even calum wasn’t ready

Okay but he looks like the school bad boy who only ever cares about skipping class, or sleeping with girls. You would be in the library after school one day, looking for books for some stupid research project when you heard the sound of his boots against the wooden floors. You would try and stay quiet so he wouldn’t see you because you knew he would probably get mad if anyone saw him in the library at all. It would get harder and harder, though, because he stood in the same spot for 20 minutes, reading the back of every book. You finally were able to ignore him and turn your attention back to the book you were currently reading. You jumped a little when you felt a hand ghost across your back. “Reading anything good?”

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young god (c.h)

A/N: so i’ve had this idea but i finally got to writing it! also this is the first full smut i’m posting so idk how good it is but whatever also i would recommend  listening to young god ofc
requested: i guess? i had you guys vote for it and y’all went ape shit!
summary: cocky bestfriend!calum finds out you’re a virgin and offers to help you

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You had no idea how you were in this situation, you never thought you would be in this situation ever, let alone with your best friend. Your vision felt blurry and your head felt hazy, everything to pop up in flashes, as if you weren’t there. All you felt was rough hands on your body and nips at your neck, your hands tugging at a mass of hair.

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I think there’s a F A U L T in my code
These V O I C E S  won’t L E A V E me A L O N E

creds to cal pictures to hxmmingshxrry

Going on tour with the boys would include
  • sitting in the audience and jamming with fans at the concerts
  • all of you sitting on the couch, trying to decide what to watch on netflix
  • attending award shows with them
  • being the first one to jump up in the air and hug them when they win an award
  • playing the license plate game on the tour bus
  • scheduling shower times because they all want to shower first
  • pit stops at gas stations to buy more chips and beer
  • photographing pretty much everything
  • mikey photobombing a picture of a landmark, which turns into a tradition so now every landmark picture has michael making a stupid face in it
  • assigned bunks
  • “haha luke, your bunk is stupid”
  • “michael, stop calling luke’s bunk stupid”
  • backstage prank war
  • wearing the boys’ shirts because you don’t want to do laundry
  • playing cards against humanity at the table on the bus
  • spending an hour trying to decide what type of restaurant to stop at for dinner
  • the five of you considering each other family
  • going out to explore the city you’re in
  • buying a magnet or keychain from every place you’ve been to
  • four very sweaty boys after the show
  • going out for breakfast with ashton since hes always the first one up
  • one person waking up sick and by the end of the day, you’re all sick
  • taking up an entire floor when you guys and  the crew stays at a hotel
  • you and the boys racing down the hallway
  • the five you sharing two rooms and deciding who is sleeping in which bed
  • pillow fights
  • occasionally sharing a bed with one of the boys
  • sharing a bed with michael and not being able to sleep cos he kicks a lot in his sleep
  • walking around in just boxers because you’re all comfortable with each other
  • going to clubs and getting wasted
  • sitting on stage with them during soundcheck and maybe even one of them handing you them handing you their instrument because they taught you how to play it
  • luke wearing your jeans because he didn’t realize they were yours and he’s now wondering why they’re so tight
  • luke blushing like an idiot when you tell him they’re your jeans but he keeps them on for the rest of the day 
  • lots of cuddles/falling asleep on each other
  • making a huge deal every time you’re out in public with them and their song come on the radio
  • being sosososososos proud of them all the time and telling everyone how proud you are of them
  • saying “love you” after every phone call or text conversation
  • jamming out to blink and atl before a show to get psyched up
  • drunk karaoke 
  • sitting on one of the boys laps when you’re waiting to board a plane at 2am
  • “no michael i’m not joining the mile high club with you”
  • falling asleep on each others shoulders
  • “calum put some pants on”
  • jet lag being a total bitch
  • getting very very drunk and sharing a kiss with one of the boys
  • the rest of the boys teasing you two about that the next morning when you’re very hungover
  • listening to new songs and giving them feedback
  • not being able to find any hair bands because ashton took them
  • seriously having the best time of your life traveling around the world with your best friends

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“which flannel? You have like four thousand”

the boy who cried wolf// jock!luke

i’m not sure what this song is about, but i figured an emotional song would make an emotional imagine. 

“Is Luke okay?” I asked Michael, looking down at my phone in worry. 

Luke has been acting distant lately, always avoiding parties and social gatherings and he hasn’t showed up to school at all this week. He ignored my calls and texts, always saying that he was too sick or that he was busy.

“I don’t know, he doesn’t even come to school” Michael frowned, taking a bite out of his pizza.

“He’s not the type to miss out on parties five times in a row,” I bit my lip and tried to think of the reasons why my best friend, who’s known to party and have fun, would suddenly act like strange like this.

“Yeah no kidding,” the red haired boy mumbled, his mouth full of cold pizza, “He’s acting like a dick now. Everyone’s getting tired of his bullshit, he’s been fighting with everyone on text but doesn’t even come to school. If you ask me, he’s being a pussy.”

As Michael continued on playing his video game, my curiosity and worry grew to the point where I felt like screaming. “Alright, I can’t take this, I’m going over to his house,” I announced, a little too loudly which took Michael off guard.

“I’ll come-”

“No, stay, I can see that you’re almost finished with that level,” I gestured at the screen, not wanting Michael to come along. I needed to talk to Luke one on one.

Luckily, the drive to Luke’s house was short and before I knew it, I was standing in front of his room, debating whether I should knock or not. “He’s your best friend,” I firmly told myself and pushed opened the door.

I felt my jaw drop to the ground at the state of his room. Luke was always a messy guy but his room looked like a hurricane flew threw- dirty clothes flooded the floor and there were books and scraps everywhere, almost as if Luke had purposely trashed his room with anger.

Luke’s back was turned against me, thinking he was asleep, I started picking up his clothes from the ground and put them in the laundry basket that was already over flowing. “Mum, leave it,”

I could just hear his whisper, his voice was weak and honestly sounded like a whole new person. “Luke, it’s me, Y/N,” I said quietly, slowly approaching the boy.

He turned around, I was even more shocked at the state of him. His eyes were normally sparkling and full of life, but now they seemed almost grey and lifeless. The dark bags under his eyes made his skin look even more pale and sickly- just to sum it all up, Luke looked like death.

“Why, why are you here?” he quickly sat up and ran his fingers through his flat hair.

“I wanted to see you,” I was suddenly nervous even though I’ve been friends with Luke since I could barely walk, “Are you okay?”


I could tell he was lying. I knew the boy like the back of my hand. “Luke, I know you’re lying-”

“I’m fucking okay!” Luke suddenly snapped, taking me off guard, “I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m fucking okay!” His words became louder until he was screaming with his head in his hands.

I was scared, I’ve never seen him like this. Sure, I’ve seen him cry but not like this. His voice soon died down and almost to a whisper with tears pouring down like a broken faucet, “I’m okay, I’m okay.”

“Luke,” I said gently, cupping his head with my hands and made him look up, “What’s going on?”

“I’m okay,” he repeated.

“You’re not.”

“Please leave,” he ignored my question and looked away.

“Look at me in the eye and tell me, where’s my Luke?” I whispered, softly stroking his hair.


“I’m not going to leave,” I said firmly, “I want to know what happened. What happened to the jock who was full of corny jokes and parties every single week-”

“I don’t fucking know Y/N,” he cut me off, his voice slightly cracked with tears, “I don’t know why I’m like this. I don’t know why I keep lying and telling everyone I’m okay. I’m not Y/N. Everyone’s leaving me now. I pushed everyone away, fuck it’s my fault-”

He was starting to babble and cried another fresh batch of tears, “Shh, it’s okay,” I pulled him into a hug as he cried into my shoulder, “I’m here. It’s okay now. You’re going to be okay.”

I’m not leaving”

eh that was slightly really bad lol. i’ve been listening to the girl who cried wolf like ten times in a row and can we just appreciate Michael????


jet black heart (michael imagine)


Safety Pin - 5 Seconds of Summer // Strange Love - Halsey


Anonymous said: You and Luke want to have sex for the first time and he texts you all flustered about which Condom to buy

5H fans reactions rant

The amount of disrespect and hate that 5h stans send to 5sos and us, their fans, for an award is stupid, immature and just ridiculous. Even though I am aware we worked our asses off to win i still find it very disrespectful. The amount of shit they say about the boys is awful. All that Ashton dad thing and Michael being ugly like bitch no, Michael is fucking beautiful in every way and in every angle and just because you can’t deal with getting a bit butthurt doesn’t mean shit. Michael is beautiful and I hope one day he realizes that and also making these so called jokes about self harm and Ashton’s dad is very bad and none of your business, at the end of the day it’s an award that matters to both fans and band but that doesn’t mean you can be so rude and disrespectful towards someone because oh bo uh you lost. Jeez, fucking grow up.
They also came up w sickening hashtags in the past towards 5sos and us and it blows me away how people can be so fucking immature. And how they can take their weird ass and rude comments to a whole new level just because they feel like it, without even considering the consequences it may have on people.
I’m not saying that this is the entire 5h fandom obviously but from what I’ve seen on Twitter they are mean and rude to everyone 24/7 just because, and it needs to stop before it actually does some harm to someone.