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Calum laughs at that, and taps his bare hip. “See you later, Luke.” And he ruffles his hair, messing it up further than what it probably already is. Luke hates when he does that, something so platonic and friendly when not twenty minutes ago they’d definitely crossed that line.

Then he leaves, just like that, closing the door to Luke’s room behind him. Calum is gone and Luke is left with the empty feeling in the pit of his stomach and the unanswerable question that he asks himself every time this happens: How did we end up here?

How have I missed this gem of a story?!?! Guys do check this story out! Very well-written with lots of emotions from Luke. Angst is not something I like to read very often but I can’t help but read this story and I can’t wait to know what’s going to happen next. It’s unpredictable and the emotions are just beautifully written.

Chapter 7 - The Best Friend Zone

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Ava’s P.O.V
Once I knew Michael & Ashton were asleep, I went downstairs so I could cry about how I was feeling since Calum was currently hooking up with someone.
I wasn’t feeling the alcohol anymore, but I was upset, so I wanted to eat away my feelings.
I went straight to the kitchen before I pulled out some ice cream & then I went over to the sofa before I turned on some reruns of an old t.v show as I ate away my sorrows, silent tears falling as my mind was only on Calum.
All I could do was think about how Calum was up in bed with someone, how his hands were holding hers, how his lips were pressed to hers, how he was telling her how beautiful she was.
& here I was.
I was wrapped in a blanket, eating ice cream out of the carton, crying over a boy who didn’t think anything else about me except that I was his best friend.
That may be the worst type of friend zone - the best friend zone.
I eventually fell asleep & I was later startled when I heard the front door open & then quickly shut.
“Aves?” Calum asked as he walked over to me, probably since he heard the t.v on.
“Hi.” I sat up as I ran my fingers through my hair. “I must have fallen asleep watching a movie.”
“Oh. Gotcha. Sorry I woke you then, go back to sleep.” He shut off the t.v for me.
“It’s okay.”
Now I had to look at post-sex Calum. His voice was raspy, his lips swollen, his hair messy.
I wanted to be the reason for those things.
“I’m uh, I’m just going to head up to bed.” He pointed at the stairs. “Are you going to stay down here for the night?”
“Yea. Ashton usually snores when he falls asleep drunk so it’s quieter down here anyways.”
“Did you want me to stay down here with you?”
“No, you don’t have to.”
“I don’t mind. The sofa looks extremely comfy right now.” He then turned off the lamp I had left on before he sat on the sofa that was adjacent to the one I was currently sitting on.
“Okay I guess, I mean if you want to.“
“Hey Aves?”
“Why did you leave so early tonight?”
“Oh. You noticed?”
“Yea. Our song came on & I wanted to dance with you but Luke told me that you left awhile ago with Mikey.”
Two Years Ago
“What is this?” I asked as I held up a red cup.
“It’s a whiskey coke.” Calum replied as he cheered his cup to mine. “Try it. I made it for you.”
“I feel funny.”
“That’s called being drunk, Aves.”
It was my first time drinking. The four guys had a boys night the previous weekend, where they drank to drunkenness for the first time, & now they wanted me to drink with them so I could experience being drunk too as we were hanging out in Michael’s basement.
“Oh. Well I like it. I’m happy inside.”
“So am I, Aves. It’s great. Drink it.”
“Oh right.”
As I was sipping on the drink, the song changed & Stacy’s Mom began playing.
“Ava!” Calum shouted. “I love this song! Dance with me!”
“Yes!” I put my cup down as I reached out for Calum’s hands before we drunkly spun around & obnoxiously sang to Stacy’s Mom.
“This should be our drunk song.” Calum told me once the song ended. “It’s like our song.”
“Perfect. The first song I danced to drunk.”
“If this ever comes on, we have to promise to dance together no matter what.”
“Deal.” I replied, with every intention to keep that promise.

“Oh. It’s okay. You were dancing with someone else tonight anyways.” I quietly added.
“But we promised to always danced together so I was looking for you. Why did you go so early?”
“I wasn’t feeling well.”
“You didn’t drink that much though, did you?”
“No but I think I just drank it too fast or something. That’s what Michael told me.”
“Ah. Are you feeling okay now? I see you had some ice cream.”
“Yep. I’m better now.”
“Good. Next time we go out you need to slow down on the drinking & have some fun with us, okay?
“Yea. Definitely.” I nodded before I laid back down. It was like we were totally ignoring the fact that he was just at a girl’s house hooking up with her. If this was anyone else, like Luke or Marcy, they’d be all over him for the details but I ignored it. I played ignorant.
“Goodnight Aves.”
“Night Cal.”
The couple days after Calum’s night with Samantha, I kept a low profile around the house.
I went for a lot of morning runs alone, I would read & nap during the day & I used my period as an excuse to not want to go out at night when they all went to check out other clubs.
The only positive was the other two nights that everyone went out, Calum came home with them which meant no new girls I had to be jealous of.
How come the nights I’m out, he finds someone & the nights I don’t, he ends up alone. It wasn’t fair that I had to always go through the torture of watching him yet the nights I wanted to spare myself, he ends up not doing anything.
I was sitting out in the back on a chair reading when I saw Calum come up the sand. He had just went on an early evening run.
“Hey Aves.”
I closed my book only to be greeted by a sweaty, shirtless, gorgeous Calum.
“Hi. How was the run?”
“Amazing. Did you ever run past that giant rock over down that way? It’s beautiful over there.”
“Yea. I went there yesterday morning.”
“Why do you keep running so early? We could go together you know if you just wait a few more hours.”
“I like running in the morning otherwise it messes with my shower schedule & stuff.”
“Then wake up me & I’ll get up to go with you next time. We run at home together, why not here?”
“Okay. I’ll get you up next time then but it’s early just so you know.”
“I’ll survive. Cool. Thanks.”
“Cal?” I whispered as I shook him the following morning. “Wake up sleepy head.” I saw Calum’s trying to keep his eyes closed but I continued to shake him. I sat on the edge of his bed now poking him. “You said you wanted to run. I’m leaving soon.”
“It’s so damn early.”
“The sun just rose. It’s so pretty outside.”
“Shhh.” He tried to cover his hands over my lips. “Sleep.”
“No. Run.”
“Ava!” Calum wrapped his arms around my waist as he pulled me on top of him. “Sleep.”
“Both of you fucking sleep or leave!” I heard Luke yell from the other bed.
“Well, you heard him.” I saw Calum say with a smile. I was now laying on top of him.
“I’ll be downstairs. I’m leaving in ten.”
“Fine.” He sighed as I rolled off of him before I quietly left the room but not before throwing his running shoes onto his bed.
I went downstairs as I waited for a few minutes but then I was really doubting that Calum was coming so I started my stretches to warm up.
“Now that’s what I like to wake up to.” Calum laughed as he walked over by me. I was stretching down so obviously he walked in on my ass in the air.
“Shut up.”
“Sorry. But you have a nice ass & you know it.”
“Whatever. Stretch. I want to run.”
“Okay. Okay.”
Calum was wearing a zip-up & since he only had it zipped halfway, I could see that he wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath.
Obviously I liked Calum for more than just his looks but his body doesn’t hurt.
He’s fit.
“Good to go?” I asked him once I felt ready & he just nodded as he followed me outside the back. We walked down the stand before nearing the shore.
“Do you want to run over to the cliff I was talking about yesterday, Aves?”
“Yea, that’s fine.”
“Cool. Let’s do it.” & so we started running. “& you’re right. It does look really cool with the sunrise.”
While we ran, we didn’t really talk. Instead, it was just a lot of little conversations consisting of, are you okay or are you good & asking if either of us needed a break or not.
Out of everyone, Calum & I are the only two that really run a lot. Claire does a lot of cardio to help with her dancing but she does more of like the elliptical running at the gym while Calum & I like actually going for a run somewhere which made us running buddies. At home, we go on runs usually twice a week, one in the morning for me & one later in the day, which is his preference. We compromise.
We ran for quite a bit before we came up to the little cliff that we had both been talking about. It wasn’t too high but after we climbed up it, the height made a world of difference. I could see far out into the ocean & I could see way down the shoreline. It was quiet & it was beautiful.
“See? It’s great.” Calum said as we stopped our run, now both looking out.
“I know. I like it up here.”
“Then I guess we have the same favorite spot here, huh?”
“I guess we do, Cal.”
After a little break, we were both hungry for breakfast so we made the run back home, still entering to the rest of the house asleep.
“Alright, I’m going to shower & then I can make us omelets or something.”
“Sounds Perfect, Ava.” Calum smiled at me but then he started laughing. Then he ran towards the stairs. “But not if I shower first!”
“Calum!” I ran over to him, grabbing his arm. “No. I called it!”
“No you didn’t. You said you’d shower then cook. You never actually called it.”
We were standing on the bottom step, I was trying to pull Calum down as he was trying to release from my grip.
“Calum! The sooner I shower, the sooner I cook!”
“Fine. Then we can just shower together.”
“No!” I yelled, although part of me wished yes. “Caaaaal.”
“Aaaaava. Fine. Go. Ladies first.”
“Thank you.”
Once upstairs, I stopped in my room to grab my towel & a change of clothes when I saw Michael was awake as he was laying in bed on his phone.
“Sure, just fiends my ass.”
“What?” I asked him.
“I heard that little fight. Calum was flirting with you.”
“No he wasn’t.”
“You went on a run, right?” I nodded. “He hates the morning. Look what he does for you. & then he offers to shower with you. It sounds like flirting to me.“
“No, he loves running, not me. & that’s just his personality.”
“Whatever Aves.” I ignored Michael as I started walking out of the room. “I want a ham & cheese omelette, by the way. Thanks love.”
A/N helllllo.
i’d take any offer to shower with calum, btw.
i don’t have much to say about this chapter but i’m curious what people think will happen with this fic. i had someone message me on tumblr the other day with two idea of how the plot might go & i couldn’t comment because i don’t want to give anything away but i love hearing your thoughts.


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Can you do a 4/4 blurb where they get sick and how they act with the other boys? I hope that makes sense. Just a lot of fluffy sick boys pls

In general, I feel like they’d all act the same. They’d all treat each other equally like they’d let them have their space but then cuddle the shit ouf them later to make them know that they care. Like they’d probably keep their distance with Ashton cause I know Ashton isn’t really one for band cuddles. But they’d check on him and text him all the time and I feel like he’d still go out during the day. If Calum were sick I feel like he wouldn’t go out during the day so like Luke would stay with him and they’d play video games or Luke would make sure he’s okay and he’d go out during show time and kill it. If Luke were sick he’d probably be a big baby and Michael and Calum would have to make sure he’s okay like most of the time and he’d get so bored he’d text all of the guys and annoy the shit out of them. Also I feel like he’d have a tough time cause he’s lead so its like AHH. If Michael were sick I think he’d wanna tough it out and he’d probably have the guys go out and do what they want but he’d text them all the time too and make it a good day by following fans on twitter or playing video games if he were to stay in and if he weren’t, he’d be a sniffly little baby and he’d warn fans before they hugged him cause he didn’t want them to be sick aw baby

always accepting blurbs

  • Luke:"W-We shouldn't be doing this here," you mumbled in between kisses. As cliche as it was to say that, it was nothing but the pure truth. He was your Math teacher, for Christ's sake. "Are we going to have this conversation again, (Y/N)," he chuckled, breaking the kiss. "I, just, I don't want us to get caught. I don't want you to be in trouble," you said, caressing his cheek. "Babe, we're not going to get caught. You know I'm only a substitute teacher, I'll be out of here soon. And then we'll be able to show everyone how happy we're together," he assured you. "I know, but we need to be more careful," you leaned against his desk. "That's why we're waiting for the school to be clear to leave the classroom," he came closer, standing in between your legs. "I know, but we shouldn't be making out here," you bit your lip. "Well, you didn't seem to think that yesterday," he smirked eyeing your reddening cheeks. "Shut up," you pushed him. "Make me," he challenged you. You rolled your eyes, but leaned in, pressing your lips together in yet another kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. "I'm so glad I took this job," he mumbled, biting your bottom lip. "So am I," you whimpered in his mouth.
  • Ashton:"Babe, you know I gotta go," Ashton broke from another of your needy kisses. "Can't you just stay for a little longer, please?", you pouted. "Ah, don't make that face. You know it breaks my heart to see you sad, but I really need to go," he kissed your forehead. "How much longer, Ash?", you sighed, leaning against your pillows. His only answer was a sad sigh, putting his shirt back on. "Seriously, when will I stop being 'the other one'? When will I finally be able to hold your hand in public? And tell everyone I'm out of the market? Because when you're with me, Ashton, you're cheating on her. And, when you're with her, you're cheating on me. And I can't tolerate this anymore, I can't stand seeing you two together in the hallway and not knowing if you're actually as in love with her as it seems to be, and I can't help thinking if I'm just a stupid booty call. This is wrong, Ash. You can't do that to me anymore, and to her," you proudly finished your rant. "I know, (Y/N)," he sighed sadly, laying next to you, "Trust me, my feelings for her stopped when I met you. I just couldn't break up with her yet, but I'll do it soon. It's wrong, and I feel like a piece of shit for doing this." "You are a piece of shit for doing this," you played with his hair, "But you're my piece of shit." "I love you," he kissed your nose, then your cheek, and, finally, your lips. "I love you too, Ash. But, no more until you break up with her," you gave him a small kiss before pulling away. "One more? Just so I don't miss you too much?", he pouted. You giggled, pulling him closer to you and gluing your lips together, on your last kiss as the lover. "Bye, babe," he smiled, climbing out of your window.
  • Michael:"Fuck," Michael mumbled against your lips, hands making their way to squeeze your bum. "Michael, your sister will be home at any minute," you mumbled. Yes, you were hooking up with your friend's brother. "So?", he didn't give much attention to what you had said as he started to press kisses down your neck. "She can't see us," you bit back a moan. "Do you want to stop, then?", he stopped kissing you, but his hands remained finding new spots on your body. "I don't want to," you bit your lip, "But we have to." Michael sighed, pecking your lip innocently. "We need to find better places to meet," he mumbled, pulling you closer to him. "It'd be easier if you actually invited me over sometime, instead of randomly grabbing me and pulling me into your bedroom whenever your sister invites me over and I get here first." "Your point is valid," he chuckled, kissing the top of your head, "But you could invite me over to your house too." "We'll see about that," you smirked. "(Y/N)? Are you here?", you heard the front door open and your friend's voice echoed through the house. You and Michael shared a look, before you quietly pecked his lip and left his bedroom. "Yeah, I'm here," you smiled, fixing your hair. "Sorry, I'm late. Hopefully Michael didn't annoy you much," she walked up to where you were, leading you to her bedroom. "Oh no, he was just fine," you smirked slightly.
  • Calum:It was something like a meet up, but with your parents friend's and their kids. It was pretty obvious your parents were trying to pair you up with a boy about your age and, he did seem nice, but he was nothing compared to Calum. Your parents didn't know, and you were pretty sure neither did Calum's, but this wasn't your first encounter. You had met at a party previously and, let's just say you knew he wasn't who your parents would want you hanging out with. He had captivated you the second you saw him, and you seemed to have the same effect on him. Yet, your parents were trying so hard you figured you shouldn't say a thing about Calum. That's why you were now in your bathroom in a heated make out session. "Cal, we should really head back downstairs," you mumbled. "Why? So you can go back to flirting with that moron?", he bit your lip. "I'm not flirting with him, I'm just being nice," you tried to reason with him whilst playing with his hair. "You're clearly flirting with him, babe. You're not even trying to hide it," he chuckled. "It's just for my parents and you know it," you mumbled. "I know, but it doesn't mean I'm fine with it," he pouted. "What do you want me to do then, Cal?", you sighed. "Oh, you don't have to do anything. Let me take care of it," he smirked. Before you could ask what he had meant, his lips were already on your neck, leaving quite a nice amount of hickeys there. "Calum!", you shrieked, pushing him away and looking at your reflection in the mirror. "Now he'll know you're not interested," he winked.

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  • A/N:<a href=""> Check out my cover of "Gotta Get Out", please? :) </a>
  • Luke:"Where are you going?", Luke asked once he woke up, seeing you putting the same clothes as yesterday back on. "To my house", you replied, sitting down on the bed to put your shoes on. "Why?", he pouted. "Because", you kissed his forehead, "I have to get a shower and get changed". "You can do that here", Luke insisted, grabbing your hand and not letting it go. "Luke, I don't have any clothes here", you sighed. "Wear mine!", he stubbornly said. "As if that would work out!", you chuckled, "You're a giant". "I don't want you to leave!", Luke ignored your comment about his height, returning to annoy you. "I don't want to leave either", you said, "But I have to". "Promise you'll come back once you're done showering?". "Yes", you giggled, pecking his lips. "You could always bring some clothes with you", Luke suggested, "And a hairbrush". "Yeah -", you were interrupted by Luke trailing off with a list of things you could bring back to his place. "And some food, and furniture, and pictures you like. You know, just the essential". "The essential for what exactly?!", you joked, laughing at his nonsense list. "To move in with me", Luke said. "Are you kidding?", you were unable to contain a smile. "(Y/N), will you move in with me?", he properly asked. "Yes", you smiled.
  • Ashton:"Hey, babe", Ashton said, walking over to where you sat watching TV on his apartment. "Hi", you pecked his lips, "How was it at the studio?". "Tiring", he sat down next to you, laying his head on your shoulder. "But a good tiring?", you asked. "Yeah, we wrote four more songs", Ashton smiled against your neck, leaving a kiss here and there. "Wow, that's awesome!", you exclaimed, taking his head form your shoulder and kissing his cheek. "Yeah", he smiled, "Wait, what's that?", he looked behind your shoulder. "What's what?", you followed his gaze to a pile of books you had brought from your place, "What? That?". "Yeah", he said, "I don't remember buying those". "Ah, those are mine", you explained embarrassed, "You know, I brought a book over with me every once in a while when I came here and just left it here 'till I had finished reading. Well, whenever I finished reading it, I left it somewhere and bring another one. I was just collecting them to take them back to my place". "No", Ashton affirmed, "Don't do that". "Why?", you asked confused. "Because I like it here. I like it when you bring your stuff here", he shrugged. "So you like having girly things in your house?", you questioned. "Well, I like having your girly things", he smirked, holding your waist and sitting you on his lap. "Well, then I might bring more things over then", you played along. "You should just move in with me already", Ashton said. "Yeah, I should", there was silence for awhile, none of you quite sure whether the other was being serious or just joking. "You should really move in with me, you know", Ashton commented, more seriously now to make sure there wouldn't be misunderstandings. "Yeah, I should", you replied.
  • Michael:It started as him asking you to take care of his house while he was on your - as if his house was a pet. He gave you a spare key and told you to bring your stuff there and stay as long as you'd like. You did as he told, bringing the essential to spend some months there. Curiously, you started to spend more time on his apartment than on yours. So much that, by the time you went to pick Michael up from tour, you were worried he would find it weird that you were pretty much living at his place. "So, how's the house?", he asked, referring to it once again as if it was a pet. "It's good", you replied. "Did you take good care of it?", he smiled. "Yeah, I did. It's a really nice house", you smiled. "So, do you think you could bear staying more time there if I was too?", he looked at you, eyes filled with hope. "What do you mean with that?", your heart was almost jumping out of your chest - you just needed a confirmation. "Well, I mean, I want to know if you think you would be able to, like, live with me. Or if you would just go mad", he shrugged. "Michael, I'm already mad", you said, "Madly in love with you". "Ouch", he commented, "That was cheesy". "Shut up, I just said I'd move in with you", you tap him on the shoulder lightly. "I guess we should stop my your place first to get your stuff, then".
  • Calum:"So, which place are we going to today?", you asked Calum after your night out with the boys. For about two months now, there hadn't been a night where you didn't sleep next to each other. The thing was that you alternated between him staying over at yours, and you staying over at his. "I don't know, it doesn't really make a difference", Calum shrugged. "Well, we have to decide so we can start walking somewhere", you said. "Yeah, I guess", he sighed. "Cal, what's wrong?", you turned to face him, cupping his cheek and looking tenderly in his eyes. "I'm just a little tired, you know? It's either my place or yours and, whichever one we chose, the next morning one of us will always have to go back to their place. I just wish we could have our own apartment that we bought with our money, and we share the bills, and we take care of it", he said, wrapping his arms around your waist. "So you want to live with me?", you asked, biting your lip to repress a smile. "Yes, (Y/N)", he smiled, leaning down to kiss your lips. "We can start looking at some places tomorrow," you suggested, "But we still have to chose a place to sleep at tonight". "We can stay at mine", he laughed, taking your hand and walking with you. "So", you started, "For how long have you been wanting to live with me?". "Since the first night we slept together and I knew what waking up next to you was like", he said, separating your hands to wrap an arm around you, "And I kept that wish back 'till I felt you wanted it too. I haven't had one doubt about it since that day - even when I found out you snore". "I don't snore!", you exclaimed, breaking out from his embrace. "Sure you don't, babe", he laughed, hugging you from behind and feeling you relax, "Sure you don't".