Dating Luke.

- Lots of holding hands while no one is watching

- Cause he hates PDA

- Neck kisses

- Him always having some contact with you while sleeping like even just touching you with a foot to make sure you’re still there

- Wake up kisses like everywhere

- You sitting on his lap with the boys around even tho there are 305938959 free places to sit

- Ear playing while you’re watching a movie with him and the boys cause he knows it turns you on

- You eventually pinching his side

- Lots of evil giggles cause he’s a motherfucker

- aSS grabbing

- Just being touchy in general

- Constantly making fun of eachother

- Competitive sex

- Drunk sex

- Slow lazy sex cause hes sleepy 28/9

- Him being the big spoon so he can hug you and hold your boobs

- Night talks

- Talking about anything and everything

- Having to clean the mess he makes in the shower every time

- Not being able to stay mad long cause he’s singing quietly while getting ready

- His shirts.

- His smell on you

- Him wanting you to wear his perfume so everyone will know you’re taken

- Discovering his daddy kink while you were messing around with him and he blushed

- Pain kink

- Him growling against your neck to pull. His. Hair.

- Going around in your pajamas at 3 am just to grab some takeout

- Him wanting good luck kisses before every show

- Him being your bestfriend and hearing him tell you about things that make him all excited and smiley

- Sending eachother funny texts even tho he’s just on the other side of the couch

- Cute names

- Dirty names for when you’re alone

- Funny names to mess around with eachother

- Him asking you to style his hair

- Him whining cause you want it to be natural and curly

- Him giving up after seeing his curls make you feel some way

- Him giving you all the love he has in his heart

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In which calum surprises you
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Just; C.H. 10

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“And tell me again why you’re dragging me to the mall? Since when do boys do such things.” I laugh, pressing my All Star covered feet against the dash board of Calum’s car, the wind blowing through the opened windows with Calum behind the wheel.

“My sister’s getting married in a few weeks. I need a suit. Who better to ask then my new lady friend?” Calum turns his head and grants me with one of his million dollar smiles, his dimples on full show, his fingers tapping along to the Kaiser Chiefs lowly blaring through his speakers.

“I’m flattered that you think I have a fashion sense.” I laugh as I point out my attire of a ripped shirt, a pair of cut-off jeans shorts, accompanied by my all stars. “So you have a sister?”
“Yeah, Mali-Koa. She’s a few years older than me, and of course, happily together with her boyfriend.” He shrugs his shoulders as he makes a turn for the parking lot of the closest mall, his right hand turning the volume down.

“You wouldn’t say, them getting married and all. I have an older brother.” I share, Calum’s eyebrows raising as his mouth takes the shape of an ‘o’.
“And yes, before you ask. He is the protective type. If my friend’s name isn’t Sherilyn or Sarah, he doesn’t like them. Especially if they’re male.” I chuckle, getting out of Calum’s parked car and waiting for him at the front, my hand placed on the hood of his black car.
“I’m kind of in a pickle then.” Calum laughs and I can’t help but giggle along, following him to the entrance of the mall.

“I’d go for a black one. It’s suits you better than the navy.” I shrug my shoulders when he holds his two options out towards me. “And beneath?”
“White dress shirt. Is there a dress code?” I ask as I start to rummage through the endless suits the store supplies, searching for a tailored one. I’m sure it would look great on Calum.

“What do you mean?” Calum seems completely thrown of guard and I can’t help but laugh at his ignorance. “Like a black and white theme. Or an ‘all in pink’ theme. Anything?”
Calum breathes loudly, hanging the blue suit back into the rack as I hand him a tailored black suit to try on. “Not that I’m aware of.”
“That I’d keep it simple, a black tie or maybe a blue one. I don’t know, I am shit at colour coordinating.” I laugh, holding a nice looking satin blue tie towards him, as well as a plain black one.

“I’ll have to see you in it to know if it fits, though.” I shrug my shoulders. I wasn’t complaining about seeing Calum in a suit. Every girl knows a man gets ten times more attractive while being in a suit.

“Calum? Is that you? Hi!” A female voice echoes from behind Calum and he turns around, revealing the face that belongs to the voice I was all too familiar with. I’m met with the same busty girl from the first party of the summer, and probably ‘the girl with the knockers’ Luke was joking about days prior. I take a step back, my bottom lip pulled between my teeth. I was actually enjoying myself but I wasn’t in the mood to be ignored again, the ties clutched between my whitening knuckles.

“Oh uh hi Mandy. What are you doing here?” Calum awkwardly makes conversation and I busy myself by looking at the suits to my right, eyes glued to the floor as my fingers skim absentmindedly along the expensive fabrics.
“My friend needs a suit for his graduation. So I decided to tag along. I haven’t heard from you since forever.”

“Ah – uh yeah, I’ve been busy. Have you met Y/n already?” Calum’s voice seems to lose its tension when he addresses me, my head raises just in time to see Calum throw his arm around me and haul me into his chest, an awkward smile etched on my lips as I wave at the girl. “Hi.”

“You’re the girl from the party, aren’t you?” She grants me with a once over and I am absolutely regretting not dressing up for hanging out with Calum today. But I thought since we were just friends I didn’t need to impress anyone. I didn’t think of Mandy of course.
“Well, Calum, I have to head back but I – uh – I’ll see you around?” Mandy glances from me towards Calum, a fake smile plastered on her lips as she looks up at him. He grants her with an evenly fake grin, nodding his head. “Probably. Bye Mandy.”

“Talk about awkward.” I mumble underneath my breath as I push the ties back into Calum’s hands, his eyebrows furrowed. “What?”
“Ah – uh nothing. Let’s try those on, yeah?” I grin up at Calum, my flat hands pressed against his chest to guide him towards the dressing rooms.

It didn’t take Calum long to choose the tailored suit, along with a simple black tie and a white dress shirt for his sister’s wedding. I’m sort of glad it didn’t take an awful lot of time, as it would have with my brother who doesn’t like anything – but doesn’t try on anything either.

“Let’s sit down for a minute, I’m actually knackered from that small shopping spree.” Calum motions to a bench near the small playground on the edge of the mall. I scoff loudly, stopping him to buy myself a bottle of coke from the machine as I answer him. “You clearly have never shopped with a girl.”

“I am now, aren’t I?” Calum grins and I roll my eyes visibly, shaking my head as I pass him towards the unoccupied bench. “Oh believe me honey, when I’m on a roll you wouldn’t be able to follow.”

“Not sure if that’s a threat or a challenge.” Calum laughs as he drops down next to me, his legs stretched out, ankles crossed as his hands rest on his stomach. I’m leaning forward, elbows resting on my knees with my purchased bottle dangling between my legs.

“My last boyfriend took that as a challenge, which I won, by the way.” I simply state, a smug grin etched on my lips as I glance in Calum’s general direction.
“I’ve never heard anything about you dating someone.” Calum questions and I can sense he’s a bit reluctant to ask so, but seeing as how we’re trying to be friends, I guess I owe him.

“Probably because you didn’t know me until two weeks ago. And probably also because usually don’t date.” I shrug my shoulders, bringing the bottle of coke to my lips to take a refreshing sip, my gaze transfixed on the swinging set right in front of us, swinging slowly in the wind, completely deserted. “Why is that?”
“Oh you know, horrid relationships, fuck-ups of ex-boyfriends, the whole lot.” I laugh, turning to Calum who’s giving me the tiniest of smiles. “I don’t date either.”
“You don’t say.” I grin, my smile slowly dissipating when I see Calum’s frigid stance. “Why?”
“I don’t know. Guess I’m not very good at it.” I jab my elbow in his ribcage and he hisses before swatting me away. “I’m sure that’s not the case, Casanova.”


“Are you hanging out with the boys again?” Sherilyn questions as she makes herself comfortable on my bed, her arms stretched above her head before she lets them drop onto the sheets again, her gaze fixed on my body while I’m digging through my closet.

“It’s not really hanging out, I’m tutoring Luke and after they asked me for a swim. I told you you could come with.” I shrug my shoulders as I throw her a look, my bikini in hand. I throw the clothing near Sher’s feet on my bed, disappearing into the bathroom on the other side of the hallway for some body lotion. “I don’t even know them!” I hear Sherilyn yell from probably the same spot as I left her in. “Your phone buzzes, it’s Calum. Shall I look?” I hear the grin that’s on her lips and I shriek a ‘no’ before popping back into my bedroom.

“Sheesh, calm down Y/n. You’re skating on thin ice right now.” I raise an eyebrow, extracting my phone from the iron grip Sher seems to have on the stupid rectangle. “It’s just a text, Sher.”
“It’s just sex. It’s just a crush. We’re just friends.”

“Implying anything?” I laugh, dropping my phone back onto the bed and deciding I’d answer when Sherilyn has left. I know that every time Calum will reply, she’ll be all over my phone and I don’t really want that, to be honest.

“From the time I’ve known you, I know you don’t do just. Don’t you think that trying to be friends with a guy you’re having a crush and that you’ve slept with is a bad idea?” I can’t provide my friend with a decent answer; I had wondered the same on late nights when I couldn’t sleep. I drop onto the edge of my bed, tucking one of my legs beneath my bum as I grant Sherilyn with my undivided attention. “No. But it doesn’t hurt to try, does it?” I give her a tiny laugh, but is disappears quickly when I see she doesn’t reciprocate.
“Whatever you say, Y/n. I trust that your judgement isn’t clouded.”

“Since when are all our conversations so dreary and gloom? When is Sarah returning? She’s in time for our road trip, right?” I try to convert the conversation elsewhere, Sherilyn’s features immediately transforming to a bright, happy grin. “She promised me she’d be here two days beforehand to help me pack.”

“You could use a few hands extra, yeah. Glad. I’m really looking forward to it, I can’t believe it’s still weeks away.” I let my body drop onto my bed, eyes closed as I hear my phone buzz again.
“Calum really needs you, Y/n.” I hear the smile in her tone and when it’s accompanied by a tiny giggle, I know she is thinking of the whole wrong reasons.

“I wish time would go faster so we can leave, even if it’s just for a week.” I lift my phone with my right hand, balancing it above my head.
When are you coming over babe?

Don’t ignore me, I’m bored

I roll my eyes, but I see Sherilyn eye my smile as my fingers type away.
           Then be bored. Luke gets priority rn x

“Don’t hope for a quick summer too much, when we return we only have one week left. I’m not ready for the next semester to start.” Sherilyn resumes our prior conversation as she crawls off of my bed, patting her jeans back in its crease. “You’re right. But still, being here and being boring isn’t all that either.” I chuckle, throwing my shirt back on as I have now replaced my bra with my bikini top. Sherilyn gasps exaggeratedly, her hands on her chest as she stops in my open doorway.
“Did you just call me boring?”
“And you know it. Byeee!” I laugh, waving at a laughing Sherilyn as she disappears down the hallway.

Another text from Luke asking where I am right now makes me hurry up and get my car. I’m glad that the boys’ frat is only a few minutes away and I pull up with screeching tires within a reasonable time span of ‘being late’.
“Sorry, sorry. I got held up.” I sling my book bag off of my shoulder as I enter the kitchen and I’m stopped in my tracks with a smirking Calum, a beer in his large hands as he takes a sip, eyes glued to mine.

“Didn’t think you’d jump that quickly to my needs, Y/n.” Calum laughs and I chuckle as well, rolling my eyes for him to see as I drop onto the chair I had made my own by now.
“You’re a horny fuck. Where’s Luke?”

Calum passes me, his outstretched hand coming into contact with the back of my head as I groan out. “Prick!”
“Do you always have to make everything sexual, Y/n? Good grace, please! And Luke’s upstairs getting his books.” Calum smirks and I know he’s just messing with me but his tone is so convincing I might actually start believing it was me who was the horny fuck.

“You’re unbelievable.” I breathe, my grin permanent on my lips whenever I was around any of the boys, seeing Calum chuck his empty beer can into the bin. “So I’ve been told.”

“Y/n, Y/n, sorry I couldn’t find my book.” Luke grins sheepishly and I shake my head, taking it from his hands as I flip it to the right page. “That means you haven’t revised like I told you so, did you?” Luke’s blush becomes even more prominent and I shoo Calum out of the kitchen.
“Well, I don’t give a shit if you don’t listen to me. It’s not my ass that’s on the line. So I’m just going to go to the next chapter, evolution.” I point my finger towards the blonde in a bit of a motherly way and I’m met with Luke who raises his hands into the air as a defensive motion.
“Don’t worry Y/n, I’ll make sure I’ll revise.”

“God damn it Y/n, how long can you tutor someone? It’s nice out, wrap this up!” Michael groans as he hangs over my shoulder. He had made a sport out of it to come and annoy us every ten minutes for the past hour. Luke didn’t seem to grasp the contents though. It isn’t as if I was finding joy in this when I saw the scorching, inviting sun through the window, the pool calling my name underneath its breath and I was stuck indoors.

“Mikey, shut up. The more you annoy the shit out of me, the longer I’m keeping Luke hostage.” I huff out, winking at Luke to assure him we were almost finished before I’d gotten the boy a heart attack, Michael squeezing my neck roughly in response. “Nooooo, Y/n, daaarling, stahp.”

I merely ignore him and turn back towards Luke. “Biological evolution is thus the genetic change within a population inherited through several generations. It isn’t a simple change over time like weight gain or loss, they aren’t genetic. And now I’m sick of this shit as well. We’ll do natural selection next time; my body is screaming for vitamin D.” I push myself upright, the chair screeching backwards as I flip Luke’s book closed.

“Ah, thank god.” Michael cheers and Luke rids himself of his shirt almost immediately. I follow closely behind and am momentarily blinded by the harsh sunlight.  I wave at Ashton who is lounging about on one of those blow up beds on the water, slowly drifting around as he enjoys the hot midday sun. Calum is lounging on the edge, in the water, waving at the three of us as we appear. Luke jumps in immediately, cannonballing, making sure Calum got a lot of water to swallow and Ashton to tumble off of his blow up bed and into the water.

Michael disappears somewhere along to the side to fill the cooler with beers and soda, and I sit down on the edge of the pool and let my feet soak in the cold, clear blue water.
“Fancy seeing you here.” Calum starts to casually paddle over towards me and I chuckle, splashing a bit of water in his face as he nears me. Michael passes us by and hands me two beers, my teeth biting into my bottom lip as I grant him a bright grin, opening one and setting it in front of Calum.

“Come in the water, it’s refreshing.” Calum tries to persuade me, shaking his head, droplets of cold water landing on my face from his mess of hair. “It’s cold.” I simply state, shivering as I wipe my face with my free hand, the other holding the beer. I take a small sip and set it down next to Calum’s.
“Not if you come in gradually.”

His arm winds around my waist and he lifts my bum off of the concrete, slowly and steadily lowering me into the water as shivers break out over my whole skin. My hands immediately find their place on his shoulders as his other arms steadies me. “See? It’s quite alright.”

“Hey lovebirds, come join!” Ashton calls and Calum lets go of me almost immediately, a bright red colour gracing both of our cheeks. “Well then, let’s go.” I smile as I swim over to where the other boys are waiting with their ball for a game.

Let’s Go Camping - Cashton


I should probably start putting warnings on these so…

WARNING: Smut, smut, and more smut

“Luke and Michael literally suck,” y/n groaned as Calum laughed in the driver’s seat.

“They weren’t ready yet,” Ashton said back laughing. “We kinda told them this morning we were going camping.”

“Well they need to be fucking prepared!” she yelled back. “I’m seriously so fucking mad.”

“They’ll join us tomorrow. Come on, the three of us can still have fun!” Ashton whined just as Calum pulled into the camping ground, the three of them hopping out, pulling out the tents, sleeping bags and pillows deciding the beers and food could wait until later. “I’m really glad you came up with this idea, y/n. We haven’t gone camping all together in…”

“Three years, Irwin. Three long, hard, lonely years,” she said back helping the boys to set up shop. They only had three tents mentally deciding each group of boys would share a tent while y/n had one to herself. By time they were finished setting up, it was close to dinner time, having taken them almost five hours to get to the secluded camping ground to not be disturbed by anyone. “I need some beers, boys.”

“Yes, princess,” Calum teased pulling out three folding chairs while Ashton tossed her an Allagash before popping open his own, sitting down in front of the blazing fire in front of them while Calum ended up dragging the cooler full of beers over before grabbing one for himself. “Do you think one cooler full of booze will be enough or should I text Luke and tell him to grab some more?”

“Is that even a question hood? Because the three of us can hold at least six each, and that’s eighteen beers which means it’ll be half gone before tonight’s over,” y/n stated, Ashton laughing slightly.

“Babe, you can’t handle six beers.”

“Are you calling me a lightweight, Irwin?” she questioned.

“I have to agree with him, princess. You’re about ready to pass out at four shots of tequila,” Calum chimed in. She pouted slightly before chugging the rest of the beer before motioning to Calum for another.

“Since when have I ever been able to handle hard liquor? The both of you should know tequila shots and I don’t mix well.” the boys downed the rest of their beers, opening another can each. The conversation went back and forth for awhile until their third beer when the topic changed to the celebrities version of hot or not.

“Mila Kunis?” Calum questioned as y/n raised her beer as if she was calling dibs.

“Hot as fucking hell. I’d do her in a mother fucking heart beat. Umm…Ryan Reynolds? God he’s so hot as well.” She propped open her fourth beer, about ready to just shotgun it for the fifth, which she did, both Ashton and Calum watching in awe as she tossed it into the fire ready to bring on beer number five

“Jesus, y/n…slow down, will you?” Ashton laughed causing her to roll her eyes, the effects of the alcohol hitting her at once.

“No, I will not slow down. You two just need to speed up. Now, Irwin, Ryan Reynolds, hot or not.”

“Not. The only man I think is hot is Will Smith,” Ashton said laughing as Calum downed his beer.

“Hey Calum, y/n, hot or not?” he questioned wanting to know his friend’s response.

“So hot,” Calum stated sipping at his beer, a stupid smirk on his face. “What about you, Irwin?” she was looking between the boys, a knowing look on her face even though her brain couldn’t process anything that was going on at the moment.

“Hot as hell,” Ashton mumbled back tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “What about you, babe? Is Calum hot or not?”

“Hot,” she said simply as if it was nothing important.

“And Ashton? Is Ashton hot or not, princess?”

“Hot,” she said once again, finally letting it click in her head what they were doing. “I have a very serious question, boys.”

“Go ahead, babe,” Ashton responded sipping his beer as she stood up wobbly as she pulled her shirt off as both boys watched carefully, their bottom lip between their teeth as she unbuttoned her shorts, pulling them down letting them fall to her ankles.

“Can this be our little secret? Just between the three of us?” she asked sweetly moving towards Ashton, sitting on his lap and running her fingers through his hair.

“And what exactly is our little secret?” Calum asked standing up moving behind her, pulling her hair lightly for her to look at him.

“Me taking the both of you in that tent over there,” she whispered pointing over to the boys’ shared tent. “I’ve always wanted to fuck Cashton.” Calum started kissing at the side of her neck.

“Then why haven’t you said anything, babe?” Ashton asked running his fingers up and down her bare thighs.

“Because I didn’t know what you would think, but now I’m too drunk to care,” she muttered as Calum left hickeys along her skin. Ashton watched her face contort with pleasure as Calum’s hand moved to grip at her clothed chest. Ashton brought a hand up, using his thumb to tap at her bottom lip instructing her to open it, taking his thumb in her mouth.

“Such a pretty princess,” Calum muttered against her skin before pulling the straps of her bra down, unclasping the back letting the fabric fall onto Ashton’s lap. “Do you know what would be sexy as hell? If you rode Ashton’s thigh. I think Ash would love to see you get off on his thigh, princess.” She bit her lip adjusting herself so she was only straddling one of his thighs, Ashton bringing both hands to her hips as she started to roll them against his clothes thigh. She gripped onto his shoulders as her hips moved faster, moans now escaping her lips.

“Fuck…just like that, baby girl. You like riding my thigh?” Ashton asked, watching her, grabbing her ass in the process. “Like the view, Cal?” He asked noting he was palming himself through his jeans watching her get off on his best friends thigh. Y/n turned her head slightly catching a glimpse of Calum.

“Fuck, yeah,” he responded watching as her head fell into Ashton’s neck as her body shook with her orgasm. “That’s probably the hottest thing I’ve seen.”

“What do you want next, love?” Ashton cooed in her ear as he ran his fingers through her hair. She pulled back from his neck looking backwards towards Cal who was still watching her, his jeans now by his ankles as he palmed himself through his boxers.

“I wanna suck Cal,” she muttered turning her body completely, still perched on Ashton’s lap, his hands running up and down her sides. He made his way towards her, dropping his boxers as she leaned forward a bit so her face was level with his crotch. She ran her thumb over his tip, his hips bucking immediately causing her to giggle. “I’ve barely touched you.”

“Listen, princess, I’ve wanted this for a long time,” Calum breathed as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. “It’s not going to suck itself.”

“You’re an impatient little bastard, aren’t you,” she teased earning a smack on the ass from Ashton.

“Play nice, baby girl. I really don’t think you want me to punish you,” Ashton rasped pushing her head forward to Calum’s crotch. She opened her mouth letting him enter her, one hand at the base of his cock, the other on his hip. She wasted no time bobbing her head taking as much of him as she could, her hand rubbing against the area’s her mouth couldn’t reach. Each time she got to the tip, she sucked harshly causing him to groan loudly, his hand tangled in her hair as Ash continued to rub at her sides. “You look so good you your mouth around Cal’s cock, babe.”

“Doesn’t she? She’s doing such a great job, Ash…but don’t you think she can take more?” Calum asked in a strained voice. She got the hint grabbing at both of Cal’s hips pulling him closer to her so her nose was pressed against his pelvic bone. “Fucking hell, you’re so good at this, princess.” Calum pulled her head off of him, a line of saliva was made from her mouth to his cock before falling onto the ground. “Stand up, princess, and help Ash over there get his clothes off.” She quickly got off the drummer turning to face him grabbing at the hem of his shirt, tugging it over his head before pulling down his jeans and boxers all too quickly. She could feel Calum tugging at her panties from behind before pulling them down her legs onto the ground. “Do you want to take her first, Ash? Or should I?” Calum turned her head slightly towards him, pressing his lips to hers for the first time that night while waiting for Ashton’s response.

“You can take her. I want her to ride me,” he said with a smirk on his face. Calum pushed her towards Ashton, forcing her head down to his crotch.

“Face down, ass up, princess,” he said smacking her ass causing a loud moan to escape her as she started to rub the red tip of Ashton’s cock. He pumped his length with the latex over it a few times before entering her slowly, a whimper escaping her lips when he was fully inside of her, instantly rubbing against her g-spot. He pulled out quickly, leaving his tip inside of her before slamming back into her, repeating the action over and over as moans escaped her lips. “Suck Ashton’s cock.” She did as she was told, Ashton tangling his hands in her hair helping to guide her head while Calum pounded into her relentlessly.

“M’gonna cum,” she muttered as best she could feeling Calum’s hand reach around to her clit, his thumb from his other hand poking at her other hole causing another moan to escape her, Calum sticking it inside of her sending her over the edge, clenching around him as he released into the condom before pulling out.

“Someone’s into anal,” he breathed chuckling catching Ashton’s eyes, a devilish smirk on his face. “We’ll save that for a more private venue, though.”

“Come on baby, come ride my cock,” Ashton coaxed patting his lap. She swung her legs over him, her knees resting on either side of him as she lined him up with her hole, easing her way onto him as they both let out graphic moans, y/n leaning in to press her lips to Ashton’s as she circled her hips against his, his arms circling around her to pull her closer to him. She started slowly bounce up and down on top of him, Ashton letting his hand fall down to her clit rubbing small circles knowing she would cum quickly, this being her third orgasm of the night.

“It’s too much,” she whimpered resting her face in his neck, her body twitching from the contact, Ashton continuing his movements loving the feeling of her clenched wound him.

“One more, baby girl,” he moaned, y/n nodding her head in response, not moving it from his neck as he hit her g-spot over and over edging her release on. “Cum for me, baby. I know you have to.” She did as she was told, her entire body shaking as she screamed, Ashton releasing from the sight of her squirting on him, her body still shaking from the power of her orgasm as he pulled out of her. “Jesus fucking christ…”

“She squirted,” Calum muttered, eyebrows raised as the girl attempted to catch her breath. “You know, we should really do this again soon.”

“Remember, this is between the three of us, alright?” she asked looking up from Ashton’s neck, earning a nod from both boys before placing her head back into his neck, exhaustion overwhelming her.






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When Luke takes his mic off the stand, you know shit’s about to get good