It was easy. It was sit down in the passenger seat of his car and watch the cities go by. It was lovely. It was midnight kisses in his kitchen and fingers brushing up against my skin. It was fierce. Fiery burning passion and all. It was hard. It was screaming at the top of his lungs to match my screams in the living room. It was terrible, at times. It was long silences and hurtful glares and rude snarls of lips. It was gentle and soft; “I’m sorry.” Me too.

“Let’s go out tonight.” His plump lips parted to speak the words as his fingers toyed with the hem of his shirt. The TV’s hum in the background drowned out the rain hitting the roof top. 

“To where?” No places to go. Not in this weather. He looked around the dimly lit kitchen, drinking his tea and sighing. 

“I dunno; thought you’d have a place in mind.” He trailed off, looking down at his fingers holding the white mug. 

“It’s a you choose kind of thing.” I said, smiling at my boyfriend who’d been donning a frown the last few days. He didn’t see it though, too busy watching his tea. 

“I don’t have any where to go either.” He said, leaning back in his chair, meeting my eyes for the first time in five minutes. 

“Well, I guess we can stay in.” I suggested, an idea coming to mind. He nodded, nonchalantly. 

“I’m gonna go for a smoke.” He said, standing up and pushing the chair into the table, leaving the tea. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes that had his lighter in it and went out the front door. He didn’t care that it was raining, or that the thunder sometimes boomed and made him drop his cigarette. He’d just light up another one. 

It was quiet, save the TV news. Pushing in my chair, I headed for the bathroom to start a bath; just what he needed. After being with the rockstar for so long, I knew him well, and finding him in a four day slump meant I knew how to remedy it. 

Step one: Make the water hot. Very hot. Really Really Really Hot. So hot, there’s steam rising from it. It will turn your skin red on instant contact. You’ll have to wait for it to cool down before you can get in, but he insists on this. 

Step two: Find his favorite bathbomb. When in doubt, (it’s already been used) go to the next best thing: literally anything else. Calum doesn’t mind so much, but I can tell by the smile on his face which one he prefers the most out of the bunch.
Step three: Light the candles. Dim the lights. Cue the music. 

Step four: Wait for the 1 million degree bath water to cool down with a handsome boyfriend by your side. 

The front door opened and a sound signaled he’d thrown his pack on the nearest table, probably the one in the kitchen. “Y/n?” He called, voice sounding heavy, like he was certain I’d left him or something. 

“In here!” I called, pulling my shirt off and throwing it on the counter. His footsteps sounded down the hallway and stopped in front of the doorway. He had a small smile on his face. 

“What’s this?” He asked, stepping forward, already going to take off his shoes.

 “A bath, silly.” He chuckled, shaking his head and moving so he was in front of me, hands resting on my waist. 

“How did I get so lucky?” He asked, pressing a kiss to my forehead before stepping back to get undressed. He went to step into the water and immediately stepped back out of it, a pained look on his face. “Why are you laughing?”

 “Because you’ve only done that to me a million times.” I shrieked as he splashed water on me and pulled me into his warm body to wipe more water on my skin. 

We ended up standing with our feet in the water, getting used to the heat, before slowly sinking in together. Today he chose to sit in between my legs, with his head resting against my chest while my hands curled through his hair. 

Step Five: 

“What’s been bugging you baby?”

 A sigh. “So many things.” 

“We’ve got time.” 

A smile. “This is why you’re the best.”

“I know, now talk Hood.”

A chuckle, hands winding together and colors swirling around his tan skin. “But first, I love you.” 

“I love you more, Calum.” A kiss to the cheek. A thousand words and beautiful days to come. 

Fabulous 💁


Lost x Frank Ocean

“Now you’re lost
Lost in the heat of it all
Girl you know you’re lost
Lost in the thrill of it all”

Catch a Wave - M.C.

Request: hi idk if this is a good idea or not but maybe michael dating a surfer???? idk i can see michael dating someone whos basically a polar opposite and she tried to relate more to him and try things he likes and vice versa?????? yrah i cant write for shit so u know :) xx

Summary: You and Michael are total opposites, so when you decide you want to teach him how to surf, he isn’t exactly the most cooperative of students.

Word Count: 707

A/N: soz i know absolutely nothing about surfing oh my goddddd

“Come on, Michael, it’s not that bad!”

“Absolutely not! It’s freezing!”

You groaned, sinking further into the cool ocean water. Beside you, a surfboard was floating in the gentle waves, your hand resting on top of it to keep it from drifting from your side. You looked back to the shore where your boyfriend was standing, avoiding the water at all costs. “Please? It’s lonely out here.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Bullshit, you’re surrounded by people,” he called back, gesturing to the crowded water around you.

“It’s not crowded out there!” you told him, jerking your thumb towards the open ocean behind you.

He shook his head. “I’d rather not get eaten by sharks.”

You sighed, finally giving up on getting Michael to join you. It was a miracle you’d gotten him outside at all.

As much as you loved him, Michael wasn’t always the most adventurous of boyfriends. He was perfectly happy relaxing in the comfort of your shared apartment. His off-days were spent playing video games and coming up with all sorts of new music.

But that was exactly what made him perfect for you.

He was everything you weren’t, and you made up for what he couldn’t. He introduced you to lazy days and sleeping in, and you showed him pieces of the world he had never known existed. You were the chaotic adventure, a hurricane, as he often called you, and he was the quiet, comforting return to familiarity.

However, being polar opposites had its downsides. Convincing Michael to step out of his comfort zone could be a challenge, so say the least.

You’d grown up too far from the ocean to ever become familiar with it. This meant you’d had no way of ever learning to surf, much less fall in love with the activity, until you’d moved into Michael’s tiny apartment a few years ago. It was a short walk to the beach from there, and you’d immediately jumped on the opportunity. It wasn’t long before you grew accustomed to the constantly changing water and were able to glide effortlessly across the waves.

Despite your love for the water, Michael was always quick to avoid coming with you. Any time you did manage to drag him onto the sand, he always maintained a safe distance between him and the water, disappearing beneath an umbrella to avoid the sun’s harsh rays.

After a few minutes of struggling to properly catch one of the many waves, you decided to give another go at getting Michael out into the water. You slowly made your way towards the shore, dragging your body out of the cool water. You dropped your board into the hot sand beneath your feet and jogged towards your boyfriend a little farther from the water.

Michael looked up from his phone, having seen you out of the corner of his eye, and sighed. “I don’t want to go out there,” he mumbled.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “Please?” you whined. “I just want you to try it.”

Michael was silent for a moment, pondering your request. Finally, he clicked off his phone and tossed it into his bag. You squealed, immediately grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the water.

As you approached the shore, Michael began moving a bit slower. You turned back to face him and were met with a nervous grimace. “Are you seriously going to make me do this?” he asked, pulling his hand out of your grasp.

You shrugged. “I’m not making you do anything. I’m just gently encouraging.”

He rolled his eyes, moving closer to the water. You watched him dip one foot into the shallow waves lapping at your feet, but he immediately jumped back. “Hell no.”

“Don’t do it, then,” you said simply, moving to grab your surfboard off of the sand. As you made your way past him, you leaned towards his ear and whispered, “if you’re scared.”

His eyes widened, and you smirked. “You take that back,” he said lowly.

“Make me.”

Michael wrenched the surfboard out of your arms, immediately dashing towards the water. You laughed as he fell face first into an oncoming wave, eager to prove that he could be was just as fearless as you.