calpernia addams


“When I read Soldier’s Girl, the first film project I ever did, it was not a character I was prepared to play; this guy who’d had the sex-change operation and falls in love with another man. But I was thinking about it all the time — on my bike, on the bus, everywhere I went. It became something I couldn’t shake. It occurred to me that that’s probably a good way for an actor to choose which projects to do: Go with the ones that won’t get out of your head.” - Lee Pace


Bard: no, i mean , now, just you, your voice, you will sing for me?

Are you breathing
What I’m breathing
Are your wishes
The same as mine
Are you needing
What I’m needing
I’m waiting for a sign
My hands tremble
My heart aches
Is it you calling
Is it you calling
If I’m alone in this
I don’t think I can face
The consequences of falling


song by k.d. lang “the consequences of falling” from the movie “Soldier’s girls” scene.


The imagination is the most powerful force known to mankind. And it is my imagined self, the one who is beautiful and loving and worthy of being loved, that has been my guiding force. My inspiration. I can only hope to become the person Barry imagined me to be. I pray for the courage it will take to become a real, live soldier’s girl.