calum is a puppy okay

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Could you write a blurb where Calum is just very cuddly? :)

Erm my god cuddly Calum like woah there.

OKAY so like cuddly Calum would be like a puppy dog honestly (it is funny because he loves them so much. Explanation- they grew on him) like literally you could be in the worst mood to the best and Calum would start off by lying with you then slowly he would inch his way closer to you eventually until his head rested on your chest

Like that boy would nuzzle those chubby but well sculpted cheeks up to you and if you ever rejected his cuddle he would literally beg I am not joking

That boy would pull the pouty lip faster than you can say No and he would literally be all up on you and poking your sides and just completely beg you for a cuddle

I also think his cuddles depend on what type of mood he is in.

If he is tired he would want you close to his chest so you could fall asleep with him cause he likes you beside him

When he is mad or upset he would probably lay on your chest with his face up in the air and not smothered in you and just huff like the little cutie he is while you tried to calm him down running your fingers through his hair

When he is horny his face is gonna be smothered in your cleavage like there is no doubt in my mind it is either in your cleavage or your neck kissing you until you say yes to him

But lastly, when he is just simply cuddly he would probably have you snuggled up into him rather than him into you and twirl the end of your hair and just smile and poke your causing you to slap his hand which would only make him laugh more while you were lying on his chest whilst in his lap

I want a cuddly calum damn it

5SOS Preference: You Get A Pet (CASHTON)


“Look at it!” Calum says excitedly, pointing to puppy in the window, “LOOK AT IT!”

“Okay, I’m looking,” you tell him rolling your eyes but smiling at your boyfriend’s childish ways. You gasp when you get a sight at the cute puppy he was pointing at, “OMAHGAWSH SHES SO CUTE! UGH!” You start to make cooing noises and faces at the puppy through the glass so overwhelmed with cuteness. Calum watches you as you do so, smiling to himself.

“Isn’t she just adorable?” You ask looking up at him.

He stares right into your eyes, “She sure is.”

You take him by the hand, “Come on,” you urge, “let’s go ask if we can pet her.”

Calum follows you to the pet store counter, and walks up to the man working there, “excuse me? Is it alright if we can hold the puppy in the window?”

The man nods, walking back behind the glass, and carries the puppy towards you. He hands the puppy to Calum.

“oh, she is so soft,” Calum comments holding the puppy close.

“Okay, don’t move,” you tell him as you pull out your phone to snap a picture. You laugh at the face he made, “gosh, this is too cute. We need to get her.”


“I’M HOME!” Ashton calls out from the front door, closing it.

You run down the steps yelling out, “DID YOU GET HIM? DID YOU GET HIM? DID YOU GET HIM?” You stop in your tracks when you came face to face with Ashton. You put a hand up to your mouth because Ashton wasn’t the only one to greet you.

“OMG HE’S SO CUTE!” You squeal taking the puppy from Ashton and letting him lick your face. You both giggle.

“So what are we going to name him?” Ashton asks, standing next to you, scratching the puppy behind the ear as you hold him.

“I was thinking of naming him fluffy-munchkin-chops,” you explain.

Ashton looks at you in disbelief, “really, now?”

“I’m just messing with you,” you laugh, “how about Eddie?”

“Eddie sounds perfect,” he says placing a kiss on your cheek. “Okay, now take a picture of me holding Eddie, I want to show the guys.”

You hand Eddie over to Ashton, taking Ashton’s phone, “say cheese!”


You take the picture, Ashton quickly sending the picture to his friends. “This is great.” 

I didn’t make a Luke and Michael one for this because I couldn’t find a picture of them with any kind of live animal. If you have any, could you maybe send them to me? Thanks x.

-Ray x

Accident {LH}

As my phone rings, I race around the room trying to find where it is and cursing Luke for not handing it back to me. Just as I grab it, the ringing stops. It starts up four seconds later, Ashton’s name flashing across the screen. I slide my finger across the screen and place the phone to my ear as I move towards the kitchen to grab my coffee off the counter.
“Hey Ash, what’s up?” I ask, bringing my coffee cup to my lips.
“Luke’s been in an accident.” Ashton replies hastily. I feel my heart skid to a stop before sinking into my stomach, my face draining of colour. Ashton’s still speaking but I can barely hear him speaking over the ringing in my ears and the faint sound of something smashing. Somehow through the ringing in my ears, my name falling from Ashton’s lips catches my attention.
“Accident?” I ask. Panic starts to flood my system. “What kind of accident Ashton?”
“Hit and run. We were all standing on the side of the street, waiting for the lights to change and this guy was driving past superfast and then at the last minute, just as Luke stepped forward, he swerved and it all happened so fast.” The calm facade that he had before is gone and I can hear his voice cracking. I feel myself swaying and automatically reach for the bench, my blood running cold. My stomach churns and I feel everything I’ve eaten today threaten to come back up. Swallow thickly, I hold it down and take a deep breath. Ashton’s still talking about what happened, something about ambulance and police, paparazzi could’ve caught the number plate. I don’t realise I’m crying until a sob falls past my lips and my knees give out, sending me crashing to the ground.  I’m not even aware that Ashton’s handed the phone to someone else until Michael’s voice fills my ears.
“He’s going to be okay darling, we’re on our way.” He coo’s to me as another sobs racks my body. “Ashton.” He growls. “Drive faster.” In the background I hear the car accelerate and Michael murmurs things I’m not particular listening to through the phone. Car doors slam. I hear them through the phone and coming outside, though the ones through the phone are louder. The front door opens and shuts as my phone collides with the floor and a split second later, Michael’s dropping to the floor in front of me.
“I’ve got you.” He tells me, pulling me into his lap. There’s no Calum and I search frantically for the puppy-like boy. “He’s okay. He’s with Luke. We’ve just come to get you.” Michael murmurs. Ashton appears by my side a moment later, holding a sweater. Looking down, I realise that I landed in coffee. Michael doesn’t seem to care that his pants are now coffee soaked.
“Calum’s alone with Luke?” I ask, Michael’s previous words sinking in. I tug off my shirt, the boys covering their eyes while I quickly switch. Ashton’s given me Luke’s sweater and I pull the sleeves over my hands before shakily climbing to my feet.
“Liz is with him.” Ashton answers, holding his hand out. I take it, letting him lead me to the car and slipping in the backseat. It’s silent as we drive to the hospital; no one speaks, there’s no radio playing. I stare out the window, tears rolling down my cheeks.
When we arrive, I’m out of the car before Ashton’s even stopped with Michael right behind me. The oldest boy nods and Michael bolts for the doors as I follow behind him. He leads me up the way he must’ve come before and eventually we come to a waiting room. Calum and Liz sit on plastic chairs, Styrofoam cups in their hands. When they spot us, they’re on their feet. Ashton joins us a moment later.
“He’s awake and their doing tests.” Liz tells us as I reach for Calum. He lets my fingers wrap around his arm and places a gentle kiss to the side of my head. “I don’t know how but it’s not life threatening. Just a few broken ribs.”
A sigh of relief falls past my lips and if I wasn’t holding onto Calum, I’d probably sink to the floor. A collective sigh comes from the other boys and Michael offers me a weak smile, Ashton squeezes my shoulder and I finally take the time to hug Liz.
“Police are with the paps, they said least one of them had to get the number plate.” Liz continues.
After about half an hour, one of Luke’s doctors come out. He tells Liz how he’s stable and a few injuries may prevent him from touring for a few weeks causing all the boys to shrug and tell him they’ll take time off. When he says we go in and see him, I’m moving before I can ask who wants to go first.
When I enter the room, Luke’s lying down, and his eyes are narrowed at the roof. He’s hooked up to machines and wires, one of the heart monitors on his finger.
“Hey rockstar.” I sigh, walking to the edge of the bed and brushing his hair out of his face. I lean down and press a kiss to his forehead. “How’re you feeling?”
“Like I just got hit by a car.” He responds, grinning lazily at me. Michael snorts from behind me.
I glare at him. “If you ever scare me like that again, I’m going to hit you with a car.”