Since calorie labeling on most alcoholic beverages is voluntary, it’s often hard to know how many calories are in your favorite brew.

And — perhaps — ignorance is bliss. But ignoring those liquid calories is about to get a lot tougher. Soon, calorie counts may be staring you in the face.

The Beer Institute, a trade group that includes the biggest brewing names, including Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors and Heineken USA, has announced a new initiative aimed at transparency.

Brewers will list calories, carbs, alcohol by volume (ABV) and other nutrition information right on their bottles and cans.

Beer Bottles Will Soon Include A Reality Check: A Calorie Count

Chart: Katie Park and Rhitu Chaterjee/NPR

The 6,000 Calorie Diet & Expensive Taste

Indulgence is something we all like to have a little of in our diet, but eating 6,000 calories daily? That’s exactly what six healthy, middle-aged men consumed in a research study conducted at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Researchers sought to model how overeating leads to insulin resistance, and through what mechanism this occurs. Speaking of indulgence, why does our brain perceive foods as tasting better if we think they are expensive? Scientists proved that people will consistently rate a wine as tasting better if they are told it carries a hefty price tag. Dan Pashman explains how your brain tricks you into thinking expensive food tastes better than cheaper food. What we’re reading…

Food intake - Thursday 2nd June.

I was really struggling to come up with enough calories today. But got there in the end!! 😀

I have my job interview this afternoon & I’m so nervous. I just really hope that I get the position as it will get me out of the house for 4-5 days a week which will do wonders for my fitbit steps.

Under my calorie allowance by 46.

Oh also!! I need to share this because I’m very happy with myself - last night I managed to keep my binging under control & didn’t get into anything after dinner!
50 McDonald’s Menu Items With the Most Calories
The 40 piece Chicken McNugget is the most substantial meal available at McDonald’s, according to calorie counts published by the fast food chain. At 1,880 calories, enough energy is packed into 40 chicken nuggets to provide lunch for a family or group of friends, and close to the daily average recommended caloric intake for an individual.

This article is about 50 of McDonald’s menu items that have the most calories so you can avoid them and maybe eat healthier.
But, depending on your goals, this could actually be an article about what McDonald’s menu items to help you pack on more weight.
Take a look before hitting the drive-thru