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Shower Talk (Calum Imagine)


“Stop trying to start a fight, Y/N,” he said coldly.

You whirled around to face him. “I’m not trying to start anything, Calum!”

“Then why are you yelling?”

Taking a deep breath, you tried to control your voice. “All I’m saying is that I thought we’d be spending more time together since you’re only home for a few weeks. We’re supposed to be best friends.”

He shook his head and flung his jacket over his shoulder. “I’m late to meet up with the guys. We can talk about this later.”

“Oh my God, this is exactly what I’m talking about!”

He just looked at you. “See you later,” he finally said, and headed for the front door of your apartment.

“You’ve changed,” you muttered softly.

Turning back to look at you, he opened his mouth to speak, then seemed to think better of it. He walked out the door, shutting it with a click.

“Ugh,” you said to yourself, collapsing back onto the couch. You couldn’t believe him. It had taken him five days to make time to see you, and even still, he had only been at your place for half an hour before storming out. You weren’t an idiot, you knew where he was going every night. You saw all the pictures online of some girls draped over his arm, always with a drink in his hand. He’d always been pretty wild, but even you couldn’t have predicted all of the partying. The rockstar lifestyle was clearly going to his head.

You made yourself dinner and ate it alone, watching a whale documentary that you had planned to watch with him. It was hard to stay focused on the whales, though, when you felt like your friendship was crumbling and there was nothing to do about it. Were you being uptight about it? You didn’t think so, but clearly he did.

Heading for the bathroom, you closed the door behind you and stripped off your clothing as the shower’s steam began to fill up the room. You stepped beneath the stream and immediately felt more relaxed, the tension leaving your muscles as the warm water cascaded over your back. You sighed, closing your eyes and just allowing yourself to feel calmed.

And then someone was barging into the bathroom, shouting your name. You shrieked and looked desperately around for something in the shower to defend yourself with.

“Y/N, Y/N, it’s me,” the voice said.


“Yeah, it’s me,” he said again over the running water.

You took a deep breath and leaned against the shower tiles. “Jesus, Cal, when I gave you a spare key I didn’t think you’d barge in on me while I’m showering.”

“Sorry about that,” he said.

“Don’t let it happen again. Now get out.”

“I need to talk to you.”

“It can wait until I’m not naked.”

“No it can’t.

“Yes it can, Cal,” you said, poking your head out from behind the shower curtain to find him standing awkwardly by the sink, his hands behind is back. “Now get the fuck out of here,” you continued.

He raised an eyebrow. “No, not until we sort this out.”

You closed the curtain once more, now talking directly to the shower tiles. “Sort what out?” you asked.

“You know what I’m talking about,” he said. You didn’t reply, still staring stubbornly at the white shower tiles. “Fine,” he finally said after a few long moments of silence. “I’m coming in there and we’re talking about this.”

You almost called his bluff, but then you heard the sounds of him removing his shoes. Not knowing what to do, you still stared at those tiles until the shower curtain was pulled back and he stepped inside with you, fully clothed save for his shoes and socks. You immediately crossed your arms over your chest.

But when he looked at you, he directly met your eyes. “You were right,” he said, evidently not caring that his t-shirt and jeans were getting soaked.

“About what?”

“I haven’t been spending enough time with you.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, and I’m sorry.”

“Oh really?”

“Come on, Y/N, stop giving me the cold shoulder here. I’m trying to do the right thing. I’m standing in your shower apologising.”

You sighed. “Alright, jeez. What made you have this sudden change of heart?”

“I was driving downtown and I was just thinking and I kind of realised… I’ve been in such a bad mood all week and it’s because we haven’t been talking as much. And I hate that. It’s the worst.”


He ran a hand through his hair, clearly exasperated. “Because you’re my best friend.”

Finally, you said, “I forgive you, Cal. Thanks. But next time, can we maybe hang out somewhere that isn’t my shower?”

He smiled. “Maybe. I’m not sure, though, I’m liking the view,” he said, glancing down for the first time then back up at you.

You almost smacked him. “You’re a fuckboy, now get out,” you said, opening the shower curtain for him

“Wait, can I kiss you first?” he asked, still grinning that cocky grin.

Your jaw dropped. “No, fuck you.”

But he kissed you anyway, quickly and lightly, both of your lips wet from the shower. The kiss shocked you, left you speechless as he pulled away, smiled that arrogant smile once more, and stepped out of the shower. “I’ll be waiting out there,” he called to you. You heard the door close, then there was just the sound of the running water, now going cold. Then, inexplicably, you felt yourself smile.

4. Teach Me

part 4 of my Luke short story. things are getting smutty up in here. 

part 1 * part 2 * part 3*


since you were currently on top of Luke you decided to get off of him and stand up in front of him. he followed you and connected your lips as he placed his hands on the side of your face. the simple act always seemed to comfort you.

 you moved your hands down to his pants again…the nerves started to kick in as you unbuttoned his black skinny jeans and pulled down the zipper. your hands started to shake a little and he noticed. he places his finger under your chin to force you to look up at him.

 "baby you are shaking…lets stop and just do something else" he says as he moves to take your hands in his. 

“i’m fine. just a bit nervous” you admit “and i’m not stopping….not yet” he nodded his head in understanding and let you continue. but as you reached back for his jeans your hands betrayed you and started shaking again.

“start up here” Luke says as he places your hands on the hem of his shirt. you slid your hands under it and ran your fingers across his stomach as he kissed you harder.

 you took the shirt in your hands and moved it up his body till you had to disconnect your lip to pull it off completely. as soon as the shirt was off his lips were back on yours.  

your hands roamed his now naked torso as his lips moved to your jaw and then to your neck. you started to feel a little bit of your confidence come back so you reached back to his unzipped pants and started to pull them down. since he wears the kind of pants that he does.. you struggled so Luke laughed and finished taking them off on his own. 

once he had tossed them to the side he was standing in front of you in just his tight dark blue boxers. he took your hand and lead you back towards the end of the bed. he sat down and pulled you onto his lap so you were straddling him. 

“this doesn’t seem fair” Luke tells you. 

 "what do you mean?“

“well i’m almost naked right now..and will be very naked soon. yet here you are completely dressed" 

you thought about it for a minuet and then stood back up in front of him and pulled your shirt over your head exposing your bra. you were reluctant to expose yourself but seeing the look on Luke’s face made it all worth while. 

"maybe a little more” he suggested so you decided to remove your jeans. you started to feel insecure but  reminded yourself that he wouldn’t be seeing anything more than what he would if you were at the beach. 

once you were undressed you just stood there feeling a little awkward.

 "come back” Luke whispered as he reached his hands out towards you. you walked back to him and he helped you return to your previous position on his lap. you could feel his hard on more now then before and all you wanted to do was touch it…but you didn’t really know how to do it. he noticed you staring at the space between your bodies and smiled at your innocence. 

“do you want me to help you start?” Luke asked and you thought about it a few moments before you nodded your head yes. 

Luke helped you scoot your body back a little farther down his lap so there was more room.  he noticed your eyes focusing on the bulge hiding in is boxers and pulled your focus back to his face. 

he kissed you as he reached down and pulled his hard on out from his boxers. you felt his hand find yours and bring it to his erection. once you felt your fingers brush his skin you couldn’t help but look. 

when you looked down to see his hand wrapped around it and you were surprised by his size. you knew how many inches was the average…and you could tell it was larger then that. he took your hand in his and replaced his with yours. he placed his hand on top of yours to help guid you and took your free hand into his to just hold. 

“look at me baby” he said as you looked up to make eye contact with him as he started to move both of your hands up and down his length. he helped to show you what pace to go at before he removed his hand from yours and let you work on him alone.

you pumped him for a while while you watched the way his face reacted to your actions. it told you what places caused him the most pleasure and showed you that he really liked it when your fingers touched his tip. knowing that you were causing him pleasure gave you the confidence you needed to attempt the other thing you wanted to give him…a blow job. 

you let go of his member and it fell to his stomach. his eyes watched you took a a moment to think about what the next step moved off of his lap and to the empty space next to him.

“scoot back” you told him once you decided how you wanted to do it. he watched you as he moved his body closer to the head of his bed.

 he helped you remove his boxers and then tossed them somewhere behind you.  you kneeled on the bed in between his legs and reached your hand towards his waiting member once again.

 he was leaning on his elbows watching your every move.

“stop looking…its make me more nervous” you tell him being completely serious but he just laughed as he dropped his body down flat as he looked up at the ceiling.  

you started moving your hand on his length like before as you place your face closer to his member… but you cant bring yourself to open your mouth and let it in.

 "everything okay down there?“ Luke asks you since it seems you are taking a while to get started. 

“well define okay..” you say with a small nervous laugh. he laughs also and leans back up on his elbows. 

“its not that hard i promise…well i mean i’ve never done it obviously..but you know what i mean” he rambles out as you laugh at his comment.  "want me to teach you…or give you tips or something?“ he asked and you nodded your head. 

"come here” he said as he sat up even more and leaned his back on the head board. you repositioned yourself in this new position and looked up at Luke’s face. 

“all you have to do is just try and keep your teeth out of the way… and everything will be fine” he says right before you were about to take him into your mouth.

 "well now i’m nervous about that too” you say as you back away from him a bit and he just laughs

 "how bout this…just do what you think is right and i will let you know if its good or not"

“well what if its bad?”

“you are overthinking this…its not a big deal. and if it really is making you this uncomfortable then we should just stop” he says being sincere but you just shook your head no and went for it. 

you took him in your mouth as you heard Luke let out  a breath at your action. you gave attention to his tip being a little nervous to try and take more.  he took both your hands in his and moved one to the base of his length and the other stayed in his hand resting it next to his leg. 

you got the hint and started moving your hand on him while trying to take more into your mouth. you took as much as you could..which wasn’t much since he was rather large and it was only your first time… and you heard a moan escape Luke’s lips.  you took that as a sign you were doing something right and continued. 

when you released him from your mouth so you could rest your jaw and breathe for a few seconds he took the opportunity for a teaching moment. 

“you should…can you…lick here” he says quietly while breathing heavy as he points to the head of his penis. even in a moment like this his shyness finds a way to come out. you give all your attention to his tip as you continued your hand movements. 

“i’m…i’m gonna cum” he was close so you continued your actions. 

“babe” he says suddenly with his hand on your shoulder pushing you away gently.   

you moved you mouth off of him  and used just your hands to finish him off. his breathing became faster as your hand moved faster. suddenly you watched as his eyes closed as his lip was taken in between his teeth as you felt him twitch in your hand.

you looked down right as the warm white fluid left his member and landed on you..your hands…your chest..and even some on your stomach since you had been leaning over him slightly.

 you stopped your hand when it seemed that nothing more was going to come out. 

Luke finally opened his eyes and reached out for you. he placed his hand on the back of your head and brought you to his face so he could kiss you.

 "was it okay?“ you asked feeling nervous.

“okay? no it wasn’t okay” he says as you back away from him offended.

 "no” he quickly says when he realizes what you thought he meant. “what i meant was it wasn’t just okay…it was amazing” he tells you smiling as he kisses you again. “but now i think it’s your turn” he informs you with a smirk. 


A/N- hope you guys like the first smutty part! this part is extra long so i hope you like that! i had a hard time figuring out how to write the blow job part for some reason..but i think it turned out okay. its late and i need to finish some homework still so i only read it once to edit…so sorry for any mistakes. 



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To people mad about State Champs opening for 5sos

Some of you may have heard that the band State Champs will be preforming with the boys during the Aus and NZ part of their shows. Congratulations to State Champs for getting this opportunity! I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about this which I find ridiculous. People on Twitter have been saying that a lot of 5sos stans are being “fake fans” to State Champs. This attitude is gross and needs to be stopped. I get that your band means a lot to you but getting pissed about new fans is disgusting. Not everyone is privileged to know of a band from the beginning. It is okay to find a band from another band. Getting mad over that isn’t cool.  

Apparently this guy in my class complained to one of my friends about how I almost always wear leggings and I literally walked up to him and said, and i quote; “when you start pulling those damn pants on, I’ll start wearing more jeans” and just walked away. He avoided me for the rest of the week.

He gets sick/hurt and the boys call you - Calum

A/N: Hey guys so this is the next one, this one was requested :) so thank you to the person who requested it. The next one will be Liam’s, also requested, so stay tuned.

Here are the ones I’ve already done!




You were traveling on tour with the your boyfriend Calum and the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer but given the few early wake up calls and the next one scheduled for the next morning, you had opted for staying in your own room, without Calum, to catch up on some much needed sleep. You crawled into bed early and quickly fell into a deep slumber only to be woken a few hours later by a banging  on your door. In a dazed state you got up and stumbled towards the door, to find a dishevelled Luke standing there. “Luke?” your raspy voice asked in confusion. “Sorry to wake you Y/N, but Cal’s sick” Luke told you quickly. “What, what’s wrong?” you asked, brows still knitted together in confusion. “I don’t know,” Luke replied, “he’s locked himself in the bathroom and won’t let me in.” You groaned, running a hand over your face in an attempt to clear your tired mind, “right ok, you stay here, just take my room for the night and I’ll go to Cal” you decided. Luke nodded and was quick to pass over his room key and you quickly rushed down the hall.

Reaching Luke and Calum’s room you were quick to unlock the door and find yourself in front of the locked bathroom door. You knocked lightly on the door and were immediately met with a groan from the other side, “go away Luke” came Calum’s strained reply. “Cal babe, it’s not Luke it’s me Y/N” you said softly, leaning against the door. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” Calum questioned. “Luke came and got me, hon can you let me in?” you requested hopefully. Another groan was heard from the other side before a small click sounded and when you tried the handle again, the door swung open. You stepped inside to find your shirtless and very sweaty boyfriend slumped to the ground near the toilet, his flushed cheek resting against the cool white tiles. You rushed forward to crouch by his side, hand reaching out to brush loose strands of hair from sticking to his forehead. “Oh Cal, what happened, you weren’t feeling sick earlier were you?” you asked, trying to remember any signs of Calum feeling ill, but couldn’t. “No,” he whimpered, “woke up a while ago and just started throwing up,” he just managed to get out, before he bolted upright, leaning over the toilet bowl again, his body convulsing while he gagged into the bowl. You rubbed at his back, trying to support him until he was finished before helping him to lower himself back to the ground. “Ok Cal,” you said, keeping your voice soothing, “I think you might have food poisoning, what did you have for dinner, was it different to the other boys?” “Mmm” Calum agreed with a nod, “sushi.” You nodded, “alright, I hate to tell you this, but I think the only option here is to wait until your body rejects all of the bad food” you told him sympathetically. Calum’s only reaction was to once again throw up the minimal contents left of his stomach before groaning as he collapsed back to the ground.

You spent the next few exhausting hours on the bathroom floor, next to Calum. There were a few times when you tried to move him back to the bedroom, but the slightest movement had him clutching at his stomach and cringing in pain. Instead you settled for supporting his tired body with your own and keeping a cool cloth to wipe down his fever heated skin, while he spent the time alternating between throwing up and groaning.

At about 3 am the next morning, both of your eyelids heavy with the need for sleep, Calum had finally stopped throwing up and the cramps in his stomach seemed to be easing, though he still maintained a raging fever. You kept up a steady hand, running along Calums back while he lay, curled on the ground his head resting on your lap. After quite  awhile of silence, your head rested against the bathroom wall you glanced back down to see that Calum’s eyelids had finally slipped closed and he seemed to be in a reasonably peaceful sleep. Gently you managed to shift his head and lift yourself from the ground. You walked out of the bathroom and retrieved a stack of pillows and some blankets before coming back to Calum. You settled back down on the ground, moving Calum so he was again resting on you. This time though, you lay on your own pillow and pulled the blankets around the both of you, settling in to spend the rest of the early morning hours, with Calum, on the bathroom floor.

You were woken not two hours later by the rest of the band, “Y/N, Calum” you heard them calling through the room. “We’re in the bathroom” you called softly back, trying not to wake Calum, though you could already see him starting to stir. “Oh hey Y/N” Mikey called, “Is Cal ready for the radio interview?” he asked just as he turned the corner. “I’ll take that as a no” he then concluded, as the three of them took in the image of you and Calum curled on the bathroom floor, Calum still looking pale and sweaty. “No” you agreed, “Calum definitely won’t be joining you today,” you struggled to pull yourself into a seated position. “But before you go, can you please help me get him into bed?” you asked. The three boys nodded and all moved forward, helping each other to lift Calum and then shuffle into the other room, to gently place him on the bed. “Just give me a minute, I’ll be ready” Calum’s raspy voice mumbled. “No way!” the four of you said almost in unison, “we’ll see you later mate, when you’re feeling better” the boys told Calum, leaving you with the boy who was still trying to insist he’d be fine. 

A/N: Hi lovelies, hope you like this one, please let me know if you did, I would love to hear your feedback. 

The Other Girl (Final)

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Chapter Ten 

Calum sat on the couch but I was too anxious to sit, to stand still. I paced back and forth from the window, looking out into his mom’s neatly kept garden. I was pulling at my bottom lip, finding enough courage to face Calum. 
“Can you please sit down you’re making me nervous.” He gently demanded. I looked at him. I was making him nervous? He’s the one that told me he wanted to talk in person and I’m pacing so fast that I could start a fire in the carpet. 

I took a deep breath and sat a good foot apart from him. I turned to look at him as he slowly crept his body on the edge of the brown, leather couch. “You were always the one who would drop everything at the sound of a hat for people you care about.” He began. I didn’t know if it was a compliment or insult at this point. 

“I’ve always cared for you, you know that, right?” He asked. 
“Of course I know. What’s going on Cal?” I asked. 
“I broke up with Sarah… a few nights ago.” I took in a deep breath. What did this mean? Did he want to tell me in person that we still couldn’t be friends? 
“Are you alright?” If he was sad I wanted to comfort him. I was always going to be his friend above all. 
“You do love me, don’t you?” Calum asked.

I didn’t understand his question. Of course he knew I loved him. I told him at the Halloween party and if my actions don’t display it then he must be really dim. 
“You know I do Calum. Why would you ask that?” I asked. 
“Because the first thing you asked me after I tell you that Sarah and I broke up is, ‘are you alright,’ You put my feelings above your own.” Calum scooted closer to me as I took in his words. I was being a good friend. I didn’t want Calum to be hurt and if he was, I was there to comfort him. 

He rested his right hand on my knee and the familiar warmth spread throughout my body. His touch always made me feel like I was on fire. “I’m fine though. I wanted to break up with Sarah because I realized something.” 

“And what’s that?” I was looking at his hand on my knee. He placed two fingers underneath my chin to tilt my head up to look at him. I was locked into his intense gaze, his dark orbs, making me feel like complete goo. 

“I’m in love with you. It took me forever to figure it out. I’ve always cared about you and the worst decision I’ve made was breaking those promises to you. It will always tear me up knowing that I hurt you but I want to remake those promises again and keep them. Act upon them.” 

I could feel the tears sting the back of my eyes but I didn’t look away from Calum. These were happy tears. I’ve been dying to hear him say those words to me for months. I’ve wanted Calum since the day we met and hearing him say that he wanted those things too made my heart skip widely and cause a huge Cheshire grin to appear on my face. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting you to say those words.” 

I pressed my lips against his. Kissing him gently. Pouring every emotion I felt for him in that kiss. His hands worked their way around my back to pull me closer into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my fingers tangling in the hair on the base of his neck. “I love you Tallinn. God, I so fucking love you.” 

I laughed against his lips, earning a quick jab at my hip. “I love you too Calum, so fucking very much.” 


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6. choose/open up a fanfiction
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enjoy. i never thought i would be read smut as a bedtime story ;)))



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Rule breaker part 3

A/N: This part is the shortest and took the longest I’m so sorry I’ve just been so busy with school and exams! Here’s part 3, I didn’t proof read it so sorry if it’s bad or if there are any mistakes! I advise you all to read the previous parts before this or you won’t understand :)

Part 1 (x
Part 2 (x)


Next Wednesday I walked into class half an hour late. My classics teacher was the snobbiest, strictest teacher I had to put up with so I waited at the door for what felt like hours under everyone’s stare as I waited for my detention slip. Calum may or may not have told everyone about our intimate sessions that went on for like two days, along with various other rumours. I would dread this class every single day because I was forced to sit beside him for the whole period. He wasn’t friendly anymore, or flirtatious. When we had to discuss a topic with our partners, Calum and I wouldn’t speak. He was treating this whole fall out like a child. I didn’t do anything other than ditch him the day he invited me over to his house. I felt bad, yes. Was it a dick move? Yes. But I didn’t deserve to be treated like one of his sluts –correction: one of the school sluts that basically fucks every boy on the football team- no. I didn’t have Calum’s number and he didn’t have mine, but when he really wanted to get something he wants; he got it. I dreaded my classes every single day. It’s like everyone knew my insides and out; and all that because of Calum. What a scum bag.

I thought that Calum could never really be mad at someone, that he’d just make fun of them for his own happiness. Because that’s how he felt superior; he’d bring someone else down for his own pride

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How to…
Imagine you were dating Calum since a couple of months and let’s just say your relationship was very physical. Physical meaning constant cuddles and make out sessions and let’s face it: a lot of sex. One of you always happened to be horny. Well with a boyfriend as hot as yours, who could judge you really?
So you were casually chilling on the couch with Calum watching a movie since it was raining and you couldn’t go out. It was just one of those lazy days. Cal and you had ordered Chinese and just as Elsa built her snow castle, the doorbell rang and Calum freed himself out of your legs and arms.
The knock came again.
“Alright, alright. Geez, I’m coming ok?”
Soon a familiar voice caught your attention and you sat up quickly grabbing the remote.
“Luke!” Calum let out, but the lanky boy had already let himself inside and headed straight for the living room.
“We were just watching f-”
Calum tried to explain quickly as he stumbled after Luke embarrassed.
“Football.” You finished calums sentence and his eyes went to the tv where actually there was no more disney movie but actually football on. He smirked at you, but you knew he was grateful for protecting his maleness in front of his band member. Calum was the biggest puppy whenever you were together alone, but as soon as one of his band members was around he felt like he had to prove something to them or impress them. You found it quite cute how much he cared about what his bandmates though of him, and that he pretended to be cool, but actually he was just your little dork.
You secretly winked at your dork of a boyfriend, before turning your attention to Luke.
“What do we owe this pleasure, Mr. Hemmings?”
“I … Umm…” Luke was clearly uncomfortable. He scratched the back of his neck, while looking from you to Calum and back again.
“Luke? What’s wrong?”
“I can see this I a bad time. I’ll just leave and we’ll talk later. It’s not that important anyway.”
“You went out while it was pouring and you’re soaked, I’m not convinced it’s not important.” You stated the obvious as Luke looked down at himself. You sighed and turned to Calum.
“Cal, Why don’t you just go get some dry clothes for Luke and a towel maybe?”
Calum nodded quickly and ran up the stairs.
“What happened?”
“It’s not so much what happened, more like what didn’t happen.”
Luke fell down on the couch next to you and you pulled your legs up, before turning to face Luke. You didn’t realize you were only wearing panties and calums shirt until Luke swallowed hard.
“Oh shit! Sorry, Luke.” You said quickly putting a pillow to cover your crotch.
“So last night at the party there was this girl and she wanted to … You know..”
Luke made a gesture with his hand, trailing off while looking at you expectantly.
“Take a picture with you?” You questioned.
“No she wanted me to do something.”
“Follow her on twitter? Luke why don’t you just tell me ..”
“Have sex with her” He blurted and his cheeks reddened immediately.
“Oh!” You chuckled. “Well that’s good isn’t it?”
“Yes, well no. Because we didn’t end up…”
“Having sex?” You questioned again, but this time Luke nodded.
“Why not?” You couldn’t help but ask curiously.
“Because I don’t … I haven’t… I mean I can’t…”
Luke sighed in frustration as he didn’t find the right words. He took in a deep breath before whispering.
“I don’t know how to touch a girl.”
“Come again?”
You heard perfectly well what Luke said, but you must have misheard. Luke Hemmings was shy when it came to sex?
“Please don’t make me say it again.”
You realized he was being serious.
“Oh! Um… What did you do the other times?” You asked unsure of what else to say.
“There hasn’t really been any other time.”
He admitted quietly.
“Are you a virgin?”
“No need to make it sound so pathetic.”
“No, no! Not at all, but you’ve left parties with so many girls.”
“Yeah but I only took them out for something to eat, before I brought them home.”
You couldn’t help but smile at the tall guy, with a lip piercing who was currently wetting your couch.
“You’re laughing at me.”
Luke stated hurt and embarrassed.
“No! I’m not. I’m really not I promise. I think it’s adorable, what you did. I just thought of you differently from what Cal told me.”
“Cal doesn’t know I’m still a virgin. No one knows.”
“Why did you tell me then?”
“I wanted to tell Cal and ask him for advice on how to you know…”
“Luke please just say it.”
“Make a girl orgasm.”
“Are you talking about my girlfriend about orgasms? Why was I not invited to this?”
Calum chuckled as he handed Luke the clothes and the towel, but you got an idea.
“Hey Cal?”
“What’s up baby girl?”
“Luke here just told me he is worried he won’t sexually please his future girlfriend and he came here to ask you for some advice and I just had this great idea. I hope you too are up for it.”
Luke and Calum stared at you in anticipation.
“Why don’t teach Luke a few of your tricks?” You chuckled as both boys swallowed hard, already knowing where this was heading and added cheekily: “On me.”

#103: The Silent Treatment

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An irritated sigh escaped your lips as you rolled your eyes and looked behind you from sitting in front of the counter on a barstool in your kitchen, watching as Luke leaned his chin against the back cushion of the sofa he was resting on, a smirk plastered around his beautiful face features. “What do you want?” You asked, pressing your pencil into your chin and looking at him tired. Your mood wasn’t the best right now, you have used more than three hours on working on some kind of assignment for University, but could not get it finished at all since Luke came to interrupt with whatever news he had in mind, whether it had something to do what had happened in the studio or just on his way home from work today. “Your attention.” He smiled cheekily, sticking his tongue out at you. “Please, just stop Luke.” You mumbled, shaking your head at him and trying to focus back on your assignment, but it seemed to get interrupted again. “Y/N you literally have to hear what Michael did in the studio today it was the funniest thing eve-“ “Please, Luke, can’t you tell me all of this after dinner, I’m trying to focus and you’re ruining it.” You said frustrated, looking back at him irritated. Not wanting to deal with him anymore you shut your mouth closed and focused on your assignment, blocking the world out. “Are you ignoring me now?” He asked, sitting on his knees on the couch, and when there was no answer, he made a fake gobsmocked expression. “Are you giving me the silent treatment?” He warned in question, standing up from the couch and being ignored completely from you. “You think you can just ignore me like that and get away with it?” Luke chuckled from behind you, yet you didn’t move in your seat, just keeping on looking at the notepad in front of you and just focusing on the letters in front of you, wanting to finish it as fast as possible. Even though you didn’t turn around, you could literally see Luke in your mind standing with his arms crossed and his teeth bighting onto his bottom lip as he smirked over at you, and you could hear his footsteps as he started to walk closer towards you, stopping just as he was a few centimeters behind you. “Baby if I tell you that I’m really really sorry, will you forgive me.” He mumbled into your hairline, his cologne thick in the air and almost at the point of seducing you and making your mind dizzy. “Because I am.” He said, starting to kiss the skin of your shoulder. You were about to open your mouth and speak up, telling him to literally just fuck off because even though he was apologizing for interrupting you from making your homework before, he was clearly doing it again and preventing you from finishing it. Luke let out a huff as his seducing methods clearly didn’t affect you at all which made him take a step back in thought, scratching his stubby chin, his eyes going wide as he thought of something. “Y/N if you won’t speak, I’ll use dirty tricks for this.” Your eyes went wide by Luke’s sudden threat clearly knowing what he was going to do. Without further ado, Luke’s hands came up to your waist, starting to tickle as much as he could around your sides and as he predicted you started to spit out giggles by his sudden movements, shaking around in the chair to pry off his hands from your body. “You’re an idiot.” You exclaimed loudly with giggles, hitting in in the stomach with your elbow. “I just don’t like when you won’t talk to me.” He pouted, stopping and leaning his head on your shoulder. “I just need to finish this okay? It won’t take long but you keep on interrupting.” You explained, pressing your pencil into his pouty lips. “Fine, I won’t interrupt from now on, I promise.” He whined with a smile afterwards, pressing one final kiss to your shoulder before standing up and heading back to couch, continuing on watching How I Met Your Mother.


For some odd and unbelievable reason, Calum had been grumpy all day. Whether it had been the cause of too much work at the studio or just some old grumpy reasons you had no idea but one thing was for sure and that was that Calum was mad as hell and taking it all over you for no good reasons. “Is something bothering you?” You asked as you were resting on the bed in your bedroom, having Calum sit on a chair next to it with his feet on the mattress and his laptop resting in his lap. Calum looked up at you irritated, letting out a small grumble before mumbling out a no. “There is. I can tell.” You said more stern, moving around from resting on your back to rest on your stomach. “Nothing is wrong, okay Y/N, I’m just not in a mood for anything!” Calum’s harsh tone made your eyes go wide and your jaw hanging open, just staring at him as he gave you a small glare before staying silent from now, clearly too occupied with his laptop. “Calum put that fucking stick out of your ass, you have been grumpy all day and nothing seems to change your mood at all!” You exclaimed, throwing your phone onto the mattress to sit up straight on it, eyeing him but he didn’t move. “Oh so now you’re so mature and start to ignore me?” Calum didn’t even flick one muscle by your words, just keeping on looking in front of him on the screen and typing whatever onto his keyboard. “You’re such a freaking ass for giving me the silent treatment without any reasons at all!” You said in a huff and moving around so you could stand up from the mattress, starting to march towards the door. “Calum I’m gonna give you the last chance to say something to me otherwise I will get really mad.” You warned and usually at this point, Calum would always react and start to speak to you again but this time, he didn’t even flick his eyes up towards you just kept on typing. “You’re an idiot seriously.” You grumbled to yourself, starting to head towards the door but a thought crossed your mind which made you stop in track, and looking over at him before cocking your head. “Fine. If you wanna do it that way mister then I’m on.” Calum’s eyes didn’t remove from the screen as you spoke but you could see on him that he was clearly listening and probably guessing that you would be so insulted now and walking out of the room to crash on the couch. But to his surprise, you did the exact opposite, turning off the TV behind you and starting to take pieces of article of clothes off. Calum’s eyes couldn’t resist leaving his computer screen to look up at what you were doing occasionally even though he tried desperately to focus on the screen in front of him. Your smirk only grew bigger because you knew that he was still totally wrapped around your finger and it wouldn’t take long for him to break.  His breath started to hitch in his throat as you had now taking off your pants, leaving you in your panties and bra now. Your hand came up to wrap the elastic band out of your bun, your hair now falling down wild and curly around your shoulders. Calum took a last glance to watching you before grumbling, almost throwing his MacBook on the mattress next to him, marching towards you in two large steps before he wrapped his arms around your waist pressing you up against wall. “What a fucking tease you are.” “It’s literally the only way to get your attention.” You giggled, letting him wrap his lips around your earlobe and sucking. “Maybe I should give you the silent treatment more often if this happens each time.” Cal joked, placing his warm hand on your cheek before pressing his plump lips against yours in a wet heated kiss.


“Are they still mad at each other?” Ashton asked, leaning his body against the kitchen counter, Calum and Luke sitting in front of each other at the table, both with a bowl of breakfast in front of them. “Well Michael seemed to cool off, but Y/N is still mad as hell.” Luke said with mouth full with food, pointing his spoon down towards the back area. “She slept in there?” Ashton asked shocked, he hadn’t even realized that you hadn’t been in Michael’s bunk over the night. The boys had been silent audience to you and Michael’s rather pointless discussion last night, so pointless that they couldn’t even remember anymore why in the world it had started, even Michael had forgotten by now, but he still knew that you were mad as hell and didn’t want to interact with any of the boys at the moment. You both had fired off the silent treatment card towards each other and none of you seemed to bug in for attention.  But being on tour with the boys made it slight difficult to stay away from Michael to get space but Calum was gentle enough to suggest that you could sleep in for the night at the couches in the back of the tour bus, away from the boys and away from Michael. “Is Michael still sleeping?” Ash asked interested, but just as he had asked, Michael almost felt out of his bunk only in his boxers and eyes half shut. “Morning.” He mumbled with a yawn, looking over at the boys sleepily before heading towards the back area where you were, the boys looking at each other with wide eyes. “Let’s see if he’ll survive this.” Cal joked, watching as Michael went inside. His eyes landed on you who were sprawled out on the couch, lying on a blanket and having a white duvet over you to heat you up. Michael let out yet another yawn to see if you were awake, but he couldn’t conclude whether you were actually sleeping or just ignoring him. He thought for some seconds before taking action, starting to crawl onto the couch right next to where you were resting. “Mh- Move your ass, can’t sleep when you’re not around to let me wrap my arms around you.” Michael mumbled groggily as he rested his knees against the couch, lifting your duvet and inviting himself in. “Go away.” You mentally said in your head and wanted to speak up, yet didn’t say anything but didn’t fight against Michael as he squeezed his arm under your sides, pulling you into his chest afterwards. Michael leaned his head against yours and it didn’t take long for him to almost snooze off, his breathing getting deep and small snores leaving his lips. A small giggle slipped through your lips which made your eyes go wide and Michael formed a smirk still having his eyes closed. “I know you can’t stay silent and mad at me.” He mumbled into your ear, kissing you on the cheek repeatedly. “Yes I can.” You mumbled fake grumpy, moving your head so it was pressed into the pillow. “You literally just said something Y/N.” Michael laughed, pressing his nose into your cheek to make you move your head towards him again. “Okay, fine you fool.” You exclaimed, moving around so your face was pressed against his chest, a satisfied smile coming to Michael’s lips. “You can’t stay mad at me.” He cooed, looking down at you in provocation yet it was goofy. “I can, until you start acting like nothing has happened and then I can’t take anything seriously.” You mumbled tired, shutting your eyes. Michael let out a small giggle as replay, wrapping his arms tightly around you. “Will you sleep in my bunk tonight? It’s awfully cold with you.” You looked up at Michael to see he was already looking down at you, placing a small kiss to your forehead. “I will. No more silent treatment. For now of course.” You chuckled by the last part, Michael giving you a fake gobsmocked expression.


The loud massive noise of banging coming from your recording room in your house, or more likely Ashton’s recording room made the whole house sound like some kind of outcast for world war two video edition, the floor staring to reverberate to the beat of Ashton hitting his big drum with his foot and the aggressively was clear as a bright day. After so many hours of silent treatment, he was still pissed at you from when he had come home from the studio until now, the clock around 9am and people in the neighborhood wanting to go to bed but couldn’t because of Ashton’s loud banging. You had tried a few hours ago to try and make him stop, but the sound of your voice had only made everything worse and Ashton more aggressive on his drums, you could literally count from downstairs how many drumsticks he had broken since he kept throwing something towards the wall when silence felt for a few seconds until they appeared again. It was almost at the point of you forgetting why in the world he was mad at you but clearly Ashton could still remember that. It all had started out with you “attacking” him for forgetting dinner for tonight and as you expected, Ashton gave you some sort of lecture about how stressed he have been lately and working hard and he could continue his rant if you hadn’t stopped him. When you had said that you understood but still didn’t think that it was a good excuse Ashton had been mad as hell, clearly not seeing it from your point of view even though you were just as stressed as him, just in a different way than him. Since then you had tried to befriend him but for some odd reason, he didn’t want to be near you in any way, not talk with you and behaving childish and giving you the silent treatment. At first, you had thought he was just acting and would cool down after some minutes, but clearly Ash had other things in his mind. And that was what he was doing now, drumming like life depended in his recording room. Without anybody to buy the dinner, you had made yourself to rise from the couch to go the grocery store without telling Ashton, he wouldn’t even notice if so, and cook a meal for him. The question was then if he even wanted something, so you went up to his recording room and walked straight into it without knocking, not that it would help anyways. ”Are you just gonna drum all of your madness away?” You exclaimed loudly to make sure Ashton could hear it over the loud banging, yet he didn’t seem to react or care, just keeping on banging his drums like life depended on it. “Fine.” You huffed, throwing your hair over your shoulder and walking out of his recording room, clearly acting girl insulted now and doing the exact same as him, ignoring his presence and walking down the stairs again to fix the rest of the dinner. Ashton stopped in track just as soon as the door had smacked shot, looking behind him and breathing uncontrolled. He took a look back towards the door before hearing your footsteps heading towards the stairs which made him throw his drumsticks to the floor before standing up and opening the door in a fast move. You could hear the door open but it didn’t seem to affect you as you were now the one trying to act pissed off, but just as soon as Ashton wrapped his arms around your small form, you were caught. “I’m sorry okay. I felt like an idiot earlier and I couldn’t get myself to admit that to you because I felt ashamed of yelling at you. Do you forgive me?” He asked, leaning his sweaty forehead against yours. You looked up at him with no emotion on your face but as he started to kiss your forehead you couldn’t remain in position. “Fine.” You mumbled which made him send an award-winning smile towards you, “Good because I was fearing that you wouldn’t let me have any of the dinner tonight.”

We're Having A Baby!

Request: where Y/N is pregnant and your husband or boyfriend and y/n tell the band the news (5sos) and could you do it will all the boys if not idc who the hubbie




“Please?” You beg.

“Why?” He groans, lulling his head back into the couch cushion.

“Because it’s a child! Your child! And your best friends should know about it.” You say.

“Fine.” He whines, sitting up and wrapping his arms around you.

“When?” You ask, as he restshis face in the crook of your neck.

“Tonight, at the show.” He smiles.

“Calum that is such a bad idea.” You say.

“That’s why we’re doing it.” He laughs, standing up and walking out of the room before you can protest.



“This next song is called ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and-” Luke starts, but he is interrupted by Calum.

You whine, as he motions for you to come on stage. You walk out, smiling as the crowd roars, making the ground shake.

“Y/N what’s up?” Michael laughs.

You smile, and wave, looking over at the red headed boy.

“We have an announcement.” Calum blurts out. You press your hand to your forehead, smiling cheekily and shaking your head.

“What is it bro?” Luke asks.

“Well..Uh so you know how we sing ‘a mixed tape straight out of 94’ in this song, right?” Calum asks. You look at him, dreading how he is going to relate this to the matter at hand.

“Mhm?” Ashton asks, wiping his sweaty forehead.

“Well, we are going to have a baby straight out of Y/N.” He says, patting your stomach, you giggle, rolling your eyes at him.

“Woah congrats man!” The boys say, walking over to embrace you two. You walk off stage, and after the show, the boys take you out to dinner, and you talk all night about what the baby is going to be like.

“It’s gonna look asian. Get it? Because Calum is asian?” Michael laughs.

“I’M NOT ASIAN!” Calum shouts, making you giggle.

“I love you.” You say, shaking your head.

He smiles, kissing you lightly on the cheek. “You’re the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.” He smiles. “And I love you too.” He adds.




You are hunched over the toilet, spilling your guts into the small white bowl. Luke is sat behind you, stroking your back, cooing about how it will all be over soon. After a while, your hurling is over, and you and Luke lay on the bathroom floor of the hotel, your eyes getting tired and his staring right at you.

“Hey Luke-ahh yuck.” Ashton says, barging into the bathroom.

“Dude get out.” Luke says.

“Why does it smell so bad in here?” He asks, pinching his nose.

“Because it does now leave.” Luke says.

“Fine, fine.” He says, walking out.
“We should probably tell them.” You whisper into Luke’s shirt.

“I know.” He responds.
“I want to do it now.” You say.

“Okay, whatever you want baby.” He says, helping you off of the floor. You walk out of the bathroom, and find all three boys sitting on your bed, watching TV. You sit in a chair and watch as Luke goes and turns off the TV, the boys start yelling at him and you have an idea.

“Fuck you Luke!” Calum yells.

“Dude what the hell?” Ashton yells.

“God damn it Luke, way to screw everything up.” Michael says.

You stand, walking over to Luke and the boys, who are yelling profanities at each other.

“I hope you guys don’t use this kind of language when baby Hemmings arrives.” You smile.

All of the boys stop, turning their gaze to you.

“You-You’re pregnant?” Ashton asks.

You smile, taking Luke’s hand in yours. “Yep.” You smile.

“Way to get some, Lucas, I didn’t know you lost your virginity!” Michael teases.

“Shut the fuck up.” Luke snaps.

“Congratulations!” Ashton says, hugging you tightly as Michael and Luke yell at each other.

“Congrats, Y/N. I’m so happy that your baby gets to have the best godfather ever.” Calum smiles, hugging you.

“Yeah I know, I’m pretty awesome.” Michael states.

“I meant me.” Calum snarls.

You roll your eyes as the second round of yelling starts. Luke and you stand with your arms intertwined, his hand resting on your stomach.

“I’m lucky I have you, Mrs. Hemmings.” He smiles.

“I’m lucky I have you too, Mr. Hemmings.” You smile.

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Never Be The Same (Calum Imagine)

A/N: based loosely on the song Explosions by Ellie Goulding.  Masterlist.

His eyes went dead before you even told him.  The guilt was overwhelming, crushing you, and then you saw his eyes go empty because he knew you well, too well, and you could feel yourself trembling as you stood with him on your front porch.  The wind was blowing your hair all around, mimicking the tornado ravaging your mind, but you barely noticed.  You knew you were the worst person on the planet, that no one could possibly be more evil than you.  So you took a deep breath and you told him.

Told him you cheated on him while he was away.  And you expected him to be angry, to yell and call you worthless.  You didn’t expect him to cry.  You didn’t expect him to collapse on your front porch as the wind mixed with his howls of anguish.  And you certainly didn’t expect him to stay there until the sun had risen above the horizon.  But he did.  

You knew you had lost him as he finally, painfully rose to his feet and stood before you.  His face was broken into a million pieces.  He was looking at you, but his gaze was cold.  Then he turned and walked into the house, leaving you alone on the porch.  You stayed there, watching the world grow lighter around you.  You deserved whatever happened next, you reminded yourself.  But you still loved him.  If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have told him at all.  Could you love him enough to let him go?  He deserved someone better than you, but you didn’t want him to be with anyone else.  Then again, he probably hadn’t wanted you to be with anyone else, either, but you had to go and fuck everything up.  One moment of weakness, and you had wrecked everything you cared about.

He emerged from the house, a duffle bag on his shoulder.  As he walked to his car, neither of you spoke.  He tossed the bag into the backseat, then paused with one hand on the door handle and turned to face you.  "Did I mean anything to you?“ he asked, his voice icy as he spoke for the first time since you had told him.

He hadn’t spoken loudly, but the wild wind carried his words to you easily, slapping you in the face like a splash of cold water.  "Of course, Calum.  I love you,” you replied softly.

Shaking his head, his voice grew louder.  "No, you don’t.  You don’t cheat on people if you love them.“

"I’m not trying to excuse what I did; it’s unforgivable. But you left me here, in a country where I know no one, so you could go be king of the world for a little while. I was lonely.”

“Great,” he replied flatly, and turned to get in the car.

“So what?” you shouted.  "Should I move home?  Is that it?“

"What do you think?” he yelled back.

“Don’t act like you’d never thought about banging one of those millions of girls that come to your shows, Calum.”  You knew trying to make him feel guilty was the last solution to this problem, but you suddenly wanted to make him angry.  Wanted to make him show any emotion.

He turned back to face you, and finally, his eyes were no longer dead, but burned fiery.  "Maybe I have, but I never did.  Do you want to know why? Because I loved you and I was committed to only you.  Thank God I don’t have to worry about that anymore!“ he yelled.

It hurt a lot.  But not as much as you knew he was hurting.  But it felt good to hear him yelling at you.  You deserved this more than the silence.  You didn’t speak, but he seemed to be just getting started.  "God, you’re so stupid, Y/N.  I hate you!  I thought- I thought I could see us together for the rest of my life.  Getting married and having babies and all that.  But now… now I can’t trust you at all.”  You felt tears springing up in your eyes, and began blinking furiously, not wanting him to see.  But once again, he knew you too well.  "Don’t you dare fucking cry, you bitch. This is all your fault.  There were days where I felt like my heart could burst, I loved you so much.  But it will never be the same.“

"Fine. Then go,” you shot back. “But when you wake up needing somebody tomorrow, I’m going to be the one that comes to your mind.  I’m going to be the last one you think of before you fall asleep every night.  Because despite how much you hate me right now, and despite how much I hate myself, and despite how incredibly fucked up I am, you still love me.  And I still love you.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Then go.”

His hand was still on the door handle, but he didn’t open it.  "I’ve loved and I’ve lost,“ he said softly.

You just looked at him as he stared at his sneakers.  The only sound was the wind, still blowing swiftly around you.  The storm around you was violent, but you didn’t care.  You watched him, praying that he could find peace of mind and let you in again.  That you could find it in you to feel worthy of him again.

"It will never be the same,” he finally said, meeting your eyes once again.  The fire had dimmed down in his eyes, replaced now with apprehension.

“I’ve learned that it’s okay to be afraid.  But we’ll be stronger than before.”

He let out a breath slowly, and removed his hand from the door handle.  "I don’t hate you,“ he said finally.

You felt your entire body relax, and you sat down on the front steps, putting your head into your hands.  You heard his approaching footsteps, then felt that he had sat down beside you, blocking you from the wind.  Looking up at him, his gaze now felt soft.  "I love you so much, I feel like my heart could burst,” you said, and the corners of his mouth tilted up, almost a smile.

“I need time,” he said, watching the horizon.  "I’ll love you another time.  But it’ll take a while for me to trust you again.“

"I’m sorry,” you said, watching him watch the sky.  "I’ll be right here beside you for as long as it takes.“

He took your hand in his, yours cold and his warm.  "I’m counting on that,” he replied.

“All about Luke” (jealous Calum)
Imagine luke and you sitting on the couch in the livingroom at the guys place in LA. You were staying with them during your holidays and you’ve been flirting with calum all week. The two of you both had felt for each other for a while now, but neither of you grew balls to take the first step.
Calum’s birthday was coming up and since he turned 19 you wanted to do something special for his last year as a “teen” so you decided to ask luke for help.
You were both planning and whispering and giggling leaning into each other as Calum walked in and you jumped apart immediately. Calum stared at the two of you, but quickly stumbled out of the room mumbling some sort of excuse. Luke and you looked at each other and sighed in relief as calum hadn’t caught up on what the two of you were planning. You couldn’t help but feel a little happy about how Calum got jealous of luke and you and you decide you would tell him how you felt the night before his birthday as the clock turned midnight and then kissing him for his birthday.
The planning and everything was pretty much done by the end of the day. Luke had surprisingly been a real help for once. Also you had enjoyed spending the day with luke. You hadn’t had him to yourself in a long time and it was just as if you were still seven and sitting on the swings in his backyard talking. As you spent the whole day thinking about Calum, because you were after all planning his birthday surprise you couldn’t hold it in any longer and blurted out your feelings for Calum to Luke as you were in the car on the way home.
“I know” he chuckled and you looked at him wide eyed as he parked the car in the driveway “y/n all of the boys know. Even my mum knows. She keeps asking me about whether or not the two of you are together yet on a weekly basis. Trust me, we all know. All except for Calum. I don’t know how he can’t see it though. You’re so obvious.”
“Geez, thanks luke.”
“You should tell him. I bet he feels the same way about you. I mean did you see the look on his face when stumbled into us this morning? Or the way he was literally bouncing the last couple of days before you arrived.”
“He was bouncing?” You giggled at Luke’s words as you got out of the car. Before Luke had a chance to reply a very angry calum stormed out the front door.
“Where the hell have you been all day?” He yelled at us and luke and I exchanged a quick glance, remembering we hadn’t come up with a cover story yet.
“We … Umm… I took y/n around the city, you know show her some places. She usually doesn’t get to leave the house very often since were always home after work and I thought I’d use my day off to show her the city.”
“Yeah, Luke showed me places like your favorite Starbucks and the club down the street and the house of Paris Hilton.” I quickly started naming places luke actually showed me when we passed them in the car.
“I tried to call you!” Calum continued even angrier.
“Why? What’s up?”
“Nothing I was just wondering where you are and neither of you picked up their phone for hours. The boys and I were worried sick!”
“Oh shit sorry cal. I forgot my phone home and Luke switched it off because a fan somehow got his number and kept calling him nonstop.”
That was a lie. It was Calum that was calling luke non stop and you didn’t know what to tell him so you just didn’t pick up, afraid he would figure out the surprise.
“Whatever!” Calum stomped off back inside and Luke winked at you as you let out a loud sigh in relief.
Later that day
You hadn’t seen Calum since luke and you got back, because he had locked himself in his room. Ash and mikey walked in the kitchen as you were cooking dinner.
“Oh I just love it when you cook for us. You’re the best, y/n.” Mikey said sneakily grabbing a tortilla chip and the guacamole you just made.
“Hey! Hands off! Dinner will be ready in ten. Could you oh get the other two?”
“Sure I’ll got get them.” Ash left you and mikey alone in the kitchen.
“Hey, I’m sorry about before. I didn’t want to worry you.”
“What?” Miley looked at you confused as she shoved another chip in his mouth.
“Calum said you were worried when neither luke nor I picked up our phones.”
“Calum said that?”
“Yeah, why?”
“I had no idea you two even left the house. Ash and I were over at the studio recording our parts.”
“Oh. Ok, I must have misunderstood something then. Never mind.” Mikey shrugged and grabbed a five dishes and made his way to the dining room, leaving you wondering about what he just told you.

At the same time, upstairs at Calums room:
Ashton knocked on the door before entering, knowing better than to just barge in as Calum might be “occupied” at least this way Calum had a small head start at cleaning up.
“Cal, dinners ready. Y/N made Mexican.”
Calum was lying on this bed, face down head buried deep in the pillows, arms and legs stretched out.
“I’m not hungry.” He said into the pillows.
“What’s wrong, Cal?”
“Nothing.” Calum said but his voice cracked.
“Are you crying?” Ashton asked in shock and shut the door, before walking over kneeling down beside calums bed.
Calum looked up at Ashton, his eyes red and puffy.
“Hey, what happened?” Ashton softly stroked calums tattooed arm. He didn’t think he had ever seen Calum cry before. Luke and Miley sure, they used to cry a lot when they were homesick, but Calum didn’t cry once.
“I lost her.” Calum stated.
“Lost who?”
“I thought she felt the same way and I wanted to tell her this morning, but then I walked in on her and luke all cute and cuddling and they literally jumped apart as I interrupted them. At first I thought I was just reading to much into this, but they spent the whole day together and when they came back luke clearly lied about where they’ve been. I think they are secretly seeing each other.” Calum sniffed.
“She chose Luke, Ashton. It’s always been Luke. Luke always gets the girls and the only girl I want he gets too.”
You had everything set at the table and Luke and Mikey had already started eating as you wondered where Cal and Ash were. You decided to look for them as you overheard Calums words. You knew you shouldn’t eavesdrop but you couldn’t help and listen to his beautiful words.
“They are probably going to tell us at dinner that they are together and I can’t face them smiling. Not yet, ok? Please ash just tell them I’m feeling sick and just want to rest or something. Ok?”
Ashton wanted to reply something but Calum cut him off, indicating him to leave, so Ashton got up and nearly bumped into you as he opened the door. You put your finger over your lips and Ashton smiled at you before leaving you and a sheets-facing Calum alone.
You quietly made your way to his side and softly stroked his back with one hand to make him look up at you.
“Ashton, what the hell?!” Calum cursed and his head shot up. His eyes widened as he realized it was you. You kneeled down on the floor next to his face and stroked his hair with your hands. Calum didn’t say anything, he just watched you.
“Luke and I were planning your birthday surprise, you dork.” You chuckled.
“Wait, what?” Calum sat up quickly at the edge of the bed looking at you in confusion. You got to your feet and stood in between his legs, your hands on his neck smiling as you looked down at him. His hands grabbed your thighs.
“So you’re not with Luke?” He asked hopefully and you shook your head.
“My heart is already taken.” You whispered.
Calum didn’t need more confirmation. He pulled you onto him and caught your lips with his.
“Who’s the lucky guy?” He asked cheekily as you eventually pulled away. You grinned back at him replying: “Oh just this Asian guy I know.”

The Other Girl

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Part Five:

Chapter Six 

I woke up to the sun shining brightly in my face. I tried everything to get back to sleep but when the sudden urge to pee hit me, I knew I was awake for the day. 

I sat up in the bed, grabbing at my head when the room started to spin. I had a hangover from hell and I needed medicine and a hot shower to calm it. I was still dressed in the clothes I wore the previous night but I smelt straight like hard liquor. 

I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed my bottle of Ibuprofen and a water bottle from the mini-fridge. I chugged half of the bottle down before taking two pills and finishing off the water. 

I had to be quiet since Luke was asleep in the bed still, still in his high tops, black skinny jeans and his ripped Sublime tee-shirt that I was pretty sure was Calum’s. I sat two pills and a bottle of water on the bedside table on Luke’s side before heading to the bathroom. 

My head was clear when I stepped out of the shower, wrapping myself and my hair in a large white fluffy towel. Luke was sitting up in the bed, rubbing at his eyes when he noticed me. 
“Thanks for the pills and the water. My head feels like it’s made of led.” He said, his voice raspy from sleep. 
“It’s alright. Medicine and a hot shower where your skin feels like it’s going to melt off makes my hangover go away. Go take a shower, it might make you feel better. Plus help get rid of the stench of hard liquor off of you.” 

I usually lounged around in my towel, or in my bathrobe when I got out of the shower for a couple of hours before having to get dressed so when Luke knocked on the door, clothes in hand, he wasn’t surprised that I was still in a towel. 
“Can I shower here? Ashton and Rachel were taking too long in the shower.” Luke asked. 
“Yeah, you want breakfast? I was just about to order almost everything on the menu, I’m starving.” 
“Order whatever you like and lots of it, I’ll pay.” Luke said, stepping into the bathroom. 

I had just managed to slip on a large, oversized t-shirt that used to be Calum’s favorite one when he left it at my place and I never gave it back, when there was a knock on the door. 

I practically sprinted to the door, thinking it was room service, but it wasn’t. Calum and Sarah stood just on the outside, “Hey.” 
“Hey. What are you doing here?” I asked. 
“Just stopped by to see if you wanted to go to breakfast with Sarah and I.” Sarah pursed her lips up at the idea and honestly, I felt like doing the same. 

“Hey, if that’s room service tip them good for being this fast!” Luke yelled, coming around the corner in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. 
“Hey Calum, Sarah.” 

I looked at Calum who looked like he was about to attack Luke. Calum looked at the long shirt I was wearing and it was like something clicked in his head. “So you’re fucking Luke now?” Calum asked, his voice full on venom. 
“Excuse me?” I asked, completely shocked. 
“I mean it all makes sense. You can’t have me so you move on to him. I mean that’s all you’re good at.” 

“Fuck you.” I spat. How dare him. He had no right to be mad at me and I wasn’t fucking Luke. 

“Calum! What the hell is your problem?” Luke shouted. 
“Is she worth our friendship? How could you do that to me?” Calum asked. His shoulders were tensed up, ready for a fight. 
“Calum, baby, come on, let’s just go.” Sarah said, tugging at his arm. 
“You can, I want to stay here, getting to the bottom of this.” 

Sarah stomped her foot before nearly running down the hall. “Calum. Stop. Who I screw is not your business anymore. You made that clear when you introduced me to Sarah.” 

Calum narrowed his eyes. “Doesn’t mean you can shag my friend.” 
“Oh my god, Calum. It is not your business. Luke and I did not hook up last night, nor are we hooking up. Yes we have hooked up, on the weekend of my birthday but it hasn’t been anything since then.” 
“Whatever. Screw whoever you want too. I don’t care and I don’t care about you.” 

Calum left, heading down the hall and I stood there, frozen in spot. His words had stung and I felt my heart breaking. “Tallinn?” I forgot Luke was even here. 

I closed the door before turning to look at Luke. I knew he could see that I was hurting and he held his arm out, inviting me into a hug that I gladly accepted. “I’m sorry Tallinn.”