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This blog believes ANYONE can be a healthy weight and in shape AND everyone should strive to do so. This blog does not believe in there is any reason someone can't lose weight. This blog believes in loving your body enough to take care of it.

•you are not some special case that can’t lose weight, I promise.
•Calories in VS Calories out.
•I have PCOS & Insulin Resistance and I’m losing weight.
•Eat right, exercise, lose weight.

Stop making excuses for being fat. You CAN change and be healthy.

anonymous asked:

Ur a skinny little thing but do you understand some folks are not satisfied eating potatoes a veggies? Calories in vs calories out. If I don't get full, then I eat more. Not to mention exercise Some folks have 9-5 jobs. I know you look downon them cause you a entrepreneur but not everyone is the same. Lack of execise and too many calories = weight gain. For sake of animals I wish this wasn't true but it is what it is. Animal products are fulling. You can't compare your bony ass frame with person

I’m assuming you aren’t a native English speaker so won’t criticise your poor gramma but I will say that you come across as a complete dick. You seem to lack a fundamental understanding of how human satiety works; what fibre is, what caloric density is and why there is a global obesity epidemic of people who eat the very food you are claiming is more satiating than potatoes. I’d advise watching this video of mine for a better understanding of caloric density and satiation:

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Calories in vs calories out. HCLF vegans do high intensity training. I see they ride bikes to work off all the carbs. If I ride a bike all day, I will lose weight, even if I eat fried oreos. Such a scam

How come so many pro cyclists battle with excess weight?

How come I know people who cycled around the world and got fatter? Mark Beaumont is one on his first world record.

Perry Stone was near obese a month after setting world record around Oz.

Amanda Cooker smashing more miles than I can ever imagine and still not skinny.

None of these people follow my strict dietary advice though.

mister-t-rex  asked:

So I have a friend who was a really big guy but lost a ton of weight, and I know his advice was always to focus more on arm and abs workouts as opposed to running. I've also heard walking is better than running for losing weight. But I also want to say I hope you are not valuing yourself less because you're overweight. Getting healthy is a great goal and exercising can help so much with depression (as I'm sure you know) but your weight doesn't define you. I wish you luck and happiness, God bless

Thank you for your kind message, it is much appreciated. Your friend was right. If someone’s really big, running is not advisable since knees and ankles might get damaged by the constant impact with the ground. For big individuals, walking is definitely better than running. You do burn more calories running than walking, though, and at the end of the day, weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out so if someone’s not that big, running might be better for them. Honestly, I do value myself less. At least, compared to how I used to feel about myself when I was fit. It just that, life has gotten harder than before. Things I used to do I either don’t do or can’t do anymore. Because of my weight, even the number of jobs I can get and phisically do has diminished so, as a worker, I do have less value to an employer compared to when I was fit and able to do more things and it’s not the employer’s fault if he doesn’t want to hire me, it’s my fault for letting things get out of control. My weight does define me, I’m sorry. I could be the nicest person in the world and my life still would not be any easier. Anyway, again, I thank you for your nice words and I wish luck and happiness to you too.

How much should I be eating? And what types of foods?!?!

This is a really common question ATM so I wanted to highlight the page that I have that is really good source for a lot of the basic calorie in vs calorie out questions, and healthy snacks options.

so check out my BMR 101 page HERE and also make sure to watch the video on the paged called “Eating to lose weight, eat ENOUGH”

You guys are all the best and i love you! <3


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why are you anti fat acceptance? there are people who cant help being fat no matter what changes they make to their lifestyle, not everyone can afford to go to gyms or go on fancy expensive diets. why would you not want people to accept themselves for who they are and feel comfortable in their own body?

I am anti fat acceptance. Because weight is something people can change. You dont need a fancy new gym membership, or a fancy diet. Its all about consuming less than you burn (calories in vs. calories out). Usually people whon claim what you say are secret eaters, people whom are not aware of what they consume (mindless snacking and underestimated portions). If you want I can help you on your weighloss journey. I didnt do it with a fancy diet or a fancy gym. Just determination, hard work and savy spending.


I’m a little tired of a few things. They are the things you hear almost every day or read every day on here… but I want to say something…

You don’t have to eat ‘more calories than you burn’ to gain muscle 
Calories in vs Calories out isn’t a thing for everyone (probably no-one)
You don’t have to eat carbohydrate to build muscle
You CAN eat a well formulated low carbohydrate diet and gain strength
You CAN eat a well formulated low carbohydrate diet and THRIVE

You can eat a well formulated low carbohydrate diet, be blissfully happy, energetic, lift 6 days a week, sign up to races, run, be a constant bad ass and build insanely big quads and traps.

Faithfully, Rae - Keto (apart from one break) for 18 months, with a calorie deficit and not dead yet (instead the opposite)

anonymous asked:

How did you get yourself to think/accept that all foods are "good" and "healthy"?

I stopped looking at food as the enemy. I stopped treating food as a ‘treat’ and started to treat it for what it is. FUEL. You need food. Everybody needs food. You don’t have to work for it, deserve it, run a marathon for it….. We all need food regardless if we workout or lay in bed all day. You have to understand that no food is bad for you. We have foods are are better for us nutrition wise but that does not make foods with less nutrients 'bad’. Veggies are great for sure, we all know that. They are much better for us then a piece of cake if we’re talking about nutrients but that doesn’t make cake bad for us. People view foods like chips, cake, pastries as fatty foods and unhealthy but when it comes down to it, yes they may be higher in calories but eating a slice of cake does not make you gain fat. Calories in vs calories out. You could overeat on vegetables and think you’re being healthy. Yes it’s easier to overeat things like cake so people associate them with being fattening but cake does not make you gain weight. An excess of calories does. I now view all foods as equals. Yes we have better foods that will make us feel better but when it comes down to it, you could eat 2000 calories worth of cake or 2000 calories worth of veggies and you’re still only eating 2000 calories. I don’t recommend this because I believe in balance. Also, you would feel much different eating that much cake vs that much veggies. All I’m saying is food is not the enemy. There are no magic foods. Here are no evil foods. Food is food. We need it. Enjoy it.