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Chapter 7 - The Best Friend Zone

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Ava’s P.O.V
Once I knew Michael & Ashton were asleep, I went downstairs so I could cry about how I was feeling since Calum was currently hooking up with someone.
I wasn’t feeling the alcohol anymore, but I was upset, so I wanted to eat away my feelings.
I went straight to the kitchen before I pulled out some ice cream & then I went over to the sofa before I turned on some reruns of an old t.v show as I ate away my sorrows, silent tears falling as my mind was only on Calum.
All I could do was think about how Calum was up in bed with someone, how his hands were holding hers, how his lips were pressed to hers, how he was telling her how beautiful she was.
& here I was.
I was wrapped in a blanket, eating ice cream out of the carton, crying over a boy who didn’t think anything else about me except that I was his best friend.
That may be the worst type of friend zone - the best friend zone.
I eventually fell asleep & I was later startled when I heard the front door open & then quickly shut.
“Aves?” Calum asked as he walked over to me, probably since he heard the t.v on.
“Hi.” I sat up as I ran my fingers through my hair. “I must have fallen asleep watching a movie.”
“Oh. Gotcha. Sorry I woke you then, go back to sleep.” He shut off the t.v for me.
“It’s okay.”
Now I had to look at post-sex Calum. His voice was raspy, his lips swollen, his hair messy.
I wanted to be the reason for those things.
“I’m uh, I’m just going to head up to bed.” He pointed at the stairs. “Are you going to stay down here for the night?”
“Yea. Ashton usually snores when he falls asleep drunk so it’s quieter down here anyways.”
“Did you want me to stay down here with you?”
“No, you don’t have to.”
“I don’t mind. The sofa looks extremely comfy right now.” He then turned off the lamp I had left on before he sat on the sofa that was adjacent to the one I was currently sitting on.
“Okay I guess, I mean if you want to.“
“Hey Aves?”
“Why did you leave so early tonight?”
“Oh. You noticed?”
“Yea. Our song came on & I wanted to dance with you but Luke told me that you left awhile ago with Mikey.”
Two Years Ago
“What is this?” I asked as I held up a red cup.
“It’s a whiskey coke.” Calum replied as he cheered his cup to mine. “Try it. I made it for you.”
“I feel funny.”
“That’s called being drunk, Aves.”
It was my first time drinking. The four guys had a boys night the previous weekend, where they drank to drunkenness for the first time, & now they wanted me to drink with them so I could experience being drunk too as we were hanging out in Michael’s basement.
“Oh. Well I like it. I’m happy inside.”
“So am I, Aves. It’s great. Drink it.”
“Oh right.”
As I was sipping on the drink, the song changed & Stacy’s Mom began playing.
“Ava!” Calum shouted. “I love this song! Dance with me!”
“Yes!” I put my cup down as I reached out for Calum’s hands before we drunkly spun around & obnoxiously sang to Stacy’s Mom.
“This should be our drunk song.” Calum told me once the song ended. “It’s like our song.”
“Perfect. The first song I danced to drunk.”
“If this ever comes on, we have to promise to dance together no matter what.”
“Deal.” I replied, with every intention to keep that promise.

“Oh. It’s okay. You were dancing with someone else tonight anyways.” I quietly added.
“But we promised to always danced together so I was looking for you. Why did you go so early?”
“I wasn’t feeling well.”
“You didn’t drink that much though, did you?”
“No but I think I just drank it too fast or something. That’s what Michael told me.”
“Ah. Are you feeling okay now? I see you had some ice cream.”
“Yep. I’m better now.”
“Good. Next time we go out you need to slow down on the drinking & have some fun with us, okay?
“Yea. Definitely.” I nodded before I laid back down. It was like we were totally ignoring the fact that he was just at a girl’s house hooking up with her. If this was anyone else, like Luke or Marcy, they’d be all over him for the details but I ignored it. I played ignorant.
“Goodnight Aves.”
“Night Cal.”
The couple days after Calum’s night with Samantha, I kept a low profile around the house.
I went for a lot of morning runs alone, I would read & nap during the day & I used my period as an excuse to not want to go out at night when they all went to check out other clubs.
The only positive was the other two nights that everyone went out, Calum came home with them which meant no new girls I had to be jealous of.
How come the nights I’m out, he finds someone & the nights I don’t, he ends up alone. It wasn’t fair that I had to always go through the torture of watching him yet the nights I wanted to spare myself, he ends up not doing anything.
I was sitting out in the back on a chair reading when I saw Calum come up the sand. He had just went on an early evening run.
“Hey Aves.”
I closed my book only to be greeted by a sweaty, shirtless, gorgeous Calum.
“Hi. How was the run?”
“Amazing. Did you ever run past that giant rock over down that way? It’s beautiful over there.”
“Yea. I went there yesterday morning.”
“Why do you keep running so early? We could go together you know if you just wait a few more hours.”
“I like running in the morning otherwise it messes with my shower schedule & stuff.”
“Then wake up me & I’ll get up to go with you next time. We run at home together, why not here?”
“Okay. I’ll get you up next time then but it’s early just so you know.”
“I’ll survive. Cool. Thanks.”
“Cal?” I whispered as I shook him the following morning. “Wake up sleepy head.” I saw Calum’s trying to keep his eyes closed but I continued to shake him. I sat on the edge of his bed now poking him. “You said you wanted to run. I’m leaving soon.”
“It’s so damn early.”
“The sun just rose. It’s so pretty outside.”
“Shhh.” He tried to cover his hands over my lips. “Sleep.”
“No. Run.”
“Ava!” Calum wrapped his arms around my waist as he pulled me on top of him. “Sleep.”
“Both of you fucking sleep or leave!” I heard Luke yell from the other bed.
“Well, you heard him.” I saw Calum say with a smile. I was now laying on top of him.
“I’ll be downstairs. I’m leaving in ten.”
“Fine.” He sighed as I rolled off of him before I quietly left the room but not before throwing his running shoes onto his bed.
I went downstairs as I waited for a few minutes but then I was really doubting that Calum was coming so I started my stretches to warm up.
“Now that’s what I like to wake up to.” Calum laughed as he walked over by me. I was stretching down so obviously he walked in on my ass in the air.
“Shut up.”
“Sorry. But you have a nice ass & you know it.”
“Whatever. Stretch. I want to run.”
“Okay. Okay.”
Calum was wearing a zip-up & since he only had it zipped halfway, I could see that he wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath.
Obviously I liked Calum for more than just his looks but his body doesn’t hurt.
He’s fit.
“Good to go?” I asked him once I felt ready & he just nodded as he followed me outside the back. We walked down the stand before nearing the shore.
“Do you want to run over to the cliff I was talking about yesterday, Aves?”
“Yea, that’s fine.”
“Cool. Let’s do it.” & so we started running. “& you’re right. It does look really cool with the sunrise.”
While we ran, we didn’t really talk. Instead, it was just a lot of little conversations consisting of, are you okay or are you good & asking if either of us needed a break or not.
Out of everyone, Calum & I are the only two that really run a lot. Claire does a lot of cardio to help with her dancing but she does more of like the elliptical running at the gym while Calum & I like actually going for a run somewhere which made us running buddies. At home, we go on runs usually twice a week, one in the morning for me & one later in the day, which is his preference. We compromise.
We ran for quite a bit before we came up to the little cliff that we had both been talking about. It wasn’t too high but after we climbed up it, the height made a world of difference. I could see far out into the ocean & I could see way down the shoreline. It was quiet & it was beautiful.
“See? It’s great.” Calum said as we stopped our run, now both looking out.
“I know. I like it up here.”
“Then I guess we have the same favorite spot here, huh?”
“I guess we do, Cal.”
After a little break, we were both hungry for breakfast so we made the run back home, still entering to the rest of the house asleep.
“Alright, I’m going to shower & then I can make us omelets or something.”
“Sounds Perfect, Ava.” Calum smiled at me but then he started laughing. Then he ran towards the stairs. “But not if I shower first!”
“Calum!” I ran over to him, grabbing his arm. “No. I called it!”
“No you didn’t. You said you’d shower then cook. You never actually called it.”
We were standing on the bottom step, I was trying to pull Calum down as he was trying to release from my grip.
“Calum! The sooner I shower, the sooner I cook!”
“Fine. Then we can just shower together.”
“No!” I yelled, although part of me wished yes. “Caaaaal.”
“Aaaaava. Fine. Go. Ladies first.”
“Thank you.”
Once upstairs, I stopped in my room to grab my towel & a change of clothes when I saw Michael was awake as he was laying in bed on his phone.
“Sure, just fiends my ass.”
“What?” I asked him.
“I heard that little fight. Calum was flirting with you.”
“No he wasn’t.”
“You went on a run, right?” I nodded. “He hates the morning. Look what he does for you. & then he offers to shower with you. It sounds like flirting to me.“
“No, he loves running, not me. & that’s just his personality.”
“Whatever Aves.” I ignored Michael as I started walking out of the room. “I want a ham & cheese omelette, by the way. Thanks love.”
A/N helllllo.
i’d take any offer to shower with calum, btw.
i don’t have much to say about this chapter but i’m curious what people think will happen with this fic. i had someone message me on tumblr the other day with two idea of how the plot might go & i couldn’t comment because i don’t want to give anything away but i love hearing your thoughts.

Cake-drabble : Hickey

“L-Lucas…” Breath hitched, Calum barely manages to exhale the word.

Luke ignores the undercurrent of warning accompanying the cherished nickname used only by the man trapped underneath him. Instead, he focuses his attentions on the tan skin of Calum’s bared throat, his lower half absentmindedly slipping into the familiar space between those thick thighs. He hides his smile in a sharp collarbone when those legs immediately wrap themselves around his waist, feet settling into the base of his spine. It’s an almost Pavlovian response from his beautiful lover and undeniably pleasurable, although it can be vastly improved upon once they’re both naked.

That will come soon enough. Big hands find their way to the front of Calum’s jeans, needing soon to become now.

“L-Luke, s-stop.”

Or maybe not.

Irritated, he lifts his head and stares down into soft, half-lidded brown eyes that struggle to raise themselves up to meet his.

“Why?” A punch of his hips forward, their arousals brush together. Calum throws his head back and whines in response.

 It’s a short victory because the next instant, Calum is squirming underneath him, obviously trying to push him off.

 “Y-you’re getting sick. A-and M-mikey’s waiting for me.”

Luke takes some pleasure in the breathless cadence of those words, even though it’s dampened by the sound of that name. He hates hearing Michael’s name fall from Calum’s soft, swollen mouth. Especially when he’s got his lover spread deliciously open underneath him.

“I feel fine. And he can wait a little longer.”

Using his weight advantage, he pushes Calum back into soft pillows, mouth once again latched onto the skin of the older boy’s throat.

“L-Lucas…,” Calum whines softly.

Luke groans and buries his face into Calum’s neck. “I just wanna fuck you, baby…”

The crass words earn him a whimper, and for a heartbeat, Luke thinks he might be lucky enough to actually get what he wants. Then thin hands lift his face up again so he’s once again staring into Calum’s flushed face.

“Y-you’ll feel worse, Lukey,” the brunette explains gently while his fingers run over the rough stubble Luke’s neglected to shave.

He wants to snort. Who on earth would feel worse after fucking Calum Hood?

“Can’t you at least stay with me?” It’s a last ditch attempt to keep the brunette at his side.

Guilt colors the soft chocolate of Calum’s eyes. Luke almost regrets asking, although as Calum’s lover, he feels entitled to the brunette’s attention.

“The movie will only be a couple of hours. We’ll be right back after. You can sleep during that time, and I’ll cuddle with you all night when I get back…”

Calum is trying to appease him, soothe the ugly, unnecessary insecurities which rear up inside Luke whenever the issue of his lover’s relationship with his oldest friend comes up. He rolls off Calum’s slender body and onto his back, stares blankly at the ceiling for a few seconds before the brunette is settled on his chest so he’s once again looking into pleading brown eyes.

“I-it’s been forever since Mikey and I did anything one-on-one, babe. I think he’s really looking forward to it.”

Luke doesn’t want to understand, would really rather throw a tantrum, wrap his arms around Calum’s waist and demand the brunette choose him. But he’s not willing to cause his beautiful lover that type of anguish.

“Fine,” he pouts and pulls Calum’s down to mouth possessively at his throat again. “But just so you know, since you’re abandoning me in my time of illness, I’m not gonna have any qualms about getting you sick too.”

“Deal.” He can hear the smile in Calum’s answer.

They still haven’t gotten back from the movies when Luke sees the satisfying picture on twitter. So what if Calum is out with Michael? Michael is not the one allowed to leave hickeys all over that pretty throat where everyone can see. 

Okay so maybe Calum didn’t give him explicit permission either. The brunette’s going to be mad when he realizes he’s been walking around marked-up with proof of Luke’s claim on him.

The thought makes Luke grin.

The reader, part 2

I just wanna thank everyone who’ve read and liked my first part. It really means a lot that you guys actually read my stuff.. haha. 

Part 1


The days went by. She continued doing her thing, reading - and he did his thing, spreading joy. He couldn’t help, but notice how she wouldn’t be as captivated in her books like she used to, though. Her eyes wouldn’t crinkle as much. She wouldn’t run her hand trough her hair as often. Every since the accoutre it seemed like she was thinking more than reading, which was not like her at all. He couldn’t help, but wonder if he were the reason to it. He actually hoped he was, because that would at least mean she was thinking of him, which was more than enough for him.

He was right though. She couldn’t seem to concentrate ever since he all of sudden decided to talk to her. For some reason she couldn’t get him off her mind. No matter what she did to prevent having him on her mind, he just seemed the appear the second later. His words just replayed over and over again like music in her ears. “You’re not one of many, you’re actually one of the few.”  

She wasn’t sure if she regretted claiming Calum went out with a lot of girls. She did feel bad about it, she actually did, but maybe that was for the best? At least he didn’t talk to her anymore, so in a way she kind of did what she really intended to, push him away. But, for some reason there was a part of her that hoped he would come talk to her again. There was a part of her that was longing for his presence and it terrified her. It terrified her how a guy she’d barely talked to made her want to break out of her shell, it made her want to interact with people. Somehow his presence made her want to be in this world and not escape to the world she knew best, her books.


“You’ve never really told us what happened the other day.” Ashton said as he noticed Calum staring at her. He had noticed Calum being distant ever since he went talking to her. All though Calum was still happy and quirky, Ashton could sense when he was genuinely happy and when he was faking. He knew Calum that well, he knew Calum was definitely faking.

Calum turned his head slowly to stare at his friend, but as he did he quickly turned his gaze back at her. “I warned you, bro. She’s cold. We’ve all been through it.” Ashton continued ignoring the fact that he knew Calum was ignoring him. Ashton knew what she had putted Calum trough. He had been there himself. He knew she would turn him down coldly and smoothly without even showing any signs of sympathy. That was what she always did. Therefor he didn’t want Calum to get his hopes up. He didn’t want his best friend getting hurt, once again. He knew Calum saw something in her that no one did, he saw a warm and soft side. He didn’t want Calum to loose that belief. Talking to her might just do that.

 "There’s nothing to say, really. She turned me down, which I guess is not something new.“ Calum finally muttered after what felt like hours of silence. His voice was wound and his eyes didn’t shine with happiness as it used to. Ashton could tell he was hurt and he figured it couldn’t have just been, because she turned him down. Calum was fully aware of the fact that he probably would be. It just couldn’t be the only reason why he was hurt. It was more to it. It was something Calum wasn’t telling him and he wanted to figure out what it was.


 She walked to her locker with a book under her arm and a coffee in her hand putting away the stuff she didn’t needed into her locker, just like she always did. This time it was different though. This time she could feel someone coming up to her, which wasn’t a part of her routine. She would put her things back into her locker, then she would head home. No one used to interrupt her as she did, except for today.

“May I ask you about something?” She heard someone asking. She recognized the voice. It was one of Calum’s friends. The one who would laugh so loudly that she was sure the entire world could hear him. It was no one other than, Ashton Irwin.

“Sure, go ahead” -She answered quickly, not really sure if she was nervous about what he was about to ask or not. He probably wanted to ask about Calum, but she couldn’t figure why. There was just a thousands of questions running trough her mind at once, she was sure she could faint in any minute.

“What happened the other day? The day Calum went to talk to you. What happened?” He asked curiously, obviously worried about his friend.  She just stared at him, not knowing what to answer. She wasn’t sure what he wanted her to say. Did he want her to confess her rudeness through-wards Calum? He probably did. He probably wanted her to apologize.

“Okay.. I don’t know whatever happened the other day. I know for a fact that you turned him down and I’m just here to say that I really think you should give him a chance. I know that’s not your thing, letting people in and stuff. You push people away. You block them out of your life and that’s okay. I just want you to know that Calum sees something in you that no one else does. He really believes there’s warmth behind the wall you’ve put up. He really put his heart out there when he went talking to you. He will probably kill me for saying this, but- he had his heart broken once and it was a hell of a fight getting back up again, but for some reason he is willing to take the risk of having to fight again for you, so I just want you to at least think about it.” His tone was serious and he was looking at her straight in the eyes obviously looking for some reaction from her side, but she just stood there as a tree. She didn’t even move one muscle. She just stared at him in shock. He couldn’t really be serious could he? It was Calum he was talking about, the guy who could get every girl at school, the guy everyone surrounded. How could he possibly have any interest in her? He couldn’t, he just couldn’t. But, Ashton sounded dead serious though.

Ashton walked away slowly, leaving her there standing by the locker. She stood there for what felt like a decade, just replaying Ashton’s words over and over again. She wasn’t sure what to do next. She knew she probably should apologize to Calum for being so rude. All of the time she thought Calum was the kind of guy who would easily break someone’s heart, simply because he could, but she seemed to be wrong. She had claimed he was some kind of player, she has claimed he was everything he wasn’t, a heart breaker. Turns out, he was the one getting his heart broken and now she had broken it again. Turns out she claimed him to be everything she was, a heartbreaker.

Without even knowing it she stood in front of Calum’s locker, waiting for him. She had no clue what to say, but she stood there either way. She could hear his laugh getting closer and as she looked up, he stood there standing right in front of her, staring at her….


So that was part 2, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think about it and let me know if you want a part 3!  I noticed that I had not put on the question thing, haha I felt sort of stupid.

Calum or Smokes?: Calum Hood One-Shot (fluff)

Word Count: 1857

Anon- can you pls write a calum hood one where y/n is one of the crew members and she goes out to smoke and calum follows her, just to tell her that she’s too beautiful to hurt herself like that. they both end up in calum’s hotel room and they just sleep and calum tells her she loves her.


You had a smoking problem. It wasn’t as bad as some people, you only did tobacco cigarettes because you were a crew member of the legendary band, 5 Seconds of Summer. If you were caught using drugs, you were fired on the spot, 5SOS’s manager didn’t want them involved in that kind of behavior. Anyways, you were called roadies and your job included being a guitar technician, your specialty being in the bass, so you were always fixing and setting up Calum’s guitar since he always, always, messed up his guitar or ‘forgot’ to set it up. Today, he broke two of the strings and completely tore apart the guitar strap somehow. After you replaced the strings and the strap, you gave the repaired guitar to Calum, telling him not to ruin it again or you might not be able to fix it before their concert starts. After you gave Calum the guitar, you quickly excused yourself outside to smoke. As soon as you got out the door, you quickly pulled out your cigarette pack and your lighter and scrambled to light one. Before you could take a puff, Calum bursted through the exit door to see you smoking. He was about to say something before he saw what was in your hand, then he started walking toward you. You were so shocked that you didn’t react when he swatted the cigarette out of your hand and grasped your shoulders shaking you into reality. 

“What are you doing? Smoking is so bad for you! Give me your cigarette pack and you lighter now before I take it myself.”

“No, this is mine! Why should I give you this?” You yelled as you waved your pack around.

“Because.” His voice quieted down, and his hands dropped to his sides.

“’Because’ what? Why is it so important that I stop smoking?” Your volume was dropping, but your tone was still very clear; annoyed.

“Because you’re too beautiful to harm yourself like this.” Calum’s voice was now reduced to even-less-than a whisper.

“What?” You said, not believing what he said.

“You heard me, and after the concert find me. I’m going to watch you to make sure you don’t smoke.” By the tone of his voice, you knew he wouldn’t let you refuse.

“Okay.” This was all that you said before rushing inside, the tension between you two was unbearable, and you didn’t want to see him look at you like he was concerned, because he wasn’t. You knew it.

After the concert

The concert felt like it went in slow motion, your head buzzing with calum’s words; “you’re too beautiful”. Yeah, right. As if I was supposed to believe him, he probably was just saying that to get you to stop. You were able to smother the smell by using an odor absorbing perfume that had little smell, so did Calum know about this before hand?

After the last song was over, the band headed backstage to cool down before heading to their hotels to relax. Calum handed you his guitar and gave you a meaningful glance, almost to say that he remembers their incident and didn’t forget that he was supposedly watching me. I looked down at the guitar and gasped. The guitar’s strings were all snapped. After thoroughly examining the strings, you realized Calum had cut them with a blade of some sort- you didn’t go to college for nothing. You went over to Calum and asked him why he cut his strings. You had a pretty good idea, but you just wanted confirmation. He told you that he wanted an excuse for you to come to his hotel; he wanted to know how you repair the guitar for some odd reason. When you asked him why he wanted you at his hotel, he looked at you and you had an ‘ah ha!’ moment and everything fell into place. You had time to repair one strings before we had to leave the concert area, and that left you plenty of time to fix his guitar, with no time to smoke. For a bonus, Calum could actually learn something via repetition (though, clearly he was lying, he could obviously fix his own guitar, he was just too lazy to admit it). “Brilliant” you murmured as you wandered off to find your tool kit. 

You had barely enough time to change one string before you had to pack up and get ready to go. You had planned on spending the rest of the night in your car, fixing strings and tuning, and then, finally, rest. The idea of rest was so nice it made you want to curl up in a blanket and sleep for a week. But, you had responsibilities, and the band came first. On your way to your car, Calum surprised you and dragged you to the tour bus that was about to leave to go to the hotel. 

“Calum, I can’t just leave my car in the parking lot.”

“Oh yeah. Then I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere y/n.” Calum ran off to the tour bus and told the driver something and ran back.

“Ok, let’s go, I’m driving with you.” 


“No, I’m coming whether you like it or not.” You finally gave up and cleared out the passenger seat because it was cluttered with all the songs you’ve written over the years. Calum wrote most of the songs in the band, so he recognized this immediately.He grabbed a paper and read some lyrics before I snatched them out of his hand. He smirked and helped me put the guitar in the back seat. I started driving and turned on the music and oops, my 5SOS track was still playing. Heartbreak Girl started blasting and it made Calum jump, earning a laugh from you. After he got oriented, he started singing his song, his angel-like voice radiating over the recorded voice of himself. He said one verse particularly louder and bolder.

“I gotta get it through your head, that you could be with me instead” You could feel him staring at you, but you ignored him, trying to keep your eyes on the road. He was probably just trying to make sure you didn’t sneak a smoke by him or something.

When you got to the hotel, you grabbed one song that was still in the process of being finished, a pencil, Calum’s guitar, your tool kit, and your suitcase. It was fairly light, since all you were allowed to war were khaki’s and a uniform t-shirt. You had only a few different tops and shorts, just in case you had to go anywhere. You gave this and the paper to Calum, knowing he was exhausted from the concert. You followed him up to his hotel room where he locked himself in the bathroom. It took you about 3 seconds to realize he still had your song. You immediately tried to pick the lock, but to no avail. You went back to fixing his guitar, giving up on getting your song back before Calum read every word it contained. A few minutes later, Calum emerged from the bathroom, a smug smile on his face. He sat next to you, asking to help fix the guitar. With two people fixing at once, it might help get this done quicker, so you said yes. Unfortunately, you were wrong. You both needed the same space, materials , and guitar at the same time. But Calum didn’t seem bothered at all. He meant to do this, to take even more time away from smoking.God, was he clever. 

It took almost 2 hours to re-string, and you were exhausted. You went to the bathroom to change, taking your song with you this time. When you had changed, you took a look at your song, and something was off. Something was written in marker in the margins. You couldn’t read it, so you went to ask Calum, who was softly playing his guitar to the melody of your song. He took a picture of the song, and was playing it on his song. He hadn’t realized you were there, and as you got closer you realized he was singing the song, ad libbing to make the song fit a guy’s perspective. When you stood next to him he jumps, startled. not even knowing you were there. 

“What did you write on my song?”


“Then what’s this?”, showing Calum the black ink in the margins. He squinted, then laughed at his own handiwork. 

“An invitation to one of Calum’s famous… pillow fights!” He yelled the last part, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at you before grabbing another one, swinging in your direction, missing you by a mile. 

“You’ll never get me!” You said as you ran around the room giggling at the sight before your eyes. Calum tripped, 3 times, over his pillow, the bed, and then your suitcase. You took your chance, slamming Calum with the pillow several times, him not being able to touch you. After he righted himself, he went after you in a bee-line, jumping over the chair and rolling over the bed. He stop right in front of you, dropped his pillow, and started tickling you. He figured it out right away that your most ticklish spot was your abdomen. You tried escaping him, only to trip and fall on the bed. Calum didn't’t stop tickling you until his fingers were tired. He let you catch your breath, then said something that took away your breath yet again.

“I love you y/n.” He said, almost a whisper.


“You heard me.”

“No you don’t, don’t be silly.”

“I know you don’t love me right now.”


“Because of this.” He held up your lighter and your cigarette pack, it was supposed to be in your sweatshirt pocket, but Calum probably got it during the tickle attack.

“What are you doing?” 

“Nothing” Calum got up and opened the window. He looked down and threw both items in the bushes, 5 stories below him. 

“Noooo! Calum you idiot.”

“Told you that you wouldn’t love me currently.”

“You are wrong.” And with that you threw yourself onto him, crashing your lips onto his. The moment lasted until you had to breathe.

“I’ll sleep on the couch.” You offered, taking a pillow and placing it on the couch and laying down with your song in hand.

“Not happening.” He laid you down on the mattress and cleared everything off of it.

“Calum, you don’t have to do this-”

“Yeah, I do.”

The next morning

You woke up and found Calum cuddled up beside you. You relaxed and drifted back to sleep. You woke up again to find that Calum left a note, saying to look underneath your pillow. You look to see another note saying ‘Calum’s Girl’ with a picture of you attached to the note. You laughed and then heard the song’s melodies again, and Calum’s voice accompanying it. You started singing along. When the song was over, Calum smiled at you.

“So is that a ‘yes’?”


“One condition, though.”


“No smoking, ever.”



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Taboo // 5sos fanfiction (part 1)

A/N: guuuuys,, rosie here, i decided i want to start writing again. Ive done it before and i stopped about a year ago because i lost the feeling and i was extremely busy with school, buuuut i have my summer break now so i hope i can post at least something every week.

So the story will basically be about a bunch things people dont talk about because it are taboos. There will be four couples, each with their own background problems and stuff. In the first two parts i’ll show you guys some of their history so yeah i hope you guys like it gehehe, im really excited for this story yay.

Main characters: Michael, Ashton, Luke, Calum, Ricky, Sofi, Robin, Damon

(this story contains transsexualism, homosexuality, male prostitution, homophobia, drug/alcohol use and addictions, abuse, criminality and bullying. If you’re sensetive and/or have a problem with any of these please read at ur own risk lol this sounds so serious bye)

Warnings: mention of sex, swearing, mentions of alcohol/drugs 

Words: 2709

Summary: In college you really find yourself, they said, but deifne ‘finding yourself’. As a group of friends try to deal and accept their hidden pasts while they work on their future, they have to keep up perfect appearance, because their problems aren’t talked about enough for the rest of the world to understand.

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Daughter of Hades, Son of Zeus - part 16

I woke up before Ashton which shocked me. For as long as I’ve know ash, he’s always been a morning person…

I looked at the still lit bonfire that Harry and I had fixed the night before, enchanted by the way the fire behaved. It was so beautiful that it was almost hypnotic!

I could feel Ashton starting to wake up next to me so I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.

I heard how he moved behind me, searching for something in his bag probably.

“I know you’re not sleeping” he mumbled quietly trying to not wake anyone else up.

“And how did you know that?” I asked

“I know everything”

“Stop it, you sound like my mom” I tried to suffocate a laugh.

“Well I’m much worse than your mom” he ensured me.

“And why’s that?” I asked and turned around to face him.

“Because you can’t keep secrets from me baby cake” he said and winked.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I chuckled

“Because I’m your brother smart ass” he said and started giggling. Ashton had a giggle that could probably make anyone smile, especially me on bad days!

“Okay, I have to tell you something!” I said and tried my best to look mysterious, but failed big time.

“And I kind of need your advice because I don’t know what to do” I tried explaining everything that had happened, and what Angie had told me about Harry’s feelings towards me, but I avoided telling him about her feelings towards Harry… I guess I respect her at least a little bit… And I mean I wouldn’t want anyone to know if it was the other way around!

Ashton looked furious after I told him about Michael and Angie. The happy giggle was long gone and instead of a smiling face, was a big frown.

“Okay so first of all, I’m going to beat the shit out of Michael, and second of al, I’d rather see you date Harry than that piece of shit!” Ashton stormed out of the tent and I regretted telling him about it.

“Where the hell are you going?” I asked, tired of all the drama that has been going on since we got here.

I guess I should be happy that I have a brother that protects me from all the bad but this is a little too much for me.

I heard a lot of commotion outside, so I decided to check it out.

When I got out of the tent, I saw Ashton with a tight grip around Michael’s neck…

I looked at them, unable to say anything.

Ashton’s hair was on fire; happens whenever he gets pissed.

“I swear to God if you ever come near my baby sister again it’ll be the last thing you do!” Ashton said and dropped Michael to the ground.

Michael rubbed his neck where Ashton had held him and even from far away I could see the faint burn mark from Ashton’s fire around Michael’s neck.

The mood wasn’t exactly great between the seven of us and I hated what this place had done to us… Turned some really good people into monsters and the worse thing is, it had turned friends into strangers.

If only I knew why we were doing this, maybe it would have been worth it, but right now I just wanted to go home.

After maybe half an hour of walking, Harry had started acting really strange so me and Andra tried to figure out what sin he had because we both knew that this wasn’t the ‘normal’ Harry…

He was selfish and greedy… I could barely recognize him!

“Could it be envy?” Andra whispered, scared that he would hear us…

“No I actually think it’s greed, plus Angie practically confessed to me last night that she had envy… I mean the way he acts… It has to be greed”

I haven’t told Andra yet about what happened last night and I won’t! She will just get worried and Michael has probably gotten enough punishment from Ashton…

Neither did I tell her about Harry and Angie, maybe I should… I don’t know, but now is not the time!

We kept walking and observing Harry’s actions, just by the way he moved made it obvious that something was wrong.

“We should arrive in about 45 minutes” Ashton notified us.

I walked a bit faster to walk in the same pace as Ashton.

“I’m getting worried ash”

“About what?” He asked and kept his eyes on the road.

“We think Harry got greed and that leaves two sins… We are the only ones who don’t have one yet” Ashton stopped and looked at me.

“What’s left?”

“Sloth and lust” I answered nervously

He looked at me like he was going to say something but nothing came out, instead he jus left me standing there and ignored my concerns.

“What was that all about?” Andra asked, clearly eavesdropping on the conversation

“I have no idea”

I looked over at Ashton who was just a sweaty mess. Sure, I thought, it was hot in here but no one else seemed to be affected by it.

The air felt thick and it started to get harder to breathe.

It felt like my lungs were made of paper and every breath I took hurt.

I looked at Ashton who started walking way too slow, he must be feeling it to!

It felt like the longer we were out here the slower I walked, each step felt like an eternity.

And besides that it felt like my whole body was on fire…

I kept quiet about the pain I felt and surprisingly no one noticed. That was until Ashton fell to his knees.

“Ashton?” I tried to get his attention.

He looked up with a weak smile…

“It’s okay, we need to keep going!” He said and tried his best to stand up again but it was hopeless.

I dragged myself over to him to see if I could help him, but I wasn’t far before my legs gave up… I fell too…

“Michael… You need to help her” I could hear Ashton’s weak voice not far from me.

Michael came running and so did everyone else…

“Holy fuck what happened?” Michael panicked.

“Sloth, you need to get us to Hades” Ashton tried to explain.

“And why would we help you?” Andra asked. Her voice filled with all different types of negative emotions towards Ashton.

Ashton’s eyes jumped between me and Michael.

“If you love her, you will!”

Insecure (Calum Imagine)


“Hey Cal,” you answered the phone cheerily, balancing it on your shoulder as you cut up a banana and put the slices in a blender.

“Hi dear,” he replied, his voice sounding sad.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to talk to my best friend.”

You smiled despite yourself and threw and handful of blueberries into the blender. “Yeah, right.”


Shifting the phone to your other ear, you responded, “You only ever call when you need to get something off your chest. Last week you were mad at Luke for stealing your beer, and the week before that you were upset that you couldn’t poop on the tour bus.”

He laughed softly, and you smiled at the thought of him smiling in that way that made his eyes crinkle and your heart flutter. He sighed on the other end. “Alright, you got me.” He paused for a moment, seeming to gather his thoughts. “I feel like I’m boring.”

Your spoon full of yogurt paused halfway through the blender. “Are you joking?”


You plopped the yogurt in. “Calum, you’re like the least boring person I know,” you said, licking the spoon clean.

“Okay, but lately… I don’t know, I feel like I’m kind of fading into the background.”

Thinking for a moment, you grabbed the strawberries from the fridge. “You mean in comparison to the other guys?”

He was silent for a minute, and then, “Yeah, I guess.”

You rolled your eyes, though you knew he couldn’t see you. “That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it? Luke’s got his whole stubble thing going on right now, Michael’s just dyed his hair again, and Ashton’s got all the Bryana stuff. I’ve got nothing going on right now.”

“Maybe you should dye your hair or get a girlfriend?” you offered.

“Are you volunteering?”

“To dye your hair? Sure.”

You heard him laugh again. “Seriously, Y/N, I feel like shit. I hate feeling so insecure.”

“Okay, hang on,” you told him, then pressed blend. The colours in the blender turned into a light pink as they were mixed together. You pressed the off button and held the phone back to your ear. “Alright, here’s the deal,” you began, opening up the cupboard and pulling out a glass. “You don’t even know how much power you have.”

“What do you mean?”

You sighed. “Just like… post a selfie or something if you need a confidence boost. Girls will be drooling at your feet.”

“But I’m not Luke or Michael or Ash.”

“Calum, I’m going to be very blunt here, okay?”


You took a sip from your smoothie. “You’re easily the most attractive guy in your band.”

“You’re biased, you’re my best friend.”

“No, I’m an objective girl who knows these things.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” he said, but you could hear the smile in his voice.

“Is it working?”

He sighed. “Yes. Nothing like my best friend calling me hot to cheer me up.”

You felt a blush rise to colour your cheeks and suddenly felt grateful that Calum couldn’t see you. “Don’t make me want to take it back,” you told him, and he laughed again. “I’m just saying,” you continued, “You have no reason to feel boring or in the background. There are probably… a lot of people who consider you to be their whole world,” you said, twirling the straw around in your drink.

“Y/N, I love you. Seriously. But I’ve gotta go do soundcheck. I’ll talk to you later?”

Closing your eyes, you held onto the sound of his voice saying those three little words. “Yeah, okay. I love you too, Cal.”

The line went dead and you set your phone next to you on the counter, staring glumly at the smoothie that suddenly didn’t taste as sweet. But he couldn’t know. He could never know how you really felt.

Oh damn, my ovaries have exploded .-.

He gets sick/hurt and the boys call you - Calum

A/N: Hey guys so this is the next one, this one was requested :) so thank you to the person who requested it. The next one will be Liam’s, also requested, so stay tuned.

Here are the ones I’ve already done!




You were traveling on tour with the your boyfriend Calum and the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer but given the few early wake up calls and the next one scheduled for the next morning, you had opted for staying in your own room, without Calum, to catch up on some much needed sleep. You crawled into bed early and quickly fell into a deep slumber only to be woken a few hours later by a banging  on your door. In a dazed state you got up and stumbled towards the door, to find a dishevelled Luke standing there. “Luke?” your raspy voice asked in confusion. “Sorry to wake you Y/N, but Cal’s sick” Luke told you quickly. “What, what’s wrong?” you asked, brows still knitted together in confusion. “I don’t know,” Luke replied, “he’s locked himself in the bathroom and won’t let me in.” You groaned, running a hand over your face in an attempt to clear your tired mind, “right ok, you stay here, just take my room for the night and I’ll go to Cal” you decided. Luke nodded and was quick to pass over his room key and you quickly rushed down the hall.

Reaching Luke and Calum’s room you were quick to unlock the door and find yourself in front of the locked bathroom door. You knocked lightly on the door and were immediately met with a groan from the other side, “go away Luke” came Calum’s strained reply. “Cal babe, it’s not Luke it’s me Y/N” you said softly, leaning against the door. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” Calum questioned. “Luke came and got me, hon can you let me in?” you requested hopefully. Another groan was heard from the other side before a small click sounded and when you tried the handle again, the door swung open. You stepped inside to find your shirtless and very sweaty boyfriend slumped to the ground near the toilet, his flushed cheek resting against the cool white tiles. You rushed forward to crouch by his side, hand reaching out to brush loose strands of hair from sticking to his forehead. “Oh Cal, what happened, you weren’t feeling sick earlier were you?” you asked, trying to remember any signs of Calum feeling ill, but couldn’t. “No,” he whimpered, “woke up a while ago and just started throwing up,” he just managed to get out, before he bolted upright, leaning over the toilet bowl again, his body convulsing while he gagged into the bowl. You rubbed at his back, trying to support him until he was finished before helping him to lower himself back to the ground. “Ok Cal,” you said, keeping your voice soothing, “I think you might have food poisoning, what did you have for dinner, was it different to the other boys?” “Mmm” Calum agreed with a nod, “sushi.” You nodded, “alright, I hate to tell you this, but I think the only option here is to wait until your body rejects all of the bad food” you told him sympathetically. Calum’s only reaction was to once again throw up the minimal contents left of his stomach before groaning as he collapsed back to the ground.

You spent the next few exhausting hours on the bathroom floor, next to Calum. There were a few times when you tried to move him back to the bedroom, but the slightest movement had him clutching at his stomach and cringing in pain. Instead you settled for supporting his tired body with your own and keeping a cool cloth to wipe down his fever heated skin, while he spent the time alternating between throwing up and groaning.

At about 3 am the next morning, both of your eyelids heavy with the need for sleep, Calum had finally stopped throwing up and the cramps in his stomach seemed to be easing, though he still maintained a raging fever. You kept up a steady hand, running along Calums back while he lay, curled on the ground his head resting on your lap. After quite  awhile of silence, your head rested against the bathroom wall you glanced back down to see that Calum’s eyelids had finally slipped closed and he seemed to be in a reasonably peaceful sleep. Gently you managed to shift his head and lift yourself from the ground. You walked out of the bathroom and retrieved a stack of pillows and some blankets before coming back to Calum. You settled back down on the ground, moving Calum so he was again resting on you. This time though, you lay on your own pillow and pulled the blankets around the both of you, settling in to spend the rest of the early morning hours, with Calum, on the bathroom floor.

You were woken not two hours later by the rest of the band, “Y/N, Calum” you heard them calling through the room. “We’re in the bathroom” you called softly back, trying not to wake Calum, though you could already see him starting to stir. “Oh hey Y/N” Mikey called, “Is Cal ready for the radio interview?” he asked just as he turned the corner. “I’ll take that as a no” he then concluded, as the three of them took in the image of you and Calum curled on the bathroom floor, Calum still looking pale and sweaty. “No” you agreed, “Calum definitely won’t be joining you today,” you struggled to pull yourself into a seated position. “But before you go, can you please help me get him into bed?” you asked. The three boys nodded and all moved forward, helping each other to lift Calum and then shuffle into the other room, to gently place him on the bed. “Just give me a minute, I’ll be ready” Calum’s raspy voice mumbled. “No way!” the four of you said almost in unison, “we’ll see you later mate, when you’re feeling better” the boys told Calum, leaving you with the boy who was still trying to insist he’d be fine. 

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Rule breaker part 3

A/N: This part is the shortest and took the longest I’m so sorry I’ve just been so busy with school and exams! Here’s part 3, I didn’t proof read it so sorry if it’s bad or if there are any mistakes! I advise you all to read the previous parts before this or you won’t understand :)

Part 1 (x
Part 2 (x)


Next Wednesday I walked into class half an hour late. My classics teacher was the snobbiest, strictest teacher I had to put up with so I waited at the door for what felt like hours under everyone’s stare as I waited for my detention slip. Calum may or may not have told everyone about our intimate sessions that went on for like two days, along with various other rumours. I would dread this class every single day because I was forced to sit beside him for the whole period. He wasn’t friendly anymore, or flirtatious. When we had to discuss a topic with our partners, Calum and I wouldn’t speak. He was treating this whole fall out like a child. I didn’t do anything other than ditch him the day he invited me over to his house. I felt bad, yes. Was it a dick move? Yes. But I didn’t deserve to be treated like one of his sluts –correction: one of the school sluts that basically fucks every boy on the football team- no. I didn’t have Calum’s number and he didn’t have mine, but when he really wanted to get something he wants; he got it. I dreaded my classes every single day. It’s like everyone knew my insides and out; and all that because of Calum. What a scum bag.

I thought that Calum could never really be mad at someone, that he’d just make fun of them for his own happiness. Because that’s how he felt superior; he’d bring someone else down for his own pride

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