I cannot even begin to believe the level of rudeness that some have been showing Calum. Honestly, I think this is ridiculous on so many accounts.

Stating things things like “wow calums really let himself go,” is ridiculous.

Literally- do those huge muscles and jaw line give any indication that he’s “let himself go?” Because he looks amazing.

Letting yourself go, means something so much different than Calum.

He’s twenty years old! He’s going to grow and change and no matter how he changes (no matter how glorious because girl, he looks Bootyful on every level.) and even if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t attack him, because for all we know he might be struggling with accepting it himself.

Be accepting of him, and every little piece of him because I don’t even begin to understand how we managed to deserve Calum Thomas Hood. All I know is he is a angel and deserves so much better than what our little puppy has been given.

*drops mic.*

“Violet out.”