actual conversation between me and my mom

Mom: “so which one of these boys are you gonna marry? The blond one that looks like a long breadstick?”

Me: “wait what”

Mom: “This tall one-” *points to Luke* “he kind of resembles a breadstick, don’t you think?”






Mom: “what??”


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Preference 6 (You Leave) Part 2


Calum: It’s been 3 whole days since I’ve seen or heard from Calum. I haven’t tried contacting him and he hasn’t tried reaching me. I guess this is how it ends? A knock on my hotel room’s door breaks me away from my thoughts.

After opening it I immediately try to close it again but Calum pushes his arm against it, keeping the door open slightly. I sigh and let go, allowing him to open it completely. Once he’s inside I cross my arms in front of my chest and try to look anywhere around the room except for him.

“I need to talk to you.” He says finally breaking the silence.

I glance at him for a second, making eye contact before replying, “Then talk.”

I can see him furrow his eyebrows from the corner of my eye and he says, “Well are you gonna listen?”
I roll my eyes and force myself to make eye contact signaling him to continue.

“Look I’m sorry not being home and missing our dates, I’ve just been trying to put something off.”

My stomach drops and I’m not sure how I even bring myself to ask my next question.

“Were you trying to put off breaking up with me?”

He shakes his head furiously, and he steps forward so that he’s closer to me.

“No, look Y/N…The boys and I are leaving for tour in a few hours.”

My eyes widen and I turn around with my back facing him I feel like I’m about to cry all over again.
“So that’s it? You’re just leaving?” I ask, my voice cracking half way through.

He pulls on my arm making me face him again.

“Come with me. We can work this out.” He pleads.

I furrow my eyebrows and let out a soft laugh, “Come with you? Calum I can’t just pack up and leave in a few hours.”

He smiles slightly and says, “But you already have everything you need packed remember?”


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You Wish: Mistakes

C.H Fanfic - Part 31

The college cafeteria was buzzing with life. All of the different cliques were crammed into one space so they could eat their food - almost always ending in disaster. My group; as in Alex, Sophie, Ollie and I, were sat in our usual spot in the top corner, getting as far away from the food queue as possible.

There were usually more of our friends with us, but I think there was a change in the air so they left us to it. They could probably tell that something had happened over the weekend and we weren’t in the mood to talk about it. Especially me.

I was twirling my Ribena bottle around by the neck, trying to pass time. It felt like we were suddenly in The Breakfast Club; bored as hell. We were usually the life of the party, but now I think we were the death of it.

Alex kept zoning out, not removing his gaze from the poster to the left of him. Ollie played on his phone, trying to beat his dad at Crossy Roads. Sophie rested the side of her head in her hand while staring at her nails on the other. We were probably depressing people by just sitting there.

"One of us needs to have a party." Alex mumbled, finally falling from his trance as he looked at us.

"As fun as that sounds, who’s actually got a big enough house to have one?" I asked drearily, watching as my empty bottle fell flat onto the table.

"Frank." he replied, resting his head on his chin as he looked at me. "Maybe even you."

I couldn’t help that sick feeling in my stomach whenever Frank’s name was mentioned. I wanted to hit him so bad, but Calum beat me to it.

"I’m not having one. Sister’s pregnant, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. What about Frank then?"

"I dunno." I mumbled with a shrug, looking to my right at the ocean of faces.

"Calum’s house is pretty big." Ollie suddenly shot in, not removing his eyes from the screen.

Three pairs of eye glared at him, he sat there completely oblivious. His eyes flicked along the screen while he tapped his fingers like a mad man.

"I mean, he’s still out friend even if you did break up with him, Josie. I don’t see why he should be ignored by people he’s done nothing to." he stated, his blue eyes still lost in the game.

"Ollie, have you ever considered becoming a Judge?" Sophie asked, resting her folded arms against the table.

He shook his head, “No.”

"Good, ‘cause you’d probably let the murderer go because he didn’t kill the other billions of people alive."

I quietly laughed at Sophie’s sass while Alex still didn’t flinch. He was planning something. He was always planning something. His hazel eyes were narrowed as he stared down at the granite white table. “We should go camping.”

Looking between him and Sophie, I tried to work out if he was serious. We didn’t even have enough time off college to go camping, let alone money to do it.

"Yeah…" he said to himself, slowly gaining confidence before he excitedly looked at us. "We should drive up to the Lake District, set up a few tents and a stove, take my Beats Pill and a few cans of Magners, and have a good fucking time."

He was going potty. Absolutely potty. That’s what you get when you choose to study chemistry and English literature for an extra two years.

Ollie was now off his phone, resting it face up on the table as he listened intently to the conversation. Sophie was furrowing her carefully shaded eyebrows as she tried to work out if her boyfriend needed to be instituted. Poor soul.

"When do you plan on doing this then, Bear Grylls?" I taunted, raising a brow at him.

"Just over a months time." he muttered, too busy scrolling through his phone - probably for the calendar. "We get two weeks off in March… How about the twenty-eighth of March? That gives us enough time to buy the stuff and work out how the fuck we’re gonna get there."

"Why not." Ollie replied with an approving shrug. "Nothing special’s gonna happen during then anyway."

"Okay, fine." I sighed. "It’s only gonna be my mum home tomorrow so everyone can come round then and we’ll talk about it."


I guess when I said everyone, Alex thought I meant Calum too. I found that out when I answered the door expecting him to be alone, except Calum was standing behind him. His brown eyes slowly looked me up and down as a smirk - that I wanted to smack off - played on his lips.

My whole body started to shake. I had to fold my arms over my chest after they came inside so no one could see the effect he was having on me. The last time we spoke was still tender in my memories - it had only been seven days.

Why did he have to come here? Was it to piss me off? To hurt me? To apologize? I had no idea, and as I situated myself on the sofa next to my mahogany coloured fireplace, I couldn’t help but stare at him.

Calum carried himself with so much confidence. If you didn’t know him, you’d think he was the biggest asshole alive; the biggest fuckboy, but he wasn’t… not really. The things I tried to get over, like his eyes, hair, lips, jaw, cheeks, nose, skin, hands and body, all came flooding back making me want to kiss him everywhere like I used to.

He was completely aware of this as he took a seat opposite me, his long fingers peeling off his coat before slinging it over the back of the oxe red sofa. The thing that really hurt, was the sense I got that he didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care that we were still in love with each other. I just couldn’t be with him. It hurt more to be with him than it did to stay away forever.

Out of habit, I started picking at my nails, chipping the teal paint that covered them. The only other people in the room was Alex, Sophie, Dean and Ollie. They tried to make the atmosphere liven up a little by talking about the time we all went to an All Time Low concert. I was too busy trying to ignore the fact that Calum’s eyes were burning holes into my skin.

The way I was raised made me fear barely anything. There was only one fear I had and that had come around when I was fifteen. Calum wasn’t excluded from that. I wasn’t afraid of him. That’s why I changed my gaze from my nails to him. 

His dark brows were furrowed slightly as he relaxed into the cushioned leather with his arms crossed over his chest. I tried to find a reason to hate him, but even if I found one I still couldn’t hate him as much as I loved him. That was the worst part.

“Who’re we waiting for?” Dean asked, flipping his cap into the air through boredom.

“Frank.” Sophie replied, resting her head on Alex’s broad shoulder as he scrolled through his phone.

A chuckled escaped Calum’s lips before he bitterly smirked. “Great.” he muttered, still glaring at me.

I rolled my eyes at his stupid behaviour. He was already giving me a reason to hate him. Letting him go would be easier than I thought if he kept this up. For some reason I wanted him to. This side of Calum was dark. It was the Calum I fell in love with. It was the Calum that fell in love with me.

A few minutes passed of Calum giving me the evil eye, before a knock at the door alerted us that Frank was here. When I let him in he made a stupid joke about my house before walking into the living room where we were sat, his comedic attitude not faltering when he saw Calum.

“Why does everyone look so down in the dumps?” he asked, walking over to the empty space on the sofa next to Dean.

“Maybe ‘cause you walked in the room.” Calum retorted, glaring at him with a stern expression.

“Maybe.” Frank chuckled uncomfortable, giving him a small smile that didn’t get returned.

Calum’s line of vision wavered to connect with my own, the veins in his neck standing out against his skin. “So why are we here?”

“I’ve been thinking,” Alex piped up, gaining our attention. “that we should all go away together in the March break and go to The Lake District for a few days.”

“And do what?” Dean asked, clearly amused by the whole idea. “The only thing we can do is go swimming, and if we find other things to do where are we gonna sleep?”

“In tents, you twat.” Alex snapped half heartedly, a smile rising on his face.

“Okay. So if you have this all planned out, how are we gonna get up there?”

“Me and Calum will drive.” he said, looking across the room to Calum. “Right?”

“Sure.” Calum replied bluntly. “Depends on who’s getting in my car though.”

That was basically indirect to Frank and I. He didn’t want us in his car. I didn’t exactly want to get in a car with him either. Everything that belonged to Calum held too many memories. Even driving my own car reminded me of him.

Alex dismissed Calum’s comment with the wave of a hand. “We’ll sort that out later.”

He then carried on to explain what we’d do there. It involved several liters of alcohol and very loud music. It really did sound fun. If it was under any other circumstances I would jump at the chance but my sisters seven months pregnant and I just broke up with one of the people that’s going. It’s kind of complicated right now.

"Does anyone wanna drink or something to eat?" I asked, rising from the sofa.

I got demands for a drink from everyone in the room but Calum. He just sat there brooding at me. My skin felt like fire from how anxious I felt around him. It pissed me off that he could control me. He didn’t even need to do anything and I was under his spell.

My feet lightly tapped along the kitchen floor as I pottered around. There was only two cups left for us to use so I walked over to the sink and began to wash up the four that were lying lifeless on the cold metal.

The running water soothed me while I ran the sponge along the cups. I needed to escape from that room. Calum was driving me insane and the more I looked at him the more I wanted to scream and cry.

When I turned around to grab a tea towel from the counter behind me, I jumped a mile. Calum was standing there, leaning on the counter with his arms folded against his chest.

My breathing was heavy from the shot of adrenaline. A smirk was playing on his lips and there was nothing I wanted more than to wipe it off. If he wasn’t so hot and secretly caring, I would have decked him months ago.

"What d’you want?" I asked blankly, walked in his direction to grab the towel that was inches away from him.

"I want you to go in the car with me for the camping trip."

I furrowed my brows in confusion and snatched the towel off the counter. He was showing all the wrong signs. One minutes he hates me, the next he want to have a three or maybe more drive with me in his car.

"That’s not a good idea, Cal."

Adding my nickname for him made it sound so pathetic. It made me look like I was vulnerable. I was trying so hard to be strong but having him standing in front of me like nothing had happened between us really fucking hurt.

"Why? It’s just a car journey."

"Because we’re not together anymore." I said, shaking my head before tucking some hair behind my ear.

"I know that." he replied through gritted teeth. "But I just don’t want you going in a car with-"

"Frank? You can’t be serious."

His guilty get pissed off expression gave it away. He needed to get over the fact that we weren’t together anymore. Its been five months of pure misery with him and I’m willing to give that up.

"It’s not just Frank. I don’t want you going with anyone but me."

"Why?" I snapped, flailing my arms making the tea towel whip through the air.

He paced forward, gripping my hips as he pushed me back against the counter next to the sink. His breathing was rapid and so was mine, both of our brown eyes connecting as he brought his head an inch away from mine.

"Because we belong together, Josie. You might not think that now but one day you will. I promise."

"Your promises mean nothing to me, Calum." I whispered, trying to push his chest but ended up failing miserably.

"I know." he muttered, trailing his left hand down the side of my thigh. "And right now the only thing I care about is me. I get what I want, and what I want right now is you."

His warm fingers were like fire gliding up and down the bare skin of my thigh. It hurt so much to know he was touching me like that but it still felt so good. Why couldn’t he just leave me be? Why couldn’t he let me go?

"You can’t have me, Calum." I whispered adamantly, avoiding his defiant stare.

"We’ll see." he murmured, removing his hand from my waist so he could run his thumb along my bottom lip. "I know everything about you, Josie. Like where to touch you, how to make you feel good… how you liked to be fucked."

"That’s the thing, Calum." I hissed, attempting to push him away. "You only know how to fuck me. All the other things; you don’t even know about."

"That’s because you never told me anything." he snapped, aggressively digging his nails into the back of my thigh. "You think I don’t care, but I do… Well, I did."

"If you don’t care, why are you here?!" I yelled. "Why can’t you just leave me alone?! We’re not together anymore, Calum! We’re not healthy!"

Angry tears brimmed in my eyes. He pissed me off so bad. I was stuck between wanting him back or wanting him to leave. I wasn’t happy having neither. We weren’t happy at all.

My body was suddenly lifted onto the counter by Calum, before he crashed his lips against mine. It felt so right but I knew it was wrong. His lips moved perfectly with mine, the right amount of tongue being added as I wrapped my legs around his back.

We had been gone for so long and I’m surprised the others didn’t come looking for us. I guess they know that we’re up to something. I just hope they don’t know that its this.

As I ran my fingers through his hair, I realized why we weren’t together in the first place. He had called me a slut; completely breaking my heart. The pain of that memory caused me to pull away and push him off me.

"This was a mistake." I told him, sliding off the granite countertop.

"Everything we do is a mistake. You have to get used to it."

"I don’t want to get used to it, Calum. I want it to stop."

He chuckled darkly, his eyes lighting up with mischief. “It’s only just getting started.”

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Child Support Part 14

{Author’s Note: Sorry this has taken so long to get posted, but I’ll let you get right into it. Enjoy!}

Word Count: 573

Michael and Calum gave Ashton congratulatory high-fives and I pulled him in for a tight hug.

 “Congratulations Ash, your daughter is opening up to you,” I grinned. I was so happy that Amy was quickly and easily transitioning Ashton into her life. Luke, however, looked less than thrilled, but still gave Ashton a pat on the back.

 Our conversation continued for a while before Amy came back downstairs and into the living room. Her hair hung damply against her back and she was dressed in a baggy t-shirt she got on a vacation we took to Miami and a pair of pink pajama shorts.

 “Did you have a nice shower, Sweetheart?” I asked my daughter and she nodded as she sat between Ashton and I on the floor.

 “Yes, Mama.”

 “Now what will we do?” Calum asked. Amy yawned and I looked at the clock on the wall, noticing how late it was getting.

 “I think it’s time for some jet-lagged American girls to go to bed,” I responded and Amy whined.

 “But Mama!”

 Before I could scold my daughter, Ashton cut in.

 “Amelia, listen to your mum, it’s time for bed.” Amy yawned before flashing her eyes between me and Ashton.

 “Okay fine, but I left my blanket upstairs,” Amy was about to get up to go get it before Ashton stopped her.

 “It’s okay, I’ll get it,” he stood up.

“Okay, it’s on top of my suitcase.”

 Ashton nodded and made his way upstairs. I tucked Amy in at her spot on the floor while we waited on Ashton. I pet her head gently while I sat beside her.

 “Dad, huh?” I whispered and she half-smiled.

 “Yeah, he may have been an idiot, but he’s learning and I wouldn’t be here without him.” I laughed softly at her statement and nodded in agreement.

 “Do you think you’ll get back together with him, officially?” Amy asked. I heard Ashton coming down the stairs.

 “I don’t know sweetheart, we’ll talk more about it tomorrow.”

 Ashton walked into the room with Amy’s woven tapestry blanket.

 “Here ya go, Squirt,” he said as he handed her the folded up blanket. Amy took the blanket and hugged it to her chest.

 “Thank you Dad.” Ashton smiled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head.

 “I love you, Amy.”

 “I love you too, Dad.” Amy smiled softly.

 A warm, fuzzy feeling overwhelmed my heart and it took everything in me not to cry. The rest of the guys kissed the top of Amy’s head and told her goodnight as well. I was last. I kissed her forehead.

 “Goodnight sweetheart.”

 “Goodnight Mama.”

 Amy lay down and closed her eyes and it wasn’t long before she was asleep. I went upstairs and brushed my teeth before coming back downstairs and laying on the piles of blankets beside my daughter. Ashton was on the other side of me, Calum beside him, then Luke and Michael.

 Ashton wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I felt his hot breath on my ear, causing my face to heat up.

 “You’re so sexy,” he whispered. I rolled my eyes.

 “You’re not getting laid,” I whispered in return.

 “I’ll get you soon enough, baby,” he kissed the back of my neck.

 “Just cuddle me and go to sleep, Irwin.”

 “Yes, ma’am,” Ashton giggled softly and pulled me closer to him. It wasn’t long before we were all asleep.

{A/N: I know this was short and kind of shit, but bigger, better things are coming. Don’t worry! ;) I hope you liked this and I’m going to try and make Part 15 longer and better. Thank you for reading!}


Cake drabble - Introductions

Summary: Luke and Calum don’t run in the same crowd at school. But bad situations can be set-up for good meetings. Inspired by this prompt. And that interview where Cal joked he used to wear his sister’s clothes.

“You didn’t have to jump in the middle of that fight, you know.” Calum felt awkward as he reached out a hand to help Luke up to his feet. He winced guiltily as he saw the giant bruise flowering on the blond’s pale cheek.

Luke rubbed the lump forming on the back of his head. “It’s all right. Those guys were assholes for pushing you down like that.” He tried to stand, but the wooziness in his head told him it might be smarter to stay seated. The thug who punched him in the face had a pretty good right hook…

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He Gets Jealous

Luke: you and your boyfriend Luke we’re going out to dinner with a couple friends to have fun. It was just going to be a few of your girl friends and a few of his guy friends. “Ready to go?” You asked. He grabbed your hand and you guys went to dinner. When you got to dinner everyone was already there. There was 2 open seats one next to Calum and Hailey and another across from them next to Ashton and Michael. You sat next to Hailey and Luke sat across from you. You guys were having a really nice time catching up with old friends and having a few drinks. You wanted to talk to Luke too because he isn’t really home a lot anymore to talk to you but other people just kept on talking to you. Every time you went to say something to Luke, Hailey’s brother Mitch would start talking to you and Luke would just give you that angry look. You knew he was getting mad too. “Hey guys lets get up and dance!” You suggested so you could dance with your boyfriend who looked hot as hell tonight. You walked over to Luke and started dancing and then Mitch came over and starting dancing with us too. Luke got really pissed off at this one. “Hey y/n, how about I show you some moves. Dance with me.” Mitch said to you. You could practically see steam coming out of Luke’s ears. “I am dancing with my Lukey right now. Later though” you said not trying to be mean. “Sounds good.” He winked and slapped your ass at the same time. “Hey Mitch.” You heard Luke yell. Mitch turned around. “How about you keep your hand off my girlfriend.” Mitch just laughed. “She’s just so damn hot couldn’t help myself.” Luke was pissed now and all of us were trying to stop the fight that was about to happen. “Luke do-” the next thing you knew is he punched Mitchell and you were on the ground. Luke was beating the shit out of Mitch and you were pretty pissed because you got knocked on your butt. “Alright. We are leaving Luke. Let’s. Go.” You dragged him out and said good byes. “What were you thinking!” You screamed. “I am so sorry y/n. I just get so jealous some times.” He gave you this puppy dog look. “There is nothing to be jealous about I’m all yours babe.” He kissed you and you guys drove home.

Michael: you were going out clubbing with your best friend Michael because you had nothing better to do on a Friday night. You guys went to this cool new club called lava that is really hard to get into. When the bouncer finally let you and Mikey in you were so excited. “So many hot guys.” You gawked. He just kind of laughed. You guys went and got some drinks and just sat at the bar. Oh began talking and having a fun time and messing around when someone tapped on your shoulder. You turned around to see a very tall and attractive man. Mikey just kind of smiled. “Do you maybe want to dance pretty lady?” He asked. You nodded and began dancing. You couldn’t help but see how sad Michael looked while you danced with this new guy. He looked kind of mad and jealous. He watched the whole time you were dancing with the guy. After you were done dancing your new flame had sat down and began talking to you guys. He asked how you guys met and how long we were best friends for and just was being a classic gentlemen. Mikey would reply with short answers and then look down at his drink and stir it. You excused your self. “What is wrong with you?” You asked pissed off now. “He’s hitting on you!” Michael yelled back. “That’s the point! That’s the fucking point! I am suppose to be getting a date here as well as you! So why are you acting like a sour puss?” You screamed back at him due to the loud music. “Because! I wanted you to be my date! You were suppose to come home with me! I’m jealous of him! I want you to be with me not him!” Your eyes softened. “Let’s get out of here then” you suggested. He took your hand and you guys walked back to your car.

Ashton: “Y/N, Ash We’re here!” you heard your friend Jen call. You and Ashton got up to meet her and her date at the door. You met Jen when you moved in with ashton. You were out in the park and she was walking her dog Chico. Chico ran to you, and you two have been inseparable since. You loved her to death, and she had just met a new guy and you had to meet him. You decided to invite them over for dinner. “Hey Eve!” you said, hugging her. She handed you a bottle of wine. “Hello Eve, nice seeing you” Ashton said and they hugged. Eve stepped aside and revealed her date. ‘Well,’ you thought, ‘she knows how to pick em’. “Hey, nice to meet you I’m Drake” he said, and you hugged. He had black hair styled messily, green eyes and you could see a tattoo of the word ‘free’ on his forearm. “Hey, Ashton nice to meet you” Ashton said, sticking his hand out. “Drake, likewise” he says, shaking his hand. “Shall we go to the dining room?” you asked. Everyone nodded, and you led the way. You had the table set really nice. The table was a rectangle, so you and Ash sat on one side and drake and Eve sat on the other. You sat across from drake. You were talking and sipping wine when you heard the ding of the oven. “I’ll grab it Y/N” Ash said, getting up to go to the oven. Eve smiled at you. “He’s great” she said, and you saw Drake role his eyes. “Y/N!” Ashton called and you went to get up. “Sit! Relax! I’ll take care of it” Eve said, kissing drake on the cheek and going into the kitchen. “So, Y/N, how long have you and Ashton been dating?” he asked. “A year and a bit” you answered, smiling. You felt him rub his foot on your bare leg. You figured it was a mistake, and you shifted your leg. “That’s a long time, aren’t you bored?” he asked. He moved his foot to your leg again, but ran it all the way up to your knee. “No” you said shortly, hoping it would drive the point home. Drake got up and sat in Ashton’s chair. “Look. We are both really good looking people. I’m hot, you’re pretty hot. Let’s ditch our two average dates and go have some fun.” You were flabbergasted. “Mate, you need to leave” you hear Ash say, as he sets the casserole down on the table. He and Eve were just around the corner and heard the whole thing. Eve was in tears and Ashton looked fuming. “You need to relax” drake said, putting his arm on your shoulder. Ashton lost his temper and grabbed the guy by the shirt. “Look, you have made one girl cry tonight. Don’t make me return the favor to you. Leave. And don’t call Jen again” Ashton said, and you clung to his leg. “Whatever dude, a real bro shares” he says and Ashton shoves him to the door. You go to comfort Eve, and your dinner party becomes a slumber party so you can console her.

Calum: ” so beautiful” you said, lightly stepping down the steps. “Wow, it is lovely down here” Calum said, following you. You and Cal had come to Geneva, Switzerland to do some skiing. You were having a lot of fun on the slopes, but you wanted a break to do some shopping. You were walking along the canal, which was lined with little boutiques and shops. You went and looked over the edge at the water, and Calum stood behind you and put his hands on yours. “This is perfect” he whispered in your ear and you turned to kiss him. You decided to go in a cute shop that had dresses in the doorway. You had taken a few French classes before you left, but you were certainly not fluent. This made it difficult to communicate with shopkeepers. Usually, it was hand signals. “How about this?” Calum asked, showing you a gorgeous purple knee length dress. “It’s so cute! Good job Cal!” you said, kissing him. You went to try it on. “Y/N, there’s a Starbucks right next to here, I’m going to grab a tea. Want anything?” “Strawberries and cream frappuccino please” you called over the dressing room door. “Okay, be back in a few he called and you heard the door open and close. You stepped out to check out the dress in the mirror. “Tu es tellement belle, ma fille” you hear a man say behind you. You knew he was calling you pretty. “Oh, umm, merci” you said, trying to think of what else to say. “You euh don’t speak francais?” he asked you. “Non, anglais” you said giggling. “Oh yes, euh okay I will try to talk English” he said and you smiled. He took your hand and kissed it. This guy was hot. He had dark hair that was longer. He had scruff and deep brown eyes. “Pleasured to meet you, my name Henrie” he said in broken English. “I am Y/N, nice to meet you” you say smiling. He turned you back towards the mirror and put his arms on your waist. You knew French guys had a reputation for being touchy, but Henrie was being a little too touchy. “You look sexual in dis” he says. You went beat red and smiled looking down. Henrie leaned in and kissed your cheek. “Woah, Henrie” you said turning to him. “I just want to give a beautiful girl kisses” he said, leaning in again as you leaned back. “Back off!” you heard a Australian accent call, and you knew you were going to be okay. Henrie looked at him, shocked. “I seen her for first” he said, and you rolled your eyes. “I saw her back in Australia, mate. Now get out of here before I send you into that canal out there and ruin you cheveux.” Cal had only gone to one French class, and it was the human body one. You cupped your face, wanting to laugh. “Tete de merde” Henrie said. You knew what that was, you learned it from people at the ski resort, but you weren’t telling Calum he just got called a shithead. Henrie left and Calum pulled you in for a hug. “You look beautiful in that dress” He said. “Henrie said the same thing” you laughed and Cal squeezed your cheeks before giving you a kiss.

Dating Calum would involve:

  • “oh you’re naked? Nice well can you pass the salt?”
  • ass worship 
  • *he gets in your face* “You wanna fight missy? Huh? Huh?”*silence**kisses you passionately*
  • non stop convos about every dog he saw that day
  • pouting his lips when he wants a kiss
  • him being protective and tugging you by your belt loops till your butt presses on his dick whenever a guy gets too comfortable with you
  • lazy sex on the couch during a movie marathon
  • tracing his tattoos with your fingers as you lie in bed
  • him having a long conversation about how the bass is actually a very important instrument and the guys don’t give him credit
  • cheese steaks
  • squishing his face
  • him randomly yanking down your pants at home and deciding to eat you out whenever he feels like it (that jaw is perfect for sitting on as well)
  • going out in the yard and telling him if he can show off his soccer skills and make a goal past you then you’ll strip for him
  • sweater paws
  • him showing you stupid viral videos on youtube as he laughs so hard he can’t breathe and you sit there not amused
  • getting shit faced with him and dancing badly at clubs
  • Calum hugging Luke and wrapping his leg around him sexually to make you jealous
  • random bass playing that’s actually incredibly good but he’s just fucking around
  • watching his thick lips wrap around your nipple during sex
  • constantly messing with his fluffy hair
  • watching him work out
  • never fighting because he’d end up hysterically laughing because he can’t be serious
  • him putting his beanies on you when you’re visibly cold but refuse to let him help
  • being the big spoon a lot of the time
  • him flirting and constantly asking you out even though you’re already together and he’s just being a little shit
  • sarcasm
  • you asking “can you flex for me?” he sighs and does so as you happily feel his arms
  • serenading you loudly and obnoxiously while you try to escape
  • having sex to R&B
  • talking in a British accent as he narrates what he’s doing while cooking, as if it was an intense soccer game
  • “Alright fine…but only if you show me a tittie”
  • slowly dragging his fingers down every curve of your body as you lie beside him in his baggy shirt and mouthing “i love you so much” in the peaceful room
  • “come here princess”
  • him being a cocky motherfucker and biting his lip to intentionally arouse you

Luke / Ashton/ Michael