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The Tickle Monster

I can’t believe that of all the things, Stranger Things is getting me back into writing. Well, I’m extremely self-conscious about this one so here you go.

“See you tomorrow!” Mike called up the stairs to Dustin and Lucas’ retreating backs, as Will gathered up the D&D board and game pieces. When he picked up the demogorgon piece, he hesitated before putting it in the box.

As much as he didn’t want anyone to treat him differently, he’d begun to accept that living in the Upside Down and the now-memories… all of it changed him. He hadn’t had more episodes since the gate had been closed, but some mornings he woke up feeling too hot after dreaming of ashy air and dark, rotted buildings, and all he wanted to do was stay in bed. Mom and Jonathan were good about those days.

On most days, things seemed almost normal. He went to school and the arcade, and played D&D with Mike and Dustin and Lucas. Max was an often-present member of their party, and occasionally El, despite her need to continue laying low. Still, even after more than a year, it hit him sometimes. Everything that had happened, that had changed, since their party of four had encountered the tiny, plastic demogorgon back when it was all still only part of a game.

“Hey Will, you okay?” Mike’s voice pulled Will out of his thoughts, and he looked up at his friend.

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Put A Spell On Me


Summary: Dean wants to try the tickling charm on Seamus. Good thing he’s not ticklish, right?

A/N: Since I have a reputation of being the first one to post my Squealing Santa fic I decided to write one of @calmturquoise‘s prompts while we await our own prompts. I’ve been meaning to write for this pairing for ages, but never got around to it, so when I saw that calm had included a prompt I was like MINE. I hope you like it!

Words: 1 128

Dean would sometimes get overwhelmed by the countless of spells they had to learn, and all in just the few years they would be at Hogwarts. Really, you’d think they’d get some more time to memorize everything. He had started becoming a panicked mess about it only a few months into their first year, but fortunately he and Seamus came up with a solution almost immediately. It has definitely made the rest of the years easier.

“Can I try this spell on you?” Seamus had asked, his 11 year old eyes wide with wonder.

“Why would you try it on me?”

“To see how it works.”

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Squealing Santa 2k17: Rivalry

A/N: Ho ho ho hello calmturquoise! I’m so sorry it took so long to post this. I had some internet problems because of holiday travel and generally no time for writing hahaha. Without further ado, your Squealing Santa fic!!!

Summary: A silly argument between siblings escalates into a contest amongst the gang.

“There’s no way.” Sokka sneered.

“Ya-huh!” Katara grinned widely.

“You’re absolutely worse than me!” Sokka insisted.

Aang sprang up as usual, seemingly out of thin air, to investigate the argument. “What?”

“Aang!” Sokka turned to him, intense eyes staring him down.

Aang swallowed hard, preparing to settle a serious argument.

“Who do you think is more ticklish? Katara? Or me?”

“What!” Aang rolled back laughing onto the ground. “That’s what you’re arguing about!?”

“Yes!” Sokka insisted.

“Um……” Aang pondered, sitting upright and bracing himself with a serious expression. “I don’t know.” He said after a deep breath.

“I mean. It’s definitely her. Girls are just more ticklish!” Sokka interjected.

“Yeah right.” Katara butted-in. “We all know Aang is more ticklish than me and he’s a boy!”

Aang laughed sheepishly. “Fair point….but getting off topic!” He grinned at them both. “I know how we can settle this…”

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anonymous asked:

Hello, for the drabbles maybe some ginny and Luna with "Is this even fAIR OH MY GOD STOP" or "don't you even dare touch me". Congrats on graduating from college! I hope life gives you lots of good things on this new part of your life!

Anon prompt: Ginny/Luna, charmed clothing that tickles its wearer (likely sold at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes). Maybe the twins prank Ginny with a charmed scarf or socks, and Luna takes advantage of it.

“Oooh, is that a present?” Luna asked with interest as Ginny collapsed onto the sofa with a large brown parcel in her lap. She leaned against Ginny as her girlfriend stared at the parcel with suspicion.

“It’s… from Fred and George,” Ginny said, holding the innocuous-looking package at an arms-length. “Which means it’s almost definitely something from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.”

Luna shoved gently at her shoulder. “Well, open it already!”

Gingerly, as if she were afraid that it would explode at any moment, Ginny pulled apart the flaps and opened the parcel to reveal a pair of socks. When her expression only turned more mistrustful, Luna couldn’t help but giggle. Ginny flushed.

“You’ve met Fred and George,” she grumbled defensively. “Why would they send me socks?

“To keep your feet warm?” Luna suggested innocently. The soft, fuzzy socks were nearly knee-length, and an offensive shade of pink. “Try them on!”

“There’s something wrong with them,” Ginny insisted. “They’ll probably turn my feet green.”

“Probably,” Luna agreed. “But you won’t know until you try.” She poked at her girlfriend’s bare leg. “Besides, you must be cold right now. It’s the middle of the winter and you don’t have socks on.”

“Fine, but I’ll blame you when this goes to hell,” Ginny said, gingerly pulling on one of the socks. When nothing happened, she put on the other and wiggled her feet experimentally. “They- hmm.” She pulled back the top of one of the socks, revealing a normal-colored leg. “No, they seem fine.”

“See? Maybe your brothers just wanted to give you something nice.”

Ginny frowned. “That doesn’t seem like Fred and George.” She shrugged and settled back against Luna’s shoulder. “They’re usually more-” With a sudden flinch she broke off, biting her lip. “They’re m-more-”

Luna raised an eyebrow as Ginny started giggling. “I- I thihihink I know what the sohohocks are for,” she exclaimed, kicking her feet.

“Let me guess – tickle socks?” Luna gave her girlfriend a bemused smile, looking down at the socks, which seemed markedly more malicious with the way they were subtly vibrating and contracting around Ginny’s legs.

“Ihihit feels lihihike they’re nibbling my tohohohoes!” Ginny cried, curling her feet and reaching down to pull at one of the socks. “Lunahaha, do something!”

“Do something? Of course.” Luna pushed Ginny back onto the sofa, sabotaging her attempts to remove the socks.

“Wahahait, no!” Ginny protested, scrambling back on the sofa until she hit the armrest. “Don’t you even dare touch mehehe!” she exclaimed as Luna slid her hands under Ginny’s top.

“But you said you wanted me to do something!” Luna said, scribbling her fingers across Ginny’s belly. “And here I am.”

“Nohohot that!” Ginny laughed harder as Luna’s fingers spidered over her sides. “You’re not hehehelping!”

“Really? You mean this isn’t helping even a little?” Luna poked at Ginny’s navel and began giggling herself when she drew out a loud, giggly squeal from her girlfriend.

“No! Luna, it tihihickles!” Ginny protested, squirming as Luna’s fingers danced across her hips. “Plehehease, the socks are bad eehehenough!”

“Oh, fine,” Luna sighed with a smile. “But you’re on your own with the socks,” she added, giggling with amusement as Ginny half-glared half-smiled at her and tried to yank the socks off her feet.

“That’s nohohot fahahair! Lunahaha, help me- no, don’t tickle me mohohore, that’s not hehehelping!”

anonymous asked:

omg happy graduation, and what a fun drabble project!! You've gotten me completely obsessed with Percy/Oliver (that fic you recced was SO good) so can I request something with Percy tickling Oliver? Could be the first time hefinds out, or not - just Percy being silly and fun and Oliver being uncharacteristically cute and squirmy ☺️

When Oliver returned from the loo it was to find Percy excitedly detailing Oliver’s most recent game against the Vrasta Vultures, to an audience of their friends who all looked alternately confused or bored. “And then he executed an incredible double eight loop, which, for those of you unfamiliar with Quidditch, involves flying in a fight eight formation around all the goal posts at a high speed-”

“Hey Perce,” Oliver interjected, grabbing his boyfriend’s arm and nodding toward the bar. “Why don’t we grab another few drinks? We’ll be back in a tic,” he said to their friends, leading Percy away.

“I wasn’t finished telling them about your game, you know,” Percy said as they ordered a couple glasses of brew.

“It’s possible that it seemed they weren’t as interested in my Quidditch skills as you are,” Oliver pointed out. “Not that I don’t appreciate it, but you’re a bit of a dork.”

Percy raised an eyebrow. “I’m a dork? I know for a fact that you spent half the night last Thursday telling Bill and Fleur about my work with the floo network regulations; Bill made sure to tell me.”

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amazingmsme  asked:

Maybe a drabble where Fred & George are pestering Harry & hide his homework saying he has to "do something fun" & Harry just tries to do something else but the twins won't let him & tickle him

“Hey!” Harry exclaimed, startling as Fred leaned over his shoulder and grabbed Harry’s half-completed History of Magic essay from his grasp. He reached for it a moment too late and Fred handed the paper to George, who proceeded to stuff it in his bag.

Harry sighed. “I’m not finished with that, you know.”

“Harry!” Fred slung an arm around his shoulder, sitting close to him on one of the common room benches. “Harry, Harry, Harry. It’s a beautiful day out.”

George nodded. “The sun is shining, it’s windy but not too windy – hard balance to strike there – and everyone’s outside but-”

“-You’re sat in here working on an essay,” Fred finished, frowning in mock horror.

“For History of Magic, no less,” George muttered. “As if Binns actually reads these.”

“What a terribly boring class,” Fred agreed.

“Exactly – so how awful would it be for me to fail? I need to at least have something written,” Harry said. He eyed George’s bag, but decided not to so much as bother snatching his essay back. No doubt he wouldn’t get far.

It was less that he wanted to spend his Saturday doing homework, but with Ron and Hermione both otherwise occupied, he hardly had much else to do. Not to mention that he really was behind on his work, and needed to remember that grades were, in fact, somewhat important.

“C’mon Harry,” George wheedled. “Ron’s not studying.”

“Ron’s ill, he’s been sleeping all afternoon,” Harry pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

“Details,” Fred scoffed. “You need to do something fun.”

“Maybe this is my idea of fun,” Harry suggested, nearly laughing at the identical looks of disgust the twins sent him. Rolling his eyes, he reached down to pull another length of parchment from his own bag and begin yet another essay. “Not as if I don’t have work for Potions as well,” he muttered.

Before he could so much as put pen to paper, he was giggling from a sudden attack to his sides. “Wahahait, Fred!” he complained, sidling back on the bench only to run into George who had sat on his other side, pinning Harry between the two twins.

“I can hardly believe this,” George said conversationally to Fred as he joined in on tickling Harry’s stomach. “Can you imagine being so deprived as to spend your time doing homework than getting some fresh air?”

“Hardly,” Fred snorted. “The sheer absurdity.”

“Alrihihight!” Harry squeaked, attempting and failing to duck away from the fingers attacking him from either side. “I guess it couldn’t huhurt to tahahake a short break-”

“Perfect!” Fred beamed, jumping to his feet and pulling Harry with him. “George, I do believe our work here was a success.”

“Indeed it was, dear brother.” George grabbed Harry by the wrist and dragged him along as the twins made their way toward the common room door. “Though Harry, you’d best believe we’ll be making sure you follow through on actually having some fun.”

Excess Energy

AN: Hey so. It’s been a while. About a million years ago the lovely Negligible!Anon prompted: “Sokka doesn’t like being the only non-bender on the team and so he likes to exploit the others’ harmless weaknesses. Even the dumb ones. Especially for Aang, who a) doesn’t mind, b) is like a little brother, and c) can be a bit annoying sometimes” HERE TAKE IT

Words: 1,000

“Why do you need to fish anyway, wouldn’t it be easier to just do this?” Aang hopped up and lifted some water from the stream in front of them in a perfect, round, hovering ball with a fish suspended in the middle. He guided it onto land and then let it drop – directly onto Sokka’s head.

Sokka sighed.

“Oops! Wait, let me try again.” Aang summoned up another ball of water and airbended the fish into it, its tail smacking Sokka’s chest and face multiple times in the process.

Sokka didn’t hate not being a bender, exactly. He’d long gotten over the jealousy stemming from the attention Katara had always received as the last waterbender in the Southern Tribe. And it wasn’t like he was completely useless, either. He had a boomerang! Which was cool, thank you very much, Zuko. And thanks to Master Piandao, he also wasn’t too shabby with a sword. Sokka was never (well, hardly ever) one to brag, but he was a pretty handy guy to have around in a fight.

Still, with the rest of Team Avatar having bending powers - and not only that but being master benders, or at least almost-master-benders - he had to take his kicks where he could get them.

Since he was basically the big brother of the group (maybe not for Zuko, although the guy was growing on him) he was the first to discover a very important fact: Katara, Toph, and Aang were all ticklish. Ticklishness was always a weakness worth exploiting - it was practically written into Sokka’s ‘big brother’ job description. He’d been executing tickle attacks against Katara since they were kids, and he wasn’t planning on stopping that anytime soon.

Of course, said tickle attacks were harder to carry out when said sister could freeze him into an ice block, but Sokka had his ways.

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anonymous asked:

OOH OOH OOH could you do Sirius tickling Remus please! Maybe like Remus is somehow annoying Sirius and Sirius is like "stooop" and Remus is like "make me" and then you know what comes next

I hope this fits the profile of Remus being annoying! (In Sirius’ mind it does.) x



“No, Sirius.”

“Come on Moony, don’t be such a bore.”

Remus set down him quill and turned to stare with narrowed eyes at Sirius, who gazed wide-eyed back, legs of his chair tipped back as he tossed a ball - that he’d no doubt nicked from James - into the air. Remus sighed. “Sirius. I’m not going to go for a walk with you. I’m not going to harass the giant squid with you. I’m not going to go flying with you, and I’m not going to play ‘a quick game’ of Quidditch with you. I don’t even play Quidditch. I’m not going to let the fact that you’re bored distract me from my studying.” He picked his quill back up and resumed note-taking, paying no attention to Sirius’ pouting expression.

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Center of Attention

Here’s my Squealing Santa thing for shewhohasmanynames. Sorry this is lateish, I’ve been away! You asked for Destiel, so have some Dean-provoking-Cas-into-tickling-him and Cas-letting-himself-be-provoked. I hope you enjoy it, and happy holidays!

Ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum. Dean drummed his fingers on the wooden armrest of the couch and sighed. He received no response from Cas, who sat serenely on the other end of the couch reading his book.

Dean sighed again, loudly.


Dean swung around so that he was facing Cas before yawning and stretching exaggeratedly, causing his shirt to ride up and his feet to land in Cas’ lap in a not-so-suble ‘pay attention to me’. Still, Cas’ gaze didn’t waver from his book.

With a roll of his eyes, Dean considered giving up; a second later he jumped and almost jerked his feet off of Cas’ lap when the angel began trailing his fingers up and down the length of Dean’s feet. “Is there any reason you’ve been chosen to interrupt my reading?” he asked, the clear warning in his voice sending excited shivers down Dean’s spine. “Or is this simply another plight for attention?”

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AN: Titles are overrated.

Prompt: Okay so I feel it’s likely that since Rey spent so much time alone and Finn was raised a storm trooper, it’s likely neither of them have ever been tickled?? Poe needs to fix that for them of course. @thebest-medicine

Words: 1,100

Poe woke up to two blurry faces inches from his own. He blinked a couple of times, and the faces gradually took the shape of Finn and Rey, staring at him with unbridled interest. Just. Staring.

It was somewhat flattering that they found his face so fascinating, but nevertheless. Poe sighed and said slowly, “Normally, staring at someone until they wake up is considered strange and sightly creepy.”

It was amusing and more than a little adorable, the way that Finn immediately flushed and muttered, “Sorry. Sleeping in is hard.”

On his other side Rey shrugged awkwardly, not enough room in the small bed the three of them share to keep them from being squished together. “Did you know you have two little freckles under your eye? It’s nice.”

Poe grinned and rolled his eyes, then wrapped an arm around each of them and pullen them in even tighter until they were both fitted up against him, Rey’s head resting on his chest and Finn’s nestled in the crook of his neck. “I can’t believe I got stuck with two early birds,” he teased, wriggling his fingers against Finn’s side.

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anonymous asked:

For the speed writing thingy! Platonic Sirius and James. Crush. Remus. Admit. I'm sure you know what I mean ;) Also ticklish!sirius because yes /nhasablog

Eeeeee, you bet I do! :) Thanks for the prompt!!! (Ticklish!Sirius ALWAYS)

“Sooo-” James twisted his head to grin over at Sirius. “Someone’s been staring at Moony an awful lot lately.”

Sirius, who had been mindlessly tossing his new remembrall up into the air, faltered and let the ball land on the ground next to him. He sat up and narrowed his eyes at James, who sat up as well. James had suggested they go outside and spend some time relaxing on the grounds - though Sirius was beginning to suspect an ulterior motive, given the current topic.

“What are you talking about?” Sirius scoffed.

“Well, only that you can’t seem to take your eyes off of a specific someone,” James retorted, smirking. “He does the same thing when you’re not looking. It’d be cute if you weren’t taking it in turns and being oblivious about it.”

“Shut up,” Sirius muttered. He definitely would notice if Remus spent as much time staring as he did - fine, he could admit that he stared sometimes. He thought he’d been subtle about it. “I don’t like Moony, if that’s what you’re getting at.”

James stared at him for a minute before letting out a laugh. “As if, mate. Nah, I think you’ve definitely got a crush on him.” He drew out the word ‘crush’ and Sirius scowled, a blush spreading across his cheeks.

“Do not!” he answered childishly before pointedly looking away from James.

He was given barely a moment to stew in embarrassment before he yelped at a poke to his side. “Don’t you dare-” he began, unable to so much as finish his sentence before James tackled him to the ground, grinning widely.

“Luckily - well, luckily for me, less luckily for you - I know all your weaknesses,” James said dramatically, wiggling his fingers near Sirius’s stomach. “Are you sure you don’t have any less-than-platonic feelings for our friend Remus?”

“Of course not!” Sirius bit out, squirming nervously. “Get off me, you twat.”

“Then you give me no choice.” With a grin, James dug his fingers into Sirius’ ticklish tummy, eliciting a loud bark of laughter. “Just admit it, you’ve got a crush!”

“I d-do nohohohohot!” Sirius ineffectually attempted to push James off of him before letting out a squeak and laughing harder when James wriggled a finger inside his belly button. “Yohohohou’re an ahahahahaha-”

“Rude,” James tsked. “Be glad you couldn’t finish that.”

“Stohohohohohop!” Sirius cried, sucking in his stomach in an attempt to evade the fingers that scribbled across his skin. “James, dohohon’t!”

“Admit it then, you’ve got a crush!” James demanded. “Say it and I’ll stop.”

Sirius was torn between preserving what little dignity he had left and the desire to keep his feelings for Remus a secret, but he only held out a few more moments before exclaiming, “Fihihine, I lihihike him, alrihihight?”

With a triumphant smile, James let up. “What was that? Don’t think I heard you clearly.”

Catching his breath, Sirius huffed and muttered, “I like Moony, alright? You got me. Just- don’t tell him, yeah?”

James rolled his eyes and let Sirius up, sitting down next to him with a more serious look on his face. “Well I’m not gonna tell him, but you should. I meant it when I said he stares too- honestly mate, I’m willing to bet your feelings aren’t one-sided.”

Sirius hesitated. “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” James grinned suddenly and knocked their shoulders together. “So ask him already, alright? Peter and I are sick of your pining.”

Sirius rolled his eyes and grinned back. “Oi, now you’re the one asking for it,” he said, pushing James to the ground.

“Hey- Padfoot, wahahait, let’s tahahahalk aahahabout this!”

Stop Taking My Stuff

Summary: Hiro and Tadashi are messing around in the lab.

AN: Thanks to yuri-yaoi for the prompt! BH6 is fabulous and wonderful, and I love it still.

Tadashi shot a smile at his brother, who was hunched over the table and scribbling away in his notebook as he added more details to one of his new designs. It was nice to have Hiro around the lab - aside from keeping him out of trouble, going to SFIT gave the little genius the chance to finally live up to his full potential. That, and Tadashi just liked having Hiro around.

Well. Most of the time.

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More Bots

AN: So this only took forever, but hi-its-shy suggested a Hiro-and-Tadashi fic exchange - YAY! Here’s my contribution, because BH6 is still incredibly fabulous AND OMG HIRO AND TADASHI *cries 5ever*

After tossing his thirty-fourth scribbled-on piece of paper into the trash, Hiro decided to take a break. He moved on autopilot, pulling out all of his bot materials before he even knew what he was doing, but in spite of the small pangs of guilt pulsing through him he didn’t stop. He may have promised Tadashi to stop bot fighting, but there was just something about it; bot-making was relaxing, familiar, and he was good - no, great - at it.

He was kneeling on the floor with a few pieces of metal and a pile of tools lying in front of him, in the middle of building his newest (and coolest) bot, when he heard footsteps bounding up the stairs.


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