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sgfg album songs pt. 2 speech bubbles

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Broken Pieces

A different take on the song, enjoy :)

Broken Pieces

Michael x Reader

Requested; yes

Michael’s POV

My eyes opened slowly taking in the bright light the windows let into my hotel room. I was shirtless, only wearing my boxers, with the blankets hugging one leg while my other leg was free. I ran a hand through my hair sitting up to find only my clothes still scattered from the night before, but no sign of the beautiful girl who accompanied me. Y/N and I first started off as acquaintances, since she was my music producers daughter and I knew I didn’t have a chance with her. I flirted with her every now and then when she was in the studio watching us, and one thing led to another, and we ended up making out in the studio one day when we were alone. Ever since that day she’d always come to parties with the guys and I, and are intoxicated minds would lead to passionate acts. But the next day, she would always be gone. The first time seemed reasonable, but after coming back to me and sleeping with me over and over again, I’d expect her at least once to stay in bed with me. She started becoming more than a hot fuck buddy, but someone I could be myself around instead of the famous Michael Clifford in the biggest band the world knows of right now. She saw me the way no one else did, as the geeky, video game playing, pizza eating, punk boy.

I decided that this being the 9th time that she’s walked out on me before I could wake up, I would call her and understand why she did that. I needed to understand why she left me in the morning if she said she loved me during the night. Why she would be all over me for hours at a time, but once the morning hit all she left behind for me was a cold side of the bed. I fiddled in my leather jacket pocket for my phone and I found that it was slowly dying so I had to make the phone call quick and get to the point. I realized now that I may have to expose my feelings for her, and I could potentially ruined what we have, and she may even tell her father, ruining the boys and I’d careers.





“Hello?” I took in a deep breathe before speaking.

“Why do you keep leaving in the moring Y/N? You’re all over me when we’re together, and telling me you love me every night when we’re back in this hotel room. I get that we can get a little buzzed but that doesn’t explain why every night you tell me of your feelings, then sleep with me, but continue to leave in the morning and not talk to me for days on end. I just need answers Y/N please.” I said it all in one breathe, feeling my heart racing at what her answer could be.

“Michael, we’re fuck buddies, and I get drunk ok. So I leave before you can talk to me about it. And I wait days to talk to you so you can get over it so we can mindless screw again. That’s all. So don’t ask me again.” And she hung up, leaving me still with unanswered questions. It seems as if she had this answer rehearsed, like she’d been waiting for me to ask this question so she’d have the perfect answer. But I didn’t believe her, I knew her too well to believe that forced answer. I shook my head and grabbed a random pair of sweats and a muscle tank, with my keys, shades and phone in hand, and headed out the hotel room door.

I banged 3 times on her condo door tapping my foot impatiently.

“Y/N open it’s Michael.”

I heard her footsteps approach, and she opened the door quickly wearing a pink silk robe and her house slippers.

“What the hell are you doing here.” She stood with her arms crossed over her chest, but I pushed her aside and huffed standing in her living room.

“If you’re still looking for answers then you’re being stupid, I told you the truth. You’re just mad because it wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear huh?”

“No, it wasn’t what I wanted. Because I know that it’s a lie.”

“How the hell is it a lie?” She yelled in my face, close enough to feel her hot breathe hit me.

“When you lie you get defensive, and you sound scripted, as if you’ve already played this scene out in your head. You would only script this out if you knew something like this would happen. Admit it, you feel the same way about me that I feel for you, you’re just too scared to say it.” My voice fell quiet as I stared into her stained brown eyes. I could see her walls started to crumble because she had been found out. Someone took the time to pay attention to her and her feelings, rather than using her for her body. Before me she slept with a lot more guys, but once she got to me she stuck with me. If she wanted to mindlessly screw, she would’ve left me for good the first night we did the deed.

“OK well maybe I get defensive because I have walls I’d like to keep built. Maybe I tell you I love you at night when we’re drunk because I actually mean it but I’m hoping you don’t remember it in the morning. Maybe I leave you before you wake up so I don’t crawl into your arms to feel the love and warmth I crave for, and I don’t have to think about us being more than fuck friends because I know it’ll never happen Michael! Is that what you wanted to finally here!” She yells flailing her arms above her head, resting them behind her neck. I could see her eyes become glossy, and her breathe came out quick and short. I grabbed her by her shoulders and brought her into my chest, her head resting in the crook of my neck. I felt her wet tears hit my skin and slide down hitting my shirt, and her hands clung onto the dampening cloth.

“I-I…I’m scared Michael.” She cried out.

“I’m scared of finding love again…I’m, I’m scared of getting hurt.”

I rubbed her back with one hand while playing with her hair with the other. She slept with guys to keep the hurt out, she slept with guys to not get attatched but to still feel some sort of comfort and pleasure, she slept with guys so she wouldn’t ever get hurt again because she’d be the one hurting the guys by leaving in the morning.

I sighed before speaking against her forehead. “Who hurt you so bad to make you feel this way?”

She sniffled and pulled away from me wiping her tears before answering me. “I had this boyfriend. We were together for close to 3 years, we were planning on moving in together and even getting married and having a family. Michael he was the one, I knew it in my gut and heart. And one day when I went to drop off an anniversary present at his place, he broke up with me, right at his door. He didn’t even take the gift. He yelled at me to leave, and to not come back. Later, I saw him at one of my family gatherings. And I thought he came to take me back in front of my family to, you know, make a statement that he was worthy of me after hurting me so bad. But I saw him kissing my cousin.” She started sobbing again in her hands, sitting back on her couch. “He left me for my freaking cousin. My own blood.” I sat down next her, still listening to her. My mom taught me girls sometimes like a listener rather than a talker, and I cared enough for Y/N to let her heart out before I said anything. “And now…huh…now he’s getting married to her. She’s having the life I was suppose to have with him! And now I have to see him everywhere, it’s torture Michael. It breaks my heart every single god damn time.”

Bringing my trembling fingers to her chin, I made her look me in my eyes that cared and loved only for her.

“I promise you Y/N, I am nothing like him. I won’t ever, ever, hurt you the way he did. I know you’re scared, I know you don’t want to get hurt, but you have to trust me and know I wouldn’t let that happen to you because of me.” She shook her head looking down at her feet.

“Michael stop you don’t have to-“

“No, I want you to know this. I wait every morning for you to be there still sleeping, so I can wrap my arms around you and just cuddle you. I love being the one to make you smile and blush while pleasuring you like no one else can. I want to do that for you all the time, not just in private or at night in my room. I want to prove to your dad and everyone else that I can make things between us work while I’m in this band.”

I grabbed her forehead and kissed it, her eyes closing trying to stop the tears.

“I’ll find a way to fix these broken pieces Y/N, just trust me.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just going to take some time to learn to trust again.” Her cheek fit perfectly in my hand, kissing her forehead one more time trying to comfort her.

“I get it. Now, let’s order some pizza, play some video games, and listen to some pop punk huh?

‘I have a theory,’ says Calum, stroking his chin, his nails speckled with remnants of black polish. 'I’m a huge believer in, like, past lives. I feel like I’ve known you guys forever,’ he says glancing towards his bandmates. 'So we’ve tried to do something in a past life, like we tried it, and tried it, and it just never worked. And in this one we just got [it right].’
'Maybe we’ve been trying for 2,000 years to do something…’ Adds Michael.
'That’s why we’re so tired all the time,’ laughs Calum. '2,000 years of work…’
And, as if on cue, Luke lets out a final yawn.
—  5sos Kerrang article [x]

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sgfg album songs pt. 1 speech bubbles

my bubbles and lockscreens dont claim as your own 

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Summary: Calum has never been in love- ever; it’s not on his top priority of things to do either. But, when the band is on break for the holidays, and Calum wants to spend time with his mum, who is the owner of the top ballet/dance company in the country; Calum meets a girl whose eyes held more galaxies than the universe, and a smile that made his heart beat faster than ever before. This might just make him change his priorities up a bit, but sometimes there are tough decisions to make in the industry.

Word Count: 1,888

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Some people really disappoint me.

Calum bringing his baby home
  • Calum:*cradling them in his arms* You're going to love your home and I'm going to love you forever. We can play everyday and I'll never let you go.
  • Calum's Wife:Calum, the dog can walk by itself.
  • Calum:But what am I gonna do with the stroller I got?
This Isn't High School - FratBoy!Calum

Although this is a FratBoy! imagine, I’ve written this very much based on my experience at university (without the romance lol).

I’m very sorry I’ve taken so long to write something! I hope you like it 💕


“Have you got a spare pen?” You hear an amused voice from beside you, “I’ve lost mine.”

“It’s the first day of term, how have you already lost your pen?” You roll your eyes, not taking them off the lecture slide on the board in front of you.

“I never had one in the first place” he shrugs.

“Such a badboy” you tut.

“I can be your badboy, if you want?” You hear the smirk in his voice.

“I’ll pass, thanks” you hand him a pen, “here you go.”

“Thanks, Princess”

“You’re welcome, Hood” you nod once, before returning your full attention to the professor.

“Hey, Y/N?” You hear his voice again, after a few moments of silence.

“What now?” You sigh heavily.

“What’s this lecture about?”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” you mutter under your breath.

“Well, you distracted me by asking questions about my lack of pen” the smirk reappears on his face.

“I have no idea what this lecture is about because you won’t stop talking!” Your hushed whisper isn’t very hushed.

“We might as well leave then” he grins.

“No” you frown, “now shush”

“But it’s boring” he whines.

“How would you know? You haven’t been listening.” You shoot back.

“Smart arse” he mutters, but turns his attention to the front on the lecture hall.


You and Calum had known each other since you were children. Knowing each other is not the same as being friends though. The two of you had barely given each other the time of day, despite attending the same schools for most of the lives. When you’d decided to leave your small village to head to university, you thought you were leaving everyone from the school you’d disliked immensely behind. Then on your first night of Freshers Week, you’d seen him, already surrounded by a large group of new friends: Calum Hood. One of the people you’d been desperate to run away from. Charming, attractive, arrogant…all the adjectives you’d expect from the most popular boy in school. A boy you’d hoped you’d left behind. It wasn’t as though the two of you had had much contact, but you’d wanted to escape all of it, and him being here had ruined that. The fact he was doing the same degree as you was the cherry on top of the very crap cake. Now, after only 4 months of being here together, you had spoken to Hood more than you had in your 18 years living in the same tiny village.


“Can I borrow that red lipstick you wore last Friday?” Molly scrutinises her appearance in your mirror.

“Yeah, here” you dig around in your make up bag, thinking you might as well offer all your possessions around seeing as you’d been giving them out so easily today.

“You’re looking very sexual, Ms Y/L/N” she glances at your outfit as she takes the lipstick from you.

“Just the look I was going for” you roll your eyes and try not to poke yourself in the eye with your mascara brush. You subtly try to tug down the hem of your dress, already worrying if it was too short.

“It’s fine, leave it alone” Molly doesn’t even have to look to know what you’re doing. You find it crazy how fast the people you’ve met at university have quickly become some the best people you know. They know you so well, after only a few months, and more importantly, they love you and accept you for who you are, something you’d never fully experienced in school. You had friends at home, but only now you
we’re realising that you were never fully accepted for just being you there.

“You both look fine, now can we go and drink?” Jack complains from your bed, which he’s sprawled on, waiting for the two of you to get ready.

“You can always leave” you turn to him, “we’re waiting for Charlie, he’s got us something to drink.”

“He’s got you the cheapest vodka, you’re gonna be hammered” Jack laughs.

“Go hard or go home” Molly grins.

“There’ll be a lot of us, we’ll look after you” Jack shakes his head.

“Please, you’re a bigger lightweight than any of us!” You scoff.

“Alright, well you’ll be looking after me” he laughs, his gaze returning to his phone.

“Are you dressed?” A voice appears whilst simultaneously knocking on your door.

“Yeah!” You shout back.

“Shame” he sighs, barging into your room, carrying clinking bags filled with alcohol.

“You’re an arse” Molly hops over to him to take a bag off him.

“Come on, we’re meeting at Calum’s house in an hour, so get drinking” Charlie hands you the vodka. It’s when you hear his name that you decide you’ll need most of this bottle.


“Heeeeeyyyyy!” A very drunk Michael opens the door to you, “you’re here!” He envelopes you in a hug.

“Hey, Clifford” you squeeze him tightly, wondering, not for the first time, how such a lovely guy became friends with someone like Cal.

“Hi there, pretty girl” Calum appears behind Mike, grinning at you.

“Hey there, idiot boy” you reply, “I need a drink.” You murmur, before heading to the kitchen.

“Why do you hate him so much?” Jack walks up beside you, opening himself a beer.

“What? I don’t…I just…we’re not friends, that’s all” you stammer, trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal.

“I think that’s one sided” he kisses the side of your head before walking away.

“Is it bad if I get drunk and sleep with Ashton?” Molly takes her drink from you, but her focus is fully on Irwin.

“Nah, he’s hot” you can’t help but let your gaze fall to the boy beside him.

“Calum looks really good tonight” Molly notices your focus and nudges you.

“Never gonna happen” you laugh.

“Why? He’s nice. You’re not in high school anymore.” She says, quietly.

“We’re from a tiny village” you try to explain, “everyone knows everyone, he’s a popular boy and I am definitely not a popular girl. Calum Hood cannot date Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Well, that sounds like a ridiculous place to live” she muses.

“Yep” you take a sip of the too strong drink, “that’s why I left. I just didn’t realise I was taking a part of it with me.”

“Probably didn’t help that we made friends with him and his friends, did it?”

“Nope” you take a gulp of the vodka this time, “I don’t understand why he even talks to me here. He never did at school, why bother now?”

“Because, my dear, this isn’t high school” she gives your hand a squeeze.

“Yeah, but even here, he stills manages to be the most popular” you wonder how he does it. It’s as though people are just drawn to him.

“I don’t know, but there’s no social hierarchy here. We’re just friends” she shrugs, finishing her drink. You weren’t sure the social hierarchy would ever leave between you and Calum.

“Is everybody ready to leave?!” Ashton’s organiser instinct kicks in and he rounds everyone up to leave. It takes around half an hour for everyone to finish their drinks, pack their handbags and have their last wee, but soon enough you’re all in the too hot and sticky club. Well, minus the few who didn’t make it out…

“Come and dance” your friend, Jess, grabs yours and Molly’s hands and drags you to the dancefloor. Before long, you’re drinking your third jäger bomb (a vile drink that is unfortunately the cheapest drink for uni students) and twirling around the dancefloor to a song you’d heard so many times, but still didn’t know who sang it.

“You look very, very good in that dress, Y/L/N” Calum’s hand lands on your waist as he murmurs in your ear. You don’t know if it’s the alcohol in your system, but you can’t help the grin appearing on your face as you hear his words and feel his grip on your body.

“Why, thank you” You turn around so your faces are barely an inch apart.

“You’re so fucking beautiful” his eyes are glued to yours as he says the words.

“You’re a confusing one, Hood” you frown at him, resting a hand on his chest to steady yourself.

“This isn’t high school, Y/N” he laughs, almost as though he can read your mind.

“That’s what Molly said”

“You should listen to her” he pulls you closer. Both his hands are on your waist, his heart beating under your fingertips, his lips are almost touching yours, before you come to your senses and pull away.

“I never listen to Molly” you force a laugh, disentangling yourself from him, “she thinks a pot noodle is a sensible meal choice. Anyone want a shot?” You turn to your friends, leaving Calum opened mouthed at being rejected by you. No one ever rejected Calum Hood. Especially not girls like Y/N.

“Molly is so pretty,” Michael mutters, before drinking the shot of clear liquid you’d handed him.

“You like Molly?” Your eyes widen.

“Fuck, don’t tell her!” His own eyes are filled with panic at what he’s just admitted.

“I won’t, I won’t!” You shake your head, quickly, “just…shit, wait here!”
You rush over to where Molly is stood, laughing at something Ashton is saying. You grab her arm and pull her away from him.

“Ahhh why are you dragging me away from the hot boy?!” She scowls at you.

“Don’t sleep with Ash” you blurt out.

“What? You told me to before!”

“Well, now I’m saying to not to” you argue, “listen to me, I have your best interests at heart.”


“Just don’t!” You don’t need any drama created over a one night stand with Michael’s best friend.

“Fine” she huffs, “I think you should sleep with Cal.”

“Shut up”

“I do! He’s been undressing you with his eyes all night.”

“Undressing me with his eyes?! Christ, have you been reading 50 Shades of Grey? That’s because I’m a girl Calum hasn’t already seen naked, he looks at every girl he hasn’t fucked the same way. Like they’re a conquest to him. He doesn’t care about who it is.” You’d feel bad about your harsh words, if
they weren’t true.

“I’d quite like to see him naked” Molly smirks into her drink.

“That can be arranged, Mols,” Calum’s voice appears behind you, making both of you jump.

“Hahahahahahah I’…going!” You’ve never seen her look so embarrassed.

“You’re wrong, you know” he addresses you, his voice soft.

“I’m not interested, Cal”

“I was just as desperate to get out of that village as you” he looks awkward at his honestly.

“Course you were” you scoff.

“I meant what I said before, this isn’t high school” he smiles, before walking away.


Let me know thoughts/if you want a part 2! PS. I’m sorry I’ve taken so long with this!!