So… going through my E-mail this afternoon, like usual. Some news, some publicity, nothing out of the ordinary… until… I found a Tumblr Email showing me THIS^^^^^^^^^^^

My reaction? choking on my glass of milk, because, well, SARAH, one of my favorite athor in the whole univers, has decided I was worthy enough to be followed ;___;

This is such an honor… legit jumping on my chair RN xD

Miss Sarah, thank you so much for following me =) *huuuuug*

1: Are you romantic?

I try to be with my boyfriend

2: Ultimate K-pop bias?

The one and only Leeteuk from super junior

3: Do you read a lot/love to read? And, if so, what is your all time favorite book or book series?

i love to read, my favorite book is Clockwork Prince and my favorite series is the Infernal Device

4: Do you have any pets?

No but i had three birds and a bunny, i had to give them away

5: What do you like to spend your days off doing?

Talking to my boyfriend or listening to kpop or being on the computer

6: Besides K-pop, what is your favorite genre of music? (i.e. rock, rap, classical, punk, etc.)

i really like hip hop

7: Current favorite TV show?

i dont watch tv

8: Are you athletic?

if tumbling is a sport then yes

9: Have you ever won an award for anything? 

i won an award for getting highest in the class

10: What do you hope to do in life?

become an early childhood educator

11: And last, but not least, do you have a daily motto that you say to yourself every morning when you wake up?

yes “ dont let one thing get you down, smile and go on with your day!!! " 

Questions for you:

1. your first kpop song?

2. what is your top 5 kpop bands

3.  Do you have an kpop merchandises? 

4. if so, what is your first kpop merchandise? 

5. do you wear glasses or contacts?

6.what is the one song that you always listen too? 

7. who is your forever bias?

8. if you could go to one kpop concert who would it be? 

9. do you like krock?

10. favorite kdrama?

11. Do you my blog? 

calmyeoltits replied to your post: “Fu-u-u-ck,” Jongin whimpered, plump pouty bottom lip trapped between his teeth. Kyungsoo felt a sense of pride and entitlement wash over him as he finally got Jongin to mutter a curse. The game was simple: The stop watch begins, and you have to fight to keep quiet as long as you can. Loser has to do whatever the winner wants. Kyungsoo was on his knees in front of the dancer, Jongin was pushed up against the wall, completely naked, shivering under the singer’s marvelously hot tongue. ~Sarah

>:D heh heh heh.


candyinmyveins asked:

YOU LOOK AMAZING BUT I CAN'T REBLOG THAT PICTURE FROM AN ASK. The point of the post was so we could reblog each other's pictures.


i dont want it to reblogged OTL

ugh ok fine um I DONT HAVE A FULL BODY MIRROR :(

ugh um i;ll just post it OTL


only4ueunhae replied to your photo: wassup

omg you’re so adorableeee //w// -squishes-

calmyeoltits replied to your photowassup

Holy shit. Can I put you in my pocket? You are adorable as hell.

you-kai replied to your photowassup

you arejust so..yeah im reblogging this

giving-up-sunlight replied to your photowassup

you’re like a doll

wo-ai-ni-oppa replied to your photowassup

youre too cute. lol