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Calum seems like one of those boyfrends that are really shy on camera, who’d primarily just lean over and kiss your lips or just stare at you lovingly while you discreetly record him. In public, he’d be the one to take care of you rather than socializing or just have an arm slung around you, just so he’s sure you’re there. However, you bet your ass that when it’s just you two together he has you pinned and shaking and so speechless because just like you get him going, he knows exactly what to do to dESTROY YOU, HURT.

you and calum recently found yourself in a bit of a fight. both of you ignored each other for about a week now, and calum went to stay with michael for the time being. you came home one day after work to another empty apartment, and it got to you. when you went into you and calums shared bedroom you froze. he stood there with a guitar just saying “this is going to be the dumbest four minutes of each of our lives but please let me do this”. so you did, and you sat down and listened. he played history by one direction, and you laughed a bit at the song choice, but you joined in with him in singing the words. he laughed a bit too. when he was done, you walked over to him just hugging him. “i’m sorry i was dumb” you say. “i’m sorry you were too” calum says back. and some how everything started to pick up where it left off. 


This is a mini series. Kinda short since this is only the start. Now let’s all fucking cross our fingers and hope that I don’t delete this. If you read an imagine or series like this, let me know. Part 2 is up! Just click my blog to see it.

Summary: a conceited and self-abdorbed calum and an insecure y/n fall in love.


Calum’s POV

I walked down the hallway. Feeling everyone staring at me.

I mean who wouldn’t?

I’m pretty sure I’m the school’s hottest dude. Not to brag but all the girls swoon over me. Senior to goths, you name it. A simple wink could make them wet,

I continued my thoughts before someone caught my attention. It was a girl.

Well this is a first.

Never seen her around here though. “Hey.” I said.

She was surprised when he saw me.

I mean who doesn’t?

Honestly speaking, she was gorgeous. Dirty blonde hair. Fair skin. Eyes that resembled oceans beneath her cute glasses. Red lips that I thinked were natural. And probably 5'8-ish or something.

“Oh. H-hi.” She said nervously before pushing up her glasses further on her nose bridge.

I chuckled lowly before saying, “Haven’t seen you around here before. I’m Calum by the way. Calum Hood.” I offered my hand for a handshake which she returned lightly.

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. I’m an e-exchange student from England.”

So that’s why her accent was thick.

Well her accent is not the only one that’s thick.

“I’m s-sorry.”

“Don’t worry babe, I get that a lot.”

Once I said that her face completely fell.

To try and relieve the awkwardness, I said, “Oh right! Classes start in like a minute or two. Let me see your schedule!”

She facepalmed and said, “Right!” Before handing me her schedule.

I checked it and sure enough, we had most of our classes together.

“Cool. We only have two classes that we’re not together in. We’ll see each other more often. Let me walk you to class.”

I didn’t wait for her response and practicallt dragged her to walking in the hallway, leaning my arm in her shoulder.

She received some scowls from girls which she noticed that made her look down and re-arrange her glasses again.

It seemed like fixing her glasses up her nose bridge was her mannerism.

There’s something about her. She didn’t throw herself at me who has unfathomable hotness like others did. But the only problem is she is a bit shy.

I think that the moment my eyes landed on her, I probably fell in love already.

Bur I couldn’t give up my entire image for her. Or could I?


I sat up with my close friends for lunch. We’re basically brothers but we’re really not. But even if we were, they won’t share the same hotness I have. They’re cool. But not as cool as me.

I already told them what happened earlier. They were basically a lot more shocked than me.

“I hate to break it to you Cal, but you can’t really resist love.” Ashton said.

“True. If you love her, then so be it. Can’t really prevent it from happening.” Michael added.

“This is a first. First, this girl didn’t swoon over you. Second, this is the first girl that you didn’t want to go out with only you craving for sex. You felt something. Something new.” Luke summarized.

“Oh my fuck you love her!” Ashton laughed.

“Do you love her?” Michael asked.

“This is literally love at first sight.” I trailed off while the boys looked at me expectantly for another answer.

“I do love her. But dating her would cost me my image. It’s probably fucking social suicide.”

His Clothes

Anonymous said: Oh something with all four boys and you wearing their clothes!

Luke: Luke wore a mischievous grin as he slipped through the front door of your shared apartment, only to be welcomed with a living room lit with the moonlight and nothing more. He planned on surprising you a day early, being greeted with squeals, kisses, and making up for lost times. His visit to London was only a couple of weeks, but the pain of being away rocked through him no matter how long. Luke dropped his bags in the front hall and slowly crept through the silent apartment, worry furrowing his brows. “Y/N?” He whispered, and slowly pushed the bedroom door open. There you laid, half covered in your sheets and revealing Luke’s Green Day tank top loosely adorning your torso. Your face was entirely relaxed as you slept soundly, your chest rising and falling under the fabric at a hypnotizing pace. Luke was still in the doorway as he watched you, softly smiling to himself. You looked so beautiful in his clothes, and the fact that you had that shirt to keep you company when he was away gave him a bit of comfort. After admiring you for a while, Luke cautiously stepped closer and watched your fluttering eyelids as he turned off the lamp on the bedside table to embrace total darkness. He could still make out your curled-up silhouette as he slipped off his shoes, jeans, and shirt, and tried to slip in beside you without you noticing. “Hmmmm?” you mumbled as you woke up a bit, turning to face Luke as you squinted through your sleep to see him. “Oh my god, Luke? You’re back!” Your voice was still raspy with sleep, causing your boyfriend to chuckle and pull you in with his arms. “Shhhh, go to sleep, love. We’ll celebrate in the morning, but I’m tired, too.” Luke kissed the top of your head tenderly as he held you close, immediately relaxing you again. It was so nice to have him back in your bed, filling up the empty space and warming you from the outside in. “I’m so glad you’re back,” you murmured against his chest, and cuddled closer before closing your eyes again. “Me too, baby. Also…” Luke adjusted his head so his lips brushed against your earlobe. “You looks great in that shirt.”

Calum: Your plan was working perfectly: Calum had texted you saying he was on his way home after a series of angry texts in regard to his management. He would get worked up over business issues every now and then, when he truly tried to speak up in meetings. You hated that he wouldn’t be in the best mood after those days, and wanted to cheer him up so badly. So you scurried into his closet and let all of your clothes drop to the ground except for your black lace bra and thong, tugging his baby blue button-down from a hanger. ‘On my way up’ was the signal text for you to wait, seated at the edge of the bed with the shirt entirely unbuttoned. “Hey, babe. I was thinking we could order-” Calum sleepily spoke as he walked through the apartment, only to stop dead in his tracks at the sight of you. Your legs crossed, hands reached back to rest in the soft mattress, and lower lip tucked under your teeth. “Anything you want, hun.” You finally stood up and walked to him, cupping his warm face in your palms. “I don’t like when you’re in a bad mood, okay? We’ll order pizza or Chinese or something and I’ll give you a massage and we’ll make you forget that bad day you’ve had.” Calum’s lips parted softly as your spoke, drinking you in shamelessly with his eyes. “You’re incredible,” he breathed, and kissed you with growing passion. “I know,” you smirked, “now take off your shirt and lay on the bed. I’ll grab some lotion.” His back muscles were torture to touch, as you tried so desperately to ignore the warmth in your stomach while straddling your boyfriend and massaging his tan back. The knots in his back made you frown a bit, and you worked hard to let them go, only to receive low groans from the pillow that were not helping your situation. “God, that feels good,” he mumbled, and finally flipped over underneath you to grab your hips and sit up. “Almost as good as you look in my shirt. Can this be your nightly look?” Calum’s smirk was irresistable to you, and you kissed it away slowly. “Maybe, it is soft and comfy and smells like you. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find it anymore.”

Michael: When you agreed to spend your winter break with Michael on tour, you forgot to take into account the varying climates you’d encounter as your traveled. Your bag had little to no heavy clothes, and left you constantly curled up in your boyfriend’s arms or the fuzziest blanket you could find. The farther north you all went, the more regret you felt as you looked into your luggage. “I’m such an idiot,” you grumbled to yourself as you tossed your tee shirts across the hotel room in a desperate search for even the lightest sweater you might’ve surprised yourself with. “Well, I did tell you where we’d be going…” You shot Michael a deathly glare at his response, shutting him up with wide eyes before he laughed. “Oh come on, Y/N, I’m sure you have something.” Michael looked around at all of the scattered clothes in your shared room, and perked up a bit when he spotted something. He cleared his throat awkwardly, not sure how well the suggestion would go over since you all hadn’t been dating for that long, and took a hesitant step toward you. “How about mine? I’ve got so many sweaters and they might look cute on you, bigger and all.” You stopped searching as his idea hit you, making your chest swell a bit. Every now and then you looked longingly at his worn sweaters, wanting to wrap up inside of them and take in your boyfriend’s sweet scent. “Uh, really?” You asked, standing to face him as he held up his off-white sweater with a shrug. “I mean, if you don’t want to I get it, but they’re warm and we stay in the same room so I could get them back.” You noticed the nerves you felt reflected in Michael’s rambling, and smiled before taking it from his hands and pulling it over your head. Immediately you felt warmer, and wrapped your covered arms around yourself to sway in the comfy fabric. Michael half-smiled as he watched you, and nodded to himself. “You look good. Warm, huh?” You walked up to Michael and kissed him softly, your sweater paws winding behind his neck. “You’re a savior, babe. Thank you. Don’t expect this back for a week,” you snickered.

Ashton: Ashton knew that brunch was your favorite thing to do on lazy Sundays, after wasting all the time before noon in bed. So when he mumbled the offer against the crook of your neck, you practically shot out of bed with excitement, causing Ashton to laugh softly and watch you rush into the bathroom. As you both got ready for the day, Ashton checked out the window to see if any fans were waiting to get a candid shot of him with his “mysterious girlfriend.” You two had spent a month now keeping your relationship on the down-low, with back doors and delayed exits and sneaking in and out of just about everywhere. Ashton was more than willing to protect a relationship going this well, which is why he jumped a bit when he turned around to see you wearing one of his shirts over a pair of leggings. “Um…Y/N…” he hesitated to speak, his eyes flickering between yours and his own shirt. Part of Ashton couldn’t ask you to take it off, when it looked so amazing on your frame, and his veins flowed with pride seeing it on you. “I know, but I was thinking today could be the day? It’s been a month, Ash, and I can handle stupid death threats from girls who don’t know me. I just want to show off my boyfriend and not worry about camera phones when we go out to eat. Wouldn’t it be cute if we just went out there in public and hung out, and the fans put two and two together with this shirt on? If you’re happy with me, then why not?” Your argument was painfully convincing to Ashton, and he took a deep breath. “I don’t want other people to ruin something between the two of us, because it’s really fucking great.” Ashton hung his head, and you immediately went up to take his chin between your thumb and forefinger. “They won’t, because I sure as hell won’t let them.” You pulled his face in for a quick, reassuring kiss that helped to calm Ashton down. He pulled away and waited a second before fluttering his eyes open to meet yours. “Okay, you got me. It doesn’t help that you look better than I do in my own clothes.” Ashton kissed you again quickly before winding an arm around you and leading you proudly into public.

But just imagine being Calum’s sister and he’s a college student and one night he takes you to a college party but when a girl asks him back to her place he makes you go back to his dorm. What he didn’t expected was his smocking hot and flirty roommate Luke to be actually chilling, watching tv shows and eating cereals in only his boxers and a snapback. He would check you out and say “And who are you?” and when you’d tell him you’re Cal’s sister and sit on your brother’s bed he would just say something like “ I knew he had a sister, but never told me she was hot.” “Ass” He would chuckle and after you two hung out watching HIMYM reruns you’d ask him for some cereals and he’d smirk “Nope. If you want them come and get them.” After few minutes of hesitation you’d sit next to him eating cereals. But you can’t focus on the tv because his body is so warm and his smell’s so good and oh shit his hand is caressing your thigh. When he’d notice you clamped your legs together because you were starting to get wet, he’d gently squeeze the soft flesh of your upper thigh looking at you in the eyes whispering with his signature smirk plastered on his face “Do you want this?” And of course you would end up having really sweaty passionate sex. The morning after Calum would find you both naked and asleep tangled up between the sheets in each others arms and he would be so upset because, shit, his best friend fucked his little sister.

Prompt credit to 5sos-writing-prompts Thanks for the idea 👍🏻
Bravado (Calum Hood Imagine) Part 1

Photo not mine (did edit it though)

Rating: G

Request: can i have an imagine with calum and we’re best friends, but he comes home really drunk and he confesses that he loves me, you can do whatever you want in the end! thank you dear <3

Word Count: 851

“I swear Garfield, if you don’t take Emma back then shit is going down.” I muttered to my TV that had the new Spiderman flashing across the screen. My eyes scanned the clock that sat on top of the cable box reading 10:36pm notifying me that I just wasted an entire day of having the house to myself by watching Netflix with my parents in Hawaii for their anniversary as I sat perched on the same couch that I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on.

I shrugged the thought of my laziness off telling myself that I’d be more productive tomorrow though deep down I knew it was a lie. My eyes settled back on the movie that was playing in front of me not letting my mind wonder.

“Man boys are stupid.” The comment fell from my lips as I watched Peter Parker let Gwen Stacy slip away from his finger tips. The thought triggered my own memory of my best friend Calum and I, only I was the stupid one. A soft sigh escaped from my throat pushing the unwanted feeling of him locked away.

A knock sounded from the door startling me after being so attached to the TV screen. I gave a groan of pure laziness before pulling myself onto my feet and making my way over to open the door.

“Cal?” I looked him over from head to toe. “What are you doing here?”

“Did you know that Odontophobia is the fear of teeth? Like who’s afraid of teeth? Are you afraid of-” He cut himself off as he took his first real look at me. “You’re really pretty.”

“And you’re clearly drunk.” I side stepped away from the doorway to let him enter as he stumbled in and took a seat on the couch.

“Spiderman’s for dorks like Michael.” He slurred while looking at the TV.

I didn’t say anything only made my way into the kitchen to bring him a glass of water. “Here,” I handed the cup to him. “Drink up, it’ll help with the hangover in the morning." He took the glass greedily, downing the entire drink in five seconds before using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth. "Classy.” I laughed under my breath.“

"Did you know that monogamous relationships exist throughout the animal kingdom?” I let my eyes roll at Calum’s comment.

“And did you know that you always tell people random facts whenever you’re completely gone?”

Instead of giving me the usual small laugh or smile that lets me know he understood my sarcasm, he turned to face me giving a look of complete seriousness.

“For example, the male and female alpha’s in a pack of wolves. Everyone knows of their relationship and everyone knows not to mess with it.” My phone went off letting me know that I just got a text. I picked it up from the table seeing that it was the cute boy in the back of chemistry confirming our lunch plans for Tuesday. Without warning, my phone was snatched from my hands by Calum as he read the text before locking my phone and tossing it on the chair next to him.

I gave him a puzzled look but he didn’t turn to me to see it. Moving off the couch, I made my way over to the chair to pick the phone up only to be stopped half way by Calum’s voice.

“I don’t want you seeing him.” He ordered.

I let out a laugh thinking he was kidding but stopped once I took in his tense posture. “I don’t think you really have a say in who I see.”

He moved quickly off the couch towards me. The only indication that he still had alcohol coursing through his bloodstream was the slight stagger he had when he walked.

I could smell the vodka on his breath with his face so near mine as he leaned down towards me. “Like I said,” He whisper not once breaking eye contact. I felt small and powerless under his gaze like a mouse facing a cat. “Everyone knows not to mess with the alpha’s relationship.”

Then his lips were on mine, giving me harsh, rough kisses as his dominance began to shine through. At first I just stood there, too taken aback to do anything else before I felt myself give into him. The voice of reason entered in my mind telling me that what was happening wasn’t fair to either of us. He was far too drunk to even think straight, who know’s if he’d remember this once morning came around.

Moving my hands to his chest, I pushed him lightly off me.

“I think you need to go.” It barely came out above a whisper but I knew he heard me by the sound of shuffling feet and the front door opening and closing letting me know I was alone.

My back followed the line of the wall to the floor where I sat in complete shock. 

Calum just kissed his best friend. And I just kissed the love of my life.


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A/N: Thank you so much for the request, I love these kind of imagines! Hopefully it’s not too cliche, I tried to make it my own but ya :) hopefully you like it and please give me more request if you have any!

anonymous asked:

Pref where he's a bad boy and he's only sweet to you?

ok this will be general/4 because I am rubbish with AUs (and it’s queued I am vvv sorry)



He’d have this cocky self esteem about him that would drive you both crazy and nervous at the same time. His confidence would help him to approach you a lot more than he would if he’d be quite laid back and scared of you. When he’d approach you, you’d try to scurry away, nervous about him being around you, though most of the time he’d be straight to the point and would make your knees weak before you could escape, so you’d stand there talking to him shyly for as long as possible. He’d try not to show that he’d actually started to make some connection with you, though you’d know deep down that you’re the only one to break down his “bad boy” exterior and find this guy underneath.

holla i’m sorry but hey ho we can’t all create good things

- sarah x