Insecure || Calum Hood

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Summary: Calum goes off to buy some milk and bumps into a few fans. One of them raise his insecurity in your relationship and he attempts to break things off with you. But you refuse to let that happen.

ladies and gentlemen, this blog is currently being run by Calum fucking Hood. and honestly? im totally okay with it. 

I M A G I N E 

“Shit, Y/N!” Calum called out to you from the kitchen. The two of you were in your apartment as today was Calums day off in the tour. While you were watching TV, he was rummaging through your fridge for good. “There’s no more milk!” 

“Then go buy some more, babe,” you told him with a smile. Calum grins, nodding before grabbing his pair of the house keys and his phone. “Can you get me a chocolate bar while you’re at it? I really want some chocolate right now.” You asked, giving him your infamous puppy eyes. 

“So long as you give me a kiss, I will,” Calum muses cutely. You gesture him over, watching as he adorably skips to you and lowers his head to plant a kiss on your lips. He then escaped from the apartment and darted to the market. He wore his shades in semi-hope that no fans mob him again. God knows he can’t handle that again. But, as he went to the dairy section and picked up a gallon of milk, 5 fans slowly approached him. 

“C-Calum Hood?!” A fan said in a quiet, but urgent voice. Calum turned over and smiled, removing his glasses to show off his beautiful, chocolate eyes. The girls squealed, requesting pictures one by one. Once they all did, they all started a small conversation. And honestly, Calum loved that. He loved talking to his fans rather than just take a picture. 

“How’s Y/N, Calum?” Asked one fan with blue hair. Calum felt elated, as he always loved talking about you. You were his favorite person, his life, his world. There was an adoration for you that nobody has ever earned from him.

“She’s gorgeous, as always,” Calum said first, a picture of you appearing in his mind. “But she’s doing well, thanks for asking. In fact, thinking about her now, I have to go get a chocolate bar for her.” The rest of the girls giggle while the girl with blue hair just looked wistfully. The girls began asking about Luke and Michael and Ashton, as Calum answered them. They would squeal and cheer, hearing about their favorite members and how they’re doing.

“We’ve got to go! It’s was so great meeting you, Cal!” A brunette started, as she began waving and walking away with the 3 other girls. But the blue one remained. So, as Calum was a nice guy, he kept chatting with her.

“Calum, do you ever think about Y/N while you’re on tour?” the blue-haired girl, which Calum learned her name is Laura, asked. 

“Of course I do! She’s my girlfriend!” Calum exclaimed. Although not wanting to be rude, it was a stupid question. Why wouldn’t he think about the girl he loves each and every day.

“No, I mean, in regards of the relationship,” Laura elaborates. 

“What do you mean?” Calum asked, completely confused at the question.

“She must be alone at home every day while you’re off living your dream with millions of girls rooting for you,” Laura said, giving Calum a sympathetic look. “Don’t you ever think that maybe she’s tired of waiting?”

“Waiting?” Calum asked. 

“Waiting for you to settle at some point and see you every day and cherish every single one of them with you,” Laura said softly as she picked up a few apples that were on a stand in the market. “I mean, Y/N not only has to put her fair share in keeping contact with you, but she also has to keep up with millions of girls who want you and despise her.”

“But Y/N is willing to wait, she said so herself!” Calum tries to argue. But there was a spec of uncertainty in his voice. This fans words was making Calum doubt you, making him paranoid that he might not be the one for you. But he couldn’t stand another guy being by your side. 

“No offense, Calum, but maybe you just aren’t good enough,” Laura says, making Calums heart slightly break. He wasn’t… good enough? What does that consist of then? Is it that he’s not making her happy? “The two of you seem very happy now, and that’s awesome. But just think about her future happiness, okay?”

“I… sure,” Calum mumbled. He hugged the fan before they went their separate aisles. Calum couldn’t help but think how right that fan was. He was keeping you from living and opportunities like better guys. Guys that can actually be around more often than he can. Purchasing the items, he was practically trotting his way home. His feet felt heavy as well as his heart from emotion. He didn’t want to let you go at all. A few moments later, Calum entered with woe as you practically shot up from the couch to greet him.

“Hey Cal, welcome back!” You rushed over to him, wanting to give him a peck on the lips. But Calum merely bothered moving down to let you, having you get on your toes in order to kiss him. You frowned afterwards but ignored it. “How was your trip to the supermarket?” Calum shrugged as he walked into the kitchen to put the milk in the refrigerator.

“I got your chocolate, Y/N,” Calum mumbled, holding a chocolate bar to you without even meeting your eyes. But you looked closely into his, seeing how they were becoming shiny. He was about to cry. 

“Calum, what happened?” You asked with worry. You tried to grab his hands but he backed off. 

“Y/N, I… would you be happier if you stopped waiting for me?” Calum spilled, still looking away from you. Not waiting for Calum? But that was the entire plan. To wait for Calum’s career to simmer down and finally settle with the bass-playing boy you adored so much. 

“What do you mean if I ‘stopped waiting’ for you?” You asked, waiting for the tears collecting in his eyes to drop. But Calum uses all his might to keep them in. He was always one to keep in his emotions, mentally and physically.

“I think it’d be better if we broke up,” Calum blurted out, his gaze falling from the wall to the floor. “It would be better for you if you found a guy who could… settle down and be there for you 24/7 when you need him. R-rather than a guy who’s on tour while you stay home, alone, trying so hard to keep up with him…” Calum drifted off, his tears finally escaping as droplets splash onto the hard ground. “I’m not good enough for you, Y/N… I’m just not… that’s what a fan told me…” Instead of exploding into a huge rant, you went up to him and grabbed his wrists quickly before he can even run away. You looked up at his hung down head, smiling up at his sad face. 

“Hey, you,” you whispered with a small smile, seeing Calums face finally focus on you. “I wouldn’t have gotten with you if I didn’t want to, or was willing to, wait for you. But I got with you, knowing these facts, because I love you and I learned over the time knowing you that it really is worth it. It’s so fucking worth the wait, Calum. I’m always going to keep up with you because I adore you and love everything about you. I don’t care about the fans hating me because I just want to be with you and be one of the causes of your happiness.” You paused, looking at Calums face lightening up with puffy eyes and a tear-drenched face. You get on your toes and lean up to kiss off a tear that was rolling down his cheek and nearly falling to the floor. “So I’m going to be with you and wait, okay?”

“Y-Y/N…” Calum whispered, looking into your eyes as he finally leaned down to kiss your lips. It was passionate and heated, full of love and desire and commitment. “I love you so fucking much, I’m sorry for even trying to break up with you. I don’t ever want to lose you.” 

“Ditto,” you said, giving Calum a quick smile before opening the chocolate bar. “C’mon, let’s eat this and cuddle.” With Calum nodding vigorously, he followed you to the couch to nuzzle together and eat the chocolate bar that Calum bought. “Oh my gosh, Calum.”

“What?” Calum asked softly, looking down at the now bitten chocolate bar. 

“I should’ve asked you to get ice cream, too,” you pout as Calum laughs at you. He grabs the chocolate bar and takes a huge bite, making you wail in jealousy as Calum was amused. 

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Hello everyone, as you may or may not have noticed- I have been on a serious hiatus. I apologize for leaving without a serious explanation or at least a “goodbye/see you later” and such- I just had a lot of things thrown at me at once in a short amount of time and I apologize for leaving. However!!!! I am officially back and better than ever my baby turtles and I am excited to get writing again because I miss it and I miss you all so much! Thank you for your loyalty and the people who kept on following me through my hardcore hiatus- you all are the best. I love you and I am once again back so don’t be afraid to now hit my inbox up!

Calum was always looking at the view. There weren’t any clouds in the sky so he could see straight down. He would constantly say to you, “Y/N look!” and he would point out the window with so much enthusiasm. But later on, when the excitement had left him, he was fast asleep with his head on your shoulder. He would put the armrest up so he could be closer to you, and you wouldn’t mind. He would slowly move his head down, and his head would reach your chest and his arm would wrapped around your waist. He wanted to cuddle so bad, but the limited amount of space wouldn’t allow it. If he could make room for it, his head would reach your lap and it was like he was begging for you to play with his hair. You would sit there for the next few hours, lazily running your fingers through his hair while combatting the feelings of oncoming sleep.

When you land, you would shake him awake and hear a low groan escape from his lips. He’d stretch as best as he could in such a confined space with his shirt lifting to show his v-line. You just couldn’t take your eyes off him. He would just look at you and smile with the wrinkles forming around his eyes and the dimples that you adored. You quickly grabbed your carry on and made our way off the plane. You could feel the crisp air of the New York winter as you left the plane, causing you to get chills. This resulted in Calum coming behind you to pull you into him. His arm draped around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. At baggage claim you both stood there in a loose hug, your head resting on his chest. His warmth really helped with the cool air. Airports are always cold. You turn your head to look at him, again he gives you that smile just like the one he gave you when he woke up. He reaches his hand up to hold your face. You turn your head into it while he rubs your red cheek with his thumb. You get on your tippy toes and plant a kiss on his plump and slightly chapped lips that resulted from the cold. He pulled away and just looked at you with that grin that you always love to see.