calum hood fanfiction

so michaels a fucking dork

he is the biggest nerd ive ever fucking seen

he cant even walk without being a lil goof


yeah sure michael, youre such a punk, totally 

totally not a big fucking nerd

youre so cool, michael. not lame at all

so cool

Ashton Irwin :

  • -Mid Century Modern Nightmare - If you dont pay for your drugs , bad things can happen

  • -Moiety = There’s a ghost inlove with her and there’s nothing she can do about it.

  • -Labyrinthine - Strange things can happen in an anger management center.

  • -High For This - They met at the wedding of their exes and one of them was high as fuck.

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Luke Hemmings :

  • -Furtive - He was the missing boy and she was going to find him. Afterall she had lost everything else , she wasnt going to loose him

  • -Oblivion - A story about how a girl and boy see eachother in their reflections. Literally.

  • -Princess Getting Naked - It was a one night stand but he was obsessed with her. So he went back to England to find her.

  • -These Streets - She was internshiping with the band she hated.

  • -Dress On The Floor - If a girl and boy become college roomates , it wont be so good.


Michael Clifford :

  • -Ineffable - What to do when you fall inlove with your therapist gone wrong?

  • -Barely Legal - She was an assasin but her boyfriend had no clue.

Calum Hood :

  • -Serendipity - He wasn’t supposed to love her when he was supposed to kill her.

  • -Ethereal  - How a guy tried to hook up with2 girls at the same time without them knowing. And those 2 girls are best friends.

  • Crown Of Love - Two teens are forced to date by their paretns for buisness inquiries and it sucks for them.


  • 5sos Preferences - Warning : will give you feelings.

Watch Yourself...

Okay this one sucks but I was bored and I’m dreading going back to school and idk 🙈


‘College sucks,’ you thought as you walked out of your last class. You loved your major and you couldn’t wait to start on your career path, but midterms had a way of ruining that. You had 2 exams, 3 papers, and 2 group presentations this week, but you also got to look forward to going home to the love of your life, your boyfriend Calum. You’ve been dating for just over two years now, and got an apartment together that was just close enough to school, and just close enough to his recording studio. As if he could hear your thoughts, your phone started ringing and his name flashed across the screen. “You freak,” you said answering the phone. “Excuse me?” he feigned offense. “You must be psychic, I was just thinking about you.” He chuckled before saying, “What do you mean babe? You’re always thinking about me,” he teased. Well he wasn’t wrong… “Watch yourself Hood,” you warned jokingly. His laughter immediately made you feel a bit better. “How was uni today?” he asked. “It was okay. I’m finally done with midterms! How did today go?” you asked. “It wasn’t as productive as we would’ve liked, but the guys are coming over now so we can wrap this song up. I think you’ll really like this one baby!” he said excitedly. “Oh, yay that’s good Cally,” you said trying to keep your voice light. “Yeah. You okay, y/n?” he asked. You loved Cal like crazy, and the boys were amazing. You loved having them over all the time, but tonight you were looking forward to a night with Calum. You had been living in the library for nearly two weeks, coming home around 2 a.m. each night only to collapse into bed next to Calum, then begin the routine all over again 5 hours later. You and Calum had barely seen each other since the madness that was midterms began, and that was really hard since the two of you were inseparable. You were so excited to come home to him, only him, tonight and spend some time alone together. But now, that would have to wait. “Yeah boo I just, uhm, remembered something I have to do. I’ll be home soon, okay?” “Perfect, kitten. I’ve missed you, so hurry your cute little ass home. Drive safe, love you.” “Love you too,” you said before hanging up. You couldn’t hurt his feelings and tell him the guys couldn’t come over, so you just had to suck it up.

You got home to find 5 large pizza boxes and 4 large Australians spread across your living room. “Baby!” you heard Cal as you walked in the apartment. Before you knew it, you were being hug-attacked by Calum when he began to kiss every square inch of your face. “Hi y/n!” the boys yelled in unison. Even though you were exhausted, and slightly irked, you couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. “Hey guys,” you smiled, blushing as Calum still held you to him. “You hungry? We saved you some pizza” Ashton said. “Aww that’s sweet, thanks for thinking of me. But I’m really sleepy. I’m gonna take a nap. Eat my share for me.” You detached yourself from Calum and headed down to the bedroom. You changed into your “Hood” jersey and your favorite pair of leggings. You went to the bathroom to wash your face when Calum slipped in behind you. “I love when you wear that shirt.” You jumped. “Jeez you scared the shit out of me. I’m sorry, I’m wired on coffee and I’m jumpy,” you said looking at him in the mirror. He wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his chin atop your head. God you loved the height difference. “Everything alright?” he asked. “Everything is fine baby. I’m just really tired and I—” you cut yourself off when you gasped as he picked you up bridal style and carried you to your all too appealing bed. After he tucked you in nice and tight into the covers, he sat down next to you on the bed. “You were saying?” he asked with a silly grin on his face. “I thought we were going to have tonight alone, is all,” you said feeling embarrassed. Looking up, you saw the incredulity on his face. “I’m such an idiot I wasn’t thinking when I told them to come. I know you’re exhausted I should have just told them to wait until tomorrow, baby, I’m so sorry I don’t know what I was thinking. You work so hard and you just want to come home to relax and I—” he stopped himself and began looking down at his hands. You reached a hand out from under the covers and grasped his face on either side. “Calum, my adorable squishy cheeked boy, you are being ridiculous.” You earned a laugh at that. “This is not your fault. I’m being a sleepy, grumpy shit head. Okay?” you said trying to make him feel better. He climbed on top of you, straddling you. You were stuck with nowhere to go, so you succumbed to his slow and passionate kiss. “I can make it up to you though,” he said. He peeled back the covers ever so slightly and managed to slide his hands under your shirt, palming your breasts softly, making you glad you took your bra off. You were worn out from today, and his soft, lazy kisses only assisted in making you sleepier. He slipped his warm tongue past your lips, swirling it around languidly. You reached your hands up to his neck, and worked your way up until your fingers reached the curled ends of his hair, scratching his scalp in the way you know drives him absolutely insane. You could feel him getting hard against your thigh. Panting between kisses he said, “God, y/n, I’ve missed you so much. I need you princess.” “Cal, the guys are in the other room,” you protested. He pulled back and winked, “We can be quite, baby girl.” You laughed and said, “Baby it’s been too long, I’m not holding back anything,” you said. “Fuuuck,” he managed under his breath. You kissed him a little bit longer, but the loud laughter coming from the living room brought you back to your senses. “Cal,” you said breaking the kiss and bringing yourself up on your elbows, your foreheads touching, his alluring lips hovering dangerously close to yours. “Okay, okay. I’ll let you rest, but on one condition,” he said with a wicked glint in his eyes and a devious curve on his lips. “I wonder what it could be,” you smiled knowingly. “Once you wake up and the guys have left, you and I are having a date in this bed. And maybe in the shower. And on the kitchen table.” You wrapped your arms back around his neck and lowered him to you for one more kiss. When he finally pulled away, he began to climb off the bed. Just as he turned his back, you slapped his ass as hard as you could. He turned to you looking scandalized, “Y/n!” You burst out laughing and couldn’t stop, and feeling high from sleep deprivation definitely didn’t do anything to help. “I don’t know why I like you,” he joked, walking to the door. “YOU LOVE ME!” you called out. He chuckled, “Yeah, I do,” he gave a smirk, “now rest up baby girl, you’ve got a long night ahead of you.” “Hmm, I guess we’ll see what you’re made of then hotshot,” you chided. “Watch yourself, y/l/n,” he winked and closed the door. You threw the covers back over yourself and fell asleep before your head even hit the pillow.

A box of chocolates (part 1)

CEO!Luke series…Thank you to the anon who requested this!

My ask box is open btw for anything such as requests, questions, our you could bitch to me about stuff…Really you can put anything in my ask.. 



I got into work today hoping that today would be slow, but of course this sunday had to be busy…’I mean who the fuck comes to a bar on sunday?’

I put my hair up into the signature messy bun I always wear whenever im at work, and smooth out the wrinkles from the black button up that fits my figure tightly. I get behind the counter and start to take peoples orders while holding up conversations that don’t even make sense..’ Are these people drunk already?’… I roll my eyes when a man that clearly has had too much to drink tries to hit on me with his cheesy pick up lines and pour a bit of the beer out of the new bottle Im about to give him and fill it the rest of the way with water. Since he is practically shit faced and doesn’t need another.

I get a moment to take a small breather after serving people their drinks for a good hour, when I notice a man with blond hair who’s wearing an all black suit.

“Hello sir, what would you like today..” I say in a flirtatious tone with a smirk.

“Scotch, neat..” He says with a straight face, running his hand through his hair.

I nod and start to pour him a glass of scotch, I lean on the counter after I place the drink in front of him and start a conversation…

I listen to the man that I now know as Luke, as he complains about the company he owns and how stressful the week has been…  After his little rant, he does something that Ive never have had happen before while im working, he asked me about my day… I was a little shocked at first, through out the years I have worked here I have never had someone ask about me… I replay with telling him a quick run through about my day and he listens to me while laughing at the little jokes I make. I didnt realize that my shift was over and I actually spent my whole time working talking to Luke, we learned we both have similar interests and have many of the same tastes in food, music and entertainment. I actually really enjoyed talking to him and when I got the notice that I was done, Luke even walked me to my bus stop and we carried on our conversation about bands and superheros.

When my bus pulled up, I told Luke goodbye and  got on… I would hope to see him again, but I doubt that would happen…

                 ~next day~

I got into work and felt a little bit excited, not knowing if I would see the blond haired giant today but I hope he comes back… 

I served drinks for about 2 hours and now its 10:46, my shift ends at 12:30 today and Im starting to lose hope of Luke coming back in today.. I start to clean up some of the tables and put them in the sink in the back room, then I see a familiar head of brown hair… I walk over to see my crazy ex girlfriend y/ex/n sitting down with a glass of moscato in her hand and a tight red dress hugging her body perfectly, she may be pretty but my god is she insane.

“What are you doing here y/ex/n..” I ask with a stubborn look towards her.

“What, I can’t get a glass of wine?” She say with a smirk.

“You know that I work here and that I have a restraining order against you.” I say crossing my arms over my chest.

“Well you came to me.”

“And you came to my job, so I have the upper hand here. Now get out or I will call the police!”

Her smirk is replaced with a look of defeat as she gets up and puts on her leather jacket.

“Don’t worry babe… We’ll be together soon.” She whispers in my ear as she leaves.

I feel a shiver run down my spine and close my eyes for a brief second to pull myself together. I turn around and run into a broad figure who catches me before I fall.

“You’re gay?” Luke asks as he lets go of my shoulders

“No, Im bisexual.” I say with a small laugh.

Luke lets out a small sigh.

“I don’t have anything against people who are gay or anything, its just that I really like you and would like to more than friends, but thats ok if you don’t wanna I-I don’t wanna pressure you and I just I-I..” Luke rambles on and I can’t help but laugh.

“Luke, is this your way of asking me out?” I say with a small smile.

“Yes.” He mumbles with a blush on his face.

“Well, I except. How about tomorrow, I have tuesdays off and I know this great little diner.” I say while walking past him and towards the bar counter.

“A-alright..What t-time.” He stutters out.

“How about 8:00?” I say while stepping behind the counter, Luke on the other side trying to get around people so he can still talk to me.

“Y-ya..8:00 is amazing! I’ll pick you up then!” He says with a huge grin on his face.

“See you then Luke..” I say waving him goodbye.

He waves back as he walks towards the door, almost falling over since he was walking backwards so he could look at me.

I let out a laugh, ‘Why would a business man be that nervous about asking a bartender out?’


Alright, first off I have nothing against brunettes, it was just the first hair color to pop in my head since my hair color is naturally brown and I needed to identify the crazy ex… And tell me what you guys think!

Part 2? 

He’s An Angel (Calum Imagine)

Calum looks out at the sea, at the specks of light embedded into it, shifting between pinks and oranges as the sun drags lazily across the morning sky. Black fades into gray, into yellow, into blue. The water laps at his feet, climbing up his ankles. He wishes he could feel it, the way the wind caresses his cheek, how the spray of the waves leaps up to kiss his arms. He longs to feel the sand between his toes, the roughness and rawness of the Earth.

But he feels nothing.

And he shouldn’t even allow his thoughts to wander to this places, shouldn’t indulge himself in dreams like this. Why get attached to what is wasting away? It isn’t his place to enjoy, aren’t his beauties to marvel at. His role in this universe is outside this world, in the shadows at the edges of cosmos where life and death collide, to usher souls to their next destination.

But there is something so inviting about the imperfection of it all, the imbalance of the human life. He’s seen it all, age to age, the wonders of the world, old and new. He’s seen the rich lands the greatest wars were fought over, seen the strands in the eyes of the world’s most beloved men, watched the incredible construction of the most prestigious empires, and their inevitable fall. There’s not a corner of the Earth he hasn’t pulled souls from, and yet, he knows there’s more.

There’s a level of humanity he hasn’t gotten at, the unseen. The lines between all mankind that connect them, the hum of human energy that holds emotion, memory, need, spread out between the ever moving bodies. He can see the edges of it, glowing brightly as they unwind from the person’s soul, recoil into the world it leaves behind.

He wonders what it’s like, the world inside them. He wonders what it feels like when they know they’re at the end, if the living they’ve done is worth it in the end, if knowing their life has a finish line has made it any more valuable. He figures it has, because he’s seen glimpses, of a mother holding her newborn child, crying with joy, of a couples running down a hallway, hands intertwined, minds lost in laughter.

What is it like to cry? To be lonely? Sad? Desperate? Passionate? What’s it like to fall apart? To fall in love? What makes this existence so unique? What makes a memory, what makes a person who they are?

His head swirls with these questions day in and day out, gliding through the clouds in his head. And he tries his best to pull away from them, and he almost does. Until you.

You’re beautiful, and that word feels too generic, too watered down to describe the person in front of him. He’s seen exquisite things, the most picturesque views from the tops of mountains, the dazzling lights that dance across the sky in the North, and nothing’s moved him like you. He’s carried the forms of people whose features were said to carved out by the gods and yet, he’s been able to turn away. But not from you, you have a hold on him.

You don’t see him of course, you aren’t meant to. But he can’t look anywhere else. You captivate him in the way you walk, the way your eyes follow the imaginary path in front of you, sparkling like fireworks. He watches as you order you coffee, the subtle curve of your lips as you smile a thank you, how you tuck hair behind your ear, the pretty pink that paints your cheeks.

He hears your soul playing out in a song, sweet and low, and closes his eyes. It blurs the edges of his brain, makes him lose his balance a little as it grows louder in his ears. And as the notes curl round in circles in the blackness, he can almost feel something. There’s a stir in his chest, not pain but something like it, something pulling at him from inside. And he knows he can’t let this be the last time he’s around you.

And so it isn’t. He waits every morning, to watch you walk by, the see the glint in your eyes as your fingers work across the keys on your computer. He wonders what pours from that beautiful mind, what makes that laugh fall from your lips.

He watches as you look up at the rain with childlike wonder, letting it slip down your nose and cheeks as you giggle, watches you run your fingers through your hair and shake out the droplets that cling to it. He watches you shiver and bundle into your coat, and finds himself wishing it was his arms that provided you warmth.

He sees you on bad days too, when your eyes are full of storm clouds that rain down on your cheeks, when you slump against your chair. He sees the red that highlights your nose, the subtle clench of your fist that sends that color fleeing from your knuckles. And he wishes he could make it better somehow, that he could bring back the laughter that makes your face light up.

He wishes and longs and dreams, for days upon days.

And then, one morning as he sits on the bench outside the coffee shop waiting for you, he notices. You look ethereal, with the blue fabrics cascading down your body and your smile back on full power, but that’s not anything new. What catches his attention is where your eyes are fixed.

You see him.

And it’s only the beginning.


He gets to see it up close, the lines that frame your lips as you laugh, the red that blooms across your cheeks when you look at him. And he sees himself reflected in the light there, painted in the colors in your eyes, and thinks about how much more he likes himself this way, how in your gaze he doesn’t feel like he’s meant to exist in the shadows.

You giggle at his bad jokes, far outdated and laced with words you maybe don’t know considering they’re ages old, and it’s the prettiest sound. You leave lipstick stains on the lid of your coffee like you leave impressions on his mind, pictures of you that play behind his eyes as he glances out at the sea. The glimmering fragments in the waves don’t measure up to your colors, the sun on his skin gives no sensation that rivals the warmth your presence brings him.

He sees you again, and again. Casual coffee together becomes dinner, and it shifts into late night walks, losing hours in the glances you steal of each other, tucking away time into your pockets in favor of living in the continuous moment between you.

Everything feels fragile, frantic, and yet slow, dreamy. It rushes through him like a wave and recedes, excitement dulling into comfort, spiking back up again without notice. It’s uncomfortable and yet intoxicating. The pull in his chest becomes an ache that only stops when you’re there.

He doesn’t know what’s happening, when he started being able to feel anything at all. But you have him standing in the eye of a storm, watching all these feelings stirring around him, and he can’t deny it’s the best thing he’s felt since he came into existence.

Until you grab his hand. While you’re running through the streets at night, you fit your fingers into his, curling them to fit flush into the grooves between his knuckles. It sends a shock through him, inciting jitters that climb up into his heart, and he grips back. He feels your skin connecting with his and it’s marvelous, it burns with delicious heat, warming his whole body.

“You okay?” You ask, eyes a little wide, smile faltering.

“I’ve never been better.” He replies in all honesty, and you give a laugh as you speed up once more, pulling him along to explore all the places he could never see.


He loves you.

It turns out to be the key.

He whispers I love you as you lie in his arms one night, pressing back your hair, watching all the emotions dancing in your eyes, the twitch in your lips before you smile back at him.

“You do?”

“I do.” He promises, and he does.

He loves your creativity, your unpredictability. He loves the way you pop into the room with the most random question only to fall into conversation with him for hours about nothing and everything all at once. He loves your ability to love and empathize, how you’re always trying to find a way to make someone else laugh or smile, how eager you are to bare their weight on your shoulders. He loves your passion for life, your wandering mind that aches for experience and inspiration.

He loves the way you settle into his arms wordlessly at the end of the day, how you nose at his jaw until he gets the memo and leans in to kiss you. He loves the glare you give him when he wake you up in mornings, the grumpy noses you make as he carries you from bed and into the kitchen for coffee, how you pretend to be annoyed when he kisses your forehead and asks how you slept.

Through you he sees what he never could before, the things that make a human life worthwhile.

“I love you so much.” He promises.

The morning after he tells you, he wakes up without wings. He wakes up with a thud in his chest and sweat on his forehead, feels your hair tickling his neck. And he feels tears leak from his eyes, wipes them away with shaking hands as he realizes what it means.

You, he gets a life with you.

You wake to find him crying, worried until he assures you it’s from happiness. And as you lay kisses to his skin, he lets his eyes slip shut, reveling in the promise of getting a chance with you, a real one.

And later that week, he cuts his finger with a kitchen knife. He curses at the pain, but can’t help but laugh because it’s confirmation that it’s real. The shower water scalds him, his body gives him headaches from hell when he doesn’t get enough sleep. But he’s human, he’s alive.

And with every pain he endures, there’s you at the end of it to comfort him.

He fights with you over stupid things, only to rush and throw his arms around you at the first sign of wariness in your voice. He struggles learning some things, frustrates you, and frustrates himself.  But at the end of the day you work it out, you dance across the floorboards in your socks, take long drives and lose yourselves in shops and parks. And then you come home and lose yourselves in each other, in the sensations of love that spark in your fingertips, leave telltales trails across your skin. You whisper words to each other composed of millions of thoughts impossible to capture, attempting to show your hearts in words and touches.

And sometimes it’s so frustrating, that even after everything he’s done, seen, and read he’s unable to give you something that feels like enough. He can’t explain exactly what you give him. But then he realizes that this is what it is to be human, to be overwhelmed by emotion for someone else and so completely unprepared to navigate it at every moment. It is to be clueless about anything but the desire of your heart, to hold so much passion but have no idea how to articulate it.

He realizes it is a messy existence, fitting together two people whose edges will never be neat, being with someone so beautiful and yet so complex. He realizes that he will never be able to make you understand exactly what he feels for you, and that there’s beauty in it. There’s beauty in loving somebody you will constantly be learning about, and knows no knowledge of history will help him here because no two love stories are alike, never has anyone like him loved anyone precisely like you, and never will they again.

And in the messy, painful, wonderful life, there’s so much to lose and so much to learn, but he knows he’d never go back to the way things were, because no eternity anywhere could compare to even a day with you.

So when he walks with you to the coffee shops in the morning, hands intertwined as he watches your eyes wander down the invisible path in front of you, he doesn’t have to understand where it leads, he just needs to remember that you’ll be walking it together. And that’s more than enough.

(for cal-is-bitchin)

Dating Calum would involve:

  • “oh you’re naked? Nice well can you pass the salt?”
  • ass worship 
  • *he gets in your face* “You wanna fight missy? Huh? Huh?”*silence**kisses you passionately*
  • non stop convos about every dog he saw that day
  • pouting his lips when he wants a kiss
  • him being protective and tugging you by your belt loops till your butt presses on his dick whenever a guy gets too comfortable with you
  • lazy sex on the couch during a movie marathon
  • tracing his tattoos with your fingers as you lie in bed
  • him having a long conversation about how the bass is actually a very important instrument and the guys don’t give him credit
  • cheese steaks
  • squishing his face
  • him randomly yanking down your pants at home and deciding to eat you out whenever he feels like it (that jaw is perfect for sitting on as well)
  • going out in the yard and telling him if he can show off his soccer skills and make a goal past you then you’ll strip for him
  • sweater paws
  • him showing you stupid viral videos on youtube as he laughs so hard he can’t breathe and you sit there not amused
  • getting shit faced with him and dancing badly at clubs
  • Calum hugging Luke and wrapping his leg around him sexually to make you jealous
  • random bass playing that’s actually incredibly good but he’s just fucking around
  • watching his thick lips wrap around your nipple during sex
  • constantly messing with his fluffy hair
  • watching him work out
  • never fighting because he’d end up hysterically laughing because he can’t be serious
  • him putting his beanies on you when you’re visibly cold but refuse to let him help
  • being the big spoon a lot of the time
  • him flirting and constantly asking you out even though you’re already together and he’s just being a little shit
  • sarcasm
  • you asking “can you flex for me?” he sighs and does so as you happily feel his arms
  • serenading you loudly and obnoxiously while you try to escape
  • having sex to R&B
  • talking in a British accent as he narrates what he’s doing while cooking, as if it was an intense soccer game
  • “Alright fine…but only if you show me a tittie”
  • slowly dragging his fingers down every curve of your body as you lie beside him in his baggy shirt and mouthing “i love you so much” in the peaceful room
  • “come here princess”
  • him being a cocky motherfucker and biting his lip to intentionally arouse you

Luke / Ashton/ Michael

“why are your grades dropping?”

 "why don’t you have a boyfriend?“

"why don’t you go outside?”

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Calum is totally Beyoncé.

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Updated MASTERLIST of basically everything

someone requested an updated master list and I finally got round to doing it so here you go xx


Too late - Luke and Ashton

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Luke

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Ashton

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Calum

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you – Michael

playfighting preference 4/4

friends with benefits blurb - 4/4

you think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t and explains that he would never do that - Michael

you think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t and explains that he would never do that - Luke, Ashton, Calum

you lose your virginity to them 4/4

his reaction to you walking down the aisle - 4/4

he come’s to your show - 4/4

your awkward and they take you to a party

Twitter hate

you walk in on him jerking off

Good girls are bad girls

your’e a hippie - 4/4 

1975 sex - 4/4

He has a nightmare and you have to comfort him - 4/4

little mix - good enough - 4/4

you can’t say I love you back - 4/4

he see’s your scars - 4/4

if you don’t know - 4/4


He has a tough day and you comfort him - Luke

He has a tough day and you comfort him - Michael, Calum, Ashton

7 minutes in heaven and he hates/loves you  - Michael

Taylor swift - the moment I knew - Michael 

Cuddly Calum

cuddly Michael

Calum’s birthday day you surprise him on tour

Michael’s birthday you surprise him on tour

You’re leaving him but he changes your mind – Michael

The boys walk in on a heated moment - Michael

The boys walk in on a heated moment - Calum

Meeting fans - Ashton

you don’t get into the college/university of your dreams - Ashton & Luke

He spots you in the crowd - Luke

Red carpet with him - Ashton

You fight with him and he gets upset - Michael

Luke’s your protective older brother and Michael falls for you

you’re his brother and the boys make a comment about your school uniform 

Escape - Ashton

Best friend and doesn’t like your boyfriend - Ashton

your brother passes away (Luke) and your enemy comforts you (Ashton)

sex tape gets leaked - Cal

getting married but not to you - Luke

he’s insecure - Luke

friends with his sister - cal

punk 5sos 


Outlaws (audio) - Luke

When I get you home - Mayday parade

Au meme

Picture blurb - Ashton

Picture blurb - Luke & Calum

Picture blurb - Luke

au meme - luke confronts Michael

au meme - you pick Ashton over Calum

Au meme - Ashton’s Heartbreak girl

brother passes away and he comforts you - Ash

blowjob - Luke


Drunk in love - Calum smut

You teach at the same school - Luke smut

quiet - Calum smut

Jealous - Luke smut

Virgin - Luke smut

friends with benefits - Calum

boys walk in on the dirty and decide to stay - Luke


Encounter - Luke

Fall for you - Michael (complete)

Demons - Ashton (complete)

Isolation - Luke 

On the Run - Calum (coming soon)



I WANNA GRAB HIS BICEPS and never let go


getting naked

falling on their faces

literally the fam after after that picture…

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So here’s grunge Michael too since I made grunge Calum


Lets just take a moment and appreciate stagesos BECAUSE DAMN

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-5sos Updated Masterlist

We recently got a new writer so I thought we should have a new mobile masterlist for everyone! Plus I couldn’t find the old one. lol. I hope this was helpful to some of you guys. ~Cel



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Luke Hemmings Imagine

Description: Luke break’s up with you for pretty valid reasons, but you both aren’t in good places to say the least.

Rating: E'rybody

Request: Lmao nah I only have one follower

Word Count: 2252

First ever posted imagine! If you like this one feel free to request! Just give me the boy and the scenario and special recommendations and I got you doll. 


“Please, just tell me you love me one last time.” I begged through the phone, I knew it would make it hurt even more than it does, but I just really needed to hear it.


“(Y/N), the love I feel for you is deeper than the ocean floors, the words I could describe your beauty with would go on for miles. From the crinkle in the corner of your eyes when you laugh, to your hiccup after you ate too fast and too much. I love every bit of you to pieces, this is why I am doing it. I can’t stand to see you swamped with all this hate, while just sitting home alone while I’m halfway across the planet,” I heard him take in a shaky breath, “This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but you deserve more than I could give you. I could give you the fucking world and it wouldn’t be enough.” He finished, with a sniffle. His weeping dug the knife deeper into my heart. His intentions are pure, he’s a pure boy. He was my angel, my dork, my fucking idiot. All of him belonged to me and god knows I belonged to him. I don’t think the tear stains on my cheeks will ever go away after tonight.


The silence became too much, and I couldn’t cry silently anymore, I let out a helpless whimper. He sighed, for he could do nothing more than listen. I threw down the phone and screamed until my voice cracked. The call was still going but I did not care, my heart was being torn in two. I ran my hands through my hair and took heavy breaths, choking on my own sadness.


“Please, please, please, please.” I whispered repeatedly, hopelessly craving something Luke could not give me. The comfort of two hands wrapped around me, stroking my back, telling me everything was going to be ok. Telling me he was here, and he was going to stay. He isn’t and I know he can’t promise anything. Maybe if we lived different lives, our paths crossing could have ended better than what this came to.


I bit on the back of my hand until I tasted blood, and I stopped my meltdown for a second to listen through my receiver, he was crying loudly. How did it end like this?




Two Months Later


I haven’t stopped writing him. Every single day I send a letter, never knowing if it’s even getting to him. I write down how much I miss him, how the snow is falling in my home town, hos everything is decorated in fairy lights. I describe everything because for some reason, even the smidge of possibility that he is getting it makes everything feel a little less empty.


I tell him how much I miss him. How much it hurts. How lonely I have been not texting him, video chatting him, or having twitter fights for our own amusement.


I tell him how angry I am with him. How desperate I am to punch something until I break my knuckles. I ask him did he not think I was strong enough on my own? Was I not worthy enough to fill the space of Luke Hemmings girlfriend? Was him breaking up with me just a reaction to his own guilt?


I have not gotten a letter back. This does not phase me, I will keep writing him. It distracts me from wanting to harm myself, harm others, and it helps me deal with the pain. I have went out drinking almost every night, hoping the alcohol running amok in my veins will be enough to seize the rainfall that has set upon my heart. It works up until the drink that turns the happiness into crippling sadness. After that specific round, I call myself a cab and drag myself back into the bed that was made for two, that only holds one.


He is still paying the cable, the phone, the internet, the rent. I don’t know why, he has not made contact with me, but he is making sure I still have luxuries. Maybe it’s because he does not want me to forget him, or forget that he cares about my well being. It’s just twisting the blade inside me, but I don’t want him to stop. If he has to think of anything to do with me I will be satisfied.


Today, when I went to the mailbox to send my daily letter, I apparently got some mail myself. Usually it’s just magazines and coupons from the local supermarket, but I actually got a letter. Addressed to (Y/N) (Y/L/N), from, well just a New York address. No name, no information. I know that 5 Seconds of Summer had just performed there, and I felt something for the first time in a while. It tingled my finger tips and sent shivers all over me, if this isn’t from Luke or one of the boys, I’ll surely never be getting over this break up.


I took swift steps out of the cold air and back into the apartment, tearing the envelope open. three items fell to the floor.


A first class plane ticket to New York, leaving in 8 hours.


A 5SOS VIP Pass for their concert in 3 days.


A letter.


I put the pass and the ticket on my counter and dove for the letter, although I knew it wasn’t Luke’s hand writing I read with equal anticipation anyways.


Dear (Y/N),

Get your ass to New York pronto and fix Luke. He is nothing but a sad sloth looking for anytype of comfort, he even tried to cuddle with Mike.


He got some of your letters, but knowing you there is probably endless more spread across this fucking country. He sleeps with them, reads them over and over out loud, and asks us to read them to him.






Ashton, Calum and Mike


P.S: We all miss you too.


My hands trembled reading the letter, hoping to whatever higher power there is that this isn’t just some sick dream. I quickly ran myself to my room, grabbing my biggest suitcase and throwing my cutest outfits I own. I put in all my necessities and made sure I had everything I needed before I jumped in to take a long overdue shower. I was jumping for joy, and singing for the first time in what seems like forever.


I dried myself off and blew dried my hair. I looked in the mirror, boy did I look a lot different from the girl I was for the past couple weeks. Something looked less grey, more vibrant. An immortal weight was lifted off my shoulders because I was going to see my everything again. I was going to touch him.


He got my letters. He still cares. He still loves me.


This is undescribable.



Arriving at the airport


I steadily walked to the exit, not exactly what the plan was now. I grabbed my luggage, which was luckily the first one off the belt, then I heard my name being called. I turned myself around only to lay my eyes on three tall boys whom I have not seen into too long of a time. I dropped my bag instantly and ran over to them. I spread my arms not exactly aiming for one specifically, but crashing into them. They formed a wall around me, swallowing me whole in a big pile of love. I never did forget that I didn’t just lose Luke, I lost three amazing people along with him.


“We all missed you so much!” Michael exclaimed, breaking up the group hud. Ashton nodded in agreement, while Calum scurried to grab my suitcase.


“I missed you guys like you wouldn’t believe. How are you here without millions of girls trying to kill each other to take a selfie with you?” I asked, looking around for just that.


“We upped our security just for this” Calum said simply, already walking away with my luggage. We quickly followed, him leading us to a back exit where we were greeted with a limo.

“Okay, so whats the plan?” I asked, settling myself in between Ashton and Calum, looking around at all three of them. Ashton spoke.


“We really need him out of this fucking funk ASAP, it’s affecting everything this band is doing. There are a lot of artists that are going to be at our next gig, the one you have the pass to. When we get to the hotel, we’re giving you his room key and you are going to barge in there and have crazy sex, a heartfelt talk, or just hold him, whatever you need to do.” He explained, looking me in the eyes. I blushed at his bluntness, but nodded my head. My stomach was flipping and my head was coming up with scenarios and my fingers longed to touch him once more. There was so much leading to this moment, and I’m going to burst if I have to wait any longer.


The limo stopped and we were hurried out and into a back way through the hotel. We looped through the kitchen to a cramped elevator and finally to the 18th floor, where my heaven awaited. I basically sprinted down the hallway, and the other boys tried to keep up with my pace. Michael stopped me, pointing to the door on my left. Ashton put my bags down and Calum handed me the room key. We all gave each other the look that said “Finally”. I hugged each of them for a fair amount of time before I shooed them away to their individual rooms. I slid the key in the lock and heard the click. I inched the door open, the only sound I heard was the sound of the TV. I dragged my bags in as quietly as I could and shut the door.


The room was nice from what I saw, but I wasn’t paying attention to the decor, I was looking for my tall lanky boy who I love with every fiber of my being. I turned a corner and ended up in a doorway, where I saw him. The sight made my heart beat hard, like it had been shut down until this moment. His back was facing towards me, and it looked as if he were rummaging through a dresser. I almost didn’t want to speak up, but if I didn’t kiss him in the next few minutes I might pass out.


“Luke?” I spoke softly, almost inaudibly, but I knew he would pick up on it. He turned around immediately, meeting my longing stare. We just stood like that for about 30 seconds, just looking at each other. I couldn’t find any words to say and apparently neither could he. After the time was up, he sank to his knees. Tears fell from his eyes, and thats when I noticed I was crying also.


“(Y/N).” He said my name so harshly, but so loving at the same time. He inched towards me still on his knees. My eyes did not leave his, the perfect ocean blues that I have missed so much. I didn’t want to blink, because I didn’t want to spend another moment unaware if he is there or not. He got close enough to wrap his strong arms around my legs, his head on my stomach, pulling me in as close as he could. He was crying louder now, I stroked his head and pressed him against me. Nothing has ever been as pure as this moment, nothing has ever made me so happy or made me feel so nostalgic. I wanted to make the world stop.


“Y-you came back for m-me,” he stuttered, holding me even tighter, if it was possible, “I can’t believe you’re r-really here. I’m s-so sorry I broke up-p with you. I thought, I thought it was f-for the best.” He explained. I couldn’t listen anymore, because I already knew the story. I sank to my knees, my face aligned with his. I brought my hands to his forehead and started there, just tracing his features. His sharp nose, this chiseled jaw, his lips, his scruff.


“It’s really you.” I whispered, more to myself than him. His face broke into a smile, eyes still puffy and red, cheeks still wet, he looked like the happiest man alive. I grabbed the back of his neck and pushed his face forward roughly, my lips melting into their rightful place on his. He kissed me back with just as much force. It’s like we were trying to prove something, like we were trying to prove we were both really here, in the same room, we both still loved each other as much as we did, maybe even more. We kissed the sadness away, lips and tongue moving in perfect harmony, we kissed away the loneliness, we kissed away the time we lost, we kissed away the anger, we kissed away everything else except for the both of us.


He broke away for a moment, chest heaving.

“I love you so fucking much.”

Everything shifted. It’s like I saw colors again. My heart felt lighter, the room felt more at peace then any room I have ever been in, there was no more darkness.

“I love you with everything I am.”

bc after all fangirling has taught us to do is cry and laugh at the same time. it’s vicious, dude.


Look at my little baby. I love him