SnK Meta/Analysis Recs

Updated Jan 2017

The snk meta community is a revolving door. I try to keep up as best I can. These are the active meta writers that I know and follow. I’ve decided to post information about main ships as well, since there is some fandom sensitivity about that.


@snkception - my personal favorite. Her meta is smart, thoughtful and entertaining. She avoids wild speculation and theories and instead uses a more factual approach to her analysis. Her blog is 100% snk analysis and completely ship neutral. Occasionally takes asks. No anons.

@ghostmartyr​ - Ask anyone who enjoys snk analysis who they follow, and Ghostmartyr will almost certainly be on their list. She’s a long time favorite of mine and I look forward to each of her monthly chapter writeup posts. Ships yumikuri. Occasionally takes asks

@iamthewallrose- Funny, colorful and insightful. I have major writer envy whenever she posts. Not terribly active because of a full schedule but still around. Ships eruri. Occasionally takes asks

The above bloggers answer asks but do so rather infrequently. If you have a series asks, one of the meta bloggers below might be a better choice


Plenty of well thought out meta and theories and an active inbox. The warriors and the vets are a focus and thank goodness because those poor kids need all the support they can get . Not a huge fan of EMA.

Accepting asks? Yes! But please read her ask guidelines first

Very active, very thorough, very worth following. No obvious shipping. 

Accepting asks? Yes. Any.

Ditto to everything above. I love eto’s insights on the series. She active on reddit as well. If she ships anyone, she keeps it to herself. 

Accepting asks? Yes! Prefers questions about plot mysteries, character analysis, and theories over shipping related asks.

I don’t even know how to describe Nick so I’ll just use his official blog description: Attack on Titan theories, meta, analysis and meme shenanigans.The Ultimate Meme Shrine of Zeke Yeager.

Accepting asks? Yes. According to him, anything and everything :D 

Meta, speculation and theories, some of which are admittedly rather wild. Plenty of humor as well. An acker-focused blog 

Accepting asks? Yes! Prefers stuff about the Ackermans and the East Sea Clan plus thoughts regarding the world outsides the Walls and possible plots in the future

My adopted tumblr son is doing very well in the meta world :) I’m especially proud of how he handles challenging asks. He’s totally hyped about season two, so go scream at him.

Accepting asks? Yes. 

@egrigore (meta blog of @enochmandus​ )
Focuses on the mythos of the snk world and the religious themes as well as general series thoughts. Answers meta related asks on both the meta and personal blog.

Accepting asks? Asks are always open! Any series related asks are good. Be sure to send Grisha asks this way - he’s her favorite character to discuss

@kyojinofbraveos - My brand new baby meta writer who’s currently doing an insightful readthrough of the series!

Accepting asks? Yes! Theories, predictions, general series and character asks are preferred. 

@erensjaegerbombs​ - Not currently writing but plans to return to the meta community with season 2. Multi shipper.

Accepting asks? Yes! Will entertain general series, snk season two, and asks relating to shipping. 

Inactive Meta Writers but might answer an ask if you’re lucky …

@teetanjaeger - Amazing meta. Her background in theatre, psychology and communication analysis gives her a definite edge. She doesn’t blog snk anymore but I still use her old posts as reference. I believe she’s still current with the series

@julystorms - Wonderful analysis with a focus on the more obscure characters. Her blog is no longer snk focused but she’s still current with the series and entertains asks. Fair warning - she can be critical of the series as a whole.

@gnipswanderlust​ - Mostly inactive but tends to pop up once a month to share chapter thoughts. I appreciate that she speaks several languages and compares translation. She also reblogs meta she’s enjoyed and add useful commentary and thoughts.

Helpful resources

@fuku-shuu  - doesn’t write meta or theories, but she gets a special place on the list because of her immeasurably assistance to the fandom. Many of us rely on her fast and accurate translations and snk news.

@suniuz - another of our wonderful translators, current maintaining the monthly Q&A from Bessatsu Shonen

@yusenki​ - Wonderful and helpful translator but possible inactive. 

The Dearly Departed

These folks have left the fandom but their blogs contain posts, thoughts and translations that are still useful as resources.


@leviskinnyjeans​ (I’m still crying about this)



the thing with time travel is you cant overthink it

just roll with it and see what happens

and above all try not to do anything retarded