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Friends with Benefits

You were always the single one of your friend group and it was really starting to irritate you. Always having to third wheel and never being able to bring a date to parties was really getting annoying. But worst of all was your sex life. Every single one of your friends had an amazing sex life from what it sounded like, and you were quickly becoming jealous.

Your entire friend group decided to go on a cruise together, all of their other halves included. The only two single people on this trip were you and Calum. Calum didn’t seem to ever mind being single though, he wasn’t really a settling down kind of guy. You’d never really been into Calum, he was just one of your best friends. Although you couldn’t deny how attractive he was.

Every night so far you and Cal had ended up stuck together as the thirteenth and fourteenth wheels. Every one of your friends had tried setting up you and Calum however it never seemed to work out. All of the ‘romantic’ dinners they had set up ended up turning into games of what can you both get away with in this fancy restaurant. The chemistry was just never there between you and Calum.

Until one night you were both hanging out together watching a movie in your room while the others were doing couples massages or whatever the hell it is couples do. You were cuddling as usual, which isn’t a big deal, Cal cuddles with everyone. But what wasn’t usual was the boner you felt in your back about twenty minutes into the movie. You noticed almost immediately and Cal didn’t seem to be making any effort to go and sort it all out.

After a while you decided that you should say something, who knows maybe he hadn’t noticed. You were beginning to feel very awkward because you knew your best friend would never get a boner because of you. Cal was almost always horny, so you didn’t really feel honored.

“Hey Cal, do you need to go to the bathroom?”

He actually scooted closer to you and pulled you even more into his chest, what was this boy thinking? “No I’m fine where I am.”

This left you confused as hell, there was no way he was coming onto you. He was your best friend! You both constantly laughed at your friends’ attempts to set you up.

“Are you sure? You know you have a boner right now right?”

He laughed into your neck. “I think I can tell when I have a boner Y/N and I’m pretty comfy thanks for asking. Unless you wanted to help me out that’d be great.”

You moved away from him and then flipped over so you were both face to face. You never would believe he’s serious right now but that goofy grin was missing from his face. He gave you a look that was far from joking.

“Wait Cal, are you serious.”

“Of course you’re hot as fuck and my very good friend you can’t tell me you’ve never thought about it before.”

You were so taken aback you had no idea what to say. Of course you had thought about it, he was Calum, have you seen his arms before?? But he was also your best friend and you didn’t want to mess that up.

“Calum I’m very confused right now could you please explain. Is this a prank?”

“There’s not really much to explain, I think you’re hot and there’s a lot of things I’d like to do to you right now. But, first I need to know if you’re down too cause if you’re not that’d be a little awkward.”

“So you wanna be like friends with benefits? Or is this a one night thing”

He smiled and cupped your face, “You think I would only have you for one night? I have a lot of ideas, Y/N and I don’t think you could handle them all in one night.”

You inched your face closer to his so your noses were touching. Then you tilted your face up like you were daring him, “I’m in.”


This is my new Friends with Benefits Cal series there will be more to come so I hope you like it!