and you can say whatever you want, but i still believe that some feminist need to fucking shut up and let the rational ones do the talking. not everything you read on tumblr is 100% true. Do some research before you go around burning bras and what not

Mac and Cheese with a side of CTFD

My husband and I just had our first kinda sorta really big fight and it was over our toddlers diet. Seriously.

I’ll spare you the details because it could get ranty, but jeez man, marriage is hard. And parenting is hard. And doing them together can sometimes make it just as much harder as it sometimes makes it easier if that makes any sense.

I left my copy of Calm the Fuck Down on my husband’s computer desk opened to the chapter titled “My Pre-Schooler won’t try new foods.” because I think it would help him to read it. He really needs to CTFD when it comes to Billy’s diet.

I am still pretty mad, but I know we’ll get through this. I guess we were due for a blow up eventually. I think he might be sort of trying to make it up to me right now by finishing the dishes that I stormed away from and finally cleaning the stove top which I asked him to do for me a couple weeks ago… 



-Dina Abou Karam is not in charge of the art direction

-Dina Abou Karam is not in charge of designing the game

-Dina Abou Karam is just the community manager. NOTHING MORE.

-This image of ‘Beck’ right here, you know, the one everyone’s shitting their pants over:

That’s just fanart. NOTHING MORE.

-There is no feminist agenda.

-Beck will make a guest appearance as a costume in the new Ninja Gaiden game:


This proves that 'original Beck’ is 'official Beck’ and is still the Beck that they’re going to use in the game. I mean, you can’t get any more official than this.

I mean seriously, did you honestly think that Kenji Inafune going to hand this entire project to a new hire to do whatever she wants with it? I mean, really? You had enough faith to donate enough money to back this Kickstarter all the way, and for some reason, all that faith disappears as soon as someone with a 'V’ walks within a ten foot radius near it.

And you know what? Fuck it. Let’s talk about the gaming community and it’s apparent hostility towards women. I mean the whole 'Dina Disaster’ was based on assumptions and speculations, but hey, all this crap is now out in the open with the death threats and the whole 'us only’ attitude. Good fucking job, gaming community. Fuck it. Call me a white knight, or a SJW if it makes you feel any better, but you can’t take back all that flaming towards that one person. For fucks sake, Beck is a robot. Technically, Beck has no gender, unless someone decides to build a mecha-penis on him.

Seriously, there’s just ugliness everywhere, and there shouldn’t be. Mighty no. 9 is suppose to be a beautiful thing. It still is. It proves that if people love a franchise so bad, they can resurrect it if they put their minds to it. Please, don’t destroy this beautiful thing.

Also, for everyone who are still hung up about the whole Beck’s gender thingy, please tone it down a notch at least. Please. Because Kenji Inafune might snap and Beck might end up looking like this:

Oh! And I forgot to mention...

I am foregoing BOTH exercise AND home work tomorrow night so I can go celebrate the release of “Calm the F*ck Down” with thedaddycomplex himself at Skylight Books! Just pinned down the babysitter this weekend. That was a close one. Looking forward to picking up my very own copy and basking in whatever it is that man emits in person. I’m sure it will be a splendid way to spend a Tuesday night :)

Some advice for girlfriends.

Not trying to be a bitch in any way, shape or form. Just trying to.. open your eyes a little. As I browse the milso tag I can’t help to see numerous posts, all from girlfriends, throwing fits when their men don’t text them back, don’t call them back, etc. You need to chill. Seriously. The only thing you’re going to do is annoy him. You need to put yourself in his position. He works a lot and hard too. If he wants some space or time with his buddies do you really think he wants you blowing up his phone every minute? No. Just because he isn’t talking to you doesn’t mean he’s cheating or he doesn’t love you or he’s ignoring you. It more than likely the complete opposite of that. So, just chill. Have a life of your own. Read, go out with friends, find a damn hobby. Something. 

More than half the time my Husband is home we’re both off doing our own things. He plays on the computer, or reads or hangouts with his friends, I’m either out with Katie or Mimi, or reading or on tumblr.  Yes, we talk, do things together, etc. But, I’m not always up his ass when he’s home. Space is a good thing. Some girls would do good to learn that. 

When are people gonna learn

Hating someone cause they’re white, is racism.

Hating someone cause they’re male, is sexist.

Hating someone cause they’re straight, is as bad as homophobia.

Hating someone cause they’re fine with the gender they’re assigned at birth, is just as bad as shaming the trans community.

Hating someone cause they’re skinny, is just as bad as shaming plus sized people.

Hating someone because of the group they belong to, of which they had no control over, is wrong, no matter what group they belong to or what other people in that group do or have done in the past.  They don’t speak for every single person of a sex, race, gender etc so I struggle to understand how people who are so strong in defending people’s rights see no problem in stereotyping other groups.

Why doesn’t everyone just stop hating people for who they are, and hate them for being useless assholes taking up my valuable oxygen? 

You know what irritates me in tumblr today?
How all these ‘motivational’ images are going round for girls telling them to be 'heartbreakers’ and cold to men, yet then I see posts about women complaining men have broken their hearts and how awful it is, I then go on to see posts saying to love and be kind to everyone and for everyone to be equal. Yet being cold and a heartbreaker isn’t very loving and kind, and to just do it to ruin men’s lives is not very equal.

Please don’t aspire to break people’s hearts, especially if you then complain it has happened to you. No woman or man for that matter, should be inspired to be a 'homewrecker’ or to 'ruin a life with a single glance’ because although you may think that’s 'beauty’, it’s actually completely and totally devastating to have your heart broken and nobody should ever aspire to devestate another person.