Anonymous said: Uh, hello .-. I’m always scared about Hide’s will :( His will wouldn’t has meaning if he’s alive. This would crash the impact. Ishida isn’t that bad as a writer, I think. And you? What do you think that he wrote? What’s the meaning behind his will?

Anonymous said: do you think we’ll ever find out what Hide wrote in his will? 

If it’s relevant to the plot, we will discover what he wrote. It was a really detailed scene, so it’ll probably have a meaning in the future. I honestly don’t mind if we never do see what was inside, because the will’s function doesn’t necessary indicate literal death. As in many other cases in TG it can represent death in the form of change. Very befitting for the representative of the Ace of Spades. Hide might return with a different appearance, personality or even name. In that sense, this will is the last wish of Hideyoshi Nagachika as we knew him in TG.