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part two- calum hood imagine

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part 1

There was something nagging at you in the back of your mind ever since you walked in and sat down in this stranger’s home- Calum. Every time you tried focusing on Dylan, your mind always wondered back to him. You couldn’t help this, so after a while, you sort of drifted off into your own little world, leaving the three boys to catch up with each other. But where was Calum? What was he even doing in there? All these thoughts were ruminating through your head when you heard Dylan let out a soft chuckle.

“Y/N! Hey, you okay?” He said.

You quickly looked up, slightly embarrassed. How long have you been zoned out? It looked like he was expecting an answer, so you looked up at him and gave a shy smile. “Yes, sorry I was just thinking to myself for a little bit. Did you say something?” you said, shyly.

“Yeah, I asked how you take your coffee,” Dylan responded, smiling at you eagerly.

“Oh, my coffee? Black, thanks,” you said, reaching out for the cup in his hand.

He comes over and plops himself on the couch next to you, handing you the coffee.

This somehow feels wrong to you. Dylan was so sweet, so kind- and you couldln’t stop thinking about Calum? Yes, definitely wrong. You tried shutting him out again, making an attempt to join in the conversation, but you couldn’t. But how could that even be possible? There was no such thing as ‘love at first sight.’ You knew that, right?

“I think I should go,” you blurted out, mindlessly. You immediately turned to look at Dylan.

“W-w-what? You wan to leave? Now? We just go there, and you already want to go?” He stammered.

“Aw, come on, Y/N, Calum hasn’t even come out yet! He’s great, I think you’ll like him a lot.” The blonde one said.

And that’s exactly what you were afraid you. You looked over at Dylan and you couldn’t help it. “Well, I guess you’re right, Dylan. I can stay a little longer, but I do want to get unpacked and settled in before it gets too dark.”

He looked at you hopefully and smiled. “Perfect.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Tomorrow, if you’re not busy, we’re all thinking of making a new video. Luke’s place. What do you think?” Ashton said, facing at Dylan.

“Well, I don’t think I’m doing anything tomorrow. Ill be there.” Dylan then looked over towards you expectantly. “What do you say, Y/N? Are you up for it? I think it’ll be fun, I mean, if you’re not doing anything tomorrow.”

You bit your lip, hesitant. “Yeah, it sounds like fun, count me in,” you said.

He was beaming. “Perfect!” he said.

You stayed and chatted with the three for a few more hours. Calum never showed. And some part of you was glad, the other part wished he would’ve shown up. But you were still hopeful for tomorrow. You’d see him there, you’d have to.

Dylan took you to your new home for the next six months. It was a small apartment in the middle of Sydney. You met your roommate, Caroline. Dylan helped you get settled in and unpacked in your new room. After, you two sat down in the living room and watched a movie until it was late. It felt nice. There were a few moments when Calum came pushing his way into your thoughts, and you tried your best to shove them as far away as possible. You both said goodnight, and you got settled in your bed, ready for sleep. You stayed awake for a while, thinking of the day to come. Thinking of seeing Calum. Tonight with Dylan made you realize how much you wanted things to go well with him, but would things be different tomorrow? With Calum? You let your exhaustion carry you into a deep sleep.

You woke up. Today was the day you’d see Calum. And Dylan. Oh yeah, Dylan. You weren’t exactly sure how today would turn out, but you knew one thing- you couldn’t wait to see Calum again.

Dylan picked up promptly. He commented on your appearance, makning you blush. You both walked in through the buzzing streets of Australia holding hands. Dylan did most of the talking, pointing out buildings and names of stores he liked. You tried paying attention, but you were too nervous to pay much attention to the conversation. When you finally arrived, you were warmly greeted by cheers and drinks from the guys. There were guitars and a drum set to your left, a cooler to your right, but no Calum. You took a long sip at your drink, slightly frustrated, and followed behind Dylan to the couch. The boys asked about your new home, and you told them everything halfheartedly. Then, Calum walked in, a drink in his hand- and a girl on his arm. You sank down in your seat as you became surrounded by cheers from Dylan and the rest of them. He walked over towards, the girl following closely behind.

He leaned over closer to your face than you’d thought. “Hey, good to see you. Sorry I missed you yesterday,” He said, the smell of  alcohol on his break.

You felt Dylan shift a little in his seat. He wrapped his arm securely around your shoulders. “Hey Calum, looks like you got started a little early there, mate,” he said, nodding towards the bottle in his hand. 

Calum let out a loud, sloppy laugh. “Just doing my best to keep up with this one,” he said, placing his arm on the girl’s shoulder and nodding towards her.

She rolled her eyes at him and made her way over to you and Dylan. She introduced herself to both of you, but to be honest, you weren’t really paying attention to what she told you or what she said her name was. After a while of conversation and a few laughs from the group, Luke, Michael, Dylan and Ashton all got up and made their way to the kitchen to prepare some food, leaving you alone with Calum and the girl. 

It made you pretty sick being in the same room, though. She was giggling at random, leaving him sloppy kisses all over. Just as you were about to get up to leave, she hopped off his lap and headed over the kitchen, giving him a lingering stare and a good look at her ass before she closed the kitchen door behind her- leaving just you and Calum alone.

You sipped furiously at your drink, unsure of what was going to happen next. You sat in silence for a few moments, but then you heard Calum get up off his chair and make his way over to you. He was still very intoxicated as he plopped himself on the couch in the empty space next to you. He was so close you could smell the alcohol coming from him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“You know, Y/N. I am actually really sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk yesterday when you were at my place,” he said, laughing. “Do you know how good you luck tonight? Right now”

You rolled your eyes and laughed a soft, quiet laugh. He was drunk, he doesn’t even know what he’s saying you thought. “Well thanks Calum, I think you’re looking pretty good yourself,” you say, nudging your knee into his thigh. 

“Dylan’s my best mate and all, but damn, if I saw you first,” he said, shaking his head. You could feel heat make its way to your cheeks, as he whipped his head back onto the couch and laughed a big, drunken laugh. You then realized he probably wouldn’t remember anything about this in the morning, so you took this as your opportunity. He was already looking at you when you turned to face him. He was leaning in closer, closer-

“Fooodd’s hereee,” announced the girl, pushing the door open, followed by Ashton, Luke, Michael, then Dylan.

Shit, you thought.

You scooted away from Calum as quickly and discreetly as possible. You got up and made your way to Dylan’s side, helping him with the trays of food in his hands. 

“Y/N!” Dylan said loudly, whiskey on his breath. “Missed you,” he said, wrapping his arm around you and nuzzling his head into your neck, playfully.

You rolled your eyes and laughed at his newly intoxicated state. You noticed the girl make her way back over to Calum, and you also saw her get rejected by him when she tried getting a seat back on his lap. You felt his stare on you and Dylan for the rest of the night, but you never looked back. There was a feeling gnawing at you in the back of your mind, telling you to not look. Instead, you focused on Dylan for the rest of the night. He wasn’t that drunk, but you could tell he wasn’t in his normal state. He kept walking around, stumbling, telling you jokes, making you laugh. All things that helped keep your mind of the fact that Calum’s eyes were on you the entire night. After a while, the food was gone and the booze and bottles were empty. Dylan had sobered up a bit, and offered to take you back home. You hadn’t realized, but Calum had already left, leaving the poor girl behind. You said goodbye to everyone and thanked them for the night, then you and Dylan walked out and began making your way to your place. As you were walking, you couldn’t help but ask him about Calum, and the questions that had been in the back of your head for a long time.

“So-oo,” you started, unsure how to begin. “That girl that was here today, with Calum-” you said, but he cut you off.

“Oh yeah, that girl. What was her name again?”

You laughed. “Honestly, I don’t even remember either.”

“It’s fine, Calum probably doesn’t even remember either,”  he said, joining you laughing.

“What? What do you mean? Aren’t they together or something?” You asked, confused.

“Calum? What? No no no, definitely not. Calum tends to have random girls at his side. They’re usually the types of girls who aren’t the brightest, but who follow him everywhere. Literally, everywhere.”

He kept talking the rest of the way there, but you were too busy thinking about what Calum said to you on the couch. How you almost kissed. How he wouldn’t stop glaring at you with Dylan the entire night. You then began thinking of how Calum was drunk, and of how Dylan told you about Calum’s never-ending line of girls, and how you were so stupid to even be attracted to someone just in it for the lust. Your cheeks grew red with frustration right as you and Dylan come to a stop at the front of your building. You were slightly intoxicated, but you were fully sure that you wanted Dylan right at that moment more than ever. You stood on your tip toes and wrapped your arms around his neck. He grabbed your waist and looked at you for a moment before pulling you in for an intense and intimate kiss. He kissed your neck, your cheeks, your jaw, your nose. Even though he held you so tightly in his arms, but you didn’t feel secure. Even though he kissed you with feeling and intent, you didn’t feel that much of a spark. And you knew why. Calum. Somehow, even while you were kissing somebody else, he crept into your thoughts. You knew you liked Dylan, but you also knew Calum would always be there in the back of your mind. You pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him. He smiled at you, and you smiled back, but you couldn’t look at him again after that, it felt too wrong. You said your goodbyes, and he walked away as you made your way to your home. You got in, and right as you closed the door, you felt the tears creep up. You knew what you had to do, so you got up, wiped the tears off and walked out the door. You didn’t really realize what you were doing until you finally got there and stopped walking- Calum’s house. You heard voices, so you knew there was someone inside. you had no idea what you were going to do, but you swallowed what little pride you had left, and pushed open the unlocked door. What you saw next was something you thought you’d never see-  


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Chasing Dreams - Calum Hood Football/Soccer AU — PART 4

Summary: Calum has been your best friend since you were a little girl. Even if you hated the sport you’ve always supported his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. But lately there has been something else on your mind. And heart.


You had no clue how you always managed to find yourself in situations that you really didn’t want to be in. Maybe it was your inability of saying no, especially when it came to Calum, or maybe it was because you always kept your promises. Even though curling up in bed seemed like the most acceptable activity for you right now, you found yourself in a club. You really didn’t want to be there at all, you felt totally out of place and besides you just really felt like crying your eyes out. But you had promised him that you would go out with the team if they would win. After all it had been a really important game for them. Of course all of their annoying girlfriends tagged along, which didn’t really make the situation any better for you. The last thing you wanted to see was him with her.

Calum didn’t came after you when you had left him with Tanya at the game. Or at least so you thought, in reality you just had been gone too fast while Calum had been trying to get away from Tanya without completely offending her. You had tried to call Michael because you just needed to talk to someone, anyone about it. Annoyed that he hadn’t picked up even after you had tried three times, you had shoved your phone back in your bag, forgetting about the huge time difference.

Somehow Calum had convinced you later to join everyone’s celebrations even though it was the last think you wanted to do. And that’s how you’ve found yourself in a club, with music blasting way too loudly for your liking and everyone around you drinking. Since you didn’t know anyone besides Calum and his flatmates you tried to find somewhere to sit as soon as possible. Your intention was just to wait until it was over or at least until it was late enough to call it a night. It wasn’t that you didn’t like partying or fun for that matter, you really liked going out every once in a while. But right now… right now was just not the right time. Right now all you wanted was not seeing anyone and go for a walk or watch a soppy movie while eating loads of ice cream.

When you had finally managed to find an empty barstool with a drink, that Calum had insisted on buying you, in your hand you just started watching random people in the club. You didn’t really wanted to creep on them, but there wasn’t really something else to do for you, was it? You silently watched Calum and his mates celebrate their victory and couldn’t held back a small smile. All of them looked so happy, it was quite cute really. It was all over way too soon, when the girlfriend squad decided that they didn’t get enough attention and they invaded the group of guys. You turned round, finally nipping at your drink as you really didn’t want to see them suck their faces off. Also you had spotted Tanya, making her way over to Calum and this was really the last think you needed to see. He had introduced the two of you earlier, just totally ignoring the fact that the two of you obviously weren’t that font of each other.

“You don’t really seem impressed with the party.”

Looking up you noticed that Ben, one of Calums flatmates, had joined you. You just shrugged, taking another sip from your drink. “Well I guess I’m just…” You started, but couldn’t finish because Ben interrupted you.

“Tired because of jetlag?” He suggested with a small smile on his face and you gave him a defeated look.

“Not working anymore?”

“Didn’t work anymore after the second time you said it.”

After that, you stayed silent. Of course you were not tired because of jetlag and Ben was right, you had pretty much said that every day to excuse yourself for going to bed early because you had been sad. Or to shrug off, that Calum wasn’t spending time with you, saying, you were tired anyway.

“You should tell him, you know. Before it’s too late.”

Ben’s words snapped you out of your daze and you realised, that you have been staring at Calum and Tanya, who was literally clinging to Calum’s arm. Great, just fucking great. Now someone that you’ve known for a week and haven’t really seen that often realised what was going on and Calum still hadn’t. In the corner of your eyes you saw that Tanya and Calum were now dancing - or something along the lines of it. With a few gulps you finished your drink, putting it down on the bar a little too harshly. With a murmured “… don’t know what you’re talking about…” you excused yourself and made your way over to the bathroom. You didn’t really needed to go, you just needed to be left alone for a few minutes.

You’ve been silently staring at your own reflection for minutes, when you finally let out a frustrated groan. There were so many things you didn’t like about what you saw and your current feelings didn’t make that any better. Of course pointing out every single one of your flaws didn’t make you feel better, but at this point you were just writhing yourself in self-pity and sadness. Why couldn’t you be a little prettier, like -

“Yeah, look at that stupid face of yours. As if he would fancy that.” You heard someone behind you say and you promptly turned around. Behind you stood - what a surprise - Tanya. The ever so perfect looking Tanya. You didn’t say anything, but she didn’t really seemed to mind.

“You know, Calum and I have been having such a… lovely time, until you decided to show up and be an annoying little shit.” She told you, getting a lipstick out of her purse and started to apply it to her nice and full lips.

“But I guess I you have already figured out that I have my ways of keeping him occupied.” She continued, watching your every move. Tanya knew exactly what she was doing to you and you actually realised that. Nevertheless it felt like she just stabbed you and twisted the knife in your guts.

“I don’t think Cal w-would fall for some trashy-ass bitch like you.” You miserably failed to get back at her, making her laugh at your sad attempt.

“Try me.” And with these words she left the bathroom, leaving you behind feeling even worse than before. Deep down you knew that following her was a mistake, but you did it anyway.

When you left the bathroom, your eyes searched for the blond girl. Eager to find her until you spotted her, walking directly over to Calum. You noticed how she smirked at him before smashing her lips on his. It wouldn’t have bothered you that much if Calum just would have pushed her off, rejecting her. But instead you noticed how he grabbed her hips, pulling her closer.

You couldn’t stop staring at them but every passing moment just tore you up even more. If just felt like Tanya had used that knife, she had stabbed you with earlier, again, aimed for your heart and took her time with stabbing you again, twisting and turning the knife before just repeating her actions. When someone barged into you, you got pulled out of your trance, now suddenly lacking air. Gasping for it you suddenly had only one thought mind and that was to get out. As fast as possible. Unfortunately you had to get past Calum and Tanya in order to do that, but there was no way you were staying. You felt like you were suffocating in there, the crowd of people suddenly making you feel claustrophobic. Stumbling, you tried to make it to the exit as fast as possible. You couldn’t avoid bumping into a lot of people, involving Calum himself who just stared at you in confusion.

Once out of the club you finally felt like you could breathe again even though the cold winter air hit you, making you shiver. It wasn’t helping that it had started to rain in the meantime and you forgot your coat after your escape from the club. But you couldn’t go back in there. Not now, not ever. Crossing your arms over your chest you just started walking. The tears that had been building up for way too long were finally let loose, the salty tears mixing with the cold raindrops.

This can’t be happening, this is just a stupid dream and I’ll wake up any minute.

You thought it over and over again, while the hot tears were streaming down your face. But you didn’t wake up. There was no cosy blanked wrapped around your body and most of all no Calum who had secretly been cuddling you. Nothing.


Someone called you and just the sound of his voice was enough to send a cold shiver down your spine and to make the tears well up even more. No, this couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t have seen you leaving. This wasn’t a fucking movie where everything turned out to be okay because surprise he was in love with you as well.

“Y/N… will you fucking wait for a second!”

Calum called your name again but you didn’t listen, you stubbornly kept on walking even though you were now shaking because of both, the sobs and the cold. As a taxi passed and you stopped it, glad to have a way to get away. You couldn’t face him right now, not after you just got your heart broken because of him.

But of course he had other plans. He always had other plans than you just running away from everything. You felt his hand on your shoulder stopping you and turning you around. Calum examined your face, frowning when he saw your eyes that were probably red from crying and you could bet that your mascara was just doing its own thing by now.

“What… happened?”

You stared up in his face after he’d said that. His words hurt you even further, why couldn’t he just fucking realise that it was him. He was the one hurting you, making you feel like a piece of shit because he would never love you liek you loved him. You knew it wasn’t really his fault, but it hurt nevertheless.

“Nothing, I’m just tired…jetlag”

There, you said it again, quickly trying to dry your tears. You tried to shake his hand off to finally get in your cab, but his grip just tightened after your words.

“Stop fucking lying to me Y/N, you’ve been saying that all week. Are you… Are you okay? Do I need and go punch someone?”

For some reason his words just made you mad, no they drove you insane. Could he just stop being so fucking ignorant and try to actually care? Because then he would know, then he would realise that it wasn’t even possible for you to have problems with other guys. Because apparently it was so fucking obvious that you were already head over heels for someone else. For him. Maybe he would just think a little out of the box and realise that he had left you alone pretty much all week and just assumed you would be fine with it.

“No. You know what. I’m not fucking okay Calum.” You raised your words and stopped trying to hide your tears. For the first time Calum’s look was completely unreadable to you. Usually you could tell what he was feeling by just the look he had on his face, you knew him that well. But right now you couldn’t tell if it was confusion, anger, worry or something else.

“As if it not already sucks enough that you live on the other side of the fucking world. When I come and visit, all you do is damn ignoring me EVERY GODDAMN DAY. And why? Because you’re fucking some trashy shit blonde. And I mean who cares, because I’m just your stupid and ugly best friend, right? I bet Y/N doesn’t mind.” You started ranting without pausing because then you would probably lose the sudden outburst of courage you had. “Do you want me to tell you a secret Calum? Guess what, she does fucking mind. SHE DOES FUCKING MIND A LOT. Because I’m in love with you. There you have it, great. I’m in love with you and your bitch of a girlfriend has to go rub it in that this will never work. Because someone like you will never be with someone like me and you know what I just feel like a piece of…” He didn’t let you finish your sentence.

Calum grabbed you face, pressing his lips softly on yours and god did it feel good. It felt like heaven. It felt like this is what it was supposed to be. His lips on yours, a perfect fit. But it felt like hell at the same time and that’s why you pushed him off, stumbling a few steps backwards. Tears were brimming in your eyes again and Calum had a confused and hurt look on his face.

“HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?!” You couldn’t keep your voice down anymore but just after you said it, sobs were shaking your body again. “Can’t you just goddamn tell me that you don’t like me instead of pretending?” Your voice cracked at the end of the sentence. “Because lying about it is far worse.” It was just a murmur, but you were sure Calum heard it.

Before he could say anything you dived into the cab that was still waiting, telling the driver to hurry.

You didn’t hear Calum scream your name, telling you to wait. You didn’t see him running after the cab, before finally having to give up.


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Cake-ficlet : Hands


Big hands. Pale and strong with calloused palms and long, gracefully tapered fingers, the tips rough from years of pulling steel guitar strings. Hands that have written some of their most beautiful lyrics in not-so-beautiful penmanship. They look right stained with ink and indented with the mark of a pen held for hours together. It’s what they were always meant to do, just like they were always meant to play guitars with so much ease.

He was used to seeing those hands in certain contexts. Used to slapping exhilarated high-fives against them after they signed their contract, finished writing their first album, played some of their performances.

But those hands asked for more.

Hands that one day grabbed one of his own and lifted it up to a pair of thin pink lips as he stared bewildered into possessive blue eyes. They reached around his waist, pulled him close to a frame that had somehow grown so much more solid, so much more self-assured without him ever noticing. Tipped his face up when he tried to hide his eyes underneath his lashes, elegant fingers tracing over the curve of his lips. His tanner, smaller hand entangled with one of those big, pale ones on the pillow beside his head as their owner made love to him for the first time.

Now he wants to wring his own hands together in nervous tension.

Because those hands are no longer content to simply count up the hills across the sheets between their naked bodies in the safe privacy of hotels and back-stage dressing rooms. They try to intertwine with his in broad daylight, out in public, in front of the long-lens wielding paparazzi and eagle-eyed fans.

Hands that are trying to make a declaration, one Calum isn’t sure he is ready for.

But he knows those hands. They’re persistent, tireless. Never gave up their dream of playing music. Never gave up trying to draw him closer even when he initially pushed them away.

He’s fighting a losing battle.

Those hands are used to getting what they want.

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Lanyard Dreams pt 10

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Friends POV | Part 4 Your POV | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Hey guys! I hope you guys are drowning in your feels by now lol. This is probably how I’m gonna start writing most of my parts with a your friend and Calum POV added to it. So you’re welcome to all the cake girls out there! Tell me what you think about it here. Thank you for reading mega babessss <3

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Feeling really crammed in your little cubicle on the flight you begin to shift your body around. After not being able to find a comfortable position you decide to sit up.

“What the fuck I only slept for 5 hours…” You whisper to yourself as you checked the time in the quiet and dark cabin. You knew you had 5 more to go.

You look around. You see Luke with his legs all bunched up lying on his side with his headphones still on in his own seat. Michael was dead asleep in front of you. Ashton was scrolling on his phone with his reading light on above him. Calum was in his own seat again sleeping all wrapped in his blanket. Your friend was fast asleep in her seat across from Calum.

Vaguely remembering that you got a text from your friend right before you fell asleep you check you phone. What had it said again?

As you reread the opening lines of the text your heart begins to pound. You grab your shirt almost as if clenching your heart.


The text from your friend read…

“You won’t believe what Cal just fucking told me about what Luke said about you. It was probably one of the nicest things I’ve heard someone say about someone. He said Luke likes you so much and he wouldn’t stop talking about you when they were touring. He even mentioned you discreetly before playing Beside You during sound check when a fan asked what the song meant to him. And he told the boys that you are the greatest thing to happen to him since 5sos. Like wtf girl isn’t that fucking insane? Damn must be nice! But I’m freaking out for you!!!”

Tears began to form in your eyes blurring your vision. Luke Hemmings saw you just as you saw him and that’s all you could ever as for. To be on the same page emotionally with someone was an amazing feeling.

You begin to hear shuffling from Luke’s seat. He had just woken up. He turns on his overhead light and turns to you instantly catching a glimpse of you wiping your eyes and sniffling. Quickly standing up Luke bends down and walks over to you. Pushing back his hair from his face and tucking it back into his maroon snapback.

“You alright?” Luke says while moving your feet to sit down.

“I feel like a fucking idiot for crying all the time. Jesussss!” You say while smiling.

Luke looked at you with a confused look. You were crying…but smiling?

“No worries. But what happened? Are you alright?”

“Yea…of course. My friend texted me about what you said to Cal about me.” You say looking up at him with your wet eyes.

“What a- I told him not to tell anyone!” Luke says while rolling his eyes and his cheeks turning red.

“I know Cal and my friend both have big mouths so they’re perfect for each other!” You say giggling. Luke begins to laugh while rubbing his face.

“Well since Cal fucking told her about you then I guess I can tell you what he said about her.”

“You guys are such chicks with all this gossiping but proceed” You say knowing that your friend will be fucking ecstatic when you tell her what Calum said.

“When we were in LA at our house we were just playing Fifa and doing normal things but every time we did something he always brought her up. He would mention her at least 100 times a day. I feel like I know about her than I know about you with all the things Cal said! But then he also told us about what happened on the bus that one night…..” Luke finishes his sentence all giggly.

You begin to laugh too.

“Yea and he basically wants to take it to the next level by-

“HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH HER?!” You yell and then cover your mouth quickly and then get shushed by a grumpy Michael in front of you.

“No you fucking idiot. Would you let me finish? He wants to make it official with her.”

“Holy shit even better!” You say with excitement.

“Cal is not the type of guy to get so invested in relationships. Like even in primary school he took his relationships so not serious. But this seems different. You can’t tell her though!”

“Duh Luke” You said confidently but you wanted to tell your friend so badly.

It was adorable how much your friend was changing Calum but in a good way. But you couldn’t help but think about you and Luke’s “relationship”. You wanted him to make it official but also you didn’t want to push him into anything he wasn’t ready for. You tried to convince yourself you weren’t ready either. But in reality you were more than ready.

“We have like 4 more hours till we land. Come sit with me. I feel like my seat is roomier.” Luke says while grabbing your hand guiding you to his seat across the aisle.

He lifts up the crumpled covers for you to get in first. He snuggles in beside you but having to let his leg hang out so you fit comfortably.

“This feels exactly like mine Lucas. You just wanted to get me in bed.” You say smirking at him. He flashes that brilliant smile at you that killed you on the inside.

The light from overhead was hitting him exactly how it did on the tour bus. You remembered it so clearly. You could see all the hair on his face and the shadow of his lipring. Even though you’ve seen him innumerable times now each time feels just like the first. He still had that effect on you.

Beginning to get comfortable Luke puts his arm around you as he sits up higher than you were. He begins flipping through the channels on the small tv while resting his chin on your head. Finally settling on a channel he sets down the remote and takes your hand, pulling your arm up and lacing his fingers in yours watching it so intently. He brings your hand up to his mouth sniffing it first then planting a kiss on the top. You feel your stomach twist. As you watched his mouth connect to your hand you craved for it to connect to your lips. Turning towards him you lift up your body to reach his lips. He looks down on you and before being able to let out any words you kiss him so gently and effortlessly. After a couple of seconds you try to release yourself from him but Luke grabs the back of your head pushing his lips further into yours. You feel his lipring in your mouth. It was cold. Turning his head as he grooves with you in perfect rhythm you get completely lost. This was flawless.

You sit up to match his height and he places his hand on your lower back. After a couple more seconds you both pull away.

“Jesus Ash are you sweating? because I am!” Michael says seated diagonal from Luke’s seat where he had caught sight of you and Luke.

You and Luke laugh, dropping your head onto his chest in embarrassment and covering your face. Luke gives Michael the middle finger while he hugs your head tighter to his chest.

You both go back to the position you were in earlier and begin to watch Mean Girls on the small screen.

“Nice choice girly” You say to Luke. You begin to watch the movie like an old married couple.


Friends POV with Calum

As you begin to open your eyes you see that Calum had left your side. Bugged by the site you quickly get up and walk to his seat. The cabin was dark with only a few reading lights on but not enough to illuminate your view. Stepping on Calum’s bag as you get to his seat you trip.

“Oh fuck shit” You whisper to yourself as you tumble down. Calum shifts in his seat and begins rubbing his eyes. Reaching up to turn on the reading light you are sprawled all over him from the trip.

“Uhmmm sorry….” You say giving him a sarcastic little smile.

“No worries. You alright?” Calum says while pulling up on your arms to help you up. He gets up out of his seat and lets you move in first. He knew what you came there for.

“Yea I’m fine just wanted to sit with ya” You say while smiling stupidly.

Calum looks at you and does that puppy-ish smile you loved.

Trying to get comfortable you keep shifting your body till you feel content. Calum, with a demanding touch, turns your body towards him. Surprised at first by the pull but then digging it you wrap your arms around his waist, one under him and the other over. He was so warm. You missed this when you guys were apart but being there now felt like you were always together. Nuzzling your face into his crinkly shirt you take in his scent. He smelled so fucking good. You feel your eyes subconsciously roll back. You move your arms up his back inside of his shirt feeling his skin gently graze your fingertips. It was so soft.

“Have a good sleep?” Calum said breaking your concentration

“Oh yea—yea” You say, stuttering still burrowed in his shirt.  

“Good good. You fell asleep while I was talking to you…” Calum says while playing with the hair on the back of your head.

“Fuck my bad. I was just really exhausted is all. What were you telling me?”

“Just how Luke wants to make it official with your friend. Shit is getting pretty serious if you ask me.”

“HOLYYYYY” You scream but then adjusting your tone to a slight whisper “shut the fuck up. Omg she’s gonna flip when I tell-”

“Nooooo you can’t tell her. He wants to do it when he feels they’re ready. You’re gonna ruin it if you tell her”

“Why did you fucking tell me Cal. I feel compelled to tell now.” You say while frowning.

Trying to shut you up Calum takes you by the chin and kisses you. It was rougher than usual. You feel his stubble graze your lip as he adjusts. Feeling your stomach turn, but in the good way, you tug on the back of Calum’s head pulling his hair ever so slightly.

“Oh okayyyy” Calum says while still being attached to your lips. He takes his hand and runs his fingers through your hair. You peek with the side of your eye for a millisecond and see his hand tattoo being illuminated as his hand moves to the back of your head. You loved his hands. They were so masculine and demanding. After a minute or so you both pull off at the same time almost as if it were planned.

“Alright shit head I won’t tell. You cheeky bastard” You say chuckling.

“Glad it worked” Calum says while giving you a sarcastic wink.


After the 10-hour flight you finally hit the wet runway. You and your friend had no clue what lie ahead for you both in London.


Part Two:


 After a swift change of outfit you had soon grabbed Luke and your car keys and were currently 5 minutes away from the large shopping centre. You kept on switching your focus between the road and the back of Luke’s head. He was currently sitting cross legged on the dashboard, swaying happily from side to side as you travelled along. This was one of your favourite things about being with Luke; you could just be with him. You didn’t have to make conversation; you two could sit with each other for hours and not say a thing, just basking in the company of one another.

The silence continued as you parked the car and climbed out, Luke following swiftly behind you as you entered the busy shopping centre.

Luke stayed very close, floating at eye level as you began to browse for shops that sold more elaborate dresses.

Whenever you were out an about you were always checking that Luke was near, you knew he got nervous around large crowds of people. Because fairies are so rare people would always stop, stare and point at Luke, some people have even tried to pick him out of the air. Of course he was too quick for them, but days out usually ended with Luke resting on your shoulder, hiding behind your (H/C) hair.

“Hey Luke, do you think I should get my dress first and try to find a mask to match? Or get the mask first and then try and match it to a dress?”

You questioned as you tried to catch his eyes.

Your end of year ball was a masquerade theme. Your only instructions from your student president were to dress in clothes suited to a royal ball and you must have a mask, or you won’t be permitted to the party even if you have pre brought your ticket, which you had done as soon as they were available to buy from the student union.

“Well the chances of actually match the two items are slim. Just pick a dress first and roll with it.”

Luke suggested as he suddenly flew straight ahead, away from you and into what he knew was your favourite dress shop.

“Wait up!”

You called as you jogged after him into the store. A quick glance around confirmed that at this point there was only a couple of other customers in the shop, perfect for both browsing at your leisure and getting to try on as much as you liked. You noticed Luke was soaring around above the fixtures and fittings above, probably trying to find somewhere comfortable to rest while you took on the task of trying to find the perfect dress.

After about 40 minutes of looking you had finally picked several dresses, all worthy of being a ball gown, to try.

Despite the fact that that you adored each dress on the hanger, each one you tried on didn’t look right. The colour was either too bright or too dark, one didn’t sit right on your top half and another was too much on the skirt even though it fitted perfect everywhere else.

You sighed in defeat as you hastily shove your own clothes back on, suddenly not in the mood for dress shopping anymore.

As soon as you exited the changing room Luke swooped down right in front of your face, making you jump back slightly.

“You need to try this one, over here.”

He insisted in a slightly annoyed tone as he dropped down even further to enable himself to pull you forward as best as he could by wrapping his arms around your thumb and throwing his body back.

You chuckled as you walked forward with him.

“Okay, okay I’m coming.”

Once Luke was sure you were following he took off to the far end of the store and hovered next to a rail. A sign above the few dresses that hung there declared that it was the ‘sale rail.’

You groaned inwardly before reaching the stand and brushing your hand across the fabric of the left over dresses that looked like they belonged in another decade.

“Luke, I’m sorry but I don’t think that any of these dresses are… me.”

You said doubtfully as you pulled out a puffy lime green dress that looked 2 sizes too big.

“Well obviously not that. This one in here, behind the red one.”

You glanced over to see Luke struggling to pull the middle section of what looked like a navy coloured dress out of the tightly packed rail.

“Hang on, let me.”

You said as you stepped over and remove the dress from the rail while Luke fluttered up to lie down on the top of your head, resting his head on his arms as he peered over the top of your head to follow your gaze to the gown in your hands.

To your surprise not only was the dress your size but had a stunning design. A strapless, chiffon number with a sweetheart neckline, it was fitted to the waist where the lower half was divided by a belt of pewter coloured beads about two inches thick, which ran all the way around to the back of the dress. Underneath the beads the material was tightly gathered, gradually getting smoother until it hit the ground; it felt nice and light in your hands.

“Oh Luke, it’s beautiful! Let me go and try it on.”

You enthused before quickly walking straight back to the changing rooms, feeling Luke tumble off your head due to your quick movements as you did so.

5 minutes later you were stood in the corridor of changing rooms staring at your reflection in the massive wall length mirror, a smile plastered to your face.

The dress fitted you like a glove and really showed off your figure nicely. You turned around and turned your head back so you could see how the dress looked from the back, when you noticed a small twinkle at the edge of the mirror. You snapped your head back to see Luke drifting to a stop about three feet from you.

“What do you think?”

You grinned as you pulled your arms to your chest and twirled around in a circle for him.

“I think you owe me for finding that for you.”

Your face fell to a frown as you turned back to face him.

“Is that it?”

“You look lovely.”

Luke sighed as he fluttered over to sit on your shoulder.

“What’s the matter?”

You questioned as you brought your finger up to his face so he could lean his cheek against it.

“Nothing, I’m fine. Honestly (Y/N), you look gorgeous…”

He paused for a few moments before continuing.

“You do know that I would buy it for you if I cou…”

Before he could finish, you very quickly, but very gently picked him off your shoulder and brought him directly in front of your face.

“Luke, please don’t. Even if you did have money, I would never want you to spend it on me; I don’t need that off you. You mean the world to me and I value your company more than anything, just you. That’s the only thing I will ever need.”

Even though he was so small, you could see his face heat up at your words and all he could seem to do was nod.

You gave him a reassuring smile before placing him back on your shoulder and turning to look once more in the mirror. A few moments had passed before you heard Luke’s voice in your ear.

“Will you let me be in charge of finding you a mask?”

You smiled, deciding if Luke did want to help, this would be a nice way of letting him do it.

“Okay Luke, you can find me a mask. But it better be the best one at the ball!”

You joked, but Luke just smiled to himself, an idea already forming in his mind.

part one.


Part two now cause I’m out tomorrow.

Enjoy x


She Will Be Loved (l.h. fic)

Look for the girl with the broken smile










Luke’s POV

“I told you that you had one chance left. This is it, Kelsey. Leave and don’t come back until you’re sober,” I hear a loud voice echo through the house. Paul? What’s he doing up? And yelling at Kelsey…

I jump up from my bed and pull my shirt and shorts on.

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Maybe You Are Fireproof

Luke Hemmings/Ashton Irwin | Soulmate AU 

Luke has to watch everyone he knows with their soulmates. His parents, his brothers, Michael and Calum, his friends from school. He even sees co-workers at the coffee shop come in one morning and leave the same evening with a soulmate. He’ll throw up if he sees another ink engraved imprint as he hands a customer their coffee cup.

Or the one where Luke meets Ashton, who thinks he’s illustrious and all Luke wants is his attention.

AO3: Prologue | I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI | XVII | XVIII

Pregnancy series -First scan

sorry if there is errors it is like almost 1am

hope you enjoy :D

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Previous Parts ;

Part one :

 part two :

 Part three :

“ and then Calum foot tripped Luke and his nose was bleeding and it was a real mess “ Ashton laughed as you waited in the hospital waiting room . “ you guys are going to have to more careful ! one day one of you is going to get seriously hurt “ you exclaimed shaking your head  while rolling your eyes. “ wow your going to have this mum thing down “ he replied smirking
“ I’m just saying one day Luke is going to get sick of your shit ! you remember the time you pushed him you pushed him in the shower with his clothes on and he wouldn’t talk to you “ you glared
“ for starters that was not my fault “ he replied laughing at the memory “ and secondly “ he paused as you smirked at him “ okay your right , but you have to admit that was pretty funny “ he replied
“ yeah it was pretty funny “ you smiled “ but speaking of having this mum thing down , when are we going to start telling people I’m nine weeks along people are going to start noticing soon , your mum was giving me looks last week at lunch “ you asked him
“ i guess we should start telling people now “ he laughed “ its so strange to think in seven months its no longer going to be just us “ Ashton said as his large fingers ghosted over your barely visible baby bump . “ i know its scary to think we will be responsible for someone for the next 18 years “
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)  “ a nurse called from the door way of her office a couple had just walked out of
“ thats me “ you replied grabbing your things from the floor beside the comfortable waiting room chairs . “ you coming ?” you asked Ashton as he sit sat blank face lost in his thoughts .
“yeah of course “ he replied following you into the office.
“ Hi (Y/N) take a seat ,how are you doing today ? “ she asked as you sat on the hospital bed in front of you “ I’ve been better “ you replied taking off your coat
“ morning sickness ?” she asked getting the equipment ready
“yeah its a pain “ you replied sighing
“ its only for a few months then it should settle down , you must be Ashton “ she directed at Ashton
“ yeah , i am “ he smiles sitting on the chair next to your bed
“ cool I’ve herd a lot about you , are you ready to see your baby ?” Mary asked
“ yeah of course “ he replied as you began to lift your shirt up exposing your stomach
“ okay so the jelly will be cold “ Mary said as she squirted the clear  blue liquid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . A small hiss left your mouth as the cool jelly touched your stomach . “ all right lets see what going on in there “ she spoke as she began to move the wand along the surface of your stomach. “ hear that ?” she asked as the faint sound of a heart beat was herd through out the small office. “ yeah “ you replied
“ thats your child’s heart beat and thats he or she on the screen “ she smiled
“ wow “ Ashton gasped as he reached for your hand to kiss it .”we made that “ he exclaimed
“ yes we did “ you smiled focusing your attention back on the screen.


Your phone rung in the pocket of your jeans as you got out of the car. “ hello ?” you answered grabbing your handbag form the front seat  “ babe where are you ? our appointment is now “ Calum whinged on the other end of the phone .
“ Calum relax ! doctors never run on time “ you replied closing and locking the car door .
“ I’m in the doctors office and were waiting for you “ he stressed you could tell by the tone in his voice he would be running his fingers through his hair. A trait that would always drive you crazy and made it hard to keep your hands off him “ would you relax I’m just walking through the door now I’m like a minute away “ you laughed at Calum
“ okay i love you “ he replied sighing in the other end off the phone
“ i love you too see you soon “ you replied hanging up and stepping into the elevator . You were a mixture of emotions . Seeing pregnant woman sitting with their huge stomachs knowing that that was going to be you in a few months made you nervous . Opening the door to the doctors office you found a relived Calum sitting in a hospital chair next to the bed . “ you made it  (Y/N) , I’m so glad you could join us “ Gary your midwife joked as you took a seat on the bed
“ yeah it though i might make an appearance “ you laughed in response
“ well good , Calum and i were just talking about the Liverpool game in the weekend “ he replied setting up the sonograph machine. “ oh yeah we won 2-0 over newcastle didn’t we ?” you questioned as you rolled up your shirt. “ thats right babe “ Calum answered taking your hand
“ you a footy fan Ms (Y/L/N) ? “ Gary asked sanitising his hands
“ no , she sits there on her laptop the whole game “ Calum replied for you
“ hey i watch the game sometimes “ you cried in protest
“ i will believe you “ Gary laughed “now this gel will be cold “ he warned before squeezing the bottle over your stomach. You winced at the sudden cold sensation . “ cold baby “ Calum laughed
“ yeah just a little “ you smiled as Gary began to move the wand in circular movement across you stomach . “See this “ Gary said as he pointed to the screen “ thats your baby “ he continued
“ shit (Y/N) we made a baby “ Calum gasped with a wide eyed expression
“ yeah we did “ you smiled giving him a quick peck on the lips
“ would you two love birds like a picture printed ?” Gary asked already knowing that answer
“ two please “ you smiled taking another look at your baby on the screen
“ make that four “ Calum corrected causing you to furrow your brows in confusion “ for when we tell the parents  “ He explained.

“ So I’m joined here today with Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) “ the interviewer announced as you took your seat in front of her when the screaming from the crowd  died down  . “ So how are things ?” she asked
“ good and how are you ?” Luke answered politely making the interviewer blush
“ I’m good thanks “ she replied battering her eyelids at him . Looking a you she “ continued with the interview “ so (Y/N) congrats on the new album “ the fans cheered
“ thanks , I’m so glad its finally released and the fans can enjoy it “ you smiled as the fans cheered again .“ The fans are going crazy over the track ‘broken hearted “ she replied reading off her cue cards “ yeah I’m glad its probably my favourite of the album , I co-wrote it with Calum and Luke “ you smiled at Luke as he squeezed your hand “ so we herd rumours of a album release tour “ she continued the reading of the cue cards “ yeah but after the recents events , we have decide to put the tour on hold until my health is better” you smiled giving Luke’s hand a squeeze
“ thats why we are proud to announce that (Y/N) will be joining us for the rest of the tour as the opening act for the American and Australian leg” Luke smiled nudging you  
“ Wow you herd it here first “ she cheered smiling at the fact she had the latest scoop
“ yeah i just wanted to spend more time with Calum “ you joked “ and Michael “ you added causing Luke to pout “ and Ashton “ you added making him pout even more
“ and everyone except Luke “ Luke finished for you causing the crowded to burst into laughter .
“ Im kidding Babe “ you said  going to give him a kiss on the cheek but he pulled his had away causing you to laugh with the crowd  at his childish ways  .“ well thats all we have time for today , thanks for coming “ the interviewer smiled wrapping up the interview
“ thanks for having us “Luke smiled standing up .
“ she was all over you “ you smiled as Luke followed you off the stage.
“ i know , i felt so awkward” he replied  following you down the backstage passage
“ she was practically undressing you with her eyes “ you laughed as he pulled a face. suddenly you lost you balance clinging onto the wall for support . “ (Y/N) are you okay babe ?” Luke rushed to catch you as you passed out .
You awoke to a hospital bed with Luke fussing over you “(Y/N) , babe your awake ?” he smiled as you began to sit up . “ the baby ?“ you asked worried as you started to get used to your surroundings . “ it fine , they were waiting for you to wake up to go for a scan “ he replied taking your hand in his . “ but I’m only seven weeks I’m not due for one yet “ you asked worried
“ i know babe they just want to double check everything is okay “ he smiled trying to calm you
“ Ms (Y/L/N) “ the doctor said as she walked into the room “ i presume your partner has explained that we would like to take you for a scan , is that alright ?” she asked pushing a wheel chair into the room. “ yeah no problem “ you replied starting to get out of the hospital bed . Luke rushed to your side a helped you into the wheel chair. The doctor took you to the third floor to an office where you were to have your scan. “ So is this you first sonograph am i right ?” she asked setting up the equipment . “ no i had one a year ago when they thought i had appendicitis “ you replied
“ so you will know the gel is cold then “ she laughed as you lifted up your shirt
“ oh yeah “ you laughed as the cold gel settled on your stomach
“ so lets see what we go here “ she spoke as she moved the wand across the surface of your lower abdomen . “ and theres your happy ,healthy baby “ she smiled rotating the screen for you and Luke to see. “ oh wow “ Luke breathed as he stared at the screen stunned like a possum in headlights .
“ you are a little under weight but that can be easily solved “ she smiled as you both stared in owe at your baby. From that moment on you knew everything was going to be okay .

It had been a week since you told Karen about the pregnancy . So far apart from you and Michael she was the only one that knew. Your stomach was growing fast and it didn’t take long to to start showing . right now it just looked like you had a big lunch . You and Michael were both nervous for your first scan. “ god i cant believe he’s late  “ Karen scoffed as you waited for Michael in the midwifes office . “ its okay Mrs Clifford , I still have to warm up the machine” Amy your midwife laughed as she continued to set up. “ he’s like two minutes away ” you laughed not bothered
“ So other Mrs Clifford “ Amy laughed “ your stomach is growing pretty fast for nine weeks , does it run in your family to have large babies ?” she continued to set up as she spoke .
“ it does on the Clifford side , Michael was a big baby “ Karen answered
“ oh great “you laughed “ I’m not really sure i was a small baby  you continued
“I’m here “ Michael burst through the door panting and rushing over to you
“ good now we can get started “ Amy clapped her hands together
“ you better not be late to the birth “ Karen scoffed at her son as he took his place on the chair beside the bed you were lying on “ i wont , sorry babe i left late and traffic was bad “ he apologised kissing your forehead . “ Its okay babe I’m glad your here “ you smiled lifting up your shirt while the midwife squirted the cold gel on your stomach . As she moved the wand around a frown crossed her face “ hmmm “ she mumbled as she typed notes on her computer.
“ is there something wrong ?” you questioned worriedly at her expression
“no but its just as i thought “ she replied turning the screen to face you and Michael “ your having twins “ she continued pointing out the figures on the screen.
“fuck “ Michael groaned as he realised what it meant.
“ Michael “ Karen scolded in  her motherly fashion
“ no he’s right , fuck “ you replied in shock “ i thought  i married the lazy band member “ you continued causing the room to erupt with laughter . “ what can i say i have strong swimmers “ he shrugged earning a playful slap on the his broad chest from you. “ I can believe I’m going to be a grandmother “ Karen smiled with a tear in her eye as she stared at the screen “ and to twins “ she exclaimed excitedly hugging you and Michael “ yeah twins double the trouble “ you replied
“ so I’m guessing you want photos ?”  said Amy giving you cloth to wipe the gel of your stomach
“ i don’t think we could leave with out them “ you smiled at Karen.
“ twins (Y/N) ?” Michael asked still in complete disbelief .