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She's A Bitch

Summary:Basically, Calum’s girlfriend is a bitch and can’t stand you and vise versa, so you and the boys set out to try and make him realize how cruel she is.

“Calum!” His annoying girlfriend called out to him as soon as she barged into his house on our friend group’s annual movie night. Calum his my best friend, and in our group is Michael, Ashton, and Luke. They are literally my only friends, and I love them dearly, but I hate, hate Calum’s girlfriend. She hates me too.

Whenever Calum turns his back, or isn’t around, she a straight up bitch to me, and sometimes to the other boys too. Yet, Calum doesn’t know, and one time I tried to tell him, he yelled at me and we didn’t talk for days. It sucks honestly, but what can you do? Calum is oblivious.

When she came and sat down on his lap, I groaned and rolled my eyes. Michael chuckled and Luke tried to hid his smirk. Ashton just smiled and shook his head. “Oh, you’re here.” I said with a distaste in my mouth. The boys -all except for Calum- chuckled. Calum sighed, “Y/n just leave Molly alone, we’ve been over this, we’re a couple.” I sighed and let out a half-hearted laugh.

 "Ok Cal, whatever. You can go back to sucking your girlfriend’s dick now.“ I said as I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. In the background, I heard the boys howling with laughter.

I turned around to look at the person who was standing in the doorway, and what do you know? It’s the bitch herself. "Listen to me Y/n, I don’t understand what you’re doing, but you really need to back the fuck off of Calum, he’s my boyfriend, and you’re nothing but a loser piece of shit who can’t get her pathetic life together.” She spit out and turned away and left before I could attack her.

I growled and stormed back into the living room, “Cal, can I talk to you?” I asked as he nodded and walked into the kitchen with me. “What’s up Y/n?” He asked as I sighed, “Listen Cal, I’m going to say this straight out, and I’ve tried to tell you before, but Molly is a total bitch ok? She literally just said how pathetic I was and how I’m such a piece of shit and can never do anything right!” I shouted as I started to grow angrier and angrier.

Calum sighed, “Listen Y/n, I don’t mean to offend you or anything,” oh no, he isn’t, “But, maybe she’s right. You are kind of reluctant on leaning towards my fame and wealth to leach off of me.” He said as my jaw dropped.

“How the fuck can you say that, when all I do is buy everything when we go out, spend the most money on you guys, take care of you guys, buy everything we ever need to have parties and movie marathons, and do everything I fucking can to help and support you!” I fumed at him. “All she does is make you buy her things, and call me names, and make fun of the boys, and all of that shit that you must think is so amazing. Right Calum?”

He rolled his eyes and stalked back into the living room with everyone else. I was fuming, and I was so fucking fed up with her putting things into Calum’s head like that. I waked back into the living room as calmly as I could and spoke loudly. “Hey Luke? Can you come into the kitchen with me, I have a problem and I need a real friend to help me.” I said glaring at Calum the whole time.

Luke looked around at me and then to Calum and widened his eyes while getting up quickly and rushing into the kitchen with me. “Listen Luke, Calum was just all like how I leach off of him and do all of this shit, and how Molly never says anything to me, or you guys for that matter, so I have a plan. I’m telling you first, because you’d be my seconds best friend, after that dickhead I call a best friend, and I really need your help to get Molly on tape, to talk about what she always says to us.” I spoke in a quiet hushed tone.

Luke grew a huge smile on his face and nodded his head enthusiastically, “I’m totally in, I hate that bitch just as much as you do.” He said with a chuckle. I laughed along as we walked back into the living room. “Hey guys, I was thinking we should go back to my place. We could play video games and I have beer.” I suggested facing Ashton and Michael.

They both looked at each other in confusion and I faced my back towards Calum and Molly. I directed my eyes to the side Calum was on and slowly shook my head so they could -hopefully- see that we needed to get away from Calum and Molly.

Ashton seemed to catch on and nodded his head for him and Michael. “Yeah, me and Mike will come with you guys, it sounds like a lot of fun.” He said with a smile as they both got up. They said goodbye to Calum, as did Luke -yet no one said goodbye to Molly. I didn’t say goodbye to either of them, and right before we left I heard Calum call out to us, “Wait, guys, can we come with you?” He asked with a look of doubt on his face.

I laughed sarcastically, “Of course not Calum, you’ve been a dick to me, and I really just want to hang out with my best friends without someone who finds it ok -and apparently loves- when my self esteem gets lowered.” I said with a glare as I turned and motioned the boys to leave so I could go to. The last thing I heard when we left was Calum sigh and Molly laugh.

We arrived back to my house and I gathered everyone in the living room. “Ok, listen up, I say, Luke, you get Calum out of the house while us three set up some cameras and everything all around his house. When everything is finished, we’ll call Calum and have a get together to ‘apologize’ and all that.” I said as we started to make the plan.

Ashton chimed in next, “We need to also somehow get Y/n and Molly in the same room alone so Molly says all of those things to her again. This time, it will all be on tape so Calum will be forced to see how awful she is.” I smiled and nodded along to what he was saying.

“Great!” Luke said, “But why do I have to distract him?” He questioned as I sighed, “Listen Luke, you always know how to force Calum to do things he doesn’t want to do. Have him out of the house and do something until we tell you we’re done ok? That’s the most important part of the mission so don’t fuck it up. Ok?” I asked as he nodded with a small smile.

“Ok, let’s get this started,” Michael said with a smile, “I have a friend who works at a tech store and can get us some really good cameras. I’ll bring them here tomorrow so Luke, call Calum up and tell him you want to do something tomorrow.” He instructed as he went to call his friend about the cameras.

This is going to be so good.

Everything was going according to plan, Luke was out with Calum, and Michael had brought the cameras. Me, Ash, and Mike were at Calum’s house setting everything up. We had three cameras out in the kitchen, four in the living room, and two in the hallway. We didn’t want to do the bedrooms or the bathrooms just incase something we weren’t supposed to see happened.

When everything was finally finished, we left Cal’s and called him to have an 'apology’ get together for Molly and Cal. He bought the whole thing.

When the 'party’ actually started, the boys had somehow figured out a way to get them into the kitchen while me and Molly were both sitting in the living room across from each other.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?” Was the first thin Molly started off with in her spiral of insults. I smirked as she kept going. “I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back.

Calum sat next to Molly on one couch, and the rest of us sat piled on top of each other in the tiny couch. “Ow Luke you punched me in the face.” Michael complained as I laughed at him, my laughter was then cut short as Luke was pushed onto me and crushed me. “Ow Luke.” I whined out.

“Maybe we should head out and do something.” Ashton suggested, “Is everyone game?” He asked everyone, including Calum and Molly. Calum looked over to Molly and she nodded with an eye roll. Calum smiled, “Yeah, we’re in, let’s go,” Everyone stood up. “Actually, I think I’m going to go home, I’ve some things to do today, so I can’t really hang out.” I lied as I looked at Michael knowingly.

Michael gasped, “Oh shit, I just forgot I had something to do as well. Looks like it’s just you guys going.” He said as everyone left Calum’s house. While they all went in a car somewhere, me and Michael drove around the block so Calum wouldn’t get suspicious, and walked back inside his home.

“Alright, lets get these cameras down and into a dvd to show Cal her bratty attitude once and for all.” I said with a small smile on my face as we started getting to work. When it was all finished, I took the tape to my uncle’s to get it changed into a dvd to show Calum. “By this time tomorrow Mikey, this should all be over.” I sighed with a smile as Michael pulled me into a side hug and rubbed my shoulders.

When the next day hit, the boys and I walked up to Calum’s door and knocked so we could get in. The dvd in my hands was starting to get sweaty because of my palms. The door opened and Calum showed up and looked confused, “Hey guys, what’re you doing here?” I ignored him and walked inside with the boys following behind me. “Is Molly here?” I asked as I looked around the room.

Calum shook his head, “No she’s not here.” I smiled, “Good, the boys and I have something to show you.” I had Calum sit down on the couch as I put the dvd in.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?" The Molly that was on the screen said. I smirked as she kept going. "I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back, and she put a large smile on her face.

The video cut out and we all looked at Calum. Ashton was the first to speak, “Listen man, she’s been saying things like this for the whole amount of time you’ve been dating her. It’s also not just Y/n she says these things to, she says things to all of us, we just got this part on tape to show you.” Ashton sighed as we all looked to Cal to see his reaction.

He sighed and walked out with his phone in hand. We all looked defeated as he walked out to the kitchen. We were all silent for a while until he came back with a bright smile on his face. “I broke up with her, thanks for showing me that guys, and I’m really sorry for not believing you guys. Can you forgive me?” He asked while not looking at any of us.

I shrugged and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Of course Cal. We forgive you. At least you broke up with her right?” I asked with a laugh as he hugged me back. “Group hug!” Luke yelled and everyone was suddenly engulfed in a hug.

At the end of the day, we are all the five best of friends, and nothing, not even a demon from hell can stop us from being together in the end.

Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) series - Part Fifteen (Final)

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Luke’s POV

“(Y/N)?” I yell, turning in frantic circles as I try to figure out where she is. She’s got to be here. Her phone is here.

A flash of bleach blonde hair catches my eye and I see Michael, Calum, and Ashton getting out of a cab. They quickly make their way over to me and I continue looking around like a mad man.

“She’s here,” I say as soon as they’re in earshot. “I checked her location on my phone and it says she’s right here somewhere.”

“Are you sure he didn’t just dump her phone somewhere to throw you off?” Ashton asks.

I shake my head. “No, I talked to her on the phone less than fifteen minutes ago. The phone is with her.”

“Luke,” Michael whispers as he grabs my arm. He points over at something with a nervous expression on his face. “Isn’t that him? Isn’t that Jonah?”

I turn around and see Jonah in the alley between two buildings. There’s someone talking to him. I immediately charge in his direction, yelling his name as I get closer.

“Jonah! Jonah, you son of a bitch! Where is she?”

When I’m a few feet away, the guy he’s talking to runs away, but Jonah stays put. He looks at me and smiles sickly.

“Why hello Luke,” he says. “And you must be Luke’s friends.”

Ashton, Calum, and Michael run up behind me and someone lays a hand on my shoulder. It seems like a halfhearted attempt to keep me calm. I flick the hand away and grab Jonah by his shirt.

“Tell me where she is right now or I swear to god I will kill you with my bare hands,” I say, my voice low.

He laughs. How can this sick bastard laugh? He’s a whole new level of psychotic.

“Luke,” Calum says softly. “Calm down, mate. This isn’t you.”

“No!” I scream without taking my eyes off of Jonah. “I will not calm down! This is (Y/N) we’re talking about! He has hurt her time and time again and I haven’t been able to protect her!”

“Why do you even care?” Jonah asks, his smile only getting wider.

I narrow my eyes at him. “Because I love her more than you ever can. She is everything to me and I will not let you take her away from me.”

“Looks like I already have,” Jonah smirks. “She chose me, not you.”

I lose all control of my body for a few seconds and next thing I know, my fist is connecting with his face. He falls to the ground, but I drag him back up by his shirt. I shove him up against the wall and put my forearm against his neck. He coughs a few times and looks at the ground.

“Doesn’t feel so good to be on the other side, does it?” I growl. “This is what you’ve been doing to her, you sick bastard. Now tell me where she is.”


I sit with my back against the wall. I stare at the door and just wait for it to open. I’m not sure how long Jonah plans to be gone, and even though I’m tired as hell, I refuse to sleep. If I fall asleep, I could wake up and be halfway across the world. I won’t let him take me. Not alive, anyway.

The floor is cold, and so is the wall. I wrap my arms around myself and take some deep breaths. This will all be over soon. I have to keep reminding myself that this pain is only temporary. And it’s nothing compared to the pain of having him hurt Luke.

I hear footsteps outside of the room and I stand up. I get into a defensive stance and prepare myself to fight. I’ll fight him until I have no fight left in me.
I hear the key going into the lock and my heart beats so loud that it nearly falls out of my chest. I can’t be afraid. Not now.

The door swings open and I brace myself for a fight. Instead, I see a figure running toward me, and seconds later I’m engulfed in someone’s strong arms. I can vaguely hear words coming out of his mouth, but I can’t decipher them. I think I’m in shock. He pulls away and his hands reach up to brush my hair out of my face.

“(Y/N),“ he says, relief flooding his voice. “You’re safe.”

I look into his eyes and I see that familiar shade of blue. Luke found me. Luke is here.

“L-Luke?” I ask.

He nods, tears streaming down his face. “I’m right here. You’re gonna be alright, I promise.”

I reach out and bury myself in his chest. I don’t know how he got here or where Jonah is, but I don’t care. All I want is to hold onto Luke and never let go.

After a few minutes, I hear another set of footsteps coming down the hall. I pull away from Luke and immediately get back in my defensive stance thinking that it might be Jonah. Luke assures me that it’s only Calum and Ashton. They walk into the room and their eyes go wide with relief when they see me. They both run toward me and wrap me up in a huge bear hug.

“Thank goodness,” Ashton whispers.

I smile. I never imagined that anyone other than Luke would care if I was gone. It’s a nice feeling to know that I was wrong.

“Come on,” Luke says once they set me back down. “Let’s go home.”

“Where’s Jonah?” I ask.

“Michael took him to the hospital,” Calum says.

I give him a confused look and his eyes flicker over to Luke. I notice then that Luke’s knuckles are bruised and covered in blood.

“Oh my god, Luke!” I take his hand in mine and bring it closer to my face to examine it. “What the hell happened?”

He smiles shyly. “I had to get him to tell us where you were. He didn’t make it easy.”

“The police have been notified and they’re going to meet him at the hospital and arrest him as soon as he’s conscious,” Ashton continues.

“You knocked him unconscious?” I ask, my eyes narrowing.

Luke shrugs. “He deserved it. He’ll be fine. But more importantly, he’ll never get near you again. He’s going to go to jail for assault and kidnapping. He’ll be away for a long time.”

Relief floods my body and I wrap my arm around Luke’s waist. I finally feel safe again for the first time in so long.

Six Months Later

“Babe? Have you seen my keys?” I ask as I scramble around the apartment.

Luke smiles and points to the coffee table. I sigh and grab them. I’m going to be so late for this interview.

“How do I look?” I ask, doing a little twirl for Luke as he stands in the kitchen eating cereal.

His eyes fill with wonder every time he looks at me, and it’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. 

“You look incredible, as always,” he says.

I can’t help but smile. Luke is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

“I have to go,” I huff, knowing that I’m running late. “I’ll see you for dinner?”

He nods and walks over to give me a kiss before I run out the door. This is my first job interview since everything with Jonah happened. I wanted to go to work earlier, but Luke insisted that I stay home and make sure I’m alright before I throw myself into anything new. At the time I thought he was being overprotective, but looking back, I’m really glad he made me wait. 

I needed to start healing before I faced the world again. Jonah took a piece of me that I’m not sure I’ll ever get back, but that doesn’t mean that I stop living. I still have plenty of life left in me, and I intend to live it to the fullest.

“I love you,” he whispers as he pulls his lips away from mine. “Be safe.”

I nod. “You are my safe place, Luke. I feel like nothing can hurt me as long as I have you.”

If It Means a Lot To You (a.i. imagine)

Summary: based on the song by A Day To Remember; Ashton is worried about leaving for tour and when he does, he and (Y/N) drift apart.

Requested: Yes.

Warnings: This doesn’t end with them together.

A/N: there’s a few time jumps in this to go with the song.


“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Ashton asks, running his fingertips down your bare back. You sigh and turn your head to face him. He’s leaving for tour tomorrow, and his anxiety about leaving you is kicking in.

“I’ll be okay.” You reassure him, sitting up and pulling the sheets up over you. He bites his lip, running his eyes over every inch of you, as if trying to memorize the parts he’ll miss the most. He reaches over and runs the pad of his thumb across your cheek bone.

“God, I’ll miss you.” He whispers. You squeeze your eyes shut. “Stop, you’re going to make me cry.” You say softly. “(Y/N), I know you don’t feel right when I leave for tour. Stop pretending you’re okay with this.” You scoff and get out of bed.

“Ashton, you’re leaving for ten months. Of course I’m not okay, but I have to at least try to be, because if I don’t, you’ll never leave.” You pull on one of his band tees that had been abandoned to the floor long ago and walk to the bathroom.

“I hate leaving you.” Ashton says, coming into the bathroom as you gather your hair into a ponytail. “And I hate when you leave me. But it’s your job, babe. You’ve gotta go.” You turn and wrap your arms around his neck. “I’ll visit you whenever I can. We’ll call and Skype every day. We’re gonna get through this, Ash.” You say, resting your cheek against his chest. Ashton kisses the top of your head.

“Promise me you’ll wait for me. That’s so selfish of me to ask, but-”

“I promise I’ll still be here when you get back.”


“I’m not going anywhere.”


You stare at your phone, waiting for the screen to light up. Ashton’s supposed to call after the show tonight, but the show ended three hours ago and you still haven’t heard anything from him. Problem is, this is the fourth time that Ashton’s forgot to call you after a show. You haven’t heard his voice in days and it’s killing you.

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss him. You could feel the distance pushing its way in between you and Ashton. That’s the last thing you wanted. Ashton was your world, and you were determined to make this work.

But it was getting hard to keep a relationship going that’s only been one-sided lately.

“(Y/N)?” Your best friend asks, walking into your house. She’s dressed in a black, tight, thigh length dress and black heels. She sighs when she sees you.

“Why don’t you go get dressed and come out with the rest of us? We’re going to that club you like.” She says. “He’s supposed to call.” You mumble. “Sweetie, he was supposed to call the last three nights. Go out and have some fun. You deserve it.” You bite your lip and take one last glance at your phone.

You had a bad day at work. Ashton was always the one who could make you feel better. You needed him so much now, and he wasn’t there for you.

You get up and smile at your best friend. She grins and follows you upstairs to help you get ready.


It’s been a few months since you went clubbing with your friends. That night, you met a nice guy who danced with you and walked you home. It was nice to have someone paying attention to you and listening to your problems. Ashton knew about him due to paparazzi getting pictures, and tried to call you more.

Sadly, it just wasn’t working out. Ashton could only do and say so much from 300,000 miles away. This new guy made you happy. Sure, there were times when you wished he was Ashton. You knew in your heart that you had to end things with Ashton and start over with this new guy.

So that’s what you did. Right after you made out with the new guy. Ashton had seen it coming, so he wasn’t too torn up about it. You moved out of the house you two had shared for over a year and got an apartment.

Things are still rocky for you. You loved Ashton more than anything else and was devastated that things didn’t work out. He was the guy you had planned your future around. He was the one who was always there for you.

Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll find your way back to each other when your lives aren’t so hectic.

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Mr. Hemmings

To be honest, you don’t know where this new found confidence is coming from since you’re normally a red face blubbering mess in front of him. Maybe it was the wink he sent you this morning or his eyes constantly roaming down your body, whatever it was made your confidence boost and let your wild side escape.

Originally posted by irweicake

Words: 5.5K

Request: No


The sound of your bedroom door creaking open and the shutters of your blinds getting pulled up had your eyes beginning to peal open, the sunlight shinning through the curtains had a hiss falling from your lips as you turn your body over to look at whomever decided to disturb you so early in the morning.

“Y/N what time did you go to bed last night?” Your mom questions as you hear her wining your window open. The sound of birds chirping and lawn mowers shaving long strands of grass begin to flutter into your ears.

“I don’t know, two maybe four in the morning?” You respond while groaning and throwing your head into your pillowcase, the softness of the pillow comforting you as you let a please sigh slip from your lips.

“Really Y/N! Why were you up so late?” Your mom ask with such frustration in her voice that your actually scared to look at her, but you’re actually relieved when she sits down at the foot of your bed and begins to rub your calf in her thigh.

“I was binge watching The Vampire Diaries sue me.” You say, voice muffled because of the pillow but your mom lets a tired sigh fall from her lips before pinching your calf gently.

“You shouldn’t be doing that. It’s bad for your body.” Your mom says, only leaving you to blink your eyes open and roll them.

“Ugh.” You groan before turning around in her grasp and looking up at her, the sunlight somewhat blinding your eyes.

“It’s the truth Y/N, anyways freshen up. Breakfast is downstairs and I need to talk to you also.” Your mom states while rising up and off the bed, her warm skin leaving your body, causing you to pout.

“What do we need to talk about?” You ask while raising up, your left hand coming up to cover your eyes from the beaming sun as you watch your mom begin to walk out of your door. “Come downstairs and you’ll find out.” Is the only thing she says, causing another groan to fall from your lips before you hear the door slam shut, making you stand and  walk out your bedroom and straight to the washroom.

You quickly brush your teeth and wash your face before you hop in the shower, the feeling of the warm water hitting your cool body had a please sigh slipping through your lips as you quickly washed up and hopped out.

You made your way into your room and quickly put on your under garments before lotioning your body up, the scent of coconut in the air as you walked over to your window with your towel wrapped around your body just in time to see your beautiful neighbor.

Just a few yards away from you, you saw Mr. Hemmings just getting out of the shower also, his body glistening with water as a white towel was loosely wrapped around his hips. His once blond hair now resting dark amongst his forehead, he brings his hand up and brushes it out of his face, making his body look so lean and slender.

A satisfied moan slipped from your lips as you watch Mr. Hemmings continue to paste around his room, continuously looking around for something that he lost. You watch as his body begins to walk towards the window that reflects yours, his arms reaching out and pulling open a drawer that is conjoined to his desk, his arm moving around like he is searching for the item before pausing and looking up towards you.

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when it turns out ur right but n o b o d y listened to you so u about to hit them with the line “I told you so.”