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honestly a relationship with calum that is super supportive and caring and kind: always complimenting each other and taking the time at the end of the day to call the other to talk for a second. a relationship with calum that is uniquely passionate, easygoing and soft: you two are inseparable it is a bond like no other, its just a connection you dont come across often, when you just click with somebody. you dont even have to be doing anything major to be having a good time: drinking iced tea on the balcony of his LA home with your 3 dogs is a date if you called it that.

a relationship with calum that is sometimes difficult, and there are arguments but whoever is in the wrong always apologizes. and most of these arguments are conversations, explaining why what happened hurt when it happened, talking through things. and you only yell because you care so much about each other.

a relationship with calum that is so much fun just from being in love with him, and every day you fall in love more.

a relationship with calum please😛

Ashton looks so good with glasses, he needs to wear them more often

Even if it’s just pretend + Calum T.H.

AN: This is full on fluff. Please tell me what you think! Thank you! 

Summary: Calum in disguise gallivanting around Melbourne with someone. 

The chilly morning of Melbourne greeted us as we walked out of the lobby of Crown’s hotel. Beside me was Calum fidgeting the glasses with the gold frame and the curly wig that I gave him before we went down from their hotel room. I was supposed to give the guys a tour around the city before their concert tomorrow but he’s the only one who was up to it this morning. I even bought disguises for them so they can have a great time but oh well, at least I get to wear the wig that I originally picked for Luke. Looking at Calum I can’t help but giggle at his appearance. His curly wig looks so real and his glasses hid those big brown eyes

“You look fine, stop touching your hair!” I said whilst grabbing his hand away from his hair.

“Sorry, but it’s just so itchy…” He whined while itching his fake scalp

“Well, those glasses aren’t enough to disguise you Calum, just bear with it. I got a wig on as well” I said smiling and pointing at my lovely blonde locks “So we’re in this together!”

“You know I have a thing for blonde’s right?” He winked then played with my hair while we walk towards a café near the hotel “Look’s good on you by the way” he said jokingly

“Ha. Ha. I know I look good” I faked laugh flicking his hand off my gorgeous hair “Let’s buy some coffee first, Cal” I said grabbing his wrist and dragging him to the café

“Whoa! Slow down tiger” he said

As we got in we got in the queue, Calum was right in front of me blocking my view of the menu. Why am I so short I ask myself mentally, I poked Calum’s side “Hey curly, can we switch place?” I said walking towards his place “Yep, sure babe” he said while nonchalantly looking around but I felt my heart beat a little faster. I felt him resting his chin on the top of my head and slowly his hands around my waist hearing him sigh then said “Perfect…”

“What are you doing, Curly?” I said while trying to escape him, moving around him. I finally seeing the display cabinet and the menu

“Hmm…” “Don’t move…” He whined tightening his arm around me “Since it’s just the two of us today, how about we pretend like we’re on a date or something? To make the disguises believable…” he suddenly suggested

I stopped moving, my heart suddenly beating faster than before, I tried looking up to him but he kept me in place “I don’t know…” I said reluctantly

“Common! It will be fun, I’ll even pay for everything today” he reassured me or should I say bribed me. Knowing myself, I was a slave for free things, so guess what happened

“Everything?” I asked back to him my eyes skimming through the coffee menu

“Yes, of course…” He replied instantly

And with a deep sigh I said “Fine…but don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure! Baby!” Calum said to me chuckling then I slapped his arm “Ow!” he said

“Whatever…it wasn’t even that hard” rolling my eyes even though he can’t see them “So what are you getting?” I asked

Finally letting go of me “Just a long black I think, you?” he answered

“Earl Grey of course” I said back. I moved to his side leaning into him for support wrapping my hand on his perfect toned and tattooed arms I looked up at him, he was looking around the café then he caught me looking “What?” he asked

I just smiled and told him “Nothing” he looked at me funny before ruffling the top of my blonde wig before smiling back at me and said “Silly..” We quietly waited for our turn, enjoying the aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastries.

What the hell. This is cute. To anyone who read it till the end, tell me what you think. 

The smell of his skin was positively intoxicating. It was the scent of sweat and sex, as well as a hit of his cologne he had put on well over twenty-four hours go. Calum’s tattooed skin rippled as his muscle moved, the larger boy turning onto his other side, causing my cheek to pressed into the back of his broad shoulder.  His eyelids were still heavy with sleep, not daring to open to the bright light of the morning. 

Last night was like any other night when we ended up in the same bed. A text or a quick call sent to the other, usually ending in between the sheets.

They were always in a hotel room, as to not let the other see a peak into one’s private life. The morning after used to be an awkward thing between him and I, one night stands were not something I was used to. But he was beautiful and addicting, as well as no strings and unattached. So I dealt with it, not daring to let feelings fester for this man.

Sex was sex, even if Calum Hood was better than most. He also never fell for anyone, unlike most.

Help Me Escape This Place - Part 8 (Ashton Irwin)

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A/N: smut warning. ALSO: this part doesn’t really progress the plot, it’s really just here because I wanted to write it. basically that’s why I’m updating twice in one day.

You awake the next morning with a heavy arm around your waist and a delicious ache throughout your body. You smile to yourself, stretching and feeling the soft material of your sheets slide against your still naked body. Suddenly you feel Ashton’s arms tighten around you as his face nuzzles deeper into your neck. He presses his lips to your sensitive skin and you feel the action shoot throughout your body. You moan softly, causing Ashton to release a hiss before sinking his teeth into you lightly.

“Mmm good morning, sexy girl,” Ashton murmurs before attaching his lips to you again and sucking lightly at the base of your throat.

“Good morning, baby,” you reply as you bring your hands up to tangle lightly in his hair while glancing at the clock. “I have to get up and shower. Your sister is going to be here in an hour.”

Ashton simply shakes his head and rolls on top of you, pressing his lips to yours and spreading your legs with his knee while pinning both of your arms above your head in one of his large hands. He trails his other hand softly down your body, kneading your right breast gently before continuing down to your core. As his long fingers make contact with your already wet folds, you release a breathy moan and buck your hips slightly. Ashton alternates between kissing your lips and trailing his warm tongue down your neck, stopping only to suck at your collarbone where he is surely leaving a mark.

His fingers spread your lips as he collects your juices on his two middle fingers, bringing them up to circle your clit lightly before dragging them back down and thrusting them into your entrance. You feel slightly sore from the previous night, but when his thumb comes up to rub your clit as his fingers pump gently in and out of you, you are completely lost in the sensation. It takes you no time at all to reach your high and Ashton steadily works you through it before releasing your hands and sucking his now wet fingers into his mouth with a groan. “Delicious,” he says simply as his fingers pop from between his lips.

Your cheeks flame as you bury your face into his bare chest, placing soft kisses on his skin. He stands from your bed and helps you up and into the shower. Because Vanessa is actually coming to pick you up within the next half an hour, he decides it’s best to not shower with you. Instead, he pulls his scrub pants back on and goes to the kitchen to make eggs and toast.

You eat together quickly at the breakfast bar and take your plates into the kitchen. As you set your dishes in the sink, Ashton grabs you by the hips and sets you on the counter, settling between your knees and kissing you deeply. “Have I told you today that I love you? Because I do, baby. I love you,” he whispers, his dark hazel eyes staring into yours.

You kiss him briefly, keeping your eyes closed even after you pull back from his lips. “Well, technically, the last time was well after midnight, so yes. But feel free to overuse the phrase. No problem,” you quip before opening your eyes to see him smiling shyly. “I love you, Ashton,” you repeat to him seriously this time. “I’m so in love with you.”

Just as he wraps his arms around your waist to hug you tight to his body, three swift knocks are delivered to your door. Ashton drops his head to your shoulder and lets out a harsh sigh followed by a soft giggle. He kisses your shoulder and neck once each before pushing back from you and waltzing over to open the door for his sister.

“Gross - go put a shirt on,” Vanessa gags as she pushes past Ashton. He chuckles and shakes his head before moving back to your bedroom to get a shirt.

“Ready to go, chickadee?!” she exclaims, clapping once and bouncing on her toes. You laugh and nod at her enthusiasm.

Ashton reappears and grabs your hips quickly, spinning you around and pressing his lips to yours again. The force of his kiss bends you back slightly and he leans over to keep the contact. He trails his hands up your body slowly, lingering over the side of your sports bra covered breasts momentarily before reaching your cheeks. He cups your face as he slides his tongue between your parted lips causing a moan to erupt from your chest as your fingers thread in his curls. Ashton moves his hands down and grabs behind your thighs, picking you up swiftly and wrapping your legs around his waist. He turns on his heels and starts back toward your bedroom without pause.

“UM HELLO?!?” Vanessa yells suddenly. Yours and Ashton’s lips immediately detach and you both blush before you look over at her. Vanessa is tapping her foot with her hands on her hips, causing you to giggle before apologizing. Ashton continues to hold your legs tightly around his waist and your forehead meets his again as Vanessa goes back to typing on her phone.

“I love you, beautiful. Have a good day, okay?” he tells you sweetly.

“I love you, Doctor Irwin,” you whisper with a teasing smile. 

“Be careful today, and relax and enjoy yourself,” he reminds you. “You deserve it.”

“Sir, yes sir,” you mock salute. Right when you call him by that name, however, his eyes darken and a very low growl rumbles from his chest. You quirk a sassy eyebrow at him in response to his obvious reaction. “Sir, huh?” you ask seductively. Ashton lets out a sharp breath as his eyes darken further and fill with lust. “Maybe I could be your good girl later, sir,” you say as you look at him with as innocent an expression as you can manage.

“You’re in for it, sweet heart. I hope you’re ready,” he says simply and calmly, kissing you again before setting you on your feet and walking you to the door.

“Oh, okay bro you’re all done now? Fuck, you two are worse than Luke and I used to be,” Vanessa mutters, shaking her head as she links arms with you and you both walk into the hall and away from Ashton.

The afternoon at the spa with Vanessa and Anne is absolutely incredible. You are all treated to 90 minute full-body Swedish massages and facials, eyebrow and bikini waxes, and manicures and pedicures. You feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated as you sit down to an early dinner with the girls. Anne grills you mildly about your relationship with Ashton, and you take care to answer each question as diplomatically as possible. After a while, Vanessa expertly changes the subject back to her and Luke and introduces the possibility of their impending engagement. The three of you become so excited that the rest of the meal is spent throwing out ideas for venues and floral arrangements.

You finish eating and you and Vanessa say goodbye to Anne. Just before you are ready to leave, she pulls you into a tight hug and gives you a very embarrassing seal of approval. Vanessa chatters the entire drive back to your apartment, to which you don’t contribute much. She drops you off right at the door of your apartment, and kisses your cheek before driving back to Luke’s house.

You take the stairs up to your floor two at a time, and quickly unlocking the door - the whole time hoping that Ashton is inside. You step into your apartment, and most of the lights are turned off. “Ash?” you call out softly, seeing no sign of him at first. You walk back toward your bedroom cautiously and as you enter, you notice there are a few vanilla scented candles lit on the surfaces of your dresser and nightstand. The only other light present is the small lamp in the corner which gives the room a beautiful dim glow. You turn and see the door to your bathroom is slightly ajar. You make your way to the door and peek through the crack noticing Ashton’s form in your shower. The steam has fogged the mirror already so you know he will be finished soon.

With great anticipation, you shed all of your clothes quietly and run to your closet in search something to wear. You dig around for a few moments before you find what you’re looking for. It’s more of a few sheer pieces of white fabric than an outfit, but when you saw it in the store you had the distinct feeling that Ashton wouldn’t mind. It’s white and lacy, and ends barely below the bottom of your ass. You decide to wear a tiny pair of white lacy boy shorts beneath it, and to complete your ensemble, you slip on a towering pair of pink high heels that Vanessa had insisted you buy on one of your many shopping sprees. You are pulling your hair into a loose ponytail, checking the mirror above your dresser when you hear the water cut off before Ashton grabs a towel from the rack. You lie down on your side the bed and face the bathroom door, leaning on your elbow with your head resting in your hand. You hitch your top leg slightly, attempt to push your breasts up in the bra top of your nightie, and wait for him.

When Ashton opens the door, he is momentarily startled by your presence but recovers quickly. His eyes roam greedily down your body and he moves slowly toward the bed, his towel hanging slightly off of his hips. You can see water droplets still on his abs, and the urge to run your tongue and fingers over them is almost overwhelming. He stops moving when he reaches the bed, and you both stare into each other’s eyes before you speak.

“Good evening, sir,” you purr, a smirk forming on your lips. Ashton observes you for another moment and you watch his light hazel eyes turn to dark and lust-filled within seconds. He secures the towel around his waist before crossing his arms over his broad, muscular chest which causes you to whimper quietly.

Ashton leans down to press his palms against the mattress, his face almost level with yours. “I’m going to need a few things from you this evening, baby girl,” he begins softly but in a strong and commanding voice. “Are you up for it?”

You nod eagerly and sit up, tucking your knees under your body and kneeling on the mattress, your body just a few inches from touching Ashton’s. “I can do whatever you need, sir,” you assure him before bringing both of your hands up to rest on his shoulders and pushing your chest forward slightly.

He brings his hands up and lays them on your elbows, dragging them back over your forearms until they grip your hands. He brings your arms down from his shoulders slowly, helping you stand on the floor in front of him. He looks into your eyes to check for any distress, but when he sees your desire and excitement his face hardens into a more dominant expression.

“See, sweet girl, I have a problem, and I need your help, okay?” he questions, eyes locked on yours. You nod lightly and quickly, and he immediately responds. “On your knees,” Ashton commands, and you drop down before him without hesitation. One large hand goes to the knot in his towel, pulling it swiftly and dropping it to the side. His impressive member is already hard and red with a few drops of clear liquid on the tip. Your eyes widen and you lick your lips in anticipation of tasting him for the first time.

You look up at him through your eyelashes and he is already looking down to your eyes. “Suck,” he tells you simply, and you waste no time in reaching toward him.

“Yes, sir,” you answer before taking the base of his shaft in your hand, leaning forward to lick the beads of precum greedily. You moan at his salty taste and he barely contains his motions; wanting to thrust into your mouth already. You take the tip into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it, letting it pop from your mouth before ducking your head and licking a broad stripe up the underside of his shaft from base to tip. Ashton moans out loudly, never breaking eye contact with you. When his mouth drops open slightly, you let his tip pass your lips again and take as much as you can without gagging. Your right hand strokes what doesn’t fit and your left hand gently cups and rolls his balls.

Ashton’s hands come to your hair quickly and he gathers it into a messy ponytail, using his position to set the pace and guide your mouth up and down his shaft. “Yes, fuck, baby. Your lips look so good wrapped around my cock.” You moan around him as your tongue swirls over his tip at each pass. Before long he’s unable to stop himself from bucking his hips into your mouth, but when he hits the back of your throat you hold off your gag reflex so that his tip slides down slightly. At the tight feeling of your throat around his sensitive head, Ashton releases a loud moan and his eyes screw shut tightly. He pulls your ponytail back slightly and pulls himself from your mouth leaving you panting. “Stand up. Take off your panties and that pretty top for me, baby. Leave the shoes on,” he instructs you in breathless pants.

You do as Ashton commands, moving slowly and maintaining eye contact the entire time. When you toss your undergarments to the side, his eyes finally rake down your body and focus briefly on your pink heels. “Like this, sir?” you ask innocently.

He nods slowly before motioning toward the bed with a flick of his neck. “Get back on the bed but on your hands and knees this time.” You do as he instructs and when you turn your head back to look at him, you see him gazing appreciatively at your ass as he strokes himself slowly in his right hand.

Ashton makes his way toward you before bending down to your nightstand, grabbing a condom, and rolling it on. He stands behind you and brings his hand up to your hips, flattening his palms and running them over your skin. He kneads your ass in both hands briefly before pushing them up your back and lightly pressing the top half of your body further into the mattress. You rest the weight of your upper body on your elbows, which still allows you to turn your head toward him. He nudges your knees further apart and when you make eye contact again, he silently asks for permission.

When he sees you nod, he pushes his tip between your folds and rubs it up and down to spread your wetness over himself. Suddenly, you feel Ashton push into you fully and you are thrust forward onto the mattress. You catch yourself on your palms as Ashton grabs your hips, firmly holding you into place as he begins to thrust in and out of your warmth at a rapid and almost punishing pace.

“Fuck baby. You like taking my cock, don’t you?” he challenges, dominance apparent in his tone.

“Yes, sir! Oh my god, I love your cock,” you exclaim, causing Ashton to growl and moan your name in response.

Ashton’s fingers are digging into your hips as you push back into him with each thrust. You feel the knot beginning to form in the pit of your stomach as you clench your inner muscles around him, increasing the friction. Both of your moans are echoing off of the walls as he tilts your hips down, causing his tip to slide against your g-spot relentlessly. When he feels your walls begin to pulse around him, he slides his right hand around your body and rubs sloppy circles on your clit.

The gentle pressure is enough to send you over the edge with a scream of his name. Your elbows completely give out and if Ashton hadn’t been holding your hips you would have fallen flat onto your stomach. Your inner walls continue to pulse violently as Ashton pushes into you completely and spills into the condom. The aftershocks of your powerful orgasm continue for several more moments, and Ashton continues to move within you as you come down from it.

When you are both content, he pulls out with a hiss and sets you gently down on the bed. He disposes of the condom and comes back to you and removes your shoes and stockings. He flips you over and lies down next to you, bringing you up so that your body is half resting on his.

“Holy shit, Y/N,” he mumbles quietly with closed eyes before he opens them briefly to look at your face. “I wasn’t too rough was I? Was that okay?”

“That was amazing, sir,” you wink, causing a deep blush to spread across his cheeks.

“That’ll be enough of that for now,” he tells you, rolling his eyes with a smile.

“I love you Ash,” you whisper, your eyes still burning into his.

“I love you Y/N,” he replies. “And thank you for that. That was unreal.”

You kiss his chest and neck before he pulls the blankets up around you both. He sets the alarm on his phone so that you’ll both wake up in time for work in the morning and snuggle into each other before falling into a deep and blissful sleep.

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