Service. It’s the reason I joined the Kiwanis family in the first place. CKI welcomed me with open arms and has continued to inspire me in many ways. 2015 was not what I expected for myself, not because I don’t love Circle K, but because of the people that affected my love for the organization. Never in my life had I ever met someone who entered my life with so much love and hope and yet left me broken and feeling worthless. Never did I imagine that one of my best friends would leave me alone over a guy.

But I’m okay. Circle K International will always be my second home and I don’t plan to change that anytime soon.

Let’s take it back to DCON ‘14 in Sacramento! 💕💕💕 oh what a good time I’ve had. Meeting so many new people from NorCal, Nevada, & Hawaii. 🌎 The great experiences I’ve taken & learned from. But knowing that volunteering can help unite so many people makes me feel so thankful. 💞💞💞 #imissit #DCON14 #sacramento #waybackwednesday #somanyprettypeople #keyclub #calnevha #staygolden #wishigottenotherinstas


So much more than I was excited for. 
Cheering, getting inspired, eating, sleeping, dancing, laughing, going hands down the CRAZIEST I’ve been.
Amazing.. I met so many crazy people.. it was great. 
To all the seniors: I’m going to miss you guys so much, I realized that you guys were seriously the pillar for South’s KIWINS.. asjdljdnjnsfv. 

dance was crazy. 

the end.