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Pretty Little Liar! Ashton

Words: 3.3k

Warning: Smut, Ashton kinda fucks you with a lolly. But it’s ok I swear.

Summary: Y/N had been getting text’s from ‘A’, threatening her to sext and send nudes. Only to find out he was going to be at her very own Halloween party, so they will meet face to face and be face to face with other parts of the body. (69 if you catch my drift;) 


I reached my hand in my pocket, feeling my phone buzz and ding inside the confinement. I was currently setting up for my halloween party that I was holding tonight and I had been getting all sorts of messages. Mostly people confirming the time and if they can bring booze, well duh. I placed my thumb on the screen opening up my phone and clicking onto messages. I sighed and tapped onto the message, it was yet another message from ‘A’. ‘A’ had been texting me for the past couple of week’s, they were a nightmare. 

They had been sending through messages asking for nudes or asking me to sext and if I didn’t they threatened me with video files that could get me into trouble. Last year wasn’t my best year and someone had caught it on tape. So as anyone would I reported it, but the person behind ‘A’ leaked a video of me stealing a file from our headmasters office. It was one of my friends medical file, but they gave me a week detention as I had no proof it was hers. And breaking into the headmasters office was frond apron. So since then I’ve been dealing with everything ‘A’ tells me, other wise other things will spill. 

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Yes mom, these are the boys that I dedicate my teenage years to.

Michael Imagine - Jealous

Requested: No, feel free to do so
Word count: +1000
Pairing: Michael x reader
Resumé: Calum wants to cuddle with you but then Michael, your boyfriend walks in


“No Calum” you answer him for what feels like the tenth time when he asks if you can cuddle with him “why don’t you asks one of the boys?" 

"Because, Luke is out with Arzaylea, Ashton is in the gim and Michael is playing on the Xbox” he says. He grabs your arms and pulls you to the sofa “cuddle with me" 

"No” you answer. He pulls your arm and you both end up falling and laughing “I can’t cuddle with you! Michael will get mad” You say laughing 

“Cuddle with me” he says into your shoulder. You get up, pushing at his strong chest and turn around to walk away. As soon as your foot it the floor, strong arms are wrapped around your waist, pulling you back and making you fall of top of him laughing, his chest on your back. You groan and try to get up but you’re laughing so much you feel like you’ve lost your strength. You sign and give in. 

“Okay!” You say and he cheers “just five minutes” you put your feet up on the sofa so you’re laying on your side, your back against Calum’s chest. You feel his breath on the back of your neck tickling you and then his voice close to your ear 

“Can you just lift your head up a bit?” You frown at his question and do so. His arms sneaks beneath your head and your rest your head in it, using it as a pillow. You feel the blood traveling underneath his skin in his strong tanned arm 

“Isn’t your arm going to be numb after a while?” You wonder and receive a ‘probably’ as answer. His grip on your waist loosens and his arm is now merely resting on your waist. 

“What if Michael walks in?” You ask, worry fulling you up. Michael is not the kind of jealous boyfriend, unless we’re talking about pizza. Or you around the boys. He gets really protective and clingy when you’re around and you secretly love it.

“Screw him, you’re my cuddly partner now” Calum answers and you feel him shrug. Michael had forbidden any of the boys to cuddle with you. You feel your body relax underneath Calum’s arms and you allow yourself to close your eyes, only to be snapped back with Michael’s screams 

“What the fuck are you two doing?” His rage is clear in his voice, his green eyes stormy as he looks back and forth between you and Calum. Calum, to make it worst, lets out a low chuckle as if finding it funny and you roll your eyes. You sit back up and then get up heading towards Michael. His eyes follow you until you stop in from of him and the cockily raises his eyebrow at you, slightly shaking his head as if silently questioning 'got anything to say?' 

“It’s not what it looks like” you say, looking at him 

“It fucking looks like you, my girlfriend, is fucking cuddling with Calum, who I fucking told to stay away from you!” He says swearing and you sigh 

“Then that’s exactly what it looks like” Calum says from the sofa “we are cuddling" 

"Not helping!” You say taking a look at him behind you. He shrugs and takes his phone out. You turn your attention back to Michael and you eyes fall to his hand. You take it and interlock your fingers, as Michael tries to restrain himself from smiling at your gesture. Michael is one of those guys that when you meet him, he’s really laid back and chilled out, but when you know him, you see he has a quite low self esteem and sometimes just needs some comforting words. You don’t mind at all, telling him you love him everyday, you mean it every time. Even if sometimes he just laughs at you and says you’re cheesy, he always smiles and you see he loves it 

“Michael, I love you” you starts and a small smile plays in his lips “I love the way you swear when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re excited, when-" 

"Got it” he interrupts smiling and you laugh 

“I love the way you try to act tough, even though you’re a soft kitten” you continue and Michael stands to his full length, looking down at you and you laugh. You raise your arms and interlock your hands behind his neck “I love you, and I would never swap you for anything in this world, not even Calum. He’s a dirty bastard” you add, only half joking and a 'Hey!’ Is heard from Calum.

Michael smiles, his green eyes looking at you. He leans in and kisses you slowly, his tongue brushing along your bottom lip. He’s hands rank down your body, contouring every inch of it and he takes a sneaky squeeze in your butt cheek. You laugh into the kiss but your lips soon disconnect from Michael’s by a hand on both your chests. 

“Excuse me!” Calum looks at you “we’re trying to be punk rock here. You can’t just come in and say all those cute things to him. You’ll turn him into a fucking pussy!" 

Michael and you laugh. His hands move from you ass to your lower back, hugging you there. Your hands leave his hair and wrap around his neck as you rest your head against his chest, listening to his steady heart beat. You look at Calum mockingly and he makes disgusted face. 

"You guys are so cheesy” he exclaims, leaving the room. You turn to Michael to say he’s right but you have no time to answer when he attaches his lips to yours in a strong, breath taking kiss. Your hands dart to his hair deepening the kiss and tagging at his roots when you fall back, your back hitting the soft material of the white couch. 

“Eew, please guys! Not on the couch” you hear Calum on the door “there’s rooms right there geez" 

You smile into the kiss and let out a small shrink when Michael’s strong arms wrap around your waist pulling up with him and taking you to the room. The only thing you hear before he drops you into the mattress his a challenging "I’ll show Calum how cheesy I am. After this" 


N/A: Hope you liked it. I loved writing this i found it funny and cute and I’m drowning in Michael feels right now. Feel free to request anything you’d like me to write, even if it is quite small or really big. Requests make me happy :). Also, have a look at my masterlist with other imagines that I wrote. the list is updated everyday as I post a new imagine everyday


dad!luke coming home for a 2 week break on tour and tears welling in his eyes watching his little girl spring from your arms and latch on to his legs as she cries into it, rambling about how much she missed her daddy and hated him being gone for so long and luke feels a bit guilty being away from toddler hemmings for even the most minuscule amounts of time but he nods through his tears and reassures her that daddy won’t be gone much longer 

aaaaaaand why am i doing this to myself :’-)

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sick and full of pride + cth

>synopsis ~ basically based off the song drive by halsey. u and calum are in love with each other but are too full of pride to tell each other and he happens to be driving a car with u because ??? whY NOT (it’s pretty cute and pretty road-trippy)
>requested ~ nope lol im lonely
requests are sent in here // masterlist 


It was five in the morning when you heard a knock at your front door. You were lucky you weren’t sleeping, thanks to four cups of coffee and a book in your hand, but a rush of shock waved through you, and you froze. Why was there someone at your door at this hour? You’d watched too much American Horror Story to be thinking rationally so late at night, so you did the most irrational thing you could do – you went over to your bedroom window, popped your head out into the chilly darkness, and tried to see the person with a bad enough sleeping pattern to be bothering you. It was too dark to see anything, so you called down at them.

“Show yourself,” you said, poising your night retainer in front of you to make it look like a weapon of sort. You didn’t feel nearly as threatening as you wanted to be, but it was five am, you couldn’t feel your face, and your eyes probably appeared dead. The person stepped behind the canopy, looking up at your window. They were tall, that was for sure, and were lithe and skinny. Your heart sped up. “Who the hell are you?”

“Your knight in shining armor.” 

The person chucked something into the air, which landed into his hands with a faint jingle. You were lucky your house was in a desolate area, and barely anyone lived around, anymore. Even if they did, they were all insomniacs, anyway. Calum, the tall, skinny, and lithe boy you mistook for an early morning intruder, wasn’t waking anybody up apart from the birds that perched along the trees. You took a torch from the drawer of your desk and shone it down, confirming your notion that yes, it was Calum Hood, your stupid best friend who happened to be awake at five in the morning. He was wearing a grey sweatshirt that pooled around his wrists, and some jeans that might’ve been black. Maybe they were blue? You couldn’t tell. Caffeine was fucking with your mind.

“Why are you here?” you asked, keeping the luminous torch trained on him. He squinted past the light and you smiled. At least you thought you smiled. As mentioned before, your face felt so numb from lack of sleep and overdose of coffee, you could just be twitching uncontrollably. “Not that it isn’t a pleasant surprise. Though, it really isn’t.”

“You’re such an asshole when you’re tired. I want to break up. I can’t deal with your shit anymore.” He was grinning like an idiot. Maybe he  couldn’t feel his face. You told yourself to stop thinking of Calum’s face, and to focus on why his face was underneath your window. He didn’t seem hurt, or in the middle of a mental break down – you didn’t see why he should be breaking you apart from the writings of Stephen King. “We’re not dating, but I wanna break up.”

“Nah.” You played with your matted hair, setting your retainer back in its case. “What do you want?”

“Come on a drive with me?”

“Are you kidding me?” You scoffed at him. He was bored enough at five in the morning to invite you on a drive?

“No. I want to drive around a bit before it gets light. We have until around eight thirty. You don’t even have to get changed.”

Really, you should’ve said no, seeing as you were obviously delirious and unaware of anything. The lights in your room were dimmed, so you weren’t too sure how your eyes would adjust to the bright lights in Calum’s car. Nevertheless, you tugged on a denim jacket, blindly fumbling your way down the staircase while clutching helplessly onto the balustrade. You left the house, seeing Calum with a six pack of beer, a little smile curling his lips, and keeping the passenger door for the car open. You clambered in, grateful for the darkness, since the engine was still off.

He went around the vehicle and sat in the driver’s seat, twisting his keys in. The car hummed, and then the lights flickered on. You blinked, phosphene blanketing your worn out eyes. The car was already moving, and you felt the two of you being shifted out of the driveway. Your eyes finally adjusted, and you watched the looming houses get lost behind as you advanced forward. They looked like large statues in a museum that were covered by a long, black sheet before an exhibition. Your mind went to the six pack at the back of the car, and you stared at Calum.

“You can’t drink and drive.”

“It’s not beer, you know that, right?”

Amidst confusion, you turned around, tugging the drinks closer to your by the plastic frame and waiting for the red and blue logo to register in your mind. Oh, it was Pepsi, not Foster’s. You relaxed in the shotgun seat, taking out a can, finding two straws in the glove compartment and opening the drink with a long hiss. It foamed up a bit, but didn’t overflow. You pushed the straw in, sipping from the blue one and letting Calum take the red one between his lips. You watched his mouth around the straw. You hadn’t noticed how plump his lips looked, and wondered how all the girls he’d kissed felt. Were they warm? Were the soft? You caught him giving you a sideways glance, and sat back down in your seat, your cheeks growing hot.

“Were you checking out my mouth?” He laughed, shaking his head and pulling into the road.

“I was wondering how you could possibly kiss someone with your lips and your terrible coordination.”

“I don’t have terrible coordination!” he defended. “And what’s wrong with my lips?”

“They’re like… very mouth.”

He snorted. “You sound high.”

“Maybe you’re high.”

He shook his head again, licking his bottom lip and keeping his eyes on the road. You’d been down here millions of times – going to the grocery shop, going to work, going to the book shop –  but you’d never noticed how it looked at the quiet hour. All the lights in all the shops were off, and none of the houses seemed bursting with their painted bricks and bright flower vases. It was sad, in a way, but beautiful. It was like a girl with all the sorrow of all the world pouring from her dark eyes, but intriguing every person into her. You lived among a masterpiece, a vista filled with towering lamp posts, and twinkling fireflies, and prowling foxes. Calum’s hand was on your knee, and your hand was over his. You heart stuttered, and now you weren’t thinking about outside. You were thinking about the boy sitting next to you. You thought about his hair curling around  his temples, and how his eyes brightened up every time you complimented him. You thought of his long fingers, and his tattoos, and how he smelled when he went over to give you a hug. You’d never tell him any of this. Never.

“Yo,” you said after a while.

“What’s up?”

“You’re a pretty cool person.” You looked over at him, trying your best not to bite your lip as your eyes went over his jaw line and his mouth spread into a smile. “And, I’m glad you’re my friend. You make my life just a little bit less boring.”

“Just a little bit?”

“Teensy bit.” You gesture with your hands, and although he only took a glimpse, he laughed. 

You played with his fingers, before slipping your hand into his and keeping your intertwined fingers in your lap. Staring out the window, you tried your best not to look at him. If you didn’t look at him, your strung up mind couldn’t think about his parted lips, or his brown skin, or his dark hair. You didn’t want to think how his fingers were rubbing circles into your knee, and how his jaw was set as he stared at the road. You wondered if he was in the same place as you, if he was listing off all the things he was absolutely smitten over for you, but was too sick and full of pride to even state you were beautiful. It was sad, really. Falling so hard, but letting your ego get the best of you. 

He took a turn by a roundabout, approaching some streetlights. The roads were growing busier, now, since it was nearing six o’clock and people were driving to work, or college, or wherever people were crazy enough to go to just before daybreak. You already knew the light was going to be red by the time you reached it, but didn’t mind. You took another sip from the Pepsi can.

“Cal?” you said softly.

Your change of tone caught his attention, and since there was a long line of cards in front of you and a red light, he stared at you full on. “You alright?”

You couldn’t look him in the eye; you kept your gaze trained on the cars ahead of you. He often would press the accelerator, when the traffic would move a bit, but it seemed like you were in the middle of a jam that wouldn’t be moving for a while. It was still dark outside, the headlights pressing against all the different signs and vehicles and illuminating them in the early morning. 

“Hypothetically…” You held his hand again, rubbing your thumb over his. “What if I kissed you, hypothetically? Like, if I just leaned over and kissed you, right here and right now. What would you do?”

He smiled – you saw from your peripheral view. His teeth shone under the beaming streetlights, his face covered in a red glow. Your intertwined hands were under the light, as well. 

“I’d… kiss you back. Yeah.” He shook his hair out. The question very obviously caught him off guard, but at how hard he was smiling, he didn’t seem to dislike the idea of it. Neither did you.

“Would you like it?’

He exhaled through his nose, holding your hand tighter and nodding. “Yeah. I’d… I’d like it a lot.”

“You sound nervous.”

“Well, when a pretty girl talks about hypothetically kissing me, it’s only natural for me to get nervous.”

Your breath hitched, and you looked down at your lap. Calum pressed down on the accelerator a bit, still watching you. He was worried he said something wrong, and gave your hand a little squeeze. You weren’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or the amount of caffeine and energy you consumed over the last couple hours that was making you so mushy, but you felt a mix of emotions between sad and overwhelmed.

“Calum,” you whispered, and he pulled you into his side, his arm around your shoulder and your cheek against his chest. “You’ve never called me pretty before.”

He pressed his fingers underneath your chin, tilting your head up so you had to look at him. So you had to feel his eyes on yours, and his mouth looming above yours, and his hands cradling your face. You chewed on your bottom lip while he observed you, and you stroked his cheek. It was warm with blush, and your finger trailed down to his mouth. This was the closest you’d been with him. Perhaps neither of you never got closer because you were too scared of being compromised. To have your pride being drained from yourselves as you lost yourselves in each other’s love and in each other’s lips.

“You’re prettier than the little lights dotting around the houses we just passed,” he told you. “I’m really bad at compliments. I’m sorry.” He chuckled, looking down, but you picked his head up.

“Would it really kill you if we kiss?” you asked him, and you knew he might just say no. You knew he might just lean over and place his mouth on yours. He might just want to taste you, and feel his lips part yours and hold you as close as he possibly could without moving the stick shift.

And that’s what he did.

His mouth captured yours while his fingers danced around your jaw, pulling you up so he could move his lips on yours with ease. His hair was soft under your finger tips – soft and flat down against his head and you never really noticed how his bed hair made it all flat and curled at the sides. You touched the back of his neck, where all the hairs stood on end and brushed your palm, and then you touched his back, feeling all the contours of his muscles underneath his sweatshirt and the warmth of his skin radiating through the fabric. He bit your bottom lip gently, before continuing to kiss you. Your mind was in flames, the caffeine wearing off, the exhaustion wearing off, and the love pumping in. If there was a tube leading to your brain pumping gasoline in, you wouldn’t be surprised. You were so enveloped in the heat of Calum, so lost and drowned in his arms and in his mouth, and so calmed by his breaths and the sound of the windshield wipers hitting rhythmically every time water droplets danced across the window, you were pretty convinced that you were on drugs.

He broke away from your lips with a soft sound between your mouths, a gentle and quiet sound that spread around the car and back into your ears. You smiled, your lips a bit wet, and you weren’t sure if it was from him or yourself.

“I love you,” he said. “I love you so damn much, and I’m so tired of pretending I’m not.” He took your hand, kissing your palm and holding it against his cheek. “I love you.”

Your good luck charm 5SOS 13nights night 8


“Calum stop being so paranoid” Y/N huffed as Calum carefully tiptoed over the cracks in the cement. Stopping for a moment he looked ahead at Y/N “today has been the worst day. I walked under a ladder, broke a mirror and got a flat tyre because I swerved off the road to avoid hitting a black cat. I don’t want to break mum’s back to top it off” he said leaping over a large crack.

Rolling her eyes Y/N walked back to where Calum was. “They’re just superstitions Calum” she said grabbing his shoulders. Meeting Y/N’s eyes for a moment Calum lost his balance and stumbled forwards landing on a crack. “Oh no” he mumbled “how can this day get any worse.” Thinking about this for a brief second his eyes widened and looked at Y/N alarmed. Assuming what he was thinking Y/N hugged him “I’m not going anywhere even if you beg me” she laughed. “But a broken mirror means seven years bad luck, what about the next tour?” he said worried.

Y/N hugged Calum tighter “take me with you, I’ll be your good luck charm” she said looking up and meeting his dark brown eyes. Calum relaxed a little. “Do I get a good luck kiss every show?” he said raising an eyebrow.                           “Anything for you Mr Hood" Y/N chuckled as she pressed a quick kiss to his lips.   

Loss: Part Three


Third installment to my Cal Vampire au series, enjoy!

The way she sat seemed too peaceful, even with her torn face and eyes shut tight, her mouth that I had always seen in a small smile was turned down. Looking to her neck the residue of dried blood spread across and some drops clung to her shirt, seeping into the fabric. She seemed too floppy, in the past when they are close to death their limbs give way, they would often barely move, unable to stand up and mumble everything they attempted to say. But she couldn’t be dying. I wasn’t letting that happen to her, my curiosity towards her was too big of a risk to lose her.

She stirred and I creeped back into the shadows, moving away from her face and the temptation to move her delicate hair out of her face. I knew she would be safer here, standing up I left the room, walking into the main room of my house and avoiding my friends as they slept. I have three friends in which I trust, they too turned at a similar time to me and we’ve survived as a team. Her being here is a minor detail I have to explain to them, there’s been a few similar cases, especially with Luke where things have taken a very different course of direction, but that is never going to happen to her. 

Going up the stairs towards the bar we built during the prohibition there sits Ashton, a glass of whiskey in his hand as he reads a newspaper, same as ever before. “Hey Ash.” I speak up and his glass doesn’t move from his lips as I sit down next to him. His head tilts in my direction and mumbles a greeting, but doesn’t take his focus away from his reading. 

Heading out of the bar I went to find Luke and Mikey, if I have to explain it to them I might as well tell them all together. Finding Mikey was always difficult, he never informed us of his outings or his general whereabouts. One minute he’d play video games in his room and the next he would walk on in covered in blood, shrugging his shoulders as he went for a shower. 

Luke was asleep in his room, for once alone. He used to be the one who would never risk being seen in public, take a chance to drink outside of the house or even consider luring girls in for a kill. Yet after her, he changed. He no longer cared, he got reckless, too reckless. Sometimes I miss the old Luke, I miss the innocence within the danger. Picking up one of the books that piled by his door I threw it at him, resulting in a loud moan followed by swearing. 

Wandering out of his room I headed back downstairs, something seemed wrong instantly as I gripped onto the door handle leading to her. The hairs on my arm stood up and I quickly ran down the flight of stairs, hovering at the last few steps seeing Mikey, sat opposite her, watching her, stalking his prey. Taking cautious movements I took the last step not wanting it to creak and risk one of two things; waking her or alerting him. 

“Michael.” A blunt whisper caused him to turn around, he had that cocky smile on his face as he motioned to her. He was observing the dried blood across her neck and how beautiful she was, how close she was and how long she had left. “Don’t you dare touch her.” He now stood up from his crouch, backing away from her and nudged past me. 

“She wouldn’t be worth it anyway.” He scoffed before heading back up the stairs. Once he was out of sight I followed him, taking one last glance at her asleep before returning to the bar. 

As I got to the bar Ashton still sat, a new glass of whiskey replacing the old one. Mikey sat next to him and Luke behind the bar, all of them in conversation until I walked in, then all eyes fell on me and a mixture of facial expressions were displayed. “So,” Luke began as he dried a pint glass, placing it on the table. “you got yourself a girl.” He huffed and Mike cocked an eyebrow. 

Moving towards them I took a seat next to Ashton, who now has discarded his newspaper and is giving his full attention to me. “It isn’t what you think.” I stated and they all shared that look, the one that I usually give Ashton everytime Luke walks in with some drunken girl from a club, a look of mischief. 

“If it’s not like that, then what?” Ashton took a sip at his drink before placing it back down, I took a deep breath, unsure how to explain it to them. 

“She’s not normal.” Mike let out a short laugh before I had the chance to continue, “There’s something wrong with her, her blood isn’t good.” Ashton now looked rather alarmed by this, I tried to get his attention but he turned away, the others noticed too and all went quiet. “Ash? Do you know something about this?” I asked and he let out a loud sigh before nodding.

“Kid I hate to say it but it’s not good.” He sighed, rubbing his eyes with his right hand, Luke and Mike exchanged shrugs and all focus remained on Ashton. “Did her blood burn your throat?” Thinking back to last night I remembered it clearly, it felt as if someone had poured acid into my throat, the bubbling and burns continuing into my lungs and I wanted to vomit, collapse to the ground. “She is one of the marked.” Mike’s head dropped and Luke placed his hand towel down.

Shaking my head repeatedly I didn’t want to believe it, “No, you’ve got to be wrong.” I exclaimed but he held his head low, as if there was nothing else to be said. “I’ll prove you wrong. I will save her.” I stated and walked out, heading back downstairs to see her. 

“Calum.” I stopped mid way on the staircase, turning to see Luke with his hands in his pockets, taking a seat on the stairs. “You know nothing can be done about this, they will find her.” Collapsing onto a stair I lent against the banister, glancing through the railings to see the old door just across from my view where she lay asleep, unaware of this all. “All you have to do is take Elysia as an example.” He lost his voice when he spoke of her name, I turned my head back to see his head in his hands. 

Luke never mentions Elysia, it hurts him too much to admit how much it broke him inside the day they found her, the day he lost the love of his life forever. We lost Elysia and Luke that day, without her he wasn’t grounded, he lost his way, he lost all emotion. He stood up and went back to his room, nothing else exchanged between the two of us as I headed towards the discoloured wooden door, covered in scratches and stains, some of them forgotten whereas others prominent in my mind. 

Opening the door light filled the stairs, this time I kept the door open as I walked down them, seeing her sat there. I can hear her breathing, it is too slow, she needs life, she deserves a life. Yet I was unknown to her, I was the beast that took her away, who knows what is running through her mind, who knows if she understands what she is, who she is and why. Standing in the shadows on the last step it creaks loudly, she turns, wide eyed and looks in my direction but never directly at me. 

“How are you feeling?” She scoffed, remaining defensive. 

Looking around her she tried to lift her arm up to remove the hair that hung by her neck, I could see some of the strays clinging to the blood with all its might but she remained too weak to even attempt such a task. “I’m doing swell.” A tired laugh followed. “I mean, kidnapped, drained of energy and what seems like my blood, probably going to die down here and a creep who hides in the shadows.” She motioned in my direction, her tone remaining full of sarcasm, the wit I missed in my life. “So in short, I’m doing fantastic.” 

Moving out of the shadows I wanted her to see me. Not just my body but my face, I want her to see the face of the man who will keep her safe, no matter how she feels about that. As my feet came into the light she lifted her legs to her chest, trying to back away from me as I crouched down into the light. 

As I was in full view her face softened, her eyes relaxed as she analysed every aspect she could see. Her eyes locked on mine and I tried to smile but I knew it wasn’t the right time. “You will be safe here. There’s a lot I need to explain but trust me.” Worry returned in her eyes, the former relaxed state vanished, as if it never existed. “Trust me.” I repeated and something changed, she sat upright and nodded.

“As long as you aren’t running some sort of brothel.” She joked raising an eyebrow, I let out a soft laugh to ease her and shook my head. 

“I’m not, and nor some lab to kill you in. You’ll be protected.” She nodded and I began to head up the stairs. “Get some sleep, I’ll talk to you later about this more.” 

Once I got to the top of the stairs Mike stood there, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. “I like this one.” He joked and I dragged him out as I shut the door, heading back up the stairs with him hot on my tail. 

“Must I remind you of Lizzie?” I joked and he exhaled loudly. 

Turning around as I got to the top of the stairs he remained at the bottom. “Look how was I supposed to know she was to be the bloody Queen of England?” I heard laughter coming from Ashton as he resumed reading his newspaper.