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🥀Day Two Of Ashton’s Birthday Week // Favorite Ship :: Cashton🥀


Request : Spending time with Ashton on a rainy day☔️


🥀Day One Of Ashton’s Birthday Week // Favorite Outfits🥀


request; Could u do a text imagine calum texts u screenshots of tweets of michael where he tweets about u and calum tells u how obvious it is tht michael likes u but u dnt believe him

Calum Imagine #5: “She’s Hot”

“So, Calum…” The interviewer smirked. “I hear you have a girlfriend! Is that correct?”

Calum blushed. “Uh, yeah! Actually, her name is [Y/N] and she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.”

“Tell us more!” The interviewer insisted.

“Well…I really, really like her because she is super sweet and she cares for other people before herself. I feel like she is pushing me to become a better person, too. That’s always a good thing!” Calum informed.

“And do the rest of the boys like miss [Y/N]?” The interviewer wondered.

“I like her a lot. You can definitely tell he likes her because his words and actions are a lot softer. Not that Calum’s much of a violent person, but he’s just a kinder person when [Y/N]’s around.” Michael declared.

“Yeah, I agree.” Luke began. “Calum is very protective of her, even though they haven’t been dating for long. I know that [Y/N] appreciates how much he watches over her, so it makes me happy to see both of them happy.”

Ashton smiled. “It’s kind of crazy to think that Calum may have found his soulmate! Like Luke stated, I know they haven’t been dating for very long, but I truly believe that [Y/N] is the perfect girl for him. His whole demeanor changes around her, and I can tell she feels much safer around him, which is a big thing in a relationship.”

“Plus, she’s hot.” Calum laughed.