SnK Meta/Analysis Writers as SnK Characters

I read a lot of blogs and admire a lot of people. I thought it would be fun to present my list of meta/analysis writers as SnK characters.

Caveats, addendum and the obligatory fine print: This is only my opinion. I certainly don’t know everyone in the fandom, so please take this in the spirit it was intended. I’d like to add to this list, so if I’ve missed anyone special, please let me know.


My personal favorite meta writer. Snkception’s meta is smart, thoughtful and entertaining. She avoids wild speculation and theories and instead uses a more factual approach to her analysis. Like Mikasa, snkception doesn’t waste words. Her blog in 100% snk analysis, no fluff.


teetanjaeger is one of the few people I know who’s theories actually come true. Her background in theatre, psychology and communication analysis gives her a definite edge.


Ask anyone who enjoys snk analysis who they follow, and Ghostmartyr will almost certainly be on their list. She’s a long time favorite of mine and I look forward to each of her monthly chapter writeup posts. While Ghostmartyr is open to discussing a variety of topics, her primary focus is on Historia.


Writing goals! From the minute her posts started appearing in the tag I was blown away. I wish I could write with such humor and color.


One thing that impressed me about Nanaba was that she’d taken the time to know the kids as individuals. She knew their names, their likes and what motivated them. In the SnK fandom Julystorms is my go to person when I want to understand a character better. Her character analysis is out of this world. And she sacrificed her SnK Guidebook, scanning nearly every page, so the rest of us could reference it.


Forget the whole “potato girl” thing, Those of us who read the manga carefully know that Sasha a total badass. She’s playful until the fight begins, then it’s all business, fighting with precision and passion. Erens-jaeger-bomb’s blog has lovely art and shippy goodness, but when it’s time for meta, she’s organized in her approach and exhaustive in her research. A quick look at her snk meta tag shows everything she’s written as well as her future meta plans.


Gnips is another meta writer who pops in once a month to share chapter thoughts. I appreciate that she speaks several languages and compares translation. She also reblogs meta she’s enjoyed and add useful commentary and thoughts.


aotopma contributed anonymously to my site for months but her thoughts and comments really deserved a place of their own. I was thrilled when she officially joined tumblr.


I’ll go ahead and add myself to the list.  Like Marco, I know I’m not great at this but I try to be supportive and encouraging to the people who are. I want them to succeed.  

The Rest of the 104th

7/10/2016 Update!
There are many, many others who contribute to the world of snk meta and analysis. Most recently I started following perfectaccuracy, etoincognito, falcon94ssy and my adorable tumblr son, guyinlovewitheremika

8/11/2016 Update!
My friend egrigore has just started a blog focusing on the mythos of the snk world and the religious themes. I’m sure it will extend to other series thoughts, but I’m grateful to finally have a resource for all those Nordic asks I get :)

The Support Team


Petra was a team player. She had the highest number of assist in Levi’s elite squad. She was also quick to share helpful information. Fuku-shuu doesn’t write meta or theories, but she gets a special place on the list because of her immeasurably assistance to the fandom. Many of us rely on her fast and accurate translations. And to add to her Petra-like qualities, she’s also one of the nicest people I know.


Pixis said of his Alpha Squad, “They’re not only highly skilled. They’re the best of the best. And they’ve been entrusted with the fate of the human race.” It may not be the fate of the human race, but Yusenki is entrusted each month with bringing us translations. She’s also a wonderful snk resource and one the most factual and knowledgable persons in the fandom. I admire the canon focus of her asks.


Plain-dude is an important part of the support team, providing us with translations of interviews and supplementary media like au smartpasses and the vns.

The Dearly Departed


Reiner was the big brother of the 104th. He was helpful and supportive of others, but hiding who he truly was. Wait for it… I do have a connection here! Leviskinnyjeans supported the fandom by bringing us news, translations and more. She was a great soldier and I personally leaned on her heavily. Moving her to the Dearly Departed list is difficult for me. She was as much a good friend as a valuable resource for us all.


Papermoon2 was important to the fandom for years. I still use her meta and analysis in my research. She pops in from time to time to answer an ask or two. 


Sadly, calorescence is long gone from the fandom, but she was humanities strongest for a time. I’m sure all of us have referred to her older posts at some point when we were researching a theory

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