calum feels

Imagine waking up with Luke beside you. You stir out of consciousness, caused by his hot breath fanning the back of your neck and overly-tight grip starting to crush your hips. The sunlight streaming in from the window casts shadows across his face, but at the same time adds a sort of golden hue to his pale skin. After a few moments of watching this beautiful creature beside you, his eyelids slowly but surely flutter open, and a tired smile grazes his lips, making you grin too. “Morning, sweet pea.” he yawns, pulling you closer and burying his face in the crook your neck, and in that moment you know, he will keep you safe. He will care for you and take a goddamned bullet for you. He will kiss you and hug you and treat you right. He will make you feel beautiful and wanted.

He will love you.

I feel like Calum would come up to you, wrap his arms around your waist and nuzzle his head into your neck and whisper “I’m so sleepy cuddle me pls” and I wanna cuddle sleepy cal :/

pick you up if you fall to pieces
  • pick you up if you fall to pieces


Imagine being left back at home while your best friends are touring the world. They’re selling out arenas and living their dreams so it’s no wonder you hardly see them anymore. When you’re feeling down one night and your phone starts ringing you’re hesitant to answer, but the familiar name of Calum Hood appears and you sigh and answer. A smile appears on your face the minute you hear Irwin’s laugh and the familiar banter that you’ve missed hearing so much. 

IMPORTANT:Whenever there is a silence, it is your job to quickly reply to what the boys have said. You have about 4 seconds to fill in your response so it can feel like an actual phone call.  

Things that can never die