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5sos 4/4:

Smile (Song: Smile by R5, Prompt: He finds out you’re ticklish)

PR dating:  Luke   Michael   Calum   Ashton

Luke Hemmings:

The Beach (Song: The Beach by All Time Low) COMPLETED!

A vacation with your friend and her family has an unexpected twist when you find out who her cousins are…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Ruin (Song: Ruin by Shawn Mendes)

You have a boyfriend, but your best friend has some life changing confession…

Only Love (Song: Only Love by PVRIS)

Luke is slipping deep into his darkest thoughts and you comfort him

Into Your Arms (Song: Into Your Arms by The Maine)

You move to LA and start an epic romance with none other than Luke himself

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

I Miss You (Song: I Miss You by Blink-182)

You and Luke used to date a long time ago, then you are expected to date him for a PR stunt???

I Don’t Believe In Love Anymore (Song: Darling by SayWeCanFly)

It’s Valentine’s Day, Luke is depressed, and you’re in love

Calum Hood

Don’t You Go (Song: Don’t You Go by All Time Low)

A one night stand with a person you’re supposed to hate turns into something more…


Lovesick (Song: Lovesick by NeverShoutNever)

After a rough breakup, Calum finds comfort with Nia, but he still loves you…

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (Song: Under The Mistletoe by NeverShoutNever) 

[haha wow another NSN song, unintentional I swear!]

Calum loves to spoil his girl, leaving his friends to believe she only likes his money…

I’ll Always Be Around (Song: I’ll Always Be Around by Waterparks)

You get into an accident, and due to mix up, Calum thinks you died…

Vegas Lights (Song: Vegas Lights by Panic! At The Disco)  COMPLETED!  

You party in Vegas with your best friend, get involved in not one but two hookups and discover something very important about yourself

Part 1: Vegas Lights

Part 2: I Kissed A Girl

Part 3: Figure Me Out

Part 4: Happy Birthday

Part 5: Last Night

Part 6: The End

Cuddly Calum

You are a member of the studyblr community and Calum tells you he’s interested in making a bujo… 

Say You Like Me (Song: Say You Like Me by We The Kings)

You’re shy and don’t show much affection which makes Calum think you don’t love him

You Left Me (Song: You Left Me by The Maine)

PR date with Calum

21 Questions (Song: 21 Questions by Waterparks)

You have a boyfriend…but then you meet Calum…

Ashton Irwin

English Love Affair (Song: English Love Affair by 5 Seconds of Summer)

The tile says everything lol

Sweater Weather (Song: Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood) 

You and Ashton get a little heated at a party when your guy’s song comes on

Michael Clifford

Bad Reputation (Song: Bad Reputation- Joan Jett)

You are the bad ass of the school, and get detention, something not uncommon. However, this time you meet Michael….

Sad Song (Song: Sad Song by We The Kings)

You end up going on a pr date with your former ex, Michael Clifford

Little Violence (Song: Little Violence by Waterparks)

You get into a fight, but Mikey is there for you….

Losin Control (Song Losin Control by Russ)

You’re damaged goods…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Starry Eyed (Song Starry Eyed by You Me At Six, but originally by Ellie Goulding)

SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT! Lol so Michael finds himself attracted to Calum’s girl??? DRAMA

Hoodie (Song: Hoodie by Hey Violet)

You and Michael go through a rough breakup….

5SOS Headcanon
  • Hemmo1996: That's so loud! What is that?
  • Luke: My fans... Our fans. Screaming for us to go on stage.
  • Hemmo1996: Fans? On stage? I made it?
  • Luke: Don't act so surprised, I always knew you would.
  • Hemmo1996: I can't believe I was able to achieve this.
  • Luke: It wasn't just you. You're with your best friends
  • Hemmo1996: Calum made it too?
  • Luke: Yeah, so did Michael and-
  • Hemmo1996: Michael Clifford? I hate that kid!
  • Luke: You've grown to love him. And Ashton
  • Hemmo1996: Who?
  • Luke: You will learn soon enough.
  • Hemmo1996: Wow.... I can't believe it. Thank you so much.
  • Luke: Why are you thanking me? You are the one that made me who I am today. Your the reason why I'm here.
  • Hemmo1996: Please don't ever forget me.
  • Luke: I won't. I never will.
  • Hemmo1996: I guess this is goodbye then?
  • Luke: Luke?
  • Hemmo1996: Yeah?
  • Luke: Thank you.
64 Floors-Part 4


Summary: What if taking you seriously means he won’t ever look at you like he did before? You’re too stubborn and he’s too persistent. But when it becomes impossible to read each other’s minds how far will misunderstandings go?

A/N: Wow you guys were amazing with the requests, thank you so much! This chapter is a bit of a filler, but I’m super excited for the rest of this fic:) Of course thanks to @ivegotashothough for editing! If you really want a part 5 let me know! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy! 

|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|

~Approx. 2.5k words~


He was civil at the event he had dragged you to, that much you could say. He kept his distance, approaching you only when he needed you to reassure him of a name of a client or retrieve any needed notes and papers. You were grateful that he was doing what you asked, but as usual there was a slight bitter taste left in your mouth at the fact that he looked so good tonight, yet was as far away from you as possible. You stood in the corner of the room, sipping on a glass of complimentary chardonnay and watching your high profile boss glide around the room like a bumblebee pollinating its flowers. He was just as much at work now as he was in that office building. You figured that was what made him the best. He never stopped working. He always had the company in mind. The more you watched him, the happier you were that you came to work for him. He had a lot of skills he could teach you and you had a lot to learn. Hell, you were learning right now merely from observing him in his element. Hemmings and Co. was a good fit for you and you were so grateful that he had given you a chance to be here. You only hoped you wouldn’t ruin it.

“Well, well, you must be Hemmings’ new victim.” A sultry voice sounded from behind you. You turned to see a tall, extremely handsome, man standing over you. He was wearing the same kind of expensive looking suit as you had dressed Luke in earlier and you noticed a similar flashy watch on his wrist as he lifted the crystal glass he was holding to his lips.

“I’m hardly a victim.” You scoffed, scooting slightly away from the dark haired man and keeping your eyes forward.

“I know how Luke runs his business. Trust me, you’re a victim.”

“What do you know about how Lu- Mr. Hemmings, runs his business?”

“I used to run it with him.” Your eyes widened as you turned to look at him, his bearded smirk reaching all the way up to his brown eyes. “John Riley. Nice to meet you.” He stuck out his hand and you slowly took it, a mischievous glint in his eyes as you did so. “And you are?”

“Y/N…” You allowed a smile to form on your face as you told him your name. “Y/N Y/L.”

“Well Y/N,  it’s nice to meet you.

“You must be somehow involved in Riley Industries right? You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.”

“Well you’re here aren’t you?” He laughed and you felt your face heat up as you looked down at your shoes. “Then again that necklace you’ve got on helps you blend right in.” He commented. Instinctively, you reached up to touch the beautiful piece hanging from your neck, suddenly feeling extremely self conscious of the statement necklace given to you by none other than your boss.

“Looks like a gift from a boyfriend.” He commented, but it came out as more of a question.

“Oh, no I don’t have a boyfriend.” You spoke shyly, not wanting to encourage him further, There was something about this man that you didn’t fully trust. 

“Really? Then maybe you’ll accept my offer of dinner tomorrow night? I know a perfect place for a beauty like you.”

“Oh, I don-”

“Miss. Y/L we have work to do back at the office. It’s time to go.” Luke had appeared practically out of nowhere. He stared at you disapprovingly before turning his age back to John. 

“Lucas, always coming in to kill the fun. He always did have the reputation of  being a buzzkill. ” John smirked, slyly taking a few steps closer to you. “But I’m sure you already know enough about that.” 

“If anyone should be worried about their reputations it’s you, Riley.” Luke stood unmoving, his blue eyes fixed into a cold stare as he glared at his former partner.

“Aw you don’t have to worry about a thing Hemmo. Y/N and I here are having a great time.” Suddenly, John wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into him and stroking his fingers along your bare skin. You stood still, half in shock and half because the look on Luke’s face paralyzed you to the spot.

“Miss. Y/L we have work to do. Now.” His voice was cold and commanding, but it made you move out from underneath John’s arm as quickly as you could and taking the two steps so that you were practically hiding behind Luke’s broad frame.

“But we’re still on for dinner tomorrow right?” John called after you as Luke lead you away. You didn’t even have time to respond before Luke pulled you into the elevator, the doors dinging shut and leaving you alone with your boss, who by the looks of it was on his last thread. He was silent as the numbers on the dial decreased, signaling that the elevator was taking you lower and lower. It wasn’t until you had almost reached the ground floor that he spoke.

“If I see ever see you speaking with John Riley again you are fired do you understand?” The elevator dinged and in one swift stride he was out of the elevator and walking towards his car. It was a different car than the one the two of you had taken to get here. Instead of the sleek, black town car that you had ridden in before, the valet handed him the keys to a cherry red Maserati that had pulled up in front of the plaza. You watched as he got in the driver side before rolling down the passenger side window and addressing you in the most formal manner. “I’m not going back to the office. Call a cab home and put it on the company card I gave you. Have a good night Miss. Y/L.” He spoke curtly before rolling up the window and speeding off in his beautiful sports car, leaving you stranded, angry, and determined to work so hard tomorrow that you would prove you were more than just a girl that boys could give diamond necklaces to.

“So he just drove off and left you there?”


“After giving you a fucking diamond necklace that you gave back to him might I add.”

“Yes, I gave the necklace back because I am not going to let him patronize me with overly expensive and extravagant gifts. I am his assistant, not his sugar baby.”

Calum stared at you as he shoved the lo mein in his  mouth, the chopsticks hanging out of his mouth as he gave you a goofy grin. “Well just so you know this is the last time I’m paying for food if you’re going to be turning down diamonds that could probably buy us years worth of pizza.”

“Oh get bent Cal.” You rolled your eyes, throwing your pillow at him before taking a bite of your broccoli that was doused in sauce. “What do you think I should do?”

“About what? Your jealous maniac of a boss or the guy he threatened to fire you over?”

“Fuck, both!” You groaned, dropping your head into your hands and rubbing your temples. This was giving you more of a headache than your extreme workload was and that was saying something.

“Wow. Being pursued by two extremely hot and extremely rich business tycoons must be rough.” Calum chuckled, rolling his eyes at you.

“I fucking hate you.” You laughed as Calum got up to dispose of the empty chinese cartons.

“Hey Y/N guess what I think of that?” You looked over to where your best friend stood, currently with his pants around his ankles and his bare ass hanging out.”

“Cal!” You yelled at him, throwing yet another pillow in his direction as he laughed and pulled his pants back up.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t love it.” He chuckled. A short knock at your door interrupted you from smacking him and so you rolled your eyes instead as you got up, wrapping a blanket around yourself to hide the fact that you weren’t wearing any pants as you trudged to the door and threw it open.

Luke cleared his throat, “Um, hello Miss. Y/L.”

“Mr. Hemmings!” You gasped, pulling the blanket further around you. “It’s eleven o’clock at night, what are you doing here?”

“I was, um, in the neighborhood and I needed to ask you something.”

“You’re here at my doorstep at eleven in the evening to go over work notes? Why didn’t you just ask me before you zoomed off in your Maserati and left me alone?” You raised your eyebrows, not afraid of showing him any attitude now that he was on your home turf.

“I wanted to ask you if you would accompany me for lunch tomorrow.”

“We talked about this Mr.-”

“Not romantically Miss. Y/L. I heard what you said about that loud and clear and you should know I’ve taken it to heart and I understand.” You could tell he was mildly annoyed that you had brought up your lack of interest in being more than just associates, but he quickly shook it off. “It would be a business meeting. There are some people I think you should meet if you want to form the kind of career that you always tell me you’re here for.”

“T-That would be great.” You were surprised, but there was no way you were turning down something like this.

“Okay excellent. We’re meeting at noon tomorrow and I expect you to-”  Luke stopped short suddenly, looking past you and inside your small apartment, his expression hardening when he saw Calum standing, covered only by his boxers, in the small kitchen.

“You expect me to what?”

He was silent for a few moments as his eyes flicked back and forth between you and Calum. Your eyes never left his face though, your expression curious. You were too invested in what he had to say to notice that Luke was fixed on someone behind you. 

Suddenly, Luke’s voice hardened, matching the expression on his face. “Nevermind I see you’re busy. I’ll leave you to it.” And with that, he turned around and got back into his sports car before driving away again and leaving you hanging for the second time that night.

“Well that was strange.” Calum says from behind you, legs dangling from the counter, his shirt off and his abs on full display.

You shrugged, “He’s like that sometimes.”

“I thought he was into you?” Calum questioned.  

“Who knows with him.” You sighed. Luke Hemmings was a mystery to you. He was hard to read and even harder to please. 

“Okay well I’m going to bed. Have fun with Mr. CEO tomorrow. And don’t forget your pants.” Calum teased. “Or do. I’m sure he would love it either way.”

“Calum!” You protested, throwing the blanket from around your waist at your roommate, who caught it with ease before tossing it back on the couch and laughing as he walked towards his bedroom.
You cleaned up what was left of the trash in the kitchen before heading to your bedroom to get ready for bed. Tomorrow was going to be hard, meeting with Luke one on one and you wanted to be as prepared as possible. After brushing your teeth you threw on a baggy shirt that was definitely Calum’s at one point before you stole it. You flopped onto your bed, reveling in the familiar comfort of your duvet and falling asleep almost instantly. The only thought in your head was a blond businessman and his offer to show you a piece of his world .


It was almost noon and Luke was nowhere to be found. You had seen him earlier this morning when you dropped off his coffee and daily notes, but he had been MIA ever since. You tapped your foot nervously as you waited for him to at least answer your phone calls or something to show you that the meeting had been postponed or something. Anything other than the fact that he had gone without you after promising to show you something that you had came here to see. You hadn’t been able to think about anything else but this meeting ever since Luke told you about it last night but after everything, it was looking like Luke was about to bail.

“You look nervous.” Ashton, Luke’s second in command, spoke as he came up to you flashing his award winning smile as he set his papers down on his own assistant’s desk.

“I am nervous.”

“Luke must really have you swamped.”

“We have an important meeting today and I can’t find him anywhere?”

“You can’t find him? Jesus, if you can’t track him down then we’ll never find him.” Ashton laughed. 

You groaned, knowing he was exactly right. You knew every single piece of Luke’s schedule by heart, so if you didn’t know where he was it was likely he just didn’t want to be found.

“Well if I see him I’ll send him your way.” Ashton reassured before turning and walking off to his own office on the other end of the 64th floor. You nodded in gratitude, deciding to immerse yourself in paperwork to get your mind off the fact that Luke was definitely blowing you off.  

It was two o’clock when he returned to the office, phone in his hand as he typed away, walking towards his office and still clearly ignoring you.

“Mr. Hemmings!” You called out to him.

“I’m very busy Y/N, don’t bother me with your petty questions.”

You ignored him. Where were you? I thought we were going to meet a bunch of people at lunch today? I was looking everywhere for you!”

“Sorry, I got caught up chatting with Ashton about an important breakthrough we’re in the middle of.” He replied, not even bothering to look up from his cell phone.

“Really? Because I talked to Ashton about you and he said he hadn’t seen you all day. Look if you decided that you don’t want to help me that’s fine. But don’t make me look like an idiot waiting around for you while I get my hopes up that you had finally began to start treating me like someone who is interested in learning from you.” You fumed, fists clenched and eyes angry. You were past being kind to your boss. You wanted answers, you needed to know just what was going on with him before you continued any sort of work.

“Don’t take that tone with me Miss. Y/L. You are still my employee and I can fire you as quickly as I hired you. Don’t forget that.” With that he turned sharply on his heel and walked into his office, slamming the door behind him and leaving you confused, angry and questioning  just how much longer you could handle working for someone like him.


Part 5


anonymous asked:

Wow do you have any other imagines If u do can u make a masterlist please?

Hehe I have a lot actually :) 


-How you two meet 

-Twisted Ashton imagine 

-First I love you 

-Michael imagine; you’re his celebrity crush 

-Calum imagine; he finds you cutting because the hate 

-He sees your secret tattoo for the first time 

-Your water breaks/you’re in labour 

-Calum picture imagine 

-Ashton picture imagine 

-Luke picture imagine 

-Calum picture imagine 

-Calum gif imagine 

-He embarrasses you 

-Calum picture imagine 

-You get into a car accident 

-Michael imagine for Grace 


-Luke imagine, he sees you with your new boyfriend Pt.1

-Luke imagine, he sees you with your new boyfriend Pt.2

-You get mobbed

-You’re stressed

-Ashton imagine, you have surgery 

-Luke imagine, your grandfather passes away

-Ashton imagine, you get your wisdom teeth removed

-Ashton imagine, you’re insecure

-Ashton imagine, you have social anxiety

-“Just tell me if you want to stop”

-Michael snapchat imagine

-Going to a fair with Michael

Luke fluff


-Ross imagine; rainy day 

-Riker imagine; baby sitting his cousins 

-Riker imagine for Elisa 

-Rocky imagine; fans see you kissing before you go public 

-You tell him you’re pregnant 

-Ross imagine; first concert with him 

-Riker imagine for Sheliza 

-Ross imagine for Mirah 

-Working out with him 

-Ross picture imagine 

-Ryland imagine; Valentine’s day

-Rocky imagine; he finds out you cut 

-Rocky imagine; he seems distant 

-Riker imagine; He thinks you’re cheating 

-He hits you

-Riker imagine for Elisa 

-Riker imagine for Megan

-You get brought up in an interview

-Ross imagine; you’re best friends but you love each other

-Riker imagine, your child takes their first steps 

-Someone sends you a picture of them

-Ellington AU, he asks you out

-Raia imagine, announcing their relationship

The vamps

-Brad imagine for Aiesha 

-Brad imagine, you move to Brimmingham

-Picture imagine 

-Brad imagine for Elisa

-Tristan imagine for Charley

-Brad imagine, you have a nightmare

-Connor imagine, you meet him

-Connor imagine, you two fight

-Brad imagine, you’re scared from a movie

-Tristan imagine, he’s on tour

-He gets jealous of another member


-Connor’s sister, Brad’s girlfriend

-Brad imagine, he comforts you

Calum Gets Jealous

Calum gets jealous of your obsession over Zack Merrick from All Time Low.

Requested by my last anon!

“Oh my god! I just can’t! Oh my!” you yelled and Calum came running in, “What? What is it?” he asked, concerned and very interested. “Look at this picture of Zack Merrick. He doesn’t have a shirt on and, oh my gosh, just look at his muscles and tattoos” you exclaimed. You began searching more photos of him. He was your favorite member of All Time Low, he was quiet and reserved and he was so attractive. As you continued to search you came across interviews and eventually videos of him playing. “Calum, watch this! He’s amazing on bass!” you called Calum over and had him watch a video of Zack playing live. You couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole video, you loved him so much. Your happiness was interrupted when Calum suddenly got up and stormed off. Running to keep up with him, you kept yelling for him to stop but he just kept walking until he got to your room and sat on the bed. “What’s wrong?” You asked him, slightly worried. “Oh, nothing. Just my girlfriend is totally in love with someone else now. He’s better looking than I am and better at playing bass. You’ve been obsessing over him all day” He pouted. “Aw, Cal, I’m sorry. You know I just get really into the bands I like and you know I love you the most” you said, kissing his cheek. “You don’t think he’s better at playing bass than me?” Calum asked, running his thumb over your hand while your fingers laced with his. “No! Of course not. You’re amazing and I love you. Just because I love certain bands doesn’t mean I love them more than you”. “I love you too” he said, kissing your neck softly, “I just get so jealous. I never want to lose you”. You smiled softly, “You never will”.

Wow this really sucked I’m so sorry please don’t hate me


calum was terrible at cooking. you knew it, his family knew it, his friends knew it, and even though he never admitted it, he knew it too. but that didnt stop him, when he decided to suprise you with dinner for your 5 year anniversary, so before you tried the first bite of that simple bolognese pasta, you were actually hopefull it would taste good, since it was so simple, but the moment you started to chew it, you knew it wasnt that simple for calum. so with your best smiles, you turned to his hopeful and cautious brown eyes, and showed him thumbs up, telling him how good it was, then trying to finish it as fast as you could just to stop suffering. you noticed when he tried his dish too, that he didnt like it either, but he tried not to show you that he knew you were lying for his sake and it was moments like these, that made calum realize why he was 5 years with you and still couldnt get enough of you. so when you both finished your dinner, he was quickly to get up, and go to the kitchen get the blueberry cheesecake that he proudly told you he had made “baby, honestly, forget all the shit ive ever made and done, this is the real deal, this is the reason why you’re gonna love me even more!”. so you with a sheepish smile just nod, waiting for the disaster. but when you tried the first bite of that dessert, you couldnt help the surprised yelp that left your lips. you stared at the man in front of you who held a proud smile upon his lips “calum, caLUm, this is delicious!!!” you told him excited “did you really do it? dont lie to me!” every pause you had between phrases, you would bite another piece of that cheesecake. God, you really couldnt believe! it really was delicious, and honestly, you almost cried right there with the dessert in your mouth, just because you were so proud of him! “cal, im gonna call your mother right fucking now. she needs to know theres still hope for you!” you told him as soon as you finished your piece. when you were about to get up and get your phone, he stopped you, by holding you in place and looking at you with a smirk in his plump lips. “you can call her later, love. right now it’s my turn to have dessert” the little shit didnt even blush when he said those things to you. but it was okay, you were always more than happy to provide him something to eat.

magconfangirls  asked:

Hey boo how are you?! Can you please do a blurb where y/n is a different race and people discriminate the relationship because of it like the fans and his parents ( all boys please) 💞

A/N : I made this for women of color friendly instead of one specific minority group because I wanted to make it as general as possible while still sticking to the story-line. Also, I don’t believe any of their parents would have a problem with any of the boys being with a woc! Enjoy babes !

Reminder that requests are closed until October.


Being a woc and dating Ashton would be hella rad. Ashton is such a free spirit and he has such a kind hearted soul. I mean he’s already stated Kelly Rowland as one of his celebrity crushes in an interview as well as calling Rihanna a babe so I think he has a wide and open minded range of women he would go for. On the other hand, you expected hate. As did he, especially since he usually went for non-woc in the past. However, Ashton would address the hate one time and one time only.

He’d make an Instagram video saying: “Hello everyone! Quick rant I need to get out really quickly. As you all may know by now, Y/N and I are dating. She makes me really happy and I love her a lot. I wouldn’t usually make an entire video addressing hateful comments..” He paused.

“But I saw a trend with her name and a racial slur beside it the other day and that uh, that was pretty much the last straw for me. Look guys bottom line is .. You don’t have to like my girlfriend, all I ask is that you respect her. She respects you guys and all I want is the same in return. Anywho, hope you all have a great day. Thanks for listening, bye!!” He smiled, ending the video.


You and Luke, I feel would receive the most hate. I don’t know why, I just think people expected him to date within his race and it’d be a shock to the world if he dated a woc. Now, I personally don’t think Mama Liz would mind at all but if she did Luke would definitely be heartbroken about it. He’d probably tell his mom “Just give her a chance. You didn’t raise me to see race..I thought you’d be more supportive than this.”  or like whenever the fans looked down on your relationship, Luke would do this thing where he would just hold you until you felt better or do whatever you wanted to do that day. Sheesh, that boy would be so sweet and domestic with you im crying.

I can’t help but gush over how much Luke would be completely in love with you. He wouldn’t be able to keep his fingers off your dark skin, being utterly infatuated with how different it was from his own. Or your hair, whether it was loose waves, tight kinks or somewhere in between. He’d love it. Don’t even get me started on your features. Woc usually have fuller lips and a more curvy body type and Luke would be in awe. The moment he fell in love with you was the first time you slept over and you were wearing nothing but a tank top and pajama shorts, much of your skin being exposed for his eyes to admire. “How do you do that? Huh princess? How do you wake up looking so god damn beautiful like that?”


I think Calum’s parents would be least likely to be racist towards you because his mom is a woc and his dad is married to a woc so I feel they would be the most supportive. If he saw a racist tweet from a fan, he’d immediately block them. His following tweet saying something like “Wow I know racism is still alive but c'mon people. @Y/T/N is the love of my life. She didnt ask for any of this and she doesn’t deserve this at all.” And if the hate ever got to be too much to the point where you didn’t feel like your were good enough for Calum or you couldn’t take all the negative comments anymore, Calum would do his best to change your outlook on the whole situation.

He’d say things like  “Baby girl, you think you’re not good enough for me? I’m actually not good enough for you. You’re the only one I know besides the boys and my family who could put up with me for more than a weeks time.” He’d giggle, his eyes crinkling. “I love you and your brown skin.” He’d say kissing your exposed flesh. “And I can’t get enough of these lips.” He added, leaning in to kiss your soft, full lips. After deepening the kiss by cradling your head and smiling into the passionate lip lock, he’d smirk and say “Don’t even get me started on that perfect little ass of yours either.” He said, grabbing your behind and pulling you to straddle his pelvis, causing you to let out a loud giggle.


Michael is such a family oriented guy but like if his parents didn’t like you specifically cause of your race I think he’d be disgusted . If his any of his family members made slick comments under their breath or made you feel uncomfortable about your ethnicity in any way, he’d more than likely speak up about it. Whether you guys were at the dinner table or out at a family get-together, he’d stop everything and clear his throat. “If any of you have a problem with Y/N, keep your shitty racist ass comments to yourself. Dont make her feel bad about her skin color.” or “I swear to God, one of you has one more thing to say about my girlfriend. We will fucking leave.”

Like I truly believe this boy would defend you to anyone, especially fans. He’d make tweets like “she is the girl I love and if you loved me you would love her” or “wow, its amazing what people can’t accept these days. Its 2015! I’ll love who I fucking love.” As you can tell I’m all about protective Michael. To make you feel better he’d compliment you endlessly and maybe take a soothing bath or something, tracing the curves and imperfections of your skin to show you how beautiful you really are WOWOWOW.


Imagines coming soon | Masterlist | Wattpad

  • Hemmo1996: That's so loud! What is that?
  • Luke: My fans.. Our fans. Screaming for us to go on stage.
  • Hemmo1996: Fans? On stage? I made it?
  • Luke: Don't act so surprised, I always knew you would.
  • Hemmo1996: I can't believe I was able to achieve this.
  • Luke: It wasn't just you. You're with your bestfriends.
  • Hemmo1996: Calum made it too?
  • Luke: Yeah, so did Michael and-
  • Hemmo1996: Michael Clifford? I hate that kid!
  • Luke: You've grown to love him. And Ashton.
  • Hemmo1996: Who?
  • Luke: You will learn soon enough.
  • Hemmo1996: Wow.. I can't believe it. Thank you so much.
  • Luke: Why are you thanking me? You are the one that made me who I am today. You're the reason why I'm here.
  • Hemmo1996: Please don't ever forget me.
  • Luke: I won't. I never will.
  • Hemmo1996: I guess this is goodbye then?
  • Luke: Luke?
  • Hemmo1996: Yeah?
  • Luke: Thank you.
  • Q: What is the best thing a fan has done to represent you guys?
  • Michael: I really like that when people say something bad about us, the fans always stick up for us, they're all instantly like 'Wow screw you, dude' and everyone jumps on them and it's awesome. I also like when people call us a boyband and- everyone just- instantly don't like that person.

Can you literally imagine sitting on Calum’s fucking face. His jawline is so strong and his hair is so soft and listen to me for a second, the way his forearms would flex when he’d pull you down harder to bury his face into you by your thighs would be so hot because you’d see the veins in his arms and he would moan into you when you’d thread your fingers into his hair and start tugging on it and god fucking knows he wouldn’t stop, he would not stop. Your thighs would be trembling around his head and you’d be pulling his hair so hard trying to get him to stop because you couldn’t take it, you couldn’t take how good he was making you feel, and he’d just hold you down harder while you cried out his name with your forehead pressed against the headboard of your bed, trying so desperately to wiggle free from him because he always made you feel like you were on fucking fire when you were on top of him and it was so overwhelming. He would keep at it and hold you down on him when you climaxed too, loving how he could make you come undone like that and whine when you let your grip of his hair go and fucking wow I want to literally sit on Calum’s face at all times I hate him fuck.

okay!!! but!!! planning a day to go to the pumpkin patch with Calum, and little man Hood, and the two dogs you just couldn’t live without, and it’s fall and theres a chill in the air so little man Hood and Calum color coordinated their sweaters!! (calum can’t even be embarrassed because, “momma look!! me and daddy match!!”) and so your sweet little family hops in the car and and baby boy Hood is babbling to the dogs in the back seat and giggling at the faces his daddy is making at him in the rearview mirror and when you finally get to the pumpkin patch you stop by the concession stand to get some apple cider for your boys and you can’t help but melt when baby Hood asks if everyone can just share one drink because, “We’re a family momma!!” and so with your one huge cup of cider you walk hand in hand with Calum as little man Hood runs between the rows of pumpkins and giggles when one of his puppy pals licks all over his face when he falls down because he just got too excited!! and Calum is taking so many pictures of you and his baby boy and the dogs and he can’t help but sit back and think of how lucky he is to have this sweet little family and then before you know it little man Hood has picked out 3 little pumpkins and hands one to you and one to Cal and then keeps one for himself and giggles happily before squeaking “That’s mommy pumpkin, and daddy pumpkin, and this is baby pumpkin and we’re all a happy family!!” and before you know it he’s hugging your legs and giggling as Calum bends down to kiss his cold chubby cheeks and you’re on the verge of tears bc after everything, you finally got the man you love with a sweet baby boy you love even more and :(( wow i gotta GO

But like imagine you being insecure about your body, and Michael has problems with body image as well, so he would understand and be so supportive. Whenever things got heated in the bedroom he would kiss every inch of your body, taking time on the places you were most insecure about, telling you the you didn’t have to hide from him and that he would love you no matter what size you are. You would squirm at just the feeling of his hands roaming your body, making him smirk. He would give you little hickeys between your thighs and kiss up and down your stomach, telling you that you we’re beautiful in between each kiss. The stretchmarks that you hated, was nothing but admired by Michael, tracing each little red mark with his finger, kissing them, telling you how much he loved you and wow I want a Michael

Housemate(s) Part 5 - Requested (All)

HELLO, this was requested by anon, well two anon's actually one asked for (Can I have a housemate imagine where you’re dating and you guys are kissing and then the guys walk in on you two making out and what their reactions would be? I think it would be really funny!) AND the other (Can you do a housemate imagine where the guys get you a puppy as a birthday present, thank you) ENJOY!!!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR (Y/N), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’ you hear the boys singing waking you up, you squint a little sitting up a tiny bit, holding yourself up on your elbows. You groan a little in appreciation. ‘Thanks guys’ you huff falling back into your pillows. ‘Bitch wake up and blow out your candles’ Calum snaps, you sit up quickly looking at him wide eyed, ‘Sorry, sorry, I mean, beautiful birthday girl please blow out your candles’ he smiles sweetly making you laugh a little as you blow the candles from the cake Ashton is holding.

‘Guys its super early can I sleep?’ you groan, ‘That’s what I said’ Michael huffs sitting dropping onto your bed, ‘Its half eleven’ Luke tells you, ‘Hmm, early, come get in bed guys’ you tell them, ‘Hol shit, I knew the day would come, you’ve been denying me for to long’ Michael teases as he climbs under the covers, you close your eyes feeling the bed dip and shake. ‘You’re a fucking perv’ you tell him, you feel his head press into your neck and he kisses you shoulder, ‘You love me’ he laughs.

‘Fuck move over’ Ashton groans, ‘Why do I have to be on the edge?’ Luke whines making you smile, ‘I know, I wanted to be by (Y/N)’ Ashton adds, ‘I’m all good, thanks’ Calum mumbles happily from your other side. ‘Calum you better have fucking clothes on’ you warn, ‘Opps’ he chuckles, your eyes fly open and you sit up looking at him wide eyed, ‘I’m kidding, of course I have clothes on’ he laughs, you hit his bare chest, lying back down. ‘So..’ Luke speaks, ‘We have your birthday present’ he tells you, you hum in appreciation.

‘Well it’s your birthday present but it’s kinda for us too’ Calum tells you, you open your eyes wide again looking from side to side. ‘Should you guys be in my bed for this?’ you ask, ‘See she is as dirty minded as me’ Michael shouts making you laugh. ‘Boys I love you but I just don’t think I’m ready to take it that far’ you tell them seriously making them laugh, Ashton rolls out of the bed and you frown a little, ‘Wait Ashy baby I’m playing, come back don’t leave me with these things’ you cry making the boys gasp as Ashton chuckles leaving the room.

‘Bitch please, that was mean’ Calum tells you in a terrible American accent, ‘Bitch if you call me bitch one more time today I’m gonna rip those fake ass extensions from your head and choke you with them’ you hit back in an America accent, Luke and Michael ‘oop’ making you laugh a little, ‘Wo (Y/N) that was kinda scary’ Calum jokes making you laugh. ‘You’ve been warned boy’ you tell him, his finger pokes into your side and you squirm away closer to Michael who wraps his arms around you.

‘Happy birthday’ Ashton sings as he walks in with a beautiful golden Labrador, you gasp, sitting up in the bed, your jaw slack and eyes wide, ‘Holy fuck he’s amazing’ you coo, as Ashton sets the puppy down on the bed Luke covers its ears, ‘Language, we don’t want to violate his ears’ Luke scolds making you smile a little, ‘Violate, that sounds so dirty’ Michael chuckles, ‘Everything sounds dirty to you’ Ashton points out, you laugh a little picking up the puppy, you pout a little. ‘He is perfect, I fucking love you guys’ you coo, ‘Language’ Ashton and Luke scold, you roll your eyes, ‘Forget that I love Calum and Michael’ you smile sweetly towards Calum. ‘Well fuck you then’ Ashton huff, faking sadness. ‘Language’ you, Michael, Luke and Calum all call at the same time. ‘Wow’ Ashton laughs; you smile as Luke and Ashton climb back into the bed.

‘So what’s his name?’ you asks them, ‘Your present you pick’ Luke tells you, you look up and pout a little as you think, ‘Lassie?’ you asks, the boys hum in response, ‘Stacy’s mom has got it goin on’ Michael sings, ‘Lassie you fuck tard’ Calum laughs, Michael shrugs, ‘Oh, well still..’ he starts, ‘Good song Mikey’ you praise and he smile smugly to Calum. Your stroking the puppy on your lap and so is Calum while Michael lies next to you, Ashton watching and Luke sitting.

A phone starts to ring but no one moves ‘Answer the fucking phone’ Michael whines, ‘Language’ you scold, he opens one eyes to glare at you but you smirk, wiggling your eyebrows, ‘I hate you’ he mutters as he closes his eye again, ‘I know baby, I know’ you lightly small tap his head. ‘(Y/N) it’s yours’ Luke tells you, you groan ‘Who is it?’ you ask not wanting to take your hands off Lassie. ‘Marcus’ he tells you, you sigh ‘Leave it’ you tell him, ‘Ohhhh ignoring lover boy’ Calum teases, ‘I got all the love I need right here’ you tell them cutely.

‘Wow soppy (Y/N) is scary’ Luke asps making you all laugh. ‘I need to take a dump’ Michael groans sitting up and you making a gaging noise, ‘Way to ruin the moment’ Luke calls after him ad Ashton snuggles closer to you and Lassie.


‘WHATS TAKING SO LONG?’ you shout up the stairs. ‘I only just got out of the shower, Ashton took forever’ Luke moans as he stands at the top of the stairs in only a towel, making you sigh. ‘I WAS WASHING MY HAIR’ Ashton yells, ‘Luke go get dressed’ you hiss, he widens his eyes throwing up his hands in surrender, ‘Okay, okay, I’m going, Jesus’ he teases.

‘CALUM TELL ME YOUT READY?’ you yell after not hearing anything from Michael or Calum, ‘I CANT FIND AN IRONED SHIRT’ he yells, ‘WAIT SHIRT? YOU’RE WEARING A SHIRT?’ Michael yells, wondering out of his room and past the top of the stairs, you sigh, ‘Yeah man, what are you..oh’ you hear Calum.

‘CAL THROW ME A SHIRT, I WILL IRON IT, AND MICHAEL…’ you pause waiting for a reply, Michael steps so you can see him, he is wearing black skinnies a black and white checked flannel and a black leather jacket. ‘You look hot Michael, come on, you’re done’ you tell him, he smirks a little, ‘Hot..well if I look that good maybe you can come up here’ Michael teases making you laugh, ‘Oh Mikey you wish’ you wink, ‘Okay split it up you two, here and thanks’ Calum rushes back off after throwing a shirt down to you. You wink to Michael before turning and heading back into the living room where the ironing board is still up from Luke using it earlier. Marcus is sitting on the sofa flicking through his phone.

‘They shouldn’t be long’ you tell him, ‘Can’t we just head out without them, they can catch up’ he suggests, you look up from Calum’s shirt, part glaring at him, ‘No, they won’t be long’ you snap, he nods slowly, ‘Okay sorry’ he apologises, you just nod a little acknowledging his apology as you continue to iron the black shirt of Calum’s. Marcus gets up and seconds later his arms are wrapped around you, his lips on your neck, ‘Are you mad at me?’ he whispers in your ear his warm breath tickling under your ear. ‘Yeah, your acting like a dick’ you mutter, his lips press into your neck a couple of times, making you moan a little. Once he starts lightly sucking on your skin it doesn’t take long you to spin in his arms, pressing one of your hands to his chest while you let the other trace round his neck to the back on his head where you get lost in his hair, your lips working together, he starts to move a little, pulling you along with him without disconnecting your lips.

He lets out a small huff as he drops onto the sofa and then moans when you climb on straddling him, he leans back into the sofa as he deepens the kiss, his hand on the small of your back pulling you so close you can feel him getting over excited but it only makes you want him more, knowing you can do it to him so easily. One of his hands slide up your shirt.

‘Have you finished with m…’ Calum’s voice pulls you from the kiss, you pull away from Marcus, rolling from his lap to the side on him, and you smile up to the boys. ‘Looks like she was a little busy’ Luke mutters, ‘So much for keeping the living room P FUCKING G’ Michael shouts making you laugh a little.

‘Yeah, come on if your gonna do that’ Ashton motions to Marcus’s jeans, you glance down noticing his discomfort you hand him a pillow, which only embarrasses him more, he stands up ‘I fucking hate these guys’ he mutters as he walks past Michael and Luke. You look up to the boys all of you sharing looks then you all burst out laughing.

‘I fucking hate that guy’ Michael laughs, ‘His face, fuck, he was as red as your hair’ Luke adds ruffling Michaels hair, Michael stops laughing straight away, glaring at Luke, ‘Shut up Luke’ he snaps making you laugh a little harder.

‘Come on, let’s get going’ Ashton announces, ‘Will lover boy be joining still?’ he adds, you’re about to shrug when Luke cuts you off, ‘Doubt it, he’s walking down the street’ he tells you all as he turns away from the widow, you shrug.

‘Guess it’s just me and my boys then’ you laugh, standing from the sofa and ruffling Michael’s hair, ‘How come she can do it?’ Luke whines, ‘(Y/N) my shirt?’ Calum asks, you point to the shirt on the ironing board. He hold it up with a flat look, ‘It’s only half done’ he moans making you laugh a little, ‘Come on mate, she got distracted’ Ashton backs you up, ‘Yeah by the fucking mini man’ Michael hits making you roll your eyes.

‘Well if it pleases it pleases’ Luke shrugs, you all turn to look at him but he just shrugs again, ‘SHUT UP LUKE’ you all shout, Michael throwing a cushion at him. ‘I hate you guys’ Luke mutters turning and walking out the front door, ‘Okay lets go’ Ashton claps his hands loud.

‘Come on birthday girl’ Calum wink pulling your hand, you head out with Calum at your side leaving Michael to lock the door you run ahead to Luke, ruffling his hair, you give him your sweetest smile, ‘Love you Lukey’ you tell him, ‘I can never be made at you, especially on your birthday’ he smiles, making you laugh a little, ‘I still hate them though’ he adds nodding back to Michael, Ashton and Calum who are jogging to catch you up. 

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