked around the corner and saw the tip of a gun pointing at you. You carefully raised your eye level to theirs, meeting their gaze. You gasp’d and heard them laugh. 

“You really thought you’d get away that easy, Callum?” They said walking closer to you..


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all time low

5 seconds of summer

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Robbers//Ashton Irwin Imagine

As the soft morning glow of the rising sun shines through the broken blind that I hadn’t got round to fixing yet, I roll over stretching my arm over my boyfriend lying next too me. I pull myself closer to him tracing the freckles and scars that litter his exposed back. “Morning” I place a chaste kiss onto his shoulder as he awakens from his deep slumber “morning beautiful” he tucks a strand of my wavy brown hair behind my ear smiling as he pulls me closer so he can kiss my lips. I push the bedding off me standing and moving to the other side of the room where I rise my face in the small leaking sink “I’m going to shower”. The shower takes to long to warm up so I step in letting the cold droplets of water trickle down my body, I ignore the goosebumps covering my arms until I feel Ashton’s hands on my hips as he plants deep kisses along my neck and collarbone. “The family go away today” he takes my face in his “this is it for us bade we’ll make loads from this steal” I glance into his green orbs hoping that he’s right and that it won’t be like last time. “We’re only taking what we need this time though” I warn him all my worries of the impending heist disappear when Ashton lifts me up kissing me roughly as I wrap my leg around his torso the feelings of his lips on my skin being all I want and need. My hand get tangled in his sandy blonde curly bed head as he starts teasing me allowing his fingers to slip inside me but never enough to fully satisfy “Ashton I want you” I moan out as he leaves love bites all along my collarbone and neck “I’m all yours  babe” Ashton takes a deep breath before entering me repeating the action until I unfolded under him. Just as Ashton and I are riding our high together there’s a knock on the bathroom door “Oi love birds hurry the fuck up!” Calum our getaway man shouts at us. Calum is a key part to making sure that everything goes to plan he’s responsible for making sure we all get out of wherever it is alive. “Coming” Ashton shouts back, “come on let’s get dressed”. I climb out of the shower admiring Ashton’s defined physic “Enjoying the view” he smirks I move closer to him “mmh huh” I nod wrapping my arms round his neck moving our lips together.

I change into high-waisted black jeans with the same shade of black top and then a faux fur jacket over the top, Ashton is stood wearing all black rolling a joint “Here” he extends it towards me and I accept taking a big hit “You look so beautiful” he murmurs “I wish we didn’t have to live like this, I wish I could give you everything you wanted and we could live a honest, pure life” I move towards him grabbing the gun from the bed side him “I have you that’s all I want Ash” I kiss his lips “now let’s go”. Ashton ties a bandana round his face. “We all know the plan, take all the money, take the tv, jewellery etc.” There’s 8 of us on the heist today, it’s a big risk to have this many people but so is robbing somewhere like this. 

The house is massive so we’re all taking on different rooms about Calum who will sit in the car and wait to drive us away “Luke you’re up first” Ashton instructs the tall blonde who just nods in response pulling his balaclava down over his face, Ashton wraps his arm round me. Almost five minutes later Luke’s voice comes in over the radio “all clear” we all sigh climbing out. I spot the dining room window that Luke has opened for us to climb through and head towards it as Michael moves his way through the now open front door. The dinning room is a rather highfalutin room with a high cycling, the walls are covered with portraits of stern looking men in suits. Ashton and I begin searching through the drawers finding money and expensive looking ornaments.  “Ashton, Y/N! Go upstairs” Luke interacts us as we pass him whilst walking down the corridor. The master bedroom is beyond my wildest dreams and has everything you could ever want a king size bed, a walk in wardrobe, a ensuite, Ashton and I waste no time in grabbing everything we can before radioing to Lin that we going to throw what we can out of the window “babe” Ashton sprays with some very expensive perfume “ha ha” I roll my eyes at him “we have a job to do” we both laugh before the sound of sirens brings us back to reality “Shit!” I shout radioing for everyone to get out, Ashton and I throw the bag down to Lin. 

Before Ashton and I can even catch up with the situation there are bullets flying everywhere, police raiding the house “Ashton! Y/N! Get out of there right now! we’re waiting!” Calum’s voice shouts through the radio. Ashton and I grab our guns working together to make our way down the hallway, just as we make our way to the front door there’s bullet flying towards us and it hits Ashton right in the ribs “Ash!” I scream grabbing his body and running towards the car “Help” I cry as Michael hangs Ashton a blunt to smoke “it’ll help” he whispers. “Calum hospital!”

The hospital is quiet but also not, no one’s saying anything but there’s always nurses walking down the corridor or machines beeping,humming away “he’ll be okay” Luke places an arm round me. “Y/N Y/L/N Ashton would like to see you” the nurse approaches me “hey” I smile softly at him taking his hand in mine “I’m so sorry” I whisper 

“Dob’t be. I love you and I need you to remember that no matter what. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, i love you always” I kiss Ashton’s lips softly. Just as we part the machines surrounding him beep and i’m calling for help before been ushered out of the room. Outside the room there is three police officers “Y/F/N” you nod silently tears cascading down your cheeks “you are under arrest for suspected burglary” the officers voice zones out as the nurse pronounces Ashton dead covering his body with a white sheet, grife-stricken my body falls to the floor as a watch my entire life be taken away. 

A/N: I had surgery and my face is very swollen, and I’m taking lots of medication so this won’t be my best work but i hope you enjoy it and please send me your requests.

you know when you haven’t listened to a band that you used to love with all your heart years ago and you stumble upon some of their old songs and listen to them and you just remember all the small things, like tears rolling down your face when you first hear a song that soon becomes your favorite or staring at the night sky in the middle of the summer, while mouthing along the lyrics, it’s just small stuff like that that makes you think “wow, i really don’t know why i ever let this go”

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