Lose Yourself - SLFL Auburn Hills (7/27/16)


a/n: Guess who’s back at it again with more fratboy!5sos? Me! Of course I am. Side note: I know y/n was a freshman in the fratboy!luke series but I had to make y/n a freshman in this series as well for reasons that will be obvious later on in the story. Another side note: idk when greek week actually takes place but I’m just rolling with it for creative purposes. One more side note: I am aware that AKPsi and Phi Gamma Nu are both ‘professional’ fraternities and Greek Week is for social fraternities and sororities, but I do what I want. Okay that is all. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

word count: 4,281
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Ashton Irwin is very under appreciated. I’m not alright with that, honestly. So apparently, it’s totally okay to only pay attention to three members of a band, and totally ignore the fourth.

But that’s the thing- it’s not okay.

Whenever Luke, Mikey, or Cal have a birthday, we blow up the whole internet, but Ashton has his 22nd birthday, my lil’ ball of sunshine, rainbows, and everything pure in the world has a birthday and he get like five tweets from what I counted on tumblr that day.

That is absolutely ridiculous, insane, and insensitive. He’s just as important as everyone else is that band.

Try and tell me different I dare you.

He is a angel and he deserves so much more than we give him credit for.

He tweets one thing and the “fam” explodes on him. He tells us he has depression and wanted to die, nobody bats their freaking eye. Calum tells us invisible, a song about feeling isolated and so so very alone is about Ashton and the “fam” screams about how amazing Calum sounds singing the song.

What gives?

Fam is short for family, but the real difference between the fam and the family, is the fan, is a short, half-butted version of the family, the ones that only care about half of the band.

But the family, people like @assholemalums , @starwarsmashton , and @cliffordchick . They care about all the boys equally. They care about there well being and safety. They care about the real family, and the people who assembled us more than they care about themselves sometimes.

Ashton Irwin is a beautiful human being with a beautiful laugh and a smile that literally makes me feel like life is worth living.

So yeah, maybe he’s not the lead singer, but he is no less important than Luke or Mikey or Calum, and we need to give him the love he deserves because he deserves so much love.

Ashton Irwin may have wanted to die, but we’re the reason he’s living, let’s make sure he’s not just living, but that he’s actually LIVING. He deserves every star in that universe and we, the family, will figure out how to get it to him.

Ashton Irwin is a beautiful human being, now, we just need to make sure he knows just how beautiful and important he is.

So don’t be poopheads, it’s not cool.

*drops mic*

“Violet Out.”