Magic Goes Into the Cloud

Okay, so here I am again. It’s been a month, if my lunar calndar is anything to go by, since I last posted a jounral entry. 

Okay, so I’ll follow up on that other witch I met. She wasn’t a witch. Yeah, I was wrong. It’s an easy mistake to make actually, especially in modern days. My grandmother said that when she was a child, since witches were not seen as something positive, they were difficult to find, unless you were a witch and knew how tof find them. Now, though, people who weren’t witches often claimed to be practising witchcraft. Most of the time, these were just people who felt very spiritual and connected to nature, or people who tried to be full fledged witches but were barely able to even actually notice the energies of the world, let alone use them.

Anyways, the person who I though might be a witch was actually just a girl who wore a quartz stone on a string around her neck and claimed to be a practicing wiccan.

Anyways. Not much else has happened in the past month. I have managed to get much better control of my teleportation spell, although one time I did manage to land with my head in the toilet bowl (that was a horrible day and I cast as many cleaning spells as I could find in my spellbook.) I didn’t feel clean until I got home and my mother did a cleansing of my actual aura. Luckily my mother is an Aural Witch, which means that she, as a witch, has a natural affinity for auras and magic relating to them.

I guess it’s time for another “lesson” for those of you lacking magical knowledge. Every witch has a special affinity that they’re born with. Some of the witches are Natural Witches, who have a natural affinity towards nature and the elements, Aural Witches, who can read/affect auras, Energy Witches, who can manipulate energies to affect the physical world, and much more. It’s not like only those kinds of witches can use those kinds of magic, but they have a much easier time of doing it. I’m a Biokinetic Witch, which means that I have a natural affinity towards manipulating my biology and appearence, but I can still cast a teleportation spell.

My mom is an Aural Witch, and that help her very well in her job as an interior designer (She can read people’s auras with a glance and then use a witch type of feng shui to make them feel happier), my grandmother is Psychic, which is a kind of witch that can read the pasts and futures of items and people, usually throuhg touch. We’re still not sure what Ash is, but tey’re probably gonna shows signs any day now.

Lesson over, yay!

Anyway, I don’t think much of anything interesting has happened this month. Oh, I did finally get my family into the modern age and showed them that in accompaniement to our large dusty tome of spells, we could actually store our spells digitally and on the cloud. At first my grandmother didn’t want to do it, mostly just because she was afraid that someone could get them, but she agreed after I suggested we cast just use some magic to increase protection of all kinds for our cloud.

Of course, we didn’t know a spell to do so, as most of our family spells are fairly ancient, so we devised a spell, and let me just say that creating spells is very fun. Despite what you’d think, there was absolutely no rhyming involved; instead, we just had to find the right words which helped us focus the energies that would most assist us. My grandmother had never really had to use any of the energies associated with wireless technologies (except for the spell she made to basically become a universal remote), so I had to go based of off what I knew about, so I mixed the energies I knew worked for protection, along with the strengthened wifi spell that Ash and I had found out, and my grandmother and I tweaked it for a while. After we were satisfied with the protection we knew it would give, and a simple information copying spell,our tome was in the cloud, and was only available to be read or accessed by someone who carried our family blood and knew how to specifically access it.

So now I can access my family’s spells through my phone, which really isn’t that interesting.

Something that actually is interesting, though, is that a friend of my grandmother’s contacted her recently. Apparently he, a nearly 200 year-old man, and his family a visiting town soon, and they were wondering if they could maybe stay with us. My grandmother immediately said yes, and then asked how many people were going to stay. The man said that it was him, his two sons (who were around my mom’s age), his one son’s wife, and the two children they each had (one son had two daughters and the other had one son and one daughter.)

Without missing a step, my grandmother relayed the amount of people to my mom, and the two began muttering. I felt energies swirl around my and I knew that we probably had a few new rooms in the house. I can’t give much more information on the visit, as it hasn’t happened yet, but I do know that something interesting is going to happen. I did a quick reading, and asked my grandmother to do a reading, since she is a psychic, and we both came to the conclusion that a new, strong relationship is going to be made as a result of of the visit, as well as a metamorphosis on my part.

Anyway, I’m sorry that his month hasn’t been the most interesting, but if my grandmother is right, and trust me she always is, and it’s very annoying, then next month I will have a very intersting journal entry for you.

Check in next month, and happy casting (new catchphrase?),

Wallace Peters