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After Show C.H

Orgasms and Dildos C.H

Best Friends C.H

Road Trip C.H

Spread Your Legs For Me C.H


Best Friends L.H

Study Session L.H

Virgin L.H

Never Have I Ever L.H

Macfit L.H

Leggings L.H

Play Toy L.H

I Thought It Could Be Fun L.H


Fighting A.I

Cheater A.I

Virgin A.I

Daddy A.I

Professor Irwin A.I


Caught M.C

Let’s try now M.C

Mary Jane M.C 

I Thought It Was A Dream M.C

Virgin M.C


First time (Lashton)


Friendzoned M.C - 
chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 - chapter 5 - chapter 6



Gorilla - Bruno Mars (smut)


Last Young Renegade - ATL (fluff)


Nicotine - P!ATD (smut)


Temporary Fix - 1D (smut)



Are You Happy Now? M.C

I Had A Bad Day M.C


There’s No Way In Hell L.H

Mile High Club L.H

If You’re Lucky L.H


Bend Over My Lap A.I 

Intimacy A.I


Aren’t I Good Enough? C.H

Let Me Practice On You C.H


i been’ drinkin, i been drinkin’

Reading gay smut

Me: *smiling sheepishly*
Mum: Why are you smiling? Are you texting your boyfriend?
My head: No, mum. I am reading about a boy who’s getting fucked and spanked by his daddy. I don’t need a straight boy to make me happy.

When We Collide Masterlist

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

- Parts - 

Part 1: Pilot. 

Part 2: Champagne.

Part 3: Veneno.

Part 4: Victoria’s Secret.

Part 5: Abercrombie.

Part 6: Imperial.

Part 7: MacBook.

Part 8: Macaron.

Part 9: White Silk.

Part 10: Heartbeat.

Part 11: Marc Jacobs.

Part 12: Dom Perignon.

Part 13: Red Carpet.

Part 14: Cold Juice.

Part 15: Pearl Mik.

Part 16: Keys Harmonize.

Part 17: Restaurant’de Hemm.

Part 18: Pretty Lilies.

Part 19: Written Scripts.

Part 20: Casa Hemmings.

Part 21: Shared Sheets.

Part 22: Open Envelopes.

Part 23: Confetti Falling.

Part 24: Ballet Slippers. 

Part 25: Unwanted Feelings.

Part 26: Confessions Call.

Part 27: French Balcony.

Part 28: Invisible Hearts.

Part 29: City Lights.

Part 30: Trolley Adventure.

Part 31: Breathing In.

Part 32: Losing You.

Part 33: Beautiful Mess. 

Part 34: Midnight A.M.

Part 35: Believed Me.

Part 36: Sleepless Nights. 

Part 37: L’amour L’emporte.

Part 38: Turquoise Blue.

Part 39: Smooth Sea.

Part 40: Shooting Stars.

Part 41: Hole Hearted.

Part 42: We Collided.

Excuse me while I panic

Request: “Excuse me while I panic” with Calum
Summary: you get stuck in an elevator


“What do you mean your phone has no battery?” Calum exclaims, his voice taking a slightly hysteric edge.

“How is it my fault?”

You’re trying, you’re really trying to be calm and collected here, but it’s difficult when you’re stuck in an elevator in a random mall somewhere in France with an internationally acclaimed bassist who has millions of fans all over the world, a show he needs to be at in a couple of hours, and who’s also your boss. And who seems to be claustrophobic.

“Couldn’t you have charged it?”

“Calum I was literally walking down the corridor to talk to Ricardo when you dragged me away. I couldn’t possibly have known anything like this would happen. If you want to blame someone, you’re the one who doesn’t even have a phone on you!”

“I told you, I was pranked! The boys stole my phone away, that’s the entire reason you’re the one I chose to accompany me here!”

“Jesus,” you groan as you sit down on the floor.

“What are we gonna do? What about the fans? What if no one realizes we’re in here and we die alone? What if–” he rambles, eyes wide.

“Calum it’s fine,” you say in a desperate attempt to be reassuring. “You boys are practically attached to the hip, they’re gonna realize you’re gone in no time.”

“But what if they think I’m so mad I needed more time alone? What if they think the two of us disappeared together to fuck and they’re leaving us to it?”

“Wow you really do have an active imagination,” you comment, your eyebrows shooting up.

Not that you’ve never thought of Calum that way, considering his talent and his face and just–well, you know, but you’ve barely ever interacted. You just make sure his bass is in top form before he goes on stage. That’s it.

You were actually surprised he even knew your name when he enrolled you in his let’s-buy-cake-and-then-not-share-with-the-boys revenge mission.

You sigh. And look where it’s brought you.

To make matters worse, the lights flicker once and go out. Calum actually whimpers. You fidget, uncomfortable for the first time. You’ve never been one for dark places.

“If I had known embarking on a world tour with one of the main pop-rock bands ever would end up this way…” you trail off.

“Don’t say ‘end this way’, you’re only making it worse. Now I’m about 73% percent sure I’m going to die here, alone and in the dark.”

“You are so dramatic.”

“Well excuse me while I panic,” he snaps, but the effect is ruined as you’re fairly sure his voice is an entire pitch higher than usual.

You sigh, rub your forehead.

“Look, Calum, people saw us leave the hotel, it’s only a matter of time before they go looking for us, and this place is just down the street from it. Besides the shop has probably realized there’s a problem with the electricity and is repairing it as we speak. It’ll be fine.”

The unspoken ‘I hope’ stretches in the silence. You hear more than see Calum drop down to the floor next to you. He lets out a careful breath.

“Okay. It’ll be fine.”

He sounds like he’s trying to convince himself, but at least he’s not on the verge of an anxiety attack any more.

“I really, really hate being trapped in small spaces.”

A ‘no kidding’ teeters on the tip of your tongue, but maybe now isn’t the time to get sassy. Instead, you offer:

“I don’t like the dark.”

There’s a shuffle and a hand intertwines itself in yours. You let out a half-chuckle and squeeze his hand.

“How about you tell me some funny stories about your band mates? Then I can make fun of them when we get back and that can be your revenge.”

That elicits a small laugh from Calum, and you count it as a victory. And so the waiting for a rescue mission begins, and the darkness doesn’t feel as terrible when silence is replaced by a particularly horrific story about Luke’s teenage awkwardness.

Sleep Soulmate!AU - Calum 5SOS

Everyone’s soulmate connection kicked in the exact moment they turned 20. Each couple had a unique connection, and once they had it, nobody else could have it for another hundred years. Therefor, it was rare that anyone understood what was happening when they got their connection. Although, for many people it was easy to identify what the writing on their arm was or who’s voice was suddenly in their thoughts. For you though, things always proved to be more difficult.

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Star Wars

Request: “Would you like an award for that” with sassy Calum
Summary: your old friend somehow manages to be simultaneously way too sassy and entirely cute

“I can’t believe you just said this,” Calum gasps in mock horror.

Deeming that this doesn’t deserve a response, you just chuck one of his old socks at his face. He ducks and laughs.

“Your aim really hasn’t improved much, has it?”

“Well excuse me if while you were busy being a child on your world tour, I didn’t have time to practice hurling things at people because I was busy having an actual job you know? Doing actual responsible adult things?”

“Wow.” Calum deadpans. “Would you like an award for that?

You throw the other sock. This time it hits him in the chest and makes a wounded sound, clutching his hands over his chest.

“What…what have you done?” He rasps.


He falls to his knees, raising a lone hand towards the sky, saying a dramatic “why hath thou forsaken me?” before dropping to the ground face down.

“Ugh,” you throw yourself back on the sofa, “I killed Calum Hood? What am I going to say to your fans?”

“It doesn’t matter what you say,” Calum raises his head, a strange light in his eyes, “they will find you, and they will murder you in your sleep. Especially once they find out that you like the Star Wars prequels better than the original trilogy. No but seriously, I’ve erased you from my will just now. Disowned you.”

“Hm. Well I guess that defeats the purpose of killing you.”

“Grave tactical error there,” Calum agrees with a grin.

You smile at him fondly as he sits on the couch next to you. It’s strange to think of the young, scrawny boy you used to be friends with when you see him now, all tattooed muscles and talent and confidence. He’s even lost his Australian accent.

But then again, he’s as goofy and ridiculous as he always was. Maybe stardom just gave him an opportunity to become more him.

You lean over to ruffle his hair, and he grabs on to you like a fucking koala. You miss the hell out of him constantly, but he deserves this. You’re happy for him. And it’s not like you never see him, he’s always inviting you over to LA or whatever exotic place he’s taking a vacation in when he can.

But now he’s come home for Christmas and you get him just for yourself a couple of days. No sharing with fans or fancy models, just him and you and–

“Rogue One?” He questions, hooking his chin on your hip.

“I haven’t watched it.”

“Oh my god! We’re watching it now!”

He jumps up and grabs his laptop, quickly finding the movie on some website. As the beginning credits start to roll, you can’t help the stupid feeling that grows in your chest because he’s so soft and warm as he gets back on the sofa and drapes himself over you so you’re almost spooning him.

“Big baby,” you whisper under your breath.

“Psshhh, you love me.”

“Definitely,” you say, with much less sarcasm in your voice than you intended, and Calum is silent for a couple of moments before grabbing your hand in his and squeezing it.

“Good. Now shut up, we’re watching a movie.”

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Shawn Mendes

Side Chick  “Oh sorry, are we interrupting something?”

Morning Rush  “Mr. Unicorn is in the toilet!”

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 1 “Call me princess one more time, Mendes, I swear!“

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 2

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 3

Mess "Well you have a gosh damn funny way of showing it!“

Heartbreak Story "Please don’t say that, lovely”

War of Hearts “Keep it that way or don’t bother showing up tomorrow”

These Kinds of Things “I slept with Y/N? The actress, model, and SUPERSTAR!“

Fools Rush In "Did you sister have a kid?“

Four Years Late “Promise?“ “I swear”

Four Years Late Pt. 2 "I know you didn’t forget me, don’t play dumb.”

Treat You Better "Shawn. Shawn Mendes. Y/N’s best friend since kindergarten, someone huge to compete with…it’s very nice to meet you”

Stay Together “Why not spend it with my favorite girl–I mean old friend”

Dysfunctionally Functioning “Julie! Daddy is telling you to put those scissors down!“

Perfect "I don’t know why you read those, I told you not to Y/N…”

Kiss, Kiss, Bish "Get intimate, she’ll quit it”

A Lover is a Fighter “Haven’t seen you in a while” “You say that like it’s a bad thing”

Miss Independent “Can you tell the LIVE viewers what awards, as in plural a.k.a MORE THAN ONE, you’re up for this year”

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Calum Hood

Laying Low “This is way too close for comfort”

Clingy Red Carpet Calum "Calum, kiss her on the cheek"’

Sweet Creature "That was helpful you dumb fuck”

Remember Us "Hey there, princess”

Toxic “That’s your girlfriend isn’t it?” "Yeah, isn’t she hot?“

Honey, I’m Home "A kid in the big kid grades said that his daddy and mommy read something that said you guys hate each other”

Honey, I’m Home Pt. 2  "I don’t believe you are legally a Hood, not at the moment.“

Remember Us Pt. 2

Happier "I have history with one of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t like their music.“

Remember Us Pt. 3 "Is that Calum?“

Happier Pt. 2 "Oh…the tear stains?“

Burn "I think you should tell the world what happened between you and Calum”

Banished “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!“

Untitled "Walk out that door and…I’ll never forgive you!”

Jealous of the Rain "Yes, yes I am! I’m very jealous…”

A Team “Don’t talk about her like that”

Serendipity “You’re not a terrible person, why are you even sorry?”

You, Just You “Well I don’t, as I’m the one that fucks him–”

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Harry Styles

Doll “I am a grown ass woman Styles, I can handle my self! Sike!”

Questions “She obviously doesn’t like your dumbass questions”

Friendzoned M.C - chapter 1

Originally posted by cliffxrdsloveaffair

Summary: Nyla thought a trip to Bali with her best friend was all she needed to escape her problems but she didn’t know that things are always complicated. Even in a tropical destination with your best friends, things can get pretty heated. In good ways and in bad.

A/N: I did say this in my previous post but this fanfic is really long and it’s kinda crappy buuut there’s some cute Michael fluff and smut in here so if you hate most of it I hope you like the fluff + smut. Also the way Crystal is written in this book is no way what I think of her in real life, I think her and Michael are really cute and I do ship them together as a couple.

- Find my Masterlist here -

- chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 -


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