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im really fucking bad at not eating ? i mean i dont get hungry but i eat and its so annoying because i just want the taste of something in my mouth and at my dads im more successful with that bc ill buy zero calorie monsters and drink one a day just for taste but my mom wont let me do that im just frustrated and my water never stays cold and im just venting im sorry

dw i don’t mind and i’m the same way i’ll be full or not hungry but i just feel like i need something sometimes i usually get the sparkling ice waters or lemonades all the drinks are 0 cal but they’re so good so maybe if you can try those x

the restaurant
  • j hope: daddy can i get the chicken nuggets
  • jin: no
  • j hope: what about a hot dog
  • jin: no
  • j hope: oh! what about the grande super mocha chocolate strawberry swirl-
  • jim: absolutely not
  • v: i can eat FIVE of those hamburgers
  • rap monster: taehyung the fuckin bigger then you
  • v: no there not
  • rap monster: *raises an eye brow* yes they are
  • v: *accepts the truth*
  • jungkook: *cries in booster chair* I WANT ICE CREAM NOW
  • jimin: *flexes muscles* give me anything with protein
  • suga: im so swag i dont need your earthling food
  • jin: yoongi i ordered you meat
  • suga: yo bitch did you not hear what i sa- steak?
  • jin: what else
  • suga: *whispers* i luv u bby
  • j hope: *pokes namjoons head* it kinda looks like ice cream
  • rap monster: hoe
  • jin: do u want to fuckin- nevermind i give up have ur disgusting fatty calorie monster shit
  • j hope: FUCK YEAH BITCHES *turns to waitress across the room* FUCK FACE HERE NOW
  • rap monster: wait in havent decided... should i get kimchi with it or greens...
  • jin: *scarcely calm voice* im going to get up walk out those doors and probably wont come back for a few days maybe weeks if ANYONE OF YOU FUCKING UGLY SHIT HOLES FOLLOW ME I SWEAR ILL FILE A RESTRAINING ORDER
  • v: people i know what we should do
  • j hope: oh no
  • rap monster: oh no
  • suga: oh swag no
  • jungkook: go go gaw gaw (baby noises)
  • jimin: wait what'd he say
  • jin: bye *walks away*
  • v: oh fuck i forgot

24253) I hate my friends. I don’t care about how anyone’s doing. I don’t care about school. All I’m interested in are weight, food and calories. I’ve become a monster because of this disorder.