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A/N: smut warning

“Moving sucks. Saturdays are supposed to be fun,” Michael complains for the fourth time this morning.

“Mikey! I don’t even have any stuff! What the hell are you even talking about?” you finally snap at him.

“Well, I mean, the television isn’t hooked up yet. I’m bored!” he huffs in annoyance.

“Then go home you big idiot!” you yell at him jokingly while laughing.

“Nah, Cal’s not home so there’s no one to play video games with me there either. Hey, speaking of which: I need to get another PlayStation so that I have one here,” Michael mumbles as he walks over to the living room and looks at the back of the TV, planning out the positioning of his electronics.

“Hey Michael,” you begin slowly and sweetly. When you have his full attention, you continue. “You know this is my apartment right? Like you don’t live here, you understand that, correct?”

He rolls his eyes and you laugh again, shaking your head at him and heading into the kitchen to put your new dishes in the cabinets.

A few minutes later, there is a soft knock at the door. Your heart rate increases minimally, but you force yourself to take a calming breath as you walk over and look out of the peep hole. You’re momentarily confused when you see Ashton at the door. You swing the door open and immediately jump into his arms, causing him to let out a surprised gasp and then a loud laugh. “Hey, baby,” he says quietly before kissing your lips.

“Hey, Ash! Why did you knock?” you tilt your head at him with a confused expression as he walks into your apartment and sets you down. As he does, you notice that he is still wearing his scrubs from the long shift he just finished at the hospital. No matter how many times you see him wearing those scrubs, it always seems to do something to your body. Your cheeks flush and you bite your lip softly as you look at the blue-green material stretching over his chest.

“Well, I mean, I know you gave me the spare key and everything, but I didn’t really want to be presumptuous.  I kind of just thought it would be for emergencies,” he stammers as he rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.

You walk closer to him again and place your hands on either side of his waist, stretching up on your toes to kiss him again. “You don’t have to knock, Ashton,” you tell him seriously as you look into his perfect hazel eyes.

He leans down and kisses you quickly again before nodding toward you with a smile.

“Aww! How fucking cute!” Michael screeches as he enters the room and sees the two of you in each other’s arms. When you both turn to face him, he turns to the side and starts gagging. Ashton lets out a loud laugh as you reach over and take advantage of Michael’s tall form being hunched over, grabbing his head quickly and messing up his hair. Michael struggles to get out of your grip before using your ticklishness to his advantage and squeezing your sides, causing you to release your grip immediately.

The three of you make your way into the kitchen and Ashton helps you by unloading the rest of your freshly cleaned plates and cups from the dishwasher while you put them in the correct cabinets. When everything is put away, you all decide to order a pizza for dinner and invite everyone over to watch a movie. The guys take over hooking up the TV and DVD player while you grab a few of the movies that Ashton had bought at Target.

Vanessa, Luke, and Calum pick up your dinner on their way over and soon you’re all sitting on your new couches watching some X-Men movie with two huge pizzas on your coffee table. You head into the kitchen to grab more napkins, and when you come back in you hear Michael talking loudly to the rest of the group. “Yeah, well I mean I know it’s only one bedroom, but this couch is a pull-out bed, you know. I’ll pretty much be spending at least half of my time here,” he jokes.

“Ash is the only one with a key, Michael. You’ll be lucky if you can get past the doorman. And you’re not moving in here, so let it go!” you quip as you walk back in the room, sitting on Ashton’s lap this time. He laughs lightly and leans forward to kiss your cheek, nuzzling his face into your neck.

“It’s probably for the best anyway. Watching you two all of the time would get really disgusting really quickly,” he reasons as a shudder runs through his body earning a laugh from you.

“Y/N, I need you tomorrow. You’re off, right?” Vanessa inquires randomly a few minutes later.

“Yeah I’m off until Monday. What do we need to shop for now?” you ask, convinced that this woman may have a problem. Like a real and true shopping addiction.

“No, not shopping - spa day!” Vanessa exclaims excitedly.

“A spa day?” you repeat, unsure. “What exactly does that mean?”

“Well, my mom and I go every other month and get massages and facials and get our nails and stuff done. She wanted me to invite you this time. She’s really excited to meet you,” she explains, suddenly looking nervous that you might reject the offer.

“Oh, okay. That sounds like fun. Are you sure I won’t be intruding on your day? I don’t want to impose,” you tell her, nervous that she’s only inviting you out of some unwarranted obligation.

“No, truly, she was the one who asked,” she reassures. You nod at her and snuggle back into Ashton’s lap, kissing his cheek once Vanessa’s attention is back on the screen.

“You’re sure you’re okay going tomorrow? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Ashton says. You smile widely and nod at him, reaching down to your waist where his hands are resting and intertwining your hands with his. He sighs contentedly and angles his body on the couch so that you’re both almost lying down. He tucks the blanket from the back of the couch over your bodies as you continue to watch the movie. About ten minutes later, you hear Ashton’s soft snores from behind you, causing a smile to spread across your face.

When the movie is over, Luke, Vanessa, Calum, and Michael head out quietly as you pick up the living room and attempt not to wake the beautiful sleeping man. Once everything is put away you walk back over to him, kneeling in front of the couch with your hand softly stroking his hair. You watch him sleep for a few moments, his breaths deep and even coming through his slightly parted lips.

Without thinking, you lean forward slightly and kiss his lips gently. He murmurs softly and his eyes flutter open just as you pull back from his face. “Hey, baby, everyone else left. Are you going to head home, too, or do you want to sleep here?” you whisper as he gazes at you adoringly.

Without speaking, he stands and grasps your hand, leading you toward your bedroom. He takes off his scrubs and throws them toward the basket against the wall, leaving him in just a pair of black boxers. You turn away from him and walk over to your dresser, removing your jean shorts and tank top before slipping into one of Ashton’s long t-shirts that you had confiscated from his drawer this morning. When you turn back toward him, a small smile is playing at his lips. “Nice shirt,” he says simply before walking toward you and placing his hands on your hips. He kisses you deeply before leading you toward your new bed.

You both pull the covers back and slip between the cool, clean sheets. He kisses you again, his tongue eagerly massaging yours before he shifts to turn you onto your back. His fingers intertwine with yours as he holds your hands on either side of your head, allowing his body to rest fully on top of you. Ashton continues to kiss you passionately before he detaches your lips to move down to the sensitive spot on your neck. Your skin feels like it’s on fire and the lack of layers separating your bodies heightens the sensations and your desire.

Ashton stops kissing you and removes his lips from your skin, bringing his head up to look into your eyes. He seems conflicted suddenly, so you remove one hand from his grip and cup his cheek with it before running your thumb over his slightly swollen lips. His eyes flutter closed and his lips part as he lets out a light sigh. When he opens his eyes again, he looks down at you with a new-found confidence.

“I love you, Y/N. I really don’t care if it’s too soon, and I don’t care how long I told myself that I was going to wait to tell you. I don’t care if you don’t say it back yet or if you ever say it back. I’m going to tell you anyway, and I’m going to tell you all of the time because it’s how I feel. I love you so fucking much, baby. I love you so much that every time I see you I have this overwhelming pain in my chest and when I’m not with you, you’re always on my mind. I love that smile you give me that I know no one else sees. I love the way that your eyes always seem to find mine even in a crowd of people. I love that even when I can’t see you, I can feel when you’re near me. I love how your face lights up when I walk into the room and I love that you have the same effect on me. I love you, Y/N. I love everything about you, baby, and I’m sorry if this is too much for you, but I can’t kiss you one more time without you knowing how much it means to me that you let me in.”

You stare up at him, shocked by his sudden outburst. He looks down at you, and you can see the love in his eyes. You can feel it in the way that he holds you, and you know he’s telling the truth. You use the hand that’s resting on his cheek to bring his lips back down to yours and kiss him with everything you have; attempting to convey your feelings to him as quickly as possible. When he pulls back, he looks at you with such a hopeful expression that you’re more than happy to tell him that you feel the same.

“I love you, Ashton. I love you so, so much,” you confess softly.

As soon as the words slip from your mouth, his lips crash into yours. This kiss is unlike the many others that you have both shared. You can feel the heat and passion and desire, but more than anything you feel undeniable love. Slowing down to a more gentle pace, he releases your other hand to bring both of his to your cheeks, cradling your head and placing slow lingering kisses to your lips and face. You feel a tear slip from his closed eyes as he repeats his declaration over and over. “I love you. I love you, Y/N. I love you so much, beautiful girl.”

As Ashton holds you like you’re his lifeline, your need for him becomes overwhelming. “Ashton,” you whisper, causing him to open his eyes and look deeply into yours, “make love to me.”

His forehead drops slowly to press against yours, and his gaze remains on your eyes for a few silent moments. “Are you sure, Y/N? We don’t have to do anything that you’re not ready for. I’ll wait as long as you want to.”

“I love you, Ash,” you tell him sincerely. “Please, baby, I love you and I want to be with you.”

As soon as he hears you practically begging for him, his eyes cloud with lust. He rolls the two of you over so that you’re resting on top of his body, your legs straddling his hips. Your lips never leave his skin as you trail your mouth down his neck and chest before he pulls you back up to kiss his lips again. He reaches down to the hem of his shirt that you’re wearing and slowly inches it up before pulling it over your head and tossing it away. He stares at your chest for a moment before running his hands up your back slowly and unclasping your bra, letting it fall before removing it from your arms and dropping it.

Ashton sits up then, his naked chest pressed against yours as he kisses you with what can only be described as hunger. He moves his lips down to your neck, a small moan tumbling from your lips. He instinctively rolls his hips up to yours and you can feel every inch of his already hardened member through the thin material of his boxers and your underwear. You moan out again, louder this time, as Ashton runs his tongue down to the valley between your breasts. His tongue feels incredible on your flushed skin, and you throw your head back in pleasure. Ashton reaches one hand up and grasps your left breast, kneading it in his hand and pinching your hardened nipple slightly between his thumb and forefinger as he moves his head down to catch the right one in his warm mouth. He sucks it quickly before flicking his tongue over the hardened nub, causing your hips to grind against his roughly. He groans out and moves his attention to your left side briefly before flipping you over onto your back again.

He wastes no time as he moves down and away from your breasts, leaving warm wet kisses on your stomach and licking at your hip bones greedily. You are a moaning and writhing mess beneath him as you begin to gently thrust your hips up toward him looking for some sort of relief. He places his large hands on your hips, pressing them back down onto the soft mattress as he looks up at you and hooks his fingers in the waistband of your underwear.

“Are you sure this is okay?” he asks once again. You nod furiously, causing Ashton to smirk as he pulls your panties slowly down your legs, tossing them to the side before kissing up first your left, then your right thigh, all the while ignoring your pulsing and dripping center. He spreads your legs further with his right hand as his left trails up to rest on your lower abdomen, pressing down and keeping your hips from moving. He settles into the bed as his right hand finally touches where you need him most. You whisper his name softly as his fingers spread your folds, opening you up to him completely.

Ashton sucks in a sharp breath before releasing it quickly, the air blowing directly onto your heated and throbbing core. “You’re so wet, baby. You’re so wet for me,” he says as he spreads your juices with his long fingers up from your entrance to your clit, rubbing it softly and slowly.

“For you, Ashton, it’s all for you. I want you so bad, baby,” you moan again, your head thrown back against your soft pillows.

He groans as he attaches his lips to your swollen clit and sucks harshly. You almost scream out at the intensity of the feeling as your hands come down to tangle in his curly hair. His left hand keeps your body gently pressed to the mattress while he brings the fingers of his right hand toward your entrance. He slowly inches his index finger deep inside of you as his tongue and lips continue to work your clit expertly. He pulls his finger almost all of the way back out before thrusting it slowly and deeply again and again. After a few minutes, he unexpectedly adds a second finger which heightens your pleasure incredibly.

“Oh my god, Ashton!” you screech as he steadily maintains control, his tongue and fingers working at the perfect pace inching you closer and closer to your release. Ashton feels your walls begin to flutter around his fingers, and in response he curls his long digits up to massage your g-spot.

Your thighs begin to shake as a series of loud moans pass your lips. Ashton keeps his eyes on your face which is contorted in pleasure. When he feels the undeniable pulsation signaling your orgasm, he detaches his lips from you just long enough to mumble, “Come for me, baby. I want to feel you come on my fingers.” His tongue flicks one last time over your clit as he curls his fingers deliciously, causing your orgasm to rush over you like a tidal wave. Your body shakes and thrashes and you scream his name as he continues his actions to ride you through your high.

Once your body is spent and sated, he removes his fingers from you before licking them clean. “You taste so fucking good, beautiful girl,” he tells you sensually. “I could eat your pretty pussy all day.”

His dirty words cause desire to flare back up within you and you pull him back up to your mouth kissing him passionately, causing you both to groan at the realization that you can taste yourself on his lips.

Your hands brush gently down his sides and you push his boxers down slightly before he removes them. He jumps up quickly to grab his wallet off of the floor, reaching inside for a condom which he rolls on. He comes back to you and slides between your thighs again, his forehead resting on yours and his hands again hold your own next to your head. He kisses you, softer this time, before opening his eyes to yours. He looks deeply into them for any sign of hesitation, and when he sees none, he gently sinks his length into you. He stills inside of you momentarily while giving you time to adjust to his size.

“I love you, Y/N,” he breathes quietly before kissing your lips.

“I love you, Ashton,” you reply breathily, giving him a nod to let him know it’s okay to move.

Ashton maintains eye contact with you as he pulls almost all of the way back before pushing into you again. Your eyes roll back at the exquisite feeling of him filling you completely, stretching your walls in a way you have never felt before.

It is slow and passionate and you mumble sweet declarations to each other as your hips work together in perfect synchronization. After a few minutes, he brings one hand down from yours to grasp your right calf and wrap it securely around his waist. The change allows him to thrust in deeper and your eyes squeeze shut as a loud moan falls from your lips. Ashton speeds up his pace as this new angle causes him to hit the perfect spot with each pass.

Soon, you can feel your stomach clench again as your second orgasm builds. Ashton kisses you deeply before pulling back to watch your face. “I’m so close, baby. Are you going to come for me again?” he asks quietly, his breaths coming out in pants and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

You nod furiously and Ashton very minimally picks up his pace. “Don’t stop, baby. Don’t stop, just like that, Ashton, oh my god I love you,” you moan out loudly. Your eyes never lose contact with his as your high breaks again, the violent pulsing of your walls causing harsh growls of your name to fall from Ashton’s lips as he stills briefly and releases into the condom. He continues to move slowly as he works you both through your highs before stopping and pulling out of you and removing the condom before tossing it into the bin near your bed.

He rolls back over and pulls you tightly into his side, your head resting on his chest which is covered in a thin layer of sweat. “I love you, Y/N. So, so much. That was fucking incredible.”

You reply by kissing his chest softly and looking up into his beautiful eyes. You lean up and kiss his lips, silently praying that you’d paid your dues and this blissfulness would last. Pleading to whomever may be listening that this wasn’t just the calm before the storm.

I want invisible to be performed on tour and I want my baby to go center stage with a spotlight and I want everyone to shut the fuck up and appreciate him and let him sing his lil heart out 



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