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This is a mini series. Kinda short since this is only the start. Now let’s all fucking cross our fingers and hope that I don’t delete this. If you read an imagine or series like this, let me know. Part 2 is up! Just click my blog to see it.

Summary: a conceited and self-abdorbed calum and an insecure y/n fall in love.


Calum’s POV

I walked down the hallway. Feeling everyone staring at me.

I mean who wouldn’t?

I’m pretty sure I’m the school’s hottest dude. Not to brag but all the girls swoon over me. Senior to goths, you name it. A simple wink could make them wet,

I continued my thoughts before someone caught my attention. It was a girl.

Well this is a first.

Never seen her around here though. “Hey.” I said.

She was surprised when he saw me.

I mean who doesn’t?

Honestly speaking, she was gorgeous. Dirty blonde hair. Fair skin. Eyes that resembled oceans beneath her cute glasses. Red lips that I thinked were natural. And probably 5'8-ish or something.

“Oh. H-hi.” She said nervously before pushing up her glasses further on her nose bridge.

I chuckled lowly before saying, “Haven’t seen you around here before. I’m Calum by the way. Calum Hood.” I offered my hand for a handshake which she returned lightly.

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. I’m an e-exchange student from England.”

So that’s why her accent was thick.

Well her accent is not the only one that’s thick.

“I’m s-sorry.”

“Don’t worry babe, I get that a lot.”

Once I said that her face completely fell.

To try and relieve the awkwardness, I said, “Oh right! Classes start in like a minute or two. Let me see your schedule!”

She facepalmed and said, “Right!” Before handing me her schedule.

I checked it and sure enough, we had most of our classes together.

“Cool. We only have two classes that we’re not together in. We’ll see each other more often. Let me walk you to class.”

I didn’t wait for her response and practicallt dragged her to walking in the hallway, leaning my arm in her shoulder.

She received some scowls from girls which she noticed that made her look down and re-arrange her glasses again.

It seemed like fixing her glasses up her nose bridge was her mannerism.

There’s something about her. She didn’t throw herself at me who has unfathomable hotness like others did. But the only problem is she is a bit shy.

I think that the moment my eyes landed on her, I probably fell in love already.

Bur I couldn’t give up my entire image for her. Or could I?


I sat up with my close friends for lunch. We’re basically brothers but we’re really not. But even if we were, they won’t share the same hotness I have. They’re cool. But not as cool as me.

I already told them what happened earlier. They were basically a lot more shocked than me.

“I hate to break it to you Cal, but you can’t really resist love.” Ashton said.

“True. If you love her, then so be it. Can’t really prevent it from happening.” Michael added.

“This is a first. First, this girl didn’t swoon over you. Second, this is the first girl that you didn’t want to go out with only you craving for sex. You felt something. Something new.” Luke summarized.

“Oh my fuck you love her!” Ashton laughed.

“Do you love her?” Michael asked.

“This is literally love at first sight.” I trailed off while the boys looked at me expectantly for another answer.

“I do love her. But dating her would cost me my image. It’s probably fucking social suicide.”

The First Christmas

“Merry Christmas, angel” Calum whispered in your ear, his warm body pressed against yours as you lay wrapped in the sheets. You let out a small sigh turning to face him.

“It’s like 6 am Cal. Why are you up?”

Calum laughed, his breath fanning over your face as your eyes fluttered closed again. 

“Its actually 8 and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful girlfriend.” You smiled at his words, opening one eye to peek at him through your lashes. He was grinning at you, his sparkling eyes crinkling at the edges.

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But just imagine being Calum’s sister and he’s a college student and one night he takes you to a college party but when a girl asks him back to her place he makes you go back to his dorm. What he didn’t expected was his smocking hot and flirty roommate Luke to be actually chilling, watching tv shows and eating cereals in only his boxers and a snapback. He would check you out and say “And who are you?” and when you’d tell him you’re Cal’s sister and sit on your brother’s bed he would just say something like “ I knew he had a sister, but never told me she was hot.” “Ass” He would chuckle and after you two hung out watching HIMYM reruns you’d ask him for some cereals and he’d smirk “Nope. If you want them come and get them.” After few minutes of hesitation you’d sit next to him eating cereals. But you can’t focus on the tv because his body is so warm and his smell’s so good and oh shit his hand is caressing your thigh. When he’d notice you clamped your legs together because you were starting to get wet, he’d gently squeeze the soft flesh of your upper thigh looking at you in the eyes whispering with his signature smirk plastered on his face “Do you want this?” And of course you would end up having really sweaty passionate sex. The morning after Calum would find you both naked and asleep tangled up between the sheets in each others arms and he would be so upset because, shit, his best friend fucked his little sister.

Prompt credit to 5sos-writing-prompts Thanks for the idea 👍🏻

you and calum recently found yourself in a bit of a fight. both of you ignored each other for about a week now, and calum went to stay with michael for the time being. you came home one day after work to another empty apartment, and it got to you. when you went into you and calums shared bedroom you froze. he stood there with a guitar just saying “this is going to be the dumbest four minutes of each of our lives but please let me do this”. so you did, and you sat down and listened. he played history by one direction, and you laughed a bit at the song choice, but you joined in with him in singing the words. he laughed a bit too. when he was done, you walked over to him just hugging him. “i’m sorry i was dumb” you say. “i’m sorry you were too” calum says back. and some how everything started to pick up where it left off.