“can I ask you something ?”

“i have to tell you something”

“can we talk ?”

“there’s something you need to know”

Say You Like Me- Calum Hood

“She’s the girl that no one ever knows. And I say hi, but she’s too shy to say hello.

She’s just waiting for that one to take her hand And shake her up.

I bet I could.”  -Say You Like Me, We The Kings

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“So how long have you guys been together?” One of Calum’s friends asked, you couldn’t remember their name.

“Almost 3 months now” Calum said behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your cheek.

“Yup” You said, giving him a tight smile, and pulling back from his embrace.

You never were a touchy-feely person, especially not around other people. I mean when it was just you and Calum, that was a different story, but even then you didn’t randomly grab his hand or anything. It felt awkward to you, and you were kinda shy, so you didn’t do the whole overly-affectionate thing. Calum on the other hand was more of the affectionate type. He often grabbed your hand, and pulled you against him, and it wasn’t terrible, just weird. You weren’t sure if he did it for his own benefit or yours, but you tended to shy away from him in public despite trying your best to go along with it.

“You want something to drink?” Calum asked you, shrugging off your latest attempt to brush him off. Something was different this time though.

“Sure. Babe will you get me a coke?” You asked, throwing in the pet name to try to make him feel a bit better

“Ya. Be right back”

When he returned with the soda, everyone was crowded in the living room watching Ashton and Michael put on a show for the small party. Ashton banging away on his drums, Michael strumming his guitar…they were great. But there was no surprise there.

“Whooo!” Calum cheered when their song was over, as you clapped.

“Calum why don’t you come over here and provide some vocals? I would ask Luke but he’s not here tonight…so it’s up to you” Michael asked.

“Oh no, I don’t-” Calum begin to protest, holding up his hands.

“Oh come on! Calum! Calum! Calum!” Ashton chanted, gesturing everyone else to join in.

Before long everyone in the room was chanting Calum’s name, even you.

When he saw you chanting, he smiled and rolled his eyes. It was then you realized he had given up.

“Fine!! What are we singing?” Calum said, walking over to stand next to Michael.

Instead of answering, Michael played the intro to Don’t Stop and laughed.

Calum laughed too, rolling his eyes at both his best friends. Nevertheless he sang…

“This goes out to my beautiful girlfriend Y/n over there! And babe, You’re like perfection, some kind of holiday…

(Calum demo came on…had to do it….omg so beautiful)

You blushed at his words, knowing that for a moment there everyone’s attention was on you. You bit your lip, and played with the soda can in your hands, trying to forget about everyone around you and focus on the music. You loved the sound of Calum’s voice, you could listen to it all day long and often encouraged him to sing.

When the song was over, Calum did an obnoxious bow and waved goodbye.

“We should be leaving,  bye everyone!” Calum said, grabbing your arm. You waved goodbye as you were led out the door.

When you got back to the apartment you shared, Calum was in a mood that could only be described as, well, silly.

“You loved me singing didn’t you?” Calum teased, knowing how much you loved his voice.

“Well I didn’t dislike it” You winked.

“Oh you loved it” Calum said, wrapping you into a bear hug.

“Yes you caught me, now stop I have to start dinner” You laughed, pushing his chest so he’d let go of you.

He did as you asked but his expression afterward looked…troubled.

“Y/n? What is it? Is it me? Do you not wanna be here, is that it? Because all you do is say the word” Calum said, voice mixed with pain and anger.  

“Cal? What are you talking about?” You asked, completely confused as to where he was getting all this from.

“3 months Y/n. 3 months and you still push me away. I try to give you hugs, and kisses, and just grab your hand to show you that I care and all you do is throw me off of you! I even sang for you tonight, and you looked as if you’d rather disappear”


“No what is it Y/n? Because I love you, yeah I said it. I love you Y/n. You’re beautiful and smart, and you can deal with all the drama that is my life, and I don’t want any other girl standing in front of me right now. But you know what if you don’t love me then fine. I-”

“Calum…” You said, placing you hand on his check, then taking it off, grabbing his hands instead. “Calum I love you too…I love you so much you don’t even know. And I’m not pushing you away, at least I don’t mean to…I didn’t really know how to tell you and thought you’d kinda get the hint. I don’t like being the center of attention, and I’m not really a touchy feely person, I never have been. And it’s not that I don’t like you holding my hand, or pulling me close to you, it just feels weird, and awkward to me. I’m not really used to it, and I know that’s not fair to you-”

You were interrupted by him pulling your lips to his, kissing you so tenderly and so full of love, a kiss like none of the many kisses before.

“I don’t care Y/n…you love me that’s all that matters…I should have seen that, that was stupid of me. I’m sorry”

“No I’m sorry Cal…and I’m really trying ok? But I’ll try even harder for you alright?”

“Mmmmm” He said, pulling you to him once more.


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Ashton Irwin Imagine


Imagine Ashton and his daughter getting into a heated argument and Ashton ends up saying something that makes her cry and run up to her room so he decides to call you (his best friend // secret crush) to come over to help him out

*(A/D/N: Ashton’s daughter’s name (make something up lmao))

Ashton’s POV

A/D/N: “Stop trying to control me, I’m not a little girl anymore!” 

Ashton: “You’re only 14 and he’s way too old for you!” 

A/D/N: “Mom would’ve taken my side.”

Ashton: “Well she left us and she’s never coming back so get over it!

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Best friend (a.i)

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PLOT: You are in love with each other but you’re best friends.

“Ash, can you get us some popcorn?” I yelled as Michael and I continued our Call of Duty game. “Sure.” He yelled back from the kitchen. “You know, he’d do anything for you.” Michael commented. “I would do anything for him too, he is my best friend.” I said, focussing on the game. Michael paused it. I snapped my head to him. “What the hell?” I asked, confused. “That’s not what I meant, Y/N. Think about it, you guys act like so much more than just friends.” Michael said. I have always liked Ashton as more that just my friend but I would never tell him that. We have been friends since we were 4 years old, I didn’t want to ruin that. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mikey.” I said, not making eye contact. “Y/N, I know you like him.” Michael said. “Who does Y/N like?” Ashton asked, walking in from the kitchen. We both froze. “oh, u-uhm nobody…” I stammered. Ashton looked at me weirdly. “I, uh actually have to get going so-“ I said, standing up. “But I just made the popcorn?” Ashton said confused. “Sorry!” I said, running out of Ashton’s apartment.

Ashton and I grew up together. We were prom dates and we spent every Christmas together. Where Ashton went I went and where I went Ashton went. He was there for my first break up and I was there for his. He was there when I got into a car accident and I was there when he did his first gig with the boys. He made me laugh and smile when all I wanted to do was cry. He gave me advice and told me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. He made even the worst of days better. I was absolutely in love with Ashton, but if he knew that he would probably never speak to me again. I snapped out of my thoughts when Michael called me.

“Sup.” I said, lying on the carpet. “You should have told him.” Michael said. “Mike, just let it go.” I sighed. “Fine, whatever. The reason I called is there’s a party over at Calum’s tonight, you should join.” He said. “Is Ash going?” I asked, hoping he was. Michael laughed. “Yeah, he is.” “Okay, I’ll go.” I said. “Cool, Ash and I will pick you up around 6.” He said. After that we talked for a while longer and then hung up. Michael was like a brother to me, out of all the boys, apart from Ashton, he and I were probably the closest. When Ashton wasn’t around I’d be with Michael.

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Halloween Night (C.H)

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer.
Part 1 

(Y/N’s POV)

I can’t take my eyes off him; his suit hugs his body perfectly, showing his toned figure, his glasses make him look so rough, so threatening..
I shouldn’t feel attracted to him; I know how he is, hell I’ve even tried him. And it didn’t work… An asshole stays an asshole.
“Why don’t you go talk to him?” Halsey asks me.
“I don’t want to talk to him.” I reply, eyeing the girl he is talking to; another Harley Quinn for this Halloween…
“Her name is Alice…” Halsey says, giggling.
“I didn’t ask about her… ” I say, trying to hide the fact that it is actually eating me alive to know if there is something going on between them.
“You didn’t, but if eyes could kill, she would have been dead long ago.”
“Ashley, I am not in the mood…”
“Go talk to him. I don’t know what happened between you 2, but you are clearly not over it.”
“Just leave me alone.” I say, picking up a drink. I down almost half of it while my eyes are still on my Calum and Alice… I mean Calum and Alice.
She is nice looking, with a smoking body, totally his type.

(Calum’s POV)
I see her there, her sparkly Charleston dress, wrapping her body everywhere right. She is talking with Halsey, drinking her drink and ignoring my existance.
I shouldn’t care… I mean, I can have whoever I want in this room, even the girl she is talking to me. But she looks so good tonight and I can’t keep the fact that she was the best sex of my life out of my mind.
I still remember how she felt against me and how her moans sounded so nice.
“Cal, can you come for a second?” Ashton asks as he approaches me. I nod at him and turn to Alice.
“Give me a second.” I say to herand she nods at me before she turns to talk to her friend.

“What is it, mate?”  
“(Y/N) is jealous of you talking to Alice… Just giving you a heads up…”
“How do you know?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.
“Halsey went to check on her, because she was looking right at you and Alice. I think she might be into you.” He replies.
“She is not…” I say. I know for sure; last time we talked, was to just tell to each other that we don’t want to meet ever again.
“How do you know?” He asks; Ashton, just like the rest of the world except me and (Y/N), is copletely ignorant to the fact something went down between us two.
“I just know. And even if she wants me, I don’t want her.” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

(Y/N’s POV)
It’s not usual for me to use the gents’ room, but the line in the ladies’ was never ending.
I rest my elbows on the sink in front of me and try to take deep breaths. My jealousy has hit the ceiling and I am getting closer to the point where I burst and attack her. I don’t know why I don’t want her around him; I shouldn’t care about him. But I fucking do, more and more each passing second I watch them interact.

“You know the ladies go next door.” I hear the familiar accent.
“Have you seen the line in there?” I say, turning to look at him. He has the black sunglasses on, looking so badass, it makes my ovaries explode.
“Looking good, Hood.” I compliment, turning to the mirror to apply my lipstick. I can see through the reflecting surface his growing sidesmirk and his sharp jawline.
“Not looking bad yourself either (Y/N) ”
“I feel touched by your kindness.” I mock him.
“I haven’t touch you yet, babygirl. And you and I both know that you like me better when I am not kind towards you. Don’t you, kitten?”
“That was for just once. And it was a while back.”
“It was six times that night and day. And I am sure that if we ask the management of that cheap motel we fucked our brains out, they’d still remember your screams and my moans and our grunts.”
“It was fun seeing you again. Now if you excuse me…” I say, trying to pass past him and get to the door.
“Not excused. ” He says, grabbing my wrist.
The grip is tight, making me remember when one of his hands was holding my wrists above my head and the other was around my throat while he was slamming into me with all his force.
“Calum…” I whimper.
“You still want me, don’t you? You still remember how good it felt when we were fucking, huh? You still get wet when you are around me, I know that. I can feel it.”
“Calum…” I moan this time.
“I still get a hard-on when I remember that day.”
“Cal, please…”
“Please what?” He asks, his black glasses not covering his eyes anymore.
“Please… just…” I don’t manage to finish my sentence. His hand goes from my wrist to my waist  as the other grabs my chin.
I feel his lips against mine, rough and attacking. The kiss turns into a hungry fight for dominance. His tongue tries to push mine as mine tries to get in his mouth. His hand that was resting on my chin, goes to my neck, chocking me lightly. I feel my wetness spread and my hands automatically go to his neck, scratching on his caramel skin. He moans, biting my bottom lip. I whimper and gasp for air as his grip tightens.
“I wanna fuck you right here and now.” He growls as he releases my throat.
“Not in here.” I gasp. He bites his lip and nods.
“Meet me in the parking in 5 minutes. I’ll take you to the same motel, refresh the memory.” He says, before he crashes our lips one more time.


Caits video do not get outta hand im serious

Calum Imagine #3: Period

I groaned when I heard the front door slam shut. Not because I didn’t want Calum to be home but because it shook the whole house and any movement hurts while I’m on my period.

“Baaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy!” Calum yelled. I groaned in response. Laughing, Calum walked into my bedroom and took his shirt off. “I brought you some food, [Y/N].”

“Cal…I can’t move! I’m in too much pain. Can you please carry me?” I begged.

Calum sighed. “You’re such a spoiled little princess.” He said as he picked me up.

He walked into the dining room and sat me down. “Oohh! Calum, you brought all of my favorite treats!” I smiled as I began eating.

“Of course! I don’t want you to be miserable during your time of the month, so I thought I’d bring these to make you feel better!” 

“You’re the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for, Hood.” I assured him.

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50 with cal pls 💖

“Shit.. Ouch- fuck!” You lowly groaned and woke up to the sound of rustling and a loud thud. Your eyes take a moment to adjust to the light seeping through the one curtain that is drawn and soon enough your eyes focus on a stumbling Calum who’s desperately trying to make his way around the room. You sit up and this catches your boyfriend’s attention.

“Oh uh- sorry I woke you up…” Giving you a sheepish smile, he finishes pulling up his jeans and buttons them over his boxer briefs. You cock your head to the side in admiration, and you just shake your head and give him a small smile back in return.

“It’s fine babe, where ya goin?” A yawn escapes your mouth, and you raise your hand to cover it. Calum hastily makes his way towards you, cupping your face in his hands before pecking your mouth. You have a small grin on your face, and he pecks your lips again- ignoring your blatant morning breath.

“As much as I’d love to lay here with you all damn morning, I have soundcheck and the boys will kill me if I’m late again.” He chuckles softly before once again giving you another kiss. You look at the clock that read 8:00 am, and Calum sees the time as well before muttering shit and bolting out of the door with his phone and wallet being shoved into his back pocket. 

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