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I know this is random but whom are some of your favorite mutuals? All your online friends seem so nice?

they ARE nice!!! it’s 3am rn but bc i never answer this quezzie bc i’m always like omg i’m gna forget someone i will answer it NOW!! n well i talk to a handful of people on like a daily basis but i’m just gna include everyone who owns my heart!! @lavenderhun @192171 @4bts @calpico @springdayera @parkejimins @04swimmingfool @jeonin @pjkook @hermosavida @moonkissedjimin @jiminsangel @7uju @iuz @hobisluvr @snapbacktaehyung @jiminsoftgf @angeljaes @hobguk @hobiswife @4jihope @leakylungs @kthshoney @taehyungsbff @gukk @jineshin @rosychungha @love4fx @acebytaemin @1bread @blackhoeaesthetic
RIGHT i’ll stop here just bc ik i will forget a lot of ppl and i got carried away lmao but here are some people who i might not even talk to or i don’t as much anymore but??? i love em n seeing them everyday makes me happy so!!! also this reminds me i gotta make my ff soonish dfjkbdf AND thank u for asking me this!!!! a cute quezzie!!!