Inside Their Phones - Calum Hood (insp)

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You’ve got a way to keep me on your side
You give me cause for love that I can’t hide


Is there specific Jack Hemmings fandom because I would like to be apart of that fandom and if you don’t then I’m judging you

jet black heart // part 3

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“Hey Michael, wow I didn’t know you knew Calum!” Y/N pretended to be surprised and looked at herself in the mirror, “No, too fake. Tone down the surprisement. Oh, hey Michael, how do you know Calum?" 

Y/N was practicing what she was going to say to Michael in front of the mirror, she anxiously bit her lip and looked up at the clock on the wall. She didn’t want to be too early so she decided to be five minutes late so it seems like she took her time. 

It took a while for Y/N to gather up her courage and actually knock on the door, she felt her palms grow sweaty as she heard shuffle of footsteps and some mutters behind the door. “Hey,” Calum opened the door, Y/N looked behind him to see if Michael was there.

Much to her disappointment, he wasn’t. “Michael isn’t here,” Calum rolled his eyes, closing the door behind her.

“I wasn’t looking for him,” Y/N lied and followed him down the corridor.

His apartment was exactly like hers, just minus all the decorations and it was much darker. Y/N obviously didn’t expect Michael to be sitting on the couch, furiously playing on the Xbox with his eyes glued to the small tv.

“You said Michael wasn’t here,” Y/N frowned in confusion, awkwardly waving at Michael who glanced at her for a second before focusing back on his game.

“I was lying as well,” Calum shrugged and sat on his couch, gesturing at Y/N to sit next to him, “There’s some beer in the cooler.”

It was quite awkward for Y/N since she didn’t know how to play FiFa and the boys were quite into the game, leaving her out and excluded. She took a huge gulp of the cheep beer and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before pointing at Michael, “You!” her words were quite slurry since she drank three cans and she had a low tolerance of alcohol.

Michael looked at her and raised his pierced eyebrow but his fingers continued on dancing on the controller. “You’re rude,” Y/N declared, taking another gulp, “But you’re kinda hot so, it’s okay.”

The pale boy scoffed, shaking his head and focused back to the game. Calum seemed to be interested in what Y/N was going to say and paused the game, ignoring Michael’s groans of protest. “Why would you think that Y/N? Michael’s lovely.”

“He’s so mean to me,” Y/N pouted, looking down at the can in her hands, “He’s so dark and moody but I don’t get why he’s so nice to Calum and not me!” Her voice turned shrill as she waved her hands around dramatically, not caring that she was about to  spill beer on the ground.

“Actually, he’s not that nice to me,” Calum said, taking a small sip of his drink, “He was quite rude but when I told him I have the new FiFa game, he decided to come.”

Michael didn’t seem offended but shrugged as if it was true, “Alright, well I’m leaving,” he spoke for the first time since Y/N’s arrival, his voice made her heart pound incredibly fast and it sure wasn’t the beer. 

“Don’t leave,” Y/N whined, standing up as Michael stood up. She stood in front of Michael with a childish pout, “I’m not letting you move.”

“Princess, I’ll make you move,” Michael looked down at her without any humour in his eyes, he seemed dead serious and unamused.

“Princess,” Y/N quoted Michael, her face scrunched up at his pet name,”Call me that again, I like it.”

“I’m leaving her with you Caylum,” Michael turned to the tanned boy, completely unaware that he said Calum’s name wrong.

“It’s Calum,” he said quietly.

Michael pretended not to hear him and walked to the front door, casually pulling on his black leather jacket. “Michael,” Y/N dragged out his name and stomped after him, “I want to talk.”

“I don’t,” he chortled, opening the front door.

“I do!” she argued back, following him to his own apartment which was only a couple of meters apart.

“You’re not coming in,” Michael put his key in but didn’t twist it and looked at Y/N sternly. The drunk girl stared back with a sudden rush of confidence.

“I want to,” she said bravely with a beam.

“Well you’re not,” Michael gave her a sarcastic smile and opened the door, giving her a light push to stop herself from taking another step.

“Hey you smiled,” Y/N laughed stupidly, “You have a nice smile and you said you’ll never smile again.”

Michael rolled his eyes and slammed the door in her face. Y/N was determined to have a proper conversation with him; she wanted to know his favourite colour, favourite ice cream flavour, his dream job, she wanted to get to know the mysterious boy. Something about Michael made her attracted to him even though she ddin’t want to be.

“I’m not leaving until you come out!” Y/N banged on the door of his apartment  and yelled on top of her lungs.

Drunk Y/N was an annoying and stupid Y/N but she honestly didn’t expect Michael to be listening from his apartment. She was expecting him to be listening to music or doing something to ignore her.

Y/N soon fell asleep next to his apartment at 1 in the morning and she woke up the next morning with a jacket over her. 

And, it obviously belonged to her neighbour but which one?


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And his head between my thighs

I found a savior


english major!calum would spend his lunch hour sitting alone amongst the trees writing poems about angst and sadness.  one day you beat him to his favourite tree and he’s forced to either sit with you or climb a different tree all together, but calum isn’t about to give up his tree, so he climbs up and sits on a branch next to yours and you can feel him glaring at you and he keeps sighing passive aggressively while you work. 15 minutes later you finally crack and say ‘is there something wrong?’ and he looks up at you and looks you dead in the eye and says ‘yeah.  this is my tree, i always sit here’ and you glare back at him because who the fuck claims a tree? ‘i don’t see your name on it, i don’t think it’s yours’ but calum only smirks and points to the point where the branch meets the trunk and sure enough there’s a name chiseled there.  ‘well, calum, i don’t really fancy moving down from here, so you’re going to have to either suck it up or move trees’ but calum is set in his ways and there’s not a chance of him moving for a stranger so he decides to stay

by the end of the semester calum’s poems turn from being about loneliness to being about the most beautiful human being who stole his spot in the trees 

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“I ship us too” - Michael Clifford

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Author’s note: In this imagine I was thinking of the reader and Michael being best friends and having a really cute moment but if you want, you can imagine this as a boyfriend/girlfriend moment. 

“Do you want the usual?” The blonde boy asks me. “Yup” I take a seat in the food court and admire how good his new hair colour looks on him. I didn’t realize how long I’ve been staring at him until he comes back with our drinks.

“I’m so good looking aren’t I.” He smirks and I roll my eyes at him. “I’m just seeing if blonde actually looks good on you.” I ruffle his hair and he jerks away. “Hey! if you do that one more time my hair might fall out!” I laugh too hard at his remark and a few heads turned our way but we were too into the moment to really care about what everyone thinks. “I think I did a good job at picking your hair colour, it looks really nice on you.” He blushes and I coo at his adorable state. “Aw Mikey is blushing” I say while hugging him. “Eww girl cooties! Get away from me!” He tries to shove me away but my grip on him tightens. “You’re such a kid Michael, I’m a girl, most of your fans are girls. Your mom is a girl! They all hug you, so why can’t I?” I face him and jut my bottom lip out. “Ugh fine. Only one hug.” I playfully squeal and hug him tighter. “Geez y/n, if you hug any tighter I’m gonna die from lack of oxygen.” I giggle and let go.

A group of girls run over to us, the words “Oh my god it’s Michael!” and “You guys are so cute!” repeat many of times among the five of them. Finally after all the rambling, this one short brunette girl asks “can we take pictures with you?” Michael agrees and I gesture for them to hand over their phones. “Can you be in the photo with us?” I’m shocked. No one has ever asked me to be in the photo with them. I look over at Michael and he gives me the slightest nod and a reassuring smile. “Um, sure!”

The girls take turns getting a photo with us and once they’re done they give us one last hug and walk away, excitedly jumping up and down. We watch them and laugh at how cute they are fangirling. We were about to turn around when we heard one girl yell “Guys shut up! They’re so cute together and I ship them so much!” Michael looks at me and slings his arm over my shoulder, “I ship us too.”

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imagine waiting for luke backstage at one of his concerts and watching him do his thing and he’s all sweaty and hot af and when it’s finally over just jumping on him and not even caring that he’s covered in sweaT SEND HELP


Patching up all the holes until we both feel much better


Calum is me when someone I hate starts being really nice to me.



Michael + Reader

Words: 996


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I was so busy with tour and the shows and rehearsing to play the new songs we’d released that I didn’t notice I hadn’t talked to (Y/N) in a whole week.

I felt bad leaving without saying goodbye, but the guilt of what I’d said behind her back was killing me and I couldn’t bring myself to face her that morning.

I had a few hours to kill before a show - a rarity especially since we had 7 new songs we could play live - and noticed I hadn’t gotten any calls or texts from her in the entire week.

I checked my phone to make sure I was still able to receive calls and messages, but everything was fine.

That was when I started to worry. Usually, I would have gotten good morning texts every morning, good luck texts before a show, and good night texts before I went to bed. 

i knew it must have been tough for her, monitoring the time it would be at my tour stop and making sure she was awake to send me those texts.

She never forgot. Ever. So why did I not get anything from her that week?

I must have looked very confused, staring at my phone, frowning, because Ashton pointed it out.

“Mike? You okay?” He asked from his bunk.

I turned away from my phone for a second to mumble a ‘yeah’ before turning back and deciding to check up on (Y/N) and see if she was okay.

[M: Michael | Y: Y/N]

M: Is everything okay???

I got a reply straightaway, which I found odd. If she was by her phone the entire time, why couldn’t she have texted or called me?

Y: yeah, everything’s good. why?

M: you haven’t texted or called all week. i thought something was up.

Y: no everything’s fine. i’ve just been a little busy. how’s tour?

I frowned at her reply. She couldn’t text or call me because she was busy? As far as I knew, she was coping really well at her college. She always had time for herself.

I decided to probe even further. Something was up and I knew it.

M: Sure everything’s fine? You usually find time to call me and tell me about your day.

I could see the little bubble appear on the side to show that she was typing, but it disappeared after a while and she didn’t send a message. She was hesitant to tell me something..

M: You know you can tell me if something’s up, right?

I could see that she had read the message, but took a while to start typing.

Y: I was just trying to lay off a little bit. Like you wanted me to.

This confused me even further. I had no idea what she was talking about.

M: ???

Y: I didn’t want to be a clingy girlfriend.

Her words brought back the conversation I had with Calum the previous week before I left for tour. The conversation we thought she hadn’t heard.

Deciding this wasn’t something we could discuss over text, I clicked on her name to FaceTime her.

Within seconds, her face appeared on my screen. She looked tired, and that worried me.

“You weren’t meant to hear that..” I started.

She let out a small smile. “I know that. But you did say it, which is why I was trying to stop being so clingy.”

“I didn’t even mean any of it!” I reassured her. “I said everything because I was a little annoyed that you tried calling me when I was in a really important meeting and it disrupted it and now there’s a bunch of grownups who think I’m not taking my music seriously and I hate that! I was mad at them for being such pricks and I took it out on the first thing I thought I could be annoyed at.” I rushed everything out in a single breath, afraid that she was going to cut me off halfway and break up with me.

“It’s okay, Mikey, I get it. You made me realise how annoying my constant texts and calls are, I mean, I’m as good as one of your fans, right?” She was upset by it and I could tell. She was smiling but her smile didn’t reach her eyes like it usually did when she was genuinely happy.

“I love your texts and calls.. It tells me that you’re thinking of me and not going off being with other guys that you can see every day and not once every few months.” I told her, watching her smile slowly grow larger at my words.

“I would never do that, Michael.” She reassured me, making me grin.

“I know that. And I know what I said but I swear I didn’t mean it.” I told her, putting my hand up to show her how serious i was.

“I know that now..” She said, letting out a huge yawn. 

I glanced at the time on my phone and realised it was almost 3 in the morning where she was. 

“Why would you answer my text if its so late over there?” I couldn’t believe this girl.

“I was restraining myself from texting or calling you unless you did it first and when I saw that you’d texted me, I just really wanted to talk to you. It’s weird not talking to you for a whole week.” She confessed, yawning once again.

“You’re tired, go to sleep. Call me when you wake up and we can talk, okay?” 

I laughed when she shook her head vigorously. Partly to tell me no, partly to wake herself up.

“I’m fine. I wanna hear your stories. How have the shows been? How was the first performance of Jet Black Heart? I haven’t gotten to watch any videos but I have seen people tweet about it.” 

“It was amazing, baby. The boys and I loved it so much, we..”


I am so sorry for the crappy ending I hate it I hate it but this is the best I can do for now I am stupidly tired but my exams are finally over and I have 7 weeks of holiday! I will be starting work soon, sadly, but I need the extra money and I’ll do absolutely nothing productive the entire holiday if I don’t have something constant to do. I don’t even know why I’m telling you guys this I’m just really tired.


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