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Five: Six | Pikachu Boxers and Frat Parties

A/N: I know it’s been a month since I updated, but I hope this makes up for it! The next chapter is when things will really begin picking up, and I’m so excited! I also high key appreciate it if you read it on Wattpad and vote and comment on there, especially with the Watty’s happening now.

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I bounced on the balls of my feet nervously as I stood in front of Calum’s front door. I knocked gently, and was soon met with a short woman who was a splitting image of the raven haired boy.

“Hi, is Calum here?” I asked, smiling politely.

“Oh!” The woman clapped her hands together, smiling widely at me. “You must be, Sienna! Come in dear, come in!” She opened the door wider, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” She pulled me into a tight hug, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at her friendliness.

“You too, Mrs. Hood.”

She shook her head wildly, clucking her tongue. “You can call me Joy. The boys are in the kitchen right now. It was a late night, so they’re off to a slow start.” She began walking, so I tugged my shoes off and followed her.

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Before we get into this chapter I just want to apologize for being so late once again but this one is super long and so much happens so I’m hoping that makes up for it????  Love us.

Chapter Forty-Five:

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“why are your grades dropping?”

 "why don’t you have a boyfriend?“

"why don’t you go outside?”

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Updated MASTERLIST of basically everything

someone requested an updated master list and I finally got round to doing it so here you go xx


Too late - Luke and Ashton

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Luke

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Ashton

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Calum

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you – Michael

playfighting preference 4/4

friends with benefits blurb - 4/4

you think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t and explains that he would never do that - Michael

you think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t and explains that he would never do that - Luke, Ashton, Calum

you lose your virginity to them 4/4

his reaction to you walking down the aisle - 4/4

he come’s to your show - 4/4

your awkward and they take you to a party

Twitter hate

you walk in on him jerking off

Good girls are bad girls

your’e a hippie - 4/4 

1975 sex - 4/4

He has a nightmare and you have to comfort him - 4/4

little mix - good enough - 4/4

you can’t say I love you back - 4/4

he see’s your scars - 4/4

if you don’t know - 4/4


He has a tough day and you comfort him - Luke

He has a tough day and you comfort him - Michael, Calum, Ashton

7 minutes in heaven and he hates/loves you  - Michael

Taylor swift - the moment I knew - Michael 

Cuddly Calum

cuddly Michael

Calum’s birthday day you surprise him on tour

Michael’s birthday you surprise him on tour

You’re leaving him but he changes your mind – Michael

The boys walk in on a heated moment - Michael

The boys walk in on a heated moment - Calum

Meeting fans - Ashton

you don’t get into the college/university of your dreams - Ashton & Luke

He spots you in the crowd - Luke

Red carpet with him - Ashton

You fight with him and he gets upset - Michael

Luke’s your protective older brother and Michael falls for you

you’re his brother and the boys make a comment about your school uniform 

Escape - Ashton

Best friend and doesn’t like your boyfriend - Ashton

your brother passes away (Luke) and your enemy comforts you (Ashton)

sex tape gets leaked - Cal

getting married but not to you - Luke

he’s insecure - Luke

friends with his sister - cal

punk 5sos 


Outlaws (audio) - Luke

When I get you home - Mayday parade

Au meme

Picture blurb - Ashton

Picture blurb - Luke & Calum

Picture blurb - Luke

au meme - luke confronts Michael

au meme - you pick Ashton over Calum

Au meme - Ashton’s Heartbreak girl

brother passes away and he comforts you - Ash

blowjob - Luke


Drunk in love - Calum smut

You teach at the same school - Luke smut

quiet - Calum smut

Jealous - Luke smut

Virgin - Luke smut

friends with benefits - Calum

boys walk in on the dirty and decide to stay - Luke


Encounter - Luke

Fall for you - Michael (complete)

Demons - Ashton (complete)

Isolation - Luke 

On the Run - Calum (coming soon)



I WANNA GRAB HIS BICEPS and never let go


getting naked

falling on their faces

literally the fam after after that picture…

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Lets just take a moment and appreciate stagesos BECAUSE DAMN

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-5sos Updated Masterlist

We recently got a new writer so I thought we should have a new mobile masterlist for everyone! Plus I couldn’t find the old one. lol. I hope this was helpful to some of you guys. ~Cel



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Pregnancy Preferences:




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Luke Hemmings Imagine

Description: Luke break’s up with you for pretty valid reasons, but you both aren’t in good places to say the least.

Rating: E'rybody

Request: Lmao nah I only have one follower

Word Count: 2252

First ever posted imagine! If you like this one feel free to request! Just give me the boy and the scenario and special recommendations and I got you doll. 


“Please, just tell me you love me one last time.” I begged through the phone, I knew it would make it hurt even more than it does, but I just really needed to hear it.


“(Y/N), the love I feel for you is deeper than the ocean floors, the words I could describe your beauty with would go on for miles. From the crinkle in the corner of your eyes when you laugh, to your hiccup after you ate too fast and too much. I love every bit of you to pieces, this is why I am doing it. I can’t stand to see you swamped with all this hate, while just sitting home alone while I’m halfway across the planet,” I heard him take in a shaky breath, “This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but you deserve more than I could give you. I could give you the fucking world and it wouldn’t be enough.” He finished, with a sniffle. His weeping dug the knife deeper into my heart. His intentions are pure, he’s a pure boy. He was my angel, my dork, my fucking idiot. All of him belonged to me and god knows I belonged to him. I don’t think the tear stains on my cheeks will ever go away after tonight.


The silence became too much, and I couldn’t cry silently anymore, I let out a helpless whimper. He sighed, for he could do nothing more than listen. I threw down the phone and screamed until my voice cracked. The call was still going but I did not care, my heart was being torn in two. I ran my hands through my hair and took heavy breaths, choking on my own sadness.


“Please, please, please, please.” I whispered repeatedly, hopelessly craving something Luke could not give me. The comfort of two hands wrapped around me, stroking my back, telling me everything was going to be ok. Telling me he was here, and he was going to stay. He isn’t and I know he can’t promise anything. Maybe if we lived different lives, our paths crossing could have ended better than what this came to.


I bit on the back of my hand until I tasted blood, and I stopped my meltdown for a second to listen through my receiver, he was crying loudly. How did it end like this?




Two Months Later


I haven’t stopped writing him. Every single day I send a letter, never knowing if it’s even getting to him. I write down how much I miss him, how the snow is falling in my home town, hos everything is decorated in fairy lights. I describe everything because for some reason, even the smidge of possibility that he is getting it makes everything feel a little less empty.


I tell him how much I miss him. How much it hurts. How lonely I have been not texting him, video chatting him, or having twitter fights for our own amusement.


I tell him how angry I am with him. How desperate I am to punch something until I break my knuckles. I ask him did he not think I was strong enough on my own? Was I not worthy enough to fill the space of Luke Hemmings girlfriend? Was him breaking up with me just a reaction to his own guilt?


I have not gotten a letter back. This does not phase me, I will keep writing him. It distracts me from wanting to harm myself, harm others, and it helps me deal with the pain. I have went out drinking almost every night, hoping the alcohol running amok in my veins will be enough to seize the rainfall that has set upon my heart. It works up until the drink that turns the happiness into crippling sadness. After that specific round, I call myself a cab and drag myself back into the bed that was made for two, that only holds one.


He is still paying the cable, the phone, the internet, the rent. I don’t know why, he has not made contact with me, but he is making sure I still have luxuries. Maybe it’s because he does not want me to forget him, or forget that he cares about my well being. It’s just twisting the blade inside me, but I don’t want him to stop. If he has to think of anything to do with me I will be satisfied.


Today, when I went to the mailbox to send my daily letter, I apparently got some mail myself. Usually it’s just magazines and coupons from the local supermarket, but I actually got a letter. Addressed to (Y/N) (Y/L/N), from, well just a New York address. No name, no information. I know that 5 Seconds of Summer had just performed there, and I felt something for the first time in a while. It tingled my finger tips and sent shivers all over me, if this isn’t from Luke or one of the boys, I’ll surely never be getting over this break up.


I took swift steps out of the cold air and back into the apartment, tearing the envelope open. three items fell to the floor.


A first class plane ticket to New York, leaving in 8 hours.


A 5SOS VIP Pass for their concert in 3 days.


A letter.


I put the pass and the ticket on my counter and dove for the letter, although I knew it wasn’t Luke’s hand writing I read with equal anticipation anyways.


Dear (Y/N),

Get your ass to New York pronto and fix Luke. He is nothing but a sad sloth looking for anytype of comfort, he even tried to cuddle with Mike.


He got some of your letters, but knowing you there is probably endless more spread across this fucking country. He sleeps with them, reads them over and over out loud, and asks us to read them to him.






Ashton, Calum and Mike


P.S: We all miss you too.


My hands trembled reading the letter, hoping to whatever higher power there is that this isn’t just some sick dream. I quickly ran myself to my room, grabbing my biggest suitcase and throwing my cutest outfits I own. I put in all my necessities and made sure I had everything I needed before I jumped in to take a long overdue shower. I was jumping for joy, and singing for the first time in what seems like forever.


I dried myself off and blew dried my hair. I looked in the mirror, boy did I look a lot different from the girl I was for the past couple weeks. Something looked less grey, more vibrant. An immortal weight was lifted off my shoulders because I was going to see my everything again. I was going to touch him.


He got my letters. He still cares. He still loves me.


This is undescribable.



Arriving at the airport


I steadily walked to the exit, not exactly what the plan was now. I grabbed my luggage, which was luckily the first one off the belt, then I heard my name being called. I turned myself around only to lay my eyes on three tall boys whom I have not seen into too long of a time. I dropped my bag instantly and ran over to them. I spread my arms not exactly aiming for one specifically, but crashing into them. They formed a wall around me, swallowing me whole in a big pile of love. I never did forget that I didn’t just lose Luke, I lost three amazing people along with him.


“We all missed you so much!” Michael exclaimed, breaking up the group hud. Ashton nodded in agreement, while Calum scurried to grab my suitcase.


“I missed you guys like you wouldn’t believe. How are you here without millions of girls trying to kill each other to take a selfie with you?” I asked, looking around for just that.


“We upped our security just for this” Calum said simply, already walking away with my luggage. We quickly followed, him leading us to a back exit where we were greeted with a limo.

“Okay, so whats the plan?” I asked, settling myself in between Ashton and Calum, looking around at all three of them. Ashton spoke.


“We really need him out of this fucking funk ASAP, it’s affecting everything this band is doing. There are a lot of artists that are going to be at our next gig, the one you have the pass to. When we get to the hotel, we’re giving you his room key and you are going to barge in there and have crazy sex, a heartfelt talk, or just hold him, whatever you need to do.” He explained, looking me in the eyes. I blushed at his bluntness, but nodded my head. My stomach was flipping and my head was coming up with scenarios and my fingers longed to touch him once more. There was so much leading to this moment, and I’m going to burst if I have to wait any longer.


The limo stopped and we were hurried out and into a back way through the hotel. We looped through the kitchen to a cramped elevator and finally to the 18th floor, where my heaven awaited. I basically sprinted down the hallway, and the other boys tried to keep up with my pace. Michael stopped me, pointing to the door on my left. Ashton put my bags down and Calum handed me the room key. We all gave each other the look that said “Finally”. I hugged each of them for a fair amount of time before I shooed them away to their individual rooms. I slid the key in the lock and heard the click. I inched the door open, the only sound I heard was the sound of the TV. I dragged my bags in as quietly as I could and shut the door.


The room was nice from what I saw, but I wasn’t paying attention to the decor, I was looking for my tall lanky boy who I love with every fiber of my being. I turned a corner and ended up in a doorway, where I saw him. The sight made my heart beat hard, like it had been shut down until this moment. His back was facing towards me, and it looked as if he were rummaging through a dresser. I almost didn’t want to speak up, but if I didn’t kiss him in the next few minutes I might pass out.


“Luke?” I spoke softly, almost inaudibly, but I knew he would pick up on it. He turned around immediately, meeting my longing stare. We just stood like that for about 30 seconds, just looking at each other. I couldn’t find any words to say and apparently neither could he. After the time was up, he sank to his knees. Tears fell from his eyes, and thats when I noticed I was crying also.


“(Y/N).” He said my name so harshly, but so loving at the same time. He inched towards me still on his knees. My eyes did not leave his, the perfect ocean blues that I have missed so much. I didn’t want to blink, because I didn’t want to spend another moment unaware if he is there or not. He got close enough to wrap his strong arms around my legs, his head on my stomach, pulling me in as close as he could. He was crying louder now, I stroked his head and pressed him against me. Nothing has ever been as pure as this moment, nothing has ever made me so happy or made me feel so nostalgic. I wanted to make the world stop.


“Y-you came back for m-me,” he stuttered, holding me even tighter, if it was possible, “I can’t believe you’re r-really here. I’m s-so sorry I broke up-p with you. I thought, I thought it was f-for the best.” He explained. I couldn’t listen anymore, because I already knew the story. I sank to my knees, my face aligned with his. I brought my hands to his forehead and started there, just tracing his features. His sharp nose, this chiseled jaw, his lips, his scruff.


“It’s really you.” I whispered, more to myself than him. His face broke into a smile, eyes still puffy and red, cheeks still wet, he looked like the happiest man alive. I grabbed the back of his neck and pushed his face forward roughly, my lips melting into their rightful place on his. He kissed me back with just as much force. It’s like we were trying to prove something, like we were trying to prove we were both really here, in the same room, we both still loved each other as much as we did, maybe even more. We kissed the sadness away, lips and tongue moving in perfect harmony, we kissed away the loneliness, we kissed away the time we lost, we kissed away the anger, we kissed away everything else except for the both of us.


He broke away for a moment, chest heaving.

“I love you so fucking much.”

Everything shifted. It’s like I saw colors again. My heart felt lighter, the room felt more at peace then any room I have ever been in, there was no more darkness.

“I love you with everything I am.”

being lab partners with fratboy!calum who always shows up to class five minutes late and never takes notes in class and usually smells like last nights alcohol, but is still really sweet to you despite his playboy reputation and one day you come into class and he’s actually gotten there before you and he’s dressed a little nicer than his usual ripped shirt and black jeans and he’s traded his snapback in for a more put together hairstyle and when you sit down next to him he mumbles something about how pretty you look today and maybe if you wanted to come to his party this friday night then that would be really cool and if he could have your number that would be really cool too and so when you actually agree he’s smiling so big and after class you over hear him talking with his friends about how he finally got that pretty girl from his chem class to go out with him

bc after all fangirling has taught us to do is cry and laugh at the same time. it’s vicious, dude.

You want him to quit smoking  - C.H.

Originally posted by mukenope

Summary: She just wanted him to stop smoking. He just didn’t want to be told what he was supposed to do, not knowing why even the tought of smoking bothered her so much.

Requested by one of my faves: kiwi-cdizzle- thank you so much babe! Hope you like it :)

Just wanted to quickly state that in my personal opinion it’s totally up to Cal whether he decides to smoke or not. He’s old enough to decide for himself and to be aware of the risks. That doesn’t mean that I support it, but in the end of the day it’s his body and nothing of our business. In no means I want to bash him.  Peace and happiness!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Calum, what is this?”

You shoved your phone in his face, trying to act calm when in reality you felt anger but also anxiety rising in your chest. 

“Uh… your phone?”

He looked at you sheepishly, obviously not understanding what you were trying to get out of him.

“You know that’s not what I am talking about.”

Calum took a closer look  and shrugged, while sitting up a bit straighter from his spot on the couch.

“A picture of me…?”

“Doing what?

“… taking a break?”

Not having a great day wasn’t really an excuse to blow up like you did. But nevertheless his answers were enough for you to be fed up with him.  You weren’t sure if he was just acting stupid or if he really didn’t get what you were talking about, but you definitely had enough.

“Shit Calum, don’t act dumb. When did you start smoking?”

He seemed to be taken aback from what you just said, saying nothing for a few seconds. You felt him examine you, probably trying to figure out why you were suddenly so upset with him.

“Why does it matter?”

 There was something in the look he gave you that you couldn’t quite put your hand on. He looked uncertain, but at the same time really defensive. But frankly, you didn’t care that much at the moment. You didn’t care why he decided to smoke, you just didn’t want him to continue? Why couldn’t he just said that it was a onetime thing? Caught in the moment on a night out? Folding your arms in front of your chest you started to feel annoyed by his answer. Why was he acting so defensively? Why couldn’t he just answer your question?

“It just does."  You sounded like a stubborn child, not that you were aware of that right now.

Calum just let out a dry laugh. ”Real good answer, you got there.“

His answers really didn’t help with the anger that was already building up in your chest. It felt like your skin was on fire, the furiousness boiling up in you.

"It doesn’t matter why, Calum. I just want you to stop.”  

It seemed like that your answers were doing the same thing to Calum as his answers were doing to you.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?!”

Calum was now towering over you, after springing to his feet. The tone in his voice had changed from defensive to angry and you really didn’t want to stare into his stormy eyes right now. But you had to.

“No.” You simply said, before taking a huge breath. Not really because you needed the air but more to give you a little more time to sort your thoughts out.

“It’s dangerous and stupid, Calum!”

“What the fuck do you know about dangerous and stupid?”

He took a step in your direction, still glaring at you. With his words he pushed your uncertainty away, making you even more angry. And what the hell did he know more about dangerous and stupid than you did?

“Jesus Christ, even little kids know it’s bad! Literally everyone does! It’ll ruin your voice and, even worse, your health!”

You stopped for a second, not sure if you should finish what you wanted to say.

“People die, Calum! Do you know how many people fucking die from being stupid like this?”

He let out a laugh, but it wasn’t his usual happy laugh. It was dry and emotionless, something you had never heard from him. Even though his laugh didn’t show much emotion, his eyes certainly did. His brown eyes usually looked so warm, so full of love. But right now he made it seem like you were the most annoying thing he had ever seen.

“I didn’t know I dating a fucking child. Grow the fuck up and mind your own fucking business. Oh… wait, I know: You can’t. That’s why you always annoy the shit out of me.”

You knew that he’d intended his words to hurt and you really wanted to brace yourself for it. But the truth was that you’ve never been good at that. At least not when it was someone you loved spitting venom at you. His words cut deeply and he knew they would. He was perfectly aware of most of your insecurities and being a burden to others, getting on someone else’s nerves, not being wanted anymore was one of your biggest ones. You felt the tears brimming in your eyes as you didn’t understand how he could just smash your concern for him into pieces. No words were coming out of your mouth while you were trying not to show him your tears.

“Seriously, stop being so damn uptight. So what if I smoke, what are you gonna do about it? Tell my mother?”

He was getting even more into it, letting whatever rage he had built up inside him take over him. Obviously not realising how much he was hurting you, he just kept yelling at you. Your anger was suddenly replaced with something else. You felt like crying like a baby, all the feelings you had kept bottled up for so long suddenly being released at the same time. You couldn’t deal with this situation anymore, you couldn’t listen to him saying any more harsh things towards you.

“Cal… I… please… please stop shouting…”

You attempted to calm him down, but actually accomplish the opposite:

“This is my damn house, stop trying to command me. If you can’t fucking accept how things are get the fuck out.”

It wasn’t his words that made you recoil from him, it was the way he looked at you. The way his eyes screamed at you how furious he was, how little he wanted to see you right now.

“That’s not how a relationship works Calum…”

“Yeah, you know what? Maybe that’s the fucking problem, it doesn’t.”

And with these words he plopped down on the couch, ignoring the fact that shortly after his words you started sobbing. You just couldn’t hold back the tears that were now freely flowing down your cheeks. That was definitely not how you pictured this evening to go. You had just wanted to talk to him about… him smoking. You had wanted to tell him that you had some personal issues with it. Tell him why you were so upset about it, make him understand that it reminded you of bad times. That you were scared of losing even more loved ones.

You knew that it was probably the most stupid thing you could do in that situation, but you turned around on your heels and left. You left his house, his street and just kept on walking. You knew that you should be trying to fix this fight, but after all this arguing you didn’t have enough strength left in your body. You didn’t even care that it was freezing cold and in your hurry you didn’t even bring a coat to keep you warm.




Ghost CAlum - part 3

 Part 1 | Part 2

“Calum, where are you?” you whispered as you searched through your home.

You had been trying to find Calum. You woke up in the morning only to find him not in your room. Throughout most of the month and he was always the first thing that you see as he sat in the desk chair, but today he wasn’t there.

You thought that maybe he had been trying to find something in your home, but when you would look around your room, he wasn’t there. You wanted to call him, but you weren’t sure if you should since your family was currently here, since sometimes they left without you knowing, and if they were here, you didn’t want to explain why you were shouting out his name.

You were frantic though, because today was the October 30th and tomorrow would be the last day that you would see him. You didn’t want to waste a single moment considering how much limited time you had with him. You just didn’t want to waste a second.

You were turning into your hallway, hoping that any second Calum would be there, and to your relief, as you turned the corner there he was. He was staring at your hallway filled with pictures of you and your family throughout the ages. He was staring at your pictures with a fond smile on his face and as you looked at where he was looking, he was looking at your photos when you were a child, to where you were know.

“Calum?” not sure if you should interrupt him or not.

He looked over at you and still had the fond smile on his face, making your heart race as it was directed at you. “I still can’t believe that you used to be that small”, he said as he pointed to the picture where you first met Calum as a child, when you were barely five, “ you were a bit taller than my knee and now… well now you’re no longer knee length”, he said with a chuckle.

“I know, but I’m glad I found you”, you said standing next to him.

“You were looking for me?” he said curiously, the warm smile fading from his face.

“Yea”, you said embarrassedly, “I woke up and you weren’t there. I thought that maybe this year, you may have had to leave a day earlier. I was so scared that you left without saying goodbye”, you admitted feeling your cheeks redden from embarrassment at admitting that you were scared of Calum leaving.

“I really mean that much to you?” Calum asked in a low voice as he placed his hand on your cheek making you look up at him, you shivered at his cold touch but didn’t care because underneath his cold fingertips your cheek was burning up.

“Of course you do Calum”, you said looking up at him, “your my best friend, I don’t know when you’re going to realize that. You mean so much to me, you were there when no one else was, sure I have a few friends, but none of them understand me like you and I don’t think they ever will. That’s why I was scared of you leaving without saying goodbye, because at least I know that you will be back”, you admitted shyly and focused your eyes to not look at him.

Calum held you in place, still not moving as he processed what you just admitted. If you had looked up at him you would have noticed how that fond, warm smile had returned as he looked down at you. You were about to move but then stopped at you felt his cold hands wrap around you, bringing you into a cold embrace. Your eyes widened at his actions, but soon you hugged him in return with your own smile as well.

“I would never leave without saying goodbye to you”, he whispered into your ear making you blush even more as you felt his cold breath brush against your skin, “I promise, you mean a lot to me too (Y/N)”, he said as he held you tighter, almost as if sealing his promise with a hug.

He held you tightly, never wanting to let you go, almost as if his very self-depended on it, he just couldn’t let go, and as he held you longer he could finally start to feel the warmth of your skin, something that he had never felt until now, making not want to let you go even more. But he could feel you shivering and he knew that he would have to soon, because he didn’t want to make you cold, making him sad, because it just reminded him even more that you were alive and he wasn’t.

“Hey (Y/N) what are you going to be for Halloween?” he said finally letting you go, displeasing you both, but he wanted to change the subject.

“I really don’t have a costume, but I’m pretty sure that I can come up with something, even if it’s just painting a nose and whiskers on my face”, you said not really caring about what your costume would be.

“nope, you are not going to get out of a costume that easily, I’m pretty sure that there’s something else you could come up with”, he replied.

“Calum, it’s the day before Halloween, I’m pretty sure all the good costumes have been bought, plus there’s no time to go look for something”.

“then how about something from the attic”, he said pointing up to the door that would lead to the attic, “there’s bound to be something up there”, he said reaching for the string that would bring down the stairs that led to the attic.

“Calum, what could possibly be up there?” you asking not wanting to go to the attic.

“you never know, but your family puts a lot of stuff up there, there’s bound to be something that counts as a costume”, he said taking your hand in his and leading you up the steps to the attic.

You held his hand tightly, noticing that it was a bit dark up here, but noticed that Calum easily navigated through the darkish room, leading you to a window and lifted the covers instantly filling the room with much needed light.

You looked up and noticed that there were many boxes piled up and a few other furniture like pieces scattered throughout the room, as the room was also filled with a dust, making your nose tickle a bit.

“Ok what do you have in mind for my costume then?” you asked waiting to see what exactly Calum had found that he had to drag you up here.

“Give me a sec, I actually found a few boxes that were filled with costumes and clothes to make your own costume, just stay here”, he said as he let go of your hand to find these costumes.

He quickly walked over to a few boxes and began searching through them and pulled out a large with body suit with colorful dots all over it, “a clown?”

“No”, you immediately answered.

He huffed and looked through the box pulling out a black dress, “a witch?”

“Too boring”, you answered.

He walked over to another box, “how about a disco queen, I mean your parents have a few clothes of that era?”

“There is no way I’m going to wear my parents’ disco clothes, keep trying Calum”, you said shivering as you imagined yourself in disco attire.

“How about a greaser look?” he said digging deeper into that box.

“I don’t think that would count as a costume”, you answered as you remembered that people still dressed like greasers.

“Fine, let me check another box”, he said walking over to another pile. He began to dig through that box, as he mumbled to himself about what could pass as a costume and mumbled on how weird fashion trends there were, “ok how about a….”, but you no longer listened as something caught your eye in the corner of the room.

It was a simple white lace dress in a clear bag. It seemed like something your grandparents may have worn when they were younger; if not something there parents may have worn. It caught your attention, since you had never seen it before, but it was still beautiful. You walked over to it, leaving Calum talking, still trying to look for something that could be your costume. You stood in front of the dress, noticing it wasn’t a bright white, but an off-white color, most likely from the years. It had sleeves that had a unique lace pattern, almost like flowers running up the sleeves, the dress itself came down to the floor, with the same lace pattern all over the dress, giving it a very vintage appearance. The neckline was all the way to the neck, and the area above your chest was a thin lace with rose patterns.

It was a beautiful dress, that you wondered why you had never seen it. You carefully pulled it out of the bag holding it in your hands, taking in all the unique designs that decorated the dress. It looked like it would fit you perfectly, but would it?

“That’s a very beautiful dress”, you heard Calum say snapping you out of your thoughts.

“I know, I wonder why I never seen it before”, you said still looking at the dress.

“Why don’t you go try it on, come on, I want to see you in it”, he said holding your hand and leading you out of the attic.

“But I don’t think it will fit me”, you said carefully holding it in your hands.

“Well you won’t know if you don’t try it”, he said with a smile as he opened your door to give you privacy to change into the dress.

You quickly changed into the dress and noticed how the dress actually fit perfectly like you thought it might have. You were still struggling to button up the back, since it had no zipper, and just gave up as you admired yourself in the dress. You heard a knock on the door, and knowing that it was Calum, you told him to come in.

“Calum can you button up the dress”, you said as you saw him in the reflection of your mirror.

Calum nodded and stood behind you, buttoning up the rest of the dress and undoing a few that you did wrong. You felt his cold hands on your skin and immediately shivered from feeling his soft hands against your warm skin, but you tried to make it so he wouldn’t notice. He finally finished letting his hands rest on your shoulders as he stared at you through your reflection, that now familiar warm smile on his face that just made your heart race. You looked at yourself as well. The dress was perfect, almost as if it was meant for you to wear. It was a bit form fitting till reached your waist and draped straight down

“Its beautiful right?” you asked.

“yea, I think you found your costume”, he said as he turned you around, “a bride, you could even paint your face slightly green, and put a white streak in your hair, and it could also be Frankenstein’s bride”, he said planning out another costume, “or a simple mask, and it could be a madri gras princess, we could find you a small tiara too”, he said coming up with many costumes.

“I think a bride would do just fine”, you said noticing that this dress could easily pass off as a bridal dress.

“You would make a beautiful bride (Y/N)”, he said just admiring you in that dress, but he usually does when you’re not looking.

“But I think I’m going to do my make up to make me look a bit paler than normal” you said thinning about your own costume.

“Why would you do that, brides are supposed to look lively, not pale”, he said not understanding the look you were going for.

“Well I need to be pale if I’m going to be a ghost bride”, you said shyly, hoping that he didn’t catch on that he was the reason you thought of that.

“A ghost bride?” he asked and you nodded, “but doesn’t a bride need a groom, or in your case a Ghost Groom?” he asked as his hands brushed against yours, then feeling his fingers link with yours holding your hand as he slightly tugged on your hands, bringing you closer to him, his chocolate colored eyes never leaving yours, almost searching if you meant what he thought you meant.

“yea, I guess I do”, you said feeling shy but at the same time a bit bold with your answer, as you tightened your hold on his hands, shivering slightly as you felt his thumb rub soothing circles on the back of your hand.

There was a silence between you, a silence that neither you nor Calum wanted to break, because in this silence there was so much communication happening. He was searching your eyes to see if you felt something for him, and your eyes wanting to see the answer to the same question. Slowly without either of you knowing you both were leaning into each other, both your lips only centimeters apart.

You both didn’t know who should initiate the kiss but in the end you did. You closed the space between yours and Calum’s lips, your warm lips meeting his cold ones. Fire meeting ice, creating a unique sensation. You felt your lips cool as they pressed against his in this long awaited kiss, your hands untangling themselves from his only to reach up and bury them in his black hair. His cold hands traveled to your back, one trailing up to your hair, and the other lowering itself to just above your bum, pulling you in closer. His hands although cold like ice, making your skin shiver felt like trail of fire as they moved across your skin. A cold fire, or a burning ice, you couldn’t tell what was more accurate, since neither seemed to best described what you were feeling.

As you kissed him you felt something, sure you felt complete, and you felt loved as he tenderly kissed you, but you felt like an odd sensation of déjà vu, like you had done this before, many years ago. But that idea was absurd, you had never kissed Calum before, you had never kissed someone with this much passion, but yet this kiss felt familiar, so familiar that it shook you to your very soul, feeling your soul ache almost as if it had been reunited with something lost long ago.

But right now as you kissed Calum, you quickly shook those thoughts aside, wanting to think nothing more than his lips against yours, your hands entangled on him, as his were on yours. But unlike Calum, you needed to breathe; your very life depended on breathing, something that Calum had ceased to do a long time ago. Kissing him rougher almost as if trying to burn the memory of the feeling of his lips against yours in case he never kissed you again before breaking the kiss.

You took in quick breathes, feeling your lips tingle from being pressed against his, and shiver at the same time from the cold. You placed you head on his chin, not wanting to place distance from your body and his. You tried to calm your breathing before the question that was burning your curiosity.

“Why does it feel like we’ve done this before?” you whispered.


“Because we have, a long, long time ago”, he answered.


This is what the dress looks like


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Summary: Your ex-boyfriend Calum supposedly broke his nose and needed you to pick him up from the hospital. Unexplained happenings were explored and previously suppressed feelings were dug up. 

Word Count: 1,236

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