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“How was your day lovely?” Your boyfriend Calum asked

“Everything was fucking bad, but you’re here now.” You answered

“Aww, my girl is so sweet. How about we cuddle?” He asked

“Hi, Cal! Its nice to see you here again Pal.” Your father greeted Calum

“Was that supposed to be sarcastic or what?” and Calum giggled “Nice to see you too Sir, do you mind if I go upstairs with your daughter? No dirty shits I swear.” Your father lauhed and he nodded

You and your boyfriend went upstairs and start cuddling, talking about everything and just laughing.

You touched gis tattoo and you told him that its the most wonderful thing in the world, and he smiled in return.

“How about we go out? Like lets have a dinner or something?” You asked him

“Lets go then…” You and Calum went to a fancy restaurant and you were just so happy to be with him

You looked at him in his eyes and you saw how much he cares, and how much he loves you.

But you thought of him again… Ashton.

After your dinner, Calum drove you back home and he left you outside with his jacket on because its freezing.

“I had a nice time babe. I love you.” And Calum kissed you “I love you too.” “Goodnight sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He whispered “How about your jacket?” you asked “You can have it.” And he left.

You were about to go inside when you saw someone near the tree…

“A-ashton? W-why a-are you here? What are you doing?”

“I was just planning to see you, but then I saw Hood kissing you. That fucking asshole.”

“Wait, why do you even care. We are not together. We were never together.” You say nonchalantly 

“WELL, Thats the fucking point. I want an us. I always wanted an us, but that Hood get in our way and now guess what? No more us. No more fucking us.“ 

“Its your fault… if you didnt lie, I would’ve chosen you… Calum is a great guy, he does what he promise to do. He’s honest, and he never lie to me… not like you.” You almost choked the last words, but you have to say it, and you finally did.

“You still love me, I know it. Do you wanna know something he’s not? HE IS NOT FUCKING ME. We are different.” You looked at him in his eyes and you dont know why but, you were lost… its like you dont know whats going on around you.

“I…” You stutter

“You what? Ha? You cant say anything because you know Im right.”

“You think i still love you? Ha. Calum is much greater than you. I know you guys are different from each other. SO DIFFERENT.”

“Come on, Y/N… He’s gay. He doesnt love you the way I do… I mean he doesnt love you the way I did fuck."  you were so confused at that moment. You dont know what to feel, but you’re just there looking at him.

"I’ll prove you, why Im better." He pushed you to the tree and he kissed you hard. Aggressive, but sweet, its like theres a spark. You dont know whats happening. You wanted to push him, but you cant. You dont know why you cant. You wanted to shout help, but you cant… instead… you kissed back.

And now the realization hit you. You are now kissing your ‘almost your boyfriend before’ infront of your house while you are dating Calum. He was still kising you and you pulled his hair and you lean in closer, you felt his lips moved into a form of a smile. He moved away and he said

"Remember how good that fucking feels everytime you kiss Hood.” He winked at you and he smiled and you were left there… dumbfounded.

You touched your lips and you remembered everything you and Ashton have done together, the fun, the pain, everything.

But you remembered Calums tattoo, how it feels to cuddle with him, his sweet words, his cute face, his respectful way of showing you affection, you remembered him… Calum

But remembering Calum, didnt stop you.

“Ashton wait, I love you.”

Literally Calum Everyday
  • Calum: boobs boobs boobs
  • Calum: Luke i love you
  • Calum: is now a good time to get naked
  • Calum: oops where are my pants
  • Calum: boobies
  • Calum: im still naked
  • Calum: ashton do i have a nice butt
  • Calum: wait why are you videotaping me
  • Calum: ashton im naked
  • Calum: what if i go to jail
  • Calum: if i go to jail there's no more 5sos


5sos is acting like those fuckboys you know from class that steal your phone and your homework and pick on you and bother you while youre trying to take notes and steal your laptop and hurt your feelings and get your hopes up and all they say is “you’re cute when you’re angry” 

badboy? calum (part 2)

hi guys heres part 2 you guys seemed to like it thank you for the nice messages and stuff about it love you!! xx


the weekend we by rather quickly you were really nervous about facing Calum at school, yeah he was really sweet and nice over text but you didn’t know how he was going to act with people around.

you were walking to your locker with Arianna you saw calum down the hall talking with his friends then he turned around and saw you and gave you a small smile in which you smiled back

you were now standing at your locker talking with arianna before you have to go to home room and you felt someone tap on your shoulder you turned around a saw Calum

“Hey beautiful”  he said with a smirk you blushed at the name “are you alright we’re good right?” he knows we’re ok i assume he just need reassurance that i don’t hate him anymore

“yes calum everything ok with us” you said and pushed his arm lightly and gave him a small smile

“you guys should just date already” arianna said and you both looked at your feet and blushed “but if you hurt her ill kick you so hard in the balls they will come out your throat got it hood” she said and walked away 

“yeah yeah yeah don’t worry” he said and rolled his eyes he’s still cocky but he’s not as bad as he used to be you hope he stays like this because you’re starting to really like him

“soon now that were alone…sorta” he looked at the random kid getting stuff out of his locker, leaning in he said “you should kiss me again because yanno to make up for all the bad things i did to you”  with a cocky smirk with his face inches from yours

“thats a lot of kisses then” you said and blushed

“exactly” he smirked and starting leaning in

you didn’t know what to do you didn’t want to kiss him your weren’t dating you didn’t want to go this fast he has to prove that he’s not using you and that he’s not a dick so you quickly put you hand over his mouth and lighty pushed him away trying to be nice

“not so fast hood” you said trying not to sound rude

“what why” he pouted and stuck his bottom lip out

you didn’t have to try hard not to give into him puppy dog faces don’t work on you but you have to admit you wanted to kiss him again that kiss before was amazing it felt like your lips were meant for each other

“because calum we’re not dating” you said you didn’t mean for it to come out with such an attitude 

“but the other night you kissed me and we texted all weekend and i just thou-” he was cut off by the bell signaling you had to go to homeroom 

“ill see you next period alright cal” you said and rubbed his arm and he grabbed your arm before you walked away 

“can i at least have a hug” he smiled and opened his arm you rolled your eyes and giggle and hugged him back when you released he kissed your cheek the kiss lingered for a second and you both made you ways to your separate homeroom 

you were in homeroom getting ready for your next class which is science and calum was also in this class while in homeroom you were chatting with arianna 

“you shouldn’t keep this game up much longer y/n” she said in a serious tone

“what do you mean?” you asked confused

“he’s trying so hard and you keep pushing him away and eventually he’s gonna get tired of trying” she said

“i guess so but if he gives up he obviously doesn’t like me that much” you shrugged

“true but i just don’t want you to get hurt and then me end up in jail for murder” she said and we both starting laughing until the bell rand and me and her had go to separate classes

i walked in to science class and saw calum sitting a his desk doodling when you walked up to him and ruffled his hair and took your seat diagonally behind him

it was about 15 minutes into the class you were bored out of your mind you eyes went from the board the teaches was writing on to calum back to the bored and the repeat until and folded piece off paper landing on you dest getting you out of your trans you unfolded it it was a note from calum saying

“i still don’t know where we lie are you gonna give me a chance”

you responded and threw the note back

“not yet calum you have to prove to me you’re not using me or something”

“I’m not using you where’d you get that at you know i like you i like you a lot you know that” -calum

“i know you like me calum i just want to make sure your not gonna hurt me” -y/n

“I’m not i promise its hard for me to open up and its really hard for me to say this but i love you please be my girlfriend” -calum

you saw the note and your eyes widen you were shocked when calum opened up like this even thought it was on a piece of ripped up notebook paper you quicky wrote your response on another paper because the other one had no room left as you were about to throw it back to calum you heard your teacher clear his throat behind you your heart dropped you knew you were gonna get in trouble

“mr hood mrs y/l/n please go up to the front of the class and read what you were writing to the class since its more important


you walked slowly up to the front with calum you both looked at each other faces redder then ever and awkwardly took turns reading what you said 

“I’m not i promise its hard for me to open up and its really hard for me to say this but i love you please be my girlfriend” calum said you were nervous because you had to read the response in front of everyone and he didn’t even see it yet

“i-im sorry calum not yet you have to wait I’m sorry” you said you saw his face drop and he looked as if he could cry it went silent in the classroom except for a couple of “oooooos” from students

the silence was over when calum yelled “WHY WONT YOU JUST FUCKING GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!” he then stormed out of the classroom leaving you there in the front of the class feeling horrible about what you have just done


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