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baby ashton with baby lauren is cute.


AU: The boys are on a radio show and you are behind the door extremely bored. You  peer through the window and realise Luke isn’t doing much talking so he is probably equally as restless. You give him a quick call telling him to meet you in the bathroom and speedily, he realises what’s going on and excuses himself. He returns 20 minutes later all dishevelled and giddy so the boys register exactly what he’s been up to with you. 

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AU: Calum always loves to talk about you in interviews and he’s not ashamed to share your relationship.

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@Michael5sos: Real bands save fans, real fans save bands

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AU: On a day out with the boys, you get stopped by a guy who finds you attractive and asks for your number. Calum, your best friend of the group, openly complains about how he’d be a better choice for you.

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“ashton did the ice-bucket challenge shirtless”

“calum was shirtless too”

“luke might do the ice-bucket challenge shirtless”

“"luke will nominate michael" 

"michael will be shirtless”                

“4/4 shirtless”

the fam is michael rn

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5SOS AUYou’re Target’s newest employee and your co-workers are a little different to what you were expecting. (gif credit x x x x)

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AU: You’ve been styling 5 Seconds of Summer since their music video for She Looks So Perfect. The boys and you all clicked immediately, becoming best friends. And of course being best friends with 5SOS comes with those flirty comments on a daily basis. *request from anon*

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Inside Their Phones - Calum Hood (insp)

Ashton - Michael - Luke

A/N: If you guys like this one, I have plans to do the three other boys as well.  I think this came out really cool and tbh it was fun to do but a lot of work so I’m only doing the other three if this gets notes or more requests bc it took forever.


AU meme(part two, requested) You’re famous and the boys all have a huge crush on you. 

you can find part one here

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